What is it that God wants His children to see and focus on when it comes to health and wholeness? In this exciting message, Joseph Prince examines a foundational healing scripture in the original Hebrew and unveils divine keys to receiving God’s Word as medicine and life to “all your flesh.” Learn what brings God’s healing and how to experience His resurrection life in every cell of your body. Whatever your state of health today, hear this powerful message and receive a personal revelation of the Lord’s grace for your complete healing. Hear and be healed!

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Proverbs 4:20

“” My son, pay attention to my words. “”

God is speaking and calling you “My son.”

This is not a message to the world.

it’s a family conversation.

God is gathering His children together and saying,

– “” My son

, pay attention to my words,

incline your ear to my sayings,

never turn away from your eyes;

keep them in your heart;

for they are life for those who find them,

and health… “for …”, how many parts of your body?

how many parts of your body?

“…” and health for their whole body “.”

it is the only thing that will give health

to every part of your body.

So, all you are about to receive from this step,

the secret here is that it will minister health

to how many parts of your body?


You know, some drugs that you take today,

you take a drug

to help some parts of your body,

but it can have some side effects on other parts of it.


And sometimes, the side effect, you open that little piece of paper,

and it’s like a little parchment, isn’t it?

Lots of side effects.

So, it’s like… they do their best.

The medicine … thank God for the medicine.

Thank God for the doctors.


I truly believe that God gives natural wisdom to man, okay,

to invent these medicines,

but I’m talking about God’s supernatural way. Are you

listening, people?

Medicine, natural medicine, can make you feel good in some areas,

but at the same time cause you problems in other areas.

God’s medicine – this whole verse is God’s medicine bottle.

It won’t cause any side effects.

In fact, you can abuse it.

It would be good if you were addicted to it,

because it is health for your whole body.

So you don’t need to call…, saying for example, “- Pastor Prince, you know, I

keep forgetting things.” –

Is your brain part of your body?

There is health for your body.

“- Well Pastor Prince, I was a little embarrassed to tell you,

but it’s a very private thing.” –

is it part of your body?

There is health for your whole body.

“- Well Pastor Prince, it’s something internal,

I have internal problems,

I’ve had them for many years.” –

Health for your whole body.

Isn’t it wonderful that there is a promise in the Bible

that declares health for our whole body?

And the word “health” in Hebrew is literally the word

“marpe”, which is the term “medicine”.

it’s God’s medicine.


Glory be to God.

So, let’s look at … … – when you take a drug,

you have to follow the instructions, right?

If they tell you to take it on an empty stomach,

or after meals,

or in the morning, or whatever,

you have to obey.

Among other things, sometimes drugs

cannot be taken together with other drugs.

They’re called contraindications, problems, okay?

That such drug will have contraindications if it is taken with another and it

will cause a different problem.

You know all these things, don’t you?

But there is no problem with the Word of God.


You can mix it.

There will be no problem.

So here,

we find the instructions, because there are instructions to follow, okay?

The first is “” pay attention to my words “”.

Well, I assume this is what you do on Sunday.

Instead of sitting at home watching TV, you are here

, paying attention to God’s Word.


God appreciates this.

The fact that you value the Word of God will take you

to a higher level.


Wisdom will always promote you.

I repeat. Wisdom will always promote you.

Are you listening, people?

Ok? And here it says that the first thing is “” pay attention “.”

Then, he says “” listen to my sayings. ”

When you enter the house of God, okay,

and I say the house of God in a general way

, I am not referring to the concrete structure,

I am referring to the people of God gathering together.

That’s the house of God.

When you get together in the house of God,

and God ordained a special day, the Lord’s day,


I don’t have much time to go into this topic.

I can prove it to you from the Bible.

It is not something that comes from man.

Or from Rome.

it’s something that comes from the Word of God.

Jesus resurrected on Sunday.

Jews, okay,

work and then rest on Saturday.

Jesus rested in the tomb, and then resurrected on Sunday.

Are you listening, people?

So, in other words, in the old system you work, you work, and then you rest.

In the system of God, you learn to enter into rest

and your work will be successful, your work will be effective.

Are you listening, people?

Ok? Hence, the day of the Lord is very important.

Here we are all gathered to hear the Word of God

and there is something special.

God says, “” Pay attention “.”

When you come to the house of God, it is your ear that is most important.

Like a dog, you know,

even when the owner is away, say,

1/4 or 1/2 mile away,

and the owner yells,

screams from 800 meters away,

shouts calling the dog’s name,

the dog can also listen to a lot of other sounds,

sounds of trucks passing by,

but have you ever seen how at that moment prick your ears?

This is what God says, “give your ear.”


The number one thing is not to listen to people who

say the latest news,

or what is happening around,

or talk saying you have this,

or listen to the organ concert.

Do you know the organ concert?

“Do you have pain here?

I have one here too, you know?

I don’t know what happened to me.

And I have a pain here. ”

All these are organs, a concert of organs.

You come to church to hear the Word of God.


Because what you hear …, listen,

what you hear will have an effect on

what is in your interior

and what is in your interior, it will have an effect on your heart

and after healing it will take place.

I’m going too far, but the first thing you need

is to check the entrance of your ears.

Pay attention to what you hear.


Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God.

How do you think fear comes?

Fear comes

from hearing and hearing the word of man.


Or the devil.

So, be careful what you hear.

If you know that someone is not … … – you know

, I don’t mind reading so much about, you know,

what the so-called experts say, say this or that.

This scares your heart.


Rather, I prefer to listen to the expert of all experts,

God himself.

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[Shame (noun)]

(A feeling of pain)

(caused by guilt – Noah Websters Dictionary)

Say “painful” .

For those in here who don’t like to feel pain, raise your hand.

Nobody likes it.

it is a feeling of pain.

It’s not just something, like saying,

– “shame is something ethereal, you know, something out there.” –

No, no, it’s a feeling,

it’s a feeling of pain.

There are social media nowadays.

When someone has made a mistake ….

Let’s say that a young woman has made a mistake.

This error is such that ….

It is not meant for the world to see it,

but due to the era in which we live,

the media do so and this fact is sent to the four corners of the earth.

And the shame,

wherever you go,

the shame is multiplied disproportionately

compared to the times in which Jesus lived.

(To remove your shame, He was beaten)

(Mocked and despised)

They gathered the entire garrison.

They all gathered in a hall.

What did they do?

They undressed him.

Now, don’t read too fast, folks!

Don’t read too fast.

Before they put a scarlet robe on

you, you have to go slow just like the scourging.

You read – “” And they scourged him … “-“, as if nothing happened.

It was a long scourging.

They undressed him.

What do you think they did? They mocked him, they mocked him. They undressed him!

– “They struck His head” –

with a bamboo cane, like a flute, they

kept beating his head.

And everyone laughed, made fun of him.

There is no sin in him. He committed no sin. He knew no sin.

So what shame did it bring?

Our shame.

it is our shame.

(Abandon to Him all that is hopeless)

(All that is broken)

(He will heal and restore much more)

I mean to all those

who feel ashamed

of their past

or something the world is trying to shame,

I want to tell you this

Isaiah 61, “” Instead of your shame you will have double honor. ”


The Messiah has come. Jesus came.


I repeat, Jesus came.

(His glorious beauty for your ashes)

(His eternal joy for your pain)

(His double honor for your shame)