Order – Wholeness Winning In Life From The Inside Out

greetings family pastor – ray here I’m

excited to tour tuned in you’re getting

ready to hear a powerful message I

believe it’s gonna change your life

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the word God is gonna do something so

beautiful today so we’re looking that

first sample from chapter 13 verse 7 to

14 and so it says and some of the

Hebrews crossed over the Jordan to the

land of God and Gilead and as for Saul

he was still in Gilgal and all the

people followed him trembling then he

waited seven days according to the time

set by Samuel but Samuel did not come to

Gilgal and the people were scattered

from him so saul said bring a burnt

offering and priest peace offerings here

to me and he offered the burnt offering

now it happened as soon as he had

finished presenting the burnt offering

that samwell came and soul went out to

meet him that he might greet him and

someone said what have you done

Saul said when I saw that the people

were scattered from me and that you did

not come within the days appointed and

that the Philistines gathered together

and McMath then I said the Philistines

will now come down on me at Gilgal and I

have not made application to the Lord

therefore I felt compelled and offered a

burnt offering and some well sets us all

you have done foolishly you have not

kept the commandments of the Lord your

God which he commanded you for now the

Lord would have established your kingdom

over Israel forever but now your kingdom

shall not continue the Lord has sought

for himself a man after his own heart

and the Lord has commanded him to be

commander over his people because you

have not kept what the LORD commanded

you father God I thank you for this word

I thank you that as we go into your word

Lord God it is your voice they will hear

not mine

I thank you that you will speak to each

and every heart presence I break every

spirit of resistance in this house in

the name of Jesus Lord God I thank you

that you would do only that which you do

when your power is in the room Lord God

have your way in Jesus name Amen amen

you may be seated

thank God can we just give a beautiful

just like just let’s just praise God for

our leaders pass it to Ray Robertson

pastor First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts

Amen it’s always an honor just to be

here with you guys so today’s message is

titled destiny is not convenient it’s

inconvenient or not convenient but I

like inconvenient

you see I’ll share a little story with

you guys so last week we went to the

International pastors and Leadership

Conference run by Bishop TD jakes it was

phenomenal it wasn’t Dallas I made just

life-changing so the first night we get

in there the first session they had on a

Wednesday night Bishop had this amazing

message called dress for what’s next and

you guys have to watch it on the bishops

village calm I mean all the messages are

there so he has this message that’s for

what’s next and in the message he’s

basically talking about you know

stripping off the garments that are

holding you from getting to what’s next

and when I heard that message I there

was I felt convicted and so the whole

you know after after the message

happened like we go up I go back to the

hotel room and in my mind I’m like God

what garment do I have on what is it

that I’m still that I could still be

holding on that is costing me or that

could cost me what’s next the message

basically was was was dying too to

yourself in a deeper way and the truth

of the matter is that I didn’t know why

I felt convicted I didn’t know I was

like god this is a blind spot there’s

something you’re trying to show me but I

don’t see it I don’t know what it is the

next day

that morning the Lord had led in my

heart to sew into a game there was a

number he gave me to sew into what was

happening at the International pastors

and Leadership Conference

so I purposed in my mind when I hear

that number called that I will go make

that sew that seed and you know what

just a little detour sometimes we think

that you know when the parcel would say

that you know there are ten people here

too so this number sometimes I remember

when I used to be that person that oh my

god did you really tell him that but the

truth is I remember when God revealed to

me that no these are numbers that the

Holy Spirit inspires them to say because

there are people in that room that it is

a sacrifice that God is requiring of

them and so when so that morning you

know we go to the session and I’m you

know I’m just ready I’m like okay god

I’m waiting to hear the number you know

so the morning session passes a lot of

things happen I go for the night session

and then when I heard him say you know

what there are people here and you’re

supposed to sew this and I just I was so

fast with that pen I say that’s me

that’s me so I go up to the altar but as

I was walking up to the altar the Lord

began to speak to me and he began to

show me what my blind spot was and he

said that you have not yet embraced

being inconvenienced and I was I was at

the altar and I’m like God what are you

talking about because you know I think

I’ve made a lot of sacrifices I left my

family I left my home I’ve gone where

you told me to go I I do what you told

me to do you know I’m not understanding

what you mean by I have not embraced

being inconvenienced and he said no

you’ve embraced being uncomfortable but

there’s a difference he said you’ve

