Service Date: 05.31.18 8PM

greetings family pastor Toure here I’m

excited about this message that you’re

getting ready to watch I’m also excited

about the countless lives that are being

changed by wholeness winning in life

from the inside out in fact I want you

to watch this short testimony is gonna

bless you

and then that message will be right

after it when the book of wholeness

launched I was an assistant of

brokenness heart and disappointments

that Sunday pastor preached about the

book and I was enthusiastic and

intrigued to find out what the book was

all about just when the first reading of

the chapters I was able to get in touch

with my emotions face my fears and

insecurities there’s this part that says

being made whole requires an authentic

encounter with your heart I was able to

get into that and ever wait why am I

feeling they were I’m feeling from that

moment I was able to get him to this

tonight to find out who is really the

person inside me and the book of

wholeness of me discover that and my

only aim is continue being full and

whole in my everyday living I encourage

you to get the book it’s real




thank you lord

family while we’re standing lasers go

straight into the work we’re gonna be

looking at two scriptures but we’re

gonna start with second Corinthians and

the second Corinthians chapter 10 and I

believe is verse from verse three two

five four it says for though we walk in

the flesh we do not war according to the

flesh for the weapons of our warfare are

not carnal but mighty in God for pulling

down strongholds casting down arguments

and every high thing that exalts itself

against the knowledge of God bringing

every thought into captivity to the

obedience of Christ and I want us to

look at another passage into the life of

a man named Jacob in Genesis so it says

and he arose that night and took his two

wives and two female servants and his

eleven sons and crossed over the fourth

of July he took them he took them sent

them over the brook and sent over what

he had then Jacob was left alone and a

man wrestled with him until the breaking

of day now when he saw that he did not

prevail against him he touched the

socket of his hip and the socket of

Jacob’s hip was out of joint as he

wrestled with him and he said let me go

for the day breaks but he Jacob said I

will not let you go unless you bless me

so he said to him what is your name and

he said Jacob and he said your name

shall no longer be called Jacob but

Israel for you have struggled with God

and with men and have prevailed then

Jacob Acts saying tell me your name I

pray and he said why is it that you ask

about my name and he blessed him their

father God we thank you for this word

lorig and I thank you that it would not

be my words but it’s your words that

will come out of my mouth I thank you

Lord God that without you I can do

nothing I can say nothing so Laurie God

as this message goes forth speak to your

people uniquely holy spirit have your

way reveal on to them things that are

very unique to them Lord God moving this

service like no other thank you Jesus we

submit to your leadership we submit to

your authority moving this house Holy

Spirit in Jesus name Amen amen amen

so today we’re gonna be talking on the

on the message of identity and what I

love about what is gonna happen today

I’m really excited about you know the

prayer because God is gonna do something

so powerful in your lives and in your

mind you see in the beginning we read a

passage that talked about that the our

weapons are not carnal but mighty in God

for the pulling down of strongholds

casting arguments everything was so

connected to the mind and I believe that

the enemy can only have an advantage

over you when you don’t know who you are

and so when we as we transition and

we’re going to look into the life of

Jacob you see Jacob he had the name

Jacob based on when he was born him and

his twin brother his twin brother Esau

came out first and as he was coming out

he was holding the heel of the you know

the heel of his brother’s you know his

leg his heel and in that time it was

almost like a figure of speech that if

that went to grasp a heel of another is

to deceive because it’s almost like a

way to get ahead of them through

deceitful means but you see when Jacob

did that he was a baby

it was something he did in ignorance he

didn’t have any I’m sure he doesn’t even

know what figure of speech meant he has

no clue that that symbolized something

what he did in his ignorance followed

him through his adult life he started I

mean not only did he

because now knowing that the name as he

got older obviously his name meant

someone who would deceive and so it

followed him and then we see how if you

read the scriptures there’s a part where

he deceives his brother into I mean

honestly he he was just really smart but

you could look at it again as he

deceived the brother into the brothers

selling him his birthright there was a

lot about his life from the people

outside of him his father-in-law was one

who also deceived him his children moved

in deception something that started from

a place of ignorance followed him

through his adult life and as I was

