In this sermon, Tony Evans challenges us to ask the question, “How much of God am I leaving behind?” A true legacy transcends material things and makes a big deal about God. It is within this context that we find Elijah transferring the power of God to Elisha. (Psalm 71:18) Tony will show you the necessary components needed to pass the baton of faith to those who follow you and how to leave something that will truly last forever.

every responsible parent here has has

made a will the will consists of that

which you want to pass on to the next


it reflects the accumulation of goods

and resources that have been attained

during your life houses cars accounts

you have created a material legacy the

question that I want to raise today

through the life of Elijah is what kind

of spiritual legacy

are you leaving behind how much of God

are you transferring God never met this

program to stop because there was no

legacy to carry it along all through the

scripture his plan and program in the

world would be carried on through him

being transferred from one generation to

another in fact it is Psalm 70 118 that

says that the power of God is to be

transferred from a generation to another

generation in a dition or even ahead of

the material things that you may pass on

how much of God will be transferred

because if all your legacy is of things

you can spend that have little or no

eternal value associated with them that

is a failed life no matter how

materialistically successful it appears

to be unfortunately a lot of our

children will be fighting over the wrong

thing what’s mine what’s yours how much

came to me how much came to you if there

is little or no God left behind but this

is not only true within your nuclear

family it’s true in God’s spiritual

family that the reason why God wants you

associated in a spiritual environment is

so that a spiritual legacy can be

transferred to you and through you for

others and so we find Elijah getting

ready to pass off the scene his time has

gone it is time for him to go into the

presence of God that means it’s time for

him to make a transfer of a spiritual

heritage that the plan and prophetic

program of God might continue even after

he is gone it’s a great problem when a

leader leaves and there’s nothing left

behind that’s poor leadership because

the whole idea is to carry on a

spiritual legacy a legacy that makes a

big deal about a great God so I have the

question now today to you and to me and

to us what is your spiritual legacy how

much of the supernatural are you leaving

behind or will they be only able to talk

about money cars and houses but they

won’t be able to say much about how much

God showed up in your life because there

was no spiritual supernatural ongoing

presence of God’s reality in your

experience the thing that they will

remember is other folks testimony that

you talked about because you didn’t have

much more to say about how God had moved

in your life so here we are we’re in

this place where Elijah makes a request

of Elijah I’ll try not to get these two

names mixed up they sound so much alike

in verse 9 of second Kings chapter 2

when they had crossed over Elijah said

to Elisha asked what I shall do for you

before I am taken from you and Elisha

said please let a double portion of your

spirit be upon me Elisha

Scelzi large ah I want twice as much God

as you have that a double portion of

your spirit rests on me I want twice as

much God own me as I saw on you and as

we have already seen there’s a whole

bunch of God on Elijah God is just

showing off and showing out through this

prophet Elijah says give me two scoops I

want two scoops of God when you read the

life of Elijah in second Kings you will

discover he did twice as many miracles

as Elijah he asks for a double portion

now a lot of us ask God for a double

portion but is usually not this we want

a double portion we want a bigger house

we want a nicer car we want more

material gain we want greater career we

want more stuff but when is the last

time you’ve gone big on God for more of

him I want a double portion of God on me

that you had on you or maybe you don’t

have anybody close enough in your life

to ask for a double portion from cuz you

haven’t been close enough to somebody

where has one to see what it looks like

and make the request he says I want a

double portion of God on me now he

didn’t just make that up in Deuteronomy

chapter 21 verse 17 the Bible says the

double portion would come to the

firstborn son so it was a unique

privilege given to the firstborn because

the firstborn child would incur

firstborn son would incur more

responsibility so with the more

responsibility that would be the greater

need for a greater portion so elisha is

telling you lies Josh I want twice as

much God because I want to invoke the

spiritual responsibility every man ought

to be asking God for a double portion

because you have the ultimate

responsibility for the well-being of

your family

so you need a double portion of God so

he asks for something big but he asks

for something big spiritually he does