embraced accepting the unfamiliar but

there is a part of you that has a desire

for arriving at this place when

everything is convenient because you see

to be inconvenienced is is when things

are not suitable to your needs it’s not

– your time it’s not suitable to your


it goes against even your own will a lot

of times and when he said that to me I

realized that actually I am waiting

there there is a desire in my heart for

that day when everything just seems

convenient just in the Jets going to

preach the gospel hallelujah and there’s

nothing wrong with that but I explained

what what he was showing me and I said

God and I was at that altar and I cried

like a baby because there was so much

happening that day

and it felt to me like a funeral because

he showed me what what the call he has

in my life and and what he’s leaving me

to do that it will cost me everything it

will cost me everything

to the point that for him to even reveal

to me my blind spot it cost me a

sacrificial seed that he will not even

tell me unless I even sacrifice because

what I gave it was it may not be much to

some but after you pay some bills that

was over 90% of what I had on me and he

said that I will not even reveal this to

you unless it came by the way of

sacrifice because your life is gonna

cost you your life and I I was like a

child I was I was crying while in my

heart I said God please don’t let them

feel me I’m very close to the altar

please just just push the camera away

because it was such an emotional time

because I realized that at that altar I

was killing that desire to arrive to

this place where everything is just

suitable it fits my time it fits my

needs it fits my desires it fits and God

says and I remember when I got back to

the hotel room that day and I was like

wow Lord there is something there was a

message here there is something deeper

in this and even over the course of the


he started speaking to me about a man

we’re gonna even we read about soul

you see Saul was a man who he had

embraced being uncomfortable because

when Saul went when Israel desired the

king and God said you know what you guys

want a king I’m gonna give you a king

and they and he gave them salt but but

the manner in which so the prophet

Samuel he reveals to the prophets mo who

he has chosen as king over Israel

the prophet Samuel has a you know has an

encounter with Saul and this is done at

first it was done privately where he

anointed Saul and said that saw you are

the one that the Lord has chosen as king

but this was a private affair and then

you fast forward and just read the whole

book of 1st Samuel is gonna bless you

and you fast forward and now they’re in

there you know Samuel gathers all the

Israelites because he wants to now

reveal to the people who the kook God

had chosen as king and when it was time

to reveal to the people Saul was hiding

to the point that God had to reveal to

the prophet Samuel where Saul was hiding

so they could get him and tell the

people that this is the one the Lord has


so if Saul is hiding obviously he might

have felt inadequate he might have felt

like we have no reference for this

Israel has never had a king I don’t come

from a line of kings being a king was

something unfamiliar to him but yet he

took that call he took that position he

embraced what was uncomfortable but in

the passage that we read you see that

passage was was very symbolic because

that the Israelites were in the heat of

a battle the Philistines were coming the

Philistines came against them with over

thirty thousand men and the Israelites

had only 3,000 men it’s like as someone

asking you to use your tithe to pay your

whole bills

it’s like brah you know unless you’re

doing something else

they had 3,000 men to fight over 30,000


the Israelites were panicking and so

they go down to Gilgal and they’re like

okay we have an instruction the prophets

MO had told the King to wait here in

Gilgal for seven days so that he will

bring a word so that he would do the

birth the the burnt offering and the

peace offering and now in that time the

burnt offering was symbolic too it’s

almost like a Thanksgiving to God for

the for you know delivering them the

peace offering was symbolic to surrender

to God and but this was an offering that

was only that should only be done by a

priest and although sama was a prophet

he was also a priest he was raised by a

priest Eli and so and and was

someone that in past passages when

something like this happened not only

was he coming to do a burnt offering he

was coming to give a word from God to

give them strategy to let the people

know this is the manner in which you’re

gonna win this battle or to let the

people know if God is with them in the

battle so they needed some more to get

there and so each day that passes by I

can only imagine that the people’s

hearts they’re like okay you know what

seven days day seven day six day five

day four day 3 day 2 day one and soul

it’s like you know what this is the

appointed time and it’s funny when you

think about the appointed time because

sometimes we look at the appointed time

that God you told me yourself you know I

feel like this is the time I believe

that this is the time this is supposed

to happen but the appointed time is

never when you want it to happen the

appointed time is when God says so

because it is as it is in heaven so

shall it be on earth not as you want it

to be on earth that it is in heaven

so the appointed time even when it looks

