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Love delights to serve,
and to give.

Jesus wants to serve you!

Obviously they were all tired,

the disciples were all
waiting for one another.

Jesus, knowing that
the Father had given

all things into His hands,

He took a basin and a towel
and began to

wash the disciples’ feet.

He’s showing us in
the upper room,

the third heaven
what He is doing right now.

He’s washing your feet!

The washing here is

the washing of the
water with the Word.

The One who has
all power in His hands

is the One who has
all love in his heart.

Have you availed
yourself of this washing?

Hi, this is Joseph Prince.

I want to warmly welcome you

to this week’s
Gospel Partner episode.

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I pray that as you listen to
today’s sermon,

you’ll experience a
fresh and personal touch

from our Lord Jesus. God bless you!

Good morning, church.
Are you ready for some good news?

Praise the Lord!
We have some testimonies

that have come in from last Sunday’s time
of ministering, and I pray that these

testimonies will bless you and encourage you.
Right, the first testimony comes to us from a

sister from Switzerland, and she writes that, “I
had been suffering from shingles for some time.

I could feel the pain in my lower right abdomen,
near my hip all the way to the lower back.

According to the doctor, it would take at
least a month before my condition gets better.

On Sunday, the 14th of January, Pastor Prince
prayed over a condition of pain on the right

side around the waist and mentioned that the
person suffering from this condition hasn’t

been able to sit for long.
Praise the Lord!

As Pastor Prince prayed over the condition,
the pain in my body went away instantly.

Praise the Lord!

” Wonderful testimony from Switzerland.
And as she goes on to, , conclude by saying,

“Thank you for your ministry, Pastor Prince.
You’re truly a blessing to the world.

Your teachings have Set Me Free from a life of
condemnation, and we pray that she’ll be healed

of the shingles as well.

Praise the Lord!
” Next testimony is, , from a sister from

Singapore, and she writes that, “At the beginning
of this year, I began exercising, and after

jogging, I experienced pain in my right knee.
I wasn’t sure if I had Twisted it.

During the first service on the 14th of January
2024, Pastor Prince called out my condition,

and I claimed the healing for myself.
The following day, I went for a jog,

and my condition was completely healed.
Praise God!

That’s not all.
I could even jog 3 kilometers without stopping.

God has increased my strength.
Thank you, Jesus, for healing me

and Pastor Prince for calling out my condition.
Praise the Lord for healing this sister of a knee


Alright, next testimony is also
from a sister from Singapore.

She writes that, “I attended the 11:30 am.
service at New Creation Church

on the 14th of January 2024.
On that day, Pastor Prince prayed for

various conditions including knee pain.
I stood in faith for a friend who

was suffering from this condition,
but it did not occur to me to pray for my own KN,

so selfless, this sister, you know?
Wow, which had been giving

me pain for several years.
I could not carry out certain workouts,

and I would also have to take deep breaths
before I climbed the stairs due to the pain.

The next day, I went to pick my
daughter at her Student Care Center.

Along the way, I had to climb
a long flight of stairs.

However, to my surprise, I did
not feel any pain in my knees.

It suddenly dawned on me that my knees could have
been healed during the service the day before.

So, I tried to climb more stairs and did squats.
The next day, amazingly, there’s now no

more pain or cracking sound in my knees.
I’m so in awe of this miraculous healing.

Praise the Lord!

And I’m sure you all are aware that somehow
we’ve had quite a number of testimonies

pertaining to knee pain.
And you know why?

God is healing many people of their knee pain? So that they can walk up to the upper room.

Hallelujah, I need to walk up the flight of
stairs, you know, to the upper room, right?

The final testimony is a special one
is from a brother from Singapore,

and he writes that, “I used to suffer from a
heart condition known as mitral valve prolapse.

After years of monitoring and testing, the doctor
finally discharged me with a clean bill of health.

Despite this, I continued to undergo annual health
checkups, including electrocardiogram, also known

as ECG, , and as a precautionary measure.
On the 19th of October 2023, after a routine

stress ECG, I received a notification
from the National Heart Center indicating

the need for another heart test in a
few weeks’ time due to abnormalities.

This was unprecedented and raised
concerns about the possibility of

a deteriorating valve condition.
Despite feeling anxious, I chose

to believe God for health and wholeness.
During the Sunday service on the 22nd of

October 2023, Pastor Prince ministered
healing specifically addressing a heart

condition and using the term valve.
I knew it was God calling out for me.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I turned
to look at my wife, who was also tearing.

I immediately claimed my
healing and I shouted, ‘Amen!

‘ when Pastor Prince declared that we
would receive a new valve and a new heart.

Over the following two weeks, I held on to Pastor
Prince’s teachings, rejecting negative thoughts,

and reminding myself that I am already healed and
divine health is mine through Jesus’ sacrifice.

In November, I underwent the heart
test and was informed that I should

return for the results in 2 weeks’ time.
During the anxious wait, I would confess that I’m

a child of God and Jesus has already taken away
all my sickness and given me his Divine health.

I also found comfort in Pastor Prince’s
sermon on putting on the armor of God.

When the results were finally out, the doctor
told me that everything was fine and even said

that I have a strong, healthy heart.
All honor and glory to Jesus!

Praise the Lord for these wonderful testimonies.
And right now, church, let us welcome Pastor


Praise God!
Good morning, church.

Are you feeling good?
Now, that verse that the

Lord gave to us last week, that brother
used to learn the second language, right?

And , his mind became sharper.
Remember what the Lord said?

If you’re suffering from any , any sort
of mental decline or cognitive problems,

to confess these scriptures.
Do you all memorize it?

Okay, are you ready?
We’re going to quote it out loud.

We’re in the presence of the Lord,

and we are believing God to confirm it, to
confirm the word with signs and wonders,

that even your children and your spouse be say,
“Wow, how come you remember all these things and

you’re so forgetful?
” Right?

That would be the manifestation.
Are you ready?

Now I’m quoting mine from , the Old King James.
You feel free to quote from whatever version you

have memorized from.
Are you ready?

It’s from Psalms 92, let’s go: “The
righteous shall flourish like the palm tree;

he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Those that be planted in the house of the

Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.
In old age, they shall still bring forth fruit;

they shall be fat and flourishing to show
that the Lord is upright, he is my rock,

and there’s no unrighteousness in him.
” It’s getting softer towards the last part.

