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hallelujah i’ll praise you and


uh it’s time to eat anybody hungry

man doesn’t live off of bread alone but

by every word that proceeds out of the

mouth of god i’m excited to share

this word with you and i gotta tell you

i’ve got more


than i have plates

and so i want you to pray for me i

really want to i think this is probably

a series

that i want to begin but i also want to

be free in the spirit to do what god

wants to do as we prepare to step into

this new year

so i want you to pray in fact let’s pray


let me read the passage first

philippians chapter 3 and verse 20

and i’m reading this out of the king

james the old king james translation

and it says

for our conversation

is in heaven for our conversation is in


from whence also we look

for the savior

the lord jesus christ

let’s pray

father thank you so much for this

opportunity lord to eat

you said we don’t live by bread but we

live by the words that come out of your


god i thank you

for being called for being chosen lord

god there’s no greater

honor and privilege in life than to be

close to you

and so close in a way that i could


your voice and feel your heartbeat

and then in fact relay that to

your beloved creation who you are

absolutely radically in love with

and so i thank you for that god and

and i thank you for the spirit of wisdom

and revelation and insight and prophecy

and knowledge and

in all

access to the gifts of the spirit god

that i might

prepare a meal

that meets your sons and daughters where

they are those

hear those

via stream those all over the world

and so god let’s do this

and may we all be richer


more enlightened more brighter

we might look more like you

as a result of these moments we spend


and i pray these things in jesus name

amen amen god bless you you may be




this year i’m not going to

to prophesy

so much as i

am going to

really deal with what i believe we need

to do to survive in the moment that

we’re in

and i want to start this conversation

off with this thought and if you’re

taking notes i want you to write this

thought down

how you


in our new world is going to come down

to the quality of your conversations

say it again

how you thrive

in our new world

it’s going to come down

to the quality of your conversations now

i’ll tell you right now that’s a loaded

sentence it’s loaded first if you notice

that i didn’t refer to

a coming new world

i didn’t say that i i said how are you

going to thrive in our new world in our

new world i wasn’t talking about a

coming new world i was referencing the

new world that has already come

i’m not going to tell you that all of a


tonight at midnight and maybe midnight

wherever you are all of a sudden

something new is going to happen here is

the truth if you didn’t know this here

is the truth we are in the new

we’ve we’ve been in the new era and and

and so if we are

sitting around

waiting or even praying for things to

return to normal we’re not having the

right conversation

with god

and the right conversation

with ourselves

the title is this message is is higher


higher conversations

and i have a deep concern right now a

really deep concern

about the moment that we’re in and

believe it or not this concern is not


covet 19

it’s not about climate change right it’s

not about oppression or even violence

or injustice although dealing with those



extremely important

but that’s not

my greatest concern right now

my deep concern right now the deepest

concern that i currently have

has to do with the level of our

conversations as a society

because what i’ve learned

is that if you’re taking notes write

this down

your conversations

are the determinants

and the predictors

of your life and your future

it all comes down

to your conversations

your conversations

say so much about where you are

and where you’re headed

that it’s just it’s just a huge

huge thing that we all have to pay

attention to our conversations



and falls

by our conversations

oh hallelujah

our conversations with ourselves

our conversations with god

and our conversations

with others

and my concern is

that right now

we’re not having the right conversations

our conversations are surrounding


not realizing that we are in fact the


can i talk about conversations just for

a moment because this this has been

heavy on me i’ve been praying i’ve been

god what do you want me to talk what

like what what’s happening and i feel

like there’s a disconnect

between the moment that we’re in and the

conversations that we’re having in

culture and society right now

conversations is how things move

conversations are how things get done

when i was thinking about conversations

it dawned on me that the first humans

that were ever created

were established in victory and dominion

by their conversation with god

in the very garden

the son the daughter of god were

established by a conversation

god said this is you

this is the world this is what you have

the power to do

and they said yes sir amen

and they were established

and then i thought further about

conversations and then i thought about

they lost that victory

and they lost that dominion by a

conversation that they had with the


so conversations shift things it all

comes down

to what you’re talking about