like a delay it is not yet the appointed

time if it’s been if it looks like it’s

being delayed because God will do things

as it is in heaven that is the prayer

jesus told his disciples to pray so

Shawn is thinking that you know what

Samwell told us that this is the

appointed time

and so if someone is not here we got to

do something because in Seoul’s mind

he’s like the people are scattering from

me the people are leaving me we don’t

even have that much men in the first

place and now the people want to leave

me it was inconvenient it was it was

inconvenient to the battle it was

inconvenient to his position as king

because I can only imagine that when

people were leaving him that they were

mummering in there they were saying

things about him you know what I don’t

even know why we we desire the king this

man does not know what his doing Samuel

has abandoned as God has forsaken us and

as Saul perhaps was hearing what the

people were saying he put himself in a

position that he should never have you

see I wonder in your life if you’re in

the place that God has sent you God that

the word of God was that Saul should

wait in Gilgal but then saul is saying

that the Philistines are gonna come upon

me in Gilgal so the very same place that

God said wait for me looks like the very

same place that there they might die

have you ever been in a place where God

has sent you somewhere God told you go

to LA God told you go to this job God

told you go to this place and you get

there and nothing is working God told

you go here and I’m gonna make you a

great actor and you’ve done everything

but act because nothing is working God

said go here you’re gonna be a musician

and you’ve done everything but just only

singing in the shower and bills need to

be paid and your family is calling you

what are you doing with your life and

God is not speaking and you’re on your

knees crying and you’re fasting God

where are you and he is silent because

you see Sam well soul was waiting for

Sam or to hear a word from God what are

we gonna do the Philistines are gonna

come upon us in the very same place you

told us to wait and you have not come

there is no word from God about what we

ought to do

and the Philistines are gonna come and

meet us here

have you ever felt in the place and

everybody is wondering what are you

gonna do with your life you you’ve been

here for too long

initially you said just give me four

months just give me six months just give

me one year I believe God is gonna do

something you’ve been here five years

and you’re not sure what’s going on and

God is silent and you’re like God he

said that I can’t hear you did I make a

mistake that I you know am I still in

the right place what do you want me to

do and he’s giving you dreams about

everybody else but yourself what do you

do you see even in God’s silence there’s

purpose because when God was saying wait

for me here

wait I need you to your life has to be

inconvenient because you see the waiting

was part of God’s what was part of his

plan to get the glory you see the

feeling sign prior to what is happening

Jonathan Saul’s son had defeated one of

the main officers in the Philistine army

the news went round even though when

they spread the news they said Saul

defeated the man and so they were like

why you know the Israelites are just

doing their thing

the Philistines in their anger they

gather all these men to say let us go

and just finish the Israeli army the

Israelites army so the Philistines in

their minds they’re thinking it’s a

numbers game oh because it was

one-on-one you won okay let’s make this

army to army the Philistines are

thinking that let’s get all of these men

and we would finish the the soldiers of

the Israelites the enemy was thinking

numbers and we are children of God we

are not to think like the enemy we’re

supposed to think like God in that

moment Saul started thinking like the

enemy he’s like all the people are


from me you see when God is aware of the

plans of the enemy because when the

enemy is against God’s people they’re

against God and so God is silent for a

reason he’s silent because the Phylis

eyes think that oh they need a big army

and God is like you know what I want the

army to even be smaller for the

Israelites I’m silent for a reason so I

actually want the people to scatter from


you see sometimes when God is silent in

your life and people start to critique

you people start to say to falsely

accuse you God is saying oh I’m silent

for a reason I want you to know who is

really for you I want you to know who’s

really with you because they are with

you not because of what you know or what

you can give them a lot of times you you

you have all these people around you and

they’re only around you because of what

they can take from you and there are

times that God wants you to not know

what you’re gonna do tomorrow who will

still stand by you when it looks

confusing who will still stand by you

when it looks dark there are times that

God needs you to not know who will still

believe in what God is doing in you it

was all part of God’s plan he said I

know you don’t know what’s going and I

know you can’t hear with a word from me

and it seems like you’ve just been

hopping from couch to couch to couch no

I need you to be in that place so you

know who opened the door for you when

you need a place to sleep because where

God is taking you he needs real people

in your life you see time with weed out