Okay, anyway, memorize that.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.
And I’ve said before, but you know what,

I just feel like we have probably a new audience
or whatever the Lord wants me to say this again:

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm trees.
” For no reason, it’s not for any reason that,

you know, God just says something and
likens it to this or likens it to that.

When God likens something, study it.
The palm tree can live for a long time,

and recently they experimented in Israel.

They experimented with a 2,000-year-old seed
date from the palm tree, and guess what?

It sprouted!
They call that

tree now, you can Google it, don’t do it now.
Alright, they call that tree “Methuselah tree”.

Okay, so when God says that you are
the Righteous, who is the righteous?

You, we are the righteousness of God in
Christ, that we are like the palm tree.

Guess what?

You’ll be around for a long time.
Claim it!

You know, there’s another verse in Isaiah that
says, “For as long, for as the days of a tree,

so are the days of my people.
” God is saying, not the

people of the world, my people.
“For as the days of the a tree,

so are the days of my people.
” We receive that, Lord,

in Jesus’ name, Amen!
How many receive that?

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

And all the people said, “Amen!
” Alright, John 13, The Upper Room.

I’d like to show you the video.
The video is available on YouTube now.

Alright, the year of living in the upper room.
Okay, please, watch the video because they put

in a lot of effort to make do the video.
Alright, at least they know that it’s well


Okay, you want to see the video?
No, the time has passed.

So, um, I’m aware of the time, and we want
to cover what the spirit wants us to look at,

nothing more, nothing less.

Where the Urim and the Thummim lights
up, okay, that’s where I want to preach.

So, John 13 is the beginning of the upper room.

Living in the upper room, upper room is the idea
there is it is not touching the ground, okay?

It is living in the heavenlies, praise the Lord!
And , last week we covered, we are seated

with Christ in the heavenlies.
I hope they’ve done that confession.

So, what is good for you to just say, “Father,
I thank you that I was crucified, was I was

crucified with Christ, your history in Christ,
God put you in Christ, happened at the cross.

The part of you that loves to sin, the
part of you that is estranged from God,

alienated from the life of God, that part of
you that causes you so much problem that you

inherited from Adam, all right, that part of
you was crucified with Christ at the cross.

So, I was crucified with Christ, I died with
Christ when he died, I was buried with Christ

when he was buried, I was raised with Christ when
he was raised, and I was made to sit together with

Christ in Heavenly places, right?
That’s the upper room, amen!

And then we have two attitudes, right?
Two attitudes when we are seated here.

The Bible says that in the ages to come,
he might show us the exceeding riches of

his kindness towards us, the riches of
his grace in his kindness towards us.

Okay, so show them that verse, Ephesians 2 again.
Notice together that in the ages to come,

he might show.
So there’s a show coming and he’s going to show

you what the riches of his grace in his kindness.
So what you look forward to and you don’t say what

that means, the ages to come means
the millennial rule and all that.

No, no, no, ages.
Notice the word plural, even this age from now on.

Look forward to the riches of his grace,
amen, being displayed in front of you.

Now, this is not a promise for the people of
the world, it’s a promise for God’s children.

And all the people said, “Amen!

” That in the ages to come, he might show.
I love it, the exceeding, he could have

said just riches of his grace, but the
exceeding riches of his grace and his

kindness towards us in Christ Jesus, amen.
So when Jesus brought his disciples to The

Upper Room, it was a large upper
room that can take 120 people.

And on the day of Pentecost, the Holy
Spirit came, the birthday of the church,

the Holy Spirit came poured out, right?
To show that Jesus, before that Jesus

ascended on Mount of Olives and went back bodily.
And the angel, there were two angels there,

which I believe for an occasion like this, it will
be Michael and Gabriel, all right, the archangels.

And they said to the disciples,
“Why are you looking up to the sky?

The same Jesus that you saw go up
will likewise say, likewise come back.

Come back!
Well likewise come back,

which means likewise means you saw him go
bodily, he will come back bodily, okay?

So there’s a lot of teachings nowadays, oh,
there’s no Rapture, oh, the coming of Jesus

is all figurative, it’s all, you know, IR,
you know, like up there spiritual, you know?

No, my friend, that is the devil not wanting
you, trying to rob you of the Blessed hope.

Listen to the word of the Angel, the same
Jesus that you saw go up will likewise bodily,

you saw him, what bodily?
He’ll come back bodily, amen!

So where is Jesus today, bodily?
I love the fact that once upon a

time this second person of the godhead, the son,
the son who love of the father, there was a time

he says, a body has thou prepared me.
You know, he was never a man before,

but he chose to be a man, he chose to have a body.
And you know that body that he has is forever,

just like the Hebrew servant, right?
After God gave the Ten Commandments,

the next chapter, it says about the
Hebrew servant, and if a Hebrew servant,

let’s say he’s supposed to serve, in those days
they have this kind of things, just have to

learn that in those days they have it, but then
God gave them a law, looking into the future,

when his son will set everyone free from slavery,
slavery is more than just physical slavery to men,

a deeper slavery is slavery to sin, slavery
to destruction, slavery to depression,

even today we have people who are slave to drugs,
there are people who are slave to the bottle,

there are people who are slaves to their own ego,
they cannot break it, they say I can stop anytime,

I can stop this addiction anytime, but they
cannot, so they are slaves to it, that thing that

crust that they smoke has now dominated them.
When God says in the very beginning, man is

supposed to have dominion over everything, even
over the grass, and now we got to have that smoke,

we got to have that bottle, we got to have that,
you know, my friend, Jesus came to set us free by

becoming a slave, so he was a slave, and when
it’s time for a slave, they can only have a

slave for seven years, but if the slave choose
to remain with the master, the master will,

will pierce his ear to say that he willingly
choose, instead of going free, he wants to stay

with his family here because he loves the master.
So that’s what Jesus, Jesus took the body,

and that body is forever, he says to the
father, I choose to be a man forever,

that I might set mankind free, amen,
and he was pierced and forever more.

Alright, you must understand that he is always
God, I don’t have to keep on saying that, okay,

you all know that, I know he is divine,
but he went up up as men, as one of us,

he went into the holy of holies and sat down as a
man, as a glorified man, just as he came down to

represent God to us, now he is there representing
us to God, as glorified men, as ascended man,

amen, and God’s prototype is there, alright,
for all of us, we are no more the sons of Adam.

Okay, listen, we are now in
the land of Narnia, alright?

