Are you outnumbered? In Numbers 13, Moses sent 12 spies to possess Canaan, but 10 of them believed it was impossible. Caleb, on the other hand, resolved not to come back empty-handed. His set-apart spirit silenced their disbelief, because even facts are powerless against God’s truth. Your confidence has the momentum to cut through the crowd’s murmuring. In the moments when you’re outnumbered, speak up and call it “done” — the giants will be forced to lay down. You might be one voice, but one voice has always been powerful enough to seize the land.


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come on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s

go ready i’m ready let’s go to the book

of numbers chapter number 13

verse number 26-33

the book of numbers and there you will

find my assignment

for this morning

my assignment is to deliver you

the word of the lord so you need to be

listening at the word

for the word

listening at the word

for the word

that the dr valve i have been thinking

about how when you say the word of god

the church thinks the bible

but the bible says in the beginning was

the word

there was no bible in the beginning

oh y’all can’t handle that

so the word of god is more than the text

jesus said man shall not live by bread

alone but by every word that proceedeth

out of the mouth of god so that means as

i deliver the word of god through the


there will be a word of god that comes

out of the word that is rhema to you

and the holy spirit will say this is

about that this is how you handle that

this is how you do that isn’t that good

we’re in the book of numbers chapter

number 13 verse 26 if we are in the book

of numbers we are on the precipice of

the promised land



i was shocked when i went to the

promised land to see how close moses got

to the promised land from mount nebo you

can see the jordan

he got so close to it

he got very close things get tough

when you get close

now all the people the only people who

ought to be shouting are people where

things have gotten tough

things get tough when you get close they

were so close that moses

had sent spies

to case out the place

and in the book of numbers we’re going

to have that discussion today

number 13 26-33

they came back to moses and aaron

and the whole israelite community at

kadesh in the desert of paran

there they reported to them and to the

whole assembly and showed them the fruit

of the land

they gave moses this account

we went into the land to which you sent

us and it does flow with milk and honey

here is its fruit

in other words what we have been

thinking all through the desert is not a



it’s there

it’s real

what god has been promising you is real


exists it is really worth the journey to

get there it really does exist this

report is very important and they let

them know first of all the land is there

it does exist it is real and the reason

i stopped there i’m a text teacher a

little bit for a minute the reason i

stopped there is that the devil is on

your shoulder saying that’s not real

that’s not gonna happen

that’s not going to come to pass

but moses has sent spies to spout the

land and they came back saying it’s real

it’s there

it exists there is a land that flows

with milk and honey and milk and honey

is an expression for abundance

and increase

and sweetness and provision

it’s a colloquialism there is a land

that flows it doesn’t literally mean

that the promised land had milk flowing

in the rivers and honey flowing in the

river but it was that abundant that the

only way they could describe it is that

it flows with milk and honey

and so they are saying your hope is not

in vain


who i’m preaching already

but the people who live there are


and the cities are fortified

and they’re very large

we even saw descendants of anac there

the amalekites live in the gav the

hittites the jebusites and the amorites

live in the hill country and the


well they live near the sea

along the jordan

now watch this then caleb silenced the

people before moses and said

we should go up and take possession of

the land

for we can certainly do it

that’s what caleb said oh i love you you

write with me he said i like his spirit

i want you to understand that carrot

caleb said we should go up and take it

not talk about how much it costs

not talk about the opposition

not talk about the sacrifice we should

go up and take it somebody said we

should go up and take it

but the men who had gone up with him we

can’t attack those people they said we

can’t attack those people they are

stronger than we are

and they spread amongst the israelites a

bad report about the land they had

explored they said the land we explored

devoured those living in it

all the people we saw there are of great

signs those people are huge

we saw the nephilim there the

descendants of anac come from nephilim

we seem like


in our own eyes

and we look the same

to them

go back to that verse where he caleb


the people

then caleb silenced

the people before moses

and said all

all of those people

murmuring and complaining

all of those spies

and caleb silenced them

my subject this morning is outnumbered


this is a

prophetic utterance

more than a sermon or a bible class



isn’t it funny that god would give me

the subject outnumbered

in the book of numbers

god has a sense of humor

spirit of the living god

we embark upon the mission

of espousing to your bride

those truths that have been tailored

to the continuity and the curves in her


speak to us out of the volume of the


tailor the texts

to the needs of your people

extract from it

extrapolate from it

those truths of such profundity

that we are transformed literally while

the word of god is being preached

so as i preach to them

holy spirit you echo in them

the word that they need for the times

that they are in


sanctify this word to everybody online

everybody in the room everybody in the

building everybody see it on facebook on

youtube whatever device through the app

however you’re looking that you would

have a god encounter


supernatural relevance

now i believe you to do it in the name

that has been exalted above every name

in the name of jesus we pray

and all the people said

amen you may be seated

yeah let’s go to work


we are in the book of numbers

in essence in it is one of the books of

the pentateuch the first five books of

the bible

we are in the book of numbers

and in other words

we are in the book

of a census

taken by god

through moses

to count and categorize and regiment and


who’s with us

we want an accurate accounting

of what we have

so the book of numbers is preoccupied

with numbers

and numbers become very important


