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with so many competing and even

contradictory voices and opinions

swirling around us today

it can be a challenge to know just what

you should do when it comes to voting

how should a christian vote after all

tony evans answers this question and

many more

and get informed on kingdom voting


today christians find themselves

as the visiting team in the culture

when a pro team is a visiting team

that means they’re going to battle in

enemy territory

not only do they have the other team

against them but the crowd

is against them as well

there was a time in our history when

a christian world view informed

the culture and even though the culture

had flaws in it you could appeal

to a judeo-christian frame of reference

to seek to appeal to it and call it back

into the proper frame of reference

and the proper way of operating

but unfortunately today largely due to

the failure of christians

and the church we have now become the

visiting team

we are being booed in the culture

as the church and our christian faith

and even the lord jesus christ is being


insulted rejected or

more often than not simply ignored

even though god’s name will come up from

time to time

but even when you are a visiting team

you’re still expected to win

even when there’s opposition against you

and the crowd is booing you

you’re still called to outperform the

environment in which you found you

find yourself located

i remember uh when we had some ant hills

on our

front lawn as these ants served their


they built mounds on my lawn turning

a green lawn into a place of foreign


they were building their own kingdom on


and there were ant hills everywhere and

i needed to address their presence

because they were bringing destruction

to the culture

of my lawn what we have today

is secularism secularism

humanism and all forms of idolatry

that have invaded our culture and our


and god has called his people not to sit

on the sidelines

but to get in the game this goes beyond

a candidate or a group of candidates

this has to do with the role of


in the culture no matter how you voted

whether you’re happy or sad about which

candidate won or lost

god is still calling you to be christian

in fact he’s calling you to something

even higher

i love the way philippians chapter 3

verse 20 puts it

which says for our citizenship

is in heaven so i want to talk to you

about now being a kingdom citizen

now that we can push all of the

bantering behind us

it’s time for christians to decide that

you’re going to be christian no matter


your party won your candidate one

it’s time now for there to be kingdom


for your citizenship is in heaven

luke 16 16 jesus says my father gave me

a kingdom

and i give you a kingdom because he

calls his followers

to be kingdom citizens

now what is a kingdom citizen

a kingdom citizen is a visible

verbal follower of christ

who seeks to bring the perspective of


and deposit them into the concerns of

the culture let me say that again

a kingdom citizen is a citizen

who visibly and verbally follows christ

in such a way that they draw

down the concerns or the perspective of


and injects them into the chaos the


the conflicts and the concerns of the


you see far too many christians

are too earthly minded that they are no

heavenly good

they know more about politics than they


about the lord they know more about

political parties than they know about

the word of god and they will often

argue like

secularists while naming the name of

jesus christ

in fact if you bring up what god thinks

about a subject

they’ll get mad at you even though it

can be defended by the word of god

because they’re so aligned with the

culture that they’ve lost sight that

their citizenship

is not first here i love the way first

peter 2 11 says

says you are aliens and strangers

that your citizenship is not

first on these shores

now you are a resident here but your

ultimate allegiance is to another king

another kingdom in another location when

you have a passport

it allows you to enter foreign countries

but you enter foreign countries as a

citizen of the homeland

you don’t enter foreign countries as a

citizen of that country

unless you’re trying to give up your

citizenship in the homeland

far too many christians have surrendered

their passports

some have surrendered their passports to

the democratic party

others have surrendered their passports

to the republican party

some have surrendered their passports to

no party they just surrendered their


no you are a citizen of heaven you

belong to another kingdom he

says clearly verse 20 of philippians 3

4 our citizenship is in heaven

paul is writing to the city of philippi

philippi was located 800 miles

from the city of rome so what paul

does is he uses the principle of


of philippi to make a principle of


philippians even though you’re located

800 miles from rome

your citizenship is in rome in terms of

your earthly

earthly allegiance so they were informed