Though we are here, alright?
The King, the Lion King, has died,

amen, but because of his death, because of
who he is, he’s destroyed death, hallelujah,

and he’s there as man, and our identity
now is not based on the son of Adam, okay?

You understand?
We can say things like,

“As a man, we have to accept this, have to
accept that,” but we are now sons of God, amen.

As he is, so are we in this world.
So Jesus told his disciples, “Go,

follow a man,” just the night before the Passover.

He says, “Go, follow a man who
has a picture of water,” okay?

And he’ll bring you to a house.
Usually, women are the ones,

so it’s a very unique thing, it’s a unique sign
they look out for in those days in Jerusalem.

The women will carry the water, or
man has other works to do, alright?

But women are the ones that are strong
women and all these women, right,

to have a wonderful, stately carriage,
alright, carry water on your head.

You see, you have a stately bearing, amen.
Oh, we are too easy because we are too busy

watching drama, bend down like that always,
then you wonder why you have neck pain.

And still, in spite of the fact you
have neck pain, Jesus still heals you.

But in those days, the women carry, you know,
don’t think they, you know, is suffering,

you know, because they really end
up with a stately carriage, amen.

And this time, the Lord says, “Follow the
man, a man who has a picture of water,

and he will bring you to a large upper room.
” So we’re here now, let’s follow.

Now before the Feast of the Passover,
when Jesus knew that his hour had come,

they are now in the upper room, that he
should depart from this world to the Father.

Having loved his own who were in
the world, he loved them to the end.

I love it.
I love the way the upper room opens up.

Having loved his own that were in the
world, hey, he’s talking about you.

He loved you to the end.
He loved you to the end.

This word “to the end,” “I
tellos,” is actually the word.

The best word in English is, in English, is he
loved them to the uttermost, to the uttermost.

And this upper room is a room of love.
And that upper room is a picture of Heaven,

yes, but the way it works out on Earth
is that it is the local church, okay?

The local church is God’s dream, you know?

You know, it was revealed to the Apostle Paul.
The Apostle Paul says this, assuming, by the way,

that you know, God gave me, Paul is writing.
Paul is saying, “God gave me the special

responsibility of extending his
grace to you Gentiles,” okay?

Just let you all know, okay?
All of you, unless there’s a Jew here,

you are all Gentiles, all right?
Now, strictly speaking,

you are now a Son of God, all right?
You came up from Gentile background,

anyone who’s a non-Jew is a Gentile.
When God looks down on Earth,

God Only See three groups of people: Jew, either
you’re a Jew or a Gentile, a non-Jew, okay?

Or the Church of God, made of Jew
and Gentile, one new man, okay?

Are you listening to what I’m saying?
But just to let you know that we all

started as Gentiles, we were saved as Gentiles,
and then we become part of the Church of God.

So, Paul is saying that God gave me the special
responsibility of extending his grace to you

Gentiles, as I briefly wrote earlier.
God himself revealed his

mysterious plan to me, okay?
God revealed his plan to Paul.

Now, that’s what I’m saying.
Paul has a, you know, Paul,

Paul has been honored with a special
Revelation that God chose him for this purpose.

He even calls the gospel of grace “my gospel.
” So, does that mean we don’t read, , John,

we don’t read, , Peter, we don’t
read, , the rest, Jude, and all that?

No, no, no, a thousand times on John
also, those are wonderful scriptures

for us today, for the church, amen.
But you must remember that there’s a

special Revelation given to the Apostle Paul,
that even Peter says many things he write had

to be understood, and part of it is like, how come
we are seated with Christ but I’m here now, amen?

So, it’s a spiritual position
which is more real than physical,

your spiritual can affect your physical, okay?
Don’t forget, long before you change,

a lot of people are trying to change the
physical, and that’s what the world has,

the world has not a choice.
Thank God for, , doctors and

medicines and all that, without that, you know, a
lot of Christian would not even live long enough

to learn about faith, okay?
But our source is God.

God may use doctors, God may use secondary
courses, all right, and, , God may use even

medicine, because who to say that God never
gave that first idea for that medicine,

that revelation of that medicine to a person
for the betterment of mankind’s ills, right?

So, I’m not saying, but you’re
putting your trust in medicine

alone without seeing God as a source.
If God leads you to do that, all right,

then it’s okay, but if you are depending
on medicine, you are self-medicating.

A lot of people are self-medicating
because they have the internet now,

and they search this, search that, search this,
search that, until they are so confused, amen?

No, no, go to the doctor and find out what is
the right thing, okay, for you to take, amen?

So, I believe in doctors, let me say this,
but it’s confined to what is natural.

With God, it is beyond the natural.
God is a spirit world.

In the spirit world, amen, the spirit world, God
is the spirit that created the natural world.

The natural world, you can touch and
feel all these things, you can touch

and feel your chair and all that, your
face was created by God, who is a spirit.

Whatever is palpable, whatever
is natural, is temporal.

Even this body is temporal.
One day, we’ll have a glorified body.

It is still matter that the spirit see.
The spirit body is still matter,

but it is forever.
What a victory over death!

I was telling the pastors again the other day.
I said, “What victory over death!

” Even the Book of Revelation says
that all those who died in the sea,

the sea—those who died in the sea—the sea
will give up the dead, and God summons them.

Think about it: you die in the sea.
All right?

If Mr.
JW don’t come, we don’t know who

else comes and takes pieces of you away, right?
If you think about it, wow, that’s terrible,

isn’t it?
You’re gone in Mr.

Jo St, and through his St,
it’s a horrible thought, right?

Now it’s all scattered everywhere.
Even you, you throw ashes into

the sea, it’s scattered, right?
But the victory of death is such

that God says in the Book of Revelation, He will
summon all the atoms of that man back into a body.

It’s a victory that Jesus conquered death
and rose again on the third day bodily.

We hail that.

We go back happy, man.
Amen, amen.

Praise the Lord!
I feel like saying, like Jesus said

to his disciples, “Blessed are your eyes, for they
see, and blessed are your ears, for they hear.

For many kings and VIPs wish to
hear and see what you see and hear,

and they cannot because you have the Holy Spirit.
You can only be understood by the Holy Spirit.

Those in the natural world, they only go by
their senses, the knowledge comely by the census.


Okay, so Paul has a special plan.
As briefly, um, God himself

revealed his mysterious plan to me.
As you read what I’ve written, you will understand

my insight into this plan regarding Christ.
God did not reveal it to previous generations.

