What do you cover up in your life? Discover in this message from Holly Furtick that the things you are covering up could be giving you burdens you weren’t meant to carry — and keeping you from something God wants you to have.

thanks for tuning in today we have a

message from Holly verdict from our

annual reflect ladies night but this

message isn’t just for the ladies in

this teaching we’re talking about the

cost of covering up the things we try to

hide and how to live authentically we

hope that you enjoy today’s message

I love preaching to women probably the

best memory that I ever have preaching

cuz usually kind of stressful for me

it’s not really my thing and you know

whatever but last year it reflect was my

first time preaching to all women and it

was like such a great time because you

guys are loose you’re happy you have

this like I don’t have my kids I don’t

even care where they are right now so

we’re gonna have a great time tonight

okay so speaking of what you’re wearing

I don’t anybody want to be honest and

admit that you put a little bit too much

thought into what you were wearing


my hand is up okay you do not want to

know how much time I spent putting this

outfit together okay you’re not one to

note okay but isn’t it funny like the

great links that we go to to look good

you know beauty it takes effort you know

true true V said and still mag don’t

know yes there’s no such thing as

natural beauty

it’s true I shouldn’t tell you this sir

she said that’ll preach I shouldn’t tell

you this story okay but it’s just girls

here so I think it’s okay so I’m just

gonna go for it okay so last year I was

getting ready for reflect and I was

feeling really pale okay now who feels

pale in August’s me and there’s a

handful of us who do okay I did not get

my husband’s beautiful golden skin that

like the second he walks outside he’s

like three shades Tanner okay and so I’m

getting my hair done and you know how to

check goes into beauty salon and somehow

somebody started talking about spray

tans now when I hear spray tan I think

Ross from friends you know the time we

got this spray tan and he got sprayed

four times in the faces like on my baby

you know okay so um so but my friend

Nicky Seidel who actually is our

Columbia campus pastor’s wife she’s

amazing and she’s in here somewhere

tonight because even though the ladies

at Columbia are worshipping in Rock Hill

I wanted Nicky to do my hair so she’s

here with us tonight

so anyway Nicky says um she says Oh

spray tan I do that all the time the key

is you have to get someone who actually

sprays you don’t do the machine if so my

wheels start turning because we’re like

this literally like three days away and

this is like the perfect solution you

know I still we talked a little bit more

about you know where to go and well my

hair is processing I look up the place

and I call and I make an appointment for

later that day and so then you know

you’re sitting there you have all this

time to yourself

I started thinking wait a second so is

actually gonna spray me like what is

that gonna be like and I feel like like

it’s okay because we’re all girls except

for the guys running production so you

might want to like stick your fingers in

your ears but for me to say this but I I

I poke Nicki aside and I was like so so

someone’s gonna spray me um

do I totally get undressed and she says

well you know some people leave their

undergarments on but I just go for it

it looks better and I just tell myself

they’re professionals they do this every

day they look at women’s bodies every

day it’s like going to the doctor so I

was like okay it’s like going to the

doctor I can do this I can do this I

want to be pinned I could do this and so

like all day long you know prepping

myself and I’m okay it’s like going to

the doctor it’s professional it’s not a

big deal this is not a big deal

so three o’clock comes around walk into

the place in Philly it’s literally

across the street from this building

that I’m preaching from right now oh I

think you know where I’m going with this

I walk in and I look at the girl and I

say to her say hey I’m Holly I have a

three o’clock appointment to which she

replies oh I know who you are I go to

your church

so I immediately made the decision that

I was gonna wear my bra okay how many of

you know sometimes you just gotta keep

it covered

all right so pale skin like since I’m

just confessing everything to you guys

right now

pale skin is not the only thing that I

cover up because you know as women we

are professionals at cover-up and so as

I was thinking about this message and

preparing for it I went into my closet I

did not go to a store I went into my own

closet to show you a few examples of

some things that we cover up okay so

we’ll start with the the immediate thing

that you might think of is the bathing

suit cover-up okay so this is the

bathing suit cover-up that I wear you

see it’s like kind of open it’s like a

little kimono jacket thing this is the

one that I wear when I’ve been

exercising lately you know and I feel

kind of kind of good about myself and um

then there’s this one that I wear and

I’ve been hitting the French fries it’s

you guys it’s inside out i literally

just wore it recently this is this is my

favorite one

alright so you have bathing’s to cover

it up cover up um okay so this this is

what I wear when I have dirty hair and

um so if you ever see me in this hat

you’re like oh that’s such a cute hat

it’s like leather and pink it’s actually

