Service Date: 05.21.17 11AM


God sent Leah texted that he wanted me

to talk about today and it’s in isaiah

43:18 2:19 isaiah 43:18 2:19 and isaiah

the prophet is talking to the israelites

God’s people and Isaiah this particular

book is looked at as one of the richest

books of wisdom in the Bible it has 66

chapters which kind of mirrors the Bible

and right here what I find so

fascinating is Isaiah is saying

something very interesting to the people

of Israel who have gone through and

endured quite a bit on their way to the

promised land all right he says this

verse 18 forget the former things forget

the former things do not dwell on the

past do not dwell on the past see I am

doing a new thing a new thing a new

thing a new thing out with the old in

with the new thing see I’m doing a new

thing that means it’s already in

progress Oh watch out it’s already

happening oh oh oh how do I know because

the next verse says now it springs up do

you not perceive it do you not sense it

do you not feel it the new thing is

already happening why don’t you feel it

there is something stopping you from

sealing the new thing that God has

already doing in your life and then he

says this I am making a way in the

desert and streams in the wasteland God

wants me to talk to you about getting

back to the future

back to the future get your neighbor and

say you got to get back to the future

turn to your other neighbor say it you

got to get back to the future anybody

ever seen the movie back to the future

where now watch this

how many of you all are in the film

industry in some capacity or aspire to

be I need to see your hands raising high


all right close put your hand down and

how many of you is seen back to the

future of those are just raise your hand

okay all right okay good because I’m

about to say if you want to be in the

movie industry and um seen Back to the

Future then you don’t want to be the

movie industry this is cinema history

right here so for those of you who may

have not seen Back to the Future I would

encourage you to watch it it’s one of

the movies that inspired me as a young

kid to want to get into entertainment

and to make movies and what was so

powerful about that film is it takes

place in the 80s and the lead character

is Marty McFly and Marty McFly has a

friend who’s like a crazy uncle named

Doc Brown remember Doc Brown crazy hair

and all of that and so Doc Brown takes a

DeLorean and he creates a time machine

with what they call the flux capacitor

and I remember that and so what Doc

Brown is able to do is create a time

machine that allows him to go back in

time now in this particular trip Marty

McFly ends up going with Doc Brown back

to the 50s thirty years before the

present now what’s so interesting is

that they go back to the time when Marty

McFly’s parents were about to meet that

means in this particular time in the 50s

Marty McFly did not yet exist and what

was so cool at first when he got back to

the path back to the past was that he

was able to look around and say wow look

at how the town used to be and all the

things that the town was in the present

he saw the origins of it in the past and

so at first when he was in his past it

was kind of fun this is cool look at

this and look at that look at the cars

and look at the food and look at the

diner and then problems start he ends up

meeting his mother when she is his age

and she doesn’t know if that’s actually

her son so the more that he’s in his

past his mother starts to fall in love

with him

watch the movie and so what at first

seems like fun he understands that

bibbling and dabbling in his past comes

with heavy repercussions he took a

picture from his present to the past and

he realizes the more his mother falls in

love with him the picture of his present

and his future begins to get erased the

more he stayed in his past the more

disruptive it was to his future so what

he realizes is I have to get my mother

to fall in love with my father and I

have to exit the past without any

fingerprints in order for me to still

have a life in my present and my future

and that becomes the main thrust of the

film can he get back to the future while

preserving his past or will his past

consume his future such that he no

longer exists

might I submit for your consideration

that maybe you are too much in your past

to the degree where you are about to

squander your future you don’t even

realize the reason why you can’t pray

the way you’ve been produced afraid the

reason why you don’t have your strength

is because you’ve been in your past so

much your future is starting to get a

little bit fuzzy I need to talk to

somebody right now you have to come out

of your past because it is behind you

why would you spend the majority of your

time to focus on what you have already

come through if you are here right now

and you understand the words that are

coming out of my mouth you’ve already

come through something you’ve already

defeated something you’ve already made

it through something so why are you so

determined to live in what has already

happened instead of what is and what is

yet to come why you got to get out of

your past forget forget forget the

former things but be

we can even get into forgetting there’s

something you have to remember if this

is ever going to work how many know and

you have seen visions of your future

that God has given you who am I talking

