When this event happens in Israel, you know Jesus is returning soon! Every major event in the life of Israel has dramatically impacted the world. What’s going to happen next in Israel, and how will it affect your life?

every major event it’s amazing in the

life of a tiny nation Israel it’s

dramatically impacted the world so

what’s going to happen next and how will

it change your life next on this edition

of it’s supernatural centuries have come

and gone offering you wisdom and

understanding from the Angels from today

there should be nothing to be on one’s

power to discover and yet the strange

unusual and mysterious world of the

supernatural defies understanding stay

tuned for a unique and powerful

investigation into a curious

undiscovered universe only

it’s supernatural


it brought the investigative reporter as

an investigative reporter

I am so fascinated with spiritual

principles that are going on in the

invisible world that affect our world I

mean let’s face it our worlds in trouble

fear is epidemic people are concerned

about what’s going to happen with

disease what’s going to happen with

terrorist bombers what’s going to happen

with our economy but if we can get some

insight from the invisible world we can

have an edge and I have found a

spiritual law first the natural then the

spiritual if we look at the natural we

get insight into the supernatural let me

give you an example what major event

happened in Israel that dramatically

affected the world they caused literally

an explosive release of God’s Spirit on

planet Earth I’m talking about Pentecost

or in Hebrew Shavuot well you know what

happened Jesus died and he rose from the

dead so every major event that happens

in that tiny little nation of Israel has

a dramatic impact on the Spirit of God

Jesus died and rose from the dead

explosion of the Holy Spirit what is

known as Pentecost 1898 again first the

natural what happens in natural Israel

then the supernatural the Spirit of God

is released 1898 what happened that was

when the first Zionist Congress was

established a Zionist believes that the

Jewish people are entitled to the land

of Israel unconditionally and forever

the first Zionist I might add was not

Theodor Herzl who had the Zionist

conference in 1898

the first Zionist was no other than God

this is what happened in 1898

they had this conference we must have a

land a modern-day Land of Israel so what

happened in 1904 the natural then the

spiritual nothing short of the

Pentecostal revival pretty good but look

at this what happened in 1948 in the

natural in 1948 Israel became a nation

so what happened in the supernatural in

1948 we had what was known as the

healing revival over a hundred men and

women were instantly raised up with

tents moving throughout the United

States with the greatest creative

miracles and signs and wonders people

like William Branham TL Osborn Kenneth

Hagin you know who else came on the

scene in 1948 Billy Graham first the

natural Israel became a modern day

nation then from the invisible world a

move of God’s supernatural the Spirit of

God the great healing revival next year

1967 I mean I’m talking about the most

dramatic times in the history of that

tiny little nation Israel first the

natural what happened in 1967 for the

first time in two thousand years

Jerusalem was a Jewish possession that’s

major in the natural so what happened in

the supernatural anyone ever hear the

charismatic renewal the Catholic

Charismatic s– the Jesus Movement all

happened in 1967 we can go from event to

event and see that every time something

major happens to natural Israel

something supernatural happens to the an

outpouring of God’s Spirit I’m

interested in miracles I want to see

more miracles and God said to Moses when

the pattern is right the glory comes

down he his exact words were

do everything according to the pattern

and when that pattern is right the glory

of God will come down so what is next

what’s the next thing that’s going to

happen to that tiny little nation of

Israel because I tell you that it’s

going to have an impact of revival like

the world has never seen before I tell

you that I know when that next event

will occur I know what that next event

will be and I know what the catalyst

will be to cause it to happen I’ll talk

about that and much much more

right after this break be right back


hello Sid Roth your investigative


I love uncovering mysteries that’s what

investigative reporter is supposed to do

and in the Bible there are mysteries but

there should not be mysteries for God’s

children now in recent years we’ve

uncovered mysteries having to do with

healing we call them laws of healing

mysteries involving finances we call

them laws of financing finances but what

about the most important mystery in the

Bible what about Souls proverbs says he

who wins Souls is wise

the only thing anyone takes to heaven

with them is not their money certainly

not not even their health it doesn’t

matter what your health is because

there’s no sickness in heaven the only

thing you take to heaven his Souls

that’s why he wins Souls is wise and in

recent years I have found that there is

a law of salvation throughout the whole

Bible let me tell you how it works

God’s kingdom operates as a seed

whatever you sow you will reap he has

put certain promises on certain seeds

for instance on Jewish people in Genesis

the 12th chapter the 3rd verse God says

I God will bless those who bless the

Jewish people and curse those who curse

them and since which at whatever you sow

you reap when you reach out in

evangelism to the Jew you’re literally

planting a seed to reap a harvest of

non-jews let me show you how this works

the first person that worked on this

principle was God himself God wanted to

bless the whole world so he picked Abram

and made him the first Jew to plant a

seed of blessing if you will on the


Jesus understood the principle and did

the same thing jesus said I come only to

