Service Date: 01.12.20 11:15 AM


and we’re gonna continue I don’t want to

read a passage of Scripture it’s a song

it’s a song that King David wrote and it

was really part of his testimony of the

goodness of God and and there’s so much

in it it is it is poetic he is trying to

describe what must have transpired

between the time that he lifted up his

voice to God when he found himself in a

tight spot in a state of distress and

what must have happened between that

moment in the moment that God came

through and made everything okay and as

I was praying for you as we were

worshiping I really wanted to say and

these are words are very simple but

somebody needs to know everything is

going to be okay and in the spirit it’s

already okay I know it’s things simple

it’s elementary but it’s true sometimes

you need to know that it’s gonna be okay

because because you know David talked

about walking through the valley of the

shadow of death sometimes it is the

shadow of what might happen

it is the shadow of some potential

outcome that becomes distressful

distressing to us and it becomes

stressful and and it tries to wipe us

out and so so I’m just need to declare

to you right now no matter where you are

no matter where you’ve been no matter

what you’re going through I’m telling

you right now God has already seen the

end of it and and I’m bringing you a

report from the end of that thing and

telling you it’s gonna be okay if you

believe it praise God with me this

morning now I wouldn’t keep you alive to

make it worse

God God doesn’t keep you alive to seal

your doom he keeps you alive to bring

you into everything that he promised you

are you tracking with me that’s why you

have breath in your body you have breath

in your body because God hasn’t finished

revealing his goodness to you and God’s

gonna give you a nonprofit I’m supposed

to be teaching but God’s gonna give you

a new song so some of you you he’s gonna

give you a new song I wouldn’t be too

careful about writing the song now cuz

you’re right in the middle of it right

now if you wrote the song it would be a

sad song but I hear God’s saying I’m a

turn yours I’m gonna turn your mourning

into gladness I’m gonna turn your

confusion into praise so we’re gonna get

into this really quickly you know we

started last week in a conversation a

series about confidence and and there’s

gonna be a lot of here I’m just gonna

read it really quickly and and we’ll

talk about it and we’ll talk about what

I want to talk about today but this this

this psalm of David this song of David

this testimony of David this poem a poem

of David just stood out to me because it

is gonna reveal to us the characteristic

of God that sometimes we miss and I’ll

get into that but david says in psalm 18

beginning in verse 6 he says in my

distress I called upon the Lord that

word that was translated called is a

Hebrew word it’s a Hebrew word that it

can be better translated in my distress

I accosted the Lord so it wasn’t just

him calling on the Lord he called on the

Lord in such a way it was him

accosting God you ever been in a

situation where you didn’t have time to

to hope that God was listening or to

pray or to wonder or to wish to God but

you’re like God I need you right now and

if I have to arrest you come on to get

your attention I will do it see

sometimes there are different sounds and

different frequencies that come out of

our spirit as it relates to us engaging

God that touch God in different ways you

need to catch what I just said

see when you have made God your only

option there is a different frequency

that comes out of you

when you call upon him are you tracking

with me when you have multiple options

when you have eight or nine options and

one in your back pocket you call him God

in a way that doesn’t really move him

because he knows that you really haven’t

put your trust in him but when you have

made the Lord your confidence and when

you have made the Lord your trust and

you don’t have a plan B or a plan C or a

plan D when you call on him it’s

something different you accost God you

you you arrest his attention and

consequently watch this you earn God’s

focus how bad do you want it and so and

so it says in my distress I had costed

God I called upon the Lord and then it

says and I cried out to my god man this

is different this is different this is

not a cute little prayer I cried out to

God because I know when I cry out to God

I released a different type of sound you

know I’ve got my daughter my youngest

daughter before in just a couple of

weeks she’ll be four years old and and I

can tell when she’s just playing

she asks different types of cries

different levels of cry and there’s one

that I can hear crying and I’m like me

she’s just trying to play somebody to

try and get what she wants I won’t

really move I’ll listen but I won’t

really move right right but then there’s

a cry when something really happened and

I will drop whatever I am doing I will

run across the house if I have to I will

run across

because because there’s a different when

she’s calling for daddy daddy is one

thing to call for dad is another thing

to call for daddy and so he says not

only did I cost God but but I cried out

to my god and it says and he he heard my

voice from his temple and my my cry came

before him even to his ears it was how I

called on him it says and now he’s going

to begin to describe what had to have

transpired how how an omnipotent God how

an a mission God how how a you bid ik

was God how he could just come and get

involved and then comparatively my new

show of my life

what what he had to to come through how

he had to reduce himself and he just

talks about how literally the solar

systems and the universe has got shaken

up on his way to me I feel that for


God will shake up whatever he has to

shake up to come to you if he has to

create whatever he needs to create to

get to you that’s how much you matter to

him look at this look at how David

describes it in poetic form he says he

says then the earth shook and trembled

all because of you fill that for

somebody all because of you he’s not

doing this for a whole bunch he’s doing

this for one person I got to get this

then the earth shook and trembled the

foundations of the heels also quaked and

were shaken because he was angry he

wasn’t angry watch this he wasn’t angry

at David he was angry at that which was

attacking David I feel that for some of

you when your gods your enemies become

his enemies are you tracking with me and

I’m not even talking about human enemies

that’s a low-level thing I’m talking

about the enemy depression I’m talking

about the enemy of cats I’m talking I’m

talking about the illness in the enemy

of inadequacy self deprivation

you see your your haters aren’t what you

think we write about people no no you

got bigger haters than that all you got

to do is remove yourself from people no


it’s it’s the haters that taught your

mind it’s the haters

it’s the hater of doubt it’s the hater

of fear and so he’s angry watch see we

don’t hear that about God much he’s just

loving no he’s angry at what angst you

he’s angry at it can I keep reading in

verse 8 it says spoke smoke went up from

his nostrils look at that look at this

look at this this language look at this

imagery David is using his imagination

and devouring fire from his mouth coals

were kindled by it he bowed the heavens

also and came down with darkness under

his feet and he rode upon a cherub and

