You are the one who determines who God is and what He can do in your life. He is waiting on you. If you doubt that now, you won’t after listening to this message.

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grace welcome to gospel truth with

Andrew Wommack on today’s program Andrew

explains how miraculous changes can take

place in your life when you stop

limiting God with small thinking now

here’s Andrew welcome to our Monday’s

broadcast of the gospel truth and I am

really excited today to be sharing with

you a series that I’ve entitled don’t

limit God you know for those of you who

have been familiar with our ministry for

the let’s say for over seven years it

was in January the 31st of 2002 that I

had the second most significant

encounter that I’ve ever had with the

Lord and the Lord spoke some things to

me I’ll go into more detail as I go

through this series I won’t take time to

share it all now but in a nutshell what

he did was tell me that I was limiting

what he could do through me through my

small thinking and so in 2002 I made a

teaching entitled taking the limits off

of God and I taught basically many of

the same things that I’m going to be

teaching right now on this television

program but of course it was only with

six months worth of time in between when

the Lord had spoken that to me and when

I started seeing things happen and I

mean the ministry just exploded and good

things happened and so when I made this

teaching on taking the limits off of God

back in 2002 I was getting some

statistics about the change that it had

wrought in my life but really most of it

was all about what was going to happen

well here we are seven years later and I

can tell you that this is proven now not

just from a perspective of faith

believing that this is going to happen I

can look back and show you empirical

fact that the change that this mindset

change wrought in my life has been

dramatic I mean it is powerful and over

the last few months the Lord has been

speaking to me

that it’s time to take the limits off of

him again that you know what I did in my

way of thinking I increase my

expectation my imagination what I was

believing for but the Lord has been

speaking to me at the end of 2008 that

it was time to start thinking big again

and so I’m already beginning to see some

significant things coming and I’m going

to be talking about some of that but let

me just say that I made a brand new

teaching on this when we were in Phoenix

Arizona for our gospel truth seminar on

January the 1st 2nd and 3rd of 2009 and

what I did was take those 5 teachings at

that gospel truth seminar and I just

talked about this and I tell you I think

it was awesome I believe that a lot of

people’s lives were changed and so we’ve

got some brand new product this new

teaching is entitled don’t limit God

whereas the teaching that was made seven

years ago was entitled taking the limits

off of God and I believe that this is

really going to help you the reason I’m

sharing these things really isn’t for my

benefit just to be giving a testimony of

what God has done for me but as I’ve

shared this with other people I really

believe that this is something that all

of us have a tendency to do is to limit

God with our small thinking and we just

think about it this way God is infinite

God is Almighty

we call him Almighty God and here is

this infinite Almighty God who can do

exceeding abundantly above all we ask or

think according to the power that works

in us Ephesians 3:20 here is God with

all of his potential but he works

through finite men and the sad thing is

most of us are not in touch with God the

way that we should be most of us are

more in tune with the world around us

and people and we look at people and we

draw our inspiration more from people

than we do from God so here is this

infinite limitless God with all of his

ability and most of us are living on a

plane far below that just relating to

other people and basically doing what

the other average people do and I tell

you if you stop and think about it that

is recipe for

mr. here is this Almighty God who wants

to show himself powerful in our lives

but before he can do it we have to start

taking these limits off of him we’ve got

to quit this thinking that we are just

mere human beings you know in the

Christian world today there is a

doctrine that’s expressed in a lot of

ways there’s this one song that is very

catchy it’s got a real catchy tune and

I’m aware that some people they don’t

think about the words but the words of

this song just drive me up the law

because it starts off by saying Lord I’m

only human

I’m just a man one day at a time sweet

Jesus man I hate that song again it’s

got a catchy tune but I am not only

human you are not only human if you have

been born again then god almighty lives

on the inside of you and according to

Ephesians chapter 1 verses 18 and 19 you

have the same power living on the inside

of you that raised Jesus Christ from the

dead and all things are possible to him

that believes is what the scripture says

there is just an infinite possibility of

what God can do through a person who has

been born again and is God possessed and

yet the sad thing is most of us are not

thinking that way we’re thinking just

like that song says look I’m only human

I’m just a man I’m just a woman no when

you got born again you became God

possessed you now have the power and the

ability of God living on the inside of

you and as quickly and to the degree

that you renew your mind you can start

seeing supernatural things happen you

know I could spend weeks just

introducing this subject but I think

it’s important that you realize that

this isn’t just me giving a testimony of

what has happened in my life but as I

testify and talk about what God has