reading this and I was like Lord what is

this message that you have for your


you see family who God is calling you to

be the only way the enemy can attack

that plan and that word that God will

release in your life is to build

strongholds from the moment even before

you were born there was an agenda about

the things that would become you see

strongholds for me I look at strongholds

as opinions that have been established

when you experienced the same thing over

and over again that is it’s not just

that you think that I might just being

rejected but then you feel like there’s

something about you that keeps you you

almost identify yourself to rejection

when it’s upcycled because a stronghold

is like a fortress it’s something that

has been built it’s something that has

been established and so the places in

your life where you feel like I keep

going through the same cycle could it be

that that is actually the enemy’s agenda

to build a stronghold against you that

you would identify yourself as something

you’re not

you see Jacob it’s interesting not only

him his children his uncle everything

cuz his father-in-law

everything connected to him intimately

they followed this this deception family

I believe that today God is going to

uproot the strongholds that have been

established in your mind about yourself

that is against the knowledge of God

concerning you you see because when

Jacob encounters this angel first of all


Jacob is running while he’s not running

he’s going to meet his brother after he

had deceived his brother and taking the

brothers birthright then he deceived the

father into blessing him him and his

mother came together and connive the

plan the mother too was a bit deceptive

and it came together and connive this

plan that he should you know he should

wear like basically because his brother

was very hairy and they put like goat

skin on him so that it would also be

that you know he was hairy and his

father was losing his sight and so he

goes and prepares food for the father

it’s this whole plan I encourage you to

read it in your spare time maybe tonight

but it’s this whole plan that they kunai

for the father to bless him but legally

because Esau had sold the birthright out

of his ignorance and out of his out of

despising what the Lord had a Dane for

him as the firstborn son legally heaven

could accept the blessing that was given

to Jacob and so all that aside when this

happens Esau is is you know and raised

at his brother and Esau had a plan he

swore to himself that he was gonna kill

Jacob so Jacob and the mother again they

can I have this planned

Jakub you need to run and go to my

brother’s place and then find a wife and

do all this stuff

so Jacob leaves and goes to Laban where

he finds his wife and he marries

actually he might as you know two


was a bad man so there’s a point where

Jacob is returning home but returning

home there is a fear of Esau because

he’s like if I come back home my brother

has sworn to kill me and there was a

little fear that he had that maybe my

brother would not just attack me but

he’s going to attack my wife and the

children so Jacob was in this place

where he was afraid and then the passage

talks about when it was when he was

alone now he’s wrestling with an angel

he’s wrestling with the Lord he’s

wrestling we don’t really know the

identity if this was the Lord Himself

that showed up if this was an angel of

the Lord that showed up but what we know

is that humanity is wrestling with

divinity and I believe that on two

different ways Jacob was wrestling it

was almost a picture of him wrestling

with himself he is wrestling with an

angel he’s wrestling with the Lord but

what the Lord represented I believe is

who Jacob had been called to be all

along you see family it is possible that

you could be in the place of your

purpose and still depressed you could be

in the place of your purpose and still

struggling with an identity that is not


because while Jacob was Jacob he had

given birth we see the whole essence of

his identity and his legacy who Israel

would become is the one who would carry

the 12 tribes of Israel the one where

our Lord Jesus the legacy he would come

from but you see the Lord Jesus came

from the tribe of Judah Judah had

already been born before this time Jacob

was already in his purpose

while still being a deceiver you can be

in the place that God has called you to

be and still battle with suicidal

thoughts you can know that God I just I

hear you I see who you’ve called me to

be but you’re still struggling with the

old you

there was a wrestle going on here and I

believe that what is taking place today

is that God is going to give you your

full identity because it’s one thing to

embrace you see the scripture talks

about you cannot put new wine into old

wineskin but it is possible but it just

it’s not going to be proper it is

possible to put new wine in old wineskin

it will not be successful but it’s

possible what is effective is new wine

in new wineskin but in order to do this

we must identify one of the strongholds

that I allow to exist at the same time

with the identity God has given me and

so when the passage says we have to cast

down every argument against the

