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hey family i’m pastor torre

i’m pastor sarah and listen you’re

getting ready to hear an incredible word

for the lord i believe it’s going to

bless you

i believe it’s going to be timely do me

a favor

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practically we love you get into this

message gonna change your life

hallelujah what a good and awesome and

mighty god we serve

it’s an honor to be with you today i’m

excited to continue in

on this series that god has given to me

and i just believe that

that we’re going to come out of this

series stronger

we’re going to come out of this series

wiser we’re going to come out of this


with real life practical tools that’ll

allow us to run our race

unlike ever before and i just want to

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we’re praying for you we’re building

together and i believe that god

is building something in us and

ultimately he’s going to build something

through us

and i’m just excited to continue on in

this series and i believe that god is

just going to give you some

some practical stuff get your pin and

your pad out get your journal out

we’re going to take this information

we’re going to apply it and we’re going

to be blessed

as a result of it i know it i believe it

uh i cannot

wait to share with you where we’re

headed uh for

today as you know we started a couple of

weeks ago we started a series called

starting over and uh and it’s just been

the feedback that i’ve been getting from

this series has been just

through the roof and so i’m excited to


to teach and to continue to lead and to

build us

with this word and i want to give you

the foundational passage of scripture

that that i believe

is prophetic to this season it’s in

haggai two and nine

this is our base this is our foundation

i believe this is a promise not

just simply to to haggai when they were

rebuilding the temple but i believe it’s

a promise of the people of god

we have as a world gone through some

some challenging times and we’re still

in the midst of challenging

times and and there’s some things that

have been broken down there’s some

things that

are no longer there we cannot go back to

those things but i believe

that god has not left us in ruins i

believe that god is giving us

things to build and what we build now is

going to be better than what was before

i believe that

haggai 2 and i says the glory of this

latter temple shall be greater

than the former says the lord of hosts

and in this place i will give peace

says the lord of hosts father thank you

so much for your word

it is a lamp into our feet it is

enlightened to our path

it is bread not bread that we we don’t

live off of bread alone but we live off

of the bread that is the word

that proceeds out of your mouth you said

that i am the living bread and we’re so


and father as we just pause and stop

and get still to hear from you father i

pray for your sons and daughters who are

watching right now

your sons and daughters who are

listening your sons and daughters who

will experience this word

and i pray that it will be bread i pray

that it will be

food i pray that it will build up and it

will edify that it will give clarity

that it will bring them to a place of

alignment god unlike

any other time in their lives and so i

just thank you i thank you for giving me

the spirit of wisdom

and revelation and insight and knowledge

and power

and prophecy to communicate your truths

to your sons and daughters that it might

penetrate take root and bear fruit we

love you

we worship you in advance right now we

open up our hearts and our minds to you

we open up our souls for what you’re

getting ready to do we receive it

we reclaim it right now that we’re gonna

be better as a result of this encounter

and that’s what we want lord an

encounter in jesus name

amen amen hallelujah so so we’ve been

talking about starting over in today’s

installment of the series is called the


a day makes and i’d like to always go


and do a recap just in case you weren’t

with us last week or the week before i’m

going to do just a brief

recap and then we’re going to tackle the

conversation that we’re going to have

today and i believe you’re going to be

greatly blessed

by that conversation but but as an

overarching thought

i believe right now that we are in a


of rebuilding and we talked about how

in order to build something greater we

have to move into a time of reflection

you remember that

we need reflection reflection is the


to perspective and we must have the

right perspective

moving forward we must reflect because

if we do not reflect

we’re going to continue keeping the

repeating the class

and continuing the same class over and

over and over

again we must reflect or we will be

in the classroom but not learning you

know what i’m talking about

reflection brings us to maturity

and clarity in other words let me say

that again

reflection brings us to maturity and

clarity in other words

if we do not have a time of reflection

we cannot get to maturity

and clarity because everything that we


in life is all designed

to build us all of it god uses all of it

you’ve heard it said before for god

causes all things to work together for


so 2020 as challenging as a year it has

been in 2021 has

has got its own challenges but at the

end of the day

these experiences these things that

we’re seeing and learning

and discovering are designed to mature

us so that when we step

into that next season we’re not the same


we’re more mature and in order to build


we’re going to have to have clarity so


reflection brings us to maturity

and it brings us to clarity and so as it

relates to reflection i gave you

homework and there were eight

reflection questions that that we all

needed to sit

with ourselves and sit with god and

begin to journal

and and answer those questions there

