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Lord Jesus thank you so much for oh the

privilege to be together I don’t even

take for granted father just that simple

fact that we maybe before 2020 might

have taken for granted that we can be in

the same physical space I’m grateful

father and I’m also so grateful Lord

that we live in a place where we can

boldly and unapologetically Proclaim our

allegiance to your name and to your

kingdom and we’re not worried today that

somebody’s going to come arrest us for

our faith or that father we’re going to

be marginalized or persecuted in any

major significant way that jeopardizes

our physical health as some people in

other countries right this minute as

we’re sitting in this room they are

underground and cannot be bold as we can

so father you have not only given us

this opportunity but you have also

entrusted us with the privilege of

sharing your word

cause it to be far from us that we would

ever be ashamed that we would not ever

speak with Clarity and boldness the good

news of Jesus Christ we honor you father

in Jesus name amen amen as Shonda

mentioned to you we are talking about

teaching the Bible in order to develop

Kingdom women in particular and so for

just a few moments we’re going to

explore some of the study components and

tools and resources that are needed to

be able to develop impactful lessons

equipping God’s people that is a key

word for me equipping

that’s the goal because it’s different

than motivating

hear that clearly because it shifts the

way that you create and Contour messages

that you’re going to share with other

people again whether it’s over a table

with three women having coffee together

or five College

um women that you’re discipling or it’s

a Sunday school class or women that

you’ve been entrusted to serve at your

local church we are not motivating them

that’s not the primary goal if they are

motivated good for you I’m glad that

that’s a nice benefit of our time

together but really that is only an

offshoot of the primary intention which

is I’m trying to equip you I’m trying to

make sure that you can be steadfast and


so that means that I’m trying to develop

you to spiritual maturity so that you

can be Unapologetic in your discipleship

of Jesus Christ I want you to come to

know him his power his character his

mind his attitude his counsel regarding

the circumstances of life

I think that one of the great tragedies

right now y’all is that people are using

the scriptures more like a self-help


that we’re going to it really to find

out more about ourselves feel better

about ourselves that’s not the primary

goal it’s to come to know him

who he is and what his mind and counsel

and character is in regards to our lives

and what he has allowed us to face in

our lives and so pointing out Jesus

for me the primary and

Compass charting directive of everything

that I’m going to write or everything

that I’m going to teach is to make sure

that I’m pointing out Jesus I’m going to

share with you as I mentioned some

practical tools but I want to tell you

something that happened probably about

it had to be about 17 years ago now I

was going through the Book of John in my

personal quiet time and much the way

that I’m going to share with you in just

a few moments and when I came to it took

me two years to get through the Book of

John in my personal quiet time with the

way that I’m going to tell you that I I

do my own personal devotional life with

the Lord but when I came across John

chapter 1 I believe it’s verses 35 and

36. those were my two verses that day

and let me tell you what happens in

these two verses John the Baptist is

standing with two of his disciples not

one of the twelve not two of The Twelve

but his disciples students of him he’s

standing with them and verse 35 says

that he sees Jesus he points at him and

he says Behold the Lamb of God that

takes away the sins of the world as

Jesus is walking by

the next verse says