Were the prophets wrong about Trump’s re-election? Sid answers this question and more!

hi everybody welcome to our q in

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sid roth who is ready to answer

all of your questions hi sid hello emily

and i i have an idea if

you were doing what i’m gonna be doing

you’d be nervous right now because they

don’t know

i don’t know any of the questions i mean

and i

and i i said and i meant it

don’t hold back on the hard questions or

the ones you think i’ll be uncomfortable


uh because hey i i all i can do is my


that’s right and since correct he

doesn’t has not

seen any of these questions and so so

many of you

responded to the post we put out on


uh asking for your toughest most edgy

questions and so thank you to everyone

who responded and we will get to as many

as we can

today um so said you want to jump right

in here

you ready i do i’m i’ve been ready for a

little while

okay well let’s turn you loose and we’re

going to start off with a question that

i think is on everybody’s mind right now

which has to do with the election

and the prophetic so in a lot of uh the

responses we received and we received a

mix of all sorts of topics and themes

um there were so many people wondering

about what the lord is doing and about

the prophetic messages that have come

out about the election now that we are

on the other side

of election day um so many prophets

including many that have been on your


and on your social media have uh spoken

into the election results

and because of how it’s turned out some

there’s a camp

out there that’s confused i’m saying

what happened

and then there’s also those that maybe

are new to the prophetic

and they’re wondering you know are these

prophets fake you know what

what about that so what would you say

sid now that we’re on the other side of

the election

things didn’t quite turn out the way um

many people anticipated

what does that mean for the prophets and

the prophetic were those words fake

or what’s your take on that well

first of all there’s an old saying

that i remember even before i was a


it’s not over till the fat lady

sings and uh

it pertained to um uh

opera in one case uh a basketball game

and another

it’s just first of all it’s not over

in my opinion uh uh and it’s just my


i believe that president trump won

w-o-n and will win

even though it was taken away from him


that’s my opinion however

i also believe it’ll probably go to the

supreme court

so i you have to understand how faith


i believe the word of god i believe

the prophets now having said that

i’m going to do the i’m going to take

the other side of the coin

if they are all wrong it doesn’t destroy

my faith

in god it destroys my faith

in the accuracy

of the prophets but i i still have faith

in the prophets because my faith is in

the word of god

uh i i absolutely believe trump is going

to win

i haven’t given up one iota um

admittedly sometimes i can’t watch the


but i’m not being an ostrich i’m

saying i think that president trump is a

very intelligent man

has an extremely intelligent staff and

he would have just given up and said

i’ll run in four more years or whatever

uh if he had lost i do not believe he’d

be spending all that money and all that

energy and all that time

if he didn’t think there was a

legitimate chance for him to win

now i’m using logic but the truth of the

matter is

whoever is president whatever happens

i believe in god my faith is in god

not not an imperfect human that receives

a perfect

voice from god and maybe interprets it a

little different

uh than what god intended you see they

had back in the old testament what they


uh samuel had a school of the prophets

understanding the communication from god

especially in dreams uh it takes a


prophet to really understand it

and uh i know a few that are absolutely


i i would be shocked if they ever made a


and there and all of them are saying

president trump has won

so what was me if i take an another


then what god is speaking through the

prophets but i did the flip side

i hope that helps people my faith is not

in the united states

my faith is not whether biden or trump


president my faith is in god and i got

solid absolute 100 percent faith

in god and i believe

every one of the prophets has heard god


now a lot of them heads and they say if


pray you know if my people who are

called by my name

humble themselves and pray and by the

way that humbled yourself is a pretty

important word in that whole prophecy

there from chronicles

of the humility is very important to god

uh could i make a mistake could a

prophet make a mistake

they couldn’t make a mistake if they

heard god clearly

but sometimes we hear in in

in a language we haven’t understood

totally in a dream language

so um

frankly i’m not worried about it i i am

looking with great anticipation

for president trump to get serve a

second term

and go down as one of the greatest

presidents in history

that’s my that’s that’s the way i look

at it i can’t tell you any

anything beyond the way i look at it

well and i love what you said

that no matter you know no matter what

happens no matter what a person

where a person stands on the issue the

lord is on the throne

and you know god regardless and

that reminds me of a question that mary


um when you were talking about prayer

and the prophets

you know hedging it with the church

needs to pray

and she was asking why

does god need our prayers in order to

shift things

that he can shift on his own he’s god

you know why is his will dependent on

our prayers well

truthfully there are some sovereign


that god’s going to do however

he made a strategic partnership between

man and god god does

his part man must do his part

without faith you cannot please god

the only thing that gets the kingdom of

heaven on earth

as it is in heaven is faith

and faith and that’s why the devil works

with humans so much

see if the devil can get a human to


to fear to speak the opposite of what

god wants

it will manifest but will god find

faith when he comes to earth will he

find a man or a woman that’ll stand

there by faith

and but my position is like job