can i take my time and and teach a

little bit today

then i thought about creation itself and

i thought about god and god even

produced creation through a conversation

god said let there be

and the spirit that was hovering over

the face of the waters produced what he


and then scripturally it says that all

things were created by jesus so so the

god so god was in the conversation with

the godhead to create the heavens and

the earth and everything that we have

come to know

and understand



by conversation

are you tracking with me and so

i’m concerned

because i don’t think that our


and the conversations that we typically

have the conversations that are

happening at the highest places of our

society i’m not convinced that those

conversations are at the level

of the state

and the stage

that our world is currently in

oh i wish i could teach preach this

thing the way i see it

i i don’t feel like we’re our

conversation is high enough

and i love what paul talks about in that

text he says he says our conversation

is in heaven and that word heaven is an

interesting word because it really is

not speaking to a place it can figure

figuratively refer to a place but we’re

talking about that word literally means

to rise or elevate it and so paul is


in the midst of a time where he is

worried about what people are talking

about and who people are listening to he

is saying our conversation is elevated

oh god

because your conversations will not only

determine your attitude it will

determine your altitude i feel it

there’s some people that i can’t even

connect with because their conversation

is too low

i love you this is not a judgment but i

can’t make room for you in time for you

because your conversation which is is is


an indicator of who you are and what

you’re about and what’s important is too

low and i love you and god bless you i’m

praying for you but if your conversation

doesn’t elevate

then we can’t connect i feel the spirit

of god

can’t take my time

and so

and so i’m concerned that that

that’s why we’re having this

conversation this is a conversation i’m

like we’re having a conversation

that’s why this conversation is so


it’s because i’m concerned

that we’re not talking high enough

i’m concerned that we’re not thinking

high enough we have a symptom we’re

talking about symptoms we’re arguing

about symptoms

when god has created us to be the cure

oh god help me today

i love that we’re talking about climate


and i love that that that we’re trying

to reduce our carbon footprint and all

those things

but but all we’re doing at best is

slowing something down

that’s inevitable yes be a good steward


yes drive electric if you can i got an

electric motorcycle hey


that’s all wonderful

but that’s not a cure it is just slowing


the inevitable so we’re wrapped up in


and if our conversation is simply

lamenting symptoms

and not trying to talk to god about god


you have called me

to not survive symptoms

but to be a cure

to everything that is wrong

see that’s a different conversation with


if it’s god just getting me through

you’re having your conversation with god

it’s too low

god what have you placed in me


that is not just patching up


in culture

it’s the difference between charity and



is just kind of serving and patching up

things and whatever right right charity

is giving the fish

philanthropy is teaching you how to fish


so when i understand this i have a

higher conversation with god i’m asking

god god who am i

oh god i feel it can’t take my time here

see your conversation with god will

determine who you become in god

what a is god just god getting me

through i get that we have moments give

me to understand that but that can’t be

your whole conversation with god because

if you recognize if you really

understand something god’s going to get

you through

that’s already settled there’s something

in matthew chapter 6 where he talks

about your heavenly father already knows

what you need in that crazy on the one

hand god says pray on the other hand he

says but i already know what you need

so is he contradicting himself no he’s

saying talk right to me


the conversation

i believe

that i am more than what i’m


oh hallelujah i wish i had two or three

people who believe that god created you

to be more than what you are

experiencing and your life is about


every single day towards the more that

you are that you haven’t become yet and

as i mentioned earlier i believe that a

lot of things that that we went through

this year the past two years in the

season was trying to manifest the more

that we are so we can do what we’re

called to do are you tracking with me


what needs to change about your

conversation with god hey ludder there’s

something in there’s something in psalm

where god says psalm 2 and 8 i believe

and god says ask of me and i will give

you the nations for your inheritance

it’s crazy

in other words there’s some things that

god can’t give us because we’re not

asking him on the level of his ability

ask of me

and i’ll give you the nations i feel the

spirit i feel like god wants to stretch

some people in here right now i really

do i feel like god is trying to pull

something out of you because as romans 8

says all of creation

is eagerly waiting for the come on

the revealing

