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father we thank you for this another

opportunity to minister to these your

precious sheep thank you Lord that

Revelation knowledge will flow freely

uninterrupted and unhindered by any

satanic or demonic force and father I

pray that you will speak through my

vocal cords and think through my

mind none of me and all of you it’s in

Jesus name we pray and everybody said

amen you may be seated and if you have

your Bibles go with me to the Book of


34 Verse 22 and the

NLT well last week we started a series

entitled no condemnation for those in

Christ and we want to finish that today

and I have to tell you the study time

this week and what I have to say to you

today I have never been under a such a

violent physical attack in my

voice uh to get this message and I’m I’m

I’m laughing cuz I know you’re trying to

stop it but hell a high waters won’t

stop me from going into to to preaching

this this is this is something that when

I saw it my whole life lit

up and I said

oh my goodness I asked God one

question show me what condemnation looks

like and everyday

living you know it’s so easy for us to

hear terms and we turn them into

religious terms but what does that look

like when I wake up and I start moving

around upon this Earth what does it look

like when I encounter relationships in

my marriage what does it look like even

where your reputation is

concerned so this is the most important

message I’ve ever preached before in my

life but I’m going to tell you tell you

one thing it’ll change your

life are you ready for

this verse 22 says but the

Lord will redeem those who serve

him no one who takes refuge in

him will be

condemned no

one that takes refuge in him

will be

condemned now look at John chapter 3:1

17-8 no

one who takes refuge in

him will be

condemned verse 17 and 18 for God sent

not his son into the world to condemn


world so Jesus was was not sent here to

judge and disapprove and

condemn the

world but that the world through him

might be saved not they’re not going to

get saved through

condemnation they’re going to get saved


Jesus Verse

18 He that believeth on him is not

condemned the authenticity of your

belief on him

is going to be equal to your decision to

depend on

him it’s not just a mental as sent oh I

believe in him but it says I believe in

him watch my life I depend on

him he that believeth on him or depends

on him is not

condemned but he that believes

not who depends not on him is condemned


because we’re going to find out what

that means why why is it that you’re

condemned already for not

believing because he has not believed in

the name of the son of the only begotten

son the only begotten Son of God you’re

already condemned because you’re not

believing in the only one who can make

sure you’re not

condemned and then finally in Romans

chapter 8

ver1 Romans 8

verse1 there is therefore now this is

interesting because Paul is saying

this right after he had a chapter full

of confessions about all the issue he

got in his

life and the challenge it was to try to

stop doing the stuffff that he knew was

he was supposed to be doing and how hard

it was for him to be doing the stuff

that he know he should be doing and and

he was like oh Wretched Man that I

am who can deliver me from this bondage

of sin and he comes here in verse one

and he says there is therefore

now no

condemnation to them which are in Christ


period there is no condemnation to them

who are in Christ Jesus period some

translations show you that who walk not

after the Flesh and the spirit is in a

talasz that that that part did not

appear in the original Greek here’s what

it read in the original Greek there is

there therefore now no condemnation to

them which are in Christ Jesus period

you still don’t bring anything to the

table you got in Jesus you believed in

him you depend on him and there is no

condemnation to those who are in Christ


period now what I want to

do even if it takes me the rest of this

service I don’t think we get

condemnation look at him

this is

hilarious I take my glasses out and they

break this is God man I don’t need

them I don’t think we understand that’s

the that’s what you do every time the

devil shows up in your life you love

laugh and by the way those are brand new

glasses I don’t think we understand

condemnation it it it it’s

become one of those words that you just

kind of use but you don’t really dig in

deep in fact for the most of you I’d

come and ask are you in condemnation you

you would probably say

no I’m not in cond

condemnation let me give you a familiar

definition of this and then we’ll we’ll

go from there

condemnation is an

expression of strong

disapproval have you

ever have you ever had

disapproval it’s an expression of


it is to




vulnerable judgment and Punishment are

attached to

condemnation condemnation is a

feeling that you don’t measure up

condemnation is a feeling

that you’re not

enough you’re not

enough and when things happen in your

life the thing that comes up

is maybe you’re not

enough when things don’t work out the

way that you thought it should have

worked out it comes up with

well maybe you were not

enough inferiority and condemnation they

go hand in hand maybe you’re not

enough and Romans chapter 8:1 says

there’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus

but I’m going to tell you right now

there’s condemnation everywhere

else so what does it look


condemnation is you waiting on the

verdict I’m waiting on the

verdict was that

enough condemnation I’m waiting to

see if I was good

enough I’m waiting to see if I

matter we want a verdict that our life


Meaningful we seek that verdict we seek

that verdict from from from our our

workplace we seek that verdict from our

relationships we seek that verdict even

from our our rep

reputation either I feel like I was good

enough or I wasn’t good

enough and then we make our work and our

relationship and our reputation we make

those things our judge and we’re waiting

to see the

verdict the world will


eventually give you the same verdict

not good

enough and so we live in

fear knowing that the verdict of

condemnation is

coming we live in this fear knowing that

somebody some relationship husband wife

somebody at the job something about my

relationship and you you you’ll find

yourself if you’re not careful sitting

back being okay because you settled

I don’t mean much so here’s the verdict

I’m not good

enough and what people don’t understand

is what that does in a person’s

life who only fears the verdict of not

being good enough well I just might as

well go and act a fool or I might as

well just go and act crazy I might as

well just go and get high I might as

well just go and cheat I might as well

because you can’t you have no you don’t

stop sinning when the verdict is not


enough I I don’t it must have been God I

was minding my own business getting

ready of to wrap up you know how

sometimes when you’re having a

conversation I don’t know if this

happening to you you have a conversation

around somebody and your phone is on and

