Frustrated with the negatives you see in your life? Think you can’t possibly have a bright future because of a shameful past? God’s superabounding grace can turn it all around! Find hope again, as Joseph Prince shows you biblical examples of how God’s great grace forgives, restores and turns your shame into glory. See why your past need not determine your future and how Jesus’ strength is perfected in your weakness when you receive His amazing grace. Believe right about God’s over-supplying grace in the midst of your challenges and unleash His power and victory to turn every negative situation around!

but am i right believing yet today are

you with me so the Apostle Paul says God

said to him the Lord said to him my

grace is sufficient for you for my

strength strangers

Dunamis miracle-working power is made

perfect in weakness and the word make

perfect is show itself most effective in

your weakness

God’s power show itself most effective

in your strength in your weakness are

you with me alright do you remember in

school we all do biology or science

class and then we all learn electricity

and all that okay

I got a technical class whatever you

like positive positive no power negative

negative also no power right positive

negative sorry sorry sorry sorry

alby’s come out I’m all shook up it’s

all out in Jesus name and praise God so

I’m really just people I just met about

that all right

it’s a weird casting out religious

spirits okay anyway negative negative

negative positive positive no result

positive and negative power the light

comes on God super abounding

disproportionate grace it’s positive God

is positive we are negative the

cromnibus is that we are negative God’s

grace is positive we try to be positive

when we come to God all right to get his

positive and then when we try to be

positive and get God’s positive there’s

no power but when we say God I don’t

know how to pray for this person

negative but I’m it’s all yours Lord

positive bang that’s power God does not

want you listening carefully anything

positive thinking um very much about the

fact that who you are many of us don’t

realize many of us are trying to become

positive we are trying to have strength

that we don’t have so we don’t have it

which pretend we have it some years ago

God spoke to me in the Lord said to me


I hate hypocrisy I said I noticed that

Lord when I read the scriptures I

noticed then of all the things that you

rebuke publicly even adultery even

prostitution he never rebuked openly but

when it came to hypocrisy he rebuked

openly woe to you scribes and Pharisees

he rebuked openly I said why Lord why do

you such strong language because

sometimes when I push the people you

know about your love and they bring this

point up I need a good answer Misun the

reason I hate hypocrisy is because I

love those hypocrites see I don’t

understand Lord and the Lord said this

to me

what is hypocrisy I said pretending to

be what you are not you are this you

pretend to this this you put your best

foot forward alright now if you put your

best foot forward and the Lord loves you

when you are pretending to be best you

will never really feel loved and

whenever you are normal you come back to

this again you don’t think God loves you

in your negative are you listening and

that’s why the woman of Canaan

asking Jesus for a miracle she was a

Canaanite and non-jews a non Jewish girl

yet she pretended to be a Jewish girl

and the law was quiet demon answer her

finally she fell back to a position of a

Gentile Lord even the dogs eat the

crumbs that form the losses greatest

your faith he wants to come into your

gutter and love you there so that you

really feel loved and we really feel

loved for who you are that’s when its

power is able to take you out

kappa from the gotham austria up a nose

are you listening

i was so touched when the Lord said to

me I don’t want people to pretend to be

what they are not but to come to me as

they are even the tell me ID lord I

don’t love you as much as I should not I

would love to hear them that’s a no

problem I’ll be your love Lord you know

that has to got a bad temper problem


loss is no problem I’ll be your strength

but we pretend to be what we are not and

then when we are pretending we think

that God is loving us we don’t feel

loved you’ve got a few love where you

are you have power to become what God

wants you to become the governor’s they

become plus and then I will love you but

never they because it’s in your negative

I love you now if you believe that your

power to plus are you with me Church do

you understand so far what’s going on

here alright what Paul is saying

therefore most gladly our rather boast

in my infirmities that the power of

Christ made tabernacle over me and that

was Paul knew when he was weak let me

show you other examples of weakness the

next verse therefore pauses I take

pleasure it is guys vertical I take

pleasure in infirmities in weaknesses in

reproaches insults how many of you

people install yourself thank you

now the power of Christ is all over me

thank you any more in sultanim none of

us think that way Jesus taught us that

when men speak evil of you leap for joy

you ready for someone an amount leap for


the Sermon on the Mount in the account

of the Gospel of Luke say it’s leap for

joy for great is your reward in heaven

when someone insults you that’s the time

you are in a position of weakness

this when God’s grace defend you all

this becomes avenues for God’s grace to