of you

but you’re talking about the symptoms

and you’re lamenting over the symptoms

not you but people you know you’re

you’re having meetings over the symptoms

you’re posting posting social media

posts about the symptoms and god is

saying you are the cure and so so i’m

concerned i’m concerned i got to get

back on track



that our best the best conversations in

our society are still symptom-based


now here’s what i know about symptoms

and here’s what i believe about symptoms

the symptoms

are designed to let us know

where we are in the divine timeline of

our world

oh god

not to be obsessed over

that’s probably something you can write

down the symptoms

are designed to let us know

the things what i mean by symptoms the

things that are going on in the world

that are cray-cray

this is not about a pandemic watch this

this is about kingdoms failing


this is this is about

everything that is not god made

but ultimately is man-made

taking watch this it’s natural course

to become nothing because at the end of

the day the only thing that is going to


is too spiritual for you

the only thing that’s going to last the

only thing that’s going to be


is what god spoke

it started with what god spoke

and it will end with what god spoke

i am

alpha and omega

i am the beginning

and i’m the end i’m the first and i’m

the last

nothing gets around god you remember

that song

too high to get over

y’all supposed to say yeah yeah

too low to get under come on yeah yeah

i’m stuck it now

he’s too high to get over

he’s too wide to get around

it started with god it will end with god

and everything that can be shaken

will be shaken

are you tracking with me so the symptoms

are proving

that everything that’s not god is


i love one of my favorite passages of


and it should be most people’s favorite

pastor says

john 3 16. is this for god so loved the

world that he gave his only begotten son

that whosoever believes in him will not

perish but have everlasting life perish

in there is not a punishment

he’s not saying he see here’s what he’s

not saying for god so loved the world


if you don’t believe in him you’re going

to perish

i’m going to punish you with perishing

but if you believe in him you ever no

that’s not that’s not that’s not the

spirit of it at all he is just

acknowledging the fact that that is


that the the the there is a a pull

the the normal pull

towards society and even a human life

is down to perishing


and the moment that we start living we

start perishing

the moment that the baby is born she or

he is just as much alive or as just as

much living as they are dying because

they’re drawing near their death date

how crazy is that my little girl my

baby’s five years old

and she’s alive and she’s got life to

live but there’s a clock

and she’s moving towards something so in

john 3 16 when god says for god so loves

the world for god so loved the world

that he gave his only begotten son

whoever believes in him will not perish

he’s talking about a disruption

of a natural phenomenon


the rescue of a punishment

are you tracking with me so the symptoms

are confirming

that heaven and earth will pass away

but not one jot one not one iota out of

what i said

and so

and so

these symptoms

are just confirming the truth about god

and we want listen we can’t pray a

pandemic away can i talk to you like

this for us it’s not encouraging maybe

i’ll get to encourage you in just a


you can’t pray

a pandemic away

if the pandemic is there

to shake

us to authenticity

you can’t rebuke god

you know what i mean i’ll find you devil

in the neighborhood just go pandemic go

go go go go it’s still here

so then watch this my conversation about

it changes

i have to change listen all of us i’ll

try to pray it away

i bind that in jesus name then i

realized it

it wasn’t working

i got to switch up my conversation

any good worthwhile conversation

has a lot to do with inquiry

if you’re in a relationship come on you

can talk about conversation i mean i

guess i’ll just slide in a little


the most important part

in conversation if you want to have a

real quality conversation is not you


it’s you listening and even more

important than you listening it is the

questions that you ask

oh i wish i could help two or three


it’s the questions that you ask

if you’re just talking and talking and

talking and talking and talking and

talking and talking that’s not that’s

not a conversation

i don’t even know what that is annoying

and conversations are powerful because

they are designed watched as a

conversation con that’s with a


is designed to bring two people together

to produce something that they could not

produce in their own places of opinion

oh god help me today

god needs us to

he needs us to ask him the right

question watch this so he can release

the right answer

there are things that god wants to say

to you that he can’t say to you until

you are postured in such a way by the

question you ask

are you tracking with me

so so so when the pandemic hit at first

i was trying to rebuke it all that kind

of stuff and then i realized two things

one it wasn’t going nowhere

and then two if i’m honest i started

getting better because of it

now i don’t say that to be insensitive

or anything like that but i just you got