then that thing pops

up somebody said that happens to you I

said don’t ever happen to me yeah

happens to me and I’m and I’m and I’m

and I’m rehearsing this out loud and and

and this article I I found an article

out of the New York uh magazine which

was so sad but I I I read

it and it describes people

today as feeling guilty and inadequate

at every

turn they compare themselves

relentlessly to

others they are turned inside out day

after day by special so by social

media and one person according to this

article said I think my Primary Emotion

in my life is

guilt so if you’re ever wed to wonder

wonder what’s going on in the world and

why people are acting like they act

because they are afraid of the

verdict we feel naked and

ashamed people are filled with anxiety

and doubt and


and we’re working harder and

harder to convince everybody including

ourselves that we have it all

together and especially Christian people

we work real hard to try to prove to

even other Christian people we got it

all together and the truth is is you

don’t I’m going to show you the the

little trick you’ve been playing on us

the truth is is you don’t have it all

together and that’s where our solution

can start our solution starts with the

truth of knowing you don’t have it all

together and the problem comes is when

you have to really deceive yourself in

thinking you have it all together how

can we expect to be delivered off the

foundation of a lie that we’re doing it


ourselves we don’t need condemnation to

come from the world ladies and gentlemen

you know why

because we’re already condemning


anything that we look

to other than

God will return the

verdict not good

enough so what we’ve done is we’ve

created different idols

trying to get the verdict we

want and an idol is something that takes


place and we’re looking for some Idol

we’re looking

somewhere let me get this this Lin let

me put it in my pocket keep popping out

everywhere we’re looking we’re looking

somewhere for somebody some Idol

somewhere to say we are enough

and I’m promising you no matter where

where you look outside of Jesus it’s

going to be the same

verdict not

enough you’re hoping that somehow as you

start doing something that somebody

going to say you’re enough but you’re

going to meet somebody

somewhere it’s going to be the same it’s


enough but then Jesus does something so

amazing I want you to listen to me so

carefully he freely justifies us which

means he declares us as being right even

though we’re wrong and I know some of

you have struggled with this issue of

you’re the righteousness of God when you

ain’t doing

right I know some of you have struggled

with the issue of you’ve been made holy

when you know you ain’t

holy let me give you an

illustration let’s say you were in my

college class

and uh you took the final

exam now before the

exam you were passing with a pretty good

grade but when you took the

exam you

failed you did not do a good job on that


exam now I can’t tell

you oh you did a great job on the final

exam because you

didn’t but what I can do is

say you know I’m not going to count that

final grade against

you so you’re still going to be able to

pass as if you didn’t take the

exam now I didn’t try to manipulate or

fix up the fact that you still did a bad

job on the

exam I just decided not to count it

against you

and that’s what God’s grace does for

us he doesn’t applaud you for

sinning he still don’t like the sin he

still don’t like how you acted he still

don’t like how you talking to folks he

still don’t like how you you you you

answering those midnight calls you know

he still don’t like all of that stuff

but he decided not to count it against

you he will not hold it against you he’s

not focusing on on what you did and how

bad the test was you’re only focusing on

that doesn’t count against


verdict you good

enough not because of what you have done

but because you decided to believe my

son Jesus Christ and the verdict is good

enough that is the only place you’re

going to get that verdict you’re you’re

not going to get it from the world you

may not get it from your relationship

you might not even get it from your

marriage but there is a guarantee that

you will get this verdict from the Lord

Jesus Christ no

condemnation let me read something else

I saw in this article which



I knew I should have underlined it here


is I was kind of shocked when I saw this

obviously this person knows about

Grace nevertheless our lives are never

Paragons of beauty and

Holiness I lose my temper with my

kids my parents my

spouse we all struggle in the same way

we gossip we judge others who don’t have

together we’re insensitive we dismiss

people we disagree with we lust we covet

we Envy anxiety doubt and Temptation

rules us our lives are not beautiful our

failures produce Panic as we fear what

they mean what that

means might we not be forgiven are we

still in deep

insecurity and doubt arises might we be


but if you’ve put your faith in

Jesus but still feel

condemned then you’re still placing the

condemnation somewhere perhaps in your

own goodness your own

reputation or how much you are doing for

God you’re still looking to try to

earn the verdict you desire and what he

asked you for is is believe in me and


verdict no

condemnation but the Temptation that we

still wrestle

with CU I hear you believe in Jesus and

no no condemnation I don’t want to do

that I I

want the verdict from the world I want

the verdict from my peers I want the

verdict from the people I respect I want

the verdict I want somebody to give me

an award to tell me I’m all

right I want somebody to honor me to

tell me that that that I’m good

enough and you know the strange thing

about it is that one night I was on my

way leaving a meeting a friend of mine

his precious precious son he had just

had the night of that anybody would want

he won awards you understand great

Awards and those awards are supposed to

mean you’re good

enough and with those Awards he said it

was the saddest day of my life that I

had all these Awards and I had nobody

there that I knew love me to celebrate

it with me and if you don’t heard me get

here I’m going to blow my brains out you

see I don’t care if you do get something

from the world where they’re kind of

saying that you’re

enough if you keep telling yourself

you’re not enough even with the a

WS the verdict of not guilty can only

come through your belief in Jesus Christ

if you understand that say amen amen now

let’s let’s let’s let’s search this

now Christ according to these three

scriptures we just

read is the only solution for

condemnation that’s

it that’s it

and people that don’t know that will

experience the feeling of not enough and

condemnation for the rest of their life

but for you who are hearing this today

you hear this and hear it clearly Christ

is the only

solution for the for the issue of

condemnation now self-righteousness can

become the root to self-

condemnation because self-righteousness

still is trying to deal with it through

your own performance and your own


condemnation how powerful is