knowledge of God because you can have

two identities in your mind at the same

time you can know that God you’ve called

me for something great and what’s

limiting you from maximizing your full

potential is this idea of what you have

been known to be it’s this idea that

perhaps as a child you are not called

beautiful and so rather than using the

platform to feed God’s people you’re

also using it to feed on the people you

are feeding on their validation today

today like what I said so there is a

limitation because in the agenda of God

is to put the needs of others before

your own but if you need the people to

affirm you you’re limited if you need to

feed on the

people you’re supposed to feed on the

progress is limited and so the enemy

might not be worried about you walking

in your purpose as long as you’re not

walking in the fullness of it Jacob was

already in his purpose but he still

struggled with this identity of being

one who deceives people there was this

wrestle with his humanity and his

divinity because they were both existing

at the same time and I believe that in

this time and in this in this hour God

is calling us to be all in but it’s not

just by the words that were saying you

see when Jacob acts the angel I’m not

gonna let you go until you bless me all

along in the beginning

Jacob received his name by holding on to

his brother and now he’s holding on to

God and in holding on to God he was not

asking for natural or material blessings

because he was already moving in

abundance he was saying god I need to

understand I need to know who I am

because he was about to face the

consequences of who Jacob was he was

about to face his brother and in facing

the consequences of this name that has

been a burden in his life he’s saying

God I need to know who I truly am I

don’t want to carry the weight of a

deceiver any longer has anyone ever been


you’re moving in what God has called you

to do but you find yourself stumbling in

the same place and the consequences of

your action is affecting your call

and so it’s hard because you’re like god

I don’t want to keep stumbling in the

place of my calling I want this thing to

be upright walk with

you Jesus but you feel that you’re

struggling there’s two personalities in

one and when the Lord says to him what

is your name you see he’s the

all-knowing God he’s not requiring he’s

not requesting information like he’s

asking for his social security number

anything like that he’s asking and in

that moment which I believe what the

Lord showed me that he’s gonna do for us

in this house when he said what is your

name it was almost like a flashback

moment of everything this name has

carried in your life the burden of this

name what is your name he says my name

is Jacob but he was not just trying to

inform the Lord of his name in him

acknowledging his name was to

acknowledge the weight of his past was

to acknowledge I am the one that has

done all these things but I’m coming

before you Lord because I need you to

heal it these strongholds these are the

things that keep replaying in my mind

that no matter how high you take me I

wonder what it lasts no matter what room

you take me into I wonder am i worthy of

the relationship am i worthy to be in

here is this really my place oh god are

you just playing with me and you see

what we don’t understand is that we

might be doing that from a place of

humility but when we are questioning our

expectation is reducing we’re not

expecting on the level that faith should

me that’s that and so while we’re doing

this in a false humility that we don’t

even realize it’s false we are actually

removing ourselves from the fullness of

what God is doing for us because if you

don’t see it properly you can’t engage

it properly if you don’t see what God is


front of you then you will always look

as the one who it’s almost like a pity a

self-pity if you don’t see the kind of

relationship God can give you you will

settle for things that is not him

if you don’t see the kind of position

that God can raise you up to you will

never speak up and all the while you’re

gonna be wrestling knowing that there is

something in me that is more there is

something in me that God you have

something more for me but I’m wrestling

with this identity that says this is all

I will ever receive because when I look

at my childhood there is evidence to

show that this is all I have ever

received then it becomes a stronghold

when the Lord says to him that your name

is now Israel what he’s revealing you

see what is interesting first of all is

unlike when God changed the name of

Abraham to Abraham when it was changed

to Abraham no longer was he known as

Abraham but when Jacobs name was changed

to Israel he was still known as Jacob

actually when the Lord encountered Moses

many years later he he reveals himself

to Moses as the God of Abraham Isaac and

Jacob even though he changed his name to

Israel you see there are name changes

that is not for people

there are name changes that is for you

there is an identity that God would give

you that it doesn’t change the fact that

you may encounter the same circumstances

you encountered in the past what God was