not real leather you should know that

like chances are I haven’t washed my

hair in like three or four days and so

but if I’m going somewhere where a hat

is not appropriate then I have some dry

shampoo and this dry shampoo doubles

because it has with a hint of beautiful

brunette so you know covers up the grays

a little bit if you’re you know have

them into the salon in a while okay so

um so then we’ve got we’ve got makeup

okay now this is this is this is for

like a good day you know like just a

little bit under the eyes I guys I swear

all this came out of my closet um this

is like a medium day you know and I

promise you I’m tell I’m telling the

truth this one came in the mail today I

ordered it

check my mail so this one’s I would say

this is probably like a medium day and

then like you know on some days like

that time of the month you you got to

pull out the big gun so here’s here’s my

there’s my big guns

okay so then I’ve also got in here um

anybody ever have to cover up a chips

pedicure surprise that’s what we do we

we cover up smells um I’ve already told

you that I don’t like the color of my

skin so you know I’ve got this one I’ve

got this one I got this one this one you

got to be careful with you how to wash

your hands immediately all right and

just you know I’m going for it we also

have Spanx

and guys full disclosure I was not gonna

bring my actual Spanx out here because

they’re like misshapen there’s an

off-brand they’re not even this banks

brand so thank God we live in a world

where we don’t have to wear a corset

anymore we can wear these right okay

there’s nothing wrong with a little bit

of cover-up okay we all we all do it

actually I’m gonna just cover up my my

mess right here just hold on one second

cuz you know it’s not looks all pretty

again um it’s funny to think about all

the things that we cover up on the

outside but sometimes we also

dangerously cover up what’s going on on

the inside and that’s what I want to

talk about tonight okay

so the title of my message is called the

cost of cover-up when I was thinking and

praying about what I wanted to talk

about tonight and this idea of cover-up

my mind came to this kind of obscure

Bible story about a man whose life

depended on him uncovering something

very serious that was going on in his

life I really wanted to find a woman but

I I couldn’t I couldn’t make it work but

I do think that this man has a lot to

teach us ladies tonight so if you

brought your Bible will you turn with me

to second Kings chapter five and we’re

gonna start right off reading in verse 1

it says na naman was the commander of

the army of the king of Aaron okay so

you should know that Arum was a

neighboring country to Israel during the

time of the prophet Elijah okay so let’s

keep reading he was a great man in the

sight of his master and highly regarded

because through him the Lord had given

victory to Aaron he was a valiant

soldier all right so on the outside this

guy had it all okay he was a great man

highly-regarded valiant soldier to

everybody looking in at his life you

would want to have it everybody would

want to be him but naman had a but okay

so I want to show you the next part what

was named ins but it says he was a

valiant soldier but he had leprosy okay

now I did a little bit of studying on

leprosy this week which is actually kind

of a strange thing to study about but

let me tell you what leprosy is it was a

condition of the skin but it was a

deadly one and during this time in

history people were very afraid of

catching leprosy and so naimans first

symptom would have been a white rash

quickly followed by the loss of feeling

wherever that rash was and eventually

people with leprosy would begin to

develop sores which would lead to

infection which would often cause them

to lose limbs fingers noses and

sometimes they would even go blind so it

was a very cruel very painful very

disfiguring disease and when a person’s

leprosy began to be noticeable he or she

would most likely be forced to go and

live in a leper colony away from anybody

who’s healthy including your family and

your doctor okay so in this story we

find a great person a successful person

a person that everybody thinks that they

want to be but he had something that he

was covering up and if he didn’t do

something about it it was gonna cost him

his life because there was no cure for

leprosy and I wonder tonight as I’m

talking I just want to get you thinking

do you have something that you are

covering up sometimes it’s easier to see

what someone else is covering up you

know so you can look at somebody and say

oh you know what

he has an amazing job she has her dream

job with an amazing pay but I think I

don’t think she really has any friends

you know I’m looking at her from the

outside or maybe that girl’s got money

she’s got clothes she’s got a nice car

she’s got a nice house

I don’t think her marriage is doing so

good I think I think their I think their

marriage is kind of on the rocks you

know but the reality is we all have

something that we’re covering up

something that we don’t want others to

see and sometimes it can be something

that’s super obvious like maybe you have

an addiction or maybe you have an eating

disorder or maybe you have angry fits of

rage where you just go at the person

behind the counter or a road rage or

where your kids or whatever um you know

it can also be something more subtle

something that’s a lot easier to cover