and flew he flew upon the wings of the


he made darkness a secret place his

canopy around him was dark waters and

thick clouds of the skies from the

brightness before him his thick clouds

pass with hell stones and coals of fire

you understand the dynamic here God the

Almighty God is moving from the

heavenlies moving from his secret

chambers coming through all of this

these solar systems and galaxies to get

down into your situation to bring you

out and all of these things are

happening right verse 13 it says the

Lord thundered and from heaven and the

most high uttered his voice and he’ll

stones and coals of fire he sent out his

arrows and scattered the foe look at

this this the Calvary coming for you

Calvary coming for you sent out his

arrows and scattered the foe lightnings

and abundance and he vanquished them

then the channels of the sea were seen

the foundations of the world were

uncovered at your rebuke Oh Lord at the

blasts of the breath of your nostrils he

sent from above he took me he drew me

out of many waters he delivered me from

my strong enemy from

who hated me for they were too strong

for me they confronted me in the day of

my calamity but the Lord was my support

he also brought me out into a broad

place he delivered me because he

delighted in me

let’s pray a little bit father thank you

so much for your word it is a lamp into

our feet it is a light into our past at

the entrance of your word there is light

and what darkness can exist in the

presence of light and so father I pray

that you would light us up today light

up our hearts light up our minds light

up our souls light up our lives so much

so that it would drive away everything

that is dark and negative and evil evil

and inconsistent with the good plans

that you have for us plans to prosper us

and not to harm us plans to give us a

future and a hope let your life come in

let it shine let it shine let it shine

from the inside out God that we might

glow afresh God that we from the inside

out my glow so gloriously then we light

up everything around us the Father I

thank you for the spirit of wisdom and

revelation and insight knowledge that I

might be a blessing to your children who

are under the sound of my voice we love

you we claim it in advance in Jesus name

Amen amen amen

can we give God the praise of expect

can we give Him praise already for what

he’s gonna do come on

already come on I feel my joy coming

back already

I feel strength arising in me already if

that’s your testimony put your hands




well god bless you you may be seated if

you’re able and just just greet somebody

on your way down I know you said hello

already but say say God bless you maybe

tell them you’re in the right place

tell them I’m praying for you and and if

they’re you got a seat next to you and

there’s somebody standing don’t be like

that don’t be like that

oh wow well my wife and I we were

supposed to take this vacation there’s a

little spot that we go to it’s not it’s

out of the country but not too far from

here and this place never disappoints

and we were supposed to go while we were

on our long sabbatical and then

something came up and we couldn’t go and

so we ended up going last week and and

as we were there last week you know one

of the things that I do when I get there

and when I get to other water spots that

I have like that spots of refueling and

refreshing is I ask God questions like

what now and I was in the middle of this

series a series on confidence if you

were here last week holler at me if you

weren’t here I I strongly encourage you

to get it and so we’re in this series

about confidence and you know it’s easy

for me to take the theme and take the

thought and to kind of run on and create

from that where we’re creative that’s

what we do we can create things but I

wanted to take a step back because I

realized that that the the time that

we’re in in our world is is it’s just a

little tricky right now you know and so

confidence on you know if it were six

months ago and I was talking about

confidence and how to be confident no

matter what the message doesn’t didn’t

necessarily have to be super deep you

know I could just talk about some basic

things but when you’ve got Australia on

fire when you’ve got literally wars and

rumors of wars right you got all these

things happen he got earthquakes but

re/code you just got hit with a series

of you know all these things going on I

realize that that may be the

conversation about instilling confidence

in God’s people is a slightly more

difficult conversation than I thought

because it’s one thing to be confident

when you know you got to pay your

mortgages you got to pay your rent or

you got to pay you

note and try to find some confidence

when times get tough it’s another thing

when the world seems to be shaking to

really truly be confident and so I

really took a step back at night and I

was praying oh my god like I don’t want

to talk about what I want to talk about

I don’t want to do what I want to do

because I recognize it got you have the

answers for Humanity you you know what

to say to people you know what to do you

understand times and seasons you know

how to give the best advice that

transcends time and season so I really

pulled back and I said God before I I

begin to to work on week 2 of this

message before you know I’m right in the

book right now before I even begin to

finish this book that I’m gonna put out

there which is basically thoughts that

God gives me you know before I do that

the call retreat and a couple of weeks

before we go on the woman evolved too

before I do anything before I really

step into this this season this new

decade and and and pour out God will you

please tell me what you want and God

said and I was waiting for some

multi-layer super deep you don’t I mean

you’re asking God what do you want

surely he’s gonna have you know this

just profound you know 30 minute

conversation I’m I’m like Moses on the

top of Mount Sinai and he you know any

right seat he pulls out the tablet and

he starts riding on it

it surely is gonna be multi-layered

multi-dimensional like that it wasn’t

you know what God said as I was asking

him about what do you want so that I can

give the people so they can be confident

so they can be prepared and equipped

because my mission my man that every

time I get up to speak is to do three

things it is to inform you it is to

enlighten you and it is to equip you

every single time I get up here that’s

what I’m after inform enlighten equipped

God you know everything what can I do to

make certain that all those that are

entrusting you know their their path to

my guide and some uncle’s others what do

you want and you know what God said

simple very very simple he says I want

to be known

and I was blown away i sat there look at

the sky talking to God he says I want I

want I want to be known because if I am

known it will solve every problem that a

human being can have if if if they if

they know me and so when we start

talking about confidence having

confidence and the most challenging of

times comes when God’s children know him

so last week we talked about confidence

through covenant and if you weren’t here

last week I encourage you to get the

podcast watch it on YouTube whatever you

got to get that message in your life

because it was really it there’s some

stuff in there that every believer ought

to know right so confidence indeed we

talked about covenant or confidence