were eight questions and

and if you weren’t here again the week

before last then you can go back and

listen to the podcast watch the video

get those eight questions

work through those exercises because we

are going somewhere and we’re trying to

build something

this is not about you stimulating you

for a moment and then you move on no we

we are going to apply

these these principles and work these

exercises because we’re going to be made


as a result of it and so there were

eight reflection questions i pray that


have have answered those questions i

answered my i actually showed you i

talked about mine

last week i went through them and and i

can tell you right now the biggest

question on that list of eight

was the question who am i now who am i

now who am i

who have i become as a result of what i


and the reason why that is so important

is because your identity determines

everything your your ident your identity

if you’re taking notes write this down

we talked about last

week but your identity is the portal

through which you

enter life it’s everything the way that


show up in the world whether i’m

confident or not confident whether i

i dare to do something or i acquiesce

back into the background

has to do with how i have defined myself

and so so our identity it’s the portal

in which it’s how

we show up in the world

and i gave you my identity statement uh

last week

as well and i’ll just say it again in

fact i want you to if you have

written out your identity statement i

want you to put it right there in the

feed or right there in the comments mine


who am i what’s my identity who am i now

i’m the ray

the son of god light to my wife light to

my children and all that i encounter

and i’m an anointed architect of


structures and systems that produce good

things and most importantly god things

now that’s me

but what about you i want you to define

yourself right now

take a minute if you’ve done this

exercise i want you to just shout it out

because it’s important

to make known who you are it’s important

to put yourself out there believe it

believe it enough

to step into it because i believe that

god’s going to begin to show some of you

aspects of who you are and who you truly

are in him not what people say you are

not who you thought you are but who you

truly are

and as a result of that i believe that

you’re going to start showing up in the

world as that and you might as well

announce who you are

you might as well stop acquiescing you

might as well stop being less than who

you are you might as well

stop hiding you might as well come out

of the closet and say this is

who god created me to be this is who i’m

called to be

and this is what i’m called to do go

ahead take about 15 20 seconds i got all


and put it right there in the feed let

everybody know who’s watching

who you are go ahead handle your

business handling your business

who are you hallelujah

and that’s the biggest question that you

could answer

and then we learned that

once you have established yourself in

your specific identity

we talked about how you have to start

seeing yourself

as an investor into that identity

and that destiny so so knowing who you


is just the starting point knowing who

you are

is just the place that you begin next

you have to recognize that you got to

build that idea you got to walk it out

because remember god defines you

before you become you i’ll say it again

god defines you before you become you

and that’s why we get confused

and that’s why we kind of we kind of get

hung up on things because god does

stuff like hey you you are a an awesome

king or you an

awesome queen while you’re still tending

to the sheep

isn’t that crazy because you have to

understand that god

sees in completion god decrees he

declares the end from the beginning


he doesn’t know how to do otherwise he’s

not going to define you watch this

he’s not going to define you by

something that you are today but

but won’t be tomorrow i need to say that


when god sees you he sees you in

completion he does not see you in stages


you and i have to walk out the stages


that’s our job that’s our responsibility

god gives us the vision

and now we have to just keep moving

forward in that identity

until that that vision unfolds we build

the vision

by walking in the vision that god has

given to us are you tracking with me

so the so the i am statement is just the


discovering who you are is just the


it’s how it starts it’s it’s that that’s

the easy part

but then after that you have to say now

i’ve got to invest

into what god said and we talked about

the resources

that we use to invest with we learn that

we have

valuable but watch this but very limited

resources to invest into that identity

and that destiny and we define those

resources as

one attention and focus this is a

critical resource

what you give your attention and your

focus to is everything big picture

and even down into the day-to-day small

minute details of life

you have to pay attention to what you’re

paying attention to

and not only is your focus and your


a very valuable yet limited resource so

is your time

i think that your time is the most

limited resource that you have

i said it last week and i’ll say it

again and remember we’re just recapping

i would rather you take my money than

take my time because i cannot get it


and i just oh when someone is wasting my


i feel violated it’s almost like they

raped me or something it’s terrible

and so you have your your attention your

focus your time i’m talking about

these limited resources and you have to

recognize them

as limited so that you can be good

stewards over them your attention your

focus your time

watch this your energy your

output from the moment that we wake up

in the day

until the moment that we close our eyes

and fall asleep on the pillow we have a

certain amount of energy and what i’ve