to be honest like when i when i had that

surgery on my arm a few years ago i

hated it it was terrible oh it was just

the worst thing to be in the house

without the mobility of my dominant arm

in pain

out for six weeks

but if i was honest i became a better


my priority shifted

so two things happened one it wasn’t

going anywhere and i noticed i started

becoming better and i’m honest and it

was ugly and it was fire there was a

fire and it was burning but but but it

was producing a better me

so my conversation changed

my conversation with god

i could talk a lot about conversations

and i think i i am but even i just run

this alongside because we’re still on

self-help right now

even your conversation with yourself

what part of your self-talk

needs to improve in 2022

what are you saying to you

what do you say to you when you take a

selfie the 99 times you take it before

you get the one that you like what did

you say to yourself

about yourself

you’re like you’re meddling now pastor

you’re meddling just keep it general you

don’t have to be in my living room

no no no no no no

we sometimes

are horrible to ourselves

i’m i’m guilty of it

you know

holiday come around

and i go down south you know what i mean

you know how we eat in the south come on


and i take a picture here’s the craziest

thing so i was watching we posted a

video of me preaching you know and it

was a powerful point that i was making

was powerful and all i could see

and i got mad at me

and that was another version of me and i

got mad at me

and i missed the entire message the

message didn’t mean anything because of

the conversation

that i was having with myself what

are we missing


the conversation that we’re having with

ourselves needs to improve we’re going

to talk more about that but i’m going

somewhere i’m more so i’m going to learn

playing i think that i think that’s why

this is a series because i believe that

that everything is going to rise in your


as your conversations with god with

yourself and with others wise i got to

move down this road over here

and so so these symptoms they’re

designed to let us know

where we are the divine timeline of

things and so the question is

what are these symptoms telling us and

as i mentioned before i think the

symptoms of the things that are taking

place today

are proven to us

that jesus wasn’t lying

when he says in matthew chapter 24 when

he talks about that they’re going to be

wars and rumors of war and pestilence


famine and all these sort of things and

he says that this is going to be



the end times

the last days and listen there’s so much

argument and debate over the last days

oh in the last days oh he’s not the last

days all he’s gonna say here let me just

settle all that for you right now right

they’re your last days

whether they are the last days

at the end of the day for all of us they

are our last days

you tracking with me we don’t get any

more days beyond the days that we have

so we are in our last days which means

that we have to do what we’re supposed

to do

that’s what all this is saying

all this stuff that’s happening wars

rumors of war man it’s right there

and my concern is i don’t know if we in


desire to inspire you have equipped you


for the times that we’re in

it’s one thing to preach about the end

times it’s another thing to be living in

the end times

oh it’s too deep for you

it’s so cool when you talk about it when

you preach about what paul said and all

them said and you know in the last days

you know the children gonna be

disobedient to parents you know this is

going to happen that’s going to happen

and all these other things that people

are going to be ungrateful and the love

of many is going to grow cold in other

words and nation will rise against a

nation what is that that’s called for


nation against nation that’s genocide

that’s all these sort of things it’s all

happening right now

and i’m not convinced family

that we have really truly prepared you

because we’ve been so excited about

inspiring you

about the plans that god has for you and

they are good and all that is wonderful

but i want you to have inspiration and i

also want you to be a bad mamma jam in

the spirit

can i talk to you like that

i want you to be inspired i want you to

build your business i want you to build

your brand i want you to build your

company i want you to produce your music

i want you to start whatever company you

want to start i want you to rise to the

top of your street i want you to do all

that i want you to have family i want

you to have babies i want you to go and

travel the world and all that kind of

stuff but i want you while you’re doing

that to have an eye on what’s going on

to have a sensitivity to what’s taking

place i want you to be able to rebuke

the devil i want you to be able to lay

hands on the sick and somebody recover i

want you to be able to prophesy i want

you to have all of it

because you’re going to need it

i don’t want you to be prosperous

and not prophetic


i don’t want you to be rich and not


i don’t want you to be

to have peace but not power

and the beautiful thing about christ is

you can have it all

i don’t want you to be shaking see if i

give you peace and not power when the

trouble comes you’re not gonna know what

to do

you’re gonna turn away from the lord

