How did Peter go from impulsive, foul-mouthed fisherman to pillar of the early church—developed and mature in the Lord? See from this moving exposition on the unfailing love of Christ how you can go from a vessel of weakness to a vessel of honor and power in the house of God. From Peter’s recruitment to his denial to his restoration, Joseph Prince shows you how the Lord continued to extend His grace to and cultivate Peter despite failure after failure until he became a pillar in God’s house. Whatever your personality, character, or challenge, discover how this can also be your reality!

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

so you’ll find that God will bring you

out and God will shape you God will cut

away the unnecessary parts in your life

now God doesn’t do it with sickness and

disease always remember that but

nonetheless the process is painful

sometimes God will use people to come

and tell you things how how does God you

know not just stones but God God God

says I’m bringing you to a land the land

of Israel where you had your dick copper

from the mountains you didn’t have this

in Egypt but you have this in the land

that I’m bringing you God says so the

copper will later on be melted a man in

clay moles in the plains of Jordan and

become a pillar in the temple of God

called Jachin and Boaz the entrance of

the feel of the Temple of Solomon and

God says in the book of Revelation that

the overcomer he that overcomes I’ll

make a pillar in the temple of my god so

some people become tellus pillars a

bronze some people are just stones and

it’s alright because all of us are

living stones but there are some that

government and I think that their son

I’m speaking to today go make you a

pillar not just a stone but a pillar a

pillar and the Bible says there in

Galatians Paul himself says that about

Peter James and John Paul himself says

that they are pillars in the church are

you listening people and sometimes the

process is painful because God will put

you in the mold that you don’t like you

feel constrained in some places in some

things that God tells you do you feel

constrained but you are being molded so

that you don’t become you know the

amazing thing the value of things grow

when cultivation has been put on it for

example you have iron above iron today

cause why maybe $500 to $1,000 above

iron okay you refine it you melt it you

cultivate it okay into a horseshoe it is

even more expensive now okay you’ll

calculate it you melt it you make it

really really small small Springs for

the Rolex watch nice thousands of

dollars same in-1 is raw not cultivated

the value is not much

but once it’s cultivated the value

increases God wants to cultivate you God

wants to cut away the unnecessary areas

of your life

even goals have goal have scum that’s

why they mount the goal and you’ll see

the scum like your steamboat when you

eat a steamboat at the end all right

they always come coming up and use

something to remove the scum and the

heat scum rises have you noticed how

words change in your mouth when you’re

under pressure right you noticing you’re

under pressure you’re worse alike

hallelujah praise the name of Jesus God

is so good have you noticed that the

scum comes out amen amen and and it’s

good it comes out and don’t be bashful

don’t be angry you know at the person

gawe use you know the the the bronze

pillar was was cast in iron sorry in

clay mold clay represents earthen vessel

God uses people to cut all the rough

places amen

but the Bible says God wants to make you

vessels of Honor a vessel of Honor amen

even a peeler and peel is not for

everybody right but God wants to make

you a peeler is that okay let’s see the

process by which He loves us the way

cultivates us the way he develops us the

way he molds us until we are like goat

right in the fireball the scum removed

pure gold like the woman said of Jesus

in the song of songs his head is as the

most fine goal in fact in her

description you find goal in his head

goal in his hands goal in his feet

everything about Jesus is the golden

touch he touches a leper and the leper

is no more leper he touches the

priesthood of Aaron which is temporal

and it becomes eternal Jesus cannot

touch little five loaves and two fish

without it becoming plenty I’ll talk to

you about Peter Peter was a stone when

Jesus first met Peter it was actually

Andrew Peters brother they brought Peter

to Jesus and Andrew was actually Andrew

and John were the disciples of John

the Baptist’s originally all right so

what happened is that John the Baptist I

don’t believe he was preaching here he

was looking at Jesus the Bible says as

Jesus walked by in John chapter 1 and he

says I tell you this know someone is