numbers are very important to people

who like

the numbers


people who have

large investments check them every day

but numbers

shrink in relevance to people

who feel inadequate

but i want to challenge

those who feel like they are not enough

or they don’t have enough

i want to challenge you that until you

count up what you have

you can’t get

what you’re about to receive

for example if if if the little boy

didn’t know

that he had two fish and five loads of


we might not have the miracle with the 5


he when they said how much do you have

he didn’t say i don’t know because it’s

not enough

knowing gives us a sense of control

even the woman who was about to bake a

cake and die knew she had

a handful of meals

the woman who was had so much debt that

she was about to sell her sons knew that

she had

a pot of oil

do you know what you have

paul and silas said silver and gold have


but such as i

give out unto thee see if you don’t know

what you have you become vulnerable to


if you don’t know what you have you

won’t protect it

if you don’t know what you have you

won’t value it

if you don’t know that your grandmama’s

watch has got real diamonds around it

you won’t insure it

the enemy capitalizes off of ignorance


i don’t want to look at my credit report

well you can’t fix it

if you can’t look at it


i’ve got a surgeon in the room he can’t

operate if he can’t see

how can you fix what you will not


at i don’t talk to that daughter she

craves if you don’t talk to her

she’ll never get better

so speaking that word and speaking that

challenge and speaking that thought is

very very very important

if you’re going to be able to go any


moses you have gone as far as you can go

without a census

numbers are important to god

when they got the two fish and five

loaves of bread from the boy in the new

testament then jesus told the disciples

to set the people the 5 000 down in

groups of 50. he said count every last

one of them and organize

what you have so a proper accounting

is important to run anything

i talked to one of the entrepreneurs

young entrepreneurs here at the church

and he said i can’t seem to get up on my

feet and i can’t seem to get myself

together and then when he told me that

he was taking the business money and

mixing it with the personal money in the

same account i said you can’t go forward

because you can’t see

separate your business account

from your personal account

even if you have to pay yourself from

your business account you can’t see what

you’re doing

if you mix everything together you can’t


what you’ve got and you will hamper

where you’re going

so because

they were about jesus was about to

perform a miracle he’s getting organized

by numbers

okay and in the text because moses is

getting ready to take the promised land

he’s getting organized by numbers

last year they did a


and it was important that you fill out

the census because it determines how the

taxes are distributed and whose roads

get done and whose uh schools get income

and so many things are in control


the numbers

you go into the doctor to to get a

physical and the first thing they want

to do is put you on a scale

and i think look i didn’t come in here

to hear how fat i am

i came in here because my knee hurt but

you want to put me on the scale

because the numbers

measure the impact

on the knee

so you can’t just fix the knee

without assessing how much pressure is

on it

and by the way what do you do for a

living how long are you standing what

are you going through you know

they ask you all kinds of stuff and

moses has given them a series of

questions in the upper part of the

chapter that i didn’t read because he is

doing an evaluation

of what will it take

to take over


will it take

to take over

what will it take when i’m when i

counsel couples i ask them and they’re

fighting they don’t come to me till they


i mean they real mad they won’t come to

couples class or uh anything like that

they won’t come they come when all hell

is breaking loose and they’re on the way

to the courthouse and they stop by the


and they really don’t want me to fix the

relationship they want me to validate

who’s right


but the first thing you begin to do is

ask a series

of questions

because those questions help us

not only to evaluate but for you to be


and hopefully in the process of asking

the questions you cease to worship

around the throne

of who’s right

and begin to ask yourself

what will it take

to make this marriage work

okay i understand

she cheated on you and you’re angry

about it what will it take for you to

forgive her

until you answer that question how much

does your forgiveness cost

a hundred and fifty i’m sorry what what

what just just just give me a number

and generally they don’t know

and as long as you don’t know what it

will take to recover

you’ll never get better

what will it take to move this

relationship forward

what will it take to get us to our

destiny what will it take for my son to

graduate what will it take for me to be

able to apply for this grant what will

it i’m not going to fill out a form for

a grant when i don’t know what it takes

to win

or let me say it in biblical language no

man go up to bill without counting up



you’ll be surprised at the people who go

to bill and they have not counted up the


they don’t read the small print

they don’t all they want to know is how

much are their payments

see see

uninformed people want to know how much

are the payments

informed people want to know how much is

the interest

because if i’m gonna have to make them

payments the rest of my life for the car


that means i paid for the car 12 times

and the sticker is alive because of the

the interest and

and who pays the closing costs

if you don’t know what to ask

you can never change your situation

so moses begins by telling them not only

do i want you to go because if you send

people into a room without an objective

it becomes a tour

i trained our staff when we have a

business meeting and we have a strategy

meeting every year and all the people

i’m going to do business with from

everywhere comes in and we sit down at

the table

come into the room with an agenda

we are not really there for

lunch so don’t let the dry chicken

distract you

eat a cracker and close the deal

you might not even get to eat the lunch

at all the lunch is camouflaged

and moses is on the precipice

of entering into something

so massive

and so big and so different and so

unlike anything he has ever seen see

moses has never seen the promised land

he has only heard about it

god is about to give you something that

you have never seen

shot about

you heard about it but you have actually

