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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually.



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you as I said we will deal with the

subject of rewards this summer in detail

every Sunday and every Wednesday in June

and July the it is such a critical

Doctrine and it will affect the rest of

your life

and your Eternal State as

well again the studies are online you

can get the outline and additional

scriptures online ocbfchurch.org

studyguide if you want to review

this and each message you can do that


speak because I’m


inviting this

flock to join me in returning to

you so that we will get a full

reward no matter where we are right now

I pray that

this emphasis will draw

us to a deeper commitment and walk and

dedication to


you help me this morning help

us to take you off of the back

burner and put you in your rightful

place in Jesus


amen many of you will perhaps remember

about the pastor who went to visit visit

one of his elderly church

members she had been in the church a

long time she was now older and she

couldn’t make it to church and he gave

her a pastoral visit as he sat down and

talked with this


member there was on the little table in

front of


peanuts and as he talked he began to eat

peanuts and talk and eat peanuts and

talk and he filled himself up with

peanuts only to discover throughout the

conversation he had eaten all the

peanuts when it dawned on him that he’d

eaten all of this older lady’s peanuts

he he said to her ma’am I I am so so

sorry that I ate all of your

peanuts that’s when the elderly lady

said well that’s okay ever since I lost

my teeth I suck the chocolates off the

peanuts you need to know what you’re


we live in a world today

where we’re being fed the wrong

stuff because we’re being fed the wrong

stuff but it tastes so

good we find ourselves eating social

media eating

uh secular philosophy and


eting what’s popular in

entertainment because it tastes

good it feels good and maybe it seems

and sounds

good but the price tag we are paying for

eating the wrong

information is replete and

staggering this is why Paul told Timothy

in 2 Timothy chapter 4 he says I charge

you to preach the

word he says be instant in season and

out of season when it’s convenient and

when it’s

inconvenient when they like it and when

they don’t like it when they want it and

when they don’t want

it when they like you and when they hate

you you preach the word than because he

says in those first five verses of 2

Timothy 4 because the time is coming

when people will have itching

ears ears that want to be

tickled ears that want to hear what’s

popular ears that want to hear

what’s acceptable ears that want to hear


normative and they will no longer endure

sound Doctrine he says they will no

longer want the

truth they’ll settle for the lies of the

culture we live in a day

when cancel culture has canell God’s

truth not understanding that when you

cancel God’s word God’s word cancels

you in Amos chapter

8 the prophet tells them that there was

a famine in the land he says there is

this famine in the land in verses 11 and

12 he says and it is a famine of God’s

word and because there was a famine in

the Land There was chaos in the culture


right because people didn’t have truth

to eat

they had lies dipped in

chocolate we are being

duped our children are being

duped we’ve been duped on the issues

that people are fighting about where God

has already spoken

about there has been the abandoned

of God’s word and make no mistake about

it you cannot return to God and neglect



word you cannot return to God and deny

his word you cannot turn return to God

and abandon reject ostracize


peripheralized his

word if you are serious about a return

to God you must be serious about the

scripture scriptures serious about the

Bible so I want to talk to us today in

this series on returning to God about

returning to him through

scripture through the truth of the

Bible Paul puts it this way in 2 Timothy

3 he


beginning in verse 13 evil men and

Impostors are going to proceed from Bast

from bad to worse deceiving and being

deceived but you continue in the things

you have learned and become convinced of

knowing from whom you have learned them

and that from a

childhood which is why you need to make

sure your children know the word of God

from childhood you have known the sacred

writings the

scriptures which were able to give you

wisdom wiom that leads to Salvation

through faith which is in Jesus

Christ as a child you were introduced to

the Bible so that you could make better

decisions in your


life why why make a big deal about the

Bible about

scripture he tells us in verse 16 all

scripture is inspired by

God all all scripture is inspired by

God we start off with

Revelation Revelation means divine

disclosure where God tells us what he

wants us to

know he does not tell us everything he

knows but he tells us what he wants us

