Cindy reminds us that if we want God to send breakthrough and change while we watch…God will move without us. Whatever your needs may be, God’s breakthrough is meant to move through you. Ordinary people do extraordinary things for God!

My guest, a prophetic general,

gathered one hundred of the most
accurate prophets in the world

to tell what God
will do in 2022. Next!

SR: I’m so excited about
the timing of this show

and the guest of this show.

Cindy Jacobs, she just finished
a prophets conference

that she has every year

and she’s gathering
some of the finest prophets,

not just from the United States,
from throughout the world

to find out
what God’s going to do in 2022.


What did the prophet see,
what did they say?

And was there any consensus
in certain areas?

I have to tell you,

I do not know
from her what happened,

and I did that intentionally

because I’m looking
to be excited.

I hope I’m excited
in a good way.

CJ: Well, thank you, Sid.

One of the words that came out
that was really dramatic,

you know, it’s like if out
of the mouths of two or three,

let every word be establish,

was found- a scripture found in
Isiah 64:1-2.

And the Holy Spirit spoke to me,
Sid, and spoke to our group.

And He said, “I am about
to make the nations

tremble at My presence.”

SR: My goodness! CJ: “I am going
to roar out of Zion!”

SR: This is God’s say that,
you know! CJ: Yeah!

SR: It’s not like me or Cindy
saying it. CJ: Yeah.

SR: God’s saying it. CJ: Yeah.
SR: You know, I look at it this

way, Cindy. The devil’s made
some pretty bold moves

and accomplished things

faster than any believer thought
he ever would do in this world.

But now it’s God’s turn.

CJ: It’s God’s turn.

Let me read the scripture to
you, Isaiah 64:1-2. “Oh, that

you would rend the heavens!

That you would come down!
That the mountains

might shake at your presence
as fire burns,

brushwood, as fire
causes water to boil- ”

Listen to this! “To make Your
Name known to your adversaries,

that their nations may tremble
at Your presence!

This is what
the lord said to us,

“Satan has done his shaking.

But now I’m going
to do My shaking.”

SR: That’s exactly what I said.
Not knowing that’s what they

said. CJ: Exactly,

you know, and I’m kind of
grinning because you told me,

don’t say anything,
don’t say anything to me.


SR: And we got together
for a meal.

I said, I don’t know what I
would talk to you about,

because all I want to talk to
you about is what the prophets

said. And I can’t do it. Because
I want to be surprised. [Laughs]

DJ: Yeah, but you know,
I mean, so over and over.

Listen, twenty-twenty-two,

God is going to make
His Name famous.

SR: I love it!

You know what?
My spirit just jumps at that.

CJ: People have looked at
God like,

He’s god with a little g!

SR: Yeah. CJ: But He is
getting ready to roar!

He is getting ready
to manifest His miracles,

His power, His glory.

And you know, Sid,
the Lord said-

very interesting.
In rural areas,

He said, “I’m going to start
showing up so many places.

It’s like brush fires being set
all over the world. SR: Yes!

CJ: And Satan can’t stomp
it out fast enough

and it’s going to happen.”

I mean, if he gets
one group here,

then another group’s
going to rise up

and He’s, He’s getting ready
to display His glory.

It’s going to be tough.

SR: When the presence of God
gets strong, the devil gets

nervous. CJ: Yeah, that’s right.

Yeah, let’s make him
more nervous.

SR: Yeah, let him have a
breakdown! CJ: [Laughs] Yeah.

And so I mean, like, we had one
of our problems in Canada,

and she showed videos
of a pastor just being arrested

for allowing
his people to sing.

You know, there’s a lot of
bad stuff even in the US,

and I’m sure you recognize it.

So I know you’re watching
from all over the world.

It’ll happen for you, too.
But the Lord said the difference

between what we call
the sheep and goat states

are those that are righteous and
are those that are unrighteous.

It’s going to be
so evident, the light

and the dark, the contrast.