doing in that moment it was an

impartation moment he was imparted in

Jacob the ability to be all that God

knows him to be he was important in


Jakub I am giving you the strength

against this history of yours I am

giving you the strength to conquer your

past that even though people may call

you the same name it has no power over

you any longer God still identified him

as Jacob even though he said your name

is now Israel when God is speaking when

God starts imparting and I believe

that’s what’s gonna happen today and for

those watching that God is gonna impart

in you the strength and the ability to

be all that he says you are he’s going

to remind you of his word that cancels

out what you have experienced in your

life because your experience is limited

and your experience argues with God’s

knowledge he’s gonna cancel out the

strongholds when he’s revealing a new

name sometimes it’s not for you to go to

the DMV to get a name change but it’s

for you to know who you really are it’s

for you to know that I can walk in the

room and speak up you see I believe that

the reason God had me speak this message

is because we’re gonna we’re shifting

into God is gonna begin to release your

spiritual identity your spiritual

offices who he’s called you to be in the

spirit realm and in order to be fully to

fully move in that office and to fully

move in the identity that God has called

you to for the reason he’s giving you a

platform in the natural for you to

moving that in confidence and in

boldness is not to be divided in

yourself it’s not to be divided that God

how can I be this person that represents

you on this level because we’re going

into a realm where it’s not that the

goal is not for you to receive a Grammy

and just say Lord I just want to give

you the glory and you go back to your

life as scheduled

it’s a place where your every essence

every room you enter people know oh this

is a child of God it’s not gonna be a

thing for a moment it’s gonna be your

lifestyle so move in the power of the

kingdom of heaven and in order to do

that you cannot be divided in yourself

no matter the experiences you had no

matter what you were exposed to in

ignorance you see a lot of the things

that we dabbled into as children or even

in our teenagers it was out of ignorance

and what started from a place of

ignorance now became a stronghold

because it opened a pathway for the

enemy to say oh let’s use this against

them they have no clue what they’re

doing but we can use this and create

something even stronger the reason I’m

not even using too many examples is

because I believe that the Holy Spirit

is even bringing things to your mind the

places that you have found yourself in

and you’re like God I might steal this

person while I’m the person that you’ve

called me to be and the Lord is saying

I’m going to impart in you the strength

and the ability to be all I have called

you to be no longer would you be divided

within yourself no longer would you

wander connect if I if I go to the event

am I gonna be the person I used to be

you’re gonna have the strength to

overcome you see there is this phrase

that people like to use it’s called

taming your demons but that is a very

reckless phrase because you cannot tame

a lion eventually he will wake up and my

eat the owner and it’s happened on

Discovery Channel

you might be playing with him

Oh kitty he is not a cat he’s not gonna

meow on you and smile he’s gonna eat you

if you come too close you cannot tame a

demon you have to cast it out because

you cannot use natural strength to

conquer what is spiritual the things

that have been a cycle and it’s like God

you see there is something called

familiar spirits and what familiar

spirits are when you see a when you look

at a family line when you look at the

line edge of David for example David

opened the doorway into you know all

kinds of sexual immorality he was

looking at women taking showers

Bathsheba got her killed her husband did

all kinds of crazy things she got


then the Lord killed the child I mean

not because God is good but he was

killing the roots of what came from a

place that you see there when God is

trying to eradicate something he’s going

to eradicate it from the roots

but you see that opened that opened a

door because when you look at David’s

children there was all kinds of just I

mean then you look at Solomon he had

like a thousand wives I’m like bruh can

you see all of them in the same year but

what was moving in him was not just that

he had a natural affection it was

something different

what familiar spirits are is what these

are these are spirits obviously they

have an agenda from the enemy to enforce

a habit and a partying in a life in a

family line and so you have traits that

oh someone’s grandfather was an


the father is an alcoholic the son is an

alcoholic I’m like come on now being an

alcoholic cannot pass in the DNA you see

in the line age that the the grandmother

was sexually molested the granddaughter

was sexually molested and the grandchild

is I mean you have just this pattern

that has taken place because what

familiar spirits do is that they see an

opening and they try to enforce a

pattern and so if you look at it from