like that sermon that came out of John’s

mouth even though I don’t think the

sermon but more like an exclamation you

look at the moral glory of Jesus you

look at the beauty and excellencies of

Jesus walking by in John 1 and John the

Baptist says words are not more eloquent

than these five words sermon okay he

look at Jesus days behold the lamb of

God and to be disciples heard what he


notice you never know when you’re

talking about Jesus who’s had a touch

and the Bible says they both Andrew and

John left and Andrew found Andrew in

fact two of them followed Jesus and

found where he dwelt asked to be with

him Jesus says come and see and the

Bible says that later on Andrew when to

find his brother Simon Peter his name

was Simon he was Jesus I gave him Peter

so when when Jesus met Peter this is

what happened alright he found his own

brother Simon and said we have found the

Messiah which is the Christ drop-down he

brought him to Jesus when Jesus looked

at Simon he said you are Simon the son

of Jonah you shall be caught chief us

which is translated as stone can you see

it now here is where we recall his

conversion took place he meant a stone

you are keifa’s by the way keifa’s is

Aramaic for stone okay today in English

it will be Kiefer Iraq keifa’s is stone

Peter you will now be called Peter a

stone and also rock a rock or a stone

small rock stone is keifa’s in other

words he says higher rocky from now on

you are Rocky amen Simon is hearing see

me on Shimon from hearing the word

hearing but Jesus says from now on

you’ll be a stone you’ll be a rock

a man let’s see how Jesus loved him and

cultivate him is one thing to be

converted and I believe Peter was

converted in a sense that of course the

he didn’t have the Holy Spirit the way

he had it after Jesus died and rose

again but he was converted here alright

and it’s possible to be converted and

not be consecrated in other words you’re

just saved you go to church on Sunday

but it doesn’t really kill you your

purpose where you’re supposed to be in

the house of God where you’re supposed

to function and you don’t care so Peter

was like that he was a fisherman he says

okay good he’s the Messiah I’m going

fishing so the Bible tells us that Jesus

still had to cultivate him Jesus brought

him out of the darkness by the

revelation of who he is the Messiah and

now Jesus has more work to do on him and

he was he was one day by the lake of

Galilee and he was washing his nets and

the Bible says the multitude present

Jesus just look behind him there were

two boats there the Bible says neither

it’s a two he could have gone in either

one of them but the Bible says Jesus

step into the one that belonged to Simon

everything has a purpose when Jesus

comes to you and ask you for a favor

he’s not asking a favor because he needs

it as much as you need it he’s setting

you up don’t think for one moment if the

lot tells you to give anything give your

time give your money

give your your your words of wisdom to

someone or whatever they’re gonna lose

it no he’s setting you up to bless you

he can do things without us we cannot do

anything without him so it is a

privilege and an honor to be used by the

Lord amen

so here Jesus says the Bible says Jesus

stepped into the boat and gsa’s to Simon

launch out into the deep let’s go to the

deep and and by the way they work all

night already and they caught nothing

and geo says let go to going to the deep

Simon let’s go and drop down your nets

laro for a big catch and Peter was

washing the master we what all night we

caught nothing

you need a greater revelation of Jesus

you know and he went with Jesus because

he said this nevertheless at your word I

will let down the net singular so you

can say he obeyed yea he obeyed but not

completely food Jesus says let down the

nets plural a lot of naps he says

alright we’ll go and we’ll let down the

net and the Bible says they enclosed so

much fish that they cannot take the fish

into the boat they had a call for help

from their partners James and John the

sons of Zebedee John the Beloved

Disciple they call for help and that’s

how much blessings will come when you

know Jesus loves you and he is not going

to just say follow me without taking

care of your needs the Bible says the

net began to break you ever wonder why

the net began to break because there’s

only one net the supply was greater than

the means to contain it so God always

thinks bigger than you you think of a

you think of a job got things of a

position you think of family just get

married to this woman

God thinks of generations got always

things bigger exceeding abundantly above

all we can ask for thing and the Bible

says when they came the partners came to