because god if you were god and if you

were truly in my life this trouble

wouldn’t be in my life but i recognize

that i serve a god who knows how to make

trouble work together for your good are

you hearing the words that are coming

out of my mouth

i know i serve a god

who is a master with fire

he’s called the potter

and potters use fire

to produce in fact

it can’t be

what it’s supposed to be

until it goes through the fire

that’s why i’m talking to you like this

i want you to have it all

here i want you to be blessed

yeah i want you to fall in love


you know me


selfies with your boo

relationship goals hey i want you to


yes all that

i want you to experience

fine dining and

romance and i want you to go to italy

because i just was there i want you to

go to venice and i want you to i want

you to be in the gondola staring at your

lover in the eyes and talking about how

much you love each other and why i want

you to have all of that

and some money too

but the truth is

i’d rather you be broke


if all that would keep you

from the things that we’re talking about


and my job

as your pastor

is to make certain

that you’re having the right


are you tracking with me

oh god i got to quit but there are a

couple things i want to run by you real


the first is this

these symptoms are revealing to us the

stage that we’re in i told you this

stage we’re in we’re in the final

stretch of this thing called the world

climate change i believe in it i believe

in glo i believe in all that kind of

stuff but doesn’t mean i can stop it

can i reduce it can i slow it down maybe

and should i just be a good steward

because god gave me the earth absolutely

but i don’t think i can stop it

not my lifetime

i think it’s all a part of this thing

moving out the way

the bible says it

that all of creation is eagerly waiting

for the revealing

of the children of god and it says the

creation itself is going to be delivered

when we get delivered

that’s what i mean by us being the cure

not the symptom but it has to do with

who we become and who we become has to

do with the questions that we’re asking

and so these symptoms

are revealing to us the stage that we’re

in and the stage that we’re in

ought to drive our conversations

and so what should let me answer the

question what should

our conversations

in this season be


what should we be talking to god about

what should we be talking ourselves

about and what should we be talking to

others about in this season four things

four things

that will bring us i believe into

the higher conversation

the first thing is faith

got to talk faith

we don’t want to talk faith but faith

right now is explaining what’s happening

in the world

it just is

jesus talked about it we’re in it

i’m blown away when i read stuff like

matthew 24 when i go back over into

daniel in the old testament and daniel

was talking about how knowledge is going

to increase

and he’s describing all these things

and then he talks about how how those

who who know their god will be wise

they’re going to shine dan you talked

about this jesus talked about this you

got to start having conversations around

faith you can’t be afraid of your faith

i’m not saying you got to beat people up

but faith is explaining faith is

answering some of the questions that

everything that’s happening in our world

is posing

and so our conversation should be about


what about faith specifically i’m

talking about your relationship with god

i believe that god wants to take your

relationship to another level and you

can’t have relationship without


i really want you to begin to ask god

who am i

i really want you to begin to test your


test the limits of who you are i feel

the spirit of god i want to pray and

break something down but i want you to

begin to test your limits because

oftentimes we are stuck beneath our

potential and beneath our identity and

you ought to always be pushing up

against who you think you are

oh god i feel right there you got to

always be pushing up against what you

think your capability is

you ought to always be your life and as

it relates to what you can accomplish

you ought to always be pushing up

against it because your potential is

always in front of where you are and

your relationship with god driven by

your conversations with god

i believe will be an important tool an

important discipline in staying in that

place where you’re pushing back i feel

that god’s getting ready to expand some

of you

increase some of you i can hear god

saying enlarge the place of your

dwelling spread out your tests something

is getting ready to happen it is your

time the back everything that’s

happening right now is the backdrop of

your becoming

i’m gonna say that again

everything that is happening right now

is the backdrop of your becoming that’s

why you can’t get depressed that’s why

you can’t get weary in your well doing

that’s why you got to keep fighting

that’s why you got to regulate the

conversation that you have with you

don’t let you say anything negative

about you and your life

fight it fight back against it find the

positive in it push back against it

because it doesn’t serve you

negative thinking doesn’t even unlock

the creative part of your brain

it puts you in the fight or flight

part of your brain

