In his 5-CD/audio series, Encountering the Glory of God, Derrick shares the wisdom he learned along the way to finding God. Derrick regularly experiences supernatural encounters. He has something to say! But he also knows what it means to get stale or have a dry season.

My guest was taken to heaven
and saw the tear room.

He saw the stored up tears
of many people like Moses,

Elijah, Kathryn Kuhlman,
even the tears of some that

he knew did not even
make it to Heaven.

That’s when he got the most
shocking revelation. Next.


Now, Pastor Derrick Snodgrass

had a praying mother.

He was trained, get this,
to fast, and pray,

and read the Bible at seven.

But at 17,
God audibly told Derrick

what the name of his church
that he pastors today would be,

and that it would attract
the broken and the unchurched.

That same year, he had
a life changing encounter

with the Holy Spirit.
Derrick, tell me about that.

DS: Yeah.
So Sid, growing up in my family

it was normal for us to fast,
it was normal for us to pray.

And even though
we weren’t saved,

my mom really just
gave us that training.

And it started off small,
three or four hour hours a day,

but then it grew to something
even greater too.

SR: You call three
or four hours a day small?

Yeah, it was small for us.

Yeah. Yeah.
SR: Okay.

DS: But eventually,
it would grow into something

to where she was really just
planting that seed within us

to when we truly
had our own walk with God

that would be a part of our
pursuit of how to seek the Lord.

SR: At 16, you really
got serious with the Lord.

What happened?

DS: I got serious
about the Lord, Sid,

and I just asked God
to fill me with the Holy Spirit,

baptize me in the Holy Ghost.

And so there was a revival
coming to our church,

and I went to the service
completely focused

that I wasn’t going
to get anything

less than what God had for me.
When I went to that service,

we were at the altar
and Pentecostal.

We tarried- it’s when you go
to the altar

and you just call on Jesus.

And I began to envision
Jesus dying on the cross.

I began to envision
His sacrifice for me.

And I began to call on Jesus
out of my heart.

And I remember
for the first time, Sid,

I felt the power of what I know
now as the Holy Spirit

kind of pushing me back
on the outside of me.

And I didn’t have
language for it then,

but I felt a supernatural power
and presence on the outside

and I felt myself
going backwards.

And all of a sudden, I felt
that same presence go into me.

Should have hurt
but it didn’t,

It felt like I landed
on a bag of feathers.

SR: That doesn’t make sense
in the natural.

DS: It makes no sense
in the natural,

but it’s supernatural.

And as I’m falling back,
my tongue literally got loose

and I started speaking
in unknown tongues

and in a language
I had never been taught.

I fell to the ground
and I started rolling around

on the floor
like I was on fire.

And God completely filled me
with the Holy Spirit.

And from that point to this day,
I never looked back.

SR: And that power
that’s within him causes him

to operate
in his ministry

and in his church
in the miraculous.

Tell us a few things that have
gone on in the miraculous.

DS: Yeah.

So a few things that have
happened in our ministry;

we’ve seen people get healed,

we’ve seen people get delivered
from drugs and addictions,

we’ve seen vices broken
off of people’s life.

There was a woman who came,
she goes to our church,

and she had a daughter
who had a skin condition.

So she brings her daughter out,

they jump out of the car
and they say, “Look at her!”

And immediately, you would not
have wanted to touch her

because there was so much
outbreak on her body

from this skin disease.
So, she shows me.

She lifts up her shirt,
I see her stomach,

it’s all over her stomach,
all over her neck.

And they say,

“We’re going to have to
take her to the hospital.

She’s been like this
for three days.

She’s not getting better.

We’ve given her
over the counter meds,

nothing’s working!”

They say, “We just said
we’re going to bring her

to the church first,

so you could pray for her
and believe God to heal her.”

You know, and Sid, in the flesh
sometimes our flesh is weak,

our spirit is willing.

And when I saw her sickness,
I was intimidated.

And the thing I thought was,

“Man, you should have took her
to the hospital.”

