Service Date: 01.13.16 8pm

you know it’s not with your series but

we’re just going to piggy back from last

week so for those that we’re not here

the message was the year of deception

now we are in a year of reward okay

deception is just us highlighting the

area that the enemy is trying to come

and you know confuse God’s people

there’s a passage in Colossians and it

says let no one cheat you of your reward

and that word she can also be deceive

you of your reward now in summary what

we looked at last week was deceived to

be deceived by the enemy is only in

areas that we have not been established

in God’s truth we see that in the life

of Eve right

even though because one thing the enemy

does is that he would always test what

you think you know so even though evils

aware that they shouldn’t eat the fruit

the devil comes and says did God say

this is that right and if fumbled and

you see that is a frequent tactic of the

enemy because even with Jesus right when

you see you have there’s a scene and

Jesus is being baptized and God speaks

and everyone there present can hear and

he says this is my son in whom I am well

pleased and then Jesus goes into the

world and as the spirit leads him into

the wilderness and he’s fasting for

forty days but the sprit is leading him

so that he would be tempted or tested by

the devil and it’s so interesting how

the devil says if you are the son of God

do x y&z so he’s testing his knowledge

of what he’s received God tells him this

is my son and the devil comes if you are

indeed this son right so he likes to

test the things that we know and that’s

why we have to be established on his

truth and so the heart of the message

last week was really about intimacy with

Christ that was what it all boils down

to because when we have intimacy we are

walking with truth and so today I want

to speak about you know God has been

dealing on this with me and the truth of

any the truth of the matter is

any perfect message you hear from

someone it’s probably one of their

biggest struggles that the person is

going through because it’s not just that

people come up here to dictate to you as

God is teaching us he’s teaching you

right so it’s you know I’m on the

Autobahn probably be at the altar

so today’s message is going to be about

living a fasted life now on Sunday y’all

liked what I did there hey so on Sunday

we know PT even mentioned and he spoke

about you know we need to get into

fasting right and fasting is not a

religious practice for many of us what

PT really did is he put words to what

has been taking place in our spirit

thank you baby here so he put words

because I’m sure for many of us there’s

been like this this pool in our spirit

like there’s something I need to do this

I need to go deeper and Pt just put

words to it and we what we know that we

should go into fasting now living a

fasted life is different from fasting

now both if you can do this and not fast

or anything like that but we see that

even in the life of Jesus right Jesus

fasted before he started his ministry he

fasted for 40 days and 40 nights but for

the duration of his ministry he lived a

fasted life and we’re going to go into

what that means and how we can apply

that because basically today what God

has really pressed in my heart there are

disciplines that we need to incorporate

in our daily lives when we’re talking

about intimacy with God now what does it

mean to live a you know a fasted life

fasting is what I believe lays the

foundation live in a facet like build

the house you see when we come well

we’re not gonna go into that right now

but y’all can learn what fasting is

right there but when we come before God

when we say Lord I’m coming to you you

know there’s something I wanna I wanna

fast about right you’re fasting because

there’s a specific word that you want to

receive we are in a new season and this

season we need to understand what is the

word of this

season God what are you doing in and

through my life in this time now the

thing about God’s Word is that what he’s

for many of us what he’s going to

release is the promise of this year but

to get to the promise you also need to

abide in his word and so fast then it

lays the foundation because fashion is

about your your seeking God for a word

right you’re not just fast in just a

fast there’s a word that you’re seeking

from him I believe that even as Jesus

was in the wilderness

it was just not about being tempted or

tested by the devil he was prepped he

was established in the truth of his

ministry and he was able to walk out and

just start that thing and so in order to

do this because we see that Jesus is

someone that he would say I only do what

I see my father do Jesus always stayed

in prayer right I want us even open to a

specific passage and we’re going to go

into a few things let’s go to 2nd Samuel

12 I want and even before we look at

this when we talk about you know what is

fasting it’s to start with what fasting

is not right fasting is not manipulation

when you’re fast is not because you’re

trying to move the hand of God to say

yes to something that you want

fasting is about receiving a word from

God now in this case we see David so

let’s even read it and I’m going to go

into the text so and he said while the

child was alive I fasted and wept for I

said who can tell whether the Lord will

be gracious to me that the child may

live let’s go to the next one but now he

is dead why should I fast can I bring

him back again I shall go to him but he

shall not return to me you see what

happened here is that David kind of he

was in a very funny situation you know

he took a woman you know that belongs to

someone else killed her husband it was

really messy and then she became

pregnant but because of the way that

child came and just the

yes in which that was that happened and

God sends a prophet Nathan to tell David

that the child would die and so there’s

a word that has already been established