to know and that is when he reveals it

when he says it the Bible says

Deuteronomy 29:29 that God has secret

things things he will not discuss or

things he discusses partially things

that keep us guessing but what he wants

to know he has

revealed Revelation leads to

inspiration all scripture is inspired

inspiration is that work of God where he

put Revelation in the thoughts minds and

pin of people to record his

Revelation Revelation is what he

discloses inspiration is the record of


disclosure and that is in

scripture so God reveals Revelation men

record inspiration leading to

canonization canonization is that

process where God leads people to

identify what was inspired that had been

revealed you see there are a lot of

things that were written that were not

inspired so God had to make sure that

what got in the Bible was what he

revealed that he inspired to assure he


canonized in the 66 books of our

scriptures so there is revelation what

God discloses inspiration how it is

recorded then there is canonization how

it is recognized leading to

illumination how it is understood and

applied when Revelation that has been

recorded in Inspiration based on what

has been Canon canonized in canonization

becomes your

illumination then you and I can


transformation all

scripture is inspired by God the Greek

word Theos means to be breathed out to

Exhale scripture is the exhaling of

God it is not merely information about

God it is the voice of God in

print if you only marginalize scripture

to be information about him and not the

revelation of him

then you’ll be satisfied with

data and

sermons and bible

studies but you will not feel you’re

being told what to do yes it is the

voice of God in print not merely

information about

God Proverbs 30: 5 and 6 says every word

of God has been tested do not add to it

lest you be shown to be a liar

yes Romans 3:4 let God be true and every

man a

liar John

10:35 the scripture cannot be broken


cancelled you can’t cancel God God can


you so to reject the word of God is to

hurt you not hurt God or his

word because every word is true if the

Bible is not true Jesus is a

fake because it was Jesus who said in


5:18 that every jot and tit which are

the two smallest elements of the Hebrew

vocabulary every jot and tit of God’s

word will be accomplished in the



detail that’s why we can be confident

about the future cuz God has already

been there and come


back it’s future to us it’s present to

him and that is revealed in Scripture


scripture not only that but scripture is

alive Hebrews 42 and 13 the word of God

is alive and active and it is a scalpel

he says sharper than any two-edged sword

piercing beneath the external into the

soul and the spirit the bone and the

marrow it will turn you inside

out it’s so

sharp it is alive it is a living alive

document because it is the exhaling of

God the voice of God impr

print he says all scripture is inspired


God and this profitable for teaching

reproof correction training and

righteousness so that the man or woman

of God may be adequately equipped for

every good

work what he’s telling you is that the

scripture is

sufficient for

life for decision making for

choices for guidance for

governance the scriptures sufficient for

you as an individual it’s sufficient for

you and your family it’s sufficient for

this church and every Church it is

sufficient for the

culture you’ve often heard me say if you

came to me personally your life was

falling apart I’d take the Bible I would

give you what God says give you

practical ways to implement it pray the

Holy Spirit empowered your obedience for

the transformation of your circumstance

if you brought your family I take the

same Bible do the same thing if you

brought the church because the church

was in disarray I take the Bible and do

the same thing

if you brought Congress I wouldn’t




books a lot of our talk about race and

politics folk change books they go back

to other documents and other things

whether or not it agrees or disagrees

with the word of God we we change

books it’s amazing the amount of

Christians who change books God’s book

on Sunday and whatever the culture says


Monday the Bible says you do nullify the

word of God with your Traditions you

cancel its benefit to you you don’t

cancel it out you cancel its benefit so

you can actually cancel the benefit of

the Bible to you by not treating it like

it is which is not the word of men it is

the word of God and it is sufficient all

of us have appliances in our home we

have appliances in our home they’re

different sizes they’re different shapes

they do different things but they all

are generated by the same

Source you plug them in for electrical

power you don’t you don’t look for

something else for the toaster and

something else for the refrigerator and

something else for the stove and

something else for the lamp you know you

know you you you you have you have

something that is good enough for every


