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Joshua’s story and Moses’s story are


different when Moses came to the Red Sea

y’all remember this all he had to do was

stretch out his rod and what happened

the waters rolled all the way back they

parted and they just got up out of his

way and what did he do he conveniently

walked over on dry ground and all of the

people saw Israel’s Road close back up

and become Egypt’s grave they all saw

that however when his successor

Joshua came to the Jordan it didn’t

happen that easy for him in fact Joshua

had to walk into the overflowing current

of the Jordan Joshua had to walk into

the middle of a situation that looked

like it was not going to budge it looks

as if it is not going to move it looks

like it’s it’s not going to change it

looks as if it could just overwhelm me

and swallow me up and it wasn’t until he

was in the process that his Miracle

finally occurred I don’t know who I came

to tell this to tonight but somebody

under the sound of my voice needs to

know that your Miracle is going to come

as you get in


W get it I came to tell somebody that if

you’re ever going to get from God what

you are believing for you have no longer

can sit on the edge of fear and

adversity and trouble and be overwhelmed

by your situation you cannot just wait

for it to get out of your way you have

got to be fearless and relentless enough

to say I’m going to keep walking in the

name of Jesus and whatever is in front

of me God is going

to I dare you to hit your sister and

tell her keep walking keep


walking he

walked he walked into the middle of

Jordan he walked into the face of the

threat he walked into what could have

overwhelmed him and swallowed him up but

as he

moved the Bible said that the Jordan

began to move I want you to look at

somebody and say if you

move it’ll

move W I don’t know if they heard you if


move whatever has been standing up in

your face telling you it would be that

way forever that you would never be

anything that your mama was never

anything that your daddy was never

anything the devil is a liar wo As you


move woo y’all I can stop right there

because I just gave you a message I gave

you a message that said you can no

longer sit on the Dock of the Bay

watching the tide roll away but you

better do whatever you got to too you

can’t sit there crying about where you

came from and what you came through and

who was not there for you and who left

you and who you can’t sit there be

crying about your childhood about your

family about who left you where they

left you and why they left you and who

was not there for you I know you’ve been

disappointed and I know you feel like

people have failed you and violated and

broke broke you down and left you for

dead yes all of that is a part of your

story and it wasn’t right and it wasn’t

fair oh but I came to tell you you ain’t

got time to cry another day


about reckon it

dead y’all didn’t hear me I said reckon


dead for as they walked

toward and through the

Jordan and as they put their feet in it

the Bible said that the Jordan began to

roll back

now I don’t know about anybody else but

when I read about the Jordan began to

roll back that that was like personal to

me because I am a worshipper and so many

times when you see me worship you got to

know it’s not just because God is

Awesome sometimes I’m worshiping because

of the stuff that he

just if he’s ever moved anything out of

your life holler and give him


it rolled out of his way things that I

couldn’t move things that I couldn’t

change things that I couldn’t get any

traction in things that blocked me

things that tried to stop me things that

were too heavy for me too hard for me

too impossible for me and sometimes it

was just in the



W sometimes it was

scary sometimes I

cried sometimes I

prayed sometimes I just had to

stretch by

faith sometimes my feet got dirty and

see that’s what’s wrong with so many

people today not y’all but so many any

other people they want a blessing but

they don’t want to walk toward it by

faith they don’t want to be

inconvenience they don’t want to be

stretched look at your neighbor and say

you need something in your life to


for yeah you need something to reach

for I’m depressed but I thank God that I

do have something that I’m reaching for

I get discouraged but I do have my eyes

on a prize I’m broken but I’m reaching

I’ve hit the bottom but I’m reaching

tell your sister I dare you to

reach reach with your purpose reach with

your worship reach with your praise

reach and having done all to stand


woo I’m stretching and I’m standing I’m

standing and I’m stretching and look at

somebody and tell them you can expect me



stand you you can

expect me to stand why because I’m

evolving I’m stronger today than I was

yesterday I’ll be stronger going home

than I was when I came here so expect me

to stand expect I know I might look

timid and I might look quiet and I might

look shy but I’m going to tell you if

you push me hard enough if you back me

up far enough I will turn into somebody

that you didn’t even know was inside of

me and I will come out fighting and I’ll

come out

soon y’all going punch the


expect expect me to punch my way out of

it as a matter of fact you can expect me

to do like RBA did when they took her

sons and they hung them up in the

Gallows and they made them pay for their