learned about god is that god

only gives us enough energy for that

which is purpose and destiny

i feel the holy ghost and this is why

you have to manage your energy well

because the enemy will distract you and

he will have you giving your energy to

things that don’t matter

so that when the things that do matter

show up you have no energy to give to it

are you tracking with me so we have to

manage our energy we have to manage our

wind we have to manage our breath

right and so we talked about these

limited resources and again we talked

about it extensively last week but i

just want to i’m building on to


our attention and our focus our time our


here is one number four is and we’re

talking about

these valuable resources that we have

but they are limited

is your concern yes your concern

what you have the capacity to be

concerned about

is limited it’s limited

and i’m not trying to cause you to be

insensitive and not to care or whatever

it’s good to care but you got to know

what you’re supposed to care deeply


are you tracking with me i love


and and i am uh to a certain degree

concerned about things that concern


but i am not overly concerned about

something that i am not

called to be concerned about i know how

to care

but not think about it i i know how to


but move on i i know how to care but not

have it keep me up at night

because i’m only supposed to carry the

burden that god has anointed me to carry

are you tracking

with me somebody needs that revelation

right now

oh god i got stories but we got to move

on because i want to get to what we’re

talking about

today and so we’ve got i’m talking about

the limited resources in case you

weren’t here attention focused time

energy concern and then pearls what are

pearls pearls are your gifts your

talents and your anointing

these are limited resources and you

cannot give them to

everybody not everyone is worthy

of the gift of you your wisdom

your pearls there’s a passage of

scripture you’ve seen it before it says

cast not your referrals your pearls

before the swan and so and so so your

exercise for this past

week was to answer the question

right you should already know or you

should be

gaining ground on knowing

who you are now that’s so important i

can’t even

imagine showing up in the world each day

not knowing who i am

i can’t even imagine that but beyond

that once you discover that

remember we’re always building okay once

you discover that

then you have to be able to answer the

question what do i

need to do daily to maintain

that identity and live out that destiny

wow i love it all these questions

i’ve learned that that self uh

mastery has to do with the questions

you’re committed to consistently asking


some of us are afraid to ask tough

questions or questions that

that necessitate reflection and


and digging in but you and i if we’re

going to be

everything that god has created us to be

we have to become

comfortable in fact to embrace the

rhythm of constant

and consistent reflection asking


tough questions that necessitate us

having a wrestling bout with ourselves

and our in a wrestling bout with god

until we get down to the truth because

once we get down to the truth we have an

accurate image

that we can go after and to pursue

so once i can answer the question who am

i now in order to build that identity

i have to ask the question what do i

need to do

daily to maintain

and live out that destiny what do i have

to do

daily daily daily

the difference a day makes and so

and so i want you to develop

a success strategy this is this is

the next thing i asked you to do and i

don’t know if you did it now and i’m

going to show you mine just in case but

but this is important you got to know

who you are

and then you have to begin to ask

yourself what what do i need to do

daily to maintain that

you have to define what daily

success looks like for you

according to that identity this is the


this is the work and so i want you to

develop a

success strategy one that can be broken

down daily

and i also want you to see each day

differently i i don’t ever want to hear

this phrase come out of your mouth

same stuff different day you can fill in

the blank

no this is the day that the lord has

made we’re going to rejoice and be glad


it’s an i feel god i want you to see

each day as special

because here is the thing every day

is loaded with opportunity

god unpacks destiny day

by day by day

every day is loaded with opportunity

each day is special watch this if you

see it right

perspective is everything you know

there’s a hebrew word for for day in the


and i didn’t understand it at first it’s

the hebrew word you know

when it talks about in the beginning god

created the heavens and the earth and

the night and the day and all that kind

of stuff that word day is a hebrew word

and it’s the hebrew word yum yum

and here’s what that word means it

literally means to be hot

or heat day hot heat

i’m lost pt stay with me it is a

reference to the sun

because the day the day

was represented by the heat or

the sun coming up

and so and so there is this this passage

of scripture

in in psalm 19 that really i think puts

the day in context and it essentially

it it references the sun and it talks

about how the sun

rushes out of its chamber to run its


look at it real quickly psalm 19

verse 4 and 5 it says and then he has

set the tabernacle for the sun

which is like a bridegroom coming out of

its chamber

and rejoices like a strong man

to run its race see that’s how we’re

supposed to step into every day

we’re supposed to step into each day

with the strength and the discipline of

the son saying

this is a new day and i’ve got a race to

run i feel that when god

blesses you with a new day he’s blessing

you with a new

opportunity to get it right and i wish i

had about 700 people

that would learn to say each and every


this is the day that the lord has made i