God did not reveal it to previous generations;
he’s referring to the time of Elijah, all the

Old Testament prophets, and even all of them
did not know what God revealed to Paul, okay?

But now, say now by his Spirit, he has
revealed it to His Holy Apostles and Prophets.

And this is God’s plan: Both Gentiles and Jews
who believe the good news share equally in the

riches inherited by God’s children.
Both are part of the same body and

both enjoy the promise of blessings
because they belong to Christ Jesus.

This is the mystery.
And that’s why even the

disciples, they thought that when are you
going to restore the kingdom to Israel?

Their minds are all about Jewish.
It’s a Jewish mindset with the

nation of Israel being prominent.
They didn’t realize that Jesus came, okay?

Yes, primarily to the lordship of the House of
Israel, offering the kingdom, even saying the

kingdom is so near you, it’s at hand, amen?
But they rejected him.

So, in other words, there is a
2,000-year parenthesis now where

actually is a mystery of the church.
God is now not so much, all right,

focused on—now, I didn’t say God has substituted
Israel, no, it’s like a track, a um, a train on a

track when there’s a caboose for a while, you
know, they put a caboose to at a site which

will be used later on, okay?
But it’s not on the side.

God’s focus now is on the church,
and it’s been 2,000 years.

Now, is long the church, the grace, also
known as the grace age, the age of Grace.

Do you realize the age of Grace has
lasted longer than the age of the law?

The age of the law, from the time
God gave the Ten Commandments on

Mount Si until Jesus came, is 1,500 years.
The age of Grace, from Jesus’ resurrection all the

way until now, until now, it’s 2,000 years, yeah.
I suspect God is not willing that any should


God is waiting while the world is rebelling
against him, the world is blaspheming his name,

refuse to deny his existence, refuse his ways
and all that, he’s still waiting like a father

waiting for the prodigal son to come home.
He sees any sign of the sun across the Horizon,

he’s going to run towards the sun.
Amen, okay, by God’s grace and mighty

power have been given the privilege of
serving him by spreading this good news.

Now he says, though I’m the least

deserving of all God’s people, God graciously gave
me the privilege of telling the Gentiles about the

endless treasures available to them in Christ.
I was chosen to explain to everyone this

mysterious plan that God, the creator of all
things, had kept secret from the beginning.

Woo, can you digest that?
It was kept secret.

And what’s the secret?
Grace and the church.

The church is not a building.
It’s not the star.

It is not the Star Building.
It is made up of many membered body of Christ.

And God, God, you know, and the church
is placed higher than even Israel.

We are seated with Christ, and it’s a privilege of
every Jew and Gentile to acknowledge Jesus Christ

as Messiah and Lord and come into this body.
And what is God doing now, present tense?

He is wanting everyone to turn around
and put their faith in the Lord Jesus

Christ and be part of the body of Christ.
So you may have a lowly idea about the church,

okay, but God has the highest thoughts.
It was like for ages before, during the time

of the Old Test, alright, God was waiting.
“I’m going to reveal this one day.

I’m going to reveal this one day,” amen?
You have a big thing that you want to reveal.

You said that, “I want to reveal this,” and you
give hints here and there in the Old Testament,

like, for example, the longest
chapter in the book of Genesis.

You know what it is?
The longest chapter is Genesis 24.

In the Book of Genesis, Genesis 24.
What’s Genesis 24?

Genesis 22 is Abraham offered his son.
That is Jesus being offered by the father.

Imagine, God himself provided
a sin offering for us, right?

What Genesis 24, Abraham told his servant,
unnamed servant, “Go and find a bride for my son.

” Come on, come on, he’s not named
because he’s the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit does not call
attention to himself but to the son.

And they found who?
Rebecca, a type of the church,

is hidden there, even though it’s a mystery
in the Old Testament was hidden there, right?

And she must say yes to

the offer of becoming the Bride of Isaac.
And along the journey back, that long,

long journey back to Father Abraham, she
left her house, left everything, all right?

She stood, I mean, she wrote on the
camel, but there’ll be Candlelight nights.

And the Bible says she
brought her mates along, okay?

And Abraham’s servant wasn’t alone also, so there,
there are a lot of people, but those candlelight,

you’ll say, “I’ve never seen Isaac.
Can you please tell me more about him?

Is he handsome?
Is he kind?

And most of all, does he love God?
” And those nights, it’s like,

“Tell me the story of Jesus.
” That’s where we are now.

We are Rebecca.

God sent the Holy Spirit, and the Holy
Spirit doesn’t call attention to himself.

He calls attention to Jesus.
He’s here to reveal the glories of Jesus,

all the splendors of our Lord.

And we are the bride.
So now he’s telling us the beauty of Jesus.

He, we love him, having not seen him,
just like Rebecca having seen Isaac.

She fell in love with him along the journey.
And why is it the longest chapter?

Because God is still moving,
bringing forth a bride for his son.

You know, you just heard something that is worth
going to a Bible College for the entire thing.

You are seeing the purpose of God now.
So whatever we do, your career, your ministry,

your whatever you do in your life, it is all
a picture of this beautiful relationship,

this love relationship God is
calling us into the circle of love.

Long before there was man, the father loved the
son, the son loves the father, and the Holy Spirit

is there in the spirit of love.

And then God decided, out of love, to have man.
And then it’s a picture of God made man.

It’s a picture of husband and wife, man and woman.
And then it’s a picture of, in the book of

Ephesians, Jesus and the bride.
So when God made Adam and Eve,

he had in mind Jesus and his bride.
His bride is what made of the many-membered

body of Christ.

So you see, “Oh, you mean Jesus’ love for
us is like a husband’s love for his wife?

” No, no, no.
Husband’s love for

his wife is like Jesus’ love for us.
He is the first reason, you know,

why God made you a father.
You say, “Oh, Father’s Love,

thank you, Lord, heavenly father, I worship you.
” Until you have a child, then you realize you

love the child.
Right after he

soiled himself and you have to clean.
Your wife says, “I do it all, it’s your turn now.

” Ever had that, guys?
And then you realize, as you’re doing it,

you know, and the child is just looking at you,
that cherubic smile, you know, and you realize,

you know, you just “s” yourself, you know, and
I’m doing a sacrifice here, but I love you, Lord.