and so David is coming before it got too

fast to see maybe this word might change

he’s not fasting to say God because I’m

coming with the fast that means you’re

going to do what I say it’s open your

heart to receive what God is going to

speak but the word didn’t change right

and so the child died and even something

I really want to highlight even when we

talk about that because for some that

might not even be well versed in this

children are a gift from God right and

everyone is burn with a purpose if God

takes a child away perhaps the purpose

of that child was to even teach a lesson

not because God is evil or God is like

I’m just going to strike this child or

whatever everything serves the purpose

every person serves a purpose there’s

one that that’s not the message but just

to clarify that God is not just evil and

just gonna oh you did this I’m going to

strike this no the child probably even

served a purpose to teach a show David

that this is not the way that I want you

to go right so in the fast even before

we go into what fasting is in the fast

what it is important what happens after

the fast as much as it’s important what

happens during the fast now many of us

might be in a fast many of us might be

starting soon many of us might have

started and stopped or whatever took

place but it is very crucial because we

see that there’s a man named Moses and

Moses is someone that he goes up to the

mountain he’s led by the spirit to fast

and he’s in the mountain fasted for 40

days and 40 nights and during that time

God writes the Ten Commandments on a

tablet and gives it to him so there was

something he receives from God in that

time but then Moses goes down and is

offended by what the people are doing

that he throws what God has given him

and it broke and so now he has to be led

again to the mountain too fast for

another 40 days and 40 nights – nah but

this time he like God has him right in

the the commandments just because it’s

like you know what if you write it

probably you won’t break it

I but I mentioned this because fashion

is not a religious practice it’s not

just something you do like you know what

every June of the year I’m going to do a

forty day fast right there is a reason

that we do this there’s a word that you

want to receive from God there was a

word that would build or establish a

foundation and something needs to be

built upon there’s a word in the Bible I

love so much and it says that unless the

Lord builds a house

the laborers labor in vain and so when

we receive a word from God we are

receiving a promise and in order to get

to that promise we also need God to

guide us there right so let’s talk about

what fasting is and unless we can pull

up that image now fasting hmm what is


fasting is positioning your heart to

hear from God

it’s a physical discipline for spiritual

development so when we come before God

was saying lord I am positioning my

heart to hear from you you see so

because you see a lot of times we’re so

caught up right with so many things in

the world we’re so caught up with what’s

going on an Instagram what’s going on on

whatever you know what’s going on here

what’s going on there even food could be

a distraction right and so when we say

that Lord and fasting we’re turning what

our heart is pointed to to God and so

it’s focused on God and that’s why you

know I’ll give you my personal story so

I started fasting and I fasted for you

know specific little deals a specific

reason and on the first day God answered

you know God gave me the word you know

the second day I’m like you know what I

said three days Lord we’re going with

this but on the second day around maybe

four o’clock my heart is positioned on

food I start thinking of clam chowder

you know things that I don’t even eat

rice krispie treats and God is like

break you can have some food I said Lord

we said three days you know and he’s

like that’s being religious because you

already received what you’re asking me

why you still fasted and if your heart

is no longer turned towards me and it’s

turned towards food you’re wasting your

time you see when you’re fasting and

your focus is on the very thing you’re

fasting off that’s torture not fasting

and God is not interested in that he’s

not because he’s saying that when you

come to me come with your heart turned

towards me right and we do this because

you see we are three dimensional beings

right we have the body the soul and the

spirit now God is spirit so when he

speaks to us he speaks to our spirit now

the spirit translates that message to

your soul and your so communicates that

to yourself right and so a lot of times

why we think we’re not hearing from God

is because our soul is turned to our

body and the body is influenced by its

environment and so you have all these

desires that are taking place based on

your environmental influence is the

thing that you’re after and so when we

say Lord I’m coming to you and fasting

and that’s why I love it when PT talks

about you know fast enough Instagram and

all these things because fasting is not

literally just about food it’s about the

things that feed you right and it’s like

you know what I’m going to take a break

on these things to be fed by God and so

we’re turning we’re positioning our

heart to hear what God is saying and

that’s why a lot of times even when you

start your fast you still you feel like

you’re getting attacked because the

attack is not about you it’s about the

word that God released towards you you

see there’s a man named Daniel and he

there was something that took place and

the Bible says that the moment Daniel

turned his heart to gain understanding

and he was fasting that God sent the

response right he sent an angel to

answer him but the only problem is that

Daniel was held up because obviously the

enemy is not interested in you getting

the answer and so the enemy had you know

there was these you know demonic forces