You know!
But then I envisioned the cross

next to the sickness and I said,
“The cross is bigger.”

And so, we all grabbed hands.
I said,

“Lets just believe God
to give her new skin,

fresh skin,
to heal this sickness.”

SR: Now, you hadn’t taught,
you hadn’t given them-

DS: No service, no message,
no prepping, no testimonies,

we went straight forward.

And I literally attacked
the sickness

and I began to rebuke
that skin disease.

And I didn’t pray
high hopeful wishing,

“God, Please, would you,”

I commanded that skin disease
to dry up in the Name of Jesus.

And I said, “We just speak fresh
skin over her body right now.”

And one of the other members
in the circle screamed out

and said, “Pastor Derrick,
it’s clearing up.

It’s clearing up.”

And she had completely
fresh skin

in 10 seconds,
completely cleared up.

SR: Well, you know,
the greatest miracles

I understand
are occurring in the pantry.

What is the pantry?

DS: So our pantry is just a
outreach ministry that we have.

The Lord gave us this initiative
to reach out to our community.

We partner with the food bank
in our city.

And it was just a way for us
to not be so preachy

and just relate to the people
on a practical level

by meeting their natural
need first.

And by meeting
their natural need,

then it opens up the door
for us to do ministry.

So, it’s really
just a strategy.

And so there was one day,
one of the notables.

I remember this woman
came up to our pantry,

we had never seen her before,

and she had two leg brace
casts on, one on each leg.

She had two Walker sticks.
She was limping to us.

And she walks over
and she says,

“I just need food.
I just need food.”

And so we were like,
“We’d be glad to help you.

We’d be glad
to give you some food.”

And I said, “Ma’am, if it’s okay
with you,

I would love to pray for you.”

I said, “What happened
to your knees?”

She was like, “Oh, oh, I just
need a double knee replacement.”

And I was like, “Okay.”
I said, “Well, can I pray?”

I said, “I believe Jesus wants
to heal your knees.”

She was like, “Oh son,
it’s been like this for years.”

She was in her 60s. She’s like,
“It’s been like this for years,

I’ve just been
putting off the surgery.”

I said, “Well, can I
just pray for you?”

So I got down on my knee, Sid,

and I put both of my hands
on her knees

and in the Name of Jesus,

I just commanded any abnormality
in her knees to leave.

I spoke to the tendons,
the muscles, the joints.

And I just said, “Brand new
knees, in Jesus Name.”

So after I prayed for her and
commanded the sickness to leave,

I told her to test it out.

And she said she didn’t
feel comfortable

taking off the leg braces.

And I told her
she didn’t have to,

I said,
“God can still heal you.”

So afterwards, I said,
“When you get home,

you may want to get on your bed,
take your knee braces off

and begin to test out
your knees.”

Sid, the next week
she came back to food pantry,

no walker sticks,
no knee braces,

and she was completely ecstatic.

She had a card,
a thank you card,

and she said, “I’ve never seen
this happen in my life.”

She said, “Both of my knees
were healed.”

And she began to squat and bend.
And she came back a year later

just to give us an update
to say, “I’m still healed.”

SR: God is real.

But, you know,
with everything Derrick said,

it’s absolutely
almost impossible for me

to believe that a few years ago
he had a dry spell, miracles

and salvations
kind of squeaked to a close.

You lost
your spiritual hunger.

You became desperate
and cried out to God,

“Reignite my hunger.”
Tell me about that experience.

DS: Yeah, Sid.

So after a period of time,
you know,

I just became dry and still
in my walk with the Lord.

I felt like I was
going through the motions.

And I got to a place
in my walk with God

to where it was a breaking point
and I said,

“Lord, it has to be
more than this.”

And I had reason within myself
that if God didn’t touch me

and if I didn’t see
an outpouring

of God’s presence in my life,

I was going to
probably stop pastoring

or probably stop doing ministry

and just work a secular job
and be happy.

SR: No.
That would’ve been a tragedy.