by roman customs they were informed by

roman laws

they were informed by roman influence

even though they were 800 miles from


i know we are a long way from heaven

but our citizenship is to be connected

there you and i are to be informed by

heaven’s customs

heaven’s laws just like philippi was

informed by caesar

you and i are to be informed by the lord

and that’s why we have no full


here that’s why i say you you now have

to be democrat light or republican light

i’m not

telling you don’t be for a certain party

i’m just saying don’t turn your passport

over to him

because you belong to another kingdom

and you belong to another

culture you know a thermostat

sets the temperature a thermometer reads


god is called you as a christian we as a

church to set a thermostat

bringing the heat to the culture

we’re not here just to give a reading of

what’s in the culture

because the culture is too far from god

we’re on enemy territory now

no matter who’s in power because jesus

christ does not rule god’s word

it’s not the final authority so like it

or not

you are the visiting team and you’re

still expected to win

this is not a time to run home the mama

this is a time

to lovingly and responsibly take your


for the lord jesus christ

to bring the values of heaven

where your citizenship is into

the earthly realm that’s why god has

left us here

he didn’t leave us here to sit soak and

sour he didn’t leave us here just to go

to church on sunday he left us here to


the culture with the customs of heaven

to influence our surroundings as salt

and light

matthew 5 13-16 you are the salt

of the earth you are the light of the

world you’re not the salt of the shaker

you’re not the light of the bulb

your job is to infiltrate

every sphere of your influence as a

full-time disciple not a part-time


everybody ought to know where you stand

because you’re not an undecided voter

why because you have made your

declaration clear

which kingdom you are a part of that

means you got to adjust i’ve got to


we’ve got to adjust some things doesn’t

it you remember different strokes don’t


you remember here these two boys from

the hood wind up going

uptown and living lodge

but they were bringing some of their old

life into a new environment

so they had to be recalibrated into the

new environment that they now found

themselves in

they had to learn to dial down what they

grew up

living with and learning in order to

learn how to function

based on the environment that they were


see many of us have brought the old

environment of the world

into the new environment of the kingdom

and we got to be recalibrated and


that you’re not from that hood anymore

you’re not from that location anymore

you’re not from

that old suburban uh lifestyle anymore

you belong

to another king and another kingdom


your citizenship he says is in heaven

you’re supposed to be getting your

instructions from above

from the sweep by and by you’re no

longer to be instructed by the nasty

here and now

that is no longer to be the definitive


in your life in my life in your


or in my decisions when people immigrate

to this country

they say i want to belong here i want to

be the citizen of the united states of

america they lift their hand

and they pledge allegiance to become a

citizen of here which means

that the old home no longer has dominant


far too many christians who name the

name of jesus christ

are letting the old way have sway that’s


when things don’t work out like they

think they ought to work out on the

earthly realm

they lose it they start fussing and


and complaining because they’re confused

about where their citizenship lies

he says you are now a citizen of heaven

and you are to take your stand there or

as colossians 1 13

says you’ve been transferred out of the

kingdom of darkness

into the kingdom of his dear son you’re

in another kingdom now

you are a resident here this is not

this is not permanent locale this is

temporary passport location

and you ought to treat it that way which

means that

you’re not going to act like this is

defining you anymore

you take your stand if somebody asks you

are you a democrat you say which issue

are you talking about

cause i’m gonna take that issue i’m

gonna put it against the word of god and

then i’ll tell you whether i’m a

democrat right now

somebody tells you you’re a republican

which issue you talking about i’m gonna

take the bible

look at the bible based on that issue

and say well i’m a republican right now


because i’m a kingdom all the time i’m

24 7

kingdom that’s why you must be a kingdom


and you must roll forward now whether

you’re happy or sad today

you must roll forward as a

representation of heaven

because you and i are the visiting team

and they’re not going to applaud you on

either side once you start disagreeing

when they disagree with your master

that’s why he says in the previous verse

he complains about those who set their


on earthly things verse 19 of

philippians 3.