something that we have missed he makes

the request for more of God which means

he made the spiritual more important

than the material now we all know the

material is important you need a place

to live you need clothes on your back

you need food in your stomach I’m not

suggesting that the material isn’t

critical I am saying it is always a

problem if it’s first Matthew 6:33 says

seek ye first the kingdom of God and His

righteousness and all these things will

be added to you we pray for the things

and we’ll just pick up any crumbs of

Spirit that may be hanging around he

says seek ye first all through the Bible

God says I want to be first I want to be

first with this I want to be first with

that I want to be first with the other

first first first first first that Jesus

Christ might have first place in

everything on the first day of the week

a person should put beside that was he

set aside for the Lord its first this

and first that and first this and first

that because God says I want to be first

because I’m the only one like me you

know there is nobody like it unto me I

deserve and demand first place he says

in everything so he says I want more of

God I want to be first you know in

baseball if you miss first base you

don’t matter that you touch second third

and home plate because if you miss

what’s first all the other touches you

make are a waste of time we want to

touch all the other bases in our lives

physically and materially while skipping

first base and wonder why we don’t see

more of the supernatural God is not

interested in giving people the

supernatural who gonna miss first base

God wants to know he’s first when

Solomon was building its temple he

said Lord I want you to give me wisdom

when he was made King I want you to give

me wisdom to lead this people

God said solvent because you didn’t ask

for money because you didn’t ask for

bling because you didn’t ask for stuff

but you asked for me and spiritual

insight I’m going to give you the

spiritual that you asked for and imma

throw some stuff in in addition to that

and he’s doing a lot of stuff cuz Salman

was the richest man who ever lived

but he put the spiritual first Elijah

says I want a double portion I want

twice as much God as you have twice as

much of the spiritual twice as much of

the supernatural

I want your God just rolling all over me

that’s what I want you asked me what I

want allowed you and that’s what I want

Elijah now responds Elijah says in verse

10 he said you have asked a hard thing

you’ve asked a hard thing you want twice

as much God as was on me you’ve asked a

hard thing nevertheless if you see me

when I am taken from you it shall be so

for you for if not it shall not be so he

says in the words of Flip Wilson what

you see is what you get when I’m taken

out of here by God if you see me go

you’ll get the double portion but when

I’m taken out of here by God if you

don’t see me go you won’t get the double

portion you will get what you see now

what was he saying them God will only

give you twice as much of him that was

on me if it’s clear you’re looking at

things spiritually if you see the move

of God taking me out of here which means

you’ll see a supernatural presence of

God then God will give you a double

portion but he’s not going to give you a

double portion if he knows you’re not

looking at things spiritually Paul

prayed and Ephesians chapter 1 verse 18

that the eyes of your spiritual

and your spiritual site might be

enlightened one of the reasons we don’t

see more of the supernatural is that we

don’t look at things spiritually we look

at things secondly Kanaly fleshly

humanly popularly we look at things from

the world standpoint and then if we have

some time left God has brought into the


that’s called backwards Christian

soldiers that’s moonwalking what he is

saying is that unless you can see things

from God’s perspective God is not going

to give you a double portion of him not

to see him and so a lot of us want more

of God who refuse to look at God’s

perspective on the front end we will

appeal to it on the back end therefore

we don’t see him and God is not going to

give you him if you can’t see him

he wants to know that you are looking at

things from his perspective and so he

says if you see me when I’m gone

if you see me when I leave here well

that’s when you’re going to get more of

God let me say it another way God is

only gonna give you as much of him as

you can handle

God is not gonna waste God on you and

he’s not gonna waste God on me he has

too much self-esteem for that he likes

being God so much that he’s not going to

reveal himself as God to people who

don’t appreciate God and he knows if you

appreciate him by the position you put

him in are you looking at things from

his perspective first or if he’ll throw

in after everything else has been looked

at he says I want a double portion I

want more of God from you now let’s go

back for a moment to chapter 19 of first

kings because that’s when they meet

Elijah meets Elijah

first Kings 19 beginning with verse 19

so he departed from there and found