to don’t get shot come on how many have

seen it I need both hands both hands all

right here’s what I want you to do what

I have found is the enemy works overtime

to get the vision for our future that we

see in our mind

cloudy he wanted to be cloudy because if

we don’t know what we’re living for we

will make decisions that betray where

we’re going

Oh Lord why do you want me to say this

um see the reason why some of you were

able to do what you did last night it’s

because the vision of your future got

cloudy and so in a moment you threw

caution to the wind and said it does not

matter and you did something that you’re

not only paying for now but it’s

betraying where you know you’re going to

go might I submit for your consideration

that every check you write in this life

will hit the bank one time or another


so you know as a man lord I got to get

back to my note but you know how like

we’ll eat something and then the next

day we get up and say oh my goodness hey

I was able to eat the whole piece of

cake and nothing bother me and it’s not

showing up haha give it a week that

thing is in circulation it’s on here

eventually come on now so what does that

mean it means my decisions matter and my

life becomes a sum total of decisions I

make so I have to be mindful over the

decisions I’m making and not treat any

decision as a small decision every

decision you make has long-term

repercussions I promise you this so in

order for us to get where we need to be

back to the future I need you to get

reacquainted with a future God has

showed you take your hand and put it

right here right here

right here I want you to close your eyes

Lord now I didn’t say repeat after me I

just said close your eyes and put your

hand on your stomach if we were doing

Simon Says all y’all would’ve lost

hallelujah amen alright let’s try this


put your hand on your stomach do not

repeat after me I am I am asking God I’m

giving God some instruction to help you

out alright here we go put your hand on

you some Lord I want you to give your

daughters and your son’s the vision for

their future I want you to download it

again into their spirit right now

work through their resistance work

through their doubt deliver the vision

show it on give them glimpses of scenes

they’re yet to come

show them relationships that are on the

way Lord I want you to eat them give

them an idea of what the house is going

to look like Lord go ahead and just show

what the car is going to look like and

then I want you to show them what the

people will look like that they have

been ordained to reach on your behalf

now whatever your response to God is

based upon what you have seen I want you

to let him know how you feel about what

you see


how many have seen it now now here’s

what happens if you’re anything like me

on one hand you see it and you get

excited okay

but but on the other hand what restrains

you is your frustration and your doubt

because as much as you’re excited about

it you begin to ask the question how

come on let’s be honest right

how how how’s it going to happen God how

is it going to happen how in the world

am I going to get this house how in the

world am I going to walk into my calling

how in the world am I going to reach all

the people when I can’t even reach my

best friend right now how how you are

asking the wrong question the how is

what God does so you got to stay out of

what God does let God do what only God

can do what we’re required to do is see

the vision and to have enough faith to

walk it out even before it manifests

that’s what we’re required to do alright

so so so so I want you just to breathe

in real quick oh and then breathe out oh

that now you’re breathing out you’re

down ok so I want you to breathe and

your future I want you to breathe out

that down because that that wants to

keep you back that doubt wants to hold

you in your past but will you breathe in

your future the aroma of your future is

so strong you say Lord I got to get the

negativity out of my spirit about the

how about the why and let me just do I’m

talking to somebody right now okay so

now that we have a level set okay so you

can see it how many can see your future

you may not see the whole picture but

how many see glimpses of it okay okay

okay great great so now we have a level

set from which we can talk Isaiah says

to the Israelites forget the former

things forget now this word forgetting

is very different in the Hebrew

how we currently understand it

forgetting like when someone does

something bad to you where you have come

through tragedy when you have come

through difficulty I don’t care how hard

you try to forget it you’re never going

to forget it right you know you might

forget what you ate for dinner yesterday

but you’re not going to forget when

somebody has done something wrong to you

so so so if we only understand the text

from a surface level it seems impossible

to do and in some tech and in some ways

annoying it’s like well Lord how am I

going to forget what happened to me

that’s not what is being asked of you

for getting means to stop reliving it to

stop proclaiming it what it means is you

have to stop reliving your past to the

degree that it’s disrupting your present

and your future let me ask you a

question do you know what year you’re

stuck in oh I do not assume just because

all of us are here physically that means

that there were in this moment mentally