and the fight or flight part of your

brain is not the innovative and creative

part of your brain it is the primitive

part of your brain brain

so scientifically negativity doesn’t

give you the ability to expand

and i want you to pay attention to the

conversation that you have with yourself

and i want you to pay attention with the


that you connect with because in those


language is created

that’s why you go in some places

everybody talking the same way

in fact that word that was translated in

that text it says for our conversation

is in heaven the root word of that

hebrew word literally is community

because who you commune with will

determine your conversation and your

language so you have to watch that and

protect that only how things are you

tracking with me


i’m talking about

where your conversations ought to be

faith to



you manage and invest time

your time

your talents

your opportunities and your treasure

talk about it

one of the things that i’ve learned is

that things don’t just happen you got to

be strategic about stuff

you have to see yourself you have to see

your life as stewardship

so when you’re putting things on your


is this the best investment of my time

my talents my resources and my

opportunities you got to have a

stewardship mentality this is a series

we’ll continue on next week


what conversations you need to have

conversations about your impact

the impact of your life your faith your

stewardship your life’s impact this is a

a diligent quest

to maximize your potential

this is about stretching right i want to


the greatest impact that my life can


right so so so um so i’m stretching

i i’m collaborating

who am i supposed to link up with

because two is better than one

so oftentimes my potential the fullness

of my potential and the fullness of my

impact has to do with what’s in somebody


and i have to get over my trust issues

hello somebody because i have them i’ll

be honest with you i have to get over my

trust issues and i have to get


and i have to be willing to get naked a

little bit because one of the things

that i’ve learned about relationships is

the more naked you are the more naked

they’ll be

and y’all don’t take that and

do nothing

ungodly with it

let me just make it the more vulnerable

you are see we want vulnerability from

others but we won’t be vulnerable

and i’ve learned like if i only see you

giving 50 i’m only going to get 50

because i don’t know what’s behind the

other 50 that you’re withholding from me

and so to have the impact you have to

have collaboration and collaboration

necessitates vulnerability i’m talking

about stretching the impact has to do

with you stepping out when you’re called

to step out

right there’s some moves that i’m making

right now so that i can have a greater

impact because i need to have listen my

life has to hit

are you tracking with me you’re not just

here to live you’re here to hit

you only got one life to live you gotta


you know what i mean you got to have a

killer instinct about your potential

right that’s that kairos moment when you

see a door you got a boom you got to hit

that door are you tracking with me where

are my hungry people at in god’s house

i’m not playing with my impact i’m not

here to hit all soft punch your back

stuff i’m trying to knock something out

watch this i’m trying to knock something

into the next generation

that’s how your punches ought to be

your punches ought to be so hard that it

shakes three generations after you where

are my legacy people

i’m trying to knock something out not

i’m trying to knock out the giant of my



it’s about my impact so i’m having high

level conversations about how i can have

the greatest impact with my life

jesus knocked it out of the park

he didn’t let anything stop him they

were trying to stop him and jesus like

don’t you know i must be about my

father’s business

and watch this and when his internal

conversation went down father would be

your will let this pass from me all of a

sudden he snapped out of it

and he kept going

even his conversation with himself and

his god got a little funny on the cross

remember my god my god why have you

forsaken me he started calling him god

and he had been calling him father his

whole ministry

and then in that moment of difficult he

called him god his conversation shifted

but before he got off that cross he went

right back to father father into your

hands i commit my spirit he shifted his


are you tracking with me

your impact

conversations around faith conversations

around stewardship conversations around

impact and conversations around legacy

and when i say legacy i’m talking about

building something

that will remain and continue to live



and expand

after you leave

these all the conversations


that we need to be having

oh god i feel the spirit of god

if you’re watching via live stream right


you can get

the fullness of this message later

but i’m going to go a little further so

i love you god bless you tune in again

we’re going to keep it going tune in


we’re going to keep it going

and i’m going to finish this thought

i’m pretty much

done with this installment i think i

want to move forward talk more about

conversations in the series that we’ll

be doing

but my heart more than anything family

is to get us to be having the right