elijah elijah and elisha the son of

shaphat while he was plowing with twelve

pairs of oxen before him and he with the

twelfth and elijah pass over him and

through his mantle on him in other words

elijah dubbed elijah as his successor to

put the mantle on was 2w as the

successor elijah is with twelve pairs of

oxen now if you own twelve pairs of oxen

that meant you had a lot of land which

meant you were living large

so Elisha is living large he’s living

the good life with his family Elijah

comes here Elijah and says you are the

one who’s been selected to be my

successor in the prophetic ministry when

Eli Shaw hears Eli job put the mantle on

him of succession Eli Schultz says to

eli Chuck these words he says he left

the oxen verse 20 and ran after Elijah

and said please let me kiss my father

and mother then I will follow you and he

said to him go back again what have I

done for you so he returned from

following him took the pear box and

sacrificed them all their flesh with the

implements of the oxen gave it to the

people and they ate Linnea rose and

followed elijah and ministered to him

you see if you gonna get more of God you

gotta kiss something goodbye if you

gonna get more of God you can’t just be

carrying on life as usual I’m gonna

double you as my successor but if you

don’t get this thing you wind up asking

me for a little bit later in second

Kings chapter 2 that means you gonna

have to kiss mama goodbye kiss daddy

goodbye kiss oxen goodbye you gonna have

to kiss the life you become accustomed

to goodbyes in order to get more of God

see the reason why we don’t get more of

God as we wanna kiss stuff goodbye we’ve

become solid

we’ve become so committed that when God

wants to take us to a new spiritual

level we are so embracing where we are

we’re not willing to sacrifice that to

get more most of the people here

probably to my best of my knowledge have

a college education you’ve graduated

from high school and you went to four

years or so of college some of you have

gone beyond that and gotten your

master’s degree a few perhaps have gone

beyond that and gotten your doctorate

degree which means that at the end of

high school

you made a value decision you made a

decision if I’m going to get further in

this world I have got to increase my

education which will make me more

marketable with a skill which will earn

me more money and potentially get me a

better position in the marketplace and

so what you did was you made a decision

to invest in your education in order to

increase your value in this world you

did it at much sacrifice you did

homework you didn’t want to do your read

books you didn’t want to do you are with

the classes you didn’t want to go to

because you perceived that the value of

the sacrifice would be worth the reward

of the effort put in so you gave up 4

years of your life viewing it as an

investment in order to gain more in this

world it is amazing the effort people

will put forth in order to get

recognition accumulation and material

development in this world who are

unwilling to put forth effort and energy

and and perspective in order to get

something from that world the problem is

what you will need in this world a lot

of it will have to come from that world

but if there has been no investment in

that world and you put all your marbles

into this world when this world

collapses and you have nothing to lean

on from that world because all of your

investment was in this world and you

weren’t willing to kiss anything goodbye

like you did for your education and

degrees for that world you’ll be left

dormant from that world no matter how

much stuff you have in this world that’s

why we have so many houses but not many

homes that’s why we have a lot of money

but hold all of misery that’s why we can

drive a car with no place to go

that’s why we have information in the

midst of ignorance because people have

accumulated in this world who made no

sacrifice for that world and want to

know why they’re not seeing not only a

double portion they’re not even seeing a

single portion of the spiritual

supernatural working in their experience

you see if you want some of God you got

to kiss something goodbye everywhere in

the Bible God called men who he was

calling to a higher spiritual experience

to make a decision now it’s not the same

decision for everybody it’s not to the

same degree but it’s the same concept

see what a lot of folks want to do is

they want to audit the Christian life

you know what an odd it is and odd it is

I want the information but not the work

I want the data teach it to me but don’t

give me a home assignment don’t give me

a test don’t give me a reading

assignment just give me the data in fact

a lot of what church has become is

Christian auditing I am you and be

committed but I like the teacher and I

like the information being taught but

don’t ask me to act on it don’t ask me

to be tested on it don’t ask me to be

committed to it but i’ma come to class

because I want the information a lot of

people want to audit the Christian life