the lost sheep of the house of Israel

not as an end in itself as we know by

history but to plants a seed to reach

the whole world

Paul perhaps summarized this better than

anyone else in Romans the first chapter

the 16th verse Paul says I’m not ashamed

of the gospel complain not ashamed

because you see the gospel is the power

of God unto salvation to everyone who

believes to the Jew first again not an

end in itself not just a historical

order but to plant a seed of blessing of

Genesis 12:3 to bless the entire earth I

have found that this law is true when I

reach out to the Jew first I will reach

more Gentiles than if I just reach out

to Gentiles it’s called the law of

evangelism I’d like to use a word called

mishpocha it’s a Hebrew word and it

means family God likes to use that word

too and let me explain to you the family

God is establishing you see in Romans

the 11th chapter God talks about his

family involving Jewish people but he

also speaks in the Old Covenant in

Malachi about his family and he speaks

about the last days which were living in

let me read this to you

Malachi the fourth chapter verse 5 and 6

behold I will send you Elijah the

Prophet before the coming of the Great

and dreadful day of the Lord well we

know John the Baptist came in the spirit

of Elijah but before the great and

dreadful day of the Lord the spirit of

Elijah will go not just on John the

Baptist but on all believers to do one

specific thing and this is what Malachi

says in the sixth verse this spirit of

Elijah will turn the hearts of the

father’s to the children and the hearts

of the children to their father

well Paul told us his spiritual

definition of the father’s in Romans the

ninth chapter he said we owe a debt a

gratitude to the Jewish people because

of them is the father’s Abraham Isaac

and Jacob and even in the fifth

commandment God tells us to honor our

mothers and fathers well if the fathers

represent the Jewish people who did the

children represent the Christians so

what is God saying that the spirit of

Elijah will come on the church and it

will turn the hearts of the Jewish

people to the Christians and the hearts

of the Christians to the Jewish people

lest I come and strike the earth with a

curse well I don’t want to curse but you

realize if the hearts of the Christians

become mishpokhe off family with the

Jews and the hearts of the Jews become

mish baka family with the christians the

blessings that will be established I

have two books here that are so

important these two books the first came

from a dream and in this dream God spoke

to me and he said Sid and I I don’t have

many dreams where God literally speaks

to me I can number them on this hand but

in this dream God said SID more Jewish

people have come to know you as a result

of your book than anything you’ve ever

done and I said to the Lord I had the

audacity to say to God leave a but it

was a dream I said to the Lord oh my

testimony book it’s finally taken off

and he said no SID your book of Jewish

testimonies and before I could tell him

I didn’t have a book of – his

testimonies I woke up and the light

bulbs went on and guess what we came out

with a book called they thought for

themselves ten Jewish people from

different walks of life a

multi-millionaire a Holocaust survivor a

PhD a concert pianist all came to the

conclusion the stories are so

fascinating of miracles that Jewish

people will read it from cover to cover

I am told that this book is the most

successful evangelistic book for Jewish

people in the streets of Jerusalem as

we’re speaking now it’s being handed out

the leaders love this book is their

favorite book to distribute in Russia we

have mailed this to every single Jewish

household the Russian edition of this

book to every single Jewish household in

st. Petersburg Russia in Moscow Russia

were now mailing it to Jewish households

in Siberia and we have a problem with

this book by the way the requests for it

from Jewish people we’ve printed some

400,000 of these books in with the

Russian language do you realize the

fruit that’s coming from this Russian

edition and I have the English edition

here right now but the requests are so

many we’ve run out of print we need the

money to print this especially to the

Russian edition and the Hebrew Edition

and it’s it’s now being translated into

its seventh language you see when you

are obedient to God I thought the last

thing in the world the need the world

needs is a book of 10 Jewish testimonies

but all that the truth has worked into

these fascinating stories I want you to

get a copy of this book and give it to

the Jewish person God has had crossed

your path so you can walk in Genesis

12:3 so that your family your Gentile

family will come to know the Messiah and

I also have a book called the last lap

this book here is mandatory reading if

you like the teaching you’re receiving

on this edition of it’s supernatural

you’ll want to go into depth people that

understand in times well for instance

let me read this to you Pastor Steve

gray from the great Smithton outpouring

says this book prophetically proclaims

an outline for the next move of God Paul

Wilbur recording artist for integrity

music says passionate prophetic and

right on time to miss the understanding

contained here of the one new man is to

miss the purpose of God for these last



although said Roth you investigative

reporter and I’m showing you something

that you should know by now that is so

close to the heart of God it involves

the one new man Paul talked about it and

he said in the book of Ephesians the

second chapter that the reason Jesus

came was to break down the wall of

separation between Jews and Gentiles

today there’s a greater wall of

separation between Jews and Christians

than we have between Jews and Gentiles

and this is why Jesus came

why what’s at stake I tell you what’s at

stake the salvation the world Paul put

it this way Paul said if it was a