I’ll not throw you away just because you’re
dirty and all of a sudden you look at your

child and all of a sudden you wish your child
would enter a world clean, holy, pure, lovely,

not being wared, not growing up too fast, not
suffering depression, not wanting to go out.

No, you want him to grow strong in wisdom
and stature, in favor with God and man.

That’s a Father’s Heart, isn’t it?
Wait, why did God give us parenting?

He’s setting you up to know, “This
is what it means for me to love you.

” And yet a Father’s Love For a child
is only a small inkling of that.

You can multiply that thousand times, no,
no, 100,000 times, no, no, a million times.

It will still not come
close to God’s love for you.

Praise the Lord!

So it’s all about love.
So here, he loved them to the uttermost.

W, one verse we have to bring
up whatever God has for us.

Amen, amen.

and supper being ended, and here comes a very
sad and negative, dark sh on this whole thing.

Who was there?

And supper being ended, the devil having
already put into the heart of Judas Iscariot,

Simon’s son, to betray him.
Okay, God put that in so that

we all know that Jesus knew he was there.
In fact, a while later, he says, “One of

you shall betray me.
” Remember that?

“Verily I say unto you,
one of you shall betray me.

” It didn’t catch him by surprise.
He’s showing you that in spite of this,

he loved them to the uttermost.
Praise the Lord.

Including Judas, next verse, verse three: Jesus,
knowing, I love this, Jesus knowing that the

father had given all things into his hands,
the father had given how, how much things,

all things were into his hands, and that
he had come from God and was going to God,

he rose from supper and laid aside his
garments, took a towel and girded himself.

After that, he poured water into a basin and began
to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with

the towel with which he was girded.
Now, think about this.

The Bible doesn’t say Jesus just rose up.
Obviously, they’re all tired.

The disciples were all waiting for one another
to wash, and the job back then of washing the

feet of guests was actually the part of a slave.
In those days, and Jesus rose up, no, no, no.

I got to backtrack.
Doesn’t say that he rose up.

Immediately, Jesus, knowing that the father had
given all things into his hands, with those hands,

knowing that his father has given all things
into his hands, he held the soiled feet

of his disciples in those hands.
Those hands where has all power.

Because the one who has all power in his

hands is the one who has all love in his heart.
All the power in his hands, he could destroy the

betrayer with all power in his hands.
What does God?

What does love?
What does love delight in?

That’s why you don’t mind serving
your family when you love them.

Don’t mind serving the loved
ones because you love them.

See, service is born out of love.
He wants to love them.

Some my wife would say, “Let Justin do it.
” Now he’s, he’s already past 10 already

past 10 years old.
So let him do it.

But sometimes I just want to do it for him.

I still get a chance to serve.
I don’t want him to grow up too fast.

I want him, you know, right?
I know.

I know.
Let him

learn and all I, I do give him those times also.
All right, but sometimes I just do things for him.

Sometimes I’ll put the clothes on for him.
He can’t do it himself because I know that

all too soon there up and gone.
That’s it.

Love delights to serve and to give.

So with all the power he has,
what is he delighted to do?

He served.
That’s a, you know, proud people cannot serve.

They cannot give.
The problem is, it’s not that,

“Oh, you are very stingy.
” You’re not.

It’s just that when people are proud, it
tells us they are insecure because Jesus,

knowing, knowing in the calm consciousness of
knowing that he has all power in his hands,

that he came from God and he’s going back to
God with that calm consciousness of all these

varieties, he stooped down and washed their feet.
Only people who know who they are can be humble.

Why are people not humble?
Because they are insecure.

They doubt themselves.
They are actually

insecure, but they try to cover up.
Okay, never mind, Pastor, please go on, go on.

Okay, okay, okay.
Don’t, don’t, don’t stay there.

I don’t like sh.
Okay, okay, I just go on.

All right, so he rose from
supper, laid aside his garments.

He took a towel, girded himself.
So obviously, they’re all looking one another

and say, “Who will do this service?
There’s no slave here.

” All right, so John, is it your turn?
Peter, is it your turn?

And Peter said, “No, no, no,
see, I’m seated by Jesus.

John said, ‘I’m busy lying back on Jesus’ breast.
‘” And Judas said, “I’m busy counting money.

” All right, so how about Thomas?
Thomas says, “I doubt it’s my turn.

” All right, amen.
And all of a sudden,

with that wonderful statement, Jesus knowing, he
got up, he took a basin, a towel, began to wash

the disciples’ feet, all right?
Next verse.

Then he came to Simon Peter, and Peter said
to him, “Lord, are you washing my feet?

” Jesus answered and said to him, “What
I’m doing, you do not understand now,

but you will know after this.
” Now stop.

If we think, as is often taught, that what Jesus
did is just to show us an example of humility,

this being the last act in this upper room is the
last act of our Lord before he goes to the cross,

and there’s something symbolic in this act, if
we think it’s just, as it’s often taught, there’s

just a lesson in humility, we are sadly mistaken.
Because what he said to Peter when Peter says,

“Lord, do you wash my feet?
” And he said, “What I do now, you do not know.

What I do now, you do not understand.

Just be humble and accept it, right?
” Look at Peter’s response.

“Then you will never wash my feet, Lord.
You will never wash my feet.

” Now we can understand, because
he has real affections for Jesus.

He has love.
Love is real.

The love is there.
Come on, right?

But still, the flesh.
Now, I think many of us,

I don’t know about you, but it’s me for sure.
When the Lord asks me to do something,

I’m willing to show my love, all right?
I want to show my love by doing

a lot of things that he tells me to.
But when he says, “Sit down, I want to bless you.

I want to allow you to have this.
I want to bless you with this thing.

I want to bless you with that.
I want to give you this.

I want to bless you with this.
” I find it hard, say, “Lord, no,

no, no, Lord, you’ll never do that.
No, Lord, you must not.

” But who are you saying no to?
You know what hurts love?

When you want to give and
the person doesn’t accept.

Now you and I don’t understand fully
because we’re not perfect in love.

We’re not so full of love.
Don’t give, don’t give.

I don’t take.
You see, we’re not full of love.

But you know what hurts love?
Perfect love.

You know what hurts love?
Some mothers understand this.

You know what really hurts love?
When the one you love rejects your gift.

So sometimes, you know, you must allow your
spouse, when he wants to do something for you,

yeah, I know, I know already.
I know already, just let him do it.

You want to share something?
Yeah, I know, I know, I know already.

Just know already and just
still yet let him do it.