spoken to me I believe that this same

thing applies to every one of you every

one of you most of us are living way way

way below our privileges there are many

people watching this program worldwide

right what right now that just have

embraced sickness

and think that sickness is just a

natural part of living and that you have

to get sick that when the flu comes

around you expect to get it you expect

to get old you expect to get feeble

again I mean you do have to get old if

you stay on this earth but you don’t

have to get feeble people Moses was 120

years old his natural force wasn’t

abated nor his eyesight dim is what the

scripture says and what we have is

greater than what Moses had I believe

that we can live in health I believe

that you can still be strong and vibrant

see that’s an area that people say but

I’m only human well I’m not only even

I’ve got the same power on the inside of

me that raised Jesus Christ from the

dead I’ve got the promises in 3rd John

chapter 1 verse 2 that beloved I wish

above all things that you prosper and be

in health even as your soul prospers

first Peter 2:24 by His stripes we were

healed see in that area you need to take

the limits off of God you don’t need to

just look around at other people and say

but everybody gets sick this is a

genetic thing everybody and my family

has had this it doesn’t matter what

other people have had even if they’ve

been born again the potential is inside

of every born-again person that you can

live a supernaturally healthy life the

potential is in you that whatever you

set your hand into a prosper I don’t

care if your second or third generation

welfare if you’re a born-again and if

god almighty lives on the inside of you

you need to quit limiting God and just

doing things the way that it’s been done

in your family for generations and you

need to believe God for prosperity and

independence and to be a productive

contributing part of society instead of

someone who’s just taking it doesn’t

matter if it’s you know people in your

family have had divorces for years and

generations you can change that God can

change all of these things I’m just

trying to say that God has his ability

and his power not only reserved for when

we die and go to heaven but right here

in this present evil world God wants to

bless you let me use a verse out of

Galatians chapter 1 that just says this

and I tell you this is a powerful

passage of Scripture in Galatians

chapter one

and I believe it’s verse 4 it says

talking about Jesus who gave himself for

our sins that he might deliver us from

this present evil world according to the

will of God and our Father notice that

Jesus gave himself for our sins to

deliver us from this present evil world

not the one to come not just talking

about the punishment of eternal hell our

lake of fire not talking about something

that’s after we die and it’s reserved

for us in heaven this says that he gave

himself for our sins that he might

deliver us from this present evil world

and then it goes on to say according to

the will of God and our Father it is

God’s will for you to be delivered from

this present evil world now I’m not

saying that you want to have trouble and

he said all those who live godly in

Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution

there are going to be problems but they

need to be external they need to be out

there you might have people criticize

you you are going to have problems

because you live in a fallen world and

you encounter people on a fallen basis

I’m not saying that a sickness that

poverty that emotional problems and

disputes with people won’t happen

because we live in a fallen world but

they don’t have to get on the inside of

you you can overcome those sicknesses

and diseases you can overcome the

economic problems that people find

themselves in you can walk in victory

and have joy in your heart even if other

people reject you I tell you I believe

in an absolute total victorious

Christian life I believe that we ought

to be the head and not the tail people

say how are you doing and you say well

pretty good under the circumstances you

need to get out from under the

circumstances and start sitting in

Christ in heavenly places and live in a

victorious life

I’m just saying brothers and sisters

that we limit God we limit God by

accepting a substandard life we look

around and we’re looking at people and

we just think that this is the way

things have to be I am here saying that

you do not have to live a defeated

discouraged life and I know that there

are some of you thinking well I believe

that and I’ve tried but you know get up

again get up and go again the Bible says

that a

righteous man will fall seven times and

yet he’ll get back up you know if you’ve

really got God on the inside of you

first Corinthians chapter 13 says God’s

kind of love never fails it hopes all

things it believes all things it endures

all things love never fails God’s kind

of love will help you to get up and even

if you’ve tried and run into failure I’m

not saying these things to condemn you

but I’m saying it to encourage you that

praise God we need to start believing

for something bigger we are limiting God

by our small thinking that’s my

testimony and you know when I talk about

this encounter that I had with the Lord

in January the 31st 2002 this isn’t when

I was out you know serving the devil and

in rebellion towards God this is seven

years ago I started on television in

January the 3rd of 2000 and I had been

in ministry since 1968 so at this time

in 2002 and the Lord spoke to me that I

had limited God I had been serving the

Lord for 34 years I pastored three

churches I’ve been on radio for nearly

30 years we already had a ministry going

we had doubled in size from 2000 to 2002

when the Lord spoke to me so it’s not

