thank you


I talked to someone I’ve known for many

years his name is Mike Bickel he’s the

founder of IHOP not the pancake place

but the prayer place and God’s just done

marvelous things through this man and he

had a prophecy many years ago he would

call a million people to pray and fast



and you know what he said

I’ve heard some wacky prophecies but

this is the wackiest there’s no way I

could get a million people to pray and

fast for Israel

guess what

I just talked to him on the phone he has

over a million people signed up

to pray

and fast for 21 days and this is the

unique thing about it it’s May 7th to

May 28th anyone know what happens on May

28th Pentecost

and simultaneous to him calling that

fast we had a day of prayer and fasting

in our ministry

but we had three focuses

that I’m calling everyone that

sees this video or those here in person

to be open to God calling you to be part

of Team Glory here’s the three things we

prayed and fashioned for it’s only three

and by the way the fast is optional it

could be TV it could be computers it

could be a Daniel Fast whatever God

shows you the prayer is imperative the

fasting if you’re someone that fast you

may want to do the full Fast

but it’s you can be part of this without

fasting here are the three things that

we pray for and wait till you hear the

repercussions of these three things

the first


we pray mostly

in tongues we worship God but we pray

mostly in touch why because when you

pray in tongues you’re praying perfect

prayers with perfect Faith exactly what

God wants for the time in your life it’d

be kind of stupid not to do that your

brain doesn’t know exactly what God

wants and your brain no matter how much

you’ve meditated on the word doesn’t

have as much Faith as the Holy Spirit

within you speaking those prayers so

when you’re praying with a hundred

percent Faith because it’s a hundred

percent of what God wants

you’re doing something good something

very good it’s like when God created the

Earth he’s everything he creates is good

it’s good but then at the end he looked

over what he did he said he him not say

it myself it’s very good not just good

very good

that’s the first thing pray mostly in

tongues second

pray Romans 11 26.

very important did you know until this

happens even Jesus can’t return

all Israel shall be saved

all Israel there’s no other people group

in the world that God says all Israel

all of these people will be saved of

course my concern is the ones that die

before that date

because there’s no distinction there’s

no other name

given unto man in which we must be saved

so number one

worship and pray in tongues number two

pray Romans 11 26 and so all Israel

will be saved doesn’t say might be saved

will be saved

and then the Third

just as important because this is how

all Israel will be saved

this is what God says in Exodus 33 18.

we pray the prayer of Moses

and Moses said show me

Your Glory

Show Me Your Glory there is an

Evangelistic Glory coming unplanted

Earth the devil thinks he’s one God’s

ready God hasn’t even made his move yet

God is ready to make his best move where

it’s in the natural it looks like

America and most the nations of the

world are going down the tubes they need

to be turned upside down one more time

this world has to be turned upside down

again because it’s the wrong side up

Way Beyond logic and reason and Common


way too quickly anyone that says they

don’t believe in the devil just look

what happened to the world in our

lifetime in the greatest nation in the

world is about ready to become a

third-rate nation


a million people are going to be praying

Lord show me the glory Lord all Israel

shall be saved because

When you pray that