never seen it you didn’t grow up in it

you hadn’t been exposed to it you don’t

understand it but god keeps waving it

before you and dreams and visions and

this is what is called exceedingly

abundantly above all that we may ask or


i can only imagine


saying god is about to give you

something that you can only


amen they have come

40 years on imagination

and this is the turning point where


becomes reality

and before they ever even send the spies

they want to get the numbers

and the questions right ready

we want to know who we are

what we have to offer

and we want to know who they are and

what they have here some questions about

the land questions about this questions

about that questions about the other are

you asking enough questions

to prepare you

for what you’re about to step into

marriage is survive when you ask the




and not make


because you could be working hard

to give the other person something

that they don’t need

and the only way you can find out what

they need is to ask


so the book of numbers is a census

and moses is sending the spies over

to do an inventory on what’s next

because he is humble enough to know i

know how to live in egypt i know how to

address pharaoh i know how to survive in

that culture i know how to survive in

the desert because i learned how to

survive in the desert by staying out

there with jethro but i don’t know how

to possess what’s next i want to talk to

somebody this morning that you’re about

to possess something that you don’t even

know how to do and you’ve been looking

at it a long time afraid of it because

there is nothing in your background that

has prepared you for your future


i mean a radical change

i don’t mean a continuation of business

as usual i mean stepping into another

dimension of anything you have ever done

before and you’ve been afraid of it and

you’ve been staring at it and you’ve

been looking at it and you’ve been

thinking about it and you’ve been

dreaming about it but you haven’t been

moving on it because you’re afraid of it

i rebuked the spirit of fear greater is

he that’s in you than he that’s in the

world god is going to do what god is

going to do


i feel a shout coming in the house i

feel a praise coming in the house as my

spirit receives this word and ingested

and digested and appropriated it also

drives out the toxicity of fear and

intimidation and procrastination

you’re not procrastinating because

you’re lazy you’re procrastinating

because you’re afraid

ye shall know the truth and the truth

shall set you free how big are they

what does the land look like

what do they wear in that setting

what is an appropriate conversation for

what’s next

in my life



i feel i feel the prosperity cutters i’m

gonna take my time with this because i

feel like this is prophetic in the life

of somebody that you’ve been knowing for

the last couple of years that things

were about to shift for you

and you’ve been standing there staring

at it you heard about it you felt it you

sensed it but it doesn’t fit where you

came from and god is going gonna cause

you to take a leap of faith into a realm

that you’ve never been in before and

you’re gonna step into it

the entrance of thy word giveth light

the entrance of thy word giveth light

when you take in the word it gives light

which when you have light on the inside

is called enlightenment

in enlightenment

enlightenment cannot be measured

external light can be measured

the lumens from external light can be

measured but the lumens on internal

light there is no mechanism to control

enlightenment the devil doesn’t mind you

turning lights on on the outside

he doesn’t want you to have lights

turned on on the inside but this word

that i’m preaching to you this morning

is getting ready to lighten you up until

you’re enlightened and prepared for what

god is about to do next in your life

whatever you do don’t click me off right

now because i’m getting ready to get you

ready for what you’re about to step into

god doesn’t want you to step into it as

a fool

with assumptions and ideas that are

inaccurate because if you step into it

as a fool

when the wind blows the house will come


because you didn’t build it on a rock


you didn’t build it on a fact

you didn’t build it with a clear


so moses in an attempt

to assess he’s already done an

assessment of who he’s got with him and

what he has he is now

assessing what he’s up against

he rather start a fight

without assessing

what he’s up against

he doesn’t make assumptions

about what it takes

to do what i see it’s one thing to hear

me preach on sunday morning but you

cannot assess what it costs to be me

by watching me preach on sunday morning

because that is just

the chicken wing part


of what leadership takes

to run this


you you you don’t know

the multiplicity of issues

and actions that are necessary that goes

into any decision that we make

you don’t know that if we’re going to

have a leadership conference we have to

make sure that we put people in the

safest possible environment so that

means we have to spray the room we have

to change the mites we have to make sure

that we do social distances we have to

count all of that up because of the

times that we’re moving in

extra measures and precautions have to

be taken and we have to meet about it

and we have to talk about it and we have

to strategize that we have to talk to

the hotel managers and we have to manage

their expectations

and their cleanliness and their

methodology before we do recommendations

it’s not about just can you speak to the


it’s about making sure that you have

done due diligence to protect

what god has given you

so moses has assessed what he has

and now he has sent the spies to assess

what he’s up against

have you had anybody spy out

what you’re up against

i get calls all the time for people who

say i want to

they they say

the interviewers ask me all the time

what’s a typical day

in the life of tdjs which i laugh

because there is no typical day

every day is a surprise

you know every day is different every

day is new every day is unpredictable

and it’s hard for me to describe for

them uh there are a lot of things i

can’t do people who want you to have an

appointment every monday and every

wednesday at two o’clock drive me crazy

because my mondays and wednesdays are

not typical

suppose i have a funeral

suppose i have a crisis

suppose we’re shooting a movie

suppose i have an interview about the

movie suppose we have a situation where

we have to negotiate to be able to uh

provide products for our hospital


i can’t be locked up

to a schedule other people might be able

to do that you so you have to know what