bringing covenant covenant bringing

confidence rather and I also realized

that as it relates to knowing God and

not only does this covenant bring

confidence but but knowing the character

and the characteristics of God takes

confidence to a whole nother level and

it brings you to a whole nother level of

reassurance and if we look back and we

look at all the people who did great

things for God they accomplished great

feats for God one thing that they all

had in common was that they knew God I

mean they knew God knew God they weren’t

acquainted with God let me show you

something really quickly this is

something that that job said you know

Joby’s the the the guy in the Bible that

nobody wants to be like hello somebody

you know you have your heroes in the

Bible I want to be like Abraham I want

to be like Moses I want to be like Jesus

I want to be like Peter no one says I

want to be like jovem because as you

know Joe went through a lot of things

but Jobe said something powerful at the

end of his ordeal by the way there is

always an end to your ordeal so if

you’re in a situation as I mentioned

earlier just know that there’s always an

end and the end is better than the

beginning are you tracking with me

that’s why you got to keep going that’s

why you can’t quit that’s why you can’t

give up because

you’re moving towards and end and I feel

this for some of you I hear God saying

the end is gonna be worth the middle and

the beginning I feel the Spirit of God

some of you feel like you missed out

with some stuff I can’t do this right


pull it in let me pull it in someone you

feel like you missed out on some stuff

right some of you like man I’m past my

prime I missed out on this I missed out

on that but you were counting the end in

the beginning or the middle the end of a

thing is what qualifies a thing it is

not how you started is how you finish

are you tracking with me where my

finishers at listen just to see what the

end is gonna be I’m gonna run on oh no

no okay

I can’t do it I gotta pull it in pull it

in pull it in uh-huh the end the end so

anyway job at the end of his day says

something in joke 42 and five and it’s

powerful he says I have heard of you by

the hearing of the ear but now my eyes

have seen you he’s talking about going

to another level in your relationship

and your knowledge of God because a lot

of times too many too large a percentage

of believers have a relationship with


via hearsay I’ve heard of you by the

hearing of the ear III yeah I know my

pastor says these things about you I

know my grandma says these things about

you and we are living we’re trying to

live vicariously through other people’s

faith are you tracking with me I mean if

this is the end of jobs testimony then

could it be that the only reason why he

went through what he went through is to

get from having a relationship with God

through hearsay versus having a

relationship with God watch this through

I say here’s what I mean here’s what I

mean when you’re growing in your

relationship with God there is a

dialogue that should be cultivated

between you and God here is how the

dialogue works first God comes to you

and God says I am then by the time he’s

finished with you God doesn’t have to

come to you and say I am you start

declaring he is he is my light and my

salvation he is my shepherd I shall not


he is right that takes time so so so

right now some of you are in a season

where you’re just hearing God say that I

am and that’s fine everybody’s got to

start somewhere but if you’re gonna walk

out your calling if you’re gonna be

everything that God has called you to be

if you’re gonna be a tree planted by the

rivers of water that brings forth its

fruit in every season you’ve got to go

from God saying who is to you saying who

God is are you tracking with me if you

know who God is not because he said it

but because you have found a testimony

and you can say it – come on and holla

at me this morning the Lord is my light

and my salvation whom shall I fear are

you tracking with me so we have to get

to this place where our relationship is

no longer here so let me show you what

hearsay means literally the definition

of hearsay is this is this unverified

unofficial information gained or

acquired from another and not a part of

one’s direct knowledge oh man is MC if

you’re taking notes write this down the

most important thing you can ever do in

life is to know God

it’s to know God now I’m gonna level

with you

knowing God the way that God wants you

to know him is a journey of evolution

fill the Lord Paul said something if

you’re taking notes for your own Bible

study Philippians 3:10 Paul says

something very interesting at a time in

his life where he already knew God he

says he’d already planted churches and

everything so so clearly he knew the

Lord but he says to know him this is

what I want

about first he lists all of his earthly

accomplishments and they were vast and

he says I count all of that as nothing

watch this that I might know God I’m

like bro you you you already know god

you’re you’re writing these powerful

letters and and you you’re planting

churches like but he’s saying no no no

no no no no I gotta I gotta stay with

this that there’s more to see there’s

more to know he later says that I forget

those things that are behind me and I

reach forward to those things which are

ahead I’m pressing toward the mark what

mark are you pressing toward it’s the

mark of knowing God and I’m a level with

you family knowing God the way that God

wants you to know him is not cheap God

is not a cheap thrill he is not an easy

date he don’t just drop them you don’t

you don’t you don’t he’ll probably gonna

use a better choice of words God just he

just don’t you you got it you got to

push up on God come on somebody you

you’re not gonna get it on the first

date sanding my wife ready to wheel me

in no no no you you got a court god you

gotta let God know that you recognize

how valuable God is are you tracking

with me God God is not your side thing

come on somebody and he knows also he

knows when you’re cheating he knows when

you’ve got option a B C a DS not you

gotta say God you are everything baby

what ain’t nobody but you I was made to

love you you got a Mac got down

got a Mac him down and he knows what you

lying so it can’t be no fake pimp stuff


you you gotta call him by his real name

hello somebody you’ve got to push up on

God and you got to stick with it if I’ve

got a fast to get to know you I will

fast if I’ve got to pray to get to know

you I will do it if I’ve got to let go

of some people in order to get close to

you I will do whatever I’ve got to do

because there’s nobody like you it’s

nobody like you I’m serious about you

I’m after you God early in the morning

will I seek you I won’t make a decision

with I want you involved in every area

of my life I won’t make a move without

you if your presence does it go with me

I am NOT going


got a push up on him

you got to stick with it God will play

hard to get on you uh-huh hard to get

there’s something in the pursuit

something about the pursuit change

happens in the pursuit in the pursuit

that’s why something just well we feel

like we have got figured out and we know

exactly where and when to find him

he moves they say in a marriage you

ought to keep the mystery hello somebody

now let me come back here I digress yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah just you ever been