it condemnation is what gives birth to

fear huh you talking about the root to

fear the root to fear you’re afraid that

what God say it won’t come to pass

you’re afraid you might lose this you’re

afraid fear fear uh people walk in fear

people people fear things they they fear

that that things are just not going to

happen and and we wonder where does that

fear come from it comes from

condemnation condemnation produces

fear and when you’re operating in the

fear of this and the fear of that and

the fear of all these other kind of

things then that

fear is going to move you into Str

stress condemnation produces fear fear

produces stress and stress will bring on

the manifestations of the

curse watch carefully now it’s

condemnation that’s why I’m talking

about this condemnation you you’re

walking in

fear the job said the things I fear the

most has come upon

me your fear starts with


condemnation opens the door for

fear what what are you fearing what’s

the thing you fear every

day why do you fear that your marriage

is not going to make it why do you fear

that you’re not going to be able to pay

your bills why do you fear that your

children going to come out a certain way

what what’s the fear you have that fear

is coming from

condemnation condemnation is the root to

every fear you’ll ever experience in

life condemnation equals fear and fear

fear will bring about the

stress and you know stress when you are

diseased you will open the door for

disease well that’s happening when

condemnation produces fear and fear

produces stress stress opens the door

for the manifestations of the curse

right why is cancer and stuff so strong

because we won’t deal with condemnation

somehow I don’t know how the devil did

it he he blinded us to the fact of we’re

still seeking for the verdict of I’m

enough and you’re still seeking that

verdict from places that will never give

the verdict of no

condemnation the your only place the

only place you will ever get that

verdict from I said a 100 times is in

Christ and if you’re not INR Christ

condemnation will start this

progression you look at your own life if

you’re if you’re not in Christ and if

you don’t believe you’re enough in

Christ then you are most likely dealing

with some kind of

fear and if you are dealing with fear if

you if you’re fearful every day of your

life there’s stress that accomp is that

fear are you kidding

me the fear that somebody’s gonna find

out that you’re not like like you

present yourself to be the fear that

they gonna find out that the real you is

really a fake you because you were you

were introducing people to the you that

you were showing them through the covers

that you covered up the real

you and a fake you we don’t even know

the real you we only know the you with

the covers on

you and so why everybody is buying it

you’re stressed

out you’re stressed

out cuz you know the real

you but you working real hard to keep

the cover on and the cover is is slowly

coming off because the the

fear is coming upon you and the thing

you fear the most comes upon you and the

stress opens up to the manifestations of

the curse sickness

Brokenness worries all of the

manifestations and it shows up on your

body it shows up on your face it shows

up on your

attitude the manifestations of The Curse

coming from stress stress coming from

fear fear coming from condemnation can

you see why the devil don’t want me to

talk to y’all about

this cuz I’m talking to you I ain’t got

time to be wasting my time preaching no

popcorn sermons just to get you to shout

Jesus is coming back and I got to stand

before him and give an account of how I

pastored and watched over your souls and

I don’t have time for all that other

stuff no

more and you know why I can do this

because I am in Christ and he has

declared bam you enough C

dollar and I want you to go home today

believing in Christ and when you walk in

your house I want you to walk in your

house knowing you are

enough what else does this this feel

like people who feel like they are not

enough people who feel condemned they’ll

say things like

this I need to

improve so I’ll pray more so now I’m

going to use it on Christian folks how

Christian folks do this cuz see we love

to hide behind scripture and say well I

don’t have condemnation and listen to it

you you you will say I need to improve

so I’m going to pray


huh what did you just say I’m not enough

I haven’t received that I’m enough so

I’m going to pray

more if I just try harder the

breakthrough will

come what you saying I don’t feel like

I’m enough for the Breakthrough cuz it

ain’t came

yet if I only get more

faith my Miracle will

manifest you still feel like you’re not

enough you’re still trying to bring

something to the

table and hope that by what you bring to

the table it will equip you to be enough

for all of these


my problem is

that if I only do

this what I need to do is

that and have you noticed The Condemned

person in the

church is focused entirely on

himself Focus entirely on


and all Jesus is trying to say

is believe in

me and with me you will


enough you know I see this in John

chapter 19: 5 through1 if you’ll go

there how can I be supernaturally


well Jesus gave us a gift of no

condemnation you remember what he said

to that

woman in the book of of John in fact

let’s go there John 8:10 and

11 the gift of no condemnation it’s a

gift that Jesus gave us a gift of no

condemnation why did he give us a gift

of no condemnation he knew something


I want you to listen to me because I’m

headed towards a gigantic

truth a truth that maybe you’ve been

working hard not to hear but I want you

to hear it and in hearing it you’re

going to be

free so here’s this woman caught in the

very Act of

adultery and they pulled her out of the

act of adultery because they wanted to


Jesus and he said Jesus Moses said a

woman who commits adultery or if any


adultery the man must have ran real fast

if if any commit

adultery the first Streaker must have

been right out of this situation right

here that they should be stoned to death

this was supposed to be the day she


but before you read on

empathy begs the

question what was on what was on

her to cause her to be in this act of

adultery what

happened was her

heartbroken was she

mistreated did something happen to her I

don’t know specifically what happened

but I do know she was in

condemnation cuz when you don’t feel

like you enough

you don’t mind people treating you any

kind of

way if you are a woman and you are

dating a man that treats you like a


somewhere you receive that I ain’t

nothing any

way might as

well at

least I have somebody I can hold

you know how how how women do on let me

stop I dare not say how women do but

also how men do how people

do on the holiday they just want to be


somebody ain’t nothing got nothing to do

with love I just don’t want to be by

myself on the

holiday so what you doing this Christmas

oh my sugar daddy I mean Mr Jones he

taking me to uh to the baham

might as

well I don’t feel like I’m enough to get

somebody that really loves me cuz when I

thought they really loved me they broke