DS: It would’ve been a tragedy.

So literally,
I began to pray.

And that same teaching my mom
instilled in us

as young children,
is on another level now.

So I’m fasting now for weeks
and weeks and weeks at a time,

crying out to God,
desperate for God,

“Lord, please touch me.
Please ignite my soul.”

And one night I was literally
seeking the Lord and I

just began to read
the scriptures.

And the scriptures went, Sid,
from black and white,

in the best way
I can describe it,

to full four color HD.

It literally, it was like
the scriptures became alive,

they became real.

And I began to see scriptures
that I preached before

in a completely
different light.

And all of these scriptures
very much

still pointed to the same thing,

that God wasn’t some out
in the clouds ambiguous God

but He was a personal God
who was very near to me

and who wanted to encounter me.

And so I began to weep,
I began to cry,

and I began to shake,
and I began to tremble.

I closed my eyes and I just
began to immediately repent,

which was off-cuff
because I didn’t practice that,

I didn’t rehearse it.

But when the presence of God
came, it was like I saw God

so clearly I just began to weep
and say, “God, I’m so sorry.

God, please forgive me.
Please forgive me.”

And I didn’t know why I did that
until later I read Isaiah,

when he saw God
and the first thing he cried,

“Woe is me!”
And that it was literally,

I had a woe is me moment
because I saw my humanity

and I saw all of
my unrighteousness

in the presence
of a Holy God.

And from that moment,
God reignited my soul.

He gave me a new passion,
a new fire, a new fervor,

and the spirit of brokenness
came on me

and stayed on me
for three months.

And then you started

studying the Generals
of the faith.

DS: Yes, sir.

I started studying Generals
of the faith,

people who were heroes
to the faith in this generation.

And I saw how God
used their ministry.

I saw how God
worked through them.

And then supernaturally,

I actually was turned
onto this show called,

“It’s Supernatural!”
I had never heard of it before,

but literally the Holy Spirit
just guided me to it.

And I began to binge watch that
for four to six hours a day,

which ignited faith within me

that my walk could even
look like this.

SR: Well, you know,
my heart’s desire is,

that’s why we do this show,

so that you will be able to do
everything and greater works

than the guests on my show.

Then you started
having encounters with God.

Tell me about that.

DS: Yeah.

Once I was exposed
to how God was interacting

and how people
were encountering Jesus,

I really began to release
my faith for that.

And I said,
“Lord, if this is possible

and if this is real,
can you encounter me like that?”

It was simple,
but it was very sincere.

And so I really began
to expect that

on a daily basis
to where I would pray.

And I would almost pray
with one eye open

because there was
that much expectation,

Jesus’s going to walk
through the wall.

I will never forget,
it was February 11th, 2018.

And I had just gotten off
of a 12 hour shift,

I knew I had to preach for
our church service the next day.

I went to bed and I said,

“I’m just going to get
three hours of sleep

and I’ll be okay.”

And so I went to bed
and the next thing I knew

I had the sensation to get up
and go to the bathroom.

And I remember
I literally swung around,

put my feet on the floor.
I was in our guest bedroom

because I didn’t want
to disturb my wife.

I started walking to the door
and I extend my right hand

and when I reach out
my right hand to turn the knob,

it was literally
like a bomb went off.

I flew in the air.
Again, I flew in the air,

I flew back
and I hit the ground.

And when I hit
the ground, Sid,

I literally was laying
on my back.

And I opened my eyes
and the first thing I heard,

literally, heaven
had broken into my room.

Literally, the atmosphere
of heaven was there,

the glory of God
was in my room.

I heard Angels singing.
I heard string instruments.

And the first thing I noticed
was the peace of God

that filled the room.

This was a real, tangible peace
that could be felt.

You feel like
you could hug it.

And it was literally
like the air molecules

were charged
with the peace of God.

And so I sit up
and I look to my door,

to my right where
I was about to open,

and I see Jesus standing there
but His back is to me.

He has a white robe on.

He has long Jewish gray hair
and He has copper toned skin.