father’s sin she had to watch them die

she could not do anything about their

fate but risper decided I’ll tell you

what I will do I couldn’t stop their

fate but I could stop every buzzard and

every vulture that’s trying to beat and

eat up the dead bodies of my babies and

she walked on the rock

back and forth tired but she did it for

6 months and every time the flapping of

the vulture’s Wings could be heard she

would get something in her

hand I dare you to get something in your

hand get off of my

children get off of my

babies get off of my

Sons devil you’re a


liar you got to have something of your

own that in the time of trouble when you

can’t reach a prayer partner you can lay

hands on


yourself and say

live and not die I’ll turn my house into

a church house I’ll turn my car into a


house I’ll lay

hands on any and


everything so you can expect me to fight

but you can also expect me to live and


die you can expect me to win and not

lose to succeed and not fail to conquer

and not be conquered expect me to rise

and not fall expect me to get results to

pull down strongholds to break

generational curses and having done all

to stand hit your sister and tell them

expect me

to and if you think

that I’m just going to crawl in a cave


die you have lost your mind if you think

I’m going to throw in the towel and

surrender you have grossly

underestimated what I have in God

because I will come out fighting and

Swinging against everything that’s tried

to hold me back and hold me down and

defeat me and depress me and discourage

me every disease that tried to take me

out every memory that tried to

manipulate me


oh nobody told

me at the

road but I don’t for one

minute believe that he brought me


that and it brought me through that

that and that and that just to leave me

hit somebody and tell them expect me to

fight I came to tell somebody wake up

the warrior that’s inside of you get her

out of sleep


mode Shake Yourself and say wake up I

and give you permission to go into sleep

mode you have got to fight you have got

to encourage


and lay hands on yourself

and take a risk

and cuz you’re running out of time I set

you’re running out


tell your sister you better

fight tell your other sister you better

fight pray and fight cry and

fight rejoice and fight because hell

will take everything you got if you let



I feel the Holy Ghost

empowering somebody in this


room sit down I need I need 10 minutes

and I’m going to get out of your way


when when they

got into

Jordan when they got to a particular

place the Bible said when they got to

the place where their




firm woo

that means when they got to a stable

place not a vacillating place not a

place where you stagger count on me

today but we can’t find you

tomorrow when they got to a

solid unmoving

unwavering tried oh y’all don’t know

what I’m talking about when I see

a tried

place in

God why because it’s only after you

suffered a while that he will

uh that he will establish you where are

my Bible

Saints only after you’ve been through

enough he

will look at somebody tell them I ain’t

moving I ain’t moving you hear me I


moving I ain’t

moving something

things a lot of people just can’t get

because they’ve never really

established their walk with God see when

you’re unstable and inconsistent and

you’re shaken you are disqualified from

a certain level of

blessings some blessings God can’t give

to you because you

quit too

easy and you give up just at the time he

was about to bless you and you you faint

too easy and and you get your feelings

hurt too easy and you cry too easy can I

tell you that the kingdom of God and

Kingdom Business is not for the faint of

heart sometimes you got to mark your

spot and say okay devil this is where I

stand I ain’t moving I ain’t stopping I

ain’t shaking I ain’t shifting I ain’t

rocking I ain’t rolling and though he

slay me yet


will cuz I know in whom I have believed

and I am

persuaded that he is



you can’t keep quitting all of your life

you can’t we keep fainting all I know

it’s none of y’all but I’m giving you

stuff so that you can take it out of

here and tell your person that you work

with girl you can’t quit all your life

you can’t faint all your life you can’t

be vacillating all of your life you

can’t take two steps forward and three

steps back after you walk with God a

while he will establish your

feet look at somebody and ask them what

are you standing

on after everything that you’ve been

through you ought to be able to look

back over your life and

identify things that you know that you

know that you know that it was nobody



you ought to be able to look back and

identify your Stones you ought to

remember when he was food on your table

when he helped you through the interview

when he helped you write the resume you

ought to look back and remember because

those are the stones that come up out of



stones come out of the situations that

you have stood through in life tears

rolling I’m not I’m not no let’s take it

further tears

shooting out of your eyes not even just

rolling down your talking about tears

shooting that’s where your stones come

from the

sicknesses that have you’ve been through

in your life the ones he healed you

from and the ones he didn’t heal you

from the

pressure the

weaknesses the

storms and yet in spite of it all you

got a yes in the basement of your