Stop letting the enemy frame your situation. In “The Secret To Framing Your Situation,” we’re reminded that no matter what we’re facing, we can choose to focus on God’s faithfulness. —— Stay Connected Website: Steven Furtick Facebook: Steven Furtick Instagram: Steven Furtick Twitter: #stevenfurtick #secret #perspective #faith #future #godspower #godsplan #expectation #appreciation #strength #gift Chapters: 0:00 – You Have A Future 2:14 – God Just Did That 5:04 – Reframing Your Situation 7:24 – Expectation and Appreciation 9:27 – You Are Stronger Than You Think Scripture References: Joshua 4, verses 6-7 The Secret To Framing Your Situation | The Basin

don’t you let the enemy tell you any

different you have a future

God knows the plans he has for you plans

to give you a hope and a future

there’s laughter in your future

there’s Connection in your future

there’s friendship in your future

there’s joy in your future there’s

growth in your future

there’s creativity in your future

there’s fruit in your future

say that out loud there’s fruit in my



I feel the anointing I’ma stay right in

this flow you know there’s a flow in the

Jordan River that was cut off when God

spoke there’s a flow right now of the

Holy Spirit and I decree every doubt

every dysfunction every destructive

tendency caused by sin that works in you

against the purpose of God that is


must be stopped now in the name of Jesus

I declare it

I believe it I stand for it because

watch this in the future

when you’re living in Canaan and you’ve

wiped out these these Hittites amorites

parasites jebusites and cellulites


like to put that in and see if you’re

paying attention

in the future

he’s framing you know how powerful this

is he’s framing their their current

uncertainty how are we going to get

through this Jordan you just got through


he’s framing their current confusion how

are we going to beat these Giants

they’re stronger than us all those

questions are going through their mind

but he gives them a different frame in

the future now I’m thinking about when I

get through this which means I’m gonna

get through this

now I’m thinking about what God has on

the other side of this not just how much

it hurts while I’m going through it and

we can get too focused on the future

where we start doing the opposite of

what Jesus said in Matthew 6 where we’re

concerned about tomorrow not knowing

that our father knows where to put the

worms so that the bird can find it as it

flies with its Instinct God’s Gonna

guide us by his Spirit to the provision

that we need for the season that we’re

in and all of that is true but Joshua

knows what we’re about to fight is so


that we need a preview

of the future

so he said go get a stone that’s

something that God just did

you need to get a hold of something that

God just did

wow God just helped me sleep through the

night and I was in so much pain I didn’t

sleep the night before God just did that

you know God just gave me the 84 dollars

that I needed for that bill God just did


God just gave me another sunrise and

when I saw it I was reminded that he’s

not going to leave me in this low Place

forever God just did that say it out

loud God just did that God just did that

God just did that we just went through

something that was a mile wide the

Jordan River and God stopped it 20 miles

away in a town called Adam God just did

that my god did that my personal Savior

Jesus Christ just forgave me of that sin

he just did that