Appliance the scripture is good enough

for for the woman it’s good enough for

the man it’s good enough for the child

it’s good enough for the marriage it’s

good enough for the church it’s good

enough for the black the white hispanic

the yellow the Indian the word of God is

sufficient it can handle any Appliance

or any

person today we liveing today well

that’s my

truth we need to live in a day when we

look for the


Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 man shall not

live by bread alone by what he takes in

physically but by every word all

scripture every word that proceeds out

of the mouth of God inspiration

Revelation that is inspired every

word because the devil is not allergic

to your word he’s allergic to his

word so every time Satan hear you say

well I think he say I got

you I got you cuz if what you said said

and what you just thought disagrees with

God you have invited the devil to


you because God can’t be wrong on any

subject because he is perfect as the

second half of Psalm 19

says the word of God is pure it says

flawless I remember and many of you who

are baby boomers will remember that your

mother and

grandmother no matter what was wrong

would bring out cast

oil mama I got a headache get the castor

oil mama I got a backage drink some


oil mom I got a toe EG pour some castor

oil on it I

mean there was this view that castor oil


sufficient for whatever your problem was

he says the word of God is

sufficient for every good work

everything you ought to

do every decision you have to

make the word of God now if anything is

that good then you should want to know

it not only that but you should go to it

first cuz if it’s that good it can say

I’m sure there would be a lot of

testimonies here I wish I would have

obeyed God back

then right we all have that we all have

that I wish we cuz if I would have

obeyed him then it wouldn’t be like this

now some of y’all are sitting next to

your Disobedience I mean it’s just if I

obey him in I wouldn’t be stuck here

now some of y’all ain’t grinning either

so I know I

so the Bible is God’s

word it is we use this theological term

inherent yes that is it is without

error when it was given to men our job

is to read it understand it and apply

it but not challenge

it because its offer is

perfect so God is

insulted he pronounces a blessing on the

one I believe it is Isaiah

662 uh he pronounced a blessing on the

one who trembles at his word that is he

wants you to approach the Bible like

this cuz it’s it’s so it has the life of

God it has God’s presence he says to the

one who trembles at my

word you’re really shaking because

you’re in his presence and he’s getting

ready to

talk to return to God means to return to

scripture so the next question then

is how does this work and maybe you’re

sitting here and you’re saying well it

hasn’t worked for


hasn’t done what you just described for

me Luke 8 tells a

story about a sewer who went out to

sew a farmer is planting

seeds and he talks about the seeds that

the farmer planted fell on different

soils so Jesus the great Storyteller

that he that he is tells this

story and he tells him I’m talking to

you about the kingdom he

says and I’m going talk to you about the

kingdom and how the word works with the

kingdom and the kingdom is the rule of

God so he tells him this story and when

he tells him this

story verse 10 he says to you it has

been granted to know the mysteries of

the kingdom of God but to the rest of it

it is in Parables so that seeing they

may not see in hearing they may not

understand now let me let me just pause

there he says I told you this story

talking to his disciples I told you the

his this story uh so that you can learn

the mystery of the Kingdom so that

you’ll understand something that the

general public won’t know so I’m getting

ready to tell you what Jesus told them

because if you are here and you are a

Believer and you are serious about

following Christ he wants you to

understand but he doesn’t want the

non-christians to understand

why would he say that he says so that

seeing they may not see and that they

may not understand because the more you

understand that you don’t do anything

with the greater your

judgment so he says I want you to

understand because you belong to my

people I want you to get the benefit of

this so he tells this story and he says

now the parable is this the seed is the

word of

God the word of God comes to you in seed


right 1 Peter chapter

1: 23 to 25 talks about the word of God

has the DNA in it of God but it comes in

seed form now whenever you have a fruit

or a vegetable in seed

form all that is going to make the fruit

or vegetable what it’s designed to

become is embedded in the seed it just

hasn’t expanded and exposed itself yet

okay so right now this sermon you will

get in seed

form in other words not fully Amplified

not fully experienced not fully realized

but very much alive because a seed has