and in the realm that held his angel up

and so God had to send another angel to

release that and so I bring that up just

to say that when we are fasting as long

as your heart is focused on God whatever

is it one go

around you never let that distract you

because all that is to steal that word

right and that’s what and if the enemy

can have a word he can deceive you in

that area and that’s not what we’re

having amen

so now we’re going to talk about the

need to live a fasted life now a fasted

life we’ve talked about fasting and

we’re going to really apply these

principles in to what it means and how

we can do this the disciplines that it

takes out it know we’re going to carry

out but live in a fasted life is

dependency on God for your every step

you see when Jesus what’s really

interesting that you know when we talk

about when the the enemy was tempting

Jesus you know sometimes we read the

passages and were like oh he was really

silly for thinking that Jesus will fall

for that or something like that but the

truth of the matter is that you cannot

tempt someone with something they don’t

desire and so when God releases a

promise to you the enemy knowing okay I

have an idea of what this promise is let

me see if I can give you a counterfeit

version faster and so we need to live a

fasted life because we need God’s voice

directing the way we should go in order

to obtain the promise you see when Jesus

was in the wilderness and he was tempted

one of the things the enemy said to him

he said if you bow down to me I will

give you all the kingdoms of the world

that was a desire of Jesus you see there

was a promise towards the Son of God

that he would have a name above all

names that he would be the King of Kings

right and we will see that in um what

passage is that I believe we have that

once I want us to read it actually let’s

see here maybe we don’t have it

I believe it’s in Revelation so if you

read your whole Bible you will find it

like PG says but we see that there’s a

passage that talks about after Jesus had

you know he lived he was obedient to the

point of death right and because of that

because he was obedient to the voice of

God that he received

a name above every names and that is why

we call him the king of kings and the

Lord of lords right and so the enemy

knowing that look I know you have a

desire for this I am going to present to

you a counterfeit version and if you bow

down to me you don’t need to go through

the cross you don’t need to go through

the headaches of what is going to happen

tomorrow I don’t know the way I don’t

know how this is gonna happen right here

right now

I will give you maybe less than but

enough to maybe satisfy you that was not

just a random thing because you see

Jesus was as much man on earth as he was

God but he was man right and the reason

that we can he understands us is because

he went through what we go through

so that temptation was real you see

right before that we see that the enemy

tempted him with food and the Bible says

because he was hungry so we see that

these things were desires that he had

but he was able to say no and he was

able to say no with the Word of God not

by anything else with the Word of God

right and so let’s open so I want us to

look at something really quick actually

let’s open to proverbs 23 26 this right

here is the whole purpose of why we fast

and this right here is the whole purpose

of living a fasted life using the

passage it says my son give me your

heart and let your eyes observe my ways

that is it even when if when Jesus talks

about love the Lord your God with all

your heart all your soul and all your

mind if your heart is not with God we

are not fasting if our heart is not with


we can’t live a fasted life Jesus would

often say my will my you know my food is

to do the will of my father is it was

this there was this scenario and he’s

talking about food and his disciples

think he’s hungry and he says no and

they’re like oh there’s somebody give

him food and he’s like no no not that

kind of food my food is to do the will

of my

father because his heart was turned to

God now let’s go into let me let me see

here how to live a fasted life actually

not even that let’s go into the need

where what was you talking about the

need to live a fasted life

let’s open to John 5:19 2:20 it’s

something so fascinating here you see

right here Jesus is talking to his

disciples and then he says then jesus

answered and said to them most assuredly

I say to you the son can do nothing of

himself but what he sees the father do

for whatever he does the son also does

in like manner for the Father loves the

Son and shows him all things that he

himself does and he will show him

greater works than these that you may

marvel now what is interesting let’s go

to the previous passage really quick and

you see these are the benefits of living

a fasted life because we’re always

coming to God like God what does my day

hold now when I was reading this the

word do for some reason was really

highlighted to me and I said let me look

into that word what does it mean that

the son only you know the song will only

do what he sees his father do and what

is interesting in the in the Greek that

word actually means to agree or purpose

so Jesus is saying I’m only seeing what

God is in agreement with I’m only seeing

what God has purposed Wow

you see when we talk about the model

prayer people call it the Lord’s Prayer

you know one of the things that he said

is that our Father who art in heaven

hallowed be your name your kingdom come

your will be done on earth as it is in

heaven what we’re praying is that God

show me what you have agreed with what

has been the purpose of my life

you see when what the life were living

is a finished work we’re only in the

process of it but it’s a finished walk

on the path of what God has purposed to

take place and so when Jesus is speaking