there I know that if I all I gotta do is

come to church and I’ll be connect to

God and you start doing you get in your

your rhythm your spiritual rhythm and it

works and then all of a sudden one day

you go back to your water spot watch

this after you were wiling out the night

before this thing can just look straight

ahead just yeah cuz it’s not for you I

can while out and then I can go here and

then you go there and and and you feel

nothing God move because it is a pursuit

and he plays hide and get I talked about

it a couple of weeks ago it is the glory

to the glory of God to conceal a thing

and it’s to your glory to search it out

to seek it out right there’s something I

meant to it came up when I was speaking

at the earlier service today but there’s

something really powerful it’s in one of

the epistles of Peter and you know you

gonna have to find it on your own and I

promise you it’s in there I read the

whole Bible and you’ll find that I trust

you you find it but he says that God has

given us everything that pertains to

life and godliness through the knowledge

of himself that’s heavy that’s heavy

so God is saying it’s not that I’m

giving you things

he’s saying that I’ve actually already

given you everything that pertains to

life and godliness the natural and the

supernatural the physical and the

spiritual everything that you will need

every resource that you will need I’ve

already given to you and he says but it

is hidden in the knowledge of God oh god

help me are you tracking with me so so

everything so now it makes sense as to

if I press into God and say God what do

you want now it makes sense to why he

said I want to be known because

everything that you need for this life

and the next life and any life is in

knowing him is in knowing him and you

can know him can we go a little further

and can we go a little deeper and so

let’s talk really quickly about the

characters characteristics of God and

there’s one in particular one that I

want to focus on but let me let’s just

talk about the characteristic God these

characters these are the things that

give me confidence first of all first of

all for me one thing that sets God apart

from anything and everything it makes

him worth me pursuing and wooing for the

rest of my life is his faithfulness oh

my god have you ever experienced when

you look back over your life and you see

the consistency of God even when you

were inconsistent God was always

consistent do I have anybody in here who

is so great

come on that song all of my life you

have been faithful we are here right now

we are here because of God’s

faithfulness your heart right now is

beating in your chest right now as

assigned to you of the faithfulness of

God he has consistently kept your heart

beating I mean just take a minute and

just think about your life think about

if you’re like me you got like nine life

right there like nine different two

arrays seven of them you didn’t know

anything about thank God are you

tracking with me but in each of those

seasons of my life God was faithful when

he could have just thrown everything

away when if I listened if I would reap

the harvest of my unfaithful years I

wouldn’t be standing here right now and

I’m not the only one if you know that

you’re only here by the grace of God and

by the faithfulness of God do me a favor

just about eight seconds can you just

thank him for being faithful for not

dealing with you the way he could have

dealt with you for blessing you for

providing you’re here

because of his faithfulness and he’s

worthy of worship for that nobody like

him faithful faithful favor come on just

think about it sometimes we get saved

and we forget who we use them




faithfully it wasn’t always the way you

wanted it but he was always faithful you

just look back over your life there’s a

song we should sing an old church all in

my life God’s been good to me down

through the years and sometimes you

don’t have enough years under your belt

to really appreciate that but you just

keep living

you just keep living you’re gonna look

back and you’re gonna see the goodness

of God followed you Wow

step while you’re getting ready I feel

this for somebody’s prophetic some of

you you get ready to come into an

awakening of the goodness of God Wow and

it’s gonna change watch this it’s gonna

change your life because you’re gonna

realize see you thought it was because

you were smart and you thought it was

because you made all the right moves and

you thought it was because you weren’t

right no no no that was the faithfulness

of God because people that were smarter

than you people that made better

decisions than you are you tracking with

me people that were in better families

than you did not make it

it was the goodness of God it was the

faithfulness of God that has brought you

this far and that goodness is gonna see

you to the end I would serve him simply

because of his faithfulness the

faithfulness of God evokes loyalty it

invokes loyalty then the mercy of God is

something else that’s something I mean I

could talk about the characteristics of

God maybe I’ll do that one day I mean

the mercy of God that’s a completely

different thing the mercy of God that’s

like when when


that’s like when that’s like when when

you should have can you recall a time

where you just completely disregarded

God and maybe even in your own way

cursed God I wish I had time I could

tell you stories I called myself getting

mad at God and was done and got my car

with the Vegas

do the math mad at God Vegas hey it’s

true call myself being mad at God i’ma

show him just how mad I am and what mad

people with people who are mad at God do

they go to Vegas I’m kidding kidding

bunch of lovely spirit filled believers

in Vegas I have a revival in Vegas come

on somebody that’s why I went I went

because I wanted to pray and it’s crazy

and I was getting ready to do something

stupid in Vegas I remember I was getting

ready something real stupid and God

showed up and said don’t play with me


have you ever been delivered from

yourself you you would like fully

committed to some foolishness

but the mercy of God reached in

interrupted your plans and pulled you

out of it if you just got a memory give

God praise real quick

oh there was so many moments oh man if I

had time to tell you all these stories

where I was on the cusp of death but

didn’t know it watch this I was on the

cusp of death calling it fun I’m trying

to stir up some memories for some people

in here right now God has been good to

you maybe you’re not where you want to

be but thank God you’re not where you

could be I can recall I’m trying to stop

because I got ground to cover I can

recall not even knowing how I got home

I remember being wasted I remember

getting in the car and all our remembers

waking up the next morning how many of

us know all night and all day angels

God God will protect his purpose in you

even when you don’t know your value even

when you don’t know who you are

I could I could serve him forever simply