and wonder why they get no spiritual

grades they want to get high degrees in

the world without being a kindergarten

graduate in the kingdom and so as a

result of that we have a lot of people

in church but not a lot of people

experiencing God we have a lot of people

who are in religion but not a lot of

people seeing the supernatural come from

heaven because they want an auditing

relationship with God not one for credit

not one where God is engaged in their

lives spiritually and supernaturally

because it has not been prioritized it’s

just been accented and so he tells them

follow me has God asked you to kiss

something goodbye that you love so much

actually so used to handling folks that

you don’t want to leave that is keeping

you from your double portion keeping you

from experiencing more of the spiritual

and the supernatural in your experience

well what happens what happens is

between the time he put the mantle on in

chapter 19 verse 19 and the time they

asked for double portions second Kings 2

verse 9 there’s a gap in that gap is an

experience it’s recorded for us in

chapter 2 the beginning of chapter 2 of

second Kings it came about when the Lord

was about to take up Elijah by a

whirlwind to heaven that a light job was

with Elijah from Gilgal Elijah said to

Elisha stay here please for the Lord has

sent me as far as Bethel but Elisha said

as the Lord lives and you yourself live

I will not leave you so they went down

to Bethel I don’t know if you see what’s

happening there he goes and he says he

lied to Elijah he says don’t go any for

with me I’ll go I go to rest away by

myself Elijah say you ain’t leavin me

I’m going with you wait where you go I


you ain’t leaving me behind and he’ll I

judge didn’t make him stay

it says Elijah was allowed by law jobs

to keep going with him because it was

never he’ll I just intention to make him


it was the test to see how committed he

was and God will test your commitment

because he don’t just believe what you

say does anybody can talk smack anybody

can talk noise I love the Lord I heard

his cry you know he’s so wise you can’t

get over he’s so high he’s so low you

know you you can tell Rose of Sharon

barnman gilja bright morning start that

smack I want to see when you are tested

will you keep going and following me

I want to know are you committed in your

feet not just in your words talk and

lips says stay behind he says no I’m not

gonna do that he goes on the sons of the

prophets who were at Bethel came out to

Elisha and said to him do you know that

the Lord will take away your master from

you today and he said yes I know be

still first for Elijah said to Elisha

please stay here for the Lord has sent

me to Jericho but he said as the Lord

lives and as you yourself live I will

not leave you so they came to Jericho

Elisha said I should see you you have to

go any further and I said no no you

going I’m going okay cuz I’m not just in

the foot of fluff I’m not just in it for

the for the fancy stuff I’m in it

because I’m totally committed oh but it

ain’t over then Elisha says to him in

verse 6 please stay here for the Lord

sent me to the Jordan and he said as the

Lord lives and as you yourself said I

will not leave you so the two of them

widow three times he said boy

don’t go any further it’s a test and God

will test your commitment whether when

you came forward whether that was real

when you nodded your head whether that

was right when you said Amen whether you

were just talking

he will test will you go with him and

keep going with him even over the

various terrains of life what is the

level of your commitment it’s easy to

come to church there’s no competition in

church everybody agrees with you in

church the question is are you committed

are you going to keep traveling because

you want a double portion you want a

miracle this is not a game you’re

playing you want the supernatural you

want the spiritual and see there it is

our problem today our problem is there

not enough Elijah is to lead the

Elijah’s and there’s not enough Elijah

is wanting to be led by a large others

in other words we spend a lot of time

following the wrong people we’re not

following somebody who can lead us to a

double portion we following folk who

leading us from a double portion because

they may have stuff in this world but

they have no God working for them a lot

of us had grandparents they don’t have

the stuff we have they don’t have the

lifestyle we have but they have much

more of God than we will never have

because in the worst of situations they

were committed we’re in the best of

social financial economic situations and

don’t know the miracle how could they

praise God with nothing and we can’t

praise him with something

how can they be committed when there was

such a limitation and we find trouble

being committed when we could they walk

to worship then we can’t even drive

three hours be too short

and one hour is too long because there’s

a different view of God there’s a

different view of the spiritual there’s

a different view of the supernatural and

because we’re not desperate for God we