here he’s saying we are only supposed to

be doing what God is in

agreement with we’re only supposed to be

doing what God has purposed for our

lives are you in a relationship that God

is in agreement with are you in a career

the God is in agreement with are you in

a place that God is in agreement with

Jesus was so in tune with God that

everything he did God was in agreement

with and this is the power because if

not if we don’t see this we can even get

caught up in false promotions you see

those are passage Jesus is doing all

these incredible things in Israel right

and as a pleaser there’s a passage if

you read your whole Bible you will find

it but it’s a passage that we see that

the people wanted to make Jesus King the

people are like let us make him king of

Israel but this is a low level promotion

when Peter talks about seed and harvest

that is below the seed because they’re

trying to make him a king of one region

but God is calling him to be the king of

kings and because Jesus was aware that I

know you want to promote me but these

promotion is not in agreement with God

and so because of that I have to walk

away and he leaves them this is the

importance family why we need to live a

fasted life because there are so many

things are going to take place it’s

going to look like there’s promotion is

going to look like the booze on the way

it’s going to look like all kinds of

things everybody likes that look at

y’all all right now I do too

hold up come on down but that is why

that is why family I tell you we have to

live a fasted life every area of our

life has to have total dependency on

Christ we need to know God what are you

in agreement with over my life what have

you purposed over my life the step I am

taking which path am I going right you

see David would say that your word is a

lamp unto

my feet so your word shows me which way

I should go imagine if this whole room

was dark we’re going to be bumping into

each other you know stepping on each

other whatever the case is but it’s

going to be a mess but when you can see

where you’re going you’re aware of what

the door is with exit is is there’s a

fire okay we know exit right there right

but when you don’t see where you’re

going probably we’ll just all burn up

nobody wants that come on now and so we

have to say Lord I need to know I need I

need you in my life I need you to I need

to know what you have agreed for me to

do because that is the path of success

family now let’s go into how to live a

fasted life okay and the the main thing

there’s one thing and it’s really tied

to a disciplined prayer life but it’s

not just a discipline prayer life is a

discipline that the planned disciplined

it’s a disciplined prayer life with the

intention to seek God right it’s not

just we’re praying just to pray we’re

praying with the intention to seek the


now prayer is not just what happens in

your bedroom you know when you’re laying

down or something like that what I find

amazing is that there are people in the

Bible that God was you know they would

they identify them as people that walked

with God no I was one of them

they said Noah was a man that walked

with God and everything he did he was

with God everything about his life was

with God if his farming he did it with

God if his cooking he did it with God

what I love about that sentence it is an

action word right it’s not just it

wasn’t that you know nowhere knelt with

God but he walked with him everything

about his life God was involved in it

right and so there are certain

principles from fasting that we can

incorporate into living a fasted life

now one of them I want us to look at

Ezra 821 and the first thing I want to

talk about is you

because fasting is an expression of

humility and how we can incorporate this

because you see family we’re not going

to pray every morning unless we

understand that God I need you today

more than I needed you yesterday I need

you to direct my path even more than I

needed you yesterday when we get out of

the way because pride is not just what

we think it is pride can also be saying

that I can rely on my own understanding

enough to get me through the day and now

we see this passage it says then I

proclaimed a fast there at the river of

was that I hava that we might humble

ourselves before our Lord to seek to

seek from him the right way the right

way for us you know the right way for us

and our little ones and you know all of

that possessions but what’s fascinating

about that is that they’re talking about

they humble themselves through fasting

that God may show them the right way to

go and so it’s humility because a lot of

times we are so caught up with how we

understand things we rely on our own

wisdom every time I have to get up here

and speak I said God if you are not with

me this ain’t happening Holy Spirit if

you don’t direct this I’m not speaking

because it’s not about oh God has given

me gift of wisdom of God has given me

gift of this you need God to do God

things you cannot rely on yourself and

everything that God has called you to do

family be it might not look like you

know on a pulpit as what the MGP talked

about on Sunday your ministry could be

your business right but everything every

purpose every desire every gift God has

placed in you you need him to carry

death in out when we start to rely on

ourselves even the Bible says relying

not on your understanding it’s not just

about people even you cannot trust

yourself we need God for these things

family secondly fasting is a sacrifice

it cost you something when we’re fasting

you know what’s one so hilarious is that

when it’s so interesting how people want

to invite you for all these things when

you set your mind to fast oh there’s a

birthday party there’s a wedding there’s

whatever you know in my in my language

who’s not even in my language in my

country who say no be me on you and what

that means is you can go but I’m not