And immediately I process
that that’s Jesus.

And I knew His presence.
I knew it was Him.

And I’m just thinking,

and so I call out
and I say, “Jesus.”

And immediately, Sid,
the first thing I noticed

it didn’t come out
of my mouth

it came out of my heart,
in my head.

And when I called out to Him,
He turned around

and He reached out
His right hand to me

and I reached His hand out
and I said, “Thank you.”

And He looked at me
and He said, “I love you.”

And I let go of His hand
and He’s about to turn around

as if He’s going to go
through the door

and I started almost
getting anxious

because I didn’t want Him
to leave.

And I was completely

I thought it was
as physical as what me

and you are talking
right here,

but I didn’t know
if I was in my body

or outside of my body,
just like Paul says.

And so literally, I get anxious
and I say, “Jesus, don’t leave.”

Again from my heart
and from my head.

And I actually sit up
to grab His arm.

And I grab His arm and I feel
a body, I feel muscle tonation.

And He turns around
and He kind of smiles

and He says, “I love you”

a second time, more affirming,
more convicting.

And then He says,
“I’ll be back.”

And He proceeds to leave.

And Sid, another thing
that I got out of the encounter

was the humility of Jesus,

because, you know, when me
and you are ready to leave,

we’re like ready to leave.

And if somebody grabs us,
we’re going to be like,

“Yo, let go of me!”
But He has so much understanding

and compassion and humility.
And when I came out,

I eventually re-went
to the scripture that said,

“Take My yoke upon you,
and learn of Me;

for I am meek
and lowly at heart.”

I felt the meekness of Jesus.
I felt the lowliness.

And when He proceeded
to walk through the door,

I appeared back in my bed,
I never walked to it.

SR: What were the last words
He said to you?

DS: The last words He said was,
“I’ll be back.”

SR: Did that mean
I’ll be back to visit you

or I’ll be back to return
to take over My Kingdom?

DS: I knew that He was saying

He would be back to visit me
and He came back.


SR: How would you like Jesus
to visit you and then say,

“And you know what,
I like you. I’ll be back.”

Anything God does with Derrick,
He desires to do for you.

Now, Derrick knows the door
for you

to have your own supernatural
encounters with God,

and I’m going to have him
pray for you when we return.


[Music] >> We will be right back
to, “It’s Supernatural!”

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>> We now return to,
“It’s Supernatural!”


Derrick, what is the door

so we can have our own
encounters with God,

so Jesus we’ll say
to you one day,

and me, after He’s visited us,
“I’ll be back.”

DS: The door of encounters
begins with relentless hunger.

SR: I like relentless.

DS: Yes, sir.

SR: Now, my favorite
teaching that you have,

you’ve actually done a CD
on this

there’s no way
we can cover it all,

you know,
in a few minutes.

This teaching will impact you
like nothing you’ve ever had.

Derrick saw the Tear Room
in heaven.

Psalm 56:8, talks about
exactly what you saw.

What does that say?

DS: Yeah. It says that “God
records our sorrows in His book

and He bottles our tears.”

And so I just began
to meditate on that Word.

I just began to ponder
that Word in my mind.

And I went into an encounter
and Jesus said

that He wanted to show me
the Tear Room in heaven.

And Sid, I had never even
heard of a Tear Room in heaven.

I had never heard it.
As much as I watched your show

and as many people as I knew
who had encounters,

I had never heard of that.

SR: That’s okay.
I’ve never heard of it either.

DS: So I began to walk
down this corridor with Jesus,

it’s an upscale, elegant room.

And as we get
into this Tear Room,

I see innumerable tear bottles,
all shapes, all sizes.

They’re crystal, they’re clear.
It was a really upscale room.

And so once I got
to the bottles,

I went closer to them
and I began to look.

And I could literally hear
the tears crying out,

it was like
they had cellular memory.

Whatever caused the individual
pain or to cry on earth,

that was still there
and I could still hear it.