because of his mercy there were moments

family god I want to testify there were

moments where death was right there

right there

wish I could be even more transparent I

want to freak you out I mean like right

there and if I would have had all of the

instrumentation so I’m gonna give you to

go forward in that moment that I was in

I would be dead but God said no no no no

I’m not even gonna let your crazy wipe

you out I’ve got a plan for you there’s

a call on your life


and here’s the thing there are things

that God has done for some of you that

you don’t even know because God doesn’t

have an ego he doesn’t have to make a

list of these things and put it in your

face you know we do something for

somebody who say well you know I loaned

you that five thousand dollars the other

day you know if it wasn’t for me God

doesn’t have that he can bless you he

can protect you he can cover you and not

even bring it up you’ll get to heaven

and say oh my god that was you there’s

things that you don’t even know about

that God did for you some of you just on

your way here God did something for you

God interrupted something there was a

weapon for him to get you and God says

no baby it’s not gonna prosper she

belongs to me he belongs to me

I could serve him and worship Him

forever just for that but there’s

another characteristic the God wanted

you wanted me to tell you about himself

and this is a characteristic of God that

isn’t popular this is a characteristic

of God that in our modern church culture

oftentimes we leave out we know that God

is a God of love we’ve got that figured

out but God is also a God of warfare see

but we don’t like that we don’t like

that we don’t like that no because that

seems to war against my positive outlook

I don’t want a god of war of warfare

I want a God of peace I could understand

that I don’t send it there’s only one


if God is only a God of peace then that

means that he has to speak peace to your

depression that means that when he looks

at the issue of human trafficking when

he looks at the issue of injustice or or

poverty if he is only a God of peace he

has to look at poverty and say peace be

unto you he has to look at human

trafficking and say peace be unto you he

has to look at sexism and racism and say

peace be unto you God is a God of love

but even love has war in it

even peace let’s talk about peace

because it’s important for you to

understand that this existence whether

you like it or not I’m here to enlighten

you this existence is war I don’t talk

what peace is just say this exist in

watches nothing good comes out of this

existence without a contest or a fight

oh you know you don’t know the pastor

you’re warring against no everything is

positive I understand that and I

appreciate that but in order to have

positive you have to war against the

negative what’s this peace Trump’s chaos

so when you lean into peace what you are

doing is you’re warring against chaos

and confusion or you don’t get this you

get this the only thing that comes to us

in life without a fight or having to

come through fight is temptation another

thing that comes easy

the only thing worthwhile that comes

easy is temptation have you ever noticed

how easy temptation is temptation is

never like some difficult thing I’m

tempting you to swim seven miles then

ride a jet ski backwards do two

backflips off a whale’s back no it’s

always something that is easy the only

thing that comes without a fight is

temptation that’s how you know you can’t

trust in this existence is war when I go

to meditate what I’m doing what I’m

meditating is I’m bringing the power of

God to crush anxiety

I cannot pretend that anxiety doesn’t

exist the reason why mindfulness is so

popular now is because of the rise in

anxiety that’s war when I pray that’s

war when I meditate that’s war

everything in my life is at war my

business is at war if you look at it

prosperity is at war against poverty

happiness is at war against sadness

everything is war your marriage is war

some of your like you got that right

Betty not the way you mean but I’m

saying in order to keep your marriage

you have to war against inner and outer

contaminants you have got to fight for

every blessing that God brings in your

life let me tell you something if it

comes easy I do not trust it because

everything that is worthwhile will have

warfare and this is important because we

if we just embrace us that positive it

just doesn’t exist to me then win-win

when something when warfare comes you’re

gonna think something is wrong no baby

when warfare comes something is not

wrong something is right you were

created for war that’s why that’s why

when David is describing his

relationship with God he says God he’s

teaches my hands to war and my fingers

to fight a negative thought that becomes

oppression is war did you know that have

you ever been depressed

have you ever been down what do you

think was going on that was war raised

against you that’s why Paul says for the

weapons of our warfare are not carnal

but they’re mighty through God to the

pulling down of strongholds casting down

imaginations and every high thing that

exalts itself against the knowledge of

God so when you think war don’t think

people you missed it it’s not people

we’re talking about thoughts your

adversary is called the Prince of the

power of the air in the air right now

there are all these thoughts and if you

don’t understand that you’re in a war

which means that you can’t take

everything that comes your way then

you’re gonna be victimized by war

because you were just thinking

everything is positive it is not

positive everything is not positive

God is positive everything isn’t and

he’s a God of War and he will do warfare

against everything that does warfare

against you let me give you some more

examples of this you got to see it right

so that you’re not taken by the fact

that that war is breaking out right if

you think about it there’s even a war

inside of you what God wants to do and

what you want to do biblically it’s a

spirit versus the flesh so how can you

say there is no war if in order for you

to be who you’ve got a call to be you

have to subdue the part of you that is

lesser than who God wants you to be in

order for the real you to emerge that is

called war and this is very important to

understand that God is in to fighting

for you he’s in the fighting for you

let’s go deeper even your purpose is war

your purpose is war you always have to

fight for it

there’s always distraction from your

purpose there’s always the senseless

thought of inadequacy what do you think

that comes from you are in hostile

territory yeah and if I know I’m in a

war i navigate differently I don’t I’m

careful over my time I’m careful over

what I put in my spirit and what I put

in my mind because I’ve got to be fit

right I’m not always looking back

talking about shoulda woulda coulda will

regret I’m looking forward because I

realize there’s a reason why God put

eyes on the front of my face