and not to let


pull us down into conversations you can

only produce at the level of your


that’s it

only iron sharpens iron

only iron sharpens iron

and so i want us to pay attention

to how we’re conversing with god

to how we’re conversing with ourselves

and how we’re conversing with others and

i want us to to pay attention to focus

on these four areas of conversation

your faith

your relationship with god dig deep get

it because everything nothing moves

outside of your relationship with god

revelation comes from god

strategy comes from god innovation comes

from god all those things come

from god

stewardship i recognize that watch this

i am a limited resource

you are a limited resource

there’s only one of you

and you’ve only got so much time so much

life so much ability so much opportunity

i’m limited which means that i have to

go into a stewardship


i am an investor of the limited resource

that i am when you know that a resource

is limited what do you do you spend it


okay wait this could run out

okay so let me no you start saying no to

stuff in my book balance i cannot wait

for you to read it in april

one of my favorite chapters is called

the power of no

no is the most powerful word in your

vocabulary because it creates space

for the right yes

it creates space for divine yeses in

your lives are you tracking with me so i

need no you think you need yes no you

need no


i’m getting into the book

you ought to have a 90 to 10 percent

noted yes ratio in your life in other

words you ought to be saying no to 90 of

the things that come your way and only

yes to 10 of those things

because you are a specialized creation

you are not a smorgasbord you’re not a

free-for-all you’re not no you’re

special you’re specialized

and destiny people recognize the value

of their yes

and the only way to spin the value of

your yes

is to put that no out there

are you tracking with me


stewardship your impact

and your legacy and you know what all of

that equals


your purpose is comprised of your faith

your stewardship

your impact and your legacy and if you

can check

those boxes off through your

conversation with god your conversation

with yourself in the conversation with

the people that you allow yourself to be

in conversation with

then you can say amen

to your own life

come on stand with me i want to pray for

you you received that word today

you got it you got something

taken to this new year

it’s all going to come down

to your conversations

be careful

i want you to be thinking about this is


i want you to be thinking about

how you’re going to talk to god how are

you going to upgrade your conversations

with god how have you been talking to

god and what are the areas of growth in

your relationship with god in your

conversation with god test them out you

won’t offend god he said asking me and

i’ll give you the nations

how are you talking to yourself you talk

well to yourself

when you look in the mirror what do you


when you make a mistake

do you come down on yourself too

and how are you communing with others

are you allowing

the right people in

and are you posturing yourself in such a


that relationships can become


that ultimately

will produce co-creations that you need

i sense that for some of you

some of you need you need somebody

to become you

i wish i could say that better

somebody has the key to you and them

and you say i don’t need nobody all i

need no yes you do

because sometimes god puts keys that

unlock you and others

and others

and that’s why you got to get past your

trust issues

and you got to get to vulnerability i

want to pray for you

father we thank you so much god for this

time together with your sons and

daughters we love you you’re so good and

god we are pursuing higher conversations

we realize lord that nothing has taken

you off guard

you’re just trying to get us to

to talk better

to commune better

to converse better to have higher

conversations and i pray

that through the things that you’ve said

and what you’re doing in the lives of

your sons and daughters god you would

elevate us

and we would talk right to you

to ourselves and to others i love you

i thank you for this message

i thank you god that it’s gonna do

what you sent it to do

i thank you for this coming year

hallelujah thank you for victory and

breakthrough i thank you for the fruit

even as a result of this time together

in the lives of your sons and daughters

we’re better we’ve been tried by the


of god as we step into 2022


we do so

with excitement

with enthusiasm

you taught us in 2020 and 2021 that the

year the fire might come and it might

get real hot

but it won’t consume us

that’s what you were telling moses when

you called him and the burning bush was

burning but it was not burning at the

same time

so god if that be the case

if the fire can’t burn us

then we’re gonna let it cause us to be

like rockets

and take off and become everything that

you’ve called us to be

so we thank you

we praise you for all that you’re gonna


in 2022

in jesus name

amen amen may the lord god bless you

may he keep you may he make his face to

shine upon you and be gracious towards

you may you have an awesome 20 22 happy

new year god bless you we love you we

thank god for your happy new year god

bless you