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you need a dee rooted why to help

withstand the challenges that you’re

going to face along the way and you will

face challenges now wanting a bikini

body or to fit into a certain Siz Gene

does not qualify for your Deep

Roots but the good news here is that all

of you are already

connected you’re already into your roots

it’s why you’re here at woman evolved

2023 women who are in

a shift to be in alignment with their


purpose is that right right you’re

already rooted so

check some of us have been motivated for

change by a life experience witnessing a

family member suffer from the results of

heart disease a stroke diabetes or

Alzheimer’s disease or maybe you you’ve

received some not great news about your

own current health

status the issue with that is that it’s

a fear-based

motivation when I was growing up I spent

my summers in Mississippi and every year

year after year do we have some people

from Mississippi here


yeah yes so ship to Mississippi every

summer my great-grandmother I watched

her year after years suffer and decline

from Alzheimer’s

disease talk about

motivation to do all that I could to not

trigger my Gene so years later she lived

till she was 102 by the way yes

longevity genes but years later I found

out through DNA testing that I have a

gene for

Alzheimers talk about motivation to not

trigger that Gene but all I could think

about out was I don’t want Alzheimer’s I

don’t want to be a burden I don’t want I

don’t want and what I did was I created

a negative stream of thinking and I base

my foundation for change on

fear and it felt awful and it’s not

sustainable so what I’m saying here is

let fear inform you but do not let it be

in the driver’s seat along your journey

flip fear on its head and put it in the

back seat and focus on how you want your

life to be in the absence of those

unwanted conditions which leads me to

number two

mindset your thoughts and your beliefs

about your body’s physical capacity to

change and improve matter and that’s

because your body responds to what you

focus on so picture this you’re at home

you’re in your coziest house clothes

it’s movie night you got your popcorn

you got your milk dads and tonight it’s

a suspenseful movie now you

know on an intellectual level that

you’re in the safety of your own home

that’s just actors playing out a scene

on a black screen but then as the movie

starts you start to buy into story line

and you see some some characters you

identify with oo I like that one and oh

I don’t like that one so much you start

to feel something right and then you

start to get into the movie and then the


starts music comes up you’re buying in

you’re even anticipating what’s going to

happen you can feel your muscles tense

you feel your heart rate go you might

even cover your eyes or jump or scream

and that’s your body just doing what

it’s designed to do it is responding to

what you’re focused on and it does the

same thing in life it does the same

thing with your thoughts it’s not a bad

thing we are wired for that and the good

news is you can change it you could

write your own script just by using

visualization it’s what Olympic athletes

do when they’re training for a big event

so we’re going to do that today we’re

going to go ahead and tap in to our

empowered cell so I want you all to

think of a goal that you want to

accomplish in the future it could be

what you want by the end of woman


2023 it could be what there’s no limits

here this is your visualization this is

your empowered self so think about that

goal you should feel it here though Deep

Roots I want you to think about

that and then then what you’re going to

do is settle into your

seat you’re going to take a slow deep

inhale and as you exhale gently close


eyes and I want you to stay with that

deep breath pattern just for a few more

breaths inhaling through the

nose exhaling as you exhale exhale all

the tension out of your body

body and one more time

inhaling and exhaling and now go ahead

and visualize that goal that Dee rooted

goal that you want to feel or that you

want to

accomplish and now we’re going to fast

forward you’ve achieved that

goal you’ve done

it where are you where are you right now

when you’ve achieved that goal are you

on vacation and in a beautiful place

that you’ve always wanted to go are you

in a space that’s all your own who are

you with right now give it some color

really feel into this

Vision give it some

color what does it smell

like how does it

feel do you feel excited excited or do

you feel calm and

peace do you feel proud are you thinking

in your mind I can’t believe I’ve done

this but I

did and just know that this version of

you this empowered person is you this

woman is you right here and right now

and everything that you need to get to

this point all the obstacles all the


you have them with you right here and

right now this is

you I want you to take another deep

breath in as you exhale bring yourself

back into this body into your

body and into this room this massive

room with all of these


sisters and check in check in with how


feel so that’s visualization just

dipping our toes into it you can also

work it from the outside in how many of

you have ever heard of power poses

anybody he of power

poses a few of you so I’m glad to bring

this to you cuz this is just in two

minutes 2 minutes you can work your your

body and your brain will respond to the

way you hold your body so here’s a

low power pose you’re waiting up for an

interview they’re taking too long so

you’re squirreling through your phone

and you’re all closed in like this when

you’re like this in this position you’re

signaling your body and your body U

regulates cortisol cortisol is

correlated with stress as opposed to

there’s a few high power poses it’s this

right coming through the Finish Line in

a race Victory and then there’s the

Wonder Woman power pose this one I like

cuz you could get away with doing this

without looking too crazy right before

your interview in a Lobby 2 minutes and

you upregulate testosterone and yes we

women make testosterone and it’s

correlated with strength and confidence

so what this researcher named Amy Cy

found is that 2 minutes of this before

going into an interview before pitching

your new business idea to some investors

before getting up in front of 40,000

amazing women to speak on

Stage IT signals your body that it’s go

time and it works so 2 minutes just want

to give you