spiritually and emotionally because some

of you are stuck in a previous time

mentally I mean spiritually and

emotionally some of you are stuck so I

do not assume because you are here

physically that you’re here here you

know what I’m saying do you know what

year you’re stuck in some of you are

still stuck in a bad breakup okay Lord

somebody just go ahead and get call live

just call live for me uh-uh and some of

you are stuck in a bad breakup that you

just keep replaying the scene over and

over again or why didn’t it work out I

thought this person was going to be the

one I introduced this person to my

family my family said oh this is it but

then somehow we are without each other

right now and I cannot seem to get over


some of you are stuck in a bad breakup

some of you are stuck in a moment where

someone made you feel less than who you

knew you were to be someone violated you

some of you are stuck in a moment where

you were

and in that denial for you are going for

your future you were you know applying

for the job either you lost your job or

someone said you’re not good enough and

instead of moving on to the next thing

you’ve been stuck because you’ve

internalized what somebody spoke over

you that God did not speak over you some

of you are stuck not only in 2016 but

some of you are stuck back in 1975 oh

don’t get it twisted there’s some people

here in one church said we’re born in

1975 or before amen

all y’all young people be getting on my

nerves okay do you know what year you

are stuck in what is the moment you keep

reliving that you don’t think you can

get over what is it what is it in order

to stop reliving your past you cannot be

in denial about the moment in your past

that you can’t seem to get over you got

to go back to it for me growing up you

know my father died at the age of 36

when I was nine years old he died of a

heart attack

all right and and so much of my

adolescence and then getting into my 20s

when I was trying to embrace my future I

was having great difficulty why because

I never wanted to look back and let go

of my past the death of my father was

traumatizing me even when I wasn’t aware

of it and so it wasn’t until I went back

to my past and said you know I don’t

know why God took my father at that time

Lord let me make peace with it and let

me now own what you’re doing now and let

me live my life so I can finish the work

my father wasn’t able to finish but Lord

let me not continue to replay these

moments because you know what happens

when we keep reliving the moment in our

mind we want a different result

but it’s not going to happen we keep

replaying it and we keep wanting our

ending to change but it doesn’t but it

doesn’t this is why the text says we

have to stop proclaiming the past you

have to stop living in the past to the

degree where it’s disrupting our present

I need to get three words in your spirit

it is over it is over it is over it is

over it is over it is over I don’t say

this to depress you I say this to

liberate you because whatever you’re

focusing on in your past and you keep

reliving you need to keep speaking to it

it is over it is over even if we wish it

was different we wish it had never

happened the reality is it did happen

and you’re living with it right now and

you have to keep speaking it is over it

is over it is over why is it so

important because there are some

situations that have no you know no

license and your presence in your future

but because you have not declared it is

over you’re bringing a dead thing into

an alive thing okay let me go ahead and

make a little bit clear there are some

people that are not qualified to have

admittance into your future there are

some people that God says that’s about

your past

they don’t have qualification to your

future anybody ever seen the movie

weekend at Bernie’s where they carried

the dead man around anybody ever seen

that that’s what you’re trying to do

right now with some relationships

they’re dead and you’re trying to bring

them into a new thing and because they

have no life in them you have to prop

them up and it’s wearing you out because

God says that person does not qualify

for your future so you have to have

enough faith to let them rest and say it

is over some of you right now oh my

goodness some of you right now if you

gave me your phone and we go through

your phone you have some people that are

stealing your contacts that God already

told you it was over but because you

don’t want to let it go

you keep them in your phone just in case

don’t get all holy on me just in case

just in case so the just in case fights

what the it is over I’m talking to

somebody right now here’s the truth the

longer you keep aligned to your pass

that line will act like a chain that

keeps you from your future okay so

here’s what’s gonna have to have watch

this I promise you watch this there’s

somebody you still have in your phone

that God has already told you it is over

every time you dealt with them it

started off good but it ended bad every

time you’re around them you know as much

as you get excited your spirit begins to

really feel not good because you know

they’re not good for you but for

whatever reason there’s a connection

watch this I promise you after this

service whether it’s right after or

sometime this week somebody you know

it’s over it’s going to text you they’re

going to hit you up they’re going to DM