going and so it’s a sacrifice right it’s

not everywhere you’re just you you you

want to go it’s not everything that

you’re going to do and so when we come

before God we’re saying god I’m going to

sacrifice this time for you

I’m not going to fit you into my

schedule but my schedule will fit into

you and so it’s not just about you know

let me see what I can work out here and

then we know God I’ll place you here but

no Lord I’m going to seek you first and

everything else comes after right

fasting is a discipline right you have

to be disciplined when we say we’re

fasting you know a lot of times God

would even drop a timeframe you know a

period like even when Esther will fasted

and she set her mind to fast for three

days you know and everyone else to fast

for three days and they all came

together it was a discipline there are

certain things you say no to there

studying food you say no to right and so

in the same way with God we have to be

disciplined about our time and this is

the this is the heart of the message we

have to be discipline and say Lord I am

going to spend this time with you I’m

going to spend this time to seek you as

I start my day I’m going to spend this

time and even as I walk with you I’m

going to be in tension I’m going to be

disciplined to say Lord what do you

think about this right

fasting is commitment you have to be

committed to what you’re doing when

you’re saying god I want to hear your

word I’m committed to hearing from God

and so in living a fasted life is a

commitment it’s not just for two days or

three days we’re saying Lord each and

every day of my life I am

mitad to hearing what you have to say

over that day you see there was a sermon

PT print it cracked me up because he

mentioned how we talked about you know

same thing different day and there’s a

way he’s like says who

but really who is saying that not God

right it’s never the same thing

different day today I’m just I’m looking

on the news and it’s crazy how it’s so

crazy how people that have all these

plans for their life and it’s ended just

like that and if we are doing the same

thing different day are we going to be

satisfied with our lives if it just it

ends just like that and that is why we

have to be in tune God what is it that

you have for me that is the whole point

of this family and it hit a really hit

me to write because there’s some things

I’m like okay God we got this you know

we’re going and he’s like no I really

want you I want you to hear what I’m

saying about that

don’t walk ahead of me walk with me you

see a lot of times we’re walking ahead

of God we’re like god this looks right

it feels right I’m going to do it and

then we get caught up in all these

consequences and then we blame God as if

he’s the one that told you to do it

right and it’s just to kill this myth

kill whatever that God cannot speak to

you in every area of your life he

desires to he desires that relationship

he desires that intimacy with you I want

us to read something and it’s proverbs 2

I’m going to look through verse 1 to 11

now this is a bit longer so I have it on

here because I’ll be straining okay it

says my son if you accept my words and

store up my commands with within you

turning your ear to wisdom and applying

your heart to understanding indeed if

you call out for insight and cry aloud

for understanding and if you look for it

as for silver and search for it as for

hidden treasure wow I was going to stop


quick because God is showing us this is

not just you know what let me just test

how it goes he says we need this in the

same way we need treasure if you search

for my word as a hidden treasure see

there’s a passage oh my gosh I love this

passage so much and that’s lazy would

move into that and we’ll come back to

this and it’s about Jesus let’s go to

mark 1 1:35 I’m going to come back we

are on another verse were on you see it

says now in the morning having risen a

long while before daylight he went out

and departed to a solitary place and

there he prayed there’s a lot of

intentionality in this word it says now

in the morning before daylight while it

was still dark Jesus gets up now he he

went and departed to a solitary place

first of all he got up how many of us

like praying laying down Lord the same

position you woke up Laurie I’m here

Jesus all the temptation to fall right

back to sleep right he got up he’s like

I am NOT going to be tempted in the same

position and then he went to a place

where no one could find him

he was intentional about removing

himself from distractions he’s a lot of

time we say we’re praying the TV’s on

somebody’s in other room having a

conversation and you put it the funniest

thing I’ve done it so I know you’re

praying with someone then you put it on

mute yeah girl will happen having a

whole conversation somebody else is

praying right and a lot of times we do

this even with God

we’re over here like yes thank you lord

Instagram pops up with who like my

picture hold up I need to know

all right somebody dropped the comment

we do this with him and so we see that

Jesus removed himself he removed himself

from distractions when we are saying

that we are intentional about our prayer

life we have to be all the way we have

to pursue it as though seeking for a

hidden treasure right so let’s go back

to the Proverbs and I believe we are on

lapel surgery on there five will go to

five right then you will understand the

fear of the Lord and find the knowledge

of God that is amazing to me find the

knowledge of God because of Jesus

lifestyle he lived the fasted life he

always had insight about his life he

always had insight about what God is

doing and inside as I described it is

God’s will insight it’s a visual word

you see when God gives you a word and

you begin to visualize what he’s saying

about you you begin to visualize what

he’s what he’s telling you to do you

have understanding you have knowledge

about it right so let’s go further where