your need is like

and then assess

what you’re up against

the text before us is after the analysis

behind it that has evaluated

what they have and now they’re going to


what it takes for what’s next

because never assume

that what’s next

is like where you’ve been

never assume

that you can get married and still be


never think for a minute that having a

baby won’t change the whole dynamics of


marriage somebody ought to be shoving me

down right now

every change in what’s next

affects everything that was

so the biggest part of leadership is


and you can’t thinking you can’t do

great thinking with poor information

oh that that’s a tweetable right there

you can’t do great thinking with poor


footnote be careful who feeds you


because somebody feeding you bad

information will cause you to make bad

decisions could cost you to be killed

when somebody sends me an article the

first thing i i look at is who wrote it

how reputable is the company is this

legitimate where did it come from then i

validate it then especially now

so moses is doing validation he sent 12

scouts to assess the feasibility of

taking back the land he is taking back

what has been promised to his

forefathers not what has been promised

to him

because he has never seen it


years of being in egypt has not taken

away the promise of god

400 years of being a slave has not taken

away the promise of god some kind of way

though the word was diluted and polluted

by the egyptians theology and their way

of life still

the rumor persisted

that where i am is not where i’m from

that i’m an immigrant to this situation

and some kind of way the rumor had

persisted that there was a promised land

you can’t move from a place

when you think that you belong in the


you can never move from poverty if

poverty has become your normal

the day you accept it is the day you’re


many of you heard me tell us how i

walked in my house one day in west

virginia years ago and we had first got

married we were young people and the

house was there and it was okay it was

sort of okay a little bit in a way and

you know

it was kind of

cruddy and everything and i walked in

the house and i started talking to the

house and i i said to the house i said

to the house i sent to the house

i said to the house you’re lying on me

now i know that sounds kind of crazy and

there might be some therapists that want

to meet with me after service but i

talked to stuff

i told her how’s you a lie

this is not my reality it might be my

situation but it is not who i am it

might be where i gotta be at this moment

but this is not me and you are lying on

me and i was living in a lie

and then i told the house i’m better

than this

i hadn’t seen better

but down in my spirit i knew

that i was better than what was around

me i was better than choosing which

utility i was going to keep on i was

better than having to use my neighbor’s

phone i was better than dropping their

cable line through my window

i’m in it but i’m not of it

that’s why you got to tell your children

who they are and keep reminding them who

they are because if you don’t remind

them who they are somebody else will lay

hands on them and make them what they’re


they will molest them that’s what


really is is to make me what i am not

because you’re making me what you need

me to be rather than what i am

oh i’m on a roll this morning i’m in my

zone this morning hell is in trouble

this morning demons out of trouble this

morning i want you to get ready for me

get ready get ready get ready because i

feel the flow of the holy ghost in this

place i feel a wind about to hit this

place i feel the power of god about to

shatter this place of his shatter is

gonna shatter every misconception that’s

held you down to the same level and said

you can’t be anything else it’s a liar

felon and russia lockage are one of the

richest black women in the world who is

in oil and went from fashion to oil

started out as a secretary in the bank

so she’s typing around it

she don’t have it but she’s typing

around it

and the spirit of prosperity

fell on her

and so she went from being a secretary

to being a seamstress to being a stylist

to being a fashion designer that hit the

paris runway then she flipped the money

from the paris runway and put it in oil

and she bought some property that they

thought would never be worth anything in

fact she bought it in the middle of the

water and they laughed at her and

thought she was a fool till she hit oil

somebody in this place is about to dig

your way into some



the men that

that moses sent were not just 12 men he

picked at random

no no they were the heads of the 12

tribes of israel

so they had influence

and you have to understand they had


they had leadership they had insight

they had impact

he picks these 12 men to go

and they are going into a city

knowing that when they get there though

they are 12 and representatives

they know that when they get in the city

they’re going to be outnumbered

it’s not like he’s 12 men going to visit

12 men

the hittites were there

the jebusites were there

the canaanites were there

they had uh the sons of a night were

there they had all of these people they

knew they were walking into a situation

where they were outgunned

they knew they were carrying a knife to

a gunfight

they knew they were carrying a

checkerboard to a chess game

and still they went

can you go into a situation where you’re


because that determines whether you’re

going to be able to go into the promised

land if you can only work with people

who look like you and dress like you and

walk like you until you’re willing to

walk into a room where you’re

outnumbered you’ll never receive what

god has for you

there were 12 men

12 leaders representing the 12 tribes of

israel each one having influence over

different tribes

oh let me stop there for a minute and

say even though israel was moving

they had tribes


exist in progress

you can’t wait till everybody is one

to move

if america only moved when america

agreed we would get nothing done

not only do we not agree now we have

never agreed about anything and one time

the agreement got so bad it broke out to

a civil war and still the country


and you might be having a civil war in

your house right now but just because

you’re at odds doesn’t mean you can’t

survive i’ve seen folks stay married who

fought every day and the folks who was

walking around hugging and kissing broke

up in three years


can i go on

they knew that they would be outnumbered

what they didn’t know

is whether they would return

look at the courage it took for all 12

of them

to go into a land where they’re


and to not be certain