carry that in all that heavy swollen net

into the boat the boat began to sing to

gg gg gg gg gg gg the Bible says at this


Simon fell at Jesus feet at his knees

the Bible tells you where and grab his

knees and say depart from me I’m a

sinful man

he says depart from me something

happened to him church it is the

goodness of God that leads men to

repentance you see he didn’t repent

first and then Jesus gave him the catch

of fish Jesus bless him first and that

drove him to repentance you must

understand under Old Testament under law

you have to change before God can bless

you but under grace God blesses you

first and you change the goodness of God

will lead you to repentance amen so

remember we preach repentance but we

preach repentance under the new covenant

amen but he was he didn’t know the lot

that well yet he realized of a sudden

who was in the boat

this man is no ordinary man he is the

son of God

see he was introduced by Andrew as the

Messiah but now he sees him as the son

of God

oh my goodness I mean the presence of

God in the flesh and that’s why he fell

at his knees and say depart from me I’m

a sinful man it was a sense of his

holiness corrupt Jesus it’s funny thing

you grab Jesus knees right you say

depart from me I’m a sinful man is a

contradiction of actions it is like I

can’t I know I can’t be in your presence

because I’m so dirty I’m sinful yet I

cannot live without you

the Bible says I believe Jesus had a

smile Isis don’t be afraid from now on

you’ll catch men amen this excerpt is

brought to you by Joseph Prince calm to

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one of my best friend actually gave me

the book destined to rain and I read it

and I was just like in all I was a very

presence of God in that foot so I was

super excited she told me about this

event and I had severe and we’re very

thankful that we’re able to receive that

message all the way from Singapore here

and now we get to see for the first time

in person we pressed our way here to

come and hear him and see him lot it’s

not about the man it’s the message in

the name that God has put in it and we

are here to stand to say that God is

alive rich and well and so in life

hello Benjamin generation

let’s hear it for the king of all Kings

a lot of awards

we are not seen as because the scene

with sin because we are sinners we have

seen us because of Adam’s sin by the

same token we are righteous by that one

man’s obedience who is that man is his

obedience at the cross that knit all of

us righteous let’s turn back to the gift

of righteousness let’s go back to the

gospel let’s go back to the truth of the

righteous shall live by right believing

I’m telling you it’s one of those kind

of meetings where anything is possible

you may say that the doctor says there

is no hope for this condition it is

incurable but I’m telling you in the

body of Jesus there is a Power greater

than radiation greater than all the

medicine and all the drugs out there him

and his body was broken to put your body

back together and let’s partake right

now say Lord I thank you by your stripes

I’m healed

say by your stripes through your grace I

will live to be 120 you may partake

thank you lord

I feel like don’t want to set you free

right now from chronic sicknesses and I

hear the spirit chronic and long-term it

ends tonight in Jesus name

long-term addictions I don’t care how

long your addictions has been it’s gonna

happen not by the will of men is going

to happen by the anointing that destroys

every yoke

we bless your name oh yeah

whereupon the King of Kings the Lord of


eternal God supreme cereal Abbas cereal

I be healing Jesus holy name be healed

right now and be free in the mighty name

of Jesus

oh just praying in tongues and singing

in tongues I could actually feel the

healing go through my body actually

asked my daughter to get up cuz her feet

were hurting or like no you need to get

up and feel it and she was like she was

tearing cuz mommy

I killed the presence of the Lord and I

said that’s it Julia that’s what that’s

what we’re here for

I was raising my hands and I was just

finally allowing you know

or to just come in and break that

stronghold that was prohibiting me from

seeing God as as my daddy as my ABBA

the Bible says be renewed in the spirit

of your mind well today the mind was

blown up and then reconstructed and then

now we’re just walking out of here with

this great experience the Lord really

changed our libraries amazing two

thousand years ago he imputed all our

sins to Jesus Christ his son and because

his son died in our place was punished

in our place God today will not cannot

ever impute the same sin to you

come on hallelujah