Start this new year off right –– don’t let your past control your future.

and and what I wanted to challenge you
to do with this year that we’re leaving

and we’re going into a new year but be
very careful that you remember it right

your memory is a mess you know that
you’ve been memorizing all the wrong

stuff you’ve been memorizing all the
things that went wrong that’s why you’re

miserable because of your memory I’m
gonna come to this side see if I can

find anybody anybody at all at the Praise
Party at Elevation Church if you would

start recalling to your mind all of the
ways he’s made all of the promises he’s

kept all of the things he’s carried you
through all of the valleys that he walked

you out of if you would remember you
would rejoice if you would remember you

would open your mouth and praise God I

recall it to my mind I call it I call it
master your memory

don’t let your memory master you Paul
said I’m not chained to this floor I’m

chained to the faithfulness of God he
was faithful this morning and he’s faithful at

midnight I’m not memorizing my pain this

so I wanna get you in the right
atmosphere tonight cuz you’re sitting

there at Rock Hill you’re sitting there
at Lake Norman and you’re going over and

over and over and over again I saw
something on my phone it was called a

memory movie did you know that you can
do that now if you have an iPhone you

can go on and set all the memories that
you want and make a video out of it well

I’m gonna make a movie about this year
but I’m gonna skip some scenes and it’s

not that they didn’t happen
it’s just that I’m not putting them on

my plot line

it’s my memory and I’ve been remembering
it wrong that’s why I keep messing up

you only remember the one time that they

said that rude thing to you
twenty-seven thousand nine hundred

forty-two times they were nice to you
you remember the one manage your memory

edit your movie Paul had mastered his
memory here’s how I know not only did he

sing the hymn at midnight which indicates the fact that he knew that God was going

to deliver him because maybe God had
done it before maybe once you beat a

lion beat a bear Goliath ain’t so bad
maybe it’s not so scary to go through

the Jordan when you’ve been across the
Red Sea its memorize memorize memorize

memorize memorize muscle memory muscle
memory did you know that the same way

you can develop muscle memory in the
weight room you can develop miracle

memory in your spiritual life I got all
night I got all night I got all night so

so so Paul 10 years later is writing to
the Philippian church remember I told

you that he wrote a letter to the
Philippians and he’s talking to them and

he says uh this Philippians 1 verse 3 I
don’t have it memorized so I need it on the


he’s writing to the church that was
founded when he went to a woman named

Lydia and he ended up going to prison
and yet when he goes to speak to them a

decade later about what happened what he
has to say about it in his memory he

says you know what I thank my God every
time I remember you some of us have

we’re writing this we said every time I
remember you I think that that night I

spent when they beat my back every time
I everytime Paul said no no when I

remember you I remember the outcome not
the opposition the way I respond has to

do with the way I remember I thank my God every time I remember you in all my

prayers with you I thank my God
I remember you with joy when I remember

I don’t remember the pain I remember the
purpose he doesn’t even mention the

prison because by this time the purpose
is so big that that night in prison

seems small it’s just one night

memorize I was talking to Eric this
morning I said do you remember what

happened when they when they sang
praises to God he said yeah the prison

doors open and everyone’s chains came
off cuz I preached that before now I

mean any preacher can preach that you’re
trying to preach the Bible and you can’t

preach on this passage you should
definitely sharpen your other skills

resume out there but he said um ya
and the prison doors flew open right and

I asked him I said and then what he didn’t
know he didn’t remember he remembers his

fantasy football lineup but he didn’t
remember come on that’s my best friend

I’m just having a good time we’ve been friends since high school but

that’s that’s that’s you know what I
want to happen next in the story and I

know I don’t get to write the Bible and
Luke is writing this right he’s

recording it under the inspiration of
the Holy Spirit what happened here and

it would be great though in the sermon
on what happened at midnight cuz they

praised him at midnight chains came loose which represents freedom doors flew open which

represents escape but what happens next
well I know what I do if I’m Paul it’s

not hard
first you gotta memorize and then you

got to mobilize so I’m out because God
answered my prayer and that’s what the

earthquake was for and there’s the doors
open and look isn’t the Lord good I’m out

how many of you are with me you’re out
but remember how you always had that one

kid in your class that would raise their
hand at the end of class and the teacher

forgot to take up the homework
assignment but that one kid that one kid

would raise his hand and say um Miss Smith are you gonna take our math homework

cuz I totally do it Miss Smith
look watch this I love finding the church people

who aren’t used to having fun in church
Paul is that kid cuz the doors fly open

right this is amazing we’re out God is good praise the Lord Hallelujah great is thy faithfulness

but watch watch Paul is that kid huh
the jailer woke up verse 27 and when he

saw the prison doors open
he said oh crap tried to kill himself

he said it in Greek

because he thought the prisoners had
escaped well of course he did because

that’s what you do
but apparently Paul is better at

preaching then he is at prison breaks up Paul messes up the whole thing cause what I

want to see next either want Shawshank Redemption Andy

Dufresne crawling through the sewer
coming out like this in the rain on TBS

or I want Paul with his chains maybe I
watched went to many Quinn Tarantino

movies I shouldn’t confess that on the
stage but I want to see some action the

doors are open earthquake boom this is

I’m just warning you because we always
preach about what happened at midnight

but the miracle isn’t what happened at
midnight the miracle is what happened

after midnight it was what Paul had put
in his heart before midnight that gave

them to him to sing when midnight hit
and the way that he went through the

midnight is what gave him the credence
and the validity to have a message to

share the way that you go through your
trials the way that you go through your

dark seasons the way that you go through
the confusing times and the crucible of

the trial a testing of your faith but
Paul Paul baffles me man because the

doors fly open and instead of running
Paul shouted

look what he shouted don’t harm yourself

Miss Smith this anticlimactic right why
were you singing and praying if you were

just gonna stand in the same place with
the doors open but maybe Paul had the

kind of faith that doesn’t only give you
the way of escape because that’s what a

lot of us really want when we talk about
a new year a new beginning what we

really want is a new situation I want

I want out God get me out get me get me
out of this debt but what what if God

wants to get in your budget I’m just
trying to preach something helpful

because I don’t want you to watch the
dot disappear go home wake up with a

headache and think nothing happened no
it’s not what happens at midnight it’s

what happened after midnight when Paul
said I know you were expecting me to get

out but I didn’t come to Philippi to get
out I came to Philippi to get the gospel

in Paul wasn’t trying to get out he was
trying to bring the word of God in

high-five three people tell them to bring it in bring it in bring it in bring it in bring it in

I’m not just trying to get out of a sad
situation I’m bringing in my joy I’m not just trying to get out of a hard situation I’m bringing in God’s strength

bring it bring it in bring it in bring
it in I’m bringing it in I’m not getting

out I came to Philippi to preach and now

I’ve got a captive audience don’t kill
yourself mr. prison guard I know you

were supposed to be guarding me but what happens when the one who was a hostage

becomes the host and Paul turns around
and says don’t worry about it I got good

news for you Paul saw an opportunity
Paul didn’t see an open prison door he

saw an open door for the gospel I want
to declare over your life there is an

open door of opportunity

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