even if he’s slay me i’m going to follow

the lord my god

i mean maybe i’m wired wrong or

something but that’s the way i feel with

every fiber of my being

i’m not going to sweat the small stuff

i’m going to say

let god be god but president trump will


two terms well there you go

um well and speaking of you know

speaking and hearing messages and


you know obviously we’re very familiar

with the idea that the lord speaks to us

uh in various ways but the enemy also

tries to get in there and confuse us by

speaking also

and we had a question that came in

asking what do you

do you believe in psychic mediums and

if so do you think they have a gift um

i believe they are a counterfeit

of something authentic and i’ll tell you


interesting story many years ago

uh over 50 years ago uh i

when i was didn’t know my left hand from

my right hand

as it says in the bible and i’m jewish

and i got involved in the in the new age

i thought that was wonderful and then

when i had an encounter with jesus and

and i i i started

hanging around christians and i saw

they seem to be doing the same thing the

new age is doing

and i i backed off for the supernatural

because i had seen the counterfeit


so the devil got me coming and going

before i knew

jesus i was in his hands in

in the new age and then after i knew

jesus i was afraid of the authentic

because i had seen the count of it

as a matter of fact that’s why god

strategically put me in this ministry

because having gone through what i’ve

gone through

i i can i i can literally feel the


and i can literally feel the angels

and the the the uh glory and the

presence of god

and i sure know the difference um

but no a counterfeit is not as good as

authentic but you know what people do in

the treasury the treasury agents do

they study the authentic so they can

spot the counterfeit

they don’t study the counterfeit to spot

the authentic

right it’s always safer to go straight

for the real thing

yeah and just because the devil has a

cheap counterfeit don’t toss out the


that’s good so while we’re on the topic


you know the authentic versus the


what about theodore was asking what


familiar spirits what are they and how

do they work

this is a term that you’ll hear from the

rounds well familiar spirits

are spirits that have been around a long


and they’re familiar with you they’re

familiar with your parents they’re

familiar familiar with your grandparents

and the same

problems have you noticed in families

there could be alcoholics or

there could be people in prison and

these familiar spirits

know your weakness you see these demons

and the devil himself

he deals with our unrenewed flesh our

human side

whereas god deals with our brand new


our new creation man and the devil

tries to get motivate us

in the in the flesh like fear the devil

loves fear

i mean he’s got everyone saying the

wrong thing about the election

that knows that should know better uh

about coronavirus

that should know better and and uh

and that’s how he operates i i don’t

know about i know about you

emily but uh i can tell you as a fact

uh that even now having been a believer

50 years every once in a while he’ll get


and i’ll notice i’m in fear and i’ll


that’s not me that’s that familiar


that’s my flesh he knows my weaknesses

he’s seen these weaknesses in every

member link of my family way back when

uh and so uh that’s that’s what and

these familiar spirits by the way

that’s where psychics use familiar


uh who know what happened to your

parents or your grandparents

but because they were familiar spirits

to them

they were very familiar yeah they’ve

almost got an unfair advantage don’t

they because they’ve been able to watch

your family for thousands of generations

no no no no we’ve got an inside


our god says all things are possible for

those that believe

we’ve got eternity in a place called


they’ve got eternity in a place called


i feel sorry for him no not a whole lot

yeah that much uh well sid you mentioned

the coronavirus and

it is the an obvious understatement to

say that 2020 has been a very rough year

uh not just with the pandemic but with

the riots and the political turmoil and

everything else that has happened

this year but as far as the pandemic

goes we’ve had some good news

recently that they’re closing in on a


and omar is asking is it okay

is it good for a born-again christian to

take the coronavirus

vaccine should we be worried about this

um i honestly don’t know

because i haven’t had the ability to

take the vaccine

whereas most people haven’t so i don’t

have to make a decision

i will pray about it um i

i’ve read things about it i don’t know

what’s true and what’s not true

only god knows that but i i personally


uh that if the president of the united

states who knows

all the inside information takes it

that’d be good enough for me okay

so the other thing that’s coming up

rapidly is the holidays

and you know this is obviously a um

important time

not just for individuals and for

christians but really the world

that we all join together to celebrate

the birth of christ

but heidi is asking do you think it’s


for christians to celebrate christmas uh

since it has its beginnings in pagan


well that’s an interesting question

because we can take

easter we can take christmas

and we can see paganism all over the


uh however i personally believe you know

one person that says in the bible

thinks you can’t have eat meat

another person says you can they’re

blessing it onto the lord whatever they


that’s between them and the lord i i can

tell you as a new jewish believer

i was literally

prophetically ugly

i don’t know if i’ve ever heard those

two terms put together

i would get so upset with people


ishtar the fertility goddess on easter

and those trees didn’t you ever read in


they talk about those chris i personally

believe we’re free but if you don’t feel

you’re free and you don’t want to do it

don’t do it

i’m free to celebrate christmas i’m free


celebrate resurrection sunday uh and i’m

free not to i’m just plain free i like

being free

oh me too there’s no better way to be

all right so how about this one

then the thousand year reign do people