you watch watch and in a moment you’re

going to be like ooh whether they hit me

up but then the other part of your

spirits like oh they’re still thinking

about me don’t play with me watch Kurtz

don’t play no fly don’t play don’t play

come on out and then you wonder why you

can’t get back to your future because

you are too connected to your past let

me tell you something you got to get the

gospel if it’s over in your life that

means when that person texts you

sometimes you got to act in a moment

right you got to do things that your

future self will thank you for all right

so some of you are thinking about that

person right now that you know you need

to let go but you don’t have the

strength in the natural don’t get all

holy on me I’ve been there before before

I got married

listen I was a horrible data at times

why because I knew something was over

and I would end it and then months later

I’m like oh well that was so nice we

should go hang out again and then I

started up again trying to resurrect a

dead thing

and then once we started dating again it

reminded me why we weren’t dating in the

first place

don’t play with me one church and then I

had to end it over again and so then I

added insult to injury because the thing

was already dead nothing wrong with them

nothing wrong with me just wasn’t right

but because I could not commit to my

future I kept digging up my past causing

more of a mess that I had to deal with

that impacted my future I’m trying to

help somebody right now when that person

reaches out to you I want you to go

ahead and catch it is over and drop the

phone is up and then have you have your

have your brother or your girlfriend go

pick it up okay okay I want you to

delete their number now delete it

because if I get back over there I’m

gonna be waiting to see if they respond

and oh my goodness come on y’all go play

with me won’t hurt you got to deal with

the reality of what’s going to be

required to get back to your future you

know why because your future is worth

fighting for okay

your future is worth fighting for your

future is worth fighting for

don’t you understand the amazing thing

God has planned for your future it’s

worth fighting for Paul said for getting

those things which are behind and

straining towards those things which are

before so I have to forget and I’ve got

to strain I’ve got to forget and I’ve

got to strain and sometimes you got to

do both at the same time hallelujah

somebody in order to get back to your

future you have to master the order for

getting master the art of forgetting

okay stop reliving it stop turn to your

neighbors they just stopped

turn together named neighbor and say ok

I’m going to stop when I need you to

pray for me alright listen you got to

speak it sometimes before you do it

hallelujah you got to speak it out of

your mouth so your body can get in line

once you just smoke amen amen

so forgetting forget the former things

the former things are those things that

are past in order to get back to your

future you have to know the difference

between a former thing a present thing

and a future thing the future thing is

that which is yet to come the present

thing is the current thing that you’re

dealing with and the past thing is what

you already come through all right okay

do you hear the words that are coming

out of my mouth so if you want to get

back to your future stop confusing a

past thing or the thing that you have to

come this is why you have to let go of

what has already happened to embrace

what is yet to come and this is where

your faith comes in because what we

don’t know even though we can see our

future so clearly in our mind in the

natural in the present our future still

is an unknown you get that because

emotionally and psychologically we try

to fight what we see but sometimes our

flesh gets depressed by what we see so

where our faith comes in is letting go

of our past because at least with our

past our past as I can anchor it acts

like an anchor because we know we’ve

come through and we know we can

literally hold onto it because it

actually happened our future in our mind

has not yet happened okay so we have to

let go of what we know in order to

embrace what is yet to come

and that’s where faith comes in all

right you got to have faith you got to

believe and here’s the thing it’s not

about a belief in yourself all the time

that’s part of it but the main source of

your faith has to be a belief in God and

what he can do when you doubt what God

can do you are impacting negatively your

future why regent read your Bible

he says faith our faith is the only

thing that makes us acceptable to him he

said he does not like it when we’re

double minded he said someone who has

faith one day and doesn’t the next is

unstable tell me all their real unstable

lately come on you know it’s the truth

you came in here saying oh I got to see

and you can democratize me I’m not sure

in order to to get out of the form of

thing you got to understand that in the

present God is doing a mighty work to

prepare you for your future all things

work together for the good of those that

are called according to his purpose I

need you to know everything in your past

God is using it to set you up for where

he wants to take you everything go ahead

give him praise for that

now in order to get back to your future

after you are discerning between the

former the present and the future things