up like bitterness or or gossip or

depression or self-hatred and that even

was thinking about women who have a

judgmental spirit you know and you just

think that you’re better than than

everyone else and the truth is that we

can cover up for a long time but after a

while it always starts to spill over

somewhere you know maybe it can affect

your ability to have meaningful

relationships or the ability for you to

enjoy life and the blessings that you do

have or maybe it starts affecting your

ability to even do your job okay you

might have come here tonight with a

million other things on your mind but

when you finally stop and you realize

you’re exhausted because you’re covering

up something you’re tired of acting like

everything’s okay when it’s not covering

up takes work right and there’s a huge

cost to it it costs you time it costs

you money it costs you emotional energy

it can cost you relationships and if

that’s where you are tonight I want to

call you to change tonight I want to

call you to uncover whatever that thing

is you I want to call you to change not

the woman sitting next to you or the

friend that you wish could just hear

this message you know you tried to get

her here but but she wasn’t tonight’s

about you okay so as you’re listening I

don’t want you to be thinking about you

know oh I wish I wish my sister could

hear this I want you to be thinking what

is God trying to

say to you okay now the good news is we

all have something that we’re covering

up okay so we are something that we need

to change so you’re not alone

okay so just want to set your mind at

ease we all have something that we’re

covering up the bad news is cover up

always has a cost okay so tonight I want

to look closely at name and story and I

want to show you how outwardly he had

everything going for him but secretly he

was dying inside because of something

that he was covering up naman had to

make a decision to stop covering up and

seek out a change

so as we walked through this story

tonight I want to point out to you four

things that it’s going to take if you

really want to change okay it’s just

gonna be four words that if you really

want to change it’s gonna take these

four things so we’re gonna pick up in

verse two with naman now bands of

Raiders from arum had gone out and taken

captive a young girl from Israel

she served name ins wife she said to her


if only my master would see the Prophet

who is in Samaria he would cure him of

his leprosy naman went to his master and

told him what the girl from Israel said

by all means go the king of Arum replied

okay so one thing I forgot to tell you

about leprosy is that you can cover it

up for a long time like years in fact

you could have leprosy and go years

without anyone knowing about it so very

few people knew about naimans

condition but how many of you know that

you can hide a lot of things from a lot

of people but the hardest people to hide

from are the people who are closest to

you okay so here we find naman in our

story he’s home from battle and when

he’s home he has to take off his armor

and when he takes off his armor it’s

harder for him to hide his condition so

his wife knows about his condition and


servant knows about his condition the

first thing that I want to point out to

you is that change requires honesty an

honesty starts with myself okay it’s

hard to cover up at home maybe to most

people you seem like a happy funny girl

but your family knows that you have some

days where you can’t get out of bed for

me if you ever saw me in public with my

kids you would probably think oh she’s

such a calm patient mom but at home if

you were to ask my children to describe

my parenting style I don’t think that

the first two words that they would use

would be calm and patient and this

summer Elijah had a new friend over and

this friend’s parents are kind of

relatively new to our staff and my kids

kept fighting over this poor boy okay

they kept you know like you think it’s

the play day it’s gonna like keep the

kids out of your hair but you’re just

freaking referee you know and they were

fighting over like who he was gonna play

with and and and what they were gonna

play I know your kids don’t fight but

mine do and um and this day I just lost

it okay not in a funny way like I’m

serious I mean I let them have a piece

of my mind I may have said something

about how hell would freeze over before

I let them have a friend over again

it’s funny now but I really want you to

understand the the severity of the

situation my throat hurts after I was

done talking to them and then I

remembered the friend you know I’m like

I mean I’m not only this kid’s pastor’s

wife okay I’m his parents boss of a

Christian organization nonetheless and

let’s just say I was not acting like a

Christian mom or a pastor’s wife okay I

really I really want you guys to

understand I I just I blew it and what

why why did I act that way well one

reason is because I was at home and

sometimes it’s really hard to keep

hiding what’s going on in your heart

when you’re when you’re home and and and

so later I really I had to get honest

with myself I had to use that as a

moment to to really check myself I don’t

want to be that kind of mom I mean why

was it okay for me to talk to my kids

like that what am I even teaching my

kids when I stoop to their level with

this grown-up temper tantrum I mean it

was terrible and I’m I want you to know

but this I’m working on this cover-up in

this situation though if I was covering