heart and then I did it again and they

broke my heart and I did it again and

they broke my heart and my daddy

molested me and broke my heart see

before you start judging and condemning

people ask God to give you empathy

because you don’t know what happened to

get them you don’t know what happened to

get that lady into bed why was she in


bed don’t feel like I’m enough ain’t

never felt like I’m

enough and the devil will always have

somebody around you to whisper that to

you that’s right you ain’t

enough you ain’t

nothing you just a little ho sleeping

around with everybody how much money is

it going to take this

time so before we want to be real quick

to say they should have stoned her the


Jesus Took the attention Off This

Woman’s condemnation

day and put it back on on the guys that

wanted to Stone her and and say y’all

don’t believe y’all enough

either and the old men dropped their

Stones then they left because they knew

how much sins they had and they knew

they wasn’t enough they knew they’ been

struggling they knew they got their

faults they what maybe it was in maybe

it wasn’t in adultery but they they it

was in a whole lot of other stuff they

left because they too were under

condemnation and the young boys left

because they were under condemnation

even though they hadn’t had as much sin

as the old man they still didn’t get the

verdict that they

wanted and Jesus looked at the

woman in verse 10 and when he had lifted

up himself he saw none but the

woman he said unto

Heroman where are those thine

accusers hath no man condemned

thee and she

said no man

Lord and Jesus said unto

her this is so

powerful I’m going to give you the

verdict you wanted to hear all your

life neither do I condemn


go and sin no more

he said to this

woman you now are

enough because of

me now that you know you’re

enough you now have what’s

necessary to

defeat this

sin cuz if she didn’t have what was

necessary to defeat the sin then Jesus

is a liar and a false prophet he says go

and sin no more because there is nothing

else that’s going to hold you to the sin

there is now no more

condemnation I give you a gift of no

condemnation and World

changes I remind the that you have

received a gift from Jesus the day you

got born again all you got to do is

receive it now no condemnation amen you

ain’t got to go home and cuss nobody out

because there is no condemnation you

ain’t got to keep doing the stupid stuff

you’re doing why because there is no

condemnation I just got to get all of us

to realize that if Jesus ain’t

condemning you ain’t condemning praise

God no judgment from you I’m not no

judgment from me I’m not judging you all

I’m saying is if Jesus can give you the

ver of no condemnation who do I think I

am to tell you that you’re not enough in

Jesus you are enough in Jesus you’re

more than enough in Jesus there is no

condemnation now you got to receive

that and most of our issue as Christian

people is we hear stuff that we don’t

receive I can say you I got a gift for

you but but the gift is is still at

home cuz you never showed up to receive

it and I need you to receive this gift

today I need you not to go

home without this gift in your

hands and so we see the power that can

happen when there’s no transformation we

see it in the life of this woman who was

caught in Act of adultery but then let’s

look at John chapter 19: 5 and

10 John chapter 19: 5-10

Jesus shows us the how people’s lives

can be supernaturally

transformed if we would not condemn

them somebody call I need some

help well first of all before I help you

I need to know what you’ve been

doing dude either you going to help them

or you’re

not but don’t take them through a trial

all you need to do before you help

somebody is Lord what what you want me


do verse

five then came Jesus forth wearing the

crown of

thorns go to verse


that ain’t what I want go to verse


uh-uh that ain’t what I


uh let’s


John chapter

4 let’s see if that’s it and if not I’ll

just tell you a story

go to verse

six sat down there I’m looking for the

story about

zakus find it in the back I must have

got mixed up go to verse seven let me

see okay while they’re looking for the

zakus stories here’s what happened they

were right in the middle of a situation

and every Jesus was passing by and zakus

was a short man and he was in in the

tree hiding so he could get a look at


and when he saw Jesus he was just amazed

he was a a tax collector and he was

working for the Roman government which

made him even more

hated and


Jesus called Zak zakus down and said

come here I need to go to your

house now that’s enough information for

y’all to find it now you got c phone


19 5

through1 okay we’ve been doing a series

on John so everything I look at is John

John John

John all right so and when Jesus came

verse 5 to the place he looked up and he

saw him and he said unto him

zakus make haste and come come down for

today I must abide at thy

house and he made haste and he came down

and re and he received him

joyfully and when they saw it now watch

folks watch folks now watch folks watch

watch folks watch the church folks watch


folks and when they saw it they all

murmured started complaining saying that

he was gone to meet the guest to be with

be the guest with a man that’s a sinner

a man that’s the center I saw kpp on T

the other day they was at the mall with

a man I

know ain’t no

good and then I saw him in a restaurant

they were send out eat with them and the

Bible says eat not with the

unclean and you know what it’s messing

up with some folks cu some Christians

are a little concerned about being

seen with somebody outside the church

cuz they might say that they doing

something wrong with them out

now say that again say watch out now

watch out

now we got to stop doing

that all you’re doing is you’re you’re

you’re condemning people that you don’t

even know if they still like what you

heard they might not be like that no

more or if they like that Rejoice that

God got them with somebody that’s born

again and filled with the Holy Ghost and

getting ready to change their

life stop

condemning your condemnation blocks


so that’s how they felt look at

Jesus I know I pray five times a day why

he ain’t why he ain’t talking about he

had need to come to my house why he got

to why he got to come to that that tax

collector and the man he do and then you

start telling story about all the things

wrong with him like Jesus didn’t


the next time you run into somebody

that’s condemning somebody else take a

lesson from Jesus turn the table back on

them they sent us they this they that oh

are you saying you’re

perfect well I ain’t perfect enough but

still I I don’t no no no no no no no no

no are you perfect no I ain’t perfect

enough uh but but but I but I don’t do

that oh so now you’re talking about you

got the little sin and they got the big


now now that ain’t what I’m saying you

know what I’m saying no I’m asking you I

I already know I know what you’re doing

you passing judgment on something you

guilty of yourself and you trying to

make yourself look better than them and

