If you’re dealing with failure, depression, uncertainty, rejection, or disappointment…this is for you.

and I came to declare today to everybody
who’s been going through a season of

failure or depression or uncertainty or
rejection or disappointment let the dirt

do it’s work don’t fight it
don’t run from it and don’t pluck up the

seed cuz you don’t like the season let
the dirt do it’s work this is the

gospel of Jesus Christ
this is what the kingdom of God is like

there’s nothing man can do to you that God cannot use for his good and I believe

that I believe that all things work
together for the good of them that love

the Lord and are called according to his
purpose but I don’t always know how I

don’t have to know how cuz I know who
the emphasis on Romans 8:28 isn’t on

things all things work together for the
good the emphasis is not on good cuz it

might not feel good and I might not know
how it’s good while I’m in it the

emphasis of Romans 8:28 is that I’m
called that I love God and I’m called

according to his purpose
so his purpose is the promise that lets

me know that it seems insignificant that
to me it’s invisible and I don’t know

how but I know everybody who wants to
praise God for it I’m gonna give you 30

seconds to do what you need to do
maybe your neighbor doesn’t want this

word maybe they want to let a bird
snatch it or a thorn choke it but there

are some people here who have been in
the ground for a little while and I

prophesy resurrection to every person
who’s been in a depression you’ve been

in a funk you’ve been in a failure the
devil said it was it but Sunday came

where you at Matthews where you at
Ballantyne where you at UC you

know what’s crazy I’m calling out all
these campuses and somehow they see me

on their screens and I don’t know how
but I don’t have to know how and you

know what somehow I’m preaching this
word and it’s getting in your heart and

God’s gonna use it and it won’t return
void but it will accomplish what God

sent it to do but his ways are higher
than my ways and his thoughts than my thoughts

I don’t have to know I just have to sow I just have to go I don’t have to know

I don’t know how I’m gonna make it but I
don’t have to know how I don’t know who

God’s gonna use to get me through this
but I don’t have to know how it might be

manna that falls from the sky it might
be a widow at Zarephath that God uses to

feed me it might be a little boy’s lunch
that I didn’t even count in the official

total because I thought he was
insignificant but the seed always looks

small God might use a little boy a
little thing the littlest thing I don’t

have to know how and some of you are
stuck because you need to know too much

you need to be perceived as someone who
knows and so you remain in darkness you

want to be perceived as someone who
understands things that the soil

represents uncertainty and I think it’s
good every once in a while for us to

hear a sermon where the farmer admits I
don’t even know how come on cuz if you

had to call somebody who just lost their
child in a car wreck like I have to do

often and you were telling them that
God is gonna get you through this you

wouldn’t be so quick to tell them how I
don’t know how but I pray right now in

the name of Jesus that the God of all
comfort that’s who would surround you

with his angels that’s who I don’t know
how but I know whom I have believed so I

pray I sow I scatter some seed gets
snatched some seed gets scorched some

seed gets strangled that’d make a good
sermon wouldn’t it they all start with

the letter S
and the temptation is when the seed is

scattered but it does not produce you
never want to sow again so then you

prayed and the cancer still ate their
body what’s to make you ever want to

pray again so you stopped sowing you
stopped expecting you had a funeral and

stopped expecting a harvest the business
failed that one child is on drugs and

you got very confused about the
difference between God’s job and your

job obedience is the job of the farmer

Jesus is not the farmer in this parable
he’s the seed he’s the seed he is the seed

of God and he was planted in the soil of
the earth for three days and his

resurrection gives us an expectation
that we don’t have to understand the

events of our life to walk in a posture
I think it’s better sometimes that we

don’t know I think it’s better sometimes
that we stay in a state of uncertainty

so that we don’t get confused and think
that we’re the seed that we’re the

source I pray that this message has been
practical today and you’ll be able to

take something from it for your life but

really I think it’s supposed to be
prophetic that doesn’t mean a crystal

ball or a 900 number to me that means
that you receive this seed personally

it’s all about the soil and if this seed
gets snatched or scorched by the trials

of life or choked out by the
deceitfulness of riches the cares of

this life or the desire for other things
it will be as if it was never sown and

it’ll be just another seed just another
pep talk

just another Bible lesson if you receive
this seed though I’m trying to tell you

that God has set you free of the
expectation to understand obedience is

your job outcome is God’s let him do his

let him do his job let the dirt do its

let the sufferings of this present time
produce in you a glory that is not worthy

to be compared in comparison is so much
bigger than that dirt some of

you are in a dirt stage right now of
your dream the first thing that happened

to Joseph when God gave him a dream do
you remember

they held a parade in his honor huh he
printed up his business cards and started

handing them out huh
he got 4 million followers on Instagram

huh they threw him in a pit every
promise needs a pit every dream needs

dirt your faith needs fertilizer all by
itself the ground produces grain water

it plow it get your heart right
and let the dirt the rejection the

insecurity the confusion
God is not the author of confusion God

did not reject you but he would use
Genesis 50:20 what you meant for evil

God intended it for good and the saving
of many lives let the dirt do its work

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