lean on this world now notice the track

he took him on it just named some cities

but these aren’t just cities the New

Testament would call this process he’s

going through it would call it

discipleship discipleship is that

developmental process that moves people

along spiritually so in 1919 he puts the

mantle on him in two nine second Kings

two nine he asked for a double portion

but in between he must be developed and

so you have him walking him through

these different locations for

development because every location means

something first location Gilgal the

first place in La Jolla took Elijah was

to Gilgal what happened in Gilgal the

scripture says in Gilgal God removed the

reproach of Egypt from Israel in Gilgal

God removed the reproach of Israel from

Egypt you see when the children of

Israel left Egypt they couldn’t forget

Egypt they always kept looking back to

Egypt they still loved Egypt even though

God was trying to take him to the

promised land so it took them 40 years

to get over Egypt and as long as they

couldn’t get over Egypt they couldn’t

enter across the Jordan to the promised

land the reason why some of us are

delayed in experiencing God as we still

have Egypt in our minds see we’re still

so committed to the world we’re so

committed to the secular world that

leads God out that God can’t give us

more of him because he doesn’t want to

give us more of him to take it back to

the world he just delivered us

from so as long as we walking with God

but looking back at Egypt God is not

going to give you more of God so that

you can pick over your shoulder to the

world he delivered you from so in I job

took Elijah to Gilgal so that he would

be taught that you got to leave

yesterday behind if you’re gonna

experience new God today and he took him

to Bethel that’s all Genesis 35 Jacob

was in Bethel and Bethel was where he

heard the voice of God it was where he

saw the ladder come down from heaven and

the angels going up and down God spoke

to him at Bethel God changed his name

God gave him a new character Bethel is

where God changes you and reveals

himself to you because you’re in Bethel

which is called the house of God in

other words he took him to the place

where he could hear God for himself you

see he took him first to Gilgal because

he needed to know you’ll never hear God

as long as you listen to the world

but then he took him to Bethel because

managers let the world go now God is

free to talk to you but now that God is

free to talk to you

we’re gonna take you to Jericho see back

in Gilgal we left the world behind then

we moved over to Bethel where we can now

hear the voice of God so now I’m gonna

take you to Jericho where God doesn’t


now what miracle did he do in Jericho

the walls of Jericho came tumbling down

but what made the walls of Jericho come

tumbling down

well God gave a weird strategy he told

him to walk around the wall once a day

for six days on the seventh day walk

around seven times then shout when you

shout the walls are gonna come tumbling

down now tell the truth for shame the

devil that don’t make no sense that

don’t make no sense to tell me to walk

around walk once a day for six days on

the seventh day walk around the seven

times and then shout that’s a terrible

military strategy but you see if you

haven’t passed Gilgal so you’re looking

at the world if you haven’t graduated to

Bethel so that you’ve learned to hear

the voice of God

you not gonna do what God says in

Jericho when he tells you how to get a

miracle but if you let Gilgal go and

you’re listening at Bethel now you’re

willing to listen in Jericho even when

it doesn’t make sense and when they

walked around once a day for six days

walked around seven times on the seventh

day the walls came tumbling down because

he obeyed the ridiculous

because the ridiculous came from heaven

but he had learned at Bethel to listen

to heaven because he turned his back at

Gilgal our teacher it takes him the

Jordan you know crossing the Jordan

River that that’s when it’s time for the

transfer that’s when it’s time to move

on and see some of us here stuck a gill

gap we haven’t left the world but we

asked him for a double portion some of

us are stuck at Bethel we’ve heard his

voice but we haven’t moved on to Jericho

some of us have stuck to Jericho

because what had God asked us to do

doesn’t make sense and I ain’t gonna do

nothing that doesn’t make sense because

my momma gave me an education and I got

a degree and I got all that metal makes

sense that doesn’t fit with my science

class my biology class my English class

doesn’t fit so he walking around no

walls sometimes and I ain’t gonna shine

ain’t doing all that that makes sense so

we’re stuck and we never get the Jordan

where the double portion is handed I see

God wants the movie on you and I was

when I was growing up when I was growing

up I played marbles I’d love to play

marbles I got really good at it the

marbles with being a circle and I back

up and I and I’m a man

pop pop it out there I really got good

at it and I loved it and every day I

