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what is your conviction about heaven

have you thought about it

now our conviction is a belief that you

hold but which you’re willing to take a

strong stand for

what do you believe about heaven

you say well I hadn’t really thought

about it much well the truth is most

people don’t think about it much

when’s the last time you’ve heard a

sermon on Heaven when’s the last time

you’ve given it any serious thought

unless you’re in the hospital and

thought you were dying

when do you think about heaven not many

folks think about it

many people are very very ignorant about


and most people have a very very

unbiblical view of what heaven’s going

to be like

and so somebody says well I don’t have a

conviction about some things that I

don’t know much about I understand that

well the purpose of this message is to

introduce you

to Heaven not to give you a complete

explanation of what it’s all about

number one you couldn’t do that in one

sermon or a whole book but at least I

can introduce you to heaven

in such a fashion that if you’re

interested in going I’ll tell you how to

get there

and maybe give you some insights to help

you to start living more like you’re

going there than that you intend to stay

here forever

and the first thing I want to say is

about heaven our heavenly father is

there and it’s interesting in Matthew in

The Sermon on the Mount you’ll notice

that uh

Jesus talked about

the heavenly father and he mentioned it

six times in the Beatitudes and then of

course I think about 14 times the rest

of the Gospel of Matthew

so if somebody says well where is Heaven

this is the simplest answer wherever God


wherever God is because somebody says is

he up there out there danianda that’s

not even the issue wherever God is

that’s where Heaven is even today so

heavenly father is there

secondly Our Savior the Lord Jesus is

there you remember when

Jesus was about to ascend in that first

chapter of Acts and as they were gazing

intending into the sky while he was

going behold two men in white clothing

stood by him they also said men of

Galilee why do you send looking up into

the sky this Jesus who has been taken up

from you into heaven will come in just

the same way as you have watched him go

into heaven so the scripture says that

Jesus who was physical and human and

Heavenly that he ascended into heaven

and they watched him Ascend into heaven

so when you say well who’s going to be

in heaven God’s in heaven and the Lord

Jesus Christ is there now the question

is are you going to be there

and I wonder if you can say this morning

for sure when I die I’m going to heaven

where God is