It gives him pleasure or the
wife want to do something, right?

And the husband, but if you see that
it gives her pleasure, let her do it.

I want to make you something that is really
something that you would love for your birthday.

No, love, we can just go out.
No, neat.

Learn to receive love somehow.
You know, there’s in us, right?

We just reject love.
It’s the flesh, you know?

It is the flesh.
And this is where I suffer from, okay?

Like the church wants to
bless me and I say no, right?

Yeah, but I’m not thinking what you are
thinking, where the Lord has spoken to me.

I must obey, right?
But it’s like, like,

no, no, no, no, no, no.
That’s the flesh.

Number two, then Jesus answered him, “If I
don’t wash you, you have no part with me.

” Now, look at the flesh.
Simon Peter answered, “Lord,

not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.
Come on, Lord, lay it all overhaul me.

Come on, lay it on me.

You see how extreme at first R this?
You cannot, no, no, no, no, no.

You know, he have a piz of cake, no, no, you
know, like someone I know, you know, in America,

he was one of the first times in America,
and they offer a piece of cake, you know,

they don’t know our tradition, right?
We must reject,

and number five or number four, all right?
So when people give you a piece of cake, our

Chinese mentality that can say, “Oh, thank you.
” All right, the Americans will say that, but we,

we must say, “No, no, no ah. No ah. No ah.”
” Now, first, no.

All right, we, we are memorizing it, trust me,
we are memorizing it, it’s a first no, come on,

it looks good, man, that cake looks good, then say
no, have it, it’s, it’s delicious, in your mind,

I know it is, all right, but no, no, no,
then, really, are you sure you’re the one?

No, Lot, number three, really, come on, number
four, number four, I’ll take at number four,

come on, okay, you said so, say, they don’t
understand your culture, you know, right?

Learn to say thank you, take it, amen.
So Jesus says if I don’t wash you,

you have no part with me.
So he says, l no, no, no,

now you go to extremes, not only my feet, my
hands, my head, now let me just tell you this,

notice what Jesus said about this washing.
I’m going to stop here right now and say that

Jesus, the whole verses that we read just now, now
tells us the background before he did this act,

knowing his hour had come, that he will depart
from this world to go to the father, knowing that

the father has given all things into his hands,
and that he came from God, and that he’s going to

God, he rose from supper, right, which means what?
As far as he’s concerned, the act of the

Cross and all that, now is behind him.
It’s a picture of, he rose from the Lord’s Supper,

which means dead, he rose, and he’s showing us in
the upper room, the third heaven what he is doing

right now for us all at the father’s right hand.
Remember what he said one time, the son of man

came not to be served, but to serve, and he even
says that those servants who are found faithful

when I come again, I will put them, I’ll see them
at the table, I gird myself, and I’ll serve them,

in other words, he still abides a servant, the
gospel of the servant is Gospel of Mark written

by a servant who failed, about the servant who
never fail, Jesus wants to be your servant.

I know he is Lord, he is my Lord, hallelujah,
but he wants to serve you, and Just because you

think that maybe, oh, he rose from the dead,
now he’s right now in his amazing glorified

body and he is in heaven, you know, and he, you
know, I just I just cannot perceive that he will

care for me the same way anymore, that’s why he
started by saying he loved them to the uttermost,

which means in heaven now he still loves you and
what this act is all about, thank God this act

wasn’t done outside the upper room, it was done
after he say he’s going to God, Amen, this is what

he’s doing for us now at the father’s right hand,
you know what is he doing now as a high priest,

he’s the father’s at the father’s right hand, he
is our high priest, you know what he’s doing now?

Washing your feet.
He’s washing your feet,

have you availed yourself of this washing?
Is the Bible a Closed book in your house,

is it, what do you call that?
airport or whatever you’re using to

listen to the sermons, is it something that
you’re not using anymore, because how can

he the washing here is the washing of the water
with the word, right, come on, the picture here

is that the water in the Basin is a picture
of the word, how does Jesus wash you today?

With the word, Ephesians chapter 5, it says, your
husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved

the church, you see, husband and wife relationship
is about me and the my wife is Jesus and the

church, husband love your wife just as Christ
also loved the church and gave himself for her,

doesn’t say she give herself for me, it says I
give myself for her, husbands, all right, learn,

learn to sacrifice little things, you know, for
her, even you, even she doesn’t know about it,

give yourself for her, okay, amen, amen, there
are things I do for my wife, if I give myself,

that I don’t want her to know also, now
that I share this publicly, she probably

will ask me later on what is the thing and all
that, okay, so sometimes you do that, right,

there’s a big piece of drumstick and a smaller
piece of drumstick, all right, somehow you, you,

you gave it to her first, right, no, amen,
yeah, right, stop your small things first,

amen, learn, learn to find joy and pleasure just
in loving, don’t find your joy only after there’s

a response, find your joy and Delight in loving,
be addicted in loving even if there’s no response,

that goes for your children as well, find your joy
in loving and if there’s any reward whatever it

is, look to the Lord, amen, he nothing passes his
eye, amen, he gave himself for her at the cross

for the church that he might sanctify and cleanse
her with the washing of Water by the word that he

might present her to himself a glorious church
not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but

that she should be holy and without blemish every
woman want want to be holy holy means complete

amen unique set apart and without blemish
and without spot in the natural am I right?

I’m going to give an Al the call for liars every
woman wants her face to be without blemish without

spot right you know you know who put it there
the Lord now now you know it’s it’s scriptural

I believe that some things in instinct to care for
is is all put there by God women want to look nice

beautiful not it’s not vanity it is now you go to
the extreme everything your husband is working you

know every day so that to provide you the kind of
beauty stuff that only the royalties can afford

you know I’m not talking about that that’s a
desire to be clean a desire to be presentable

that’s a woman’s you know that’s how God made a
woman because it’s a picture of the church and how

does Jesus cleanse the church with the washing of
water of the word husband love your wife like this

that Jesus gave himself for her that’s one the
first thing that he might sanctify and cleanser

the washing of Water by the word that he might
present her to himself a glorious church let me

stop here and tell you how a lot of people preach
I’ve heard this preach before Jesus is cleansing

Us by the word but if you you don’t receive the
word let me tell you this okay the church today is

horrible look at the church today I I don’t think
he’s coming back anytime soon have you seen the

church lately all natural natural eyes natural
talk natural things have you seen the church

lately I tell you this if Jesus comes down halfway
and looks at the church today he will definitely

postpone the marriage I’ll tell you right now the
church is definitely not without Spot Not Without

blemish the only problem with all these things is
this even in the Greek Tas right it tells you this

that he might present her to himself the preachers
would like you know preach like that okay they say

that but the church without spot God is raising
a church without spot without blemish in the eyes

of men or in the eyes of God obviously the eyes
of men he’s referring to men right one day he’ll

present to himself a glorious church but friend
check out in the original Greek that he might

present her is present active participle which
means right now he’s already presenting you in

his eyes without spot without wrinkle or any such
thing he sees you beautiful right now Pastor I got

a lot of spot he does not see your spots spotty oh
child of God you want to see how he looks at you.