And Chuck Pierce gave a word
about conflict coming in spring

and that there’s going
to be conflict, conflict,

could be war.

You know. I have been

for some time
that China would arise.

In fact, the Lord spoke a Word
to me

that the COVID was a China,
was a Chinese Pearl Harbor.

Yeah, that literally, you know,
it began to undermine- SR: Yes.

CJ: -that China was militarizing
during that season.

And I have sent words into

different people in
administrations in the past.

You know, that said,
you know,

China would try
to gobble up Taiwan,

then go for Korea,
Vietnam, and Japan

and then the world
if we declare detente.

SR: And now you can see
the whole strategy,

the administration,
now very pro-China.

CJ: Yeah! SR: Why? I can’t
imagine using slave laborers-

CJ: Yeah. Why indeed.
SR: Brutality! CJ: Yeah.

SR: It’s such- it’s
unbelievable. CJ: Yeah.

Yeah, but God’s people.

And you know,
I believe and for Israel,

you know, we see Iran,
Iran trying to arise,

but the Lord just really,

really showed us
in the midst of conflict,

in the midst of persecution
that we were to believe

for the best
and prepare for the worst.

And it’s a very
interesting word. I think

that there’s going to be seasons
as the nations are trembling.

So it’s just, you know, listen,

you’re just going to have to
hear the Word of the Lord

for what God is saying
for you and your nation.

Why does God warn? God warns
so we’ll be taken care of.

You know, it’s not,
so we’ll be afraid.

God warned.
So we’ll say, OK,

what do I need to do
and how do I need to prepare?

And then how do
I advance the glory?

You know how? What am I supposed
to do? At this, this point,

I’m going to reiterate it
then, Bishop Hamon said

some of this. Satan
has shaken the nations.

Now God is going
to shake the nations,

and some nations
that we thought were gone

are just going to
have transformations

like we can’t believe,
you know?

But some nations
that we thought were,

OK, they’re going
to go down so fast.

Who would have guessed
some of the nations like Canada?

However, twenty-two years ago,

I prophesied
on national television

about the criminalization
of Christianity in Canada

that Pastors
were going to be arrested.

And, you know,
people just can’t believe it.

They cannot believe it!

SR: Now, do you or any
of the other prophets

see that same sort of thing
happening in the United States?

CJ: Absolutely.


And that we prophesied
in 2010

about the criminalization
of Christianity,

but it’s in the balance.

This is why one
of the great words

and I know you’ll love this.
“It’s time to rise up.’

We’ve had revival.
We need revival and reformation.

We need those who will be
prayer activists, pray and act.

We need people
who are going to say,

All right, not on my watch.
If there’s a Word of the Lord,

listen to me,
it’s time to rise up

and make your voice heard.

While there is time.
We’re full of light.

you know? And, and

it’s very sobering. SR: It is.
CJ: It’s very sobering.

SR: That’s what I’m feeling

I can tell you
that different prophets

see different parts- CJ: Right.
SR: -of the same picture.

CJ: Right. SR: And they could be
diametrically opposite.

CJ: Right. SR: But they’re both
accurate. CJ: Right. Yeah.

SR: I see the good.
CJ: Yeah. SR: I see the glory.

CJ: Yeah, yeah. SR: Every time
I hear these bad things,

I’ll say,
I say to myself,

if I’m surrounded
with the glory,

no weapon formed against me
is going to prosper.

CJ: Well, absolutely.
Absolutely. SR: None.

I’ll have a- for lack
of a better word,

the Holy Spirit will be

my rearguard, will be
all around me,

on top of me, in me, all around.

And who could even penetrate
that presence of God?

CJ: That’s absolutely true.

I personally believe that we’re
in the end-time harvest.

I personally believe-
SR: Me too, me too.

CJ: -the greatest harvest in
years is taking place.

I mean, thousands and thousands
and thousands

so Satan’s going to push
back. He doesn’t want to let go

of that harvest. That should
make us stronger.