that they would ever come back

can you imagine being the wives or the

sons or the daughters of one of these 12


and you’re packing their bags

and you’re sending them out

and you’re kissing them at the door

and you’re watching them as they go away

and you’re wondering is this

the last look

they could have been killed

they could have been murdered they could

have been destroyed

when you get ready to make your next


you have to understand and live with the


i get killed

it might go bankrupt

might not come out of it

this is progress is not for the faint of


can i preach this

the part of the text that i’m focusing

on right now

describes their return

so they did come back

and they were they lived to tell it

i told them when the pandemic started

and and all the young people

younger younger than me and the church

were laughing because i put protocols in

place in my house and my life in my car


and i told them somebody got to be alive

to tell what happened

so i already had my speech prepared what

had happened was

they was arguing about masks and

vaccines and stuff and that’s how big


got a plan

on coming back


somebody shout i’m coming back

anybody getting anything out of this or

am i just i don’t know

now now they come back with a report and

they come back to report to moses i

don’t understand this part of the text

and i think moses is a great leader

one of the greatest leaders in the old

testament uh amazing person

uh a amen

to me in many many ways i don’t

understand this i don’t understand why

he let the 12 spies come back

and make a public report

i don’t understand that i would never do


i would never do that

to me no contemporary leader

would get a report from your top men

with a news station

because you don’t know what they’re

going to tell you

and i would rather hear that information

process that information and disseminate

that information until you have a

respect for information you can’t be

trusted with

the moment feels like

a csi

abduction story you know in csi where

when the police have surrounded the bank

and set up boundaries and begin to ask

all kinds of questions and they call for

the architectural designs of the

building and they want to know what the

ventilation system is like and how big

is it and they want to know how many

entry doors and access there is and they

want to know what it what would happen

if they cut off the heat or the air or

the power and they want to assess

everything how many hostages are in the

building uh uh where are they being held

and what type of weapons do does the

enemy have and how it’s that kind of


but they don’t do that with cameras

the press is put out

while the facts are coming in

don’t tell your story too soon

because we’re still fact-finding we’re

still gathering information and you’ll

hear the police make reports sometimes

no i can’t answer that question we can

tell you this we can tell you that we

can’t answer that question it’s still up

under investigation when the

investigation is complete we’ll give you

updated information while you’re still

in a stage of investigation don’t start


if joseph would have followed that he

would have never ended up in the pit

don’t tell your brothers you’re going to

be king before your king

or they’ll throw you in a pit and tell

your daddy you’re dead


let’s get the architect’s blueprint this

kind of fact-finding moment isn’t done

in front of the presser around a whole

lot of people yet moses is gathering

intelligence and exposing it to the

public in real time speed

and i’m like tripping off of this


the the intelligence that he’s gathering

is is relative

and intelligence is always relative

intelligence is based on perspective

and so you don’t want to send out mixed

messages to multitudes

because if you send out mixed messages

to multitudes it creates murmuring

that’s why i want you to delete some of

your pictures

on your instagram

because one moment you’re talking about

how good god is

and your your your name on there is big



and you’re sending mixed messages and we

don’t know which one of you


did i say that out loud

i didn’t mean to say that i i i

apologize big breasts betty i didn’t

mean to call your name out loud

in the middle of my sermon but but there

has to be a continuity of information if

i know

it’s a cultural thing pray for me

you can’t create trust

with conflicting truth

and so they’re having a private debate

in a public place

ten of the spies have said we can’t do


there’s no way in the world we can do


now look at this for a minute wait a

minute the option to not doing this is

living in the desert

where we have been for the last 40 years

when when you look at the option of not

going forward

it will give you courage to fight the


because i don’t know about you i’m more

afraid of stagnation than i am

opposition i would rather fight the

opposition than to succumb to the

frustration of stagnation and wasting my

life being stuck in the same spot do i

have anybody related to me in here are

you from are you from my tribe holla at

me if you ready to make a move

only joshua and caleb brought back a

positive report

two men out of 12 again


their report is a true report

but they were outnumbered

i won’t focus on joshua as he will get a

lot of face time in the scriptures he he

will fight the amalekites uh he he will

become moses his successor he he he will

split the jordan river he will march

around the walls of jericho he will

defeat jericho he will successfully

subdue the promised land i’m not going

to spend a lot of time on him because he

gets a lot of face time in preaching a

lot of face time in scriptures a lot of

face time in history but i am fascinated

by caleb

and i’m shocked that joshua who is

mighty in battle

did not silence the crowd

with his ability to fight

and i’m fascinated that caleb who has

less face time

seemingly has more


can it kind of go deeper can i go deeper

the bible so i started studying caleb

caleb the bible says has another spirit

he’s just a different kind of guy

but but but what about caleb who who

what can we know who is this man who

silenced the entire

congregation millions of people shut up

when he spoke up

what do we really know about him he he

he is outnumbered in the text he one man

stood up and silenced the whole crowd

the first thing he teaches me is use

your voice


even when you’re outnumbered use your

voice don’t let anybody take your voice

i have a right to my opinion i have a

right to say what i think i have a right

to speak how i saw it even if everybody

else sees it another way i still have

the right to say what i saw


he is he’s outnumbered by the 12.

