Don’t Be Deceived About Your Destiny

I’m preaching to somebody today who has been
deceived about your destiny you thought

God was gonna show up in your situation
looking like Superman instead God shows

up in your situation looking like a
mustard seed the seed doesn’t look like

the tree it shares the genetic code of
the tree but according to the exterior

there is nothing to associate the seed
with the tree and might it be that what

God is doing in your life right now is
not obvious but that does not mean that

there is no opportunity for he says when
I open a door no man can shut it and

when I decide to do something through
your life no season no person and no

human limitation can stop me I was
always interested to learn that after

David made his biggest mistake by
sleeping with Bathsheba and having her

husband Uriah killed on the front lines
of battles he went in and had another

baby because the one that was born from
his mistake died but the next one he had

was named Solomon who was the wisest man
who ever lived at that point in time and

David’s greatest wisdom was born after
his biggest mistake now it’s not always

obvious it’s not always obvious that you
are becoming wiser usually wisdom feels

like dumb decisions
while you are gaining wisdom often you

have to gain wisdom at the expense of
today for tomorrow it’s very powerful

it’s a principle I preach a lot and I
forgive you if you’re a little bored

right now because this is pretty much
what I try to say every single week I

try to show you how reward dresses as
responsibility God is not going to put

the reward right in front of you he is
going to wrap it in responsibility David

had no clue that Goliath was waiting for
him he just knew he had bread to take to

his brothers it was his responsibility
that unlocked his reward if he had

waited for the possibility of an
opportunity to demonstrate his war his

warriorness if he had waited for
Goliath to show up he never would have

had the opportunity to see what God
could do through him but it was in his

assignment that his giant was waiting now
if this is true it gives a whole new

meaning to what John chapter 11 says
that when Jesus heard Lazarus was sick

he stayed where he was a little while
longer because Jesus is about to show

all of those in Bethany that
resurrection is not an event but a

person I am the resurrection but if
Jesus shows up and heals Lazarus when

they want him to he will not have the
opportunity to reveal who he is that

they don’t yet perceive him to be and so
in his waiting which seems cruel to Mary

and Martha he is actually staging a
miracle so that when he gets there and

Lazarus has been dead it’s a good thing
because resurrection dresses like death

sometimes God lets something in your
life die but don’t worry when it dies

resurrection is who he is and what he
does and if you can get the stone rolled

away long enough to believe for a little
while I hear a voice calling Lazarus out

of the grave see the grave clothes
wrapped up the revelation of who Jesus

was when he got on the scene and said
Lazarus come forth the grave clothes had

no choice but to fall off because the
voice of the Lord unwraps death to

present resurrection who needs a miracle
today I came to preach to you

and the greatest opportunities are not
always obvious the greatest

opportunities are often hidden Jesus
even taught in parables to hide the

wisdom of God from the people who wanted
to understand it with their human minds

he didn’t want the elite to get it and
so he put it in parables he hid it he

hid he hid the kingdom the kingdom
didn’t come announcing itself with

trumpets and red carpet it wasn’t
obvious it came looking like conflict

now Mark chapter 2 is the first of five
conflict dialogues where we see this

carpenter from Nazareth doing ministry
in Galilee having to confront the wisdom

of this world to reveal the wisdom of
God he’s teaching one day and so many

people have come to see him that the
crowd has gathered in Mark’s Gospel the

crowd is not necessarily a positive
thing we would think that if Jesus was

trying to build a ministry he would need
a crowd Jesus is so savage sometimes if

the crowd got too big he would start
running people off by saying stuff they

didn’t want to hear he really would and
you have to read how he fed people and

they were happy but after they ate their
happy meal he turned around and said I’m

not your Burger King I know I’m mixing
restaurants but go with the illustration

he said if you eat my flesh and drink my
blood then you can have this kingdom and

they say whoa I was into the miracles
but this this took a dark turn

this cannibalism thing and even the
disciples couldn’t understand it but

Peter did after and when he was
recounting to Mark so Mark could write

this gospel account he talked about the
crowd the crowd had gathered and they

were listening to Jesus preaching and
the Bible tells us about four men

who brought their friend and they could
not get in because of the crowd they had

high hopes you could say that their
hopes were through the roof ah but then

they were met at the door there are by
the way there are four doors in this

passage that are not obvious four doors
in this passage this passage and in our

lives that are not obvious because
life’s greatest opportunities are not

always obvious so they come to the front
door and they can’t get in this

represents the door of disappointment
how disappointing it must have been that

after you have carried your friend all
this way only to find out at church that

not only is there no room in the main
auditorium but they’re not even seating

in overflow thank you very much you can
watch livestream these men were met at

the door with disappointment and so if
they had subscribed to the theology that

that many of us live our lives according
to they would have turned around and

gone home because obviously everybody say obviously it’s not God’s will for our

friend to get healed today if it were
God’s will for our friend to be healed

today we would have gotten in the door
but these boys these boys I wonder do I

have four crazy ones just four
these boys said we did not carry you all

this way with your heavy self to turn
around and go home now now I think these

boys had a little bit of a well maybe
this is the monks corner in me but I

picture their conversation I picture
these boys these boys didn’t drive a

Prius that’s what I’m trying to say
these boys these boys they they’re met

at the door with disappointment not to
mention the man’s disappointment he’s

learned to deal with disappointment his
entire life is a disappointment he can’t

walk he can’t dance he can’t do what
other people do but they’ve come this

far I said they’ve come this far
and they didn’t come this far to go home

so Bubba says to Tommy hey man I was uh
I was looking around I didn’t see no

security cameras back right around
the south entrance man I reckon wonder

if you could uh Bubba and Tommy and who

Rufus roof Rufus
that’s the last one I promise he said what

you reckon if we uh if we get around
there and maybe they’re whispering cuz

they don’t want the man on the
mat to know what they’re about to do

don’t tell everybody all your plans just

sometimes you just got to do stuff you
don’t always ask permission sometimes

it’s better to ask forgiveness what if
we uh what if we went up I know we can’t

get in so what if we went up sometimes
you got to change levels I’m gonna get

behind my pulpit sometimes the reason
you can’t get in that door is

because it wasn’t your door God is
calling you higher who am I preaching to

sometimes the reason you got rejected is
because it was the wrong level of

relationship and if those people would
have liked you it would have actually

I’m caffeinated today high-five somebody

say go higher come on when they go low
we go high he’s calling me higher

so they go up and they do not find
the door they make a door have you ever

had to make your own door nobody gave me
money to start this church

nobody sponsored me officially I wish
they would have but you know I’m kind of

glad they didn’t cuz I had to learn how
to dig and sometimes one of the greatest

things that can happen to you in your
life is to be turned away at the front

door because you discover another door
somebody shout there’s another door

this is not the normal door this is not
for normal people this is not for people

who want to quit cus the Wi-Fi was a
little slow or skip church because it

was 43 degrees no this is for the people
who have determined

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