it up it would be well they were

fighting and yelling at them was the

only way that I could get across to them

you know but change gets real and change

says it’s not okay for me to act like

that ever okay and so Neiman had to get

honest he had to get honest with himself

and he had to get honest with his wife

and then he had to go to his boss and

and he went to the king and he told him

that hey my wife’s servant told me that

there is a prophet in Israel and and

that that could heal me and the King

gave him permission to go naman was

never going to find healing if he stayed

in Arum and kept trying to cover

everything up

in fact he was gonna die if he stayed

there he would die he had to come to

grips with the reality and the severity

of his situation he had to let a few

people see him without his armor anja

that go to the king and say I need to go

get help okay

honesty starts with myself but then I’ve

got to vocalize it to to others the

enemy wants you to think that your

problem is not that bad and that you can

fix it by yourself the enemy wants you

to think that you’re the only one who

has this problem because as long as he

can keep you in denial as long as you

continue to fake it you will say

miserable and your condition will worsen

it doesn’t get better on its own change

comes when I’m honest with myself and

then I’m honest with others and I think

naman had to come to a place where he

was more afraid of what would happen if

he wasn’t honest then what would happen

if he was and sometimes we just have to

get to that place where we realize this

is I just I can’t go on like that

anymore and many of us are right there

tonight you’re exhausted from from

covering up and you just you want a

change and again we all feel that way

don’t let the enemy tell you that you’re

the only one who feels that way so let’s

see what naman did look with me verse

four let’s see

4b so naman left

talking with him taking with him ten

talents of silver six thousand shekels

of gold and ten sets of clothing I knew

I loved this guy for a women’s event

over packers unite

no I’m just kidding who I at first I was

like oh my gosh he took pins that’s a

clothing that is perfect but then when I

read further the the ten sets of

clothing where he took all of that with

the gold and the silver as a gift

because he thought he was gonna need

some kind of payment for his healing but

it turns out that God was going to gift

him change from the inside out he wasn’t

gonna need the payments so I feel like I

need a pause right here and and say to

you that changing is not something that

we do for God okay change is something

that that God wants he wants for me

he accepts me he loves me just the way I

am if I never changed another thing if I

continue to live with whatever my secret

is with whatever my misery is God still

loves me the same if I never changed

anything okay change isn’t something

that God wants for us but God doesn’t

want you to live in this in this hiding

and shame and misery for you not for him

he has something better for you okay but

it’s gonna take something on your part

so skip down to verse 9 and let’s see

what naman does it says name and went

with his horses and chariots and stopped

at the door of Elijah’s house and Elijah

sent a messenger to him go and wash

yourself seven times in the Jordan River

and your flesh will be restored and you

will be cleansed all right

tears naman he arrives in style chariots

horses entourage in tow he knocks on the

prophet’s door and elijah doesn’t even

come to the door he he sends him a

message because I think Elijah a new

what naman needed and so he sends him a

message and he says go and wash in the

Jordan seven times and you will be

healed and naman gets angry look at

verse 11 but naman went away angry and

said I thought that he would surely

come out to me and stand and call in the

name of the Lord and wave his hand over

the spot and cure me of leprosy are not


and far par the rivers of Damascus

better than all the waters of Israel

couldn’t I wash and then and be cleansed

so he turned and went off in a rage I

told you this man had a lot to teach us

and a lot teach me

naman was expecting drama and when he

didn’t get it he got mad real change

comes through simplicity not drama naman

was angry because his expectations

weren’t met you know he’s I thought this

is how it was gonna be I thought he

would come out to me I fight with stand

and call on the name of the Lord and

wave his hand over the spot and cure me

and you know one of the most impactful

concepts that I ever heard was when I

heard Linda Dillo talking about how

anger comforts us and she teaches that

if I remain angry then I have no room in

my mind to find fault in myself I talked

about this in becoming mrs. better-half

plug to all the ladies who are gonna do

mrs. better house okay but this goes way

beyond marriage I think that all women

are struggling with this because I

believe that we’re quickly becoming a

generation of women who are angry

because if I stay angry then I never

have to admit that I was any part to

blame you know if I stay in this fit of

anger with my kids and it’s their fault

that I’m mad if I stay angry with my

husband that I never have to think about

how I could have handled the situation

better because it’s all his fault

anger is comforting because it allows me

to shift the blame and make excuses but

if anything were comforting for the

people around us you know like when I