in your life right here’s what I want

you to do here’s where your faith really

begins to come into play when you know

where you’re going and you know who you

are becoming you must begin to act like

it in your present okay okay okay okay

what does that mean

what does that mean that means too often

we’re waiting for our future to get here

before we align our life to believe that

it’s actually going to happen okay so

what does that mean discipline

discipline discipline discipline doesn’t

listen okay um some of us are saying one

day I’ll get in shape listen uh maybe

there’s a helicopter y’all give me a

helicopter out here oh man okay see I

gotta tell you what God tell me tell you

see the body is the temple of the Living

God all right

and why would I teach you to have a good

spirit if your temple crumbles all right

what if your temple betrays your destiny

I’m trying to talk to somebody right now

and God has already told you this was a

year he wanted you to start getting your

physical temple in shape and you keep

saying oh Lord maybe next year and next

month you got the gym membership with

the gym membership don’t got you I’m

talking to somebody right now you’ve

been paying that thing monthly and you

have not used it if you ain’t gonna use

it let it go what are we doing why are

you wasting the money if you plan for

you might as well use it I don’t know

who I’m talking to right now but you got

to start aligning your life with where

you’re going to go even if you don’t

feel like it even if you don’t feel like

this oh listen listen I I don’t care if

you feel like it or not I don’t care I

don’t care you know watch because there

are souls attached to your destiny there

are souls attached to where you got to

go so I need you to get to where you

need to be so that people who don’t know

about God can know about God so I don’t

care if you feel it I gotta push you

into where you know you’re supposed to

be we mean in our present this is why in

our present what happens is in our

present we get down on ourselves and oh

I don’t have this and I don’t have that

getting about you and about you

it’s about what God wants to do through

you in the earth we all were created for

an assignment and here you are crying

your assignment away oh one of these

days oh god listen you better cry and

get up and work cry your way to work

cry your way to sleep cry away you are

you on the Stairmaster

cry why you on the elliptical just keep

crying and just keep do it oh stop

letting your feelings kill your future

stop it stop letting your feelings till

your future you all up in your feelings

you ever seen that on Instagram hashtag

in my feelings I’m you know what I’m not

in my feelings I’m in my future I don’t

know who I’m talking to right now you

hashtag I’m in my future you can stay in

your feelings out in my future I’m doing

some stuff now that my future self will

say thank you Devon my 2020 self will

say thank you 2017 Devon because of the

discipline you had in your present you

now can enjoy your future this is why

you got to get your life in shape you

got to get your life in order that’s why

you have to treat your present like it’s

your future so that when somebody comes

across you they can see who you’re

believing for something they can see it

all you don’t even have to sleep you run

say a word have you ever come into the

presence of somebody that was believing

for something your belief will ship

atmospheres your belief will turn hearts

oh okay see cuz here’s the thing what

you don’t even realize is this there’s

somebody God has put in your future that

is observing your presence and that’s

somebody listen to me

watch this there’s somebody in your

future that is observing your present

has the ability to bless you and bring

you into your future there’s somebody

right now watching you who has the

ability to bless you oh my goodness oh

my goodness I don’t know who I’m talking

to right now this is why you got to get

your act up this is why you got to get

your life together this is why you got

to get your mind right why because would


squander your future blessing because

you have messed up your present self it

doesn’t even make sense

this is why you have to look at every

area of your life and say itself I gotta

get myself together when you get home

stop keeping your place a mess go and

clean that thing up clean your car out

go ahead and get a car wash why did you

go in somewhere you’re going somewhere

and I can have no mess in my life I’m

cleaning it all up all of it all of it

get your life together get it together

no I’m sorry guess what you cannot live

however you want to live and expect that

you won’t get what God has promised you

I’m listening listen listen okay yo

listen just just send me repairs you got

just parachuted out here but here’s the

truth here’s the truth I’m so tired of

us thinking that we can live how we want

to live and that it’s just covered by

the blood and then everything we do is

under grace no no no obedience is better

than a sacrifice read your word

obedience obedience obedience obedience

this is why it’s so important to not

give yourself passes for when you act

out of your character and against your

calling no you got to hold yourself

accountable and say Lord yes I’m in the

flesh and I struggle okay but do not

ever get to the point where you get

comfortable with your struggle and what

