Is there something keeping you from truly knowing God? “Jesus will stop for you … He sees you tonight as though you’re the only person in all the world.”

from our archives the billy graham


now i want you to turn with me to the

passage that ralph bell read to us

the third chapter of ii peter i wish i

had an opportunity

to go verse by verse in this chapter

because it’s one of the most

important chapters concerning the coming


of jesus christ i want to speak on

the day of the coming of christ that day

it’s called in scripture now when you

woke up this morning

i want to ask you what were your

expectations of today

many people began thinking well it’s

going to be just an average day nothing

unusual about that

nothing out of the ordinary nothing much

to look forward to just an

average day and then there may be the

graduation day our anniversary day a

promotion day or

a day in which you retire maybe a day in

which you start your vacation

or maybe your birthday or the birth of a


but tonight i want to talk to you about

a day that is unique

in the history of the world the day when

the bible teaches

jesus christ is coming back to this

earth and that day

is on god’s calendar the word of god

says it’ll only happen once and it’s

going to come as a devastating shock for

those that are not prepared

but for those who look forward to the

coming of jesus christ

it’s going to be a day of great joy and

the early new testament christians

continually talked about

and looked forward to that day or the

day or the last days these expressions

are used throughout the new testament

the last days and we are living i

believe in the last days

what kind of a day are we looking for

what’s going to happen on that day

well first of all it’ll be a day of


2 thessalonians 1 7 says and to you who

are troubled

rest with us when the lord jesus shall

be revealed from heaven

with his mighty angels he’s not going to

come riding a donkey the next time

he’s going to come with the mighty

angels of heaven

it’s going to be the personal return

and appearance of jesus christ after the

crucifixion and the resurrection

of jesus the bible says he appeared in

person to his disciples

and to 500 of his followers but jesus

didn’t appear to pilate have you ever

wondered why

or to herod or to the chief priest

or those that engineered his crucifixion

he didn’t appeal to them why

appear to them why because it was not

the time

they they’re going to see him on that

day that is yet future

revelation 1 7 says look he’s coming

with the clouds and every eye will see


even those who pierced him and all the

peoples of the earth will mourn because

of him

even the people that pierced him even

the people that engineered his death are

going to see him