blessing that the Jewish people rejected

their Messiah and it was Gentiles could

be grafted in and not only that the Jews

because the sins scattered were

scattered to the four corners of the

earth and wherever they went

based on how the country treated him

they became a blessing or a curse to

that country but if it was a blessing

when the Jewish people rejected their


how much greater blessing when they

received their Messiah

it’ll Izzard literally cause

resurrection life from the dead we’re

going to see the return the Messiah

Jesus said I’ll not return until the

Jewish people say blessed is he who

comes in the name of the Lord but even

more important in the return of Jesus is

souls that’s what’s at stake let me read

to you in Amos the ninth chapter 11th

verse on that day I will raise up the

tabernacle of David and in the Hebrew

Tabernacle could mean family or house

it’s what it needs in other words the

Jewish people the family of David so on

the on that day I will raise up the

family of David the Jewish people which

have fallen down and I will repair their

damages and I will raise up their rooms

and rebuild it as in the days of old

that they may possess the remnant of

Edom and all the gentiles who are called

by my name

do you get it when Jewish people are

raised up to know God then it will

supernaturally cause a release of God’s

Spirit for what Amos

calls the greatest revival in history he

goes on to say in the thirteenth verse

when the ploughman shall overtake the

Reaper and the Treader of grapes him

whoso seed in other words the seed time

and the harvest the harvest will be so

great they’ll plant seeds and they’ll

still be correct collecting the crops

from the harvest there won’t be enough

helpers you’re going to have to build

more congregations and have more

believers because there’s going to be so

much fruit there’s never been a time

like that in history when when the

family of David is restored you see

what’s at stake now

the question I have to you is we started

out with a hundred percent Jewish Church

today the average Christian looks at

Judaism and says I don’t see every

anything Christian and Judaism and the

the average Jewish person looks at

Christianity and says I don’t see

anything Jewish in Christianity how come

the two have been divided and Jesus said

I’ve come that that wall as separation

would come down so there can be one new

man the Jew Jesus the King of the Jews

he’s the one new man how did all of this


satanic it’s diabolical the early church

literally made it a crime to observe

biblical festivals they didn’t

understand what biblical festivals meant

and the legalists said if you do these

biblical festivals you’re under the law

the word law means Torah or instructions

you’re under God’s instructions could

that be so bad and others said on when

on the other religious side of the ditch

and said if you don’t observe these

festivals you don’t go to heaven no it’s

got nothing to do with going to heaven

repentance is sin and belief in Jesus is

the only thing necessary to go to heaven

but it’s got to do with supernatural

blessings you see the Jewish people in

the Old Covenant when they observed the

biblical festivals they were because of

of Thanksgiving to God for his blessings

and it literally says they stopped

observing the biblical festivals when

the blessings stopped so let’s get God’s

understanding of these festivals says in

Leviticus the 23rd chapter the second

verse speak to the children of Israel

and say to them the feasts of the Lord

interesting the word feasts means the

appointments the set appointments with

God the set appointments with God how

would you like to have a set appointment

with God which you shall proclaim to be

holy convocations rehearsals these are

my feasts the word convocation means

rehearsals let’s read them with

understanding now speak to the children

of Israel and say to them the set

appointments of the Lord which you shall

proclaim to be holy rehearsals these are

my set appointments so they’re not just

biblical set appointments not just

Jewish set appointments they’re God’s

rehearsals of what first three festivals

rehearsed his first coming last three

his return if we don’t have the

rehearsal we’ll have a bad play if we

don’t have the rehearsal we won’t have

insight into what’s about ready to

happen would you like to know what’s

about ready to happen these biblical

festivals will be the greatest blessings

of the year

there’ll be God parties they will

provoke Jews to jealousy Romans 11:11

says salvation has come to the Gentile

to provoke the Jew to jealousy they

won’t be legalistic he won’t be like

Orthodox Jews they’ll be so pregnant

with the Spirit of God they’re going to

be so exciting so what’s going to happen

next the Prophet Joel tells us what’s

going to happen next first the natural

it says the whole world in the third

chapter Joel will come against Israel

and God will judge all of the nations

that come against Israel for one sin and

one sin only dividing up his land when

you see the Land of Israel divided up

and given away that God promised to the

Jewish people at that

point you’re going to find all nations

will be judged but before that happens

in the second chapter of Joel there’ll

be a great Jewish revival and I’ll tell

you what’s ready to happen the Jewish

revival is going to be the catalyst for

the greatest revival the world has ever

seen exactly what Amos was talking about

so get ready because the truth of the

matter is the Jew needs the Christian

and the Christian needs the Jew and the

two of us when we come together we form

that one new man in Jesus and the world

will no longer make fun of us because

the glory Jesus said I pray that you and

Gentile they may be one so the world

will believe Jew and Gentile one in

Messiah I’m ready to party come on let’s

have a party

in your shoes

in issue





you should


to the world might be



three new and

in your shoes