played marbles until that day I

discovered football when I got a little

old and I discovered football marbles

handed marbles had to go away cuz cuz

when I discovered football that was a

lot more exciting lot more dynamic I was

more into football and so I had to

graduate for marbles to football when I

discovered there was something greater

see some of us are still playing marbles

we still playing marbles because we

haven’t graduated we still sing in the

same song quoting the same verse reading

the same stuff over and I’m saying the

same great saying the same bedtime

prayer we still playing marbles why

because we haven’t graduate

from Gilgal to Bethel to Jericho to

Jordan we haven’t moved and our

spiritual life but we’ve been auditing

spiritual class and we come to church

they’re doing the religious thing so

here he is he’s at this place now the

Bible says in Hebrews 11 27 it says in

Hebrews 11 27 that the people who were

of great faith could see him who is

unseen even though God was visible they

saw his hand even though they couldn’t

see five fingers they saw his feet even

though they couldn’t see five toes they

saw his heart even though they didn’t

see a muscle beating they saw his heart

mine even though they didn’t see a brain

because even though God was invisible

they saw him and if God is not real to

you yet

he’s a concept in a book but not a

reality in the life but you still want a

double portion God says I got to take

you through a process before I give you

a double portion I got to know you with

me on my terms

that you’ve left Egypt that you’re gonna

listen to me at Bethel and that at

Jericho you’re gonna do something weird

if it comes from me and then we can

discuss double portion because Elijah

said to Elisha it’s not mine to give

only God can give you a double piece of

him because some of us want from people

what people can’t give we want from folk

with folk can give you that God has to

give it to you himself and so he says if

you see it when I leave then you have a

double portion let’s see what happens in

2nd Kings chapter 2 after you’d ask for

a double portion verse 11 as they were

walking along and talking behold there

appeared a chariot of fire and horses of

fire which separated the two of them and

Elijah went up by a whirlwind in heaven

well I want to see a recording of that

one Elijah saw it and cried out my

father my father the chariots of Israel

and its horsemen and he saw Elijah no

more then he took hold of his own

clothes and tore them into pieces ok let

me stop there for a moment stay with me

he laughed and he said my father my


now I wasn’t a daddy he wasn’t born a

child of Elijah he was a spiritual

father okay listen to me now if you want

to be a great doctor in addition to

going to school you need to follow

around a great doctor

they call that a residency and an


they they gonna connect you with

somebody who’s been there and done that

cuz when it comes to folk lives you

don’t just need book knowledge need

somebody who knows what they doing by

experience if you want to be a great

teacher you need to hang out with a

great teacher not just somebody who has

a degree you better hang out with

somebody who has taught you want to be a

great engineer I’m not with a great

engineer somebody who’s been into

engineering and has done a great job at

it you want to be a great man hang out

with a great man so that you can find

manhood from somebody who’s bitter man

acted like a man and is not a boy the

size of a man do you want to be a great

woman you need to hang out with a great

woman a woman who is the kind of woman

that God wants a woman to be in other

words hang out with what you want to be

like the Bible calls those people father

and lover in other words they’re mentors

for you in the area of you’ll need to

watch this if you want to double portion

and you want to be a great Christian you

better hang out with somebody who has

seen God for themselves who knows what

it is to experience God who can’t just

quote you verses who can just talk to

you about the Bible but they have seen

God they have seen the supernatural and

that may be a person with no degree that

may be a dropout from school

that may be your grandmother or your

grandfather who couldn’t have the

opportunity that you have but they can

tell you what the Lord can do they can

tell you what God is able to do they can

give you the experience of his reality a

lot of us won’t get the double portion

cuz we won’t hang out with the right


we hang out with carnal people asking

for a double portion you better find an

Elijah or any lied you at somebody in

your life who has gotten the whole of

God and who’s gotten close enough for

you to see it that’s why he’s walking

with him and you know what that’s what

the church is supposed to be it’s not

supposed to be placed just for class

it’s supposed to be a place where Elijah

is can meet Elijah’s and people can

connect to take them to the next

spiritual level and that’s called

discipleship mentoring that’s what God

is after a man said to a guy one day he