we actually okay for the Lord gives

wisdom and his mouth come knowledge and


he holds success in store for the

upright Wow

he is a shield to those whose walk is

blameless for he guards the course of

the just and protects the way of the

faithful ones then you will understand

what is right and just and fair every

good path for wisdom will enter your

heart well and knowledge will be

pleasant to your soul discretion will

protect you list hold up there real

quick discretion will protect you you

see when you’re in tune with God you

become aware of what not to say and what

to say you see a lot of times what kills

our vision what kills the things that

God has told us is that we’re speaking

to the wrong people

but when he says discretion will

protect you because God will lead you to

the people you should discuss with God

will lead you to the people that you

shouldn’t discuss right because it’s not

just protecting and one and I love when

it says it will protect you because your

life is your purpose your life is the

vision God has given you and so when

that thing is taken from you because

those around you are discouraging you

because you spoke too soon you see you

cannot expect people to agree with what

they have not seen you cannot expect

people to agree with what they have not

heard and so when you are dependent on

approval from the wrong people we tend

to slow down we tend to start

questioning am i doing the right thing

because we opened our mouths in places

we should have been quiet and so

discretion will protect you and

understanding will guard you wow you see

this whole thing just fascinates me

because in this we see everything that

God is saying my word will do for you it

will protect you it would keep you it

would lead you into success in every

area one thing we need to understand is

that God is interested in every area of

our lives funny story

very very funny story you see sometimes

the good will tell you you don’t need to

ask God what you’re going to wear just

put something on and you know yeah you

know just put something on right but one

day I’m like Lord show me what to wear

and I picked this this particular shirt

that you know I was kind of more lean

towards too and I picked that out but

that day I met someone that the

character on the shirt was like his

favorite than ever and he’s like oh my

gosh that is such a dope shirt but that

person needed to hear about Jesus and so

when when you can give every

area of your life he can use every area

he can use what color you want to use on

your toe somebody might see that

so-and-so Wow

I do love yellow but really really I’m

telling you I try a lot of random things

because if you know me I’m very random

and oh my god what color should we use

on this pinky but but reals either and

it’s so funny that God always shows how

when we can open our lives to him he can

use it he can use every area of it so

family it’s really today is all about

living a fasted life and as I said this

message is as much for me as is as much

for all of us we receive a word from God

we receive a promise from God but how we

get there is still dependent on God

everything we need to know what his word

is saying to guide us to that place you

see what I love about this time we are

in and what I love about the promise you

see when the Israelites were in the

wilderness they were fed with you know

what the Bible calls manna and what is

fascinating is that God will tell them

only gather enough for that day only for

that day but the promised land was a

land of abundance it was not just about

enough for that day and so we’ve been

living a life that has been enough for

each day Lord I have enough for today

and God is like I am leading you to

abundance but you see one of the things

that God told the Israelites is that

when you get there do not forget my

teachings right do not forget

it’s not about getting to the

destination you see when we are so

focused and that’s that’s why a lot of

times we don’t live fulfilled lives when

we are so focused on the destination we

miss everything that happened in the

process and God is saying when you are

living when you are walking with me the

destination is just another level of our

walk it’s not a place to forget or

abandon me it’s not a place to imagine

that it is your understanding that

brought you here and so he is so key

about us having this mindset God out my

heart being turned towards you my heart

being positioned to hear from you always

because for God to tell the Israelites

when you get there do not forget is

because there was the possibility that

they will write no matter everything

that he showed them there was the

possibility that these people might

forget enter family

we’re not going to forget because the

purpose of the destination is still to

glorify Him is to carry out his will is

to do the things that he has positioned

us on this earth to do positioned us in

this time to do and to rise with me

we thank you Lord well you see as simple

as this message is it’s one of the most

important things that we have to hold on

to it’s great to come here and you know

we can encourage you all day right but

when God is in your ear you would always

be encouraged and so a lot of times you

want to hear you can do it you know I

was that movie you can do it well maybe

I’m just a movie person uh but we want

to be like that right we like that bum

telling you this the simplicity in this

is so key its key for our lives is a

game-changer because when God is in your

ear they’re setting things that you

would be so quick to say no and yes

because now his keys his training you up

in discernment his building you up to

know what is for you and what is not you

see when you have been in a place where

you’ve been receiving enough for each

day anything that looks like promotion

you would jump at it but that might be a

seed that might be below what God has

for you and like Petey says when you are