“Song of Songs” is a picture
of Jesus and the church,

and this is how the bridegroom looks at the bride.

“How beautiful you are, my
darling” – music, please.

This one should be quoted with beautiful music.
“How beautiful you are, my darling.

How beautiful you are.
Your eyes are like

doves behind your veil; it’s pure.
Have you seen the eyes of a dove?

It’s very beautiful, the
eyes of a dove, all right?

Not hawk, not vulture.
I’m not referring to your husband or to you.

See the dove in His eyes.
This is not spiritual.

Your hair is like a flock of goats.
You know, the flock of goats in Israel

is very dark, the hair, right?
It’s like your hair is shiny,

and their hair, the flock of goats, their hair
is healthily shining, luster, a shiny luster.

Your hair is so beautiful,” he says, “like a
flock of goats descended from Mount Gilead.

And Mount Gilead is where the Bible
talks about a balm in Gilead, healing,

healthy hair, beautiful hair.
” The Lord looks at her and says,

“You are beautiful, how beautiful!
Not only beautiful – how beautiful

you are, my darling.
” You read Song of Songs,

it goes on to say, “There is no spot in you.
” Let me ask you a question.

If this is in the natural, at any time
can the Lord say this to His people,

whether it’s Israel or the church?
Can He say that at any time if it’s

in the natural?

Who, without us today, can say we
are without spot in experience?

But in His eyes, the Bible
says in Ephesians, Colossians,

He presents you holy, unreproveable in His sight.

“Wow, there was a wizard or a—I
don’t know what to call him.

Okay, he’s a half-fast six Prophet.
He’s not a real Prophet, but the Holy

Spirit allowed him to say something.
One of the most beautiful prophecies

over the nation of Israel.
He was hired by King Balak, right?

His name was Balaam.
He was hired by King Balak to

curse the children of Israel because he has
a reputation: Those he cursed are cursed.

So, he cursed these people.
He was about to curse them.

He says, ‘God has not beheld iniquity in Jacob.
‘ And King is saying, then he goes on,

‘Nor has God seen perverseness in Israel.
‘ He’s going to say he has not beheld iniquity.

Say what?
This people has no iniquity.

He didn’t say that.

He didn’t say they have no iniquity, no sin.
He says, ‘God has beheld no iniquity.

‘ You see, His holy eyes, it’s because He is
Holy, it’s because He is righteous, that His

Holiness and righteousness saw Jesus carrying
all our sins, the sins of our entire life.

And that was when God judged and punished His
son and poured out His wrath in condemnation

on His son for every one of the sins
that He carried, including all our sins.

That was when God saw your sins.

But in the body of His Son, on the cross,
so that today, God sees you without sin.

Hear me out first.
I did not say there’s no sin in us.

Yeah, that’s right.
I say in His sight, there is no sin on us.

When He looks on us, there’s no sin, amen.
It can happen to Israel back then through

the blood of bulls and goats.
How much more you and I?

Imagine facing life every day knowing that, you
know, you are the righteousness of God in Christ,

even when you fail and all that.
What is the number one accusation?

‘Hey, you didn’t say that properly.
Hey, you didn’t—hey, you lost your temper here.

Hey, you lost your temper there.
‘ Before you know it, the whole

day you are just crushed if you’re
conscious of your sins and failures.

But if you go on saying, ‘Thank God,
it reminds you I’m the righteousness

of God in Christ,’ it will lift
you higher and higher and higher.

And just remember that righteousness
is not of you; it is in Christ, amen.

Boy, I just feel like I’m starting,

but I got to let you go in a while.
But let’s go back here to John 13.

“Then Jesus answered him, ‘If I do not
wash you, you have no part with me.

‘ Now, a lot of people think that
if we don’t let Jesus wash us today.

Now, again, how do you get Jesus to wash us?
Some people don’t avail themselves

of this service.
You know what I do

before I read my Bible or whatever?
I don’t—okay, not all the time,

but many times, I will say, ‘Lord Jesus,
I place my hands, my legs in Your hands.

‘ It takes humility to, you
know, because everything—’Me?

How can I?

He’s Lord, right?
‘ But He wants that.

‘Wash my feet.
‘ Now, this—you see, um, He did not say that this

is a washing of salvation, because ‘washing’ or
‘salvation’—’If I don’t wash you,’ He didn’t say,

‘You have no part in Me.
‘ No.

He says, ‘You have no part with Me.
‘ The disciples were already in Him.

He says, ‘You have no part with Me.
‘ If you want to have a successful

relationship, you must be with the person,
flowing together, fellowship together,

amen, with like yoke together, with, right?
So you cannot be with Me, not—you’re already

part of—you’re already in Me.
He didn’t say ‘If.

‘ He said, ‘In Me.
‘ That means this washing is for salvation.

What He’s doing right now is only for believers.

Then He goes on to explain.
Drop down.

‘Not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.
‘ He says, ‘He who is bathed needs only to

wash his feet, but is completely clean;
and you are clean, but not all of you.

‘ For He knew who would betray Him;
therefore He said, ‘You are not all clean.

‘ Let’s remove the last part, because it’s
not meant for us, it’s meant for Judas.

‘He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet.
‘ He who is bathed—there is salvation.

There’s one bath, and that
bath is never to be repeated.

When it comes to Jesus Christ and you
are born again, He washes you clean.

That’s the bath, the washing of regeneration
that never needs to be repeated.

You are completely clean.
Let me tell you this.

Some translations put it this way: ‘He who
is—okay, he who is washed and then needs

only to wash his feet.
‘ It confuses people.

That’s the Old King James Version.
But the two words are different in the Greek.