that’s called

self-righteousness which will lead to

condemnation which will lead to fear

which will lead to to

to to stress which will lead to the

manifestations of the

curse all because you decided to be

self-righteous all all you think that

your self-righteousness is a result of

you and not a result of Jesus and and

now you think that you’re you’re you’re

you being enough is a result of you it’s

not a result of you the Bible says your

heart is what condemns you it’s not a

result of you you’re still dealing with

issues with yourself cuz you still got

to deal with all the crap you know you

did and church definitely shouldn’t be

the place where we feel weird coming out

I feel funny going to that church cuz

people looking at me with a condemned

eye ought not be like

that you got to look at people like oh

I’m so glad you here cuz what you’re

saying is my front porch need to be

swept every now and then just like

you that’s all he’s

saying all they go qu again trying to

make it seem like it’s all right to sin

and these people they need to hear sin

they need to hear sin excuse me we

didn’t heard sin enough that’s why we’re

so conscious of sin we’ve not heard

righteous we have not heard about no

condemnation we have not heard about

what Jesus has done with his Precious

Blood we have not heard about that we

need to hear about that praise God I

I’m well we need to die to sin we need

to die to sin you you already dead just

stank so much right now what you mean



zakus stood

and now look what happened now go go

back to the end of verse seven I I don’t

want you to miss what happened here now

let me read into verse eight just go to


19:7 and let’s read he says and when

they saw it they all murmured saying

that he was gone to be the guest with a

man that is a sinner and zakus stood and

said unto the

Lord behold Lord the half of my goods I

give to the poor and if I have taking

anything from any man by false

accusation I restore him

fourfold all now go back now read this

in the in the

NLT now notice Jesus ain’t asked this


nothing he didn’t ask him to do nothing

by pure fact that Jesus chose to be a

guest at his

house he already know his


but when compassion shows up in the

middle of your

mess you’ll start being transformed

people are changed when compassion shows

up not when judgment shows

up people are changed when compassion

shows up not when condemnation shows up

we think by condemning people they going

to be transformed nobody’s ever been

transformed by you condemning them ain’t

nobody going to be transformed by me

getting into P talk about how dirty you

are you old dirty nothing you’re going

to Hell by 12:00 I guarantee you it’s

almost 12 you going to hell I guarantee

you God going to get y’all all y’all

going to

hell ain’t nobody ever been transformed

they just been transformed out of your

church somewhere else but ain’t nobody


transformed cuz condemnation is not

responsible for transforming people’s

lives compassion is empathy


but the people were displeased he is

gone to be a guest of a notorious

sinner they grumbled which means they


talking meanwhile zakus stood before the

Lord and said I will give half my wealth

to the

poor Lord and if I have cheated people

on their taxes I will give them back

four times as much as I

seesar in verse n and Jesus



salvation has come to this home today

for this man has shown himself to be a

true son of

Abraham this didn’t happen because Jesus

showed up and said now zakus Zach you

know you ain’t right you know you ain’t


good and and I know I know you’ve been

stealing from folks and I know you old

folk you you you you know you ain’t no

good don’t you yeah Lord I know I ain’t


good he didn’t do that did

he he came in with no

condemnation and this man’s life

without anything in the table except

Jesus and

compassion he was

transformed and he went from being a


sinner to a

servant of Jesus Christ that gave and

bought to his

house the gift of no

condemnation when there is no

condemnation people

change your children not going to change

because you think you so smart to play

the dumb reverse psychology you ain’t

even doing it right

that not going to

change now you know you need to quit

smoking that weed they already know


well and then you going to get up you

know cuz I feel like I’m being taken

advantage of and I’m going to do

something to you because they already

know that back up a little bit let’s

back up

some let’s look at Compassion let’s see

what might have happened in their life

that might have kind of LED them that

way mhm let’s treat them like they the

best saved people

around and watch the transformation take

place I tell you what the other day

when when my kids when they won those

gramms when we been went back to the

room I ain’t never heard so much good

preaching before in my

life I sat back there like God dang

that’s good they was prophesying and pre

preaching and praising the Lord I said

look at

Jesus cuz pastor’s kids get it worse

they get the pressure of the condemning

congregation telling them they are to do

that and telling they are to do that and

going online talking about you ought not

be dressed like that that ain’t none of

your business how they dress like that

they can wear whatever they want to wear

and show whatever they want to show you

don’t know what you don’t know nothing

to be making a comment like I said your

pors need to be swept just like my pors

need to be swept sweep off your own

front porch before try stop people I’m

not talking about what what you ought to

be doing leave them alone leave them my

kids leave them alone those are my

children you handle your children the

way you handle your children and I

handle my children the way I handle my

children and I’m going to handle my

children like they the best Christians

in World Changers Church International

and compassion will continue to

transform say that Pastor I

did when compassion and no

condemnation is

absent super natural

transformation can take

place that don’t make sense for you to

do stuff like that and judge other

people when you know you had your season

where you were getting your testimonies

together you weren’t always like you are

right now miss sweet little

Sally good God

Almighty let let let God do what he

do if anything instead of playing

reverse psychology just learn how to be

an example that can be watched noticed

heard listened to and

admire okay so here is this truth I’m

fixing to lay on your right now you

you’re ready for this and and and and

I’m going to be through and then after I

dismiss you can decide if you ever want

to come here

again cuz from this

point until breath leaves my

body I will not compromise the gospel of

grace not for anybody’s approval or

anybody’s verdict I already have the

verdict I’ve been waiting

on no

condemnation okay you ready for

this so how do I get

victory over

condemnation many people have these

thoughts watch

this I’m not nice

enough I’m not enough for my friends

I’m not enough for my wife I’m not

enough for my

husband I should be doing

more I’m not Dad enough I’m not Mom