people that have agendas so when God is

like no I need you to be delayed because

the people that have agendas and motives

need to be weeded out from this army I

need people that will trust me I need

people that trust what I’m doing God is

always silent for a reason he’s not

silent because he cannot

are you he’s not silent because he has

forsaken you he’s silent because he’s

actually arming you on another hand when

God is silent it’s also testing your

dependence on him you see

imagine if you become it’s easy when

when we are honest at the stage where we

don’t believe me we may not have much to

say God you know what even if you make

me a millionaire if you ask me to give

it all away I will child listen you need

to be groomed to get to that place you

need to know how to give away 10000

before you give away a million God has

to groom you God has to know that when I

bring you to a place where I set you up

if I tell you to give it all away and

move to India for six months then you

will do it because you have embraced me

inconvenience from the very beginning

you are that dedicated to me that you’re

not going to rely on things because

family the higher you get up the harder

it is to choose God’s will and so he has

to groom you from the little things he

has to groom you this was just that Saul

had not been King for that long and

already God is like let me get let me

can I test your dependence on me

we’re just waiting just waiting Saul

wait a few more days he couldn’t do it

oh the people are scattering from me so

I must do the burnt offering I must do

this because we need to do something

it’s funny why we think we can help God

be God you see because the truth of the

matter is that when I read this passage

as I continue to read it

I see Saul had a son named Jonathan and

there was something that Jonathan did

that I believe was the plan of God from

the very beginning one day it talked

about how one day Jonathan this is still

in them in the midst of the army where

Saul has done this and samo

giving him a word that the kingdom will

be taken away from you but there the

fact that there is still a battle to

take place and they said one day

Jonathan and his armor-bearer now first

of all this was a battle that three

thousand people were scared to do and

Jonathan and his ammo bearer two people

he tells us I’m a bear let us go and

fight these people and he said that for

God cannot be hindered by many or by few

he understood something about God that

God even if it’s only the two of us we

can win this battle and he asked God for

a sign and God gave him that sign and he

went to the camp of the Philistines and

the whole purpose was when you read the

passage you see that God actually wanted

to partner with them because they were

not just coming against the people they

were coming against the name of God and

God caused the Philistines to be in so

much confusion that they started killing

themselves you see when you’re in that

place that you don’t know and you’re not

sure what is going on when the enemy is

after you you are a word from God he’s

not just attacking you he’s attacking

the God in you and so God is like no no

no no I’m not I’m not trying to rush

this process I want to have the glory in

your life because this is actually about

my name this is about what I’m doing on

the earth but Samuel I mean Saul was not

ready to be inconvenience this is a

thing that that that in that position it

could literally whatever decision you

make if it’s like God you know what I’ve

been it this whole thing you sent me out

here and it’s not working I’m going home

but going home or quitting will cost you

everything on the other side of your

sacrifice and then you become bitter and

and you become entitled because you feel

like God owes you something but all the

longer was trying to get you to what he

was calling you to

you see I watched I watched an interview

where Tyler Perry was on TBN and he was

interviewed by dr. Juanita Bynum and it

was such a beautiful interview because

he talked about how when he first

started his plays he was like I knew

that I had a word from God and the first

play he did he planned it so that he

planted in a way that he had an

expectation for 1,200 people to show up

at this play so imagine the the

financing the staff in all of that and

he’s excited because he’s like child God

gave me a word and when the play

happened 30 people came and he’s like

God what is this because it caught he

now money is gone he does the play again

it fails he does it again and again and

again and it’s failing to the point that

his job is his job told him they’re like

we’re not gonna give you any more time

off for you to do your place either you

you work here or you quit and he’s like

you know what I just know God gave me a

word is gonna happen he quits his job

the place still keep failing to the

point now he has to beg he’s literally

talking about begging money from his

uncles and his aunts to give him twenty

dollars here and thirty dollars here

just to eat and the whole time his he’s

asking God like God how am I gonna get

through these bills how am I gonna get

through this and he says God says

nothing every time he asks god god how

am I gonna do this he didn’t hear a

thing over and over and over again it

kept failing failing failing and it

didn’t mean that God didn’t give him a

word but you see what we look at as

failure if God doesn’t look at it like

that we call it failure he’s not calling