he’s outnumbered in the details provided

in the torah he’s he he is mentioned in

the koran

but not by name


has a low profile

but a powerful voice

what gives him the power to silence this

crowd in such a dynamic way and see what

10 others did not see

no wonder the bible said he had another

spirit when you see

what others cannot see you can do what

others cannot do glory to god

imma say it again for the people in the

back when you see

what others cannot see you can do what

others cannot do

good god almighty type it on the line

when you see what others cannot see you

can do what others cannot do turn up had

another spirit and the bible said that

because caleb had another spirit god

blessed him god will bless you if you’re

willing to be different if you step out

from the herd if you get away from the

pack if you’re willing to be ostracized

if you’re willing to be cussed out if

you’re willing to be cast down god will

bless you



not somebody tell them i got another


i got another spirit the devil don’t

know who he’s fooling with i got another

spirit i got another spirit i was cut

off another piece of material i got

another spirit i’m not trying to be like

you i’m not trying to fit in with you

i’m not trying to win you i am who i am

you like me or you know this is it check

it out


it is what it is


my god can you feel the anointing that’s

in this place can you feel the anointing

somebody’s faith is leaping up and down

in their belly somebody’s getting a

witness down in their soul somebody’s

getting a confirming word on the stream

somebody’s getting the confidence to go

where they’ve never gone before and

everybody says you’re a fool but you’re

willing to be called a fool and laugh

laughing because you have another spirit

and god said he’s going to give you a

voice that will silence your enemy that

will silence your critics that will

silence your opposition that will

silence your story god said when you

open your mouth he’s gonna shut them up




not somebody say i’m outnumbered

but i’m all right

and give god a praise

i’m outnumbered

but i’m all right

i’m outnumbered

but i’m all right

i’m outnumbered

but i’m all right serena i’ve always

been outnumbered but i’ve always been

all right

i’m outnumbered

but i still believe

that god’s word is true

if you got the spirit of caleb

give me three seconds of the holy ghost


i’m all right

i’m all right

i’m all right by myself i’m all right if

you don’t say it man i’m all right if

you don’t like me i’m all right if you

don’t like what i got on i’m all right

i’m good with it


can i feed you just a little bit more

sit outside i want to feed you just a

little bit more i’m running out of time

but i feel something but i feel

something but i feel something and i

feel something about to break and i feel

something about the break in the spirit

world and when it breaks in the spirit

world it’s gonna break in every area of

your life when it breaks in your belly

you’re gonna flood your situation when

it breaks in your heart it’s gonna renew

you oh my god

somebody’s praying for me and i can feel

it somebody’s got my back cause i can

feel your hand in my back pushing me

forward i’m gonna break this yoke before

i sit down i’m a prank




let me move on i gotta hear traditional

jewish scholars

record a number of stories and theories

about caleb which expand on the biblical


it expands on it in many

significant ways one account records

that caleb wanted to bring produce from

the land but the other spies discouraged

him from bringing the produce from the

land to avoid giving the israelites

a positive impression of canaan

so the spies were arguing

how much do we show them

if we show them how much they can have

they’re gonna get excited about

possessing the land

only caleb wanted

to expose them to what’s next there are

very few men

that are confident enough in who they

are to expose you to what’s next

caleb pulled out his sword and got ready

to fight he said i’m not going back

empty-handed we gotta show them

something and they argued about it and

they almost went to blows about it and

the historian said that they settled on

the fact

that they would they would at least show

them the grapes

so they pull check this out a cluster of


now i know what a cluster of grapes is i

have eaten a cluster of grapes

but this cluster of grapes was so big

that it took two men

to be able to carry it

and the lord told me to tell you

that what he has for you

is not what you saw at the grocery store

it’s not what you saw in the magazine

but it’s so big

it’s gonna take two men

to carry back one




last three people say this is gonna be

big this is gonna be big

this is gonna be big

this is gonna be big i can tell by the

giants i can tell by the fight

i can tell by the sickness

i can tell by the struggle

i can tell by the demonic attack that’s

been launched against me whatever god is

about to do it’s going to be bigger than

i could imagine it’s gonna be greater

than i could ever conceive it’s gonna be

exceedingly abundantly above all the

exceedingly abundantly above all that

are exceedingly abundantly above all

that i can i gotta get ready i can’t get

ready for grocery store grapes

if i’ve got grapes so big that it’s

gonna take two men



and caleb wanted to bring more produce

but because the 10 spies

did not want to incite the people

to possess the land

they discouraged him

he fought him back and at least

got to show them the grapes

i want to talk to somebody you don’t

know all the details yet but you have

seen the grapes on what’s next in your

life every person who’s dragging some


that are prophetic to where you’re going

give him a moment of praise in this



i see the grapes

i see the grapes

it’s heaven

but i’m carrying the grapes

it’s bigger than i expected but i’m

carrying the greats

i got to go into a partnership but i’m

carrying the grapes

i had to open up a limited liability

partnership but i’m carrying the grapes

what god is getting ready to do for you

you can’t do it by yourself

you’ve gone as far as you can go

by yourself

these grapes are big

these grapes are being

these grapes are big

these grapes are big

these grapes are big

these grapes are big

the devil don’t like it

hell don’t like it the witch don’t like

it your body is fighting you your health

is fighting you but the devil is alive

if i gotta drag it back






so i went a little deeper

and i started reading the midrash

and a midrash


a commentary

on old testament theology

that includes both the written

and all interpretations

of the scriptures

and it’s called a midwestern when you

read the midrash it opens up insight

that caleb is fully

devoted to the lord

and to moses

until you can be faithful

to that which pertains to another man

you can never have your home

until you can work in somebody else’s

house as if it were your house you can’t


what god can do

in your life

somebody give me more time

i feel the holy ghost

about to break a yoke and when the yolk

is broken

the blessings are going to flood your