life in it of whatever the fruit and

vegetable is he says the soul went out

the SE the seed is the word of

God some of the seed fell by the

roadside he says just fell by the

roadside and the Devil comes and takes

it away the word before it gets to their

heart so Satan is the original

abortionist he

wants to take away the seed of

life some fell on rocky


soil those they heard it they received

it with joy amen praise the Lord

hallelujah didn’t he

preach they received it they like the

sermon and these have no firm

root they bleed for a while and in time

of Temptation Fall Away yes he calls

that rocky soil the first was roadside

that’s no soil now we’re on rocky soil

they receive

it but when they leave church hit the


lot drive home start watching football

start doing egg work during the time of

testing they fall away because it didn’t



rooted C that rocky

soil he says then there the seed verse

14 that fell among

Thorns these are the ones who have heard

they go on their way they are choked

with worries and riches and pleasures of

this life and bring no fruit to

maturity so these are the choke

seeds these are the secular

Christians they get so involved with

their education so involved with their

profession so involved with making money

that they have they become what I’m

going to deal with next week week they

become worldly

Saints secular

Saints they shift from am to FM AM to FM

AM to FM their frequencies are always

shifting because they’re trying to

please God and please the

world and so they can never grow up to

become an adult Christian they stay baby

Saints they live on the

ABCs and so they don’t bring fruit to

maturity little apples little

oranges little

bananas it doesn’t it doesn’t become all

that the seed had in

it don’t live your life and not reach


potential but it all has to


do with this verse 15 but the seed in

the good


these are the ones who have heard the

word and in an honest and good heart

hold it fast and bear fruit with

perseverance he says these are the


seeds and you know they’re mature seeds

because of their fruit

bearing they bear fruit not not a little

tiny any fruit full

fruit fruit has to do with the

productivity of your life okay if you’re


fruit three there three things that

happen with

fruit number one fruit always Bears the

character of the tree of which it is a

part you won’t find apples on orange

trees you won’t find oranges on apple

trees you know you it will always

reflect the character so the way you

know you’re bearing fruit is you’re

looking more like Jesus this year than

you did last

year your actions and reactions are more

consistently in line with how he would

act and react because your character is

a fruit of his

tree the second aspect of


is fruit is always

visible you’ve never seen invisible

fruit you know what kind of tree it is

cuz you see see what kind of fruit it is

even if you’re not familiar with the

with the bark of the tree you can see

the fruit no that’s an orange tree apple

tree because it’s

visible you know you’re getting to

maturity when you’re no longer a secret


Christian when your commitment to Christ

is visible it’s it’s you’re not hiding

it under a bushel you’re not apologizing

for your faith in Jesus Christ you are

visible adherent to the truth of

God you visible you’re not you’re not

hidden you’re not in the

closet so fruit

is reflects the character D part it’s

visible it’s

beneficial the only fruit that eats

itself is rotten

fruit if fruit is eating itself it’s

rotten fruit is always designed for

somebody else to eat e it so who is

taking a bite out of your

life who’s wanting to be like you follow

you who’s wanting you to disciple them

who are you benefiting in the Name of

Christ if you are only benefiting you

you are an immature

Christian if you want to be served but

can never serve if you want to be helped

but you can never be a

helper and you’re not beneficial you’re

just a fruit hanging out eating yourself

and if you are a selfish fruit you will


self-destruct he says but to the fruit

that goes to the fruit that goes to

maturity well well how did I get there I

want to be there how do I get there

well there was nothing wrong with the

seed right the problem was always with



a if God’s word isn’t working he doesn’t

have good soil to work with

yes if God’s word is not working if it’s

not doing in you to you through you for

you by you from you what it says it can

do because it is the life and DNA of God

that is either no soil rocky soil or

choke soil not good

soil it is the soil of the life that

determines the benefit of the

seed cuz the seed is the word of

God but just like the sperm has to reach

the egg if you want new

life the word has to reach the heart if

you want a transformed

life if the word does not get to the

heart just being in the canal and being

in the vicinity doesn’t mean a

fertilization has

occurred it must penetrate the heart in

order to birth the conception of divine

benefit and