am going to rejoice

and be glad in it i am not defined by


i’m defined by the opportunities that

god has placed in front of me today

i dare you right now what if today was

the day that your miracle was coming

what if today was the day that your

breakthrough was coming

what if today was the day that the walls

of jericho were gonna come down flat

on your behalf i’m just crazy enough

to enter each day saying god

this is today i will rejoice

come on somebody i will rejoice

because to rejoice

is to acknowledge the specialness of the


every single day

psalm says god loads each day with


i want you to see the day differently

i don’t ever want you to hear i hear you

say oh the same old stuff no it’s not

and the reason why you’re getting the

same old things is because your

mentality is saying this is the same old


if god creates a new day

and in his divine planning

has sketched you into that day

there’s something for you in that day oh

god i feel the lord

breakthrough happens we got a lot of

ground cover

a lot of ground to cover and so

so each day is to be

seized carpet dm

seize the day each day is to be seized

because it’s full of opportunity

and there is nothing more powerful

than a daily strategy

oh the power the power

not simply of strategy but the power of

a daily strategy you know when you look

at creation when you look at yourself

when you look at everything that god

has made there was nothing that was

made that was done so without strategy

oh i felt the spirit you you

if you look at the intricate details of

your anatomy

and the solar systems and how things

work together and how things

that seemingly have nothing to do with

each other work together and function

and some degree of harmony in unison

that that produce and perpetuates life

it educates us about god

in that god is a strategist

it’s all about strategy so if god is a


and our very being is a strategy it


as if it would be prudent for you and i

to function in life

with the strategy and in business or any

sort of a corporate setting or or any

sort of whether it’s sports or anything

there’s always the big strategy but then

there is the strategy

that is broken down to daily executable

actionable actions are you tracking with


and so and so and so since i am a


and god is strategic

and i’m created in the image of god that

means that i must be strategic

and i must break my strategy down

down to

daily strategy just do me a favor put it

put it in the comments put in the feed

right there i’m a strategy i’m a

strategy i’m a strategy

what i’ve learned is that purpose and

destiny is maximized by

the strategy of the awakened

see a lot of times

we think we have so much faith in god

that we think that god’s going to do it

for us

let me say that we god is awesome god is

amazing god’s going to bring it to pass

but what i’ve learned is god’s going to

bring it to pass through the strategy

that you and he that you and god

come together and work through are you

tracking with me and so watch this

so for me my daily routine is my


if you’re taking notes write this down


belongs to people who are diligent

with days let’s say it again

destiny belongs to people

who are not wasteful with days

but who are diligent with days if you

show up at the end of the week friday

like oh this thing sure went by fast

and see how can you even measure whether

or not you had a good week

how can you even measure whether or not

you had a good day unless there was a

strategy in place

that you’re weighing what productivity

should look like

it wasn’t a good week if i didn’t have a

strategy about what i was going to

accomplish that week

it wasn’t a good week if i didn’t say


this is what i want to get done this


and according to the grand vision of my

life this is what i want to get


how can i tell and it’s the same thing

about the day how was your day when

someone asks you the question

how was your day what are you going to

use to measure

your response by i felt good

you can feel good and do nothing

you can feel good and actually be moving

backwards you can feel good

and be wasted no no no destiny belongs

to people

who are diligent not with years not with

weeks not with

with days

destiny people value days why

because they understand that their life

is in their daily routine

your life it’s crazy because life seems

so long

and it sings so wide and it seems so

grand and it seems like

it is just voluminous and it is all

those things but at the end of the day

guess what

your life can also be

defined by days your life

is in your daily allah

your prayer requests are in your daily


the things that you’re believing god for

you’re looking at them saying god

where are they i can’t see them where

are they i’ll tell you where they are

they’re in your daily routine

that’s how god gets things

accomplished how do you know whether or


you had a good day i’ll tell you you’ll

know by

whether or not you hit your targets

are you tracking with me it’s wonderful

if you laughed all day it’s wonderful

that you got to see a friend today it’s

all that’s

wonderful but

the only so you have to understand that


catch this is associated with god’s


you’re like pt you lost me hold on

remember in the beginning

when god was creating things and then

when he said

you know let the earth do this let it

bring forth

its fruit and bud and then when he did

that he said it is good

he said let there be and it was and it

was good so

when the thing when the creation does

what the plan of the creator

has instructed that is when something is


are you tracking with me so so good has

to do with strategy

good has to do with purpose good has to

do with identity

it is not good if you laughed a lot

that is a good thing but i asked you how

your day was

and the only way that you can know that

you had a good day

is if you defined the day you set

targets for the day

and through discipline you hit those