he says stop thinking like an earthling

stop thinking like a secularist stop


like the old way stop thinking about how

you grew up and what your mama said

and what your daddy said and what your

party thinks stop

thinking like an earthling

the bible calls that worldliness it

calls it human wisdom it means

you have adopted a way of thinking that

is incongruent

with a kingdom perspective

it’s a mental issue he says you’ve got

some mental problems

because you have he says you have

set your mind your mind talk about the

way you’re thinking

say stop thinking earthly so let me ask

you a question let me ask me a question

do you bring heaven in on the discussion

after the elections do you bring heaven

in on the policies

do you bring heaven in on the platforms

or do you revert back

to earthly things that is anti-god


because we are too lazy or irresponsible

to appeal to what god says we’ll

re-platform our parties but we won’t

open our bibles

we won’t get somebody to explain what

god has to say

and he has something to say as i hope

you’ve learned

about all this stuff stuff we haven’t

even gotten into

god has something to say about it why

because government belongs to god

so he got something to say and what he’s

saying is since you are citizens of


why don’t you find out what i say first

why you going to everybody else

and every party and every candidate find

out what they think how they feel and

what they say and you never check with


no we need some kingdom citizens we need

some citizens who understand

that they are to think heavenly not

earthly not not man’s wisdom

james 3 says there’s a wisdom that comes

from above

and then there’s a wisdom that comes

from demons

and he calls that earthly wisdom did you

know earthly wisdom is demonic thought

whenever what you think what you say

what you hear that you agree with

that disagrees with what god says don’t

you know that you have just become

demonized so we got a lot of demonized


because james was writing to christians

he’s they say you’ve been

demonized secularized in fact you

playing for the wrong team

we got too many christians playing for

the wrong team

because they’re agreeing with things

that god doesn’t agree on and that’s


no matter who you identify with

he says you are now citizens of heaven

you’re to get your instructions what

goes into your mind

and informs your decision is no longer


it’s it’s on earth it relates to earth i


i love john 18. because in john 18

they asked jesus a question they asked


are you a king

he says in verse 33 are you the king of

the jews

okay everybody talking about you a king

are you the king of the jews

jesus answers in verse 36 my kingdom is

not of this world

if my kingdom were of this world then my

servants would be fighting

so if you out there fighting if you out


inappropriately expressing how you

uh are frustrated he said you’re not

part of my kingdom

because my kingdom doesn’t roll like

that or my servants would fight

so that i would not be handed over to

the jews but as it is my kingdom is not

of this realm then he says in verse 37


say correctly i am a king

for this i have been born and for this i

have come into the world

to testify the to the truth everyone

who’s of the truth

hears my voice you know why we’re not

hearing from heaven

because we don’t want the truth he says

my kingdom is not of this world

but i have come into this world so he’s

not talking about pie

in the sky kingdom he’s talking about a

kingdom that starts up there

of that world but it comes down here in

this world

so in this world we should be talking

and defending that world

so your first question as a kingdom


it’s what does god say how does he feel

what does he think what does he want

and if i don’t know it i’m gonna find

somebody who does know it who can

validate it by the word of god

and if the word of god contradicts it

then i have to reframe my thinking

because i’m no longer an earthling you

know when people uh

leave their cars and they want to go out


check on the traffic they’ll often look

at the news

and they’ll often hear from the

helicopter helicopters flying high right