committed to one thing you are

automatically disqualified for something

else in that same you know region or

that same you know what I mean you know

what I mean

and so this is not a time to just jump

at anything this is not a time to just

say oh the special approach me know just

like Jesus said I only do what I see my

father do I only do what he’s in

agreement with I only do what he has

purposed for my life and that should be

our motto as we leave here we should say

Lord Jesus I only want to do what you

are in agreement with because time

is ticking life is too precious to be

wasted it is too precious to play games

with and I believe it was was David or

with the whole Bible and you’ll find it

and he said teach us to number our days

that we may have a heart of wisdom time

is not something to play with family

time is your life and you cannot give it

to things that God has not agreed over

and so if you’re like me and you’re like

Lord I want if you’re doing these things

already praise God right but if you’re

like me and you’re like Lord it is time

everything in me should be turned

towards you my heart should always be

turned towards you and what’s

fascinating is that God will help you it

sounds so crazy but he will I’ll give

you a pearl in a very transparent

Galloway’s you know I used to think I

know I dealt with you know dealing with

being like being approved by people and

when I felt like God I think I’ve passed

this stage you know there’s either one

because even when it came to ministry

and all those things I’m like I used to

really struggle with that even though

that was my passion even though that is

what I knew God called me to do but I

struggled with it because everyone had

these ideas of what I should do

Oh Stephanie you should model because I

got cheekbones right you should do all

these things and I’m like how can I be

modeling and doing all of that right and

not because it was and it was not even

about modeling but money was not my

passion I admired it but it wasn’t what

God had put in my heart and so I thought

that when you know Lord I wrote this

book I came out right I wrote this book

about you and all these things and I’m

like Lord I am not dealing with approval

and then all of a sudden you know when

we these messages go on YouTube and I’m

just going to be transparent

these messages go on YouTube and I’ll go

look at it and I’ll see you one dislike

I’m like why is this hidden whose

account does this belong to right and

I’m like God what did I say that made

them dislike this but there’s this so

and then he started showing me and he

started speaking to me he says my child

you don’t need to be approved by men I

have called you approved but it doesn’t

end there

because how many of us know the right

thing but we’re still in the wrong thing

you’re still like God I know but who is

this let me not say the word I want to

use right and literally I said god I

need help right because that is us Ben

that is us being humble God I need you

to help me take this thinner way and I

didn’t know what I was saying when I

made that prayer but that night in a

dream a man comes to me and is I don’t

even know to explain this but he took

something out of me and I knew that

thing to be a need for approval and I

woke up and I’m like there was just it’s

like the taste of wanting to know what

people are saying left me and so when I

say these things that you’re saying that

God I need you to help me turn my heart

to you because there are so many things

that my heart is turned to right now

that does not glorify you if that is you

come down because he will help you he

will help you

you see when we have been so and that is

why the the literal way of fasting when

you you know you fascinating things why

that is so important is because we’ve

been so turned to the world we’ve been

accustomed to things that have become a

stronghold in our lives and I’m just

going to say how how I see it

right some up some some in this house

have even an addiction to pornography

there’s been an accustomed to that and

you’re like God I and it’s it you’ve

been fighting that you’ve been fighting

that God how can I be so caught up in

this thing and I want to serve you I

want my heart to be turned to you and

God is going to break that family

whatever it is you’re going through

being being in the house of the Lord

doesn’t mean we’re all Saints right

we’re all developing and that’s what’s

beautiful about God that’s why he does

not judge us because he says I love you

enough to build you and so he’s not

looking at you and judging you insane

you have this problem why no he says you

have this problem but I need you to just

open that area to me that I can help you

that’s humility

and so whatever you are struggling with

that has caused your heart to not be

turned fully to God come on down mine

was the need for acceptance y’all and he

helped me with that because you cannot

serve God fully if you’re wondering if

people are going to like your message

because not everyone will like the truth

and he helped me with that thing

if that is you come down it doesn’t

matter what it is

God is not judging you he wants to help

you he wants to help you thank you lord

thank you lord

now there’s there’s some of you that

you’re you’re really going through it I

mean not really going through it

everybody’s fine named Jesus but you’ve

opened your mouth too soon and a lot of

people have discouraged you about the

very thing that God has told you to do

and he’s going to strengthen you and

he’s going to put people in your life is

going to surround you with relationships

that will build you and not tear you

down and so if you know there are dreams

that God has put in you and you are too

quick to let that thing go because of

how many people that said no not because

it’s a know just because discretion did

not guide you in that area calm down if

that’s you come down if that’s you God