targets are you tracking with me

if you’re tracking with me i know it’s

tight but but it’s right but if you

track it with me go ahead and put it in

the feet right there say i’m tracking

with you

i’m tracking with you i’m tracking with


and here is another thing that’s kind of

deep that you have to understand

is that when you set your goals and you

set your daily strategy

and you set your daily targets and you

hit them watch this

it builds within you what i’d like to


the momentum of self-confidence

self-confidence see see see when you

get your plan in place and when you get

your daily targets in place

and you watch this and you make a

covenant with yourself

and say this is what i’m going to do and

you make that covenant with yourself and

this is what i’m going to do

what you don’t realize you are building

a momentum in you because now you are

trusting you you are trustworthy now

because here is the thing

some of us won’t even commit to doing

things because deep down we don’t trust


but when you set that goal when you and

god come together and you sit down and

you concoct a plan

that that you pray through and this is a

plan that that

that you will win and you set it out

there you put it out there you set it up

and then when you start checking those

boxes it builds a personal sense of

integrity that creates the momentum that

allows you

to set humongous goals and accomplish


because you don’t have watch this you

have not

allowed your lack of discipline to cause

you to become

a hater to your own self i wish i could

say that better

do you understand what i’m saying see

you need to prove to you

who you are and there’s momentum

when you set your goals and you hit them

you say wow i really am

great wow i really am excellent wow i


am a woman or a man of my word wow i can

really do this and now all of a sudden

you are working with you

towards everything that god has promised


if you track it with me just put it in

the feeds i’m tracking with you i gotta

i gotta move through this i

i’ve got to move through this that there

is a momentum there’s a momentum

that that is established when you trust


there’s a momentum that something

happens there’s this momentum

and the self-confidence that comes when

you prove to you

that you have integrity are you tracking

with me and so i want to take you


as i promise i want to take you through

my daily success plan this is unique to

me but

i’m just praying that as you see me work

this out in front of you

it will give you tips on how you can do

yours let me just tell you this this is

my thing that’s how i get out it’s my

thing right now so the first thing i do

when i get up in the morning when the

first thing i do hallelujah

in the heart of the day when when the

sun comes up and

he’s and i’m getting ready to run my

race the first thing i do is i stretch

i meditate and i pray i get my stretch


i meditate in my pray and the whole

watch this

the whole purpose of me doing this is to

define myself

who am i now so

so i start the day i start the day

by answering the question for myself

who am i who am i i stretch

i meditate in my prey the second thing i


is i kiss my wife and if she sleep

before i get up i might kiss her anyway

or i might send her a text that’s a kiss

because i don’t wake her up

i kiss my wife good morning these are

the things that are important to me the

third thing i do is i work out

here why why do i work out because if i

ain’t got no body if i’m not healthy

game over are you tracking with me so i

work out it

is so important so look at what’s

happening i’m dealing with my spirit and


soul i’m connecting with my


my most important relationship and then

i’m going straight to my body

i work out i have breakfast right there

and then i shower and i have a face

routine i have face products i put my

face products on

then i get dressed watch this i get

dressed whether i’m going somewhere or


this is so critical you got to dress

sometimes there’s something emotionally

powerful and engaging about getting


i feel better my meetings go better


when i get dressed it’s a rhythm see

what i’m trying to get

us to is to get us in a rhythm there is

a rhythm

of success okay so

kiss my wife workout breakfast shower

face routine dress

then i check in with the kids again i’m

back into relationships i haven’t taken

one meeting yet

i’m connecting with the things that

matter most me god

my relationships my body my family i

send a text to the kids

nearly every day hey just it could be

some sort of thought

you know hey love you you know do this

watch out for this check this out

i affirm them every single day by text

i’m just hopefully again this is mine

yours is going to be different you’re

going to be creating one this week but i

want to take you through mine

then i go down to my office and when i

go down to my office

i review my to-do list i check my mail

i check my emails and i check my text i

review my to-do list

and you’re going to see at night in just

a second that before i go to sleep

i lay out my to-do list but sometimes

things change

priorities shift all the time and so you

have to be looking

at your world and managing your world to

see if what you had planned is still an

effect can i talk to you like this

you’re saying pt you’re saying like a

motivation will be jesus would be

preaching the gospel yeah but here’s the


a lot of people say hallelujah they’d be

trying to bind devils what they need to

try to bind is their undisciplined


did i say that i’m sorry

no no we need it all we need jesus and

an organizer

come on somebody we need jesus and a

10-year plan hello

yeah i’ll just get that out of the way i

i need to keep going

we’re getting a little pressed for time

so so so i check in with the kids i go

to my office

i review my to-do list again because i

need to see what’s shifted

and i don’t just rush into things i need