enough I’m too much of all the wrong

things I’m not enough of the right

things I’m not a good enough Christian

for God to

use I can’t St step out in the anointing

that God has given me because everyone

will see my failures and weaknesses

and I’m just full of

Shame and the truth

is I

truly am

not good

enough the truth


we are not good

enough so agree that you’re not good

enough I said all that preaching you did

for you to tell us we to agree with

it agree that you’re not good enough and

then add two words to the end of it but

God I was spiritually dead in my sins

but God has made me me spiritually alive

somebody say but God but God I am called

to to keep God’s Royal law of Love which

I fail to fulfill at times but God has

given me the Holy Spirit to help me I

now have all the help I need and will

call upon that help when I need it

somebody shout but God God I’m not good

enough but God in Me makes me uh not

just good enough but he justifies and

and makes me righteous before him

because of Christ I will never face

God’s condemnation somebody shout but

God God I cannot live the Christian Life

by self-effort but Christ gladly lives

in me I live by the faith of Jesus

Christ and not by my self effort do it

again but God God there are things I

will not be good at but God has created

and called me to joyfully serve him in

in in in specific ways in my

life I rest in the works of Jesus Christ

and I believe in him and that presents

to me no

condemnation so the truth of the matter

is no I’m not enough I will never be

enough I I admit it right now I am not

enough but Jesus is and I’ve got to have

Jesus and in him I am more than enough

in him I can do all things through

Christ which strengthens me in him I can

be the head and never again the tail in

him I can trample over serpents and

scorpions and over all the power of the

enemy in him I can be a great dad in him

I can be a great mom in him I can be an

amazing Christian in him I can lay hands

on the sick and the sick recovers in him

I can do all things through

Christ which strengthens

me so okay

devil I’m not

enough but God is more than

enough he’s all I need praise God

hallelujah and and in

him is the

gift of no

condemnation and I I receive

it I’m more than

enough now say I’m more than enough I’m

more than

than you Lord say I’m more than enough

I’m more than

enough say I’m more than enough I’m more


enough say I’m more than enough I’m

more say I’m more than enough I’m more


enough say I’m more than enough I’m more

than enough

say I can do all things I can do all

things through Christ which strengthens

me through Christ strengthens me there

is therefore there is therefore no

condemnation no condemnation in Christ

Jesus I’m

enough I’m enough

yeah now what does this look like every

day in your life going

forward you need to put this in your

mouth every time the sense of not enough


in say I’m in Christ yeah I’m

enough I’m dad

enough I’m mom enough I’m friend

enough I’m Pastor enough

never again never again will I walk out

of this church saying I’m not enough I’m

I’m enough for right now I’m enough

until I leave and somebody else come in

I’m I’m enough praise

God right now I’m

enough you

enough now you got to you got to you got

to shake that thing off now that thing

has had claws in you all this time you

got to shake it off I am

enough I’m in Christ Jesus I am enough I

am enough I’m not looking I’m not

looking I’m not looking for the

verdicts I’m

enough hallelujah hallelujah every head

bowed every eye

closed Lord




we we received

that and now as sons of

God we can

Now operate in this

Supernatural because we have settled

this inferiority

issue we now have the verdict we’ve been

seeking we’re enough

for every man or woman boy or

girl that has never believed that they


enough seal this in their

souls that there is no condemnation

anymore and that they are

enough and let us go and S no

more let us go and receive

healing from the manifestation of the

curse let us

go with no more

stress in the cares of the

world let us live

fearlessly with no fear or torment of

fear for there is no more condemnation


Jesus thank

you thank you

Lord do something so glorious with this

church with this people they keep

showing up regardless of the weather

Lord do

something prove your word prove this


today in their


and help us Lord as we prepare to give

that we give out of a heart of gratitude

not demand or

pressure but now that we realize how

awesome you

are how amazing you

are let us be generous to you in our

giving as you have been generous to

us when you gave us Jesus your son full

of grace and

truth let the anointing of the Holy

Spirit just get on everybody in here

right now that they may wonder what is

this what’s going on with me right

now let that anointing like water begin

to rise higher and higher and higher and

higher that we may feel and sense your

presence and your

glory in this

place something so Supernatural begin to

happen with all of

us and the very simple places in our

lives let us see your

glory and let there be such such an

amazing metamorphosis that takes place

with us in us through us we praise you

Lord and even in this P place as we’re

gathered this

unusual presence that’s stirring in this

atmosphere right



glorious presence stirring in this


now transforming

US changing

us and making the difference in our

lives and those that are around

us we praise you

Lord Jesus

name woo I feel the Holy


those of you with any sickness or

disease any manifestation of the curse

on your body if you would stand and and

as you lift your hands


healing receive it right

now uh you’re worthy of it so go ahead

and receive it

just simply whisper Lord I receive my

Wellness I receive my healing right

now let the fire of

God be upon you right


oh let the fire of

God consuming

fire sweet perfume



presence feels this




sweeper his


presence feel this consuming fire


swee is


feel this

room this is



this is

Holy this


ground so


and I

die receive your healing right now

receive it receive it right now let that

anointing get all on your body right

now let that anointing get all on you


now let that anointing get on you right


I command your body to be well right

now every diagnosis to change right

now everything in your blood to change


now I declare the blessing of God over

your body I declare you be made well

right now supernaturally by the power of

the Holy Spirit right


oh thank you Lord

thank right now Lord right now Lord

right now Show Yourself

Strong Show Yourself Strong oh God Show

Yourself Strong right now give some kind

of sign that that is being done right

now let them let them sense something

let them see something something’s not

the same something’s changed right now

something’s going on right now in the

name of Jesus burn that disease

out burn that cancer out melt that tumor


now restore those kidneys right now in

the name of the Lord Jesus heal that

pancreas right now

in cancer you go you take your oet you

take your hands off the people of God

right now

thank you