you struggle with you hear what I’m

saying see oh man see some of the future

you guys only think you you know is the

future that’s on the radio that’s that’s

what some of y’all come on that’s the

truth it’s like oh yeah I know future

the moment I said feature y’all went to

him and you started saying oh yeah you

start hearing that flute didn’t you know

oh don’t play with me want to church but

see here’s the problem here’s the

problem here’s the problem there’s a

text in Romans chapter 12 look it up

when you get a chance from the message

Bible don’t fit into your culture so

well that you do it without thinking

listen you know listen I when you listen

the reason why I say this is because

sometimes when you hear stuff if you

just let it get your spirit you didn’t

think about it do you understand what

mask off is saying and you have your B

knowledge as it could be

oh really I guarantee you if you choose

to take the two things in the chorus it

will disrupt your future

I guarantee it I guarantee it why

because you have to be incredibly

mindful over what you do in your present

in order to achieve your future you do

man C listen I’ve seen what living a non

sober life does to a family I’ve seen it

I’m living it my father was an alcoholic

pretty much my entire life before he

died I’ve seen it he came home drunk

would come home multiple times drunk

driving keeping us from school he and

his brother acting crazy so when I see

people act out of their mind I don’t

have any time for it because I realized

it’s not just a good time you know why

because here’s the thing too much of too

many of us get fixated on the party all


the party the party everybody that

parties with you does not celebrate you

newsflash newsflash everybody that

parties with you does not celebrate you

they want to party with you but they

don’t want to celebrate where you’re

going they don’t want to celebrate what

gods can ready to do but they do want to

have you hey come out one oak come on

Ojai gets quiet in the truck that’s what

you know you doing some damage it is

quiet oh come on now sir I got the new

main go come on now you got to take this

come on now and we can barely pay

attention in church and why because

Ciroc got the glory not Jesus Christ it

is so important you got to look at how

you’re living right now and say Lord if

I’m not living according to your will

and your word help me get my life

together help me get my life together

turn to your neighbor say I need help I

need help

forgetting the form of things we got to

keep moving

do not have your feet have your seat do

not dwell on the past

what that means when you do not dwell on

the past it means so interesting we look

up in the Hebrew it means like it’s not

trying to decipher stop trying to

understand the understandable there are

certain things about your past that that

here’s the truth you’re not gonna know

why it happened until you get to heaven

so stop driving yourself crazy trying to

understand something you may never


that’s what dwelling on your past looks

like okay so we have to stop that there

are certain things in my life I said God

why did that happen

and he said Devon you’d like to keep

moving forward anyway there are certain

things you will not understand until you

get to heaven so do not terrorize

yourself any longer we’re trying to

decipher what you’re not going to be

able to understand why did God allow

certain things I don’t know I don’t know

I wish I knew if I knew I tell you but I

don’t but I do know what he has planned

for you and I do know it’s available to

you but you got to live forward all

right do not dwell on the past

stop trying to understand the

understandable now verse 19 see I am

doing a new thing it’s very interesting

text see I’m doing a new thing wait so

so while I’m asking you to forget what

you’ve already come through stop

reliving it I want you to see that a new

thing is already in production

haha why can’t we catch the new thing

because he in the next part of the verse

it says now it springs forth

do you not proceed it why don’t we

perceive the new thing that God is doing

how many of you have a cell phone

alright how many got iPhones I’ve homes

all right there’s a greater anointing on

the iPhone I’m sorry droid users Android


amen amen I don’t know why God did it

that way that was just what he want to

do alright man even so I can’t speak

about the Android phone all right but

what I can tell you about the iPhone

as much as I I know there’s an anointing

on it one of the things I don’t like one

of the things I don’t like is that

almost every single month I get a notice

that says it’s time to upgrade to iOS

2.55 million whatever dot dot dot and I

hit decline no I don’t want to do it No

so they say okay no problem no problem

you keep hitting decline and then we get

to one point I get to one point where

we’re all of a sudden my phone stops

working who am I talking to

who am I talking to anybody anymore you

know why it stops working because I’m

trying to do the new thing with the old

software huh in order to receive the new

thing in order to function in the new

thing I have to upgrade where I was and

get into where I am so it can function

to where it’s getting ready to go I need

to talk to you right now some of you

can’t receives a new thing because you

still have the old software you’re still

downloading what God did yesterday at

the beginning of the year don’t you