because the battle is in front of me not

behind me are you tracking with me

somebody needed that regret has been

haunting some of you let me just stop

even if it’s just three or you imma take

about two seconds and just talk to you

for a second regret regret that’s

warfare regret is warfare wishing that

you could go back when you can’t go back

how is that ever productive how is

desiring to do something that you can

never do you can’t go back to 20 you

can’t go back to 15 you can’t go back to

it how can that be God you know what it


warfare because as long as I am longing

for what is not there I am living in

la-la land I am delusional and it is

keeping me from the thing that’s in

front of me that’s why Paul said I

forget what’s behind me it doesn’t exist

anymore it doesn’t mean anything anymore

if I’m still alive the best is yet

that’s warfare feeling sorry for


it’s warfare see sometimes your

adversary doesn’t have to wipe you out

all he has to do is distract you

disallowing you to be present in the

moment because when you’re present in

the moment you have the power that’s in

the moment somebody ought to catch that

every moment is loaded with power every

moment is loaded with the ability not

just for that moment before the next

series of moments and if I am

at the moment because regret has got me

she didn’t would have could has got me

self inadequacy has got me then I can’t

walk in the power of the moment but when

I’m in that moment and I’m trusting God

in that moment awesome things can happen


it’s funny sometimes b-boy

he seems so angry no I’m fighting for

you I’m fighting for you

I get this the word came to me I live

this I’m fighting for you cuz sometimes

you won’t fight for you see when I’m

here and I’m sweating and I’m working

out and I don’t have to go to gym later

I don’t do that now because I’m here

with you you know what I’m doing I’m

fighting against thoughts I’m fighting

against your doubt I’m fighting against

you saying is this for me

could this be from me I’m fighting

against what’s fighting against you

because I want to see you be everything

that God has created you to be

that’s my purpose and I want to tear

down every lie and I want to tear down

every doubt and I want to tear down all

the fear and I want to tear down all the

inadequacy I want to tear this sucker

down so that you can be who you were

created to me no I’m not mad I’m just

gonna fight I’m gonna fight and I won’t

stop I love you too much just my God

won’t stop just like God how he came

from the heavens when he heard your cry

when he heard that situation and he

vanquished the phone

you’re in a fight this the people in

here you got to get your fight back you

got to get your fight back life brought

it to you you got to bring it to life

are you tracking with me

if life brought it to you that means

that God has already qualified you to

knock it out I hear God saying stand up

I hear God saying put your dukes back up

get back in the ring

start swinging at


he’s the god of warfare he’s a god of

warfare that’s warfare for you see it’s

important that you notice because we

don’t understand it this is this

existence has a an aspect of war in it

and the God will war on your behalf if

you don’t know that you’re gonna leave

victories on the table victories on the

table you just you just accept things

you don’t believe me that they existence

is war you don’t think cancer is war

it’s war that’s why you hear people say

I’m fighting it’s war you don’t watch

this you don’t get to choose to not

enlist in a natural situation you’ve got

that option maybe hopefully but not in

the spirit realm you were birthed into

chaos your birth the de chaos yeah sorry

sorry but it’s true but God wouldn’t

birth you went to chaos if you didn’t

have something set up for you

there’s a name for God I’m almost done

there’s a name for God that that we

don’t we don’t hear about a lot we hear

about Jehovah Jireh my God will provide

for me we’re here about Jehovah Shalom

God who is my peace we got all beat we

know all the cute names right come on

somebody you know I’m telling my Jehovah

Nissi is my victory there you got all

the names right yeah all this stuff but

there’s another name for God and it’s

the name Adonai is vote and it literally

means the Lord of heavens armies oh yes

he’s a God of love but how many’s no

love fights for what it loves my one of

my children came home recently and said

to me that someone had said something

awful off base to her some guy said

something inappropriate and

disrespectful I picked up the phone I

tracked his number down we do we’re not

in relationship with each other I don’t

I don’t have his number I tracked him

down I got on the phone and said if you

ever ever even think about forming your

lips to say anything remotely close to

being disrespectful to my daughter

you’re gonna have a problem like you

don’t want to have now that’s in a

natural that’s in a natural because I

wasn’t saying that I was gonna pray

dismemberment in my spirit but I yes

y’all just pray for me only mess with my

kids but that was because I love her I

love her I am I am I am I love her so

much that anything that threatens her

that anything that’s not God’s absolute

best for her than anything that

does not present to her on the level of

the royal queen that she is anything

that does not look like what I

envisioned for her I am vehemently

opposed to and I’m human

so can you imagine a perfect sovereign

father who knew you before he even puts

you in your mother’s womb can you

imagine what he will do for you yeah

he’s a God of love

he’s got love but he’s also a god of

warfare and when you understand that

about him

it also helps you to understand you you

were created to fight when things come

easy from just by done when things come

easy to me I don’t trust it because I

have a warfare mentality does it not it

does not mean that I’m cantankerous I go

out looking for a fight

I want nice people you can ever meet but

I’m watching uh-huh I’m watching because

I know that I can’t get there without a

battle let me look at something real

quick make sure I’ll cover my bases yeah

I’m almost done want you to play bruno

said that don’t know I’m almost done


here is the truth guys god is love but

sometimes I don’t need a hug sometimes I

don’t that’s not what I need from God

sometimes I do need to go hug from God

but when I’m in the heat of the battle I

don’t want a hug I want a warrior in my

distress I called upon the Lord and he

heard me I want I want that God I want

that God that that when he hears me pray

and he hears me call out to God that he

hears what I hear when my baby girl

cries I want a God that will disengage

all the happenings of heaven on my

behalf that he would just say hold on

hold on he’s up there with Moses and all

them and as I hold away oh no wait wait


that’s tour a meeting adjourned

ties I don’t want to I want you to fight

for me and he will and he will look at

these last two verses in that and that

Psalm 18 in his last two verses look at