SR: What going to happen
with our economy?

JC:: Well- SR: We really
have to know that.

CJ: Yeah, we talked a lot about
that, in fact, I prophesied

if Biden gets in as president,

there’s going to be something
we call the Trump bubble

and it’s going to be
we’re going to be

riding on the economic policies,

instructions for a season
from Trump; it’s going to burst.

It’s bursting.

SR: We’re seeing that now.

CJ: It’s rushing, and I
prophesied hyperinflation

was coming like five years ago.

I mean,
and, and we’re seeing it.

Now. But let me tell you
a story in Argentina,

they went
through hyperinflation,

so I asked Omar Cabrera.

I said, “How did you survive?”
It is supernatural!

There was a young man
who wanted to go

to a conference in Argentina
and Buenos Aires.

I think it was.
And so he got on his bike.

He’s riding, see some pesos,
picks it up, right?

Rides some more, picks up more

By the time he got
to the conference,

he had all the pesos he needed.
Come on.

Our economy is not based
on the world’s economy.

And so, you know, you might say,
well, you know, not every,

not every believer
has what they need.

But the Lord said to us
and I wrote this down.

“A new measure of faith
is coming into the earth.”

We are going to come up
higher, upgrades, upgrades.

We’re going to come up higher
than we have ever walked before.

I mean, so if you’re
listening to this

and you hear these sayings,
God loves a good challenge

because that’s when He
manifest His glory.

SR: When you said the word
new upgrade- I’m a feeler.

and the presence of God went,

I think I need you to pray
for us to have that new upgrade.

CJ: Let’s do it! SR: Do you
mind? CJ: Yeah, let’s do it.

Now! You get ready because
I’m going to pray for you,

but you need to get
ready to receive.

So, Father in the Name of Jesus,

I pray for upgrades,
upgrades in faith.

I release
new measures of faith.

Come on, you have
to cooperate with it,

say, “I take it,” and just say
“I’m going to have everything.”

Everything. You need!

SR: I’m going to have everything
I need! Everything.

CJ: Yeah. If persecution comes,
oh, God’s going to say now,

“Move over here!” Because
they’re coming here or move

this way. Or if, or if,

things get expensive.

You’re going- the Lord’s going
to say, “Now, invest in this

and I’m going to show you!”
The thing is,

no more lazy Christians,
no more lazy Christians.

Every day you’re going to need
to engage your faith to be

an overcomer. God
will posture you for greatness.

God will posture you
for blessing.

And, but the thing is,
you have to believe for it.

So if there’s something’s
wrong inside of us,

if we get in fear
rather than faith,

because remember
what the Word says,

“I will cause the nations
to tremble at My presence.”

[Applause and cheers]

CJ: Listen, when God shows up
on the scene,

nobody says, “Oh is it God?”

Everybody knows,
everybody knows!

And that’s what’s
getting ready to happen.

SR: One more question.
Did they talk anything

about the governments,
the mountains of governments?

CJ: Yes, they said quite a bit
about that

because we’re seeing
more prophets

connecting to presidents
around the world.

And for instance,
as we came together

as our council
a couple of years ago,

the Lord said, “I want you
to dethrone Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

I want you to take him
out of power.”

Great authority,
one hundred prophets together.

And we began to decree,
you know, we, we began to decree

as we started decreeing tanks
were rolling into Harare

to take him out of office.
So the Holy Spirit said,

“I’m going to supernaturally
have you pray right now,

convene the Council of Heaven
and pull him down.”

And he was down
without any shots fired.

SR: I’ll tell you what, Cindy,

there is so much rich stuff
from these hundred.

It was a hundred plus prophets.

CJ: Yeah, yeah.
SR: That I can’t wait for-

CJ: Yeah, I can’t begin.
Can’t begin to tell.

SR: I mean, these are fresh CDs.
This just happened.

