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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Transformation

the question is over time am I changing

something happening different because if

you aren’t changing you aren’t growing

the proof of growth is change so no

change no growth but Christ inside as

the word is being heard understood and

applied begins to rev up the engine

that’s in your soul for the

transformation of life and he says you

do it with all wisdom

notice what he says in in Colossians

he says

that is verse 26 the mystery which has

been hidden from past ages

he says in verse 27 to whom God willed

to make known that is the riches of the

glory of this mystery


taking a secret

it’s a mystery

in the Bible

a mystery was something unknown in the

Old Testament that God explained in the

New Testament

so if you said it was unknown in ages

past but now I’m making it known it’s a

secret it was a secret back then but

he’s exposing it now what is this

mystery what is this Secret Sauce that

he wants that is the key to your

Spiritual Development to your growth

from infancy to maturity where you and I

are consistently making decisions based

on God’s word as we are activating it in

the various scenarios of Our Lives he

actually tells you at the end of verse

27 he says which is Christ in you the

hope of glory he says the mystery is

Christ in you the hope of glory that was

unknown in the Old Testament Christ in

you the hope of glory so the question is

what in the world does that mean and why

in the world does that matter and what

in the world does it have to do with

your my hour role of a church and being

able to present at the Judgment seat of

Christ every single member of this

church every single member of of your

youth of your children to present you

and us

before the Judgment seat of Christ as

Victors on your day in court well first

of all let me review who Christ is from

chapter one of Colossians notice what he

says in verse 15 about Jesus he is the

image of the invisible God the firstborn

of all creation for by him by Christ all

things were created both in the heavens

and on Earth visible and invisible

whether Thrones or minions rulers

authorities all things have been created

through him and for him he is before all

things and in him Christ all things hold

together it says in verse 19 for it was

the father’s good pleasure for all the

fullness to dwell in him Christ so Jesus

Christ is God In the Flesh and all the

fullness of deity is resident in Christ

and the secret sauce is Christ in you

the hope of God way so all that Christ

is is in you

there was no understanding

what you are looking for out there is in

you you’re looking for something there

that’s already been planted if you’ve

accepted Christ inside of you Christ in

you which is the hope of glory in other

words you don’t now need a road boat a

robo because you got a speedboat a robo

depends on your ability to go from point

A to point B by your odd effort a

speedboat is determined by another power

source that propels you it doesn’t mean

you don’t do anything it means you’re

not the source of the power to arrive at

the thing you’re trying to do

many of you great your grandparents my

great-grandparents had a washing board

and they would you know do the washing

board to clean the clothes right then

the washing boy until

the washing machine

all right so she’s doing washing board

and now we have a washing machine

what would you think about the

grandmother who is still doing the

washing machine who’s washing board who

owned the washing machine

you say grandma you don’t have to

operate that way anymore because

something new has arrived and this new

thing still is going to do what you’re

trying to do with the old thing but it’s

going to do it so much better because

it’s got so much more power so it is

understanding that what Christ in you

means is that he has taken residence in

your life to move from the inside out to

bring about his purpose his power his

presence in your decisions as you make

decisions consistent with his word he

won’t make the decision for you but he

will empower the righteous decision if

you decide to make it because it’s in

you it’s like having a new motor in an

old car I like the way Paul said it Paul

says while my awkward man decays he says

my inward man is renewed day by day so

while you getting older you supposed to

be getting younger

he says I’m getting older on the outside

and younger on the inside because this

this new life is expanding and expanding

and expanding and unable to do things I

wasn’t able to do before because of

Christ in me the hope of glory what you

have when a woman gets pregnant

this new life is in her and as the new

life starting in seed form begins to

expand changes take place in her in the

life because of the life that is

expanding inside of her Christ has

entered you in seed form once you accept

Christ but as he expands that Christ

might be formed in you the Bible says as

he expands you change so you don’t have

to try to change the change is going to

happen because of the expansion on the

inside as you apply biblical truth to

life situations so in God’s perspective

is applied it I it drives me crazy when

people hear God’s perspective and then

say but I think

wait a minute not when it’s clear when

God’s perspective is clear you don’t get

to think well you get the faith how am I

going to apply it what you don’t get to

do is Judge it

because he can’t be wrong on anything he

speaks and by the way he speaks on

everything in principle or in some

concept it is Christ in you the Old

Testament was do do the Ten Commandments

you got to do this do this do this Ten

Commandments 613 statues and ordinances

you got to do you got to do you got to

do in the New Testament with Christ in

you it’s done done done because Jesus

Christ is going to fulfill his word and

his will as you apply his truth based on

his word in your decisions when that

happens you are now using the word of

righteousness that’s why in school they

give you homework because they want you

to use it that’s why when you are

ministering to somebody else based on

the word you’re using it which means

it’s sticking with you so that you’re

growing while you’re helping somebody

else to grow he says by this time you

ought to be helping somebody else

counseling somebody else encouraging

somebody else having your own smart

group you ought to be doing something

other than sitting soaking and Sorrowing

he says because I want to present you

perfect or complete in Christ Jesus he

says in Chapter 2 Verse 3 in Christ are