get mad my kids are like mmm you know

the moms wait you know and so in his

anger naman begins to make excuses he

says wash here I mean III could go whole

aren’t through my rivers at home cleaner

than the one

here I came all this way to wash in your

dirty river he wanted drama and some of

us were so addicted to drama

we’ll be honest about our problem some

of you are honest about your problems

but it’s because you want attention not

because you want healing


you know we want to stay in this place

where we’re like my husband my kids

can you believe what my boss said that

anger it comforts us and as long as it

is named and stayed angry he got to stay

in cover-up mode nobody had to know what

was really going on so some people come

and they try and talk sense into him

okay it’s it’s his servants I want to

show you what they say to him in verse

13 it says naman servants went to him

and said my father if the Prophet had

told you to do some great thing would

you not have done it how much more then

when he tells you wash and be cleansed

now I’d like to think that these were

not just servants but that they were

they were naimans friends I mean

obviously they were people who had

traveled a long way with me Amon and

they cared about him and they were like

look man we traveled all this way and

you’re gonna go home you’re not even

gonna try it you know I love what the

message version says I want to I want to

read you I want to read you exactly what

it says so the message version says if

the Prophet had asked you to do

something hard and heroic wouldn’t you

have done it why not this simple wash

and be clean as women are bent can be

towards the dramatic we want everyone on

Facebook to know we want to have three

coffees and two lunches and four phone

calls before we even consider praying

about whatever is going on let’s let’s

take some kind of action

Neiman James it had to come to a simple

act wash them be clean but you see wash

and be clean wasn’t that simple to naman

because he didn’t want to take his armor

off he didn’t want people to see how bad

his disease had really gotten because

he’d been covering it up for a long time

so here’s the third one real change also

requires vulnerability in his rage he

said I thought the Prophet would wave

his hand over me over the spot and I

would be healed see but it’s name is

disease I got to thinking about this as

I was reading it if naimans disease had

had progressed to the point where he was

willing to travel into enemy territory

to get a miracle it had to be more than

one spot you know and as long as you go

on pretending it’s just one spot then

you never can experience change the

requirement for naimans

healing it wasn’t that he it wasn’t like

the Prophet asked him to parade naked

through the whole town okay

and and I’m not suggesting when I talk

about vulnerability I’m not suggesting

that in order for you to find your

healing because you’re gonna have to air

your dirty laundry on Facebook and for

for everyone to see in fact let’s talk

about Facebook for a minute

ladies being vulnerable on social media

is counterfeit vulnerability laundry and

all our dishes in the sink or how we

were up all night working we’re most

likely not trying to be vulnerable we’re

seeking validation there’s a big

difference and I don’t I don’t want to

be so hard cuz I’ve you know I’d love

Instagram and I you know I’ve piles of

laundry tunes sometimes I I understand

that we’re trying to be real and we’re

trying to be funny at the same time but

the way that I know that it’s not true

vulnerability for myself is because

every time that I do this it leaves me

feeling empty in my life and nothing

changes vulnerability real vulnerability

it takes courage validation is seeking

likes vulnerability is being real with

someone real a realized person it’s

saying to a trusted friend who’s earned

the right to hear my honesty not just

anyone not just everyone a trusted

friend who’s earned the right to hear my

honesty for me to say I’m not doing ok

will you pray for me and will you check

on me and when you ask me how I’m doing

this is where change begins the enemy

wants you to think the vulnerability

will hurt your relationships but that’s

not true

vulnerability with a trusted friend

strengthens your relationship with them

my friend how can I know that you need

help if you keep everything covered up

your friends your family the people that

you love and trust they want to walk

with you through through your trial they

want to they want to come along beside

you they want to help you they want to

support you you can’t keep it covered up

because cover-up actually costs you

intimacy in your relationships it bet

that it costs you that it doesn’t

doesn’t save your relationships anything

but you can be vulnerable with the right

with the right person and so naman was

persuaded by his servants and he went

and he washed and we’ll just read the

last verse verse 14 says so he went down

and he dipped himself in the Jordan

seven times as the man of God told him

and his flesh was restored and he became

clean like a young boy Elijah told naman

to wash seven times in the Jordan River

now in actuality this wouldn’t take a

long time but I feel like this number is

symbolic of process change is a process

that takes consistency naimans

expectation was instant change he said I

thought the Prophet would come out and

wave his hand over the spot he wanted

bibbidi-bobbidi-boo you know I think

he’d been watching Cinderella with his