to get organized now that i’m going into

business mode

i need to get organized fresh because i

want to prioritize things

because because when i don’t get lost

when i’m in business mode

i’m still in control i’m still to ray

i’m still the chief

architect of my businesses my companies

i am still in control

so i do not go in there and get

overwhelmed by watch this

the demands or the requests of me no no

i’m still in charge baby

let me see what’s a fire what’s not a

fire etc are you tracking with me

prioritization is everything is

everything is everything

and then i go into my meetings and i’m

going to talk to you about meetings

really quickly but let me move through

the rest of them

because i want you to understand what


as that which can be a meeting on my


and then i have lunch i got to eat i got

to take care of my body then i go into

my afternoon meetings or afternoon and

he’s here

every single day i have what what is

called tourette time

and to rate time could be ride my


it could be reading terrain time could

be a nap

i might just say you know what instead

of ride my motor instead of reading the

book you know what’s going to serve me


is a 30-minute one-hour nap right

but again i’m in control i’m seizing the


i’m mastering the day here is something

that’s really important

all day long i’m journaling thoughts and

insights throughout the day because

sometimes your future can be radically


by one powerful revolutionary thought so

i honor my thoughts i i make

space see if i’m always reaching for

cell phones

and picking up this phone and picking up

that i can’t even

have space to receive the downloads that

i need

that could revolution revolutionize my

family and my children’s children are

you attracted with me

so never underestimate the power of a

thought always have

some sort of system something handy in

place a journal pad your phone

always have something in place that you

can use and grab

to document your thoughts because what

i’m describing to you

is a life that is aligned it is an

aligned lifestyle

and when you are in alignment in an

aligned lifestyle

revelation will come inside will come

things will come to you and they will

set you up for the next 30 years of my

life if you track it with me just go

ahead and put it right there in the

comments i’m tracking with you pt

i’m tracking with you come on i’m trying

can i talk to you like this i can preach

you up next week but this week

we are about to get better are you

hearing the words that are coming out of

my mouth

we’re going to get better we’re getting

ready to have strategy

you won’t just wake up one day and be

great you have to decide that you’re

going to be great and you have to step

into it with wisdom

and skill you have to be disciplined and


the bible talks about diligence when you

get a chance just do a word search

in the bible on the word diligent and


oh it’s powerful it talks about the

person in proverbs it says the person

with the slack hand will be poor that

word poor literally means needy

but the diligent the hand of the

diligent will be made rich

you have to be diligent oh watch through

the lord but let me let me keep tracking


because i we we we’re we’re moving

we’re moving kind of close to our end of

our time here today

so i have my tourette time i journal my

thoughts then later i have a touch point

with younger kids

with my younger kids right my two

youngest i want to touch them throughout

the day i don’t want to be so busy and

doing my thing that i don’t

take a minute and just stare at them in

their face and get into their world and

find out what’s important to you

what’s important to you as a

four-year-old right

what’s important to you as an

eleven-year-old let me just take a


and just suspend everything because

sometimes god will hide a treasure

in the perspective of a four-year-old

or an eleven-year-old are you tracking

with me right it’s just mine it’s just

mine this is just mine

so i put ella to sleep or excuse me i’m

ahead of myself

my touch point with younger kids dinner

with family

almost every night 95 of the time i have

dinner with my family

right around the table and i got to tell

you as horrible as the pandemic is

we’ve had a lot more time around a

dinner table see god always

even in the worst of things hides a

great thing

in what is a challenging thing dinner

with family i put out asleep

and then i have what i call my evening

wind down right

i i think that if you just fall asleep

you missed an opportunity

and i think if you just fall asleep you

subject yourself to whatever thoughts


wherever you left off you subject

yourself no you don’t want to fall


you want to be in control even of how

you go down

and so i have my evening routine my

evening wind down and that’s

that’s my face routine yeah i’m trying

to keep that skin cracking hello


they say black don’t crack but there’s

things that you can do come on somebody

to help help it out

glory to god okay and so and so i have

my evening wind down my face routine

i i shore up my to-do list this helps me

with anxiety at night

i write down i get out of my head

and onto my pad things that if i did not

do that

they would have me up at night this

gives me a sense of finality

i have said that yes these things are

still pending

but i have allocated time to do them on


and it allows me to sleep better you’d

be surprised

just taking down doing a to-do list for

the things that you have to do tomorrow

how much better your sleep will improve

and how much you can even fight back

against anxiety

if you get the stuff that’s keeping you

up at night out of your head

and onto your pad or your track a little

bit if this is helping you just just put

it in a feed this is helpful pt this is

helpful pt is helpful

okay so i short my to-do list i connect

with my wife again

right because we’re both busy so let’s

connect again