the natural and you look at it as oh I

just gotta tame this demon you’re gonna

open the same door in the life of your

children and so when we recognize

patterns why we pray and we say god we

cancel every generational curse because

we have to use our words to declare it

cancelled I remember there was the

morning that the Lord woke me up and he

said to me plead the blood of Jesus over

your family name I was so confused

I said that sounds weird you want me to

just say I play the blood of Jesus over

the ek family I said God what does that

mean and then he said not only that he

said that commit the name under the line

egde of God that this name belongs to

God I was so confused I said God what

are we talking about and when he

revealed it to me he said you are giving

the name under my covering so that

whatever has followed the family

it will not come into your generation

when there are open doors when the Lord

starts to impart that you know what this

thing in your life that you feel that

even though I want to be this person

that God has called me to be there was

this thing that I feel has followed me

all my life

there is something that just keeps

haunting me and not only would the Lord

break it but he’s gonna impart in you

the ability to be all that he knows and

all not well because all that he knows

happens in time but all that he has

revealed to you in this time you see

there was a passage in the Book of

Isaiah it’s an Isaiah

I believe it’s 43 17 and it says that no

weapon formed against me no weapon

formed against you shall prosper this is

the Lord speaking and he said and every

tongue that rises against you you shall

condemn what is powerful about this is

because when the Lord brings you to a

position that he has done his part he

says I’m going to impart in you the

strength to overcome what has been

keeping you bound now you see words a

lot of our issues that that we carried a

lot of the things that open doors for

brokenness in our lives were really

formed a lot of them are formed by words

spoken against us and a lot of them were

actually as a result of the absence of

words you see when we look at the

beginning of creation it was in chaos

and if God never spoke a word it would

have remained in chaos and when we find

our lives in a mess or as kids or as

teenagers were exposed to things that we

don’t understand if there is no word

spoken to affirm us and so build us what

we’re seen in the generation today is an

absence of words in the lives of

many young people and then for some it

was the use of words that were against

you words the Lord Jesus says that the

words that I speak to you are spirit and

they are life but you see he was

speaking from the Holy Spirit but then

when the word is spoken from a different

spirit these are words that are death

these are words that hide who you really


so when the Lord says when I have raised

you up when I have fought the battle

that has been challenging you when I

have given you the weapons to up to

bring down every stronghold that has

been against you now you are in the

battlefield because now every tongue

that rises against you the power is in

you to condemn and what does this mean

family impartation is not just something

that happens one and done you must

cultivate it when God has done something

in your life that he’s gonna do today

you have to be mindful of the words that

you use against yourself because when

the Lord says every tongue that rises

against you you have the ability to

condemn not agree a lot of the times

while we find ourselves in in places

where we get defensive is when someone

says a negative word while we get like

because first of all if someone calls me

something I don’t believe I am I’m not

gonna fight you because it don’t make


right if I’m if I’m defensive then it

reveals that you have said something

that I’m hiding about myself if you call

me insecure and I believe I am I’m

defensive because I’m wondering God did

they see that in me did they notice this

issue that I’ve been trying to hide if

I’m drinking you know something and

someone says well you’re an alcoholic if

I’m not I’m like you know you just


but if I think that I’m struggling with

it then I’ll get defensive like now you

don’t know what I’ve been through girl I

did all the Triple A meetings I’m good

you know and what happens is Healing is

a process in your spirit it happens but

in your soul it’s a process and so even

though the Lord is saying I’m imparting

in you the ability to overcome

everything that has stood against who

I’ve called you to be you have to make

the discipline not to agree with words

that still come against you because when

the Lord said your name is now Israel he

was still known as Jacob you will still

be in the same situations and

circumstances that were similar to what

had been coming against you but this

time you cannot stand in agreement with

it you have to discipline yourself that

even if even when you feel that way

the scripture says let the weak say that

I am strong it is not that a God wants

you to lie or something like that or God

doesn’t want you to be honest with

yourself but your soul is still catching

up to what has been what has taken place