said I want to make a mark in the world

the guy looked back at him and said well

which world which world because so many

of us only consider making a mark in

this wine and if this world is all you

want this world is all you get even as a

Christian don’t get me wrong please

don’t misunderstand I’m not suggesting

it’s not okay to maximize your potential

in this world what I am saying is it’s

not okay to maximize your attention in

this world at the expense of that world

seek you first there must be a decision

until that decision is made and acted on

forget the request of a double portion

because you’ll never see Elijah leave

you’ll never see the spiritual and the

supernatural take place

you’ll always be hearing it from

somebody else’s story and not your own

and then he concludes it says he taught

his toys closing the pieces thorough

verse 13 he also took up the mantle of

Elijah that fell from him and returned

and stood by the bank of the Jordan and

he took the mantle of Elijah that fell

from him and struck the waters and said

where is the Lord the God of Elijah and

when he also had struck the waters then

they divided here and there and Elijah

crossed over oh no you didn’t

no you didn’t okay did you see what

happened lie just taking up in a

whirlwind horses chariots those are the

warlords of God from God who fought

against idolatry and his mantle fell

Elijah picked up the mantle of Elijah

and then hit the Jordan he and asked a


Oh the question is where is the god of

Elijah oh come on did you hear the


he took the mantle of Eli Chuck he

struck the water and then he asked a

question where is the god of Elijah what

he is asking is this is that man’s God

here with me right now cuz while RJ is

gone God is the same yesterday today and

forever so what I want to know is is

that man’s God still here with me is

your Grandmama’s God still here with you

is your mama’s God it was just I know

what you’re saying

I got a mother over there where Jesus is

yeah but mama want to know does she have

the guard down there that she has when

she was there she wants to know have you

transferred to you where’s the God many

of us have never seen the God of our

grandparents many of us have never seen

succession or to let you see that while

the person is gone the God they left

behind is the same and you know what

that means that means that no person is

indispensable because even when the

person leaves the God is still there if

he finds somebody he can use listen when

God takes me up out of here when God

removes here I hope you don’t settle for

some smooth-talking lips

back in talking preacher just cuz they

sound good can’t call it down can’t who

can you all it is and all of that I hope

you are not tricked by somebody who has

skills but who can’t bring God down cuz

my hope is that we leave enough God here

that you won’t settle for somebody with

a title called prophet who can’t give

you a mantle where you can open up the

Jordan River and see the supernatural

take place in the house that’s what God

is at where’s the I want you to be able

to say where is the God of Tony Evans

even though happens is not here anymore

is this God still here so here is the

challenge how much of God do you want

cuz he’s only gonna give you as much of

him as you can handle because God is not

gonna waste God he’s too much

self-respect for that he remember the

story about the man who was taking his

girl on his new bride on the honeymoon

they were on the honeymoon woman on the

honeymoon it was a foggy day out he had

a pasture truck he didn’t see the

oncoming van the oncoming band hit him

it was a head-on collision it flipped

his car over into the ditch he was

knocked out a few minutes later he came

to he thought his bride gushing with

blood bleeding profusely he knew she was

bleed out and die if he didn’t get help

soon but there was no help around but as

fortune would have it he looked right

out the windshield and there was a sign

office of dr. bill Jones how fortunate

could it be that his car was wrecked

right there at the doctor’s office

he picked up his beloved he wind he’d

knocked on the door an old man came to

the door he said mister save her she’s

dying the old man said I’m so sorry I

stopped practicing medicine years ago

the young man said mister you have two

choices you can either save her or take

down your sign but don’t have a sign

that says you can perform something that

can change but then when we show up it’s

just a lot of noise

nothing can happen when we show up

there’s a lot of folk carrying out sign

I’m a Christian you’re carrying a sign I

love Jesus you’re carrying a sign he’s

able you’re carrying a sign he can fix

it but when stop shows up you can’t do

anything because all you are is a sign

God is looking for folk or not just a

sign but who believe in the real thing

who still practice this things talk this

thing walk this thing this thing because

we know that our God is the same

yesterday today and forever somebody

ought to give him praise because he’s

worthy and he deserves to share his

legacy in this house