and the helicopter says about where

which highways

are backed up in traffic by construction

or accidents

it’ll give you a view from up there what

does that view

that they tell you the traffic report

from the helicopter do

it changes your mind about the route

you’re going to take

in other words when you hear from them

high up there

it affects what you do down here because

you’re listening up there

because up there sees more than you can

see down here

well guess what god up there

sees more than you see down here

so you need that world to make the right


in this world you don’t see start with

this world because you can’t see that


you can’t see that much god sits

high he looks low and he calls on his

people to follow him

to take their stand with him and to get

his perspective because you are citizens

of heaven first

problem today is uh we’ve got

double-minded christians

the bible says let not that person think

they will receive anything from the lord

a double-minded man is unstable in all

his ways

we got we got we got am fm christians i

call them

they keep switching channels on sunday

they fm you know they they

tuned into the kingdom network they they

they tune into the heavenly broadcast


amen hallelujah praise the lord but then

on monday

sometime sunday afternoon they switch


and become become am christians

now they just switched frequencies and


they’re on the they’re no longer the

heavenly broadcast they’re on the


broadcast network and they’re getting

their instructions from the world

in fact they’ll do that monday through

saturday and tune back into the kingdom

on sunday no you are not a part-time


you’re a full-time citizen and happen to

be a resident down here

so you think as a resident you vote as a

resident you appeal to policies

as a resident because you now are a

kingdom citizen god has a problem he’s

got too many benedict

arnolds yeah he does you know benedict

donald is a turncoat

somebody who who goes to the other side

who leaves where their loyalty ought to

be and they’re working for the wrong


yes you can be a democrat but you can’t

you can’t you can’t have an allegiance


not an ultimate allegiance you can be

with the republicans but you can’t have

an ultimate allegiance there

why because you belong to another king

you belong to another kingdom and god

looks at us

and he sees a benedict arnold church not


individuals he’s these whole churches

that have gone rogue

because you see them compromising you

see them

walking away from god’s standing on life

god standing on family

god standing on justice god standing on


god standed on on a whole plethora of


tamar i think i feel i won’t my

perspective is

no no no uh-uh you are a

citizen of heaven and until we get that

kind of

radicalization among god’s followers we

will not see

the supernatural enter into the natural

to bring order to a chaotic environment

impactful amazing intense


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anytime anywhere

we no longer need double-minded

christians i love the way

gideon said it in judges chapter 8

verses 22 and 23

when they call on gideon getting we want

you to be our political leader we want

you to lead us because

because we need a great leader here get

in and say you better check on the lord

you need the lord the need to to lead


and the mess that our society is in our

culture is in

our country is in and our world is in

when we look at one problem after

another problem after another problem

we better get the lord back in this and

that’s the church’s job

to bring god back in it to do it with

the right spirit

with the right attitude to do it with

legitimate unity

to do it based on truth but to do it

until we kind of get that kind of church

that takes its stand

because we’re citizens of heaven and he

says if you’re a citizen of heaven and


chapter 3 he says

from which we also eagerly wait for a


that is the lord jesus

christ you hear that

he said look you you’re gonna have to

get jesus in his proper proper role here

jesus made it plain all authority is

given unto me

in heaven and on earth matthew 28.