And so as I began to look closer
at the tear bottles,

I literally saw
a visual timeline,

the scenes from
the individual’s life

that caused those tears
to be there.

SR: Was there any
one person’s bottle of tears

that we might know of that made
a big impact on you?

Oh, it was many peoples.

I saw Moses,
I saw Elijah’s.

I saw Kathryn Kuhlman’s
tear bottle.

You know, I saw her bottles
and so many others

and Jesus was like,
“Come on, come on.

I got some more,
I want to show you.”

I saw a contraption

and I didn’t really have
language for it then,

but it was like
a portal passageway.

And I saw Angels ascending
and descending,

coming in and out of it.

And so me and Jesus looked down,
He showed me what the process

of collecting
the tears looked like.

When we looked down
we saw universe, planet, stars,

but then the same switch
to a home.

There was a single parent mom.

And she had a lot
of stress on her.

She was going through
a lot of pain.

She didn’t have finances
or income.

She had multiple children
and one was very sick.

I saw her praying and crying.

And she was just weeping
at a breaking point

where she really wanted
to give up.

And so I see an Angel
in her house,

and the Angel is there
to collect the tears.

And the Angel is also there
to give her strength

and to empower her.

And so it gets to the point
where she takes a deep breath in

and a deep breath out
and she stops crying.

And then Jesus says, “The Angel
is strengthening her.”

And just that quick the Angel
was back with a bottle of tears

that he added to her bottle.

SR: And you saw
tear bottles of people

that you absolutely knew
did not make it to heaven.

Why do you think
God kept them?

DS: Sid, as soon as I saw
the bottles

of what we would term
as wicked or vile or evil men,

my immediate reaction
was I was offended.

I was upset and I was offended

because I didn’t feel like those
bottles should be there at all,

especially in a room
with people I revered.

And so as soon as I looked
at Jesus and I said,

“What are these bottles
doing here?”

The first thing He said,
as quick as I could ask it,

He says, “The Father loves them
all the same.”

And it stopped me
dead in my tracks

because I would’ve
never thought of it that way.

And Sid, what I really
took out of that is this,

even though a lot of times
on earth we make bad decisions

or a lot of times we do things
that separate us from God,

His love for His children and
for humanity is unconditional,

which means without conditions,
is unchanging

because God prepares for us as
if we’re all going to make it.

Sometimes we just
write people off and say,

“Oh, they’re messed up.”

But God doesn’t
view them that way.

He’s cheering for them.
He’s rooting for them.

And He desires for them to be
saved and to make it to heaven.

That’s you!

Say this prayer out loud, mean
it to the best of your ability.

Are you ready to make
Jesus really your Lord

and not just your life
insurance policy.

Repeat this prayer after me,
out loud:

Dear God, I’m a sinner.
I’m so sorry.

I ask you Jesus
to live inside of me.

Be my Lord.
Amen. Just one moment more.

I want you to pray
for the desperation and hunger

to come upon
everyone watching.

DS: Yeah.

If you are watching
this broadcast today,

listen, God has located you,
it’s not an accident.

And I just want you,
wherever you are right now,

to just begin to release faith

and lift up your hands
wherever you are.

And I’m just going to begin
to pray an impartation

that desperation and hunger
would arise.

Spirit of the Living God,

we just thank you right now
for every viewer,

all of those that are listening
to this broadcast.

I pray that spiritual hunger
and awakening

will fall on them right now
in the Name of Jesus.

Father, I thank You that
they’ll be more hungry for You

and more desperate for

You than they ever
have been before.

Father, I just speak
to those individuals

who feel like maybe it’s over
or they’ve seen their best days,

that the rest of their days
will be the best of their days,

that their latter will be
greater than their beginning.

And I just speak the word that
just as “Jesus grew in wisdom

and in stature and in favor
with God and man,”

those that are listening
will encounter

You and they’ll grow
in the same way.

I thank you
God for Your presence.

I thank You for Your glory,
that they will encounter

the God of Glory,
in Jesus’ Name. Amen.