in your spirit so when God says no even

if you feel weak what you don’t realize

that you’re actually strong and so when

you’re weak say that I am strong because

the deal has been done in the spirit and

that is why that is why it says the just

shall walk by faith because you don’t

need to feel it to know it and your

words your words he says every word that

rises against you you are the one that’s

gonna condemn it you cannot let it in

your mind because I’ve already destroyed

the strongholds so what you’re doing is

giving the enemy legal access back in

you because if the words that I speak

are alive and I begin to agree with what

is against me what I’m doing all over

again is to open another portal I’m

opening another door a doorway that

the enemy can say oh did you hear that

oh we need to catch that word we need to

attach a spirit to that word and send it

back to that person then all of a sudden

it feels like the weight against you is

getting stronger and stronger

because there was a word that you had

spoken against your own self you have to

be careful about what you speak about

yourself you have to be careful about

what you speak about your situations you

have to be careful about this what you

speak about your circumstances because

in the very same circumstance you go

through there is the hand of God in it

and there’s the hand of the enemy it

depends on your perception the story of

job it was God’s hand and the enemy’s

hand but ultimately it was for jobs good

the enemy is a father of lies there is

nothing about what he presents that

would ever be true so you have to be


this is warfare so I got my camera

clothes on but you cannot go into a

battle without a plan you cannot go into

a battle to say well you know man later

see what happens you know what that’s

death right ladies you see no should we

carry guns or knives I don’t know yeah

it’s not it’s not smart right so if

you’re going into a battle you have to

be intentional about your fights you

have to be intentional God is calling

you to yourself he’s calling you to all

that you are it’s not gonna change the

situations and the circumstances that

have made you feel depressed in the past

it’s not gonna change the situations and

circumstances that maybe have provoked

lusting you it’s not gonna change the

environments but it will change the you

that reacts to it your name is Israel

yet he’s still known as Jacob because

this is something that has to be in here

it’s something that you must realize

this is my identity this the name Jacob

the meaning no longer has power over me

because the Lord now has power over me

you see when the Lord even said to Moses

I am the God of Abraham I am the god of

Isaac and the God of Jacob he’s speaking

to a man who is also questioning his

ability to move for God and he’s

reminding him about the story of Jacob

it doesn’t matter what you’ve done it

doesn’t matter your limitations if you

submit that to me I can use that to

glorify my name what we’re going to do

tonight is to submit everything that has

been limiting us and we are going to

receive by faith the importation of God

required that that that reveals our

identity we’re going to receive tonight

God’s impartation that says I am who God

says I am I can do what God says I can

do we’re not gonna walk around any

longer with the weight of the past the

weight of because all of it served a

purpose we just need to see it properly

we just need to see it right the mat the

truth of the matter is that Esau didn’t

even I mean for him to give away his

birth right now the birthright it’s

really it’s tied to how do I explain it

the birthright signifies the blessings

of the firstborn son but its blessings

that God he he respects the words of the

father towards the child it’s things

that it’s it’s it’s even more spiritual

than it is natural and for Esau so give

it away for some food I mean it was

maybe like shrimp and grits or something

but he gave it away the Bible talks

about for some still he even think the

scripture talks about how Esau despised

it Jacob saw value in it so although he

was a deceiver oh that was what he had

been known for he saw he was going after

what he saw as valuable he was actually

protecting what God had ordained in that

line egde we can look at it and say man

Jacob deceived his brother but he saw

value where Esau despised it he

treasured what Esau looked as trash

I would rather trust my blessing with

someone who can treasure it so even

though we could look at the negative I

still see the light of God in it and I

believe that is why the hand of God had

been on him all along everything you’ve

been through it’s just about looking at

it differently perhaps it was in your

pain and in your brokenness that you can

now connect to the people God is calling

you to perhaps it wasn’t your experience

that you can now understand the people

you speak to the people God draws to you

you cannot look at it with regrets

perhaps in understanding what it means

to walk in ignorance you value what it

means to walk in wisdom you cannot look

at it with regrets

perhaps in in the wrong relationship you

knew how to desire the right thing I

