For those feeling discouraged, this is the best way to get the encouragement you need.

It is the seemingly insignificant insecurities
that make you feel like, “I’m not a real man.

I’m not a real mom.

Now I’m yelling at my daughter just like my
mom yelled at me, and I’m just repeating the


It causes you to despise your oil.

That’s exactly what the Enemy wants: to use
a small little thing to get you to miss your

miracle, because your miracle is hidden in
what you’ve been overlooking.

The reason you’ve been overlooking it is because
it seems so small to you, and the reason it

seems small to you is because you are insecure
about what you’re not.

He’ll work on you until you call it nothing.

“What do you have to be grateful for?”




“What are you good at?”


We went around the table the other day, and
I asked a group of people, “What are you really

great at?”

It took us all a long time to answer.

I wonder why that is.

Because we’re so humble or because the Enemy
has messed with us so much now…?

We’re all on the verge of 40, and we’ve gotten
so familiar with our deficiency…

When you’ve lived in a deficit for a long
time, it overshadows the oil you do have.

He wants you to despise your oil.

He wants you to despise the season of life
you’re in.

He wants you to be thinking about how much
time you used to have back before or how much

time you’re going to have when.

Meanwhile, the question of the prophet is
not, “What do you wish you had in your house?”

What do you have left?

That’s what God is going to bless: what you
have left.

God is going to bless what he gave you.

You are his chosen vessel, and the oil you
have is the oil you need.

The strengths you have are the strengths you

The experiences you’ve had are the experiences
you need.

But notice the oil only flows when it is poured.

You can pray over it, you can cry over it,
you can wish for it, but until you pour it,

it will stay one small jar.

If the Enemy can’t take your oil, he will
try to get you to stop pouring.

Some of you have stopped pouring.

You got your heart broken.

You poured your love into your last relationship,
and it didn’t work out.

They left you and hurt you and turned away
from you, so you stopped pouring.

When you stop pouring, it stops flowing.

You used to encourage people, and then you
got discouraged and stopped encouraging.

God told me to tell you “Keep on pouring,”
because the more you pour, the more it’s going

to flow.

We tend to think, “I’ll pour more when I get

But the way it works in the order of God is
it becomes more as it is poured.

Isn’t it just like God to command you to pour
something you don’t feel like you have enough


Strange instruction.

“I don’t have much.”

“Pour it out.”

It’s the weirdest strategy in the world.

I’m going to tell you, I think this stuff

I think as you pour it out it becomes more.

I’m convinced of it.

I tried that thing where you feel sorry for
yourself when you’re discouraged.

I tried the other thing where I encouraged
somebody else when I felt discouraged.

The first one took me deeper into my deficit
and my discouragement.

The second one…

It’s the weirdest thing, because I didn’t
feel like I had it to give.

I wanted somebody to encourage me.

Bitterness will keep you from pouring what
you have while you wait for what you want.

So then you stay poor.

You stay frustrated.

You stay stuck.

You stay in bitterness.

I wonder if the woman was a little disappointed
that the prophet told her to pour something.

It’s frustrating when you have to pour into
someone else when you really wish someone

would pour into you, yet the more you pour
the more it flows.

I’m just telling you what to do the next time.

I know you haven’t had any struggles in the
last seven years, but in case you go through

something this year…

The more you pour, the more it flows.

The Devil is so crafty he will put you in
a state where you’ll tell yourself, “Nobody

appreciates me,” so you’ll stop giving yourself.

It will reinforce that self-fulfilling prophecy,
“Nobody appreciates me.”

They won’t appreciate you because you’ll stop
pouring and they’ll no longer have anything

to appreciate about you.

That’s why Holly said the other day, “They
don’t even care what I cook.”

She was talking about the kids.

She said, “They only want the noodles.”

She made this meal.

If you’re considering marrying in this age
we live in right now, there are a lot of things

that can attract you to a person.

I appreciate many qualities about my wife.

I appreciate the fact that she has excelled
to the point where she now…

Can I tell y’all something?

She grows her own Swiss chard.

Do you know how bougie that is?

Here’s some homegrown Swiss chard and some
chicken, and when the kids went back for seconds

she said, “They don’t care about the chicken.

They don’t care about the homegrown Swiss

They just want the noodles, that $1.29 box
of noodles.

They would be happy with just the noodles.”

I said, “Girl, I know exactly how you feel.

I feel that way sometimes when I’m preaching.”

The Devil will tell me, “They really don’t

They’re not going to remember this sermon.”

It’s the craziest thing how I get into self-pity.

It’s like, “They don’t appreciate my scriptural
Swiss chard, my biblical chicken.”

I looked at her and said, “Girl, if you don’t
cook it for anybody else, keep cooking the

chicken for me.

It’s not even about those little brats.

Let them eat the noodles.

Give me the chicken.

I want the Swiss chard.”

You have to have this sense in your life,
servant of God, that “I’m not doing it for

them,” because sometimes you will pour into
people and they won’t say a word, but they’re

not your source.

I might be pouring into people, but I’m pouring
for the Lord.

So I can keep pouring if you appreciate me.

I can keep pouring if you don’t.

I can keep pouring if you stay.

I can keep pouring if you walk out.

I’m so grateful God kept pouring into me when
I seemed unprofitable.

I have to keep pouring.

It said she kept pouring.

I wonder how stupid she felt when she first
started pouring.

Once it started working it was probably kind
of fun.

I will point out one thing I thought was kind
of funny.

Elisha told her in verse 3, “Go around and
ask all your neighbors for empty jars.”

In verse 5 it says, “She left him and shut
the door behind her and her sons.

They brought the jars to her…”

She made her kids go to the neighbors.

“You heard what the man said.”

She did one more thing I want to point out,
and it’s what enabled her to pour.

She shut the doors.

That’s such an important detail in this text,
because it is what you pour out in private

when no one is looking.

A lot of us are so busy praying for more oil,
more opportunity, more, more, more, more,

more, and God says, “Pour, pour, pour, pour,

The more you pour, the more it flows.

You’re never going to pour out what you have
while you’re so busy consulting what everybody

else has.

You be like the woman who came in and poured
out that expensive fragrance on the feet of


All of the men around called it a waste, and
she called it worship.

You’re always going to feel like it’s not
enough, and even if you feel like it is enough

you feel like it doesn’t matter.

Have you had a day like that in the last seven
where you felt like, “This doesn’t even matter”?

Shut the door and keep pouring.

In fact, sometimes the best thing to do is
shut your mouth

and keep pouring, because the oil only became
more when it was in motion and the oil only

flowed when the vessels were ready.

I don’t think this message is really about
the oil at all; I think it’s about the vessels.

When Elisha told her to go around to her neighbors,
he gave her a very specific type of vessel

to request.

He said, “Make sure they’re empty.”

God can’t fill what’s already full.

That’s why it’s so important that you pour
out your pride.

That’s why it’s so important that we pour
out our own opinions and come before the Lord


When the vessels are ready, the oil will flow.