life so the word of God must reach its

destination so all scripture is

absolutely true you cannot return to God

and ignore his word

and it is sufficient for

life and the things that the Bible don’t


about must be made consistent with what

the Bible does talk about yes there are

things that the Bible doesn’t talk about

specifically but you cannot adopt it if

it contradicts it or is

in opposition to

it so that raises a


how do you get better

soil since there’s nothing wrong with


seed nothing wrong with the seed it

comes in seed form that means it’s got

to grow but it needs the right

environment in which to

grow I shared this before but if you if

you look at

um popcorn you

put popcorn in the

microwave you put it in the microwave in



okay but but you don’t want to eat the

seed like it is you want it to

pop so you get

popcorn you put in the

microwave you put it in an environment

what a lot of people don’t know is that

every kernel of

corn has moisture in it every kernel of

corn has moisture in it so when you put

it in the

microwave and turn on the microwave the

radiation from the microwave heats up

the moisture that’s in every kernel of

corn while the moisture that’s in every

kernel corn gets hot because of the

microwave and it becomes

steam steam Rises so when you turn the

microwave on and the Heat and the

radiation of microwave heats up the

moisture that’s in every CERN of corn

the steam begins to rise and press

against the

shell when the shell can’t

handle the pressure of the moistu

rising it releases it and you hear p

what you’re hearing is the inside giving

way to the the outside giving way to the

inside cuz the inside can’t handle the

expansion the outside can’t handle the

expansion of the

inside and all of that’s happening

because an environmental shift has

occurred you can pick that popcorn with

your teeth all day long and you ain’t

going to get popcorn

because your teeth that’s not the right

environment but when you heat it you get

it you’re putting it in an environment

where the inside

expands what God wants his word to do in

our lives is to cause you and me to

go where the inside is

expanding cuz the outside can’t take it



so the question

is how do I change the soil so that it’s

the right environment because it’s got

to reach the heart it can’t just reach

the ears you remember all the time Jesus

says he that hath an ear let him

hear he that have an external he let him

hear what his internal he that is what

internally take it in not just

externally audio just just but let it

let it seep in

oh yes that’s right so we got a perfect

seed but we have imperfect soil but we

want to be better soil so that we can

grow to

maturity question is how do we do

that James chapter

one in the study I’ve got all kind of

scriptures about the word of God and we

could be on this all day but this will

give you a sense


what you need to do to get the word to

work verse 19 of James 1 this you know

my beloved Brethren fellow

Christians everyone must be quick to

hear slow to speak and slow to

anger okay a one that means you’re not


exception you must be if if you want you

you’ll stay with me here if you want to

change the

soil you must be quick to hear slow to

speak and slow to

anger that’s right let me put it this

way as you’ll see when this unfolds you

must be quick to hear God’s point of

view slow to speak your point of

view and don’t get mad when you and God

disagree quick to hear what God thinks

slow to say what you think and don’t get

mad when what God thinks and what you

think aren’t the same cuz God’s way will

tick you

off and your soul will throw a temper

tantrum so I’m going tell you that now

when you start with

God your soul

is going to have issues cuz it’s not how

you AR raised it’s not what you think

it’s not how you feel it’s not what you

want you know and so your soul is going

to no

no for the anger of man does not achieve

the righteousness of

God like my father used to tell me when

I got mad cuz I didn’t like something he

said I give you something to cry

about the the anger of man does not

achieve the righteousness of God so

getting mad at God it hasn’t going to

change nothing not going to change the

thing cuz he’s not going to change his

word to make you happy or to make me

happy or to make us happy or to make the

world Happy

therefore in light of this putting aside

all filthiness and all that remains of

wickedness in humility receive the word

implanted which is able to save your


if you want the soil to be made right to

receive the

seed we must be willing to address

sin God won’t do his work if you’re

unwilling to get a


colonoscopy he said

filthiness if you are unwilling for him

to address

sin we have to we have it there cuz he

says it’s there but you must be willing

to address it

because he won’t do his work if you are

refusing that’s different than


refusing to address sin he

says All That Remains of wickedness in


receive the word implanted which is able

