Live stress-free in the face of life’s demands as you’re led by the Spirit! Joseph Prince shows you how you can overcome the pressures of life by flowing with the divine Helper sent to live in and guide every believer. Understand how He leads you on the wavelength of peace to experience both rest and practical wisdom for good success. Learn also how praying in the Spirit unlocks rivers of peace, love, healing, and wholeness to your heart and mind. Stop living life frantic and anxious, start flowing with God’s Spirit, and see divine results as you are led by His Spirit!

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

usually I work I’ll stress everyone from

zero to ten

it’s probably about six seven right the

boss is extra demanding seven eight nine

all right then you know customers are

bad or you are dealing with people

relation or whatever is then you will go

7 8 7 8 7 8 never really go down 5 and

below is 5 number of grades okay so I

put 5 5 and below is Isaiah place real

quick all right in returning address you

shall be saved God states in quietness

and confidence shall be your strength so

0 to 5 is that on the barometers

quietness and confidence just annoying

quietness and confidence of all the

blessings she just want to give us it

has come to me and I’ll give you rest

and the world desperately needs rest it

would it you know like the devil pushes

you never say God do this now gonna be

right now

it’s a restlessness about the world but

God moves in the rhythm of grace it’s

very restful no one is more busy than

Jesus he written Gospels Matthew Mark

Luke and John you find Jesus very busy

but never is anyone more calm more

restful than Jesus he accomplished in

three and a half years oh I think people

the entire lifetime and he moving the

rhythm upgrade this one time I read you

know he was full time ministry and all

that he slept in the boat the devil rays

of storm the disciples

raise him up do you know don’t you care

for us and just calm the storm he was on

his way to deliver the most demonic


I mean the most demon-possessed person

in the entire Bible therefore the devil

tried to stop him he was crossing the

lake of geologists for one man who was

crying day and night copy himself crying

day and night Jesus heard that cry and

Jesus went all the way even his sleep

was disrupted Jesus cast the demon out

with one word go and all the demons left

she just went back into the boat on the

way back the moment it touched down

happened nam a rule of the synagogue

came my daughter is dying his name of

Jairus please please come to my house

real quick and get out come in here and

just walk on

away a woman touch the hem of the

dominant Jesus stop long enough to talk

to the woman and Jerry today what does

every hey woman great that she a lot of

time you know you feel like that when

you’re Charlie that’s thing you don’t

think I asked Jesus because you were so

desperate and I just to a woman

someone came from the house and said

don’t bother the master your daughter is


as soon as geo 30g of this don’t be

afraid only believe and she shall be

well and he went to the house and y’all

know the story he raised it goes on the

day all in one day rhythm of grace she

has time for the woman he has time to

assure he has time to walk you never run

he had time very restful he accomplished

so much more so for us God made us okay

just mentioned barometer right so you

come home from work you want to sit down

you’re lazy chair you know watch the

late-night news or whatever you please

pop yourself on your easy chair your

lazy boy your boy just bought a rubber

snake and you let it near your your

chair so here you are drink your orange

juice and all that and when you look

down you’re sort of linked and you jump

over sudden waiter barometer now whether

it’s real or perceive or whatever you

jump and your barometer is 10 right at

10 and you’re not even below 5 or not

when you came home because it was a

stressful day work to you about 5 6 7

you’re looking forward to come down

below 5 but palm things at home even

perceive even not real doesn’t matter


after for a while you realize it’s just

a fake snake right you sit down again

and you watch TV and TV you see what’s

happening and then your barometer goes

up again or even if you’re resting it

never really goes down all the way to

vilify it’s where most of us live God

want to become the place of quietness

and confidence that’s why you cannot

fight your

style to be peaceful you cannot you

cannot real power your will yourself

into a place of relaxation can I sent me

to you

God has a supernatural gift not

dependent on breathing deeply certain

positions for the environment it’s

called pray in the spirit this is the

rest and the refreshing

we’ve got designer let me say this in

clothing got designers we think got

designers to leave life’s like The

Tortoise and the camel

not like the lion and the Tigers the

lion and a tiger the adrenal gland by

the way they found that drink lent I’ve

swallowed it’s always swollen and you

know they leave short life about the

brain these are any Mouse well the Bible

states in the book of Proverbs the book

of wisdom go to the end you slug it and

learn from them so animal if I put there

by God for us to learn we don’t learn

they don’t learn from us it we learn

from them amen

so listen God designed for us to be on

camel speed top speed and you know camel

then talkative and Toto leave long live

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we shall be a jubilee for you and each

of you shall return to his possession

your possession can be some whatever

your help you lost your health

each of you should carry the tradition

is it it is someone you used to care for

that comes in the next verse each of you

shall return to it family each of you

shall return

a reset button this year I don’t care

what happened last year a reset button

is about to be set for you

this year the year of Jubilee and the

Bible says one proclaim Liberty say

proclaim Liberty you drop all the land

you’re proclaiming you say it

place your family make your loved one

say it don’t just says you know

literally it may happen happen

say it it’ll be a year of Liberty this

year in your life salvation and the free

favors have jotted abound profusely