get ready to swim in it

get ready for your tobacco

get ready for the power of god to come

down in your life


so the midwest says that he was wholly

devoted to

the lord and to moses

splitting from the scouts

he also went over into hebron

on his own

and visited the graves

of the patriarchs

to remind himself

of what he came from

whenever i get in a fight

i go back in my past

and tell the devil you’re not fighting

the td jakes they know

you fighting the storefront tdjs

you fighting this tv jason was preaching

and frying chicken and selling dinners

to keep the church doors open

you fight the country td jakes that

preach with a towel wrapped around his

neck that left wet spots in the floor

and not only that

you’re fighting my mother

you’re fighting my grandmother

you’re fighting my grandfather you’re

fighting my great-great-grandfather

all of my ancestors are standing up here

preaching with me

all of my ancestors you’re fighting all

the mississippi here all of alabama

you’re fighting nigeria you’re fighting


you’re fighting the west coast

all of my ancestors are down inside of






people who survived

against all adversity

people who ran away

and threw

balls of cornbread

at the dogs that were chasing them

and that’s why they’re called hush


because it would husk a puppy

long enough for them to run

you can’t handle this

i’ll throw bread in your face

i’ll shut up your barking

i’ll run through the woods

i’ll weave rice in my hair

and live off the rice

you’re fighting everything i came from

so the men were saying

i’m almost there

don’t let me go

cause i’m just not getting be part of


it took me a while to get there

the midrash said

that caleb had a voice

that was so loud

that when they got ready to get the

grapes they had to drive off the sons of


and caleb shouted so loud

that the giants ran

and the holy ghost said to me

tell my people

you can bring it down with a shout-out


if you open your mouth

the giants will run

if you open your mouth

the wall will crumble

if you shout

god’s given you a voice

caleb had a strong voice

that’s why you shut up the enemy

stop being quiet

stop being cute

stop being polite

pull your earrings off

open up your mouth

kick off your shoes

this means war

devilish means whoa


shall you






my god i feel the holy ghost about to

take over this church

i feel the spirit of god

speaking to somebody in this room

i feel demons

running for exit doors

because somebody opened their mouth

i feel cancer



tell the devil i’m getting ready to


i’m getting ready to scream i’m getting

ready to holler

i’m getting ready to go to war

you can’t have my stuff

you can’t have my peace

you can’t have my joy

give me 30 seconds of holy ghost shout



got a feeling




open your mouth






give him a praise in this place



i see the warriors

i see warriors all over this room

i see warriors and they gonna take and

laying down you will open your mouth and


you’re outnumbered

but the power is in your mouth

you shall have

whatever you say



i think




is the son



and jeff and her


were kennezites

and the kinazites

dwelt in canaan

and the reason he went

to the tombs of the patriarchs

was to remind himself

that this is my natural habitat

it might feel strange

but this is the land

of my forefathers

and when he began to remind himself

that these grapes are normal


to who i am

they might feel heavy

but the norm

who i feel like preaching so bad

to who i am

it might feel strange

but it’s normal

to where i came from

until you think you have a right to be

blessed the devil will talk you out of

being blessed

but i came to serve notice

devil you a liar

this is my stuff

i ain’t gonna let you have

my stuff

this is my house

you may be living in it

but it’s my house

suddenly i understood

why caleb

had a different report

he had a different



he had a different perspective

he had a perspective of ownership

not stewardship

the tombs reminded him

of his story

of his ancestry

that the only reason you’re in this mess

is that the enemy

is sitting on your land

and we’re not stealing from them

they’re squatters

all of the canaanites

all of the hittites

all of the jebusites

had come in since abram had left

there squatters on my left give me my

stuff back

give me my house back

give me my piece back

give me my joy back up

give me my family back

give me my child back

are you crazy that’s my child



everybody standing the amazing thing was



you see

ten spies

brought back what the bible says was the

evil report

but it didn’t say

that they were lying

they were not lying


doesn’t always lie

the ten spies were reporting the facts

the facts were

the jebusites

dwell in the land

and the garish heights

dwell in the mountains

and the canaanites

are down by the river

the facts were

we also saw the sons of anac

and the facts were

the sons of anac

were huge


and no matter what you do with this text

you cannot negate the fact

that the sons of anak

were as big over them

as people are

over grasshoppers

this is not just low self-esteem talking

these are facts


we were in their

as grasshoppers

we were outnumbered

they were they were taller than us

they were more than us

their cities were walled they did not


the fact that the bible said it was evil

doesn’t mean it wasn’t true

it calls it evil

because it contradicts

the facts


the truth



for example the facts are

you are in debt

the truth is

god will supply all of my needs

according to his riches and glory

the fact is you got a lump in your


the truth is

by his stripes we are healed

the facts are

you have a need right now

the truth is

the lord is my shepherd

i shall not want

ten spies brought back facts

two spies brought by truth

and when all the facts are over

it is not the facts that set you free

it is the truth

that sets you free

the truth is

if god before you

he’s involved in the world against you

the truth is if god is on your side

you can’t be outnumbered

the truth is

one can chase a thousand

and two ten thousand you have to decide

are you gonna live by the facts


or are you gonna fight for the




have sent innocent men to jail



have caused unnecessary surgeries


facts have made

descendants give up

airship to property


facts are they’re about to sell

grandpa’s house for back taxes

the truth is if we all get together


we can take it back you have to decide

right now

you hear what i said right now

before you click off you have to decide

right now are you going to live by the


or are you going to stand for the truth

caleb stood

for the truth

and he stood so long

moses died

and caleb was still standing


85 years old

caleb was still standing

at 85 years old caleb said

to joshua

i serve faithfully

under moses

and moses is dead

i serve faithfully under you

now give me this mountain

he’s 85 and he’s still under attack

he’s 85

and he’s still using his voice

he’s 85 wait a minute he could have


a land that had already been conquered

but the spot he picked out

meant he had to fight

at 85.