like I wasn’t seeking the Lord I’m not

talking about that I was out there just

rebelling and God I was doing what God

told me to do I was seeing results there

were good things happening and yet there

was more God wanted to do more as a

matter of fact many of you watching this

program I would dare to say that the

vast majority of people watching this

program right now would have never seen

me on television would have never been

exposed to this ministry and if God has

touched you through this broadcast it

would have never impacted you if I

hadn’t have responded positively to what

God spoke to me January the 31st 2002 we

wouldn’t have expanded we wouldn’t have

been making the impact that we’re making

I’m telling you this just radically

radically changed my life and there’s a

lot of things that the Lord used to get

that across but let me read these verses

to you out of

Psalms chapter 78 this is really the the

number-one scripture that the Lord used

to get this point across to me Psalms

chapter 78 I won’t take time to read the

whole thing but it’s recounting Jewish

history specifically talking about the

time that the Lord took the Israelites

out of the land of Egypt and how

miraculous it was and how good god was

to him and yet how that these people

just constantly rebelled at God and

didn’t respond appropriately to God and

because of it they limited God so this

is what it’s talking about here in

Psalms chapter 78 verse 36 it says

nevertheless they did flatter him

talking about the Israelites did flatter

God with their mouths and they lied on

him with their tongues for their heart

was not right with him neither were they

steadfast in his covenant but he being

full of compassion forgave their

iniquity and destroyed them not yea many

a time turned he his anger away and did

not stir up all of his wrath for he

remembered that they were but flesh a

win that passeth away and cometh not

again how often they provoked him in the

wilderness those of you that are

familiar with the story of the

Israelites and their 40 years in the

wilderness I mean it was just constant

rebellion towards God it didn’t matter

how good god was to him three days after

they had crossed the Red Sea and they

saw God part the Red Sea and they walked

through the midst of the Red Sea and

then the sea came upon the Egyptians and

destroyed the mightiest nation on the

face of the earth at that time three

days after this great miracle the people

started they were thirsty they didn’t

see how they were going to get water out

in the desert and they begin to start

complaining that God brought us out here

into the desert so that he could kill us

and he it would have been better for us

to die in Egypt and they begin to gripe

and complain three days after one of the

mightiest miracles that the world has

ever experienced that’s just amazing but

you know what it wasn’t just that group

of people there are many of us that do

the same thing God has saved you God has


you from problems God has saved some of

your marriage that God has healed you of

miraculous things there’s been wonderful

things happen and yet the next problem

that comes up we act like we don’t have

any history with the Lord any

remembrance about what has happened and

we just go back to being discouraged and

depressed and you know God did this but

can’t he do this well I tell you that’s

just it the same thing as being acted

out over and over again today so back to

Psalm 78 verse 40 it says how often they

provoked him in the wilderness and

grieve him in the desert yay they turned

back and tempted God and limited the

Holy One of Israel and this is a

scripture that God it just exploded on

the inside of me and the Lord spoke to

me and he says Andrew you are limiting

what I can do through you and I’m going

to be giving you a lot of reasons it was

subtle I didn’t recognize it if you

would have asked me say two months prior

to when the Lord spoke to me this truth

in January the 31st 2002 if you would

have asked me back in November of

December of 2001 are you limiting God

are you believing God I would have said

certainly I am because we had nearly

doubled in two years we were seeing

growth we were setting records and you

know what many people would have thought

boy you are really going for it and yet

there were things in my heart that we’re

limiting what God could do with me and

the Lord’s been speaking to me in just

the last few months that even though

I’ve come to a new level you know he

wants to take me higher there’s more it

doesn’t matter who you are there’s more

God has more for you I just really feel

that in my heart that God is speaking

through me to some of you who it’s not

like you are just totally running away

from God you didn’t believe God to a

degree and you are seeing some good

things happen but I just feel like the

Lord is saying that there’s more that

God wants all of us to come up to a new

level and this is what the Lord was

speaking to me and he said that you have

limited the Holy One of Israel that’s

talk that’s the terminology Old

Testament terminology that are referring

to the Messiah to Jesus Christ they were


God could do you know in their instance

it’s very obvious the Lord wanted them

to enter into the promised land and to

conquer all of the parasites and the

Canaanites and all of the other i’ts and

he wanted them to occupy that land and

he was bringing them into this land that

flowed with milk and honey he had this

wonderful promise for them to wear I

mean it was just they brought back a

sample of the grapes and they took one

cluster of grapes and he was so huge

that they had to put it on a pole and

carry it in between two men you know we

can’t even relate to that this was just

it was I mean it was a supernaturally

