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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Calling

Kingdom folk want to know how I can use

the opportunities that God has given me

and called me to to provide a Lifeboat

for somebody else because God’s kingdom

call will always involve indirectly or

directly impacting people

that doesn’t mean everybody’s a preacher

it means everybody understands that

there is a Kingdom operating here

it means that there is an eternal


how do we connect this thing of passion

with eternity so that we get

clarification on calling

well remember our definition of calling

it’s your customized purpose

for which you have been ordained and

equipped but here it is to service the

kingdom of God because remember it has

an eternity Eternal perspective always

your passion is always excuse me your

calling is always linked with

kingdom of God

once you

extricated from the kingdom of God you

may not have any idea what it is which

is why most people don’t know their

calling why don’t most people know

they’re calling because of meism

I’m living here to make my money I’m

living here to buy my house I’m living

here to drive my car raising my kids I’m

here to make my mark

and the kingdom of God there’s no way to

be found

Jesus said it

Matthew 6 33

he makes it absolutely clear

cheeky what

first seeking what

first one more time seeking what


not seeking when you have time not seek

you when there’s leftovers seek ye first

the kingdom of God and his righteousness

and all these things


will be added to you now that’s not what

we do we seek first the stuff and if

there is anything left over

in my time talents and treasures then

the kingdom may have them

God will never show you your calling

if it’s not


It’s gotta be first

seek ye first the kingdom of God

in other words the promotion of God’s

glory and God’s program thine is the

kingdom thine is the power thine is the

glory forever and ever amen

a man one day

we’ll sing goodbye to his Pastor after


Pastor didn’t really know him shook his

hand said what do you do sir

oh he says huh

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ he said

disguised as a machine operator

I hope you caught that

that was a kingdom answer

he wasn’t just doing a job from eight to


he supersized it

he wasn’t just out

giving widgets you know making widgets

he he was using that platform as an

opportunity to promote God’s interest in


now God is going to show somebody like

that they’re calling

but in America

the lawyers don’t want to be disguised

the doctors don’t want to be disguised

The Operators don’t want to be disguised

we want to keep up with the Joneses

now don’t get me wrong

I’m not talking about having nice things

versus not having nice things having a

nice car versus not having a nice car

I’m not talking about those things I’m

talking about what comes first if if the

kingdom is first it doesn’t matter much

about anything else because you’re going

to keep that in perspective

I know some wealthy people are more

committed to God than poor people

so it’s not about amount versus not

amount materialism is not having

material materialism is an attitude

towards your material that produces an

independence because of what you have

I’m sure you all saw Titanic

and what a Titanic film it was

true story

the maiden voyage

from England to America of this


it hit Iceberg holes were punched in it

and you saw it graphically portrayed on

the screen

the awesome Titanic


there were 20 lifeboats not enough for

the amount of people on the Titanic

they got women and children off the

Titanic they got in the boats

the boats began to roll away the only

problem is they left 1500 people in

frigid water

well it wouldn’t be long before

hypothermia would set in and they would

freeze to death as their organs could no

longer function in the coldness of the


but do you notice tragedy of Titanic

let me tell you the tragedy

the tragedy is

that two-thirds of the boats

the road the the the the smaller boats

were only partially full

you see

the folks who were saved

got so comfortable in their salvation

they forgot other folk were still


and only one of the 20 boats returned

if though most of them that were not

filled with a return

hundreds of more people would have been

saved but after all they were already


so since I’m saved

I hope you make it too

Kingdom folk don’t think like that

Kingdom folk want to know how I can use

the opportunities that God has given me

and called me to to provide a Lifeboat

for somebody else because God’s kingdom

call will always involve indirectly or

directly impacting people

the lady who applied to work for Billy

Graham and she said Dr Graham I want to

come for work for you and I am an expert

in computers

I believe God has called me to keep the

computers working sharp so that the

resources that you get out get in the

hands of people so that their lives can

be transformed now this lady may never

be on a crusade platform

but she’s using her gifts

to service


and will heal well done

that doesn’t mean everybody’s a preacher

it means everybody understands that

there is a Kingdom operating here

it means that there’s an eternal


so my challenge to you today

is to examine your passion

to look deep down inside and begin to

ask yourself some strategic questions

what captures my attention what do I

dream about

we ask kids that all the time what do

you want to be when you grow up that’s a

passion question

that’s a passion question

well we’re not too shaken up if they’re

not sure then and they’re guessing but

we ask them again in high school why do

you want to be when you grow up

maybe that a little clearer maybe don’t

get too upset after all they’re going to

college we ask because what do you want

to major in

well maybe the first year they’re not

sure they want to take a general course

until they narrow it down

the problem is long after college is


if you were to ask some folks what is

your calling

I don’t know

is it that you don’t know because

God hadn’t shown it to you or you don’t

know because

you haven’t had enough Kingdom Focus to

find out

because here’s what you’re going to find

many of you who have discovered your

passion for the marketplace have also

discovered your passion for the kingdom

you just didn’t make the connection

many of you who have discovered your

passion for the marketplace

have at the very same time discovered

your passion for the kingdom you just

never saw what you do in the marketplace

as valuable to the kingdom you never

made that connection so your Marketplace

is only connected to time

there is no Eternal perspective

the space shuttle

sits on a launch pad

sits on a launch pad

you’ve seen it on TV

it has a mission and a direction it’s

going somewhere

that has already been predetermined


the only problem it’s grounded because

of gravity gravity says to the shuttle

you’re not going anywhere be still

and that huge space shuttle with all

this equipment All these power all this

Personnel is grounded that is until

it is set on fire

ten nine eight seven six five four three



blast off all of a sudden

the engines Roar and you see


all of a sudden this Earth limited


multi-tunned is now able to soar all

because fire was lit under it

many of us are grounded by our fears

and what you need is some fire

many of us are grounded by what we were


we’ve got such poor self-esteem and even

though we desire it we don’t even

believe God can create enough fire to

lift this mess off the ground

when you got something as big as the

space shuttle you just need a lot more

fire that’s all

yeah just a lot more fire

you’re going to go home today and the

reason you’re going to get home is

because some spark plugs underneath your

hood are going to produce fire

and they’re going to produce fire and

when they produce fire that fire of

those little plugs will ignite the

engine cooperating with the battery and

your car will take you home all because

there was fire

it moves trucks that way submarines that

way boasts that way it moves planes that

way planes fly because of Fire



and you have it

I don’t care how dull you look

how thick your glasses are

how nerdish you are told God has given

you fire

you say well how do I find it if I don’t

know where it is

well then you go to God every day and

you ask him to light your fire

you go to God and say


ignite it

you ask God to ignite the fire for

whatever it is it doesn’t mean you’re

going to do cartwheels that may not be

your personality trait

doesn’t mean that you’re going to shout

and scream because we’re all different

it will mean you are lit

and fit to be tied

because you’re on fire

and when you get hot enough

other folks around you will scorch

because when you get fires loose

they start other fires too

so God’s richest blessing on you

as you look deep within and find your


because your passion is always designed

to lift your calling right up off