16-20 he said look i’m in charge here


but christians don’t believe that we


the world’s in charge the president is

in charge the congress is in charge

no no jesus is in charge

remember god’s philosophy of history

ephesians chapter 1 verse 10

god’s goal is to summarize all things

did you hear me

without did i did you catch that

i didn’t stutter and neither did god

all things he says ought to be


in jesus christ he concludes

verse 22 and 23 of ephesians chapter 1

he is the head of all things but he’s

only been given to the church

so god is going to decide what he does

in this country

he’s going to decide what he’s going to

do in any country based on what the

church does

so as you’ve heard me say many times if

we don’t fix the church house we can

forget the white house

if we don’t fix the church house we can

forget the house of congress

why because god works through the church

to the principalities and the powers and

the authorities

in the culture galatians 1 4 he has

delivered us from this present age

you don’t have a loyalty here you have a

responsibility here

you are to be in the world but not of

the world but your ultimate loyalty

is not here until we

satisfy the issue of lordship

of the kingdom and he says you must be

radical to do this

luke chapter 22 verse 29

he tells them that this kingdom you must

advance on

not passively he says but forcibly

he doesn’t mean irreverently he doesn’t

mean physically violently

he means aggressively you got to be


not passive uh

during the elections there wasn’t a lot

of passivity hey folk arguing

using all kind of profanity getting mad

on social media

being disgusting and how they relate to

even other christians

and then putting jesus’s name in it oh

no no no yeah they you know people

getting aggressive

people wanting to fight people wanting

to wanting to throw blows

or no uh-uh no no

but you should be aggressive

we complain about schools falling apart

when aggressive christians walked away

from them

we complain about racial issues when

christians fail to address them

we complain about injustice when we do


righteously appeal to them

no no no it’s time to be aggressive

kind loving but aggressive

there shouldn’t be any of this

passive christianity

too many have surrendered their


you know uh spain have what was known as

fifth columnist

let me tell you about fifth columnist

when they were going to invade a country

a year before the invasion

they would send in people to become part

of the culture

so doctors would become doctors in the


that would be invaded sometime later

lawyers would become lawyers teachers

would become teachers

families would set up shop in the


business people would set up shop in the


you see they would they would set up

shop in the culture

you know what they were they were


they invaded the culture but they

represented spain

so they were setting things up for the

big invasion

they were called fifth columnist because

spain marched in four columns

but the fifth columnist who was sent in


would have set things up for the big


well there’s a big invasion coming to

town i hope you know that

because jesus is coming back that’s the

big invasion

you talk about a pandemic that’s going

to be a pandemic

when jesus comes back uh that’s that you

talk about

stuff being shook up and toe up from the


up that’s what’s gonna happen when jesus

comes back

but he has some fifth columnist folk

he’s setting ahead of time

you and me your family and my family

your church my

church he sent us ahead of time to set

it up

we we are we are his fifth columnist

who’ve been sent in

to set things up for the big invasion

when he comes to set up his earthly

kingdom called his millennial

reign you and i are here to set it up

are you setting it up or have you become

part of the culture and lost sight of

your true citizenship

back in spain or in this case as part

of the kingdom of heaven

you know i’m in cowboy country

and we got different kind of fans you


we got the casual fan they watch some

games sometimes

or parts of games sometimes

and if the game is not going well

they’ll turn off the television

because they’re fair-weather casual fans

but then you got committed fans i mean

they buy tickets

they uh they’re gonna watch the game win

or lose

because they’re they’re committed

to the cowboys then you got fanatics

these are the fanatics you know these

are season ticket holders

these are come rain or shine they’re

going to defend the cowboys because they

they all in all the time

they read the stats you know they they

they they do all the fan gaming they


are all in because they didn’t they

didn’t become

fanatical that’s what god’s got

he’s got casual followers they go to


maybe never then when they feel like it

their bedtime baptist or mattress


and now they’ll yawn through the sermon

they’re casual then then you got some

committed ones

these are the ones they they’re gonna

make church most of the time

they’re gonna bring their bibles and

they have learned christianese to the


they can spit out all the christian


they’ve memorized a few verses they’re

going to say their grace

and their prayers because there is a

level of commitment

but then then there’s those are

fanatical christians these are

these are committed disciples

jesus is all up in there

it’s jesus in the morning jesus at noon

time and jesus when the sun goes down

when life is good it’s jesus when life

is collapsed

it’s jesus during the good times

they’re following jesus and when tears

are rolling down their face

they’re following jesus because they

don’t care

what the culture says about their team

they don’t care about what the culture

says about