It’s a now time for you.
Be right back.


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[Music]>> We now return
to “It’s Supernatural!”

SR: You know, between segments,

I find out some very interesting
things about my guests.

I was actually surprised
when I asked the question,

when did you first
start prophesying, Cindy?

And what did you say?

CJ: Yes, I was four years old.
SR: Four years old!

CJ: I’m 70 now, so I’ve been
prophesying a long time.

SR You know what I believe?

This will be the norm
for your children

or grandchildren
to start prophesying at four.

And you know what? They’re going
to be pure prophecies.

And boy, are you going
to listen to them,

Cindy, in the midst from
the prophets,

in the midst of all this
persecution that you brought up.

What’s going to happen?
What’s God giving you?

CJ: I’m glad you asked that.

We’re going to be
Supernatural Solutionists.

SR: Say that again.

CJ:Supernatural Solutionists.

Like, we’re going to know what
to do.

I mean, people are going to
come to us and say,

“I don’t know.” And you say,
“Well, I know exactly what to

This is what you do.”

You know, I mean,
I said, “I can prophesy.”

I had prophesied
over heads of state

that they should like,
for instance,

start a commodities market
and my husband’s laughing.

He goes, “You don’t even know
what a commodities market is.”

I go, “No, I don’t know.
What is it?”

But the Holy Ghost knows.

I mean, I know now,
but I didn’t then, you know?

And so I think God is going to
take us up higher,

hone our gifts greater.

And you know, we were
talking about children.

Oh, my goodness,
little children

are saying the most
incredible things.

So I want to say to you,

when your child tells you
something, don’t ignore it.

I remember my son was six.
He came in and said,

“Could a president
be like hurt?”

I said, “Oh, that’s
called assassination.”

He says, “On, like killed?
“Yes.” “That’s what’s wrong.

My tummy hurts, mommy,” you
know? And so, I prayed with him.

And then, you know,
that was a time

when we were praying
about Reagan

and he wasn’t killed in that
assassination attempt, you know?

So listen to your children.
SR: Speaking of

children, what did the prophet
say about families?

CJ: Oh, you’re going to love
this one.

Yeah, the Lord told us that
that He was getting ready to

really emphasize like, protocols
are going to come home.

People whose kids
have gone away from the Lord.

Or marriages
are breaking up. That,

you know, we have
a certain sphere of society.

We call mountains.
You know that.

But God is going to give us
a focus on that.

And in fact,
our friend Jon Hamill,

he has been talking
about turnaround

Tuesdays, have everybody
on Tuesdays pray.

all over the world

people are praying
for families to be restored.

But listen, you may
have been praying

a long, long time
for your family,

but I’m telling you, don’t give
up praying they’re coming home.

Don’t, don’t give up
praying for those radicals.

SR: You know what?
I have been praying,

and I recommend
you start praying,

praying for
supernatural wisdom.

We’re living in New Times
in a new season,

and we have to hear
from God more than,

I think in my whole lifetime,
especially now.

And you know what, God’s been
answering that prayer.

I’m amazed. CJ: Yes.
SR: I shouldn’t be, but I am.

CJ: Now I heard,
I heard somebody say,

“Well, I just can’t do that.”

I mean, it’s like I heard
somebody saying that.

And the Lord just says to
you, you know, “Yes, you can.”

That’s why
you’re listening today.

You’re going to get that word
of knowledge, word of wisdom,

which means
supernatural knowledge.

And you have it when you have
the Holy Spirit in you.

If you don’t, ask
for the Holy Spirit, you know,

and He’ll give it to you.

SR: Now you have been
praying for nations.

Your specialty is praying.

CJ: My specialty, right.

SR: And we can have a whole
program on just

heads of governments-
CJ: Right. SR: -you prophesied

into. CJ: Right. SR: Or
nation’s you’ve prayed for,

and it’s happened. What?
You prayed for them, right?

Give me one more example.

CJ: Yeah, thanks.