believe that if a step connects its

progress if the step that I was in that

led me to a place that was you know what

just let’s not talk about it if it led

me to the place that I’m proud to say

God you met me here that’s progress

because it connected you’re here because

the steps connected so you have to look

at it differently what led Jake up to

the place that he that the name Israel

is revealed to him was the same thing

that he might have despised about

himself being this person that is just

one who deceives that’s all I’m known

for this is what has been following me

but it connected to the place he


God for himself if it connects its

progress God is gonna do a new thing in

your mind because the battle is for your

mind as a man thinketh so is he it

doesn’t matter what God reveals to you

if you don’t think like it you cannot be

it and if your mind is divided you will

not move in the fullness of that

identity God revealed to Jacob the

fullness of who he truly is

Jacob you are Prince Jacob all of you

would come the 12 tribes of Israel

Jacob out of you a common nation Jacob

out of you our Lord Jesus will come

forth through this legacy Jacob all

along you have already been in purpose

I’m just showing you how to finish this

thing strong how to not finish it in

weakness how to not finish it because if

if you live your life as one who did if

you don’t see yourself properly then

what are you living for your children

what are you what foundation are you

building for them what doors are you

opening for them to walk through family

rise with me thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus

thank you lord

I want us to take a moment every head

bowed every eye closed this is a moment

between you and the Lord I believe even

now that the Lord is gonna take you

through a journey every eye closed God

is speaking and he’s gonna meet you

every single individual but I want you

to focus on what God is doing in your

life right now even those watching just

a moment with your eyes closed God is

gonna it’s almost gonna be a flashback

do it Holy Spirit everything that has

stood against you that it felt like it

came from you the words that were spoken

to you some you are called the black

sheep of the family and even though it

was said in a joke its midi p– the lord

is saying that’s not who you are

daughter that’s not who you are my son

for some it was said that you will never

make anything of your life

and these were words that came from

those that were put to take care of you


holy spirits speak to them some you have

carried this weight that you will never

be loved by a parent individual you

carry this weight that you question

would you ever be married and because of

that you have allowed people to to make

you even feel less valuable giving

yourself to people not worthy of who you

truly are

the Lord says you are my treasure and I

will not give what I count as valuable

to someone who would despise it

thank you Jesus for some it was the

experiences you were exposed to that

communicated a message that you will

never get past the seven points you

didn’t see your parents you didn’t see

anyone that in your environment in your

community do the things that God has put

in your heart and as a result you keep

questioning can I be the one to do this


there are a few people here and some

watching thank you Jesus you feel

unworthy Wow

to be a mother and there’s some that you

feel unworthy to be a father and it was

connected to an abortion and you carry

this weight of feeling unworthy and the

Lord said I told you even when I knew

what would happen I factored in a plan

don’t look at it from that angle look at

it that I am a god that makes everything

works together for your good and I

called you worthy I call you worthy let

go of the weights the struggle in being

a mother a wife a husband a father is

from carrying the weight because there’s

there’s someone I see you even now and

it’s like every time you look at your

child there is this guilt of how could I

do this when I see the beauty in my

child but the Lord said I already

factored everything let it go so you can

be all I have called you to be you see

when God says I am the God of Jacob it

was about a testimony that despite him

being a deceiver he is the one who can

overcome what he had been through that

God is the God who who orchestrates

testimonies in your lives now you don’t

have to feel guilt when you share your

story because you’re sharing a story

that get boast that gives glory to the

Father to say this is where God pulled

me from

it’s not supposed to be a weight it’s

supposed to be a launching pad to say

that this is where God took me from and

this is what he’s doing in my life so he

can do the same in your life let it go


you are who God says you are

father god I thank you that even in this

moment there is important taking place

that you’re imparting strength in your

people you’re imparting the fullness of

what you have already revealed to them

Lord got every stronghold every

imagination that is against the

knowledge of who you are in their lives

the knowledge of what you have revealed

to them Lord God we cast it down now in

the name of Jesus you are not a god that