realize you are in May of 2017 God is

doing a new thing why are you still

caught up in what he did last year we

serve a God who has a breakthrough for

you every day you may have had a

breakthrough last year because I got a

breakthrough for you today you got an

upgrade how you’re living in order to

receive the new thing now what is

keeping you from perceiving it you’re

allowing the old idea of who you’re

supposed to be disrupt the new idea of

who you really are we got a little bit

of time I McGuiness you and we gonna be

out of here on time watch this either

somebody told you or you told yourself

you were one thing so as God begins to

do the new thing in your life because it

doesn’t align with who you told yourself

you are you are continuously rejecting

it rejecting it rejecting it well bless

your heart

who told you you were only that thing

why are you putting yourself in a box

that God never intended you to live in

huh there have been times in my life you

know for a long time I thought okay you

know I’m just going to be a movie

executive and I was an executive for

Columbia Pictures for ten years right

and during my tenure as an executive

there I got an opportunity to write a

book and when the book agent came to me

and said you have a book in you I

laughed I said I’m not an author

she said well Devon I’ve been doing this

for a long time I know him he will have

books in him I said well you might have

been doing it for a long time but she

made a mistake

I’m an executive at the time I said hey

I’m an executive I’m not an author watch


God is bringing in the new thing through

a messenger on assignment and because I

have a limited view of who I am and what

I’m supposed to do I’m rejecting it

what are you rejecting right now what

are you rejecting what are you rejecting

who told you you aren’t who told you who

told you who told you you can do all

things through Christ Jesus and

strengthens you all things all things

who told you who told you so catch this

ditch this a year later a year I’m in

Beijing working on the Karate Kid and

while I’m there God gives me an idea

oh wow faith is not the obstacle to

success it’s the path to it and I said

because what I’ve done in Hollywood is

I’ve used my faith as the way to become

successful by not hiding it by not

compromising it by being bold with it by

identifying it by speaking about it you

know I mean that’s what I said listen

I’m not gonna hide you god I will be in

in in in I don’t care if I’m front of

Will Smith I don’t care from from the

head of Sony I will be in front of all

these people I’m gonna talk about Jesus

that’s just who I am all right I’m not

hiding you I’m a high to you so so so a

year later I got the idea Wow that’s the

book I heat up the book page and say um

you know I don’t know if the offer is

still good but I

I got the idea for the book and I said

faith is not the obstacles and success

it’s the path to it

she’s like there it is and I had to go

to my bosses at the time and said look

you know I have an opportunity write

this book and they said write a book you

usually write a book when you get fired

or you retire why do you want to write a

book right now I said you know why is it

because there are people out there that

need it and they said we’re going to

allow you to write the book because it’s

who you have been since you got here in

Beng 2011 I released my first book

produced by faith how you can enjoy real

self it up for success without

compromising yourself but I share the

story because I almost missed it

I could not perceive the new thing

because I was too committed to my old

mindset oh oh boy listen I’m messing

somebody all up right now in order to

perceive the new thing watch what’s

going to happen God is going to send

messages to you from your future

almost like messages in a bottle of who

you are and what you’re supposed to do

any message that comes to you that seems

absolutely crazy do not reject it pray

on it and say Lord is this you is this

you is this you

is this you is this you because I

promise you when you embrace the new

thing you’re going to see him do the

impossible how do you get back to the


you have to inspect the impossible

what’s the last part of the verse it

says I am making a way in the desert and

streams in the wasteland a desert is an

area of land not only is it hot but

there is no there’s no water it’s not

it’s not habitable but God says even in

a dry time I’m going to make a way for

you some of you right now

you’ve been in a desert of depression

you’ve been in a desert of doubts you’ve

been in the desert of denial what God

says when you begin to perceive the new

thing I’m going to make a way even in

your depression I’m going to make a way


your doubt and then he says I’m gonna

allow streams to come through the

wasteland you think your path is a

wasteland but God says I’m putting a

stream through what you came through to

take you to where you’re going to I

don’t know who I’m talking to right now

but he’s going to say listen this stream

that’s going to take you from doubt

depression into destiny into power into

victory into your future God says don’t

worry about how messy it looks I’m about

to make a way even through the Meza

anybody need God to make a way this

morning anybody need God to make a way

this morning

anybody believe that God is already

making away who am I talking to right