to save your soul but guess what he not

talking about going to heaven cuz he

says my beloved Brethren these people

already going to

heaven when you accepted Jesus Christ

your soul didn’t get saved your spirit


saved your soul still needed to be saved

okay let’s let’s let’s break down 1

Thessalonians 5:3 5 52 23 you you are

made of three parts that’s right Body

Soul and

Spirit your body enables you to

communicate with the physical world

through your five

senses your soul is your self life your

personhood your personality that’s your

soul your soul enables you to

communicate with yourself the reason you

know you’re alive the reason you know

you’re sitting here is not cuz you have

a body cuz a dead person has a body but

nothing can happen because they no

longer have a soul your soul is your

self life that’s the real you is your

soul the body is the frame for this

physical world so you have a

soul then you have a

spirit we’re born with our Spirits

separated from God dead the Bible says

the spirit is designed to communicate

with God that’s right the body your

environment the soul yourself the spirit


God the spirit is perfect it’s the seed

it’s Perfection the seed is God there is

no flaw in the

spirit but the soul is

distorted the selflife

everybody’s soul in here is


not at the same level not at the same

thing you were born with

Distortion that’s why you don’t have to

teach your children how to

lie that’s or to be selfish that’s all

that’s all just just it’s just there

that’s why you have children that commit

and do the same things that Daddy and

Mama did cuz they inherited a

distortion So based on your environment

based on on uh uh the influence of your

parents based on your own choices uh our

soul is all messed up tow up from the


up it’s

distorted and the more sin is had its

weighing Our Lives the more distorted

our souls are and things are out of syn

squiggly lines I mean you can’t you

can’t you know trying to figure out who


are you know I’m trying to figure out

who I am let me know when you find

you but then if you don’t know what

you’re looking for how will you know

when you discovered

it so so we’re distorted okay we got

we’re distorted all of us to verying

degrees he said

receive the


implanted which is able to save rescue


your distorted Soul so the way life is

supposed to work is your spirit is

supposed to inform your soul your soul

is supposed to inform your body so your

body does what the soul says but if you

got a distorted distorted Soul you’re

going to do wrong things with your body

so to fix your body you need to improve


soul but the tool to improve your soul

is the spirit

and the spirit operates on the seed or

the seed operates on the spirit that’s

why the spirit of God is called the

spirit of truth because the spirit will

only use God’s truth to address your

soul so once you leave God’s truth the

tool for your soul has been

disregarded he says receive the word

implanted notice an ed on the word

implant not implant

implanted when you accepted

Christ the spirit is waiting for the

word the seed of the spirit is waiting

for the word like a seed in farming is

waiting for water when it sees that you

are taking in the word the seed absorbs

it when the seed absorbs the word it

expands in the soul like the popcorn

expand you would have never thought the

popcorn was holding all that Soft Stuff

hostage you know this big big ball comes

out out of this little seed cuz it was

being held hostage what we’re doing is

holding God

hostage cuz we’re keeping him in seed

form he says You must receive I love the

way 1 Thessalonians 2:13 says he says

you believ the word and you received it

so that it could perform its work so it

can do what it was meant to do and trust

me the seed will not perform his work if

you’re eating cultural

Donuts it may taste good but it has no

nutritional value if you just buying

what social media says what the culture

says all that it will be of no benefit


says prove yourselves to be doers of the

word and not merely hearers who delude

themselves okay how do you know if

you’re receiving the word not just

believing what it says but embracing it

and welcoming it he says you know you

have received it when it affects your

your action doer of the

word when you act on it even if you

don’t feel it even if you don’t emote

with it but you act on it you are now a

doer of the word okay let me say it the

other way if you don’t act on it the

word that you heard tricks you you


yourself you think you’re better than

you are you think you’re improving and

you’re not to not act on it is to not

receive it which means you don’t benefit


it in fact if you you you’re worse off

because you’ve tricked

yourself receive the word that is

already down in there because the spirit

of God the seed is just waiting to suck


in every time you act in obedience you

are now drawing it down to the

heart okay how do you make sure it gets