‘He who is lu’ needs only to ‘nipto’ his feet.
‘Lu-oh’ is all-over bath.

That’s salvation.
When we got saved, never to be repeated.

But the analogy back then, even the Roman
soldiers and all that, when they washed

in Israel, they washed thoroughly.
Yet they still have to walk outside,

and their feet contract what?
The dirt.

Do they have to bathe all over again?

They just take water and clean their feet.
That’s the picture there.

And notice that once you are
bathed, you are completely clean.

Have you ever said, ‘I’m completely clean?
‘ Jesus said so.

‘You are completely clean.
‘ He was bathed, is completely clean.

And you only have to wash—what?

What ‘nipo’ is used for?
Washing hands, washing feet,

smaller parts, or washing face also.
You only have to wash your feet.

And that is your daily—as you walk through
this life, the daily humdrum of daily life,

the duties of home life, the responsibilities
of business life, you know, and when you go

out there, the things that you see on media
and all that, it’s like dust accumulating.

Dust accumulating, and dust
accumulated too much, right?

It can become a sin.
And dust is the devil’s food.

God said to the devil in the garden,
‘Dust you shall eat all the days of

your life.
‘ All right?

So the way you wash away dust is by
washing of the water of the word.

Your feet represent your walk, your daily walk
while you’re waiting for Jesus to come, amen?

Your daily walk is washed
with the water of the word.

Isn’t it beautiful?
In the Old Testament,

you know, they have a ‘laver’.
You know, it’s a laver.

A laver.
Show them a picture of a laver.

Yeah, they have a laver to wash.
They wash their hands there, okay?

No one really knows how it looks
like, but it’s made of copper, okay?

So the priests, they have to go in L.
They die.

The verses say that God says,
‘You shall make a L of bronze,

with its base also of bronze, for washing.
‘ Aaron, the high priest, a picture of Jesus

and his sons, all of us, shall wash their
hands and their feet in water from it.

Drop down.
‘So they shall

wash their hands and their feet, lest they die.
‘ It shall be a statute forever to them, to him

and his descendants throughout the generations.
Of course, all this is pictures, by the way.

Have you not—I just preached
from the Old Testament, okay?

Just letting you know, in case,
‘Oh, he just preached on Paul.

‘ All right?
It is the whole counsel, bro.

So here they shall wash their

hands and their feet lest they die.
I think personally,

why—why does God put L they die?
I believe that even this washing, whether you’re

listening through a, um, you know, through you’re
watching social media and watching me or any other

speaker who’s preaching the word of God, make
sure it’s Christ-centered, scriptural, all right?

Whether you’re studying on your own, make
sure that you avail yourself of this washing,

not only spiritually, all right?
It will keep you in step with Christ,

flowing or walking in the spirit,
all right, having part with Him.

But it will also, I believe, lest
they die, means it will give you life.

Isn’t there a verse that
says this in Proverbs 4:22?

‘God’s words, they are life to those who
find them and health to all their flesh.

‘ The more time you spend in the word, and
you know, it’s not just opening up, you know,

legalistically and without prayer and all that,
but knowing that Jesus stands ready to take the

basin, the Bible, and the word and speak the right
word to you, then He can say to you, John 15:3,

He says even in the upper room, He says this: ‘You
are already clean because of the word which I’ve

spoken to you.
‘ Amen.

So just, you say, ‘Husband, love your
wife as Christ loved the church and gave

Himself for it, am I right?
‘ Go back to that verse.

We close with that, ‘That He might
present her to Himself a glorious Church.

‘ Notice, ‘He might present her to Himself.
‘ It’s not for the church to be presented

to some pastor or preacher or
archbishop or whatever it is.

It’s for Jesus to present the church to Himself.
And it’s His prerogative to say, ‘I present

you to myself a glorious church.
‘ Present active participle is right

now how He sees you.
He sees you what?

Glorious church.
Not only that, ‘Not having spot or wrinkle.

‘ Wrinkle is what?
Oh, age.

Now I know it’s spiritual, but let’s
not just keep things spiritual.

Maybe the washing of the water of the word will
keep you young without wrinkle or any such thing.

What about sickness?
Any such thing?

What about depression?
Any such thing?

But that she should be holy and without blemish.

If there’s a woman like that.
Wow, amen.

But wait, what He’s telling us is this.
Talk to your wife and present her.

Don’t have to present her to anyone else.
Present in your eyes always.

Present her as without spot.
You find, you don’t find fault.

You’re not fault-finding.
You are good-finding.

Listen, don’t fault-find.
Good-find, all right?

Number two, when you talk to
her, she doesn’t feel old.

Ah, you’re getting—okay, because talking
about husbands and wives as well, is,

hey, how do you wash her with the word?
The things that you say, does it make

her feel old, useless, and then make her feel
like, wow, she’s glorious in your eyes, amen.

None of us have arrived,

but what we are seeing is the glory of Jesus.
As we behold Him, we become like Him, amen.

You are the stronger one, husbands.
You’re the greater one.

It is your glory.
Glory is added to you.

The Bible says it’s the glory for
a man to overlook a transgression.

You become more glorious every
time you overlook a transgression.

Don’t fault-find, good-find.
Make it an assignment from

the upper room this week.
If you fail, what do you say?

‘I’m the righteousness of
God in Christ,’ and continue.

If she does something that you feel
like, oh, man, well, that part,

that one especially gets me, what do you do?
‘I’m the righteousness of God in Christ,’ and

find something about her.

Oh, but—but my friend’s wife does this and all
that, but your friend’s wife does not do what your

wife does, and that girl doesn’t do what she does.
And what she does, the girl doesn’t do it.

Everyone has their strength.
Look for it.

You present her.
Didn’t say she presents herself.

Hey, you better learn to be without spot now.
You better learn to be without blemish.

You better learn to be holy.
‘ Unfortunately, that’s the

approach of the church.
No, my friend, he’s saying

the way Jesus washes us is not by the law.
Have you noticed that in the upper room,

he just demonstrated, ‘You are already
clean by the word I’ve spoken unto you’?

I’m closing now.
Finally, close.

Have you noticed that he’s not
that, listen, ‘Thou shall not kill.

Thou shall not bear false witness.
‘ That’s not the word that cleanses.

The upper room, what’s the word that cleanses?

‘I am the vine.
‘ Is who he is.

Right after that, he says, ‘You are clean already
because of the word I’ve spoken unto you.’ Amen.

God bless you.


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