listen at me

everybody my age and older

the day

you stop fighting

it’s the day

you stop living


strengthen yourself

drag yourself up

and tell god give me something to fight

as long as i got something to fight

my limbs will move

motion is lotion

i gotta keep moving

if i stop fighting death will take me

i ain’t going out like that

caleb was 85 years old

and he said give me something to fight


but caleb

if i give you that piece of ground

you’re asking for you’re going to be



outnumbered all my life

i’ve been outnumbered all my life

i’m used to being outnumbered

i can still win it

listen at me there’s some

thing in your life

that makes you think you’re disqualified

you didn’t finish school

you had a baby out of wedlock you went

through a divorce you come from a broken

home your emotions are shattered we all

got some reason

to settle

but we also got a reason to fight

if a 85 year old man

has not lost his voice

and has not lost his fight i’m not

saying he ran like he did when he was


but i’m saying he was a bad 85.

he was a tough 85

because it ain’t

the years on the body

it is the mentality

of the mind

as a man thinketh in his heart


so is he

i told the lord i don’t care what you do

with me

i’m yours

i don’t care where you place me

how you plant me i’m yours

but always leave me something to fight

give me a reason to get out the bed in

the morning

give me a reason to shave my face and

get dressed and have something to do

because when i run out of something to


i run out of reasons to live

young folk get up off your grandmama’s


and fight something

you’ll never find out how smart you are

how tough you are how strong you are


until you fight back


and i know you’re outnumbered

that’s chapter

but fight back

i know the odds are against you

but fight back

i know the facts are against you

but the truth is you gotta fight back

fight the facts back where the stats say

you’re at risk

and the stats say

that a person from your background

isn’t going to go anywhere but to jail

and the stats say i don’t care

what the stats say

i’m going to outnumber the numbers

so i preached to you


about being


in the book of numbers

because the numbers may be against you

but you can outnumber

the numbers


yes sir

i love the way you shouted that out

i love the way you shouted that out

because hell heard you say that

when you said yes i can demons heard you

say that

when you say yes i can d sickness heard

you say that when you said yes i can

weakness heard you say that somebody

shout yes i can



as i come to a close in this message

this is a word for people

whose facts outnumber you

but the truth is god

gave them

everything that was against him

the truth overcame every fact

that the spies reported

and in the end

the truth beat out the facts

so jesus does not say

you shall know the facts and the facts

will make you free


you shall know the truth

and the truth shall set you free

so jesus walked over to a woman

who had been bowed over for 18 years

bent in a way that she could not lift up


and she came to jesus

bent over

jesus never said woman you are bent over

because those were the facts

the truth said woman

thou are loosed

and the moment the truth hit the facts

the facts came into alignment

with the truth

the bible said immediately she

straightening up herself

that spirit of straightening is in this

room right now

that spirit of divine alignment is in

this room right now

that spirit of empowerment

is in this room right now

that spirit of speaking against the


and stealing the voice silence the voice

of all of those

who are murmuring

shut them up


i have always said the best answer to

criticism is success


god told me

to tell you

to shut their mouth

he’s not going to do it for you


have to speak


because the power of life and death

it’s in your tongue


as i prepare to close today

if you want to sow in this prophetic

word sow

into this prophetic word if your

business needed this prophetic word

so out of your business into this

prophetic word if if you needed

this word so into this prophetic word

what does that mean it means build an

altar and offer up a sacrifice

as an acknowledgement is god i

hear you

talking right to me

i heard what the preacher said but i

also heard what you said through what

the preacher said

you talking to me about something i’ve

been scared of

something i’ve been running from

something i felt like quitting about

and you just pushed me in the back and

stopped me from procrastinating

everybody heard something different

somebody’s going back to school

somebody’s opening up a business

somebody starting a mission field

i don’t know what it is that god told

you was your promise

but i do know that god is tired of you

settling on your

because you’re afraid of your promise

and i’ll give you a moment i won’t beg i

won’t plead i won’t give an amount i

won’t that’s between you and god i don’t

know what it’s worth to you i have no

idea how big your grapes are


look at somebody say i got big grapes

one cluster

took two men

you’re gonna need partnership


you don’t need alignment to carry

what god is getting ready to drop on you

now you’re going to be hard-headed and

be solo you’re going to lose your grapes

god is doing something


i told my wife i’ve heard from the lord


she knows i walk around the house

looking funny until i heard from the

lord once i hear from the lord we can go

anywhere we can do anything that we got

to do but until i hear from the lord i

don’t want to come to you

until i have heard

from the lord




she said you’re all right i said i’m

good now

because god told me to preach


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