how that portion ends it says

in verse 18 it says they comfort makes

cuter they confronted me and the day of

my calamity they they what what is they

what are they they are anything you ever

find yourself in a moment and your

calamity it might seem like a calamity

but oftentimes you’re just in a

situation that God is working out so

here’s what happens sometimes you find

yourself in a situation that god is

working out and because you’re in a war

and because a breakthrough is imminent

they confront you what are they those

thoughts inadequacy I’m not enough fear

doubt comparison that leaves you feeling

less than they think they surround you

wow I need to say this right because

here’s the thing that some of you and

your you’re in at your you’re in the

middle right you know I talked earlier

about the beginning the middle and the

end and the end is always better than

the beginning and and one of the the

most tricky times in life is when you’re

in the middle when it’s not done yet

for some reason we we only have security

in the end when we have in possession

would got promised and that’s when we

feel the most secure which means that


when we feel the most insecure is when

we are in the middle which means that in

the middle is your most vulnerable place

it’s your most vulnerable time and

because we’re in a war there is an enemy

and then enemy comes and he becomes a

part of the they that confront you in

the moment that you’re perceiving as a

calamity and God doesn’t like that God

doesn’t like that cuz that’s not fair

here’s God saying I I got you on my will

I’m spinning you I’m shaping you and

you’re on your way to becoming something

that if you can just get through this

spin cycle

hello somebody what you’re gonna be

presented as when I finish spinning you

so wonderful

and here comes they it’s negative

thoughts god I can’t believe that after

all we’ve been through you’re gonna

leave me now gotta I can’t believe that

this is the end of my journey I can’t

believe that’s they that’s a day that’s

negativity that’s that’s they that’s the

evil one David said they confronted me

in the day of my calamity in the day of

my calamity not the year in the day of

my clam in other words when God flips

the switch when he turns it around it’s

gonna be so quick it’s gonna seem like

it was only a day I feel that for

somebody I gotta save that right it felt

like a year it felt like a decade but

when he turns it it’s gonna be like it

was simply a day if that’s your word

holla at me if that’s your world

I don’t care how long it felt like when

it’s over it’s gonna feel like one day

Oh God I want to say la in that it’s

gonna feel like one day felt like all

your life I felt like all of your 20s

hey I felt like for like May in my

thirties whoo my time in LA well and

it’s because they were surrounding you

and when they surround you it always

feels longer and less hopeful see God is

not against people he’s against they do

they the high things that exalt

themselves against God’s knowledge

that’s the day that he’s after and

that’s why when you’re in the midst of

the battle and you’re fighting fighting

depression and you’re fighting

inadequacy and you’re fighting guilt and

you’re fighting shame you got to open

your mouth because they are trying to

take you under they it says they

confronted me in the day of my calamity

and then in verse 19 but it says in the

day Michael a calamity it says but the

Lord was my support

and then in verse 19 it says he also

brought me out into a broad place a

broad place it’s not so tight anymore

right when they get around you man I

feel this I’m trying to stop it’s ready

when they get around you your options

seem little to none Oh God

your creativity is shut down if I’m

talking like you just just stand up and

receive it your creativity is shut down

I just want you to know is that if I’m

not don’t don’t but if but if this is

hitting you I want you to stand up and

receive change your position when they

are around you

you feel trapped you can’t hustle up on

a positive thought and even when you

hear a positive thought or a positive

word it has to fight through the prison

doors of a to get to you and by the time

you leave the environment with that

positive word was spoken to you when

that word was spoken to you

they have choked out that word again and

you are under the atmosphere of the

consciousness of they trying to say this

right I’m trying to move but this is for

somebody and in the midst of that God

says I’m gonna be your support I’m gonna

come down and I’m gonna scatter all the

Vaes in your life if you call on me and

you understand that that vein is warfare

against you

it’s warfare against you man can I just



see sometimes that they are too much for

you to be honest with you as it passes

in Ecclesiastes where Solomon says if

one is overpowered by another to can

withstand them and a 3/4 clue 3/4 but

what that tells me is that sometimes I

know you’re strong no you’re tough no

you don’t want to bother anybody but

sometimes you got to open your mouth and

cry out to God and sometimes you got to

cry out to somebody else I’ve got a cry

out to your therapist you got a cry out

to your pastors you got a cry out here

at the altar in prayer you’re gonna cry

out to people that love you because

sometimes if he isolates you they can

get you and while I just I’m trying to


I feel like vain

have been trying to isolate you I’ve

been trying to take you to a dark place

this is what David was he felt himself

shrinking and going into this this place

and he’s like no any a caustic God if

you are I just feel this just let me

just let me do this unorthodox but if

you’re here and they they have been all

over you you get down to this altar as

fast as you can I want to pray for you

they they they have been messing with

your creativity they have been trying to

tell you that it’s not going to happen

they have been telling you your pastor

time they has been saying you’ve missed

your moment they have been saying you’re

not enough you’re not good enough you

don’t have what it takes they and see

God wants to deal with your they because

they is saying the opposite of what God

is saying about you

God is saying for I know the plans that

I have for you plans to prosper you and

not to harm you to give you a future and

a hope so the reason why God is against

your day is because your they is

exalting itself against the knowledge of

God and so God says that I got weapons

for that and if you cry out to me if you

come and you pray and you seek my face

I’m gonna scatter the phone it says it

says in the day they confronted me in

the day of my calamity but the Lord was

my support put that scripture back up

there please and then it says and he he

sent me in a broad place he brought me

God also brought me he delivered me from

they and he brought me out into a large


large place in other words they keep you

limited and restricted and you can’t

even buy a good thought I feel like

there’s no way to go your options are

