In this month’s video blog, Pastor Bill shares the importance of applying ourselves to excellence and gives the example of how God used Gideon to display His value for excellence and commitment.




i was just in cleveland

ohio with the steve witt stephen cindy


at bethel cleveland and had such a

wonderful time

and i was giving this example that just

seemed to impact the crowd quite a bit

and it was basically it came down to

this god doesn’t use idiots

and uh i let me explain it to you gideon

is this great hero

of this scripture he started with 32 000

men and the lord says send everyone home

that’s afraid

and 22 000 people left which to me says

we got 10 000 left that might now

have issues of fear that they didn’t

have when they were 32 000

strong but there’s 10 000 and the lord

said take him to the water

show them how to uh or watch them drink

and so it takes them to the water

they kneel down to drink and the ones

that knelt and brought the water to

their mouths

with their eyes open they were alert as

military people should be

there was only 300 of them and the lord

sent 9 700 people home

and and fought a war and won with 300


the lord’s not trying to teach us that

he can win a war with idiots he’s trying

to show us

he values excellence he values proper


he it values the sense of devotion and


the numbers of people that are involved

with that kind of value system

doesn’t matter because because he can

win with any hand

but the point he’s making with this is


he likes to take the best of the best of

the best the values that we have

that are uh entrenched in our soul they


they affect how we think how we see

when we apply ourselves to excellence we

become the group of people that he loves

to bring about

the great great victory so the way i

like to put it is

god doesn’t use idiots


we thank you for the cross