down there verse 23 for if anyone is a

hear of the word not a doer he’s like

the man who looks at his natural face in

a mirror for once he has looked at

himself and gone away he has immediately

forgotten what kind of person he was but

the one who looks intently at the

perfect law cuz it’s perfect the law of

Liberty that set you free and hangs out

in it abides in it not having become a

forgetful hearer hearing the sermon and

leaving it but an effectual doer this

man will be blessed in what he

does okay you heard me say this again

but it’s it’s just such a clear

illustration he says don’t be like a man

in a mirror yeah and the Greek word for

man is

male not mankind there’s another Greek

word for mankind his word here is don’t

be like a male in a

mirror who looks and quickly goes

away men go to a mirror look

bye men are done men are

done we quickly go

away women are not

done because they don’t quickly go

away you heard me said before women have


mirrors there’s the bathroom mirror when

they get up and you know see how messed

up they were from last night he all over

the place okay then they go to the apply

named vanity


mirror they looking and then this is

this is the second mirror they they

looking they got a whole vanity worth of

stuff there and all that stuff and then

they get a hand mirror to look back at

the vanity

mirror back at the


then they go to the full body mirror

they go to

the going to the full full

body then they get in the car pull down

the visor they just pull down the

visor they just left all the mirror in

the house but now they pulling down the

V and right now in their

purse they got a compact with a mirror

in it and if you’re a man with a mirror

in your pocket we got to talk after this

service cuz all throughout the day they

going to keep checking that mirror

putting on the lips stick make it sure

they going they going to do all that why

because men visit a mirror women abide

in the

mirror they hang out in the mirror he

says to the one who hangs out in the

word they don’t just come and hear a

sermon they get the study guide they

look at the scriptures they they they

they want to spend time with God they

want to hear what God has to say they

talk to people who are going to give

them God’s perspective

they are hanging out in the

mirror and when you hanging out in the

mirror he says that man that woman will

be blessed in what they

do one of the reasons we’re not blessed

is we’re not hanging out in the mirror

we’ll go to church but we won’t hang out

in the mirror we won’t look at the

mirror we won’t see what the mirror has

to say and so the seed doesn’t get it

and we don’t act on it so it doesn’t

reach the the spirit so that the soul

can be

transformed so my challenge today is

let’s return to his

word as a way of life and a lifestyle

not a Sunday event

alone in closing when you and I were uh

growing up most of you if you you over

40 you can appreciate


cuz we all grew up

watching Soul

Train the hippest trip in

America 60 Minutes riding across the

tracks of your

mind Don Cornelius was wishing

us peace and love you know


within that hour they had a scramble

board the name of a song a group or a

singer and where the word was

scrambled and as the song

played the dance couple had to

unscramble the

words in order for stuff to make

sense cuz it was scrambled up

they had to get the word

right in order for things not to be

scrambled there are 26 letters in the


alphabet last time I checked every

English word can be covered by those 26

letters you don’t need to go outside of

the alphabet to make an English word cuz

every letter you need is sufficiently

embedded in the

alphabet so I don’t care how scrambled

your life is I don’t care how messed up

your soul is I don’t care how tore up

your situation is I don’t care how bad

your family is I don’t care how deep

your uh addiction is if your life is

scrambled I know somebody that has an

alphabet sufficient to do whatever needs

to be done to take the scramble of your

life and put it in order again and that

occurs when there is a radical return to

the word of

God hallah let’s return to God through


word I want you to be seated for a

moment I just want to pray for you as

you take your seats and then we’re going

to close with a benediction as we

dedicate a few of our families their

children to the Lord but Lord starting


me and then with us thank you Lord may

we radically return to your

word not just casually return to

it whether it’s reading through the

Bible whether it’s reading a

devotional whether it’s reviewing the

sermon notes but to stay in contact and

then to ask the question what do you

think or what do you say about the

situation I’m in or the challenges I

face I admit we have all fallen

short we’ve all not done it as you’ve

wanted it to be

done Daniel said I and my people have

sinned that’s right and we have a whole

culture that has abandoned

God so Lord here we

are help us all to


return in Jesus name amen