kids or something does he want a fairy

godmother to come out and waves her wand

over the spot as he just stood there and

you know funny as that sounds we live in

a world where everyone wants instant

results I mean it’s like funny okay we

want quick change without any work we

want to we want a quick fix we want a

pill to make us happy and skinny

right but we don’t want to do the work

that’s figuring out why we’re depress it

overweight we want to gain followers on

Instagram rather than developing real

face-to-face relationships with people

quick fixes are just another cover up

you can take antidepressants I don’t

have anything against antidepressants I

know lots of people need them but if you

you still have to dig down to the root

of your depression a pill is not gonna

fix there’s no magic Jesus one that I

can wave over you and fix all of your

problems change takes work on your part

what I want for you is I want you to be

sitting here one year from now and able

to look back and see how far you’ve come

in your marriage how far you’ve come in

your relationships how far you’ve come

in your struggle with addiction to

alcohol or to drama how far you’ve come

in your relationship with God but it’s

gonna take consistency on your part to

see an actual change and it’s gonna take


you can’t be vulnerable one time and

think it’s gonna fix itself the thing oh

well I shared that with her so it should

be better now Holly said no she didn’t

jain’s comes when you feel that urge to

cover up when you feel that urge to

withdraw inside when you feel that urge

to fake it but you decide no I’m gonna

be honest with someone I’m gonna take

some simple steps of obedience all those

things that you already know to do I’m

gonna talk to someone about my situation

and then I’m gonna do it again and I’m

gonna do it again

I’m gonna do it again does it happen

overnight you have to keep on doing it

my very favorite sermon the pastor

steven has ever preached is don’t stop

on six what if they met only tip six

times he had to dip seven times and when

he did his flesh was restored to better

than before God had to deal with naimans

heart he had to deal with naimans pride

before he could change his situation but

when he finally took that simple step

wash and be clean

he was restored to better than ever and

I want you to know tonight that change

God wants you to experience change from

the inside out what if you stopped

spending a fortune in time and money

trying to change the outside and you

actually put in some work of trying to

change from the inside out

and remember change isn’t something that

God wants for you it’s it’s not that he

wants you to change your behavior he

wants you to change your heart Jesus

died to set us free

he’s thinking he’s free from the guilt

free from the shame of our behavior and

I believe I’ve prayed and I truly

believe that he’s standing before us


offering us this gift of change from the

inside out wherever you are I don’t care

if you’re sitting in the back of Lake

Norman tonight or if you’re in Rock Hill

and you came in late he’s standing here

before you offering this gift of change

and as we move into a time of reflection

after all the event is called reflect I

would like to ask you two questions just

want you to start to think about this

and what is it that you need to change

and what step do you need to take toward

that change tonight do you need to start

by being honest with yourself and by

being honest with God about the reality

of your situation

I’m just admitting all right god it’s

gone too far

or maybe maybe you know the severity of

your situation but you just need to be

vulnerable with someone maybe do you

just need to keep at it in that

simplicity and consistency just keep

keep doing it I want to make you feel

bad if you’ve been trying to work

through whatever this thing is in your

life and you’re here tonight you’re like

I want to change I’m trying to change

great just keep keep doing it keep doing

what you’re doing

I just want to give you a minute tonight

to really process because I really

believe that women especially we’re so

busy and and and it’s such a busy world

and the minute that you leave out these

doors your attention is gonna be pulled

in a

in different directions but God’s got

you here tonight just for a few minutes

can you give God a few minutes of your

attention and just stop take a moment

and allow God to speak to you ask him to

show you but I have so many things I

need to change I don’t even know where

to start

ask him he’ll show you it’s not some

mysterious thing up in the sky that’s

trying to like hide from you ask him the

Bible says ask and you will receive so

right now right here you can bow your

head you can you can kneel down in your

seat if you want to you’ll have to I

just want you to take a couple of

minutes it might seem weird cuz I’m

gonna let the band play and I’m gonna

give you time to think and to process

and to let God speak to you maybe you

need to begin a relationship with God

right here right now that’s okay that’s

a great place to start all you have to

do is pray the Bible says if you confess

with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and

believe in your heart that God raised

him from the dead you will be saved

wherever you are tonight God wants to

meet with you right there right there in

your seat so just take a moment thank

you for tuning in to today’s message if

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