Lord receive it receive it receive it

receive it receive it receive

it receive it physical physical

deformity just so others can see


deformities thank you


ah thank you





healed in Jesus

name come on will you thank God for what

he’s already

done will you thank him for what he’s



hallelujah could you be seated to

prepare prare your offerings now this is

how offering

goes as generous as he is to

us let’s be generous to

him no gimmicks no

games I bring unto the Lord Glory due to


name I bring an

offering and I I worship him in the

beauty of his

Holiness and I give out of a cheerful

heart not out of

necessity not out of

fear but a cheerful heart if you need an

offering envelope raise your

hands I I I I know we we’re changing

offerings a little bit you know I’m not

sharing three or before scriptures

because you got to learn how to give out

of your heart everything in this New

Testament comes out of your

heart out of your

heart how we live every day out of our

hearts how we believe every day how you

wake up tomorrow and say I’ve got the

verdict I need no more condemnation Lord

no more fear no more

stress no more workings of the curse in


life all is

well my

goodness I pray that the presence of God

you sense in this place you you go home


him that as you drive your

car it’s want to just bathe in his

present so you can get out the car wet

and drip on somebody in the house

oh and if this is our last day on the

planet and Jesus decides to come

tomorrow oh praise the

Lord somebody said not yet I ain’t ready

I ain’t married yet you better you me I

am too you better hurry up I’m not going

to be waiting around till you do what

you need to do you better you better ask

the Lord to help

you I’m ready today right now 3 minutes

ready to go

let me tell you something do you think

Heaven is going to be less of an

experience than

Earth whatever you experience here or

think it’s going to be awesome here when

you get to heaven it it what wait on

what get to heaven are you

serious so I am looking up every day and

praying for his

return but until he comes we going to

get this message Grace down

until it’s oozing out of our our

spirits that you’ll notice that every

time you come in here we talking about

Jesus the shadow

Caster somebody had the shadow had to

cast a shadow in the old Covenant it was

Jesus and everything points to

him hold your offerings up father we

thank you for the privilege of being

able to give out of a cheerful heart the

privilege of being able to give out of

love out of inspiration and Thanksgiving

for all that you’ve done for us we bless

you in Jesus name

amen let’s just go ahead and receive

this offering and while I’m at it I

pray that a harvest will come your

way that will surprise you in front of


people hallelujah glory be to


something good is going to happen to you

this week praise

God David said I had to believe that I

would see the goodness of the Lord in

the land of the living so believe that

you will see the goodness of the Lord

this week I believe I’m going to see the

goodness of the Lord this

week and I pray it blow your


that you have to run to the bathroom cuz

you about to fall out you in a board

room in a meeting in the boardroom

dressed up all night you got to get up

out of there cuz the Holy Ghost and

stood up oh no no he

didn’t well expect

it your sons and daughters of God expect

it we’re going to work on our receiving

we’re going to work on our daily

receiving from

God consistently in a receiving

mode so no matter how much time goes by

it’s never if but

when and you’re asking God what what

what what is it I need to know where

what is it I need to to adjust where do

I need to go because this life is about

yielding it’s about yielding learning

how to yield learning how to yield

praise God if you’re here today and

you’re not born again and you want to

make Jesus the Lord of your life right

before we dismiss and have our final

blessing if you’re not

saved I tell you I’d get saved so quick

today glory to God but I’m not you but I

invite you to come down to this altar if

you if you’ve never made Jesus the Lord

of your life and you want to be a born

again Christian today come if you’re

here and you want to recommit yourself

to God somewhere along the relationship

got interrupted and you want to you want

to get it going again and rededicate

your life to the Lord you can come

thirdly if you’ve never received the

baptism in the holy spirit with the

evidence of speaking in

tongues you can come and then last but

not least if God’s calling you to join

this church today World Changers Church

International you can come I’ve given to

you four things an opportunity to get

born again rededicate your life receive

the baptism of Holy Spirit join the


those of you who are watching online and

you would like to become an e church

member uh we thank God for our echurch

members you can go to

and click join at the top of the page in

Jesus name all right we good everybody

good going once everybody good going

twice everybody good going three times


right cuz I’m I figure if you ain’t down

here you got what you


right come

on Thou Art


Thou Art



th and thou are








worthy oh you’re worthy

Lord worthy of everything that we have



yeah father we pray for those who come

to this

altar remove every burden destroy every

yoke from their

lives and I thank you they’ll never be

the same again and your will will will

be known in their

lives blessings upon them I pray in


name amen if you’ll turn this way follow

this gentleman to our prayer

room they’re going to take you and

minister to

you we thank God for you we love you so

much The Best Is Yet To

Come please stand for our final blessing

thank y’all so much for coming to church

today and thank you that God’s Building

A a church that’s not paying attention

to the weather and just hunger for God’s

praise and presence and word God bless

you something must be going on I see

some of y’all two Sundays in a row my


Amen the Lord is busy praise the

Lord and now May the grace of our Lord

Jesus Christ be upon you more and more

grace upon Grace upon Grace and that

Grace will abound and increase upon you

I declare that the angels of God will

carry out God’s command and watch over

you L you dash your foot against the

stone I pray that the favor of God will

go ahead of you and open doors before

you even

arrive I pray increase and promotion in

your life that what God has been

preparing you for for years and years

years you’re now going to go from the

last to the

first and now unto him who is able to

keep you from falling and to present you

faultless before the almighty God be

glory Majesty dominion and power both

now and forever and everybody said amen

God bless you have a great day


amen a am men amen what you got listen

first of all church was so so good we

just appreciate you guys being here um

what did I get out of church first of

all I was holding back te’s all service

let’s start there okay but there is one

thing that Holy Spirit had put on the

inside of me that I would like to share

to y’all when Pastor dollar was talking

