Have you ever been rejected? Did it make you feel like you weren’t good enough? Like you were lacking something? Let this clip encourage you, as Pastor Steven reveals that sometimes rejection is the best thing that can happen to you.

in the book of Matthew when it starts

out it it gives what’s called the

genealogy of Jesus Christ it tells all

of the different generations through

which Jesus was born and traces it all

the way back to the top it’s like Jesus

version of ancestry.com and if we could

show if we could show Leah Matthew

chapter 1 I don’t think she would have

been as frustrated you know why because

in Matthew chapter 1 I’m getting ready

to blow somebody’s mind in the back of

the room okay in the back of the room

get ready it’s going to freak you out

Matthew is telling us how Jesus came

into the earth and he said this is the

genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son

of David the son of Abraham Abraham was

the father of Isaac Isaac the father of

Jacob Jacob the father of Judah wait a

minute Judah was Leah’s son Leah was the

one Jacob never even wanted to marry and

if you keep reading Matthew I’m not

going to do it because it’s got a lot of

names that I don’t know how to pronounce

but it says so and so begat so and so

begat so and so begat so and so begat so

and so and it goes for fourteen

generations and then fourteen more and

then fourteen more and it’s just a long

list and normally I would skip over it

but it says we need to think about this

it says that Abraham begot Isaac Isaac

begat Jacob Jacob begat Judah now skip

all the way to verse 16 after all of the

so-and-so’s and the Bhagat’s and the

so-and-so’s and the B gods it says and

then there was Jacob the father of

Joseph the husband of Mary and Mary was

the mother of Jesus who is called the

Messiah now here’s why I said it was

going to blow your mind because Jesus

came from the line of Judah Judah came

from Leah beloved Jacob never even

wanted the savior of the world was born

out of the reception of a woman who was

unload by break-up now I want to tell

you if you’re feeling rejected today

feeling like a failure today God has a

plan to bring forth Jesus in your life

out of your reflection out of your

frustration out of your failure out of

your defect out of your flaws so in that

cool that amazing stand-up I’m closing

in that amazing in an amazing that God

will turn rejection into a blessing the

one that Jacob never even wanted gave

him the child that would ultimately

produce the one who would save the world



you’re chosen Leah you’re chosen Leah

your chosen Leah I’m looking for

unlovely as I want to tell you you’re

chosen to give birth to Judah a praise

that comes from your pain that will

produce the presence of Jesus