limited your creativity is shut down

but then when God gets finished with you

because he’s a god of warfare and when

he comes in and he begins to deal with

today so if you study that it says he

scatters the foe fill that we’re gonna

pray today and I feel like God’s gonna

put his fist down and he’s gonna scatter

every lie that has been tormenting you

every lie about who you are every lie

about your life I feel like God’s gonna

pull and they are gonna scatter who and

life is gonna come back to you again and

creativity is gonna come back to you

again and optimism is gonna come back to

you again and you’re gonna you’re gonna

find yourself again come on if you’re

here and they have been messing with you

get as close to this altar as you can it

says he also brought me out into a broad

place he delivered me because he

delighted in me watch this so my love

for you and my war over you go hand in


out and I as vote is on your side yes he

is a God of love yes he will hug you yes

he will affirm you yes he will identify

with you but he will also fight for you

if you’re here and you don’t know god oh

my god if you’re here and you don’t know

God and you want to know him you know I

started off earlier today saying that

God wants to be known this means that in

order to get you to where you need to be

God will break all of the religious

rules that you’ve come to know if you do


then God will do this God says let me

tell you something what I will do is I

will reveal myself to you if you study

the scripture he went out of his way he

didn’t wait for people to come into

quote/unquote the institution I’m

thinking about the woman at the well he

went to her revealed himself to her made

himself known to her and that did the


so if you’re here and maybe you say man

I’ve got to here say relationship with

God I my relationship with God through

my grandma through my pastor through my

my friend but I wanna I need to convert

that because I need real confidence if

you hear and you say pastor I want I

want I want to know God like for real I

wanna I want to know the voice of God I

wanna I don’t want to be guessing I

don’t want to I got all these questions

and and I need guidance and I I wanna I

wanna I want to know if that’s you I

want you to come to coz I want to pray

for you as well what we’re done we just

got to pray

confidence is when you know the

character of God look at that imagery

man David cried out he didn’t have to be

tough right I always taught me I’ll be

tough no sometimes you gotta just cry

sometimes the toughest thing you can do

is say God help the same way I run to

the other side of the house why you’re

my daughter scream and it’s a real cry

how much more well God come through for

you he’s I feel God God is waiting to

pick on what’s been bullying you he’s

waiting he can’t wait

he cannot wait angels waiting to support


odd no knives volt got to know that

about him he’s the Lord of heavens

armies you’re not in some little cute

little cute little kingdom you everybody

passing out flowers and lollipops and

stuff like that that’s cute whatever

that moves you fine this is the kingdom

of heaven kingdom of heaven the kingdom

of heaven you remember dad remember when

Jesus was on his way to the cross and

they were laughing at him we got you

yeah heal yourself I he’ll look you’re

not all bad tough now and Jesus said let

me just correct you for a second on cuz

you get a little beside yourself he said

don’t you know that I could summon

legions of angels right now that would

completely turn Jerusalem upside down

right now you say but I’m not

don’t get it twisted I’m only doing this

because this is part of my plan to bring

Redemption but don’t you ever think for

a second that I am NOT Who I am

I could summon lenses of angels one of

which can turn can flip this whole thing

upside down I want you to know what

you’re a part of Father I thank you so

much for your sons and daughters who are

here under the sound of my voice

many Lord hundreds have come to the

altar right now to respond to you

acknowledging that sometimes they get

the best of them but God just as David

cried out to you with his voice in

earnest he accosted you because you love


wera costing you right now I thank you

that something is breaking even right

now I saw it in this spirit you were

putting the gavel down and and I saw

judgment oof it was like the judges

gavel and just putting it down and I saw

justice because those negative thoughts

are injustice those thoughts that lie to

you about you those are spiritual and

justices and God is bringing the gavel

down boom says God that is a lie

says God let that brick off of her says

God let that brick off of them since God

let that break off of them by my name

and so I pray God that you would move

through every circumstance right now

every circumstance every circumstance

and break every lie every lie about self

every lie about God himself may it be

broken right now and in God there’s some

here today who say I want to know you

Lauren you asked when I asked you what

you wanted and you could have said

anything you said I want to be known if

you care about people then make me known

to them and that will be the greatest

thing you can ever do the father you

said that that how can they hear without

a preacher and therefore I preached

which means that they have heard and

faith comes by hearing so faith than you

comes by hearing so I thank you right

now in this moment in this moment a

knowing is taking place right now seal

when the hearts of the hungry right now

not here say but I say but unknowing

that it would no longer be you saying I

am or other people saying that you are

but that this knowing will be solidified

in the hearts and the minds of those

under the sound of my voice right now

what they will be able to say the Lord

is my light and my salvation whom shall

I fear the Lord is the strength of my

life of whom shall I be afraid the Lord

is my shepherd I shall not want he makes

me to lie down and greet that they will


out of their own mouths that the Lord is

still it now I just want you to Pete

after me Heavenly Father I thank you for

your word I receive it I thank you for

your love I embrace it thank you for

being not only a God of love but a God

of warfare you will fight for me against

everything that fights against me

I am the apple of your eye and I’m

grateful I thank you for Jesus thank you

for making him who had no sin all of

mine all of my weakness all of my

limitations you placed in his body

nailed it to the cross and put it to

death and when he was what raised free

victorious and without limits because

I’m in him I’m on my way there too I am

raised up darkness is beneath me and

glory is in front of me my past is gone


I won’t seek it anymore my eyes are set

on the future that you have promised me

I embrace it

I believe it and I will no longer be a

slave to they anymore in Jesus name Amen


can we celebrate God in this moment come

on God is doing something glorious in

this house