If you’ve lost your passion, it’s not too late to get it back.

and I felt like the Lord wanted somebody
today to get your passion back and he

tells you how to do it
he doesn’t just challenge that you’ve

lost your passion I mean I don’t know
your reaction to the scripture but I

take it as parental guidance that God is
warning me if you lose your passion

you’re gonna lose your place can I break
that down if you don’t love that woman

now that you’re married to her the same
way and in increasing ways that you did

when you dated her somebody else might
now that’s not a threat that’s just

reality if I don’t want to preach with
passion you think God can’t raise up

another preacher who’s smarter than me
no no no no no no no no I don’t

operate out of the assumption that I’m
entitled to anything that God gave me I

got to keep my passion how can you have
so much passion before you have the

position how do you get it back
he said you’ve abandoned it you

didn’t lose your passion you
left it you didn’t lose it

you left it you abandoned your first
love you stopped doing the things look

at it he said you’ve abandoned your
first love remember therefore from where

you have fallen I love God because he
doesn’t say that we should regret where

we are he says we should remember where
we were and get your eyes back to the

hills where your help comes come on I’m
preaching with passion but I could use a

little participation
I’m not staying where I am I want my passion

back somebody shout I want it back I want it back I want
it back I don’t just want to look like a

Christian I want a fire in my heart I don’t want to go through the motions

here’s what you do remember from where
you have fallen remember from where you

have fallen repent
let’s look at the scripture together

repent and let’s read the next part
together and feel the feelings you felt

at first well isn’t that how we treat
passion like it’s a sensation but yet

when he challenges their passion he
calls them to action do the things you

did at first it’s a decision not a
sensation sit down let me tell you something else

do it do it do it do it how do I get it
back okay

I’m gonna pray Lord I want my passion
back and it ain’t coming not like that

you don’t pray to get it back you

do the things you did at first
I don’t feel grateful anymore be

grateful I don’t feel excited anymore be
excited I don’t feel love anymore

be loving do it do it do it
what’s it what you did at first do it

practice can I show you something you got a
second is this word good I sure enjoyed

preparing it I think I like cooking this
better than you could ever like eating

it while I was preparing it watch this
Blakeney the Lord

gave me an illustration of it you guys may
not know the names of these musicians I

mentioned them already on the platform
one of our musicians here LJ

he’s a little newer to the team but he’s
got passion and he’s not some young buck

who always wanted to be on the stage
he’s done some things he’s uh he’s

wasted some seasons and I didn’t
know about him I was looking for

somebody in this particular position and
I wanted somebody who would have not

just the technical skills or proficiency
to be back here but someone who would

have the passion for it you know how I
knew he was the guy he said that when I

send in my scriptures for them to put on
the screen he begs the people that get

the email with the scriptures if he can
see them so he can figure out what I’m

gonna preach on so he can start thinking
through what song he might start playing

when I start closing see that’s passion
that’s passion and I brought him up

because I love all of our team don’t
get me wrong you’re not my

favorite or anything like that but just
uh something I heard that when he was he

was living in Canada and which is known
for its passion love you Wayne Finch

Stephen Finch God bless you guys but he
was going through a season

and I’m not gonna tell all of his
details maybe you can ask him

one day but he would sit when his
wife would go to bed at night he would

put on his headphones and he would
practice playing with preachers online

now he didn’t have a position but he had a
what a what a passion and he would put his

headphones on so as not to disturb his
wife’s sleep I assume and I’m sure she

appreciated that and he would play along
with the preaching I heard that there

was a season where you would play along
with me online and I didn’t know who he

was never heard of him never heard never
even heard his name they didn’t even

call David’s name when he was out in the
field tending sheep come on I’m about to

preach right section out I sure could use
your passion I sure could use it

and see he didn’t have a position but
when you have a passion you practice you

don’t wait for a position you don’t do it
because somebody’s watching you don’t do

it cause it’s a performance you do it
cause it’s a passion and he didn’t know

he was just killing lions he didn’t know
he was just killing bears but when

Goliath came stepping forward to the
battle line he had been practicing and

now he’s back there and I’m up here because he had a
passion passion will bring you from

the pasture to the palace passion will bring you from
the lowest to the highest

repent and get your passion back
come on take 15 seconds and praise Him

passionately passionately passionately passionately come on Rock Hill come on Lake Norman

come on UC get your passion back God’s not dead He’s not done with you get your passion back in place

David said oh yeah I’ve been practicing
for this I’ve been waiting for an

opportunity I’ve been waiting for a
giant see I can preach any way I want to preach

I’ve been practicing you gotta practice your passion
practice I was riding home with Elijah

just on Friday and we were filling up
the little gas cans with gas to put gas

in the four-wheeler very spiritual
activity and we filled them up and put

them in Holly’s suburban and I said
Elijah we gotta put them just right cuz

if the gas sloshes around the back of
the car your mom isn’t going to be happy

about our outing and he said dad I’m
worried cuz all the way here

they were sliding around in the back
but I said don’t worry boy they might

have been sliding on the way but they
were empty now that they’re full they’re

not going anywhere
I started preaching to Elijah while I’m

driving I’m
practicing preaching is not just my

profession it’s my passion if you got
passion you aught to preach in the car you aught to

preach in the kitchen you aught to worship God

Monday Tuesday it’s my passion

my passion I practice my passion I
practice my passion practice practice

practice practice practice practice find
seven people tell them practice practice

practice practice practice practice you
never know you never know what God might

wanna do through you you gotta practice you
gotta practice well I would pray but I

just don’t feel anything when I pray you
hadn’t practiced enough if you would

pray two minutes you would see the peace
that two minutes brings and tomorrow you’d

want to pray five if you practice if
you’d open your Bible and read a verse

you’d want to read two you might read four
you might read eight you might finish the

book of Galatians before the week is
over if you would practice practice I’m

practicing so if you ever see me in the
grocery store and I’m mumbling I’m not

I’m practicing I’m practicing I’m

practicing I’m practicing what are you
doing throwing that stick on the ground

Moses I’m practicing cause I gotta use
this stick to part the waters but until

I practice I can’t perform it and you’ve
lost your passion because you

stopped practicing

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