do they get married do they have

children i mean what are we going to be

doing with ourselves

the only thing we really know for sure

is what the bible says

uh and all i know is

we’re going to be living long uh someone

will reach a hundred and if they die at

a hundred

uh they’ll be consid they they’re died

as a kid

uh why because we’ll be in the glory

radiating from god who will be uh

the head of everything that he will be

the king

the kingdom now has a king uh

and uh i mean we can speculate all we


but the truth is the bible doesn’t make

it real clear

but we’re going to have assignments

based on what we’ve done in this

life uh and i’m looking forward to all

of that

but right now i happen to be an


i have a heart for people to know the


so my eyes are not really at the


my eyes are not really at the rapture

my eyes are not really at the


my eyes are for souls and it says in the

bible he

who wins souls is wise and this is what

i believe with every fiber of my being

the manifest glory of god is going to

hit planet earth

really strong come 20

uh uh 20 uh at

uh 2021 i mean uh and when that hits

the most unlikely people are going to

have encounters with the living god

and you know one of the big problems is

going to be

there’ll be so many fish jumping into

the net

that we won’t have nets big enough to

disciple them

the problem will be discipleship not


capturing the fish at this point because

god’s going to be doing the work as far

as revealing himself

so my emphasis is god

thought a lot about you emily and about


and about those that are viewing us

right now and of any generation we could

have been born in

he chose us to be born in the generation

that will be known as the greatest


the greatest miracles the greatest


the greatest presence of god 100 times

greater than we’ve ever had in the past

give me a break why would i want to be

there at his first coming when i can be

here in the glory

the i call it the golden global

glory because someone had a vision of me

ministering in it and they said they saw

gold all around in the glory

it’s a golden hue and so that’s why i’ve

been saying that

nice well i can’t wait to see that

that’s going to be exciting

well just watch our television network

you’ll see it next year

mark my words go tune into isn

and watch it supernatural um so sid this


topic is a theme that came up more than


uh from the viewers that submitted

questions and it’s about it’s on the

topic of healing

and several people ask the question why

does god heal some and not others in

fact several of the

uh people who wrote in talked about how

they had been praying for their healing


even 12 or more years sometimes from

multiple issues and they fasted and they

prayed and they repented

why aren’t they seeing the breakthrough

i can’t answer because there are various


and only god knows all the reasons i for

one don’t

but i can tell you this hang in there

because this coming year 2020

2021 will be the coming

global glory and this is what’s going to

happen emily

people are going to walk into a big

football stadium that won’t be used for


sports anymore it’s going to be used to

worship god

and they’ll walk in and when they walk

out they’ll be healed of

every condition they’ve ever had so hang

in there

2021 is right upon us that’s right

i don’t i don’t know why individuals

look i have a few things

but what i do know i know and here’s

what i know

i know 2 000 years ago jesus died for

every one of my sins

and if i repent of my sins he’s just and

faithful to forgive me of

all unrighteousness i know 2 000 years


jesus died for every pain every sickness

every emotional

problem and and and therefore

it’s mine i and i i am i

and the only currency that allows me to


what he has done into the manifestation


is faith so let every man be a liar

god’s word is true that’s where i

am and you can’t budge me from that amen

instead i really

do feel the spirit on what you were just


and as we’re wrapping up today what do

you think about

just praying and blessing the viewers

with that shot of

faith you know with that and we’ve been

through a rough year

and both as a nation and then maybe


you know whether it’s a physical

struggle a family struggle whatever as

we’re heading into this new year

just blessing with this uh with the new

and with the strength of the lord to


first of all in the name of yeshua

that’s hebrew for jesus

i find every spirit of fear worry

grief hurt disappointment

and i plead the blood the precious blood

of yeshua

of jesus over everyone that i’m praying

for right now

i thank you god for your blood i thank

you that every demon in hell shudders

every time a true believer says

the blood of jesus the blood of jesus

the blood

of jesus i’d say that for the next 20


but i don’t think you’d listen to me all

that time i know the devil would

the blood of jesus i pray father

that the health that you paid such a

dear price for

2 000 years ago

that that that not only is every one of

our sins

washed away but every one of our


every one of our pains oh pain you get

out of those

knees out of the head out of the back

out of the arches out of the fingers out

of the

uh out of the elbow out of the wrists

pain you just leave now in jesus name

and i pray father god that everything

they’ve been waiting for

that your glory will come on them so

strong next week

next next well next week i’ll take that


the next year uh that uh i pray

especially at thanksgiving

that those family that get together let

your love

saturate those people let your peace

saturate those people

and let you i pray that you would be

glorified out of every thanksgiving

because you’re the one

that we’re thanking for all good things

and i pray in yeshua’s name

that your shalom

your peace would rest upon each one of


and we would walk in your supernatural


and your supernatural peace in

jesus name amen

amen yes lord we just agree with all of


in jesus name and sid thank you so much

for sharing your wisdom with us

and thanks to everybody who submitted

questions and keep them coming

you know we would love to do this again

at some point

and until then be blessed and we’ll see

you next time