it failure he’s calling it grooming

we’re like oh man this thing didn’t work

out God is like oh they are right on

schedule look at that okay look look at

his child

and it reached the point where we’re in

his fin and they had called him to do

this show for the house of booze and

he’s like I’m not doing it you know what

god I’m tired and someone is like no

dude this show and he’s like okay I’m

gonna do the show and that day and all

the conditions just were it was just

weird I mean it was cold outside the

heater and the place was broken so it’s

like you know what this is just not

gonna work

and he wasn’t I believe he was in the

greenroom or he was in the dressing room

and he was like God like why like why

are you not talking to me how am I

supposed to get through my bills how

come every time I bring this up you’re

not talking to me and he’s like I don’t

want to do this anymore

and he talked about that in that moment

God spoke and told him I am God you stop

when I say stop and from that day and he

tells him look outside and there was a

line around the building and from that

day this it was such amazing interview

from that day he talked about how each

and every play became successful and God

revealed to him that I was proving you I

was proving you I needed to make sure I

could trust you when I take you to where

I’ve planned for you to go you have

you’re not a failure you haven’t failed

family all along God is building your

team you don’t even know it

goddess goddess goddess strengthening

your ability to be dependent on him

because at the end of the day the Word

of God says that our lives are hidden in

Christ so this is not a better control

thing God does not need to control you

he’s trying to get you to who you really

are your truth the real you is in Christ

and so to discover that person this has

to die because the the desires that we

have and what is convenient to us is

what we’ve been accustomed to by society

it’s not based on the truth of God’s

Word concerning our lives so God is

never trying to control you or make you

some kind of puppet jesus said that he

who loses his life for my sake will find

it it’s two different lives he’s talking

about he who loses the life that he has

known on the earth will find the life

that I knew when I put him in your

mother’s womb this is about truth and so

Saul did not know how to embrace being

inconvenienced but embracing being

inconvenienced is the answer that you’ve

been looking for it is the it is the

step it is the step it is the it is a

place when you’re like you know what I

embraced this thing I’m not gonna run

from it I’m telling you that God would

take you to a place to establish you

because that was the plan all along for

Saul’s life but if God has stablished

him in rebellion I believe that that

would have opened a spiritual door of a

stronghold of rebellion because if God

established Saul’s Kingdom over Israel

forever that would have meant that God’s

initial plan was for our Savior to come

to Saul’s lineage that’s really what it

means that I would that he went when

once mo told him that what have you done

the Lord would have established you he

would have established your kingdom in

Israel forever meaning that the Savior

our Savior was supposed to come through

Saul’s lineage but if he did that in

rebellion then who knows that maybe at

the appointed time for Jesus to come

that Mary would just don’t be a

stronghold of rebellion and Mary’s like

II know L feel like it you know I I’m

over here trying to get married okay but

when we look at the language of David

David was a man who had a heart for God

David would do anything that God even in

his wrong when he realized that he’s

wrong he’s like God search my heart give

me a clean heart

David opened the door where it’s that

you know what we’re not gonna be

rebellious in this language

and it’s interesting it’s so funny

because even when we think about the

location Gilgal that very location is so

symbolic because you see the name Gilgal

came from let’s even open to Joshua I

believe it’s five versus nine you see it

says okay then the Lord said to Joshua

the day I have wrote Oh

this day I have rolled away the reproach

of Egypt from you therefore the name of

the place is called gilga to this day

now what is happening is this during

this time the Israelites had crossed the

Jordan River to walk into this is when

they were preparing to come into the

Promised Land because now they have come

to a place where you know that the

children that were born to the the

people that left slavery now God had

given them an instruction God had given

Joshua and instruction to circumcise all

the males because though they were born

in the I mean their fathers all died in

the wilderness unfortunately because of

their stubbornness and so the children

of those that came out of slavery God

tells just what circumcise all the men

and circumcision was very it was

symbolic – almost like a purification a

purification and a sign of God’s

covenant this is a sign that the promise

I gave your ancestors the promise I gave

you that you would inherit the promised

land it is coming – it’s it’s

manifesting in front of you so

circumcision in the Old Testament is

likened to the purpose of water baptism

today and so God says that the moment

that Joshua had circumcise all the males

God gives him this word that this day I

have rolled away reproach of Egypt from

you he said I know that your ancestors I

know that you came from slavery but I’m