blessed land God wanted his people to

enter into there but they limited him by

their disbelief they wouldn’t do it they

rebelled the spies went out and brought

back this negative report about how that

there were giants in the land and

because of this it calls fear and

unbelief in the people and the people

because of their unbelief stopped the

goodness that God had planned for them

from coming to pass and because of that

they had to wander in a wilderness for

40 years that was not God’s will they

had scorpions they had snakes they had

plagues among the people there were all

of these things that happened to them

and it wasn’t God’s will and I’m going

to expand on this a lot during this week

and make some points here but there are

some of you watching this program that

your life is in a mess I mean it just

seems like relationships have fallen


you can’t prosper the way that you

believe that you’re supposed to prosper

financially emotionally physically in

just every area of your life it seems

like you’re in a wilderness like you’re

in a desert like nothing is working and

some of you are saying but God why are

you doing this to me

God is not the author of that God has a

perfect plan for you and if you aren’t

living in abundance and victory now

again I’m not saying victory without a

fight we live in a fallen world and

there are going to be opportunities for

us to fight but I’m saying if you aren’t

winning in this fight if you are being

defeated if you’re discouraged

it is not God

who caused this to happen just like the

Israelites God planned for them to enter

into this promised land but they

rebelled at him they limited God’s

goodness through their unbelief and I’m

telling you that if you are being

overcome by your problems if you aren’t

winning over them if you aren’t

victorious it is not God’s will that you

be in this wilderness it’s not God’s

will you have limited God and I know

that some people take what I’m saying

right here and you think well boy you’re

putting the blame on me and you’re

condemning me I’m not condemning I’m

trying to enlighten and let us recognize

that God’s not our problem

God doesn’t just control us God doesn’t

sovereignly control what is going to

happen to you God does it has not ever

ordained than any person be a dud that

any person just be a loser God’s plans

for you are good Jeremiah chapter 29

verse 11 says I know the thoughts that I

think toward you says the Lord thoughts

of peace and not of evil to give you an

expected in other translations will say

a hope and a future

and there’s many different ways of

phrasing that but I like the King James

when it says and expected in in other

words you can discover God’s will and

God has a plan for you that I guarantee

you is victorious and you can anticipate

victory instead of defeat instead of

just rolling the dice and saying que

sera sera whatever will be will be in

wonder what’s going to happen you can

know what the outcome is going to be

because God Almighty has a perfect plan

a good plan for your life God hasn’t

ordained any of us to be failures if you

are seeing failure in your life in your

relationships and your finances in your

health I’m telling you it’s not God who

ordained that some way we have limited

God and just as I’m giving my personal

testimony 2002 I was seeking God I loved

God I was serving God and there were

good things happening and yet there were

things going on on the inside of me that

I wasn’t even aware of until God spoke

to me and start

revealing it it wasn’t intentional it

wasn’t rebellious

that I was limiting God of course there

are people who just intentionally rebel

at God and are going against God and of

course that’s going to limit God but I’m

saying that this doesn’t mean that

necessarily you are just antagonistic or

are rebellious towards God but I’m

telling you that if you aren’t seeing

victory in your life if you aren’t

living a life that when you wake up

every day you are just so excited

because God is good god and your life is

blessed and I’m telling you I believe

you’re limiting God God’s plan for your

life are awesome and you ought to be

just experiencing a wonderful life that

is what God intends for us to live and

so I’m beginning to share with you some

things that God told me but I’m going to

make direct application to you and I

believe that this is going to be an

encouragement to you and I help to you

to take the limits off of God and as you

do this if it impacts your life half as

much as this has changed my life I

guarantee you it’s going to be awesome

now I’ve got a brand new product out on

this entitled don’t limit God it’s an

updated teaching and I tell you I think

it’s going to really be a blessing to

you this was taken from this gospel

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testimony about what God has done in my

life and a real challenge to you to just

start believing God for something bigger

and better we serve a supernatural

Almighty God who has made his power and

his ability available to us and

therefore we ought to be having a

supernatural life if your life isn’t

supernatural it’s superficial man I mean

that to encourage you not discourage you

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truth this really is a concept that just

goes contrary to I would estimate

probably fifty percent or more of the

body of Christ around the world doesn’t

even believe that it’s possible to limit

God they may not put in that terminology

but most people really believe that God

is sovereign and that God does whatever

he wants to and everything plays out

exactly the way that God wants it

nothing can happen but what it’s God’s

will that’s probably one of the most

dominant doctrines in the body of Christ

and that is completely against this

scripture and all of these other