Living under condemnation because of past failures can lead to all kinds of health and behavioral issues. But the good news is that the cross of Jesus has forever freed us from the condemnation of sin! Join Joseph Prince in this most liberating message as he explains fully from God’s Word what it means to be “dead to sin,” and discover how through Jesus’ death, you have died to the imputation, guilt and penalty of sin. Let the powerful truths in this message free you from condemnation and its harmful effects. You’ll begin to walk in greater health, emotional wholeness and victory over sin!

actually the reasoning and the divine

reasoning of our Lord Jesus as well as

the Apostles is always this if people

are free from condemnation all right

sin will lose its power the problem is

condemnation remember the woman who was

caught in adultery she was caught in the

very act of adultery and they brought

her before Jesus

the Pharisees want to catch Jesus

remember that and you all know the story

I don’t go to his story but remember

what Jesus told her when he saved her

and he saved her righteously he didn’t

say don’t stone her show mercy to her he

didn’t say that he says he that is

without sin throw the first stone one by

one they left now was yep if you are

without sin throw the first stone so

they all left one by one actually

there’s one is without sin him all right

they would if they could but they could

not he could if he would but he would

not so there’s only one without sin and

he didn’t stone and what he tell her

where are those thine accusers watch

what he said where are those thine

accusers has no one condemned you it

seems like Jesus is preoccupied with the

idea of condemnation not her sin it

seems like Jesus is concerned about the

eye you still feeling the condemnation

are you still feeling the shame are you

still feeling the accusation he once had

to say it he wants the words to come out

of a mouth as no one accused you has no

one condemned you she says no one Lord

not is the Lord hey hey and what do you

say jesus said to her neither do i

condemn you go and sin no more so the

Church of Sarah many times reverse the

order we cannot reverse God’s order when

God says something comes first it must

come first what God puts first men

cannot put laughs God says no

condemnation come first and then you can

go and sin no more but church says no go

and sin no more then we won’t condemn

you but Jesus in His divine reasoning in

among all the Apostles they have this

belief all right and they know this

reality is that when there’s no

condemnation people are empowered to

leave victorious life lives that glorify

Jesus when there is no condemnation in

their conscience no condemnation in

their hearts in their mind

hallelujah they leave victorious lives

they will go and sin no more

this where the empowerment comes the

empowerment grace is not an empowerment

grace produces an empowerment but how

does grace produce an empowerment by the

revelation of no condemnation unmerited

unearned undeserved jesus paid it all

when you receive no condemnation you are

empowered to go and sin no more

are you listening then Dan don’t forget

the den the order of it then Jesus spoke

to them the Pharisees are outside saying

I am the light of the world he who

follows me in this case she all of us

who follows me shall not walk in

darkness but shall have the light of

Life would you like to see the words

shall not that I underline for you what

you like to see shall not shall not is a

double negative in the Greek which means

no never

oome a strong negative you cannot walk

in darkness when you’re a disciple of

Jesus when you are following Jesus you

cannot walk in darkness you simply

cannot wow the light that Jesus brings

into your life is a light to show how

clean you are by his blood the light

that shines on your conscience is to

show how perfect his work is in removing

all your sins because it is tight with

what happened to that woman it’s not a

light when you come to God if Jesus

appear right now

or at home tonight mm-hmm don’t watch

Jesus some people skate an angel appears

they get scary all right let me tell you

this the first thing an angel would say

is this always in the Bible don’t be

afraid did y’all hear that

because our flash tendencies always be

afraid don’t be afraid when Jesus

appears don’t be afraid the light that

shines is a light to show you how

perfect he has made you how clean he has

made you how free from condemnation he

has made you