hey did we miss each other today hey

what’s going on how’s this going what’s

going on with the money over here what’s

happening here with this company okay

are we hey is everything lined up there

hey did we do get that connect

and then i have my sleep preparation i

there’s some things that i take

uh some natural things like melatonin i

take things to you know what i mean to

enhance my sleep that’s just me

you have to figure out what works well

for you

and then and then i go to sleep

so my question for you is what’s your

daily strategy

to accomplish who you are

what’s your daily strategy how are you

going to be

who god has called you to be if you

haven’t asked the question who am i now

and worked out what it’s going to take

sat with god to work out what it’s going

to take

to accomplish that identity and watch


these things that that that i’m talking


these things are not negotiated afresh

each day

nor are these things determined by how

i’m feeling

i’ve already negotiated those things

let me tell you something this morning i

didn’t want to go down to the gym

but a decision had already been made i’m

not negotiating with

whether or not i’m going to go to the

gym or whether or not i’m going to do my


i’m not that’s already been worked out

these things were already negotiated

when i consulted god

and i decided what it was going to take

in order for me to win

in life are you tracking with me

and so once you define it

you have to guard it vociferously

i’m talking about extreme discipline

extreme discipline

once you figure out what it’s going to


in order for you to win you and god are

going to sit down you guys are going to


you’re going to talk through some things

you’re going to look at the identity

you’re going to look at what you have

not what you don’t have but what you do


you’re going to look at the

opportunities that are in your hands

and once you figure that out that’s it

and now i’d guard it because i’ll tell

you right now as i talked about last

week we’re almost done

as i talked about last week that once

you set that thing in motion

there’s going to be so many things that


and attempt to distract it

and so it necessitates extreme

discipline watch this there are people

that are more successful than you not


that they are more talented than you but

because they’re more disciplined than


and you are hating on them and saying

they ain’t all that

and she and all that and i i can sing

circles around her i can do

this around her i can preach that then

around here and then

yeah you can talk all that you want to

but a disciplined person

i would rather have mediocre ability

and excellent and extreme discipline

than tremendous ability with no work


i will out work you

like the tortoise and the hair i will

outwork you

and you be better at what you do than me

but my discipline

and my work ethic god respects it

he honors it are you tracking with me

if you’re taking notes i want you to

write this thought down we’re almost on

we’re almost home

success is not a destination

it’s a discipline success

is not a destination

it’s a discipline in other words i don’t

arrive at success

i position myself in success

and success has to do with what i am


to being disciplined to do daily which

is kind of cool

that means that you don’t have to wait

for success you are

successful the moment that you do the

thing that successful people do

and successful people are ruthlessly and

radically disciplined now remember i

told you i wanted to point something out

about my meetings this is important

i have the opportunity to take meetings

all day

long but i do not because

if things can’t not can’t just show up

my calendar

if something somehow gets on my calendar

that i didn’t approve man i’m calling my

staff like yo

what how how did this happen my calendar


sacred it’s sacred

it’s not just 10 a.m 11 a.m 12 a.m no no

no it’s sacred and everything that’s

on my calendar needs to meet

one of these three criteria

it is to sustain territory

to gain territory or to serve

say it again if it’s on my calendar

it has to fall into and legitimately i’m

not talking about stretching trying to

make something fit

it has to sustain territory what do i

mean by that that means that

that i’ve been working hard and i’ve

been building the kingdom and i’ve been

advancing kingdom the kingdom and one of

the things that i’ve learned as a leader

is just because you have it doesn’t mean

you’ll get to keep it

just because you’ve cast vision to your

team or

you’ve cast vision to your your church

or your

non-profit organization or you cast

vision to your company

and the employees they’re in just

because you cast

vision does not mean that the vision

will be sustained without your


i’ve said it before it’s in my call

leaders things and i’ll say it again

you cannot just speak vision one time

you have to speak it over and over and

over again

because no one will be as passionate

about your vision

than you are that was for free

entrepreneurs that was for free leaders

are you tracking with me and so so i


sustain territory but i cannot spend all

of my time

sustaining territory because i’m not

called to simply

sustain i am also called to gain


so i’m asking myself before i take a


does this is this meeting critical and

important for me to sustain the


that god has blessed me

to gain okay no okay well then well then

well then will this help me gain

territory because i know where i’m

going i understand what i’m after

and so is this call going to position me

stretch me align me bring me into

relationships with people

that are a part of his plan for me to

gain territory

because i am a kingdom kid i’m not here

to take up air

i’m here to take territory for the lord

if you are a kingdom kid

put it in the comments right there i’m a

kingdom kid i’m called to

influence and i’m called to impact so

i’m not just gonna sustain