who they’re following they are going to

be unmistakable

followers of christ

when it comes to taking your stand in

the culture you must understand jesus’s

name is

always on the ballot you say but i don’t

know who to vote for

jesus name is not on the ballot oh no


his name is always on the ballot because

remember you’re a kingdom independent

you’re a kingdom citizen so that means

jesus goes in with you

and you’re taking jesus into

consideration not only when you vote but

how you roll after the vote is over

and the decision is made on who won and

who didn’t win

because jesus was on the ballot you’re

only going to live for the kingdom

anyway so there’s no jesus is not on the


your allegiance is to him and your vote

for him must be clear

there is no undecided voter when it

comes to a christian

no i’m voting jesus that means i can go

this way or that way depending on what

the issue is because i have taken

my stand with him so sometimes the

democrats gonna like me

and they’re gonna not like me sometimes

the republicans are gonna like me not

like me or

any other group you got out there

because i’m voting for jesus all the


because his name is always on the ballot

because i’m a radical follower of christ

because my citizenship is not here

he says your citizenship is in

heaven and so now

what are you going to do are you going

to take your stand

or you’re going to play church

you’re just going to go through the

motions am i just going to go through

the motions preach because it’s sunday

i’m going to take my stand and challenge

the flock to take their stand

with the right heart and the right


but with clarity that this is god’s

perspective on whatever

the issue happens to be and that’s how

we roll

that’s what we do i do it my life my


my church and my civic duty

that’s how i roll and when god sees

enough folk doing that

with the right attitude and right heart

and the right spirit

you know one of the reasons that so many

jews lost their lives

under hitler it’s because the church got

silent let me tell you what

hitler said hitler an evil man

leading an evil empire

he wanted the final solution to get rid


the jews so he told the pastors he said

now look

y’all go to church and take care of

their souls i mean

you can you can have that souls but i

got everything else so you don’t

you don’t touch politics you know you

don’t touch society

you don’t touch nothing you just go to

church and i’m going to leave you alone

while you’re in church that’s what he

told him

dietrich bonhoeffer went in and said oh

no oh no

oh no we don’t we don’t roll like that

we don’t just

tell people what to do in the pew why

you acting crazy in the culture

while you pass in wrong laws in the

culture well we don’t do that

but he had gotten the church so

anesthetized so secularized

that as the train went by some churches

with jewish people crying out for help

as they were taken to the camps

to be killed they would sing their songs

from the hymn book

and when one of the people was asked

when you heard the people crying

and begging for help as they passed your

churches and you were singing

what did you do the person said

we sang louder

we sang louder

too many christians and churches are


louder while lives are going into hell

while people’s lives are being destroyed


unrighteousness or by injustice

and we sing louder preach longer

without becoming citizens of heaven

invading the culture with the worldview

of the king

the lord jesus christ so

what are you going to do what am i going

to do what are we going to do

first of all you’re going to be publicly

known as a citizen of heaven you don’t

mind you don’t mind saying

in the right way with the right heart

my first allegiance is to the lord jesus

christ don’t even say god because that’s


let’s get specific my first allegiance

is to the lord jesus christ now we know

which god you’re talking about

the father of the lord jesus christ so

you’re going to be unapologetic

about your commitment and allegiance to

what he says in verse 20

the lord jesus christ because that will


jesus attention then you’re not only

going to be a good church goer you’re

going to

gauge the culture you’re going to bring

a christian influence

to the sphere of your influence

you you’re going to be concerned about

what the school is reading your children

and whether

those books are consistent with a

christian worldview

or whether they’re trying to force

unrighteousness down the throat

of your children you’re not gonna back

away from that because you are a

you you are a christian parent

and you are responsible for the

education of your child

they’re on loan to that school they

don’t own them you own

them so you want to make sure that it is


with your world view and not in

competition or in conflict with it

you’re going to challenge the

evolutionary theory when it challenges


yeah you are you’re going to make sure

that god is not dismissed

because you represent another

you’re going to go to the city council


you want to hear what’s happening in

your community and whether they’re

unjust practices that are not being

addressed in your community

whether there’s evil happenings that

need to be reversed

you want to make sure that the police

are handling things in the right way

but that the citizens are also

responding in the right way

because you don’t play favorites you

play kingdom

so you take your stand as a citizen of


bringing it drawing it down to earth

and you vote based on the will and the

word of god you

you you take your stand churches don’t

just preach

pie in the sky sermons as though they

don’t have anything to do with the

with the world in which we live you we