takes glory in us feeling down you are

the lifter of our heads the Lord is

lifting your head what has kept you in a

place of guilt and shame the Lord says

my daughter my son that is not who you

are I know your father wasn’t around I

know your mother wasn’t around but it

doesn’t limit who I’ve called you to be

I know they may not have taught you the

things that you desired and I know it

exposed you to things and where there

was an absence of words when no words

were spoken to form and to shape you I

released my word and I called you my

child I’m calling you into the family of

the kingdom of God what else do you

desire when your father is the maker of

all things

everything submits to him he is your

Shepherd so you shall not want


Holy Spirit take them through a

flashback and reveal to them where your

hand was all the time that you were

there with them always and reverse every

stronghold that has been built against

them and positions strongholds of who

God you say they are

may they be a stronghold of your

identity in your mind that you would be

unshaken about what God says about you

thank you Jesus you are calling them to

themselves Lord for the work that you

have called them to they will not feel

divided they would not feel separated

they would not feel as though they’re

unworthy because that is an attack

against their expectation and against

their hope you are worthy so you can go

in the room with your head high

you can go and whatever God positions

you you know that you belong there thank

you Jesus


we’re gonna take a moment and the Holy

Spirit is just gonna have this way thank


thank you


there’s some of you God is even giving

your business a new identity he’s given

you a brand a new identity

thank you lord


seal it father sealing father


there’s someone that you had struggled

with who God has called you to because

that you had a past of stripping and

there were words that were spoken to you

as one who didn’t value their own body

as one who didn’t value their selves but

the Lord is showing me you that even in

that place of of stripping you learned

how to have conversations with people

that people would run away from our

people with judge you learn to see

underneath the surface that even in that

place he he raised you and and in the

gift of discernment because that you are

not someone that even in that place to

not feel the ways that could can I tell

people my past and be who God has called

me to be and he said absolutely because

your past exposed you to understanding

who people truly are behind what they do

and God says you are worthy that you are

worthy of the call thank you Jesus

everything that God is revealing to each

and every one of you now know that his

hand has always been with you

his hand was always with Jacob even in

the midst of the mess his hand was with

Jacob thank you Jesus thank you Lord we

are gonna be one with who God says we

are we’re gonna be one we’re not going

to agree with what people say against us

we’re gonna condemn it when a war comes

against you I can so that in the name of

Jesus whether you say it whether you

think it but you cannot stand in

agreement with it and you cannot feel

guilty because they’re they’re speaking

about something that you were familiar

with in your past you said you know what

that is not me I have overcome what that

person used to be and now this is my

testimony of what God has done with

someone that came from there to here


thank you Lord father God we worship you

we thank you heavily father for you have

met us here Lord God we received by

faith the impartation of who of all that

you have revealed us to be lorica we

will not be bound by the past but it

would be a record of your faithfulness


thank you Jesus thank you Lord have your

way in your children the power behind

what had kept them bound is broken they

will go back it doesn’t matter if you’ve

sent them back to the same environment

to the same circumstance but it would be

a different than that surfaces Lord God

we thank you this is the year of

becoming and we are becoming all that

you have called us to thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus who we are is filled in

you Father God even as we are here and

those watching everything that has been

seeking after the lives of your children

every generational curse Lord we cancel

it now in the name of Jesus and we

release the blessings of Abraham we

release the blessings from generations

in the name of Jesus Lord God we receive

the blessings and we cast away the

curses in the name of Jesus Lord God

everyone that is listening everyone

tuning in father God we submit our name

our family name on to the kingdom of

heaven father God we belong to you we

are named by you and the power that had

taken out those before us will not find

us but we would grow and strengthen in

your glory have your way with us Lord

Jesus have your way with us Lord Jesus

this is a room full of Trailblazers this

is a room full of change agents

and we’re gonna walk with courage and

with boldness in packs that have never

been walked before because you are with

us God and with you we can do all things

in Jesus name Amen

thank you lord


thank you Jesus