i have got to gain territory until the

whole world

is filled with the knowledge of the

glory of god i feel like preaching

god gave me this life he saved me he

raised me

i can’t keep it to my self so i’m

looking for new

and creative ways to release the glory

of god

out of my mouth out of my creations

remember i told you who i am

i’m a son of god i am an architect

of awesome things that bring glory to my


i’m gonna gain territory and keep taking



as long as i have breath i’m

seizing the day god can i make you more


god can i make you more glorious god can

i get this person

to know who you are god can i get that

person to know who you are

and god because i know you’re a big god

i’m asking for nations

i’m not just asking for people i’m

asking for cities

i’m asking for regions i’m asking for

countries in jesus name

if you are a kingdom ambassador hit me

up in the comments right now

and say i’m a kingdom ambassador

and this is why it’s why i don’t play

around with days

i’m on a time clock and i want to bring

god as much fruit

as i can so so pardon me if i don’t take


if i’m able to i may have somebody else

but if it’s not to sustain the territory

that god has blessed me

to gain and if it’s not to gain or to

extend territory

you may not get but there is one more

i’m called to serve i’m called to serve

and so if it’s on my calendar

this could be one of three things

sustained territory

to gain territory and to serve but i’m

going to be honest with you

because my life is service

and my time is limited

there’s going to be much more time spent

in sustaining

and gaining but that’s just me

here’s one more thought i’m going to

leave you you got to figure this out for


but here’s one more thought i think this

is important

destiny people people who are going to

maximize today

people who are people of strategy

they absolutely love

the word no oh my god

if you’re going to be everything that

god has called you to be

you are going to have to not just be not


the word love excuse me not tolerate

the word no you you are going

to have to love no

oh it almost should be cathartic when

you say no

you almost ought to go into tongues no


it ought to just just do something to


hallelujah because here is the thing

you should be giving more no’s than

you’re giving guesses

because your life and your time

is too precious 90

of my answers 90

is no no

and only 10 is yes

because my yes is my commitment

and my yes ties me up

my no frees me so that i can give my

life to the ten

percent that is what god is actually

calling me to do

god is not calling me to do the 90

he’s only calling me to do the 10 so

what i say

no to is actually more important than

what i say yes to

and there is another critical


concerning your daily strategy

and we are going to discuss it

next week that was sneaky

family hear me i believe the lord

laid a lot of things out give you a lot

to think about

the difference a day can make

is everything everything happens

day by day

and if we’re going to be great we’ve got

to master

not the week not the month master of the


if you master the day the week and the

month and the year comes with it

i want us to get with god

and to get our daily plan family i know

some of us are

really young and we think we’ve got

plenty of time

but you can’t even say you had a good

day unless you devel defined ahead of


what it would take to create a good day

give us this day our daily bread each

day is unique

that means that every morning every


day you have an opportunity to be


grateful optimistic every time that sun


comes up again there’s a race to run

and maybe you didn’t get it right

yesterday all right

no day is perfect sometimes things

that are outside of your control take

place i get that i completely understand


but let me challenge you when that

happens instead of just

letting whatever took place totally

control your day if you are able to

take a step back and say okay with what

i have

left in this day

what i have left in this moment

show me how to still make it a win

because there’s no failure in you

family i want us to be disciplined

i just believe that what god is building

is going to require all of us

we’re going to have to be strategic

we’ll have to be prayerful

and we’re going to have to be good

stewards over each day that god gives to


so that’s my prayer for you this week

your homework if you haven’t done it


is i want you to write out what it’s

going to take

for you to maintain that identity that

god revealed

to you and i want you to stick with it

and you know what if you have one day

where you fall short just make sure you

don’t have two days

get back on it get back in it you’re

building something

i love you i want to pray for you

father thank you so much for this time

that you allow me with your sons and


thank you god for reminding us the

difference a day can make thank you for

god given us

for practical tools and insight

perspectives and understanding i thank


for the fruitfulness that will be born

out of

out of this word out of this time that

we’ve spent together

i thank you for the love that you have

for your sons and daughters i thank you

that some

who may have perhaps not done things the

way they’ve always wanted to i thank you

god that with each day there’s new mercy

new mercy day by day

and we thank you god and we receive that

new mercy to do great things

i thank you god for dreams that are

going to be realized for visions that

are going to be manifest

hallelujah for momentum that is coming

to your sons and daughters that

will carry them into everything that you

promised them

and so we love you we thank you for this

opportunity to gather around your word

to be sharpened to be strengthened and

to be inspired towards all the great

things you have in store

we love you god we thank you bless these

your sons and daughters each and every

single one of them

in jesus name amen