about how condemnation gives birth to

fear and then fear gives birth to stress

and then stress gives birth to every

other curse Holy Spirit show me that

that that’s a generational stronghold

and it happens over and over and over

and over come on so you have to stop it

and the only way you have to stop it or

you can stop it is knowing that through

God I am enough y That’s it man what did

you get out of church today really quick

I want you guys to put what you got in

service today because you know some

people may have hopped on late so they

didn’t get the beginning of service they

may have to rewatch it so what you share

may actually bless someone else so for

me I was sitting there when he said um

how did he say it help me Holy Spirit he

said sinning does sinning doesn’t stop

when the verdict is not enough or

condemnation and it just opened my eyes

because like when you are sinning you’re

sinning and then you’re you want to get

back right with God and then that

produces self effort and you’re never

going to do enough pray enough be enough

you know to get back in his grace

because it’s through his grace that we

are enough so it really just opened my

eyes um and then also uh when he was

talking about the world the world is

going to be the world okay we got to

stop talking about the world and the

world the world the world is going to be

the world Jesus died for the world let’s

move forward and get our eyes back on

him yeah yeah so that’s what I got focus

on Jesus focus on him okay all right so

right now we’re going to shift our Focus

to our one of our favorite parts of

service which is giving we want you to

be able to put your seed in the ground

and I’m not even going to give no long

scripture today because what Pastor said

was enough there is no condemnation for

you to give God loves a cheerful Giver

so whatever you feel in your heart to

give we want to extend the opportunity

for you to get your seed in the ground

now so how can they give guys okay so

y’all already know it is four ways to

give to put your seat get your seat in

the ground you can text send a text send

World Changers and leave a space and add

your amount and text it to

74483 you can call us at


you can send it by mail at 2500 berck

Road College Park Georgia 30349 or you

can give online at world changes. org or

coll get your seed get your

seed in the in the ground okay so what’s

going on so really quick I just want to

recap yesterday it was a phenomenal time

shout out to the radical women of world

Chang of Church International that

showed up yesterday when I tell you my

heart is so full I know you missed it

girl but I’m tell you you miss the good

one okay so you make sure to register

for the next one but just to give you a

little snippet we did makeovers

makeovers from the inside out love that

we also had U many massages and talking

about selfcare and how you listen to

your body listen to you know the signals

in your body um there was also um Fallon

Ursula and I want to say Nikia who a

excuse me who gave great practical tips

if you’re dealing with you know you have

a child with disabilities mental

disabilities or you’re a caregiver to

your parents or you know just taking

care of your body when I say I’m so

grateful for a church and women of God

who believe in pouring in into you so

that you can you know pour out from the

Overflow so shout out to the women’s

fellowship and if you miss this one be

in the building next time I’mma Be there

yeah be in The

Bu so y’all already know we are less

than a month away from Bloom baby bloom

bloom baby Bloom ladies are you guys

registered for the bloom conference

happening March the 14th and the 15th

you do not want to miss it make sure you

guys register so you can join Jo us with

our very own Pastor Taffy dollar Laura

pinket chrisn McNair Dr Anita Phillips

Samar Joy past the dollar T yourb egyp

sherod and so many more for two power

pack days all about confidently reaching

Heights of your potential ladies y’all

already know it is time to what Bloom

baby Bloom text radical to

51555 or visit

to register also we want to call out all

volunteers if you have a calling a

volunteer on your life we would like for

you guys to join the radical volunteer

team if you are interested text I can

help to

51555 today what else is going on Denisa

so um New York my New York people put

something in the chat for me whether

it’s what is it the Empire State build I

don’t even know I’m Georgia Peach so I

don’t know what put put something in the

chat represent New York because the

change experience is coming to the east

coast y’all showed out in La now you get

to show out in New York so it’s going to

be Friday April the 26th somebody put

that in the chat Friday April the 26th

it’s going to be two sessions with

Pastor dollar I love that there’s a

morning session at 10:00 a.m. there’s an

evening session at 7 p.m. grab your

friends hop I know y’all got trains hop

on the trains come from burrow whatever

burrow you in make your way there and we

want to prepare for you so please text

change 2024 to 51555 to reserve your

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what else we got Grace next I’m going to

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man and I heard the headline was crazy

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July so go ahead and take your days off

grab your family come it was so much fun

last year I’m so excited for this year

um and if you’re just coming in we know

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stay engaged um and you can visit what we got Grace we

love you we say this over and over but

we mean it E Church even though you’re

at your homes you’re on your jobs or

wherever we love you we are appreciative

of you guys showing up each and every

weak we do not take it for granted and

yeah we love you what else you want to

say nothing just like like she said we

love you Pastor doll Pastor Taffy love

you um and make it a great week yes God

bless you yes

bye a room filled with Brilliant Minds

women gather to share and learn seeds of

knowledge ready to

bloom ideas blossoming as we

discern experts students leaders alike

each with her own light to

shine I break the bands of trauma in the

name of Jesus that’s trying to Snuff out

your garden there is something you felt

on the inside of you that built strength

within you to give you the courage to go

out and do what he assigned you to do

could you

consider cooperating with the

plan since he has done what he has done

I’m more than a conqueror greater is he

that’s on the inside of me than he

that’s in the world when you begin to

call those seeds that be not as only

they work by his stripes I am he but you

have to make up your mind I am ready I’m

not scared you will will not have my

marriage you will not have my mind for

we are not under the law ladies we are


grace are you ready to

bloom change the

world change the

world I’m

world world

everywhere I’m World

changer anoint with the of the Holy

Ghost I’m World

change tell the world of God

I’m a world

changer a heart


God us to

go make