challenge people

how not to be doctors but to be god’s

representative in the medical field

so the medical field sees what god looks

like when god helps hurting people

that lawyers are not just lawyers that

god’s representative in the bar

association so the bar association

gets to see what god looks like when god

tries the case that teachers are not

just teachers that god’s representative

in the educational fields or the

educational field

sees what god looks like when god

teaches a lesson where business people

are not just business people but they’re

god’s representative in business

so that the business world sees what god

looks like when god cuts a deal

when housewives and homemakers are not

just homemakers they’re god’s

representative in the home

to make sure that the home reflects the

character of god

where men have defined their malehood

not by the culture but by what god says

a man ought to be

and the responsibility of a man

spiritually and how he ought to lead his

family and relate to his maid

and raise his children we are trying to


kingdom people who are citizens of

heaven and not

mimics of the culture when we do that

when we go that way let’s get this


there’s no salvation in politics we

we’ve been acting like politics is the

savior well if we get the right person


we’re going to be saved you don’t get it

we don’t get it

if god is not postured properly

it doesn’t matter who you elect

it is the absence or presence of

god in an environment that is why

the more secular you become the less god

you will see

the less god you will see the more chaos

you will deal with

so the church better shake up

wake up and get up

so that we can see what god can do if

christ be not come

through a church where the citizens


where our true citizenship lies

one day a man was going to the shoe shop

and the shoe shop closed at

five o’clock but by the time he got

through the traffic

he got there at 5.01

he was late but he could see in the


that the shoe repair man was still there


the door had been locked so he knocked

on the door

the schumann says i’m closed he said


please please please i i didn’t mean to

be late please i really got to get my


the proprietor opened the door and let

him in

he said i’m so sorry i’m so sorry that

i’m late

but then the gentleman noticed something

he says i see the lot where this shoe

shop is located

it’s all clear that no cars

um are you are you getting ready to go


oh he says i’m already home no i mean

leave the shop and go home

he said i’m already home so

what do you mean you’re already home he

said you see those steps up there

see those steps over there in the corner

i’m getting ready to go upstairs

i live up there i just work down here

i live up there but i just work down


if you’re going to be a kingdom citizen

whose citizenship is in heaven who is a


verbal follower of jesus christ

bringing the concerns of heaven and

executing them in the culture

you live up there

you just work down here

now if you hear my voice

and you don’t have a passport to heaven

you need to get one

you need to get a passport to heaven

uh you can get them for free it doesn’t

cost you a thing

jesus christ is giving away passports to


to anybody who comes to him for it

the bible says all have sinned and

fallen short of the glory of god


has failed god but on the cross

jesus christ took your sin your failure

and he bore the penalty that you and i

would do

because of our own sin

and jesus says if you will come to me

recognizing your sinfulness

and your inability to save yourself

and if you will come to me to be your


i will take my goodness and give it to


because i took your badness and suffered

on the cross for it

we will do the great exchange i’ll


your bad for my good so that you will

stand before god

as somebody who has never sinned

and you will be given a passport to


now i want you to live it out on earth

but your eternal destiny will be secure

because i’m giving passports away to all

who come to me

for it you want a passport to heaven

can you say if you died right now you

know where you would spend eternity

if you can’t would you go to god right


repeat after me you just have to mean it

for yourself

lord jesus i’m a sinner and i can’t save


but i believe you died for me make it


that you arose from the dead for me

and i invite you to be my savior

i’m believing in you now for the

forgiveness of my sins

and i receive from you

the gift of eternal life

thank you for my free passport to heaven

and if you just prayed that prayer and

you meant it we want to pray for you

because we care about you

for your eternal destiny but also for

your usefulness in history

as a kingdom citizen if you’re already a

follower of christ

you can do two things right now you can

thank him that you have a passport

and you can commit yourself to using it


don’t have it in a draw use it because

you’re in foreign territory

that i’m going to function as a citizen

of heaven

and not just a citizen of this country

i’m going to take my stand with jesus


and that’s going to be how i roll i’m

going to confess where i’ve fallen short

and then i’m going to take my stand out

lord when you raise up an army

of christ followers who are citizens of


who don’t bank on a political party

for their destiny because our destiny

has already been taken care of

we just want to live it out in history

and we’ll give you the glory in jesus


amen may god continue to bless you

as you follow him as a kingdom citizen

as a full-time follower of jesus christ

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contradictory voices and opinions

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