who am I talking to right now you got to

go ahead and get into your future and

thank God that he already made a way

praise God for your future do me a favor

I want you to praise God I want to a

future self but your 2020 self to praise

God like you never had before the deal

has already happened the deal has

already happened the agent has already

found you all right you already have the

promotion you already have the house you

already have the car you already have

your calling you’re walking in your

purpose you got it already you got it


you’ve got it already you’ve got it

already you’ve got it already you got it

already say I’ve got it already I’ve got

it already I’ve got it already

anybody received this right now do you

believe it you better go ahead and thank

your God you better thank you

don’t you pattycake them whew thank you

thank you Jesus what you brought me

through thank you for providing a future

for my life thank you for not holding my

past against me thank you lord thank you

lord thank you lord

now now if there’s anybody that you know

that you’re present has not yet been

aligning with your future and you got to

change your life today get down to this

also right now right now right now right

now right now right now right now make

room make room make room make room make

room make room make room make room come

on right now come on come on I don’t

care if we fill up every aisle

I don’t care come on just make a move

towards your future make a move make a

move make a move my brother Josh make a

move miss you man and love you man I

love you make a move make a move make a

move see you all don’t even understand I

just saw a good friend of mine and I

need you to know this is why God is

already in our future because a few

weeks ago I ran into his mother and his

mother said can we just pray for my son

and I said I haven’t seen him but I’m

praying that everything is all right and

right now this altar call we have

reconnected do you understand what God

is doing do you understand what God is

doing he’s already in your future amen

he’s already in your future amen

hallelujah I want you to not feel guilty

over your past okay it happened if you

had the knowledge you had today you

would make a different decision so allow

yourself to just say you know what I may

not be proud with what happened but I

make peace with it because there’s too

much waiting in my future for me to

never receive it because I’m carving my

past all the guilt needs to go away go


he’s already forgiven you you’ve got to

forgive yourself he’s already forgiven

you you’ve got to forgive yourself

he’s already forgiven you you have to

forgive yourself you have to forgive

yourself forgiveness of self helps

loosen the chain that’s connecting your

present and your past

when you forgive yourself and say Lord I

make peace with it you release yourself

from what was and you prepare yourself

for what is yet to be I wish we had

enough time I’m here to tell you I see

such a peace at this altar

I see restoration at this altar some of

you you’ve been so under stress that you

haven’t even been able to breathe

clearly but right now your breath is

coming back your breath is coming back

it’s like God is resuscitating your

spirit your heavenly father I pray right

now for all your sons and daughters at

this altar right now I pray dear

Heavenly Father for those that are

standing in the aisle and those that

could not make it down but they’re in

their seat I’m praying right now for

their future I’m praying their heavenly

Father that they will be so excited and

committed to their future that they

would be obedient in the present

whatever sin is keeping them from living

how you want them to live I prayed their

Heavenly Father you would give them

victory as they overcome that sin let

them not get down on a sin their

Heavenly Father because we’re a flesh

and so sometimes there are things we

struggle with but let them continue to

struggle so you can give them the

victory through it I pray that your sons

and daughters would not just acquiesce

and say okay well I’m just going to give

myself over to a life of sin because I

just can’t see him seem to get out of it

lord I pray that even as you’re making a

way through the desert their heavenly

father that they would commit themselves

to making a way through their sin

sometimes Lord you deliver us but that

delivers doesn’t always show up

immediately so let them know that in

their future they are delivered and let

them align their present to walk that

out and I am praying during Heavenly

Father for every dream that’s in the

house every visions in the house I’m

praying their Heavenly Father for for

every good thing that you have planned

that you would release to your children

in the right time and I’m praying their

heavenly father as they leave this place

they were

get excited about their future and that

they would fight for tooth and nail

do not let anyone your heavenly father

get the victory over their future they

have the future it is theirs it is

theirs by divine right and I pray they

would fight for it until they receive it

in the name of Jesus give got your God a

hand prays right now if you receive it

give them a hand prays don’t pattycake

them don’t pattycake don’t patty take


don’t patty take them anybody excited

anybody received your future today

anybody receive it anybody feel it

hallelujah hallelujah amen amen