will put yes family we see you we see

you what literally it’s going to be like

a fire you’re just is going to be a

fresh fire over that thing and you’re

not going to be bothered by who said no

because in this moment I tell you God is

saying yes and he wants you to know he

wants you to know how many you know

what’s so funny you know this is passage

where it says you know if two or

something confirms the thing you know

then the Lord is talking to you but you

got to be careful who’s confirming it to

you because if it’s people that God did

not appoint

you’re being deceived and so whatever

people have said you can’t do this thing

just because you spoke too soon that did

not mean God was the one speaking

through them and so if that is if

there’s any more of you in here come on

down come on down he’s gonna put then

you fire you yes thank you lord thank

you lord thank you lord Wow Wow and and

this is amazing you know some really

have a struggle waking up enough there

that you have the desire you actually

have the desire to pray you have the

desire that God I want to set you first

you have that desire but it seems that

every time you want to wake up you know

it’s like there’s this struggle there’s

this battle and you wake up and it’s

like you’re beating yourself up every

time and God is not in that God is not

in you torturing yourself because you

feel like you can’t come up you see if

there’s anything you need to take with

you alongside with this message

understand that any area that you feel

like you’ve reached your end

God is not over there judging you like

you can do better no they said that in

our weakness he is our strength he wants

to help you and so even as something as

you not feeling like you can wake up on

time the Holy Spirit will wake you up

and so if that is you you’ve been

beating yourself up about this thing

calm down calm down calm down

yes family we see you come down

calm down amen amen

and you come come on this seems like

there’s someone else there’s someone

else don’t be ashamed don’t be ashamed I

we see you come on down amen amen amen

amen god what god is our oh my gosh I

don’t even know what words to call him

he’s our everything and the Holy Spirit

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit he said I

will send you another helper right he

wants to help you in every area of your

life understand this anyone any any

feeling whenever you feel guilt or shame

or condemnation because of something you

did that did not glorify God he’s not in

the condemnation he’s not in that he’s

saying that open that area to me

whatever you’re struggling with open

that area to me let my light shine in

there so I can help you the Holy Spirit

will help you thank you Lord we are all

going to be stronger people we’re all

going to be better people we’re all

going to build ourselves right not even

else building ourselves with the Holy

Spirit building us right this is so

beautiful there’s something there’s

something hmm something someone is in

here and it seems either I don’t if it’s

a family member or it seems someone been

on life support I don’t know or

something something about life support

and if that is you God wants you to know

that or if it’s life to me if

you’re here God wants you to know that

that person will not die if you’re here

you can come down if someone in your

family or someone you’re connected to is

on life support amen amen amen

they will not die they will not die they

will not die

thank you Jesus Wow Wow

come on let’s praise God Wow amen amen

and God sees you when he says that he’s

healing people it’s like you had that

hesitation to believe that because it

seems that it was a done deal oh they’re

on life support but God is they’re going

to start breathing on their own their

God is gonna be amazing

come on Jesus hey I could sing right now

come on praise God praise God God family

God is in the business of healing

restoration right he wants you to have

everything he died for you to have

there’s no in-between right when he says

be fruitful and multiply these are signs

that he wants to bless you he wants you

to have every good gift come on let us


this is so beautiful thank you Jesus

thank you Holy Spirit just you know what

just just don’t eyes closed everyone

even if you’re not up here don’t focus

on who’s next to you or anything like

that focus on Jesus focus on Jesus thank

you Lord for what you’re doing in this

house well thank you Lord oh god we just

lift you up father God we lift you up we

know that you are with us in all things

and we know that you would help us in

all things Lord God we open every part

of our lives to you we open and say lord

help us help us to live the life you

have called us to we thank you lord we

thank you for the healing that moved in

this house we thank you Lord for the

testimonies that would take place

we thank you Lord because even when we

decree a thing it is established and so

we declare and decree permanent healing

in the name of Jesus

Lord God we come against anything that

is none of you and we ask that thing to

leave and never return in the name of

Jesus Lord God we thank you because what

people call impossible you even laugh at

that word because all things are

possible with you

thank you Jesus when you died you said

it is finished everything we need is

finished in you Lord may we never settle

may we never settle may we never settle

may we never settle Lord but we would

always know that in you is abundance in

you is life in you is our healing our

restoration the blessings that do not

come with sorrow have your way in our

lives Lord not just here but outside

these four walls let this message Lord

God may it be applied each and every

single day of our lives

because Holy Spirit we know you would

help us we know and we trust you we

trust you lord have your way always in

Jesus name thank you Holy Spirit for

what you’re doing right now thank you

Lord amen