I was in South Korea,
and you know,

sometimes when I go
into a nation,

I’ll say I want to meet
with the president,

tell him a prophet wants to meet
with the president

or the mayor or something like
that. SR: But it would take

favor. CJ: Oh yeah.

SR: You can’t just, you
can’t just walk in

and say I want to see
President Biden.

CJ: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

But at the word of the Lord,
you know,

so I was flying to Seoul,
and I said,

“Well, let me see
the mayor of Seoul City.”

And so, I go, and the mayor
did not know who I was.

But, you know,
psychics aren’t afraid

of saying they’re a psychic.

I’m not afraid of saying
I’m a prophet.

So I went in there and I
prophesied to this leader.

I said, “You’re going to heal
the ecology of your nations.”

Well, the man was-
that was his expertise

in healing environment,
you know,

and taking down
pollution levels.

And I said, “Oh, and you’re
to run for president,

you’ll be the next president.”

SR: He hadn’t thought
about running?

CJ: Yes, he had. He

didn’t know who I was, but his
family had been praying

that I would go give him a word.
SR: Hmm. CJ: And he ran and he,

and he became the president
of Korea, President Lee.

SR: You’ll have to get her CDs
for all the prophecies

and all of her ways
to pray for your family.

for the needs
in your house based

on the things that have
worked for all these years,

for nations, and heads of state,
to work for them and or for you.

But how important is
for a mother or father

to be praying
for their children?

CJ: Yeah, I’m so glad
you asked that.

Let me just ministering
to you a little bit.

You know, God gave you
those children,

so He’s equipped you
and He’s equipped you

to pray the right prayers
for their destiny.

And I encourage you to do
what we call stand

in the gap for them.
If you don’t,

Satan will take
advantage of them.

He hates your family, and
he hates your children.

And so I want to say to you,
God will anoint you.

He’ll give you supernatural
thought to pray

for the destiny of each of your
children and just trust Him.

Like as you’re praying
for your children.

Trust him to give you
those thoughts.

And I see there’s
a woman named Miriam

and you’re very concerned
for one of your children.

And the Lord just says
to you, Miriam,

I’m going to take care
of that school problem.

I’m going to take care
of those problems.

Do not be afraid
you can do it.

And God is going to just
cause your children

to prosper and thrive.

So do don’t, fear
not! God is with you.

SR: I want you to prophesy or

Whatever God shows,
you don’t hold anything back.

CJ: Yeah, I love to do this, OK.

And the Lord would say, “I am
positioning you for greatness.”

I see some of you like,
maybe you’ve lost a job.

But the Lord says, “No,
I’ve got a better job for you.”

The Lord says, “I am getting
ready to open the doors.”

Isaiah 22:22.
“Open doors

that no man can shut
and shut some doors

that no man could open.”

And as I move here around,
trust me,

I am positioning you for glory.

I am positioning you to be
my ambassador like Daniel.

In fact, I see someone God’s
going to use you for politics,

and you are saying,
“Should I, shouldn’t I?”

And the Lord says,
“This is your confirmation.

Just go for it. Just do it.”
I see some others that you live

in a place of great persecution
and the Lord says,

“I’m going to show you
how to maneuver

in the midst of that persecution
and you are going to come out.”

I see someone, you’re
in a hospital room

watching this right now,

and you are, you have sickness
in your whole body.

I command the spirit of death
off your body,

and I say,
be healed in Jesus Name.

SR: I’m going to tell you this,
there’s a great, great,

great presence of God right now.
Whatever you need- CJ: Yeah.

SR: Pray a simple prayer. You
pray it, yes! [Music]

CJ: Yeah. SR: You have as much
authority as Cindy

or myself, or us put together
because it’s the same Jesus.

Whatever you need right now,

you have a faith injection
for it to happen.

Pray that as I go off the
air, in Yeshua Name,

I agree with that prayer.
Amen. CJ: Amen!