you’re walking into the Promised Land

even if you had the mentality that maybe

we will just be stuck in the wilderness

you are not slaves anymore you are free

you are walking into a place of


Guil God was so symbolic it was a place

that God rolled away reproach rode away

rode away accusations rode away

insecurities inadequacies God wants to

establish you this was a place that God

purposed to establish Saul the place

that God is telling you wait a little


it’s the place he wants to establish you

God sees the shame you see when God is

saying that I am rolling away the

reproach that means I saw the reproach

you’re wondering God do you see me do

you see what I’m going to do you see the

people accusing me do you see what

people are saying about me do you see

that it looks like I’m confused do you

see what is happening God sees it and

before the problem claimed he had a

solution and he’s saying that if you

will wait a little longer there is a

place that I have purposed to establish

you and in that place you will forget

all the nonsense that you’ve experienced

you forget the pain you’ll forget the

shame you’ll forget all of that because

I have a place to establish you and the

only thing that you would take away from

the place of your reproach is the

purpose behind it because although the

Israelites were slaves in Egypt it was

still part of God’s purpose to gather

them together and so God is saying I

know what you’ve been through I know

what people are saying about you I know

it looks confusing I’m gonna roll the

reproach of poverty I’m gonna roll the

reproach of inadequacy I’m gonna roll

the reproach of an assault victim I’m

gonna roll the reproach I know what you

have been through I see you and I have a

plan to establish you if you would wait

on me but waiting is inconvenient

because we’re people that we want

answers now God when is this happening

is this happening now God had a plan all


and I came here to encourage you that

God has a plan for your life

you are not in this by yourself but

where he where he desires to take you

you have to have a life that is dead to

your own will because God is not taking

you to Heights for you to just relax

there is work to do up there the same

way there is work to do here and Jesus

is the perfect example when we look at

the life of Jesus on earth it was not

convenient at all coming to die on the

cross like it was not convenient but on

the other side of that was glory on the

underside of that was increased on the

other side of that he was given a name

higher above every other name God wants

to make your name great what are we

willing to die to our own will to die to

our own agendas to say God I want to be

inconvenience for you will I want to be

inconvenience for your purpose I want to

I want to be the kind of person that I

can say yes that if you tell me that you

know what just moved to this place and

and because there are people you want me

to touch there there’s there’s a purpose

you have that it’s not about things it’s

not about who’s with me who leaves me

because you will never forsake me jesus

is our example we don’t have to do burnt

offerings or peace offerings we have the

cross and the Word of God now tells us

take up your cross and follow me

because the cross represents death to

self the cross represents death to

agendas Jesus had a will but then he

tells us I did not come to do my will I

came to do my father’s will because in

his father’s will is his truth are we

willing to say I want to be

inconvenienced for Jesus

I want to be inconvenience for his

purpose I want to be inconvenience for

the truth because you see when the Bible

says that the Spirit is willing but the

flesh is weak it is that the spirit the

spirit knows the truth the spirit knows

what who you really are the spirit is

always willing but the flesh wants to

keep you down

the flesh is perishing but God has a

plan for your life and being

inconvenienced is just part of it it’s

not a negative thing that’s what I

learned that day that’s what I learned

that went when it because the emotions

was not just was not just to the point

of like oh god this would never be the

case the emotions was like wow how

didn’t I see this all along why was it

that I was holding on to this idea of

this day when everything just seems

convenient no no that’s not part of the

plan it has never been part of the plan

and when we embrace this as our new

normal that when we go through

circumstances when we go through the

valley when we go through the things

that look like the shadow of death we

know that God is with us we know that no

God you have a purpose there is a

purpose in the silence there is purpose

in each and everything that you’re doing

in my life are we willing to be

inconvenienced rise with me

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus I want

us to take a moment

eyes closed head bowed I want us to take

a moment and think about the thing think

about the thing that even now Holy

Spirit I thank you that you will bring

things to their mind what is it that you

have been holding on to that God this

needs to happen now that this is for

some people this is a word literally of

life and death because for a son you

were on the verge of walking away you

are literally on the verge of walking

away and you’re like god I don’t know if

I can do this anymore

but it’s funny because the moment saw

sacrificed did what he was not supposed

to do Samwell showed up you are at the

