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my guest John bevere wrote a book The

Bait of Satan that sold over three

million copies but his brand new book

will be the most important book he ever

wrote next


welcome Holy Spirit

I Surrender this platform to you

take over it’s your platform

John says there is something utterly

lacking in the church

what happened in 1994 and what is

utterly lacking well Sid 1994 I’m

speaking at a conference biggest church

in the entire region

and I spoke on the fear of the Lord and

the next night I was speaking the second

night the pastor got up which I thought

was going to be a routine introduction

and he said to the people I want to

protect you from the era that was taught

last night John began to John spoke to

us about an Old Testament theology the

fear of the Lord as New Testament

Christians we don’t need to fear God

God’s not given us a spirit of fear but

of power love and a sound mind and

perfected love casts out fear then he

introduced me Sid and it was the hardest

service I think I’ve ever done the next

morning I went out and I found a

construction site

it was deserted it’s a Saturday morning

and I started saying God I’m so sorry

how have I hurt your church I’m putting

people in bondage please please help me

and the more I prayed the more I felt

the absolute pleasure of the Lord and

before that time of prayer was out I

found myself in that construction site

crying out to know the holy fear of God

so it is what is utterly missing right

now the awe or the fear of the Lord

okay the bump into

1997. Brazil

what happened first time ever in that

Nation I was so excited I fly down I’m

preparing on the Friday night speaker

for the National Conference they drive

me there the arena is completely packed

the on the platform


the the worship team was Unreal just the

best in the nation

but I noticed immediately the glaring

lack of the presence of God

and I was confused these are all


best worship team in the nation what’s

going on I bowed my head I said holy

spirit where’s your presence I open my

eyes and I see what I didn’t see before

I see people standing there doing a

worship like this looking around their

hands in their pocket looking down

they’re walking in and out of the Arena

getting concessions they’re talking to

one another fumbling through their

purses I thought this will stop well

then the worship’s over and now because

there’s no music you can now hear a

mutter from the people still talking to

each other and yet

the leader is reading scripture

so I’m like Furious and the Holy Spirit

Whispers to me and he said Son you need

to deal with this

so I remember how do I deal with this I

walk up to the pulpit my interpreter’s

beside me and I just stared at the

people I didn’t say a word

for 60 seconds now when you’re the

Friday night guest speaker at the

National Convention and you’re not

saying a word it gets everybody’s

attention the muttering stop every eye

was on me I said I have got two

questions those are the first words I

ever spoke in Brazil question number one

you’re sitting talking to somebody

sitting across the table the whole time

you are they got their arms crossed

looking around they got their hands in

their pocket looking down at their

whispering to somebody beside them would

you continue to talk to them

no I said I have been in this arena for

an hour and a half and there’s not an

ounce of the presence of God because

Psalm 89 verse 7 says God is to be

greatly feared in the assembly and the

Saints and to be held in reverence by

all those that surround him for the next

75 minutes I preached them on the fear

of the Lord I said to them if the

present of your nation would have walked

in this Arena tonight you would have

given him ten times the respect you gave

Holy Spirit I said if peglay your

greatest soccer player ever would have

walked on this platform you would have

been on the edge of your seats

anticipating everywhere word you have

given no respect to the spirit of God

well at the end of 75 minutes of

preaching on the holy awe of God I said

everybody in here you say you’re a

Believer but you lack the fear of God

and you’re willing to repent stand up

they stand up in the presence of God

fills the arena people start weeping and

so it lifted a little and and I felt

like lead him in a prayer of repentance

another wave came in it was so wonderful

now you got people weeping I can hear

him sobbing well then it lifts and the

spirit of God spoke to me Sid and said

I’m coming one more time now there is no

way I have to describe this other than

you’re in a thick forest and a 30 mile

an hour wind Augusta wind suddenly

starts blowing that kind of a sound of

wind came blowing into that Arena now

when it did the people started screaming

I mean they erupted in prayer now can

you imagine thousands of Brazilians

screaming in prayer I can okay I know

the wind was louder and I’m standing on

that platform and I’m literally Frozen I

mean the authority that was in that

place I have no way of describing it and

I remember hearing a whisper in my heart

I’m through with you and I turned it

over to the leader right so they whisked

me off the platform put me in the car

then shortly afterwards they put the

national singer she was a soloist that

night and her husband in the car she

screams did you hear the wind did you

hear the wind now I didn’t want to be

the first to say it so I said maybe it

was a jet aircraft flying too low above

the arena well she got mad at me she

goes what are you talking about a fire

all around the arena and she’s going on

and on and on her husband was a lot

calmer so he said sir that that was no

uh airplane I said how do you know he

said there were securement security men

and policemen all around the outside of

the Arena he said most of them aren’t

even safe they’re Union men he said when

the wind began to blow and they heard it

from the outside they came running in to

see what it was he said furthermore I’m

at the main sound board to make sure my

wife’s volumes are right he said the

whole time the wind blew the decimal

meters were at zero

said I went back to my room that night

and I I worshiped god Till 1 30 in the

morning on the balcony of my hotel the

next morning Saturday morning same Arena

same people

you cannot believe the salvations the

deliverances the Miracles that happened

just because of holy awe you know 20

years later I went down to 2016 to

goyania Brazil to speak to 12 000

pastors right Pastor who meets me first

thing out of his mouth I was in the

building when the wind blew in 1997 my

life has never been the same we had

emails and letters about it for 20 years

this is the presence of the one we serve

this is

God is on purpose withheld that glorious