hidden all the treasures of wisdom and


in other words he will blow your mind

when his truth is applied in your

decisions but not until then if his

truth is not investigated because you

can’t apply what you don’t know

or apply because if you investigate it

know it but don’t apply it it’s still

not going to work

then he says then the transformation

will begin and you will be changing from

the inside out

and it will become a visible reality he

says the job of the church is not just

to have an hour and a half an hour and

40 minute sermon so people can feel good

going home the idea is to infuse and

affect their Spiritual Development so

that on the day they stand at the

Judgment seat of Christ we present every

man woman perfect that is spiritually

mature now how are we going to do that

he tells you in verse


we Proclaim him he says

Proclamation is preaching

it is the Declaration

of spiritual truth

preaching is designed to not only

declare God’s word but to call for a

response to it

preaching is the Declaration

and calling people to respond

but then he says and teaching

preaching is the Declaration

teaching is the understanding

because you can preach and not get it

you can preach and don’t know what to do

with it so he brings in teaching because

teaching is giving clarity

okay now

everybody who comes to church wants


we get calls all the time are you



that’s why I don’t like to tell people

when I’m not preaching because I don’t

want people to come here for a name I

want them to come here for the Lord okay

so everybody wants preaching

but now it gets smaller with teaching

because a lot of people who want a good

sermon don’t care about going deeper in


okay so you’ve got this big swath for

the preaching but it gets narrower when

it gets down to wanting to go deeper to

understand so I can apply it better okay

it’s teaching but then he gives a third

one he says in verse 29

and 28 I’m admonishing every man

please notice how many times we said

every man which means you are not an


you don’t get to be this exception

person he says we want to present every

man every person

admonishing so let me tell you what

admonishing is admonishing is counseling

and correcting

it’s counseling and correcting

in other words it’s

personalizing what was preached and what

was taught

to you amen

amen admonishing means


somebody may have to get into your life

to help you deal with what you cannot

deal with on your own now if you could

deal with it on your own that’s fine

but if you can’t deal with it on your

own then that means that being part of

the family of God we’re not talking

about things that are that God hasn’t

spoken on but where God is clearly


I mean when a husband is is beating his


we tell her to call the church so we can

confront the husband

a husband told me well who’s a member of

the church well this is my home

well it is your home

but that’s God’s daughter

and you don’t get to treat God’s

daughter any way you want to just

because it’s your home

okay and because they’re part of the

church we confront them to correct them

or counseling people helping them to

work through it that’s where Ministry

comes in that’s where involvement in

people’s lives come in

that’s where the one anothers of

scripture come in that you’re not just

here to come to church you’re here to

help correct or help somebody else or be

corrected be helped by somebody else or

some Ministry of the church because we

are to admonish you not just preach to

you not just teach to you but to be

available to admonish you to move you so

we can present you perfect at the

Judgment seat of Christ

you don’t just teach your children you

admonish them you encourage them you

correct them based on an objective

standard not personal opinion that’s

when you go too far when you get into

personal opinion but based on the

objective standard of God’s word you are

supposed to be able to be confronted and

corrected and helped and and clarified

so that you can make The Godly decision

so that you can get the experience of

maturity he says admonish them so the

question is over time am I changing

do I still cuss like I used to cuss

do I still act the fool like I used to

act a fool

do I still do I do I still take drugs

like I used to take drug or am I


is something happening different because

if you aren’t changing you’re on growing

the proof of growth is change

okay so no change no growth but Christ

inside as the word is being heard

understood and applied begins to rev up

the engine that’s in your soul for the

transformation of life and he says you

do it with all wisdom that’s a great

great friend wisdom

is the relevant application of God’s


okay on your iPhone

you get


they pop up and they tell you the latest

news that they want you to see

or you get these iOS updates so y’all

didn’t think I knew that did you you’re


I ask in the first service and they told


you get these iOS updates okay so

they’re gonna update your phone until

they make you buy a new one they they

gonna update your phone okay so you get

this update why because what they are

doing is keeping things relevant

to what’s happening now or to something

new that is developed so while the word

of God was written

over 1500 years by 40 different authors

it’s still relevant that’s why it’s got

to be taught with all wisdom because

it’s got to be applied to what’s

happening today because we’re facing

things today your grandmother didn’t

face we dealing with things today your

granddaddy did everything people are

confused about their identity people are

confused about marriage people are

confused about Evolution people are

people are confused about confusion I

mean it’s it’s just a hot mess out there

today okay so what we need is preaching

and teaching that is has a update to it

so it stays relevant to what’s happening

in the world today so he says we preach

and we teach and we admonish with all

wisdom that is how to use it now in what

you’re going through that’s why the

church has to adjust coming out of covet

things are different we’ve had to make

some adjustments why because Kobe

changed things it affected things so we

had to preach the word for my living

room and then I had to come here with

nobody in the audience and then we came

with the lead so we had to make

adjustments we didn’t change the word

but we had a new reality that we had to

deal with all wisdom that’s why the

prayer is for Wisdom God how you want us

to use this truth that does not change

in a world that’s regularly changing

and he says that is the ministry of the

church in order to present every person

every person completing Christ