brink of it and you don’t even know you

were right there you don’t even know it

and God sent me today with this word to

encourage you to stay strong to

encourage you to say that this is your

normal no one is frustrated when they

think they have to brush their teeth

because it’s their normal unless you

have a hygiene problem this this is our

new normal that yeah I may not be away

it’s not it might not be always easy but

I trust God I trust what God is doing in

my life I trust I trust that he’s for me

he’s not against me he is for me he is

for me he is for you so I want you that

as the Holy Spirit is bringing to mind

what is the thing that you’re holding on

to that God is saying just lay that the

altar just let it go just let it go just

let it go that it this is not you

holding on to this is actually a

deception of the enemy

it’s a deception of the enemy to think

that no everything is supposed to be

this way this is this is what society

has taught us but we live by the kingdom

we are in the world but we are not of

the world so we have to go back to our

roots and our roots is in his word our

roots is he showed us how how to live

and that is through His Son Jesus if

you’re here and you’re like you know

what I want to be inconvenienced for

Jesus just raise up your hand and we’re

gonna seal this in prayer there god I

know I don’t want to keep holding on to

my agendas I don’t want to hold on to my

to my thoughts and my will and my way

you see something it’s interesting the

scripture talks about how stubborn s how

stubbornness is is almost like into

idolatry because stubbornness as

idolatry because you are you are holding

on to your mindset and your will you

have raised it higher than the purpose

of God and so it’s like you are you are

you’re worshiping your idea over God our

lives are hidden in Christ Jesus who I

really am yes hallelujah child let the

people know who I really am

it’s in him it’s in his word it’s in his

way it’s in his leading I am not by

myself even when you’re silent God I

trust you I trust you just raise your

hand then we’re gonna pray father god I

thank you that you see each and every

one in this house you know them Lord

and as we come before you were saying

that god we don’t want to hold on to our

ways of doing things anymore yes we

moved yes we we did the things that were

unfamiliar to us but lorica we’re also

saying that we’re ready to be

inconvenience for the truth yes it may

not be comfortable staying with

strangers and not knowing where to go

and not knowing where to turn but God we

would recognize that even when your

silence your favor is with us that we’re

asking God where are you you were in the

person who gave us $20 you are in the

person who open their house you are in

the person Lord God we’re wondering God

where are you where is the thing that

you promised me but you have been there

all along but you’re speaking to a

different language you’re speaking

through the actions of people to say

that I see you no matter what you’ve

been through you still you’re still

surviving you’re still here for someone

you’re like you know what I don’t even

have anyone that opened a house for me

and it’s almost like God is showing me

you but then something there was a there

was a homeless shelter that opened the

door for you and there are so many

people that were supposed to get in but

you were able to get in and I’m here to

tell you that is the favor of God it

doesn’t matter how it comes it is the

favor of God

it is God’s favor that you’re still here

is God’s favor that that you’re still

breathing that you’re still alive the

Word of God even talks about how the

enemy comes to steal kill and destroy

but you are still living it is the favor

of God you’re like you know what I feel

like I have been suicidal but you’re

here it is the favor of God

you’ve lost people in your life and

they’re things that you may not

understand but God has a purpose that is

greater than our understanding can we

trust him so that we may be

inconvenienced by his word God I’m gonna

trust you you have a plan to establish

me this is not just this is not just

like oh you’re you’re you’re playing

games with me no you have a plan to

establish me and because your blessings

do not come with sorrow you’re taking

your time with me god I’m gonna be

grateful in the midst of not knowing I’m

gonna be grateful when it looks like the

very place she sent me to is the very

place that the enemy wants to make a

mockery of me but Jesus you made a

mockery of him on the cross and I’m

gonna stand by what you did on the cross

god I thank you that you are rolling

away the reproach you’re rolling away

the insecurities you’re rolling away the

inadequacies you’re rolling away

everything every stronghold that rises

against the knowledge of God over your

children’s lives Lord God you have a

plan that rolls in a way that it would

not even be it would not even be in

their memory anymore you’re rolling away

poverty you’re rolling it all away

father god I thank you that this house

right now is our Gilgal and you are


here Lord God to say that I am rolling

away from you everything that has tried

to hold you back I’m rolling it away

thank you lord have your way in Jesus

name Amen

amen hey my friend I pray that that

message blessed your life it blessed me

for sure

I want to also encourage you to pick up

wholeness winning in life from the

inside out this book is going to change

your life god bless you I’ll see you

next time