Teri Ijeoma of @tradeandtravel shares her story of faith, which led her to teaching her first students how to trade and make over $50 Million with her course, Trade and Travel. She also covers common misconceptions about what it takes to get started with investing and developing a knowledge of the financial markets. We also go deeper and discuss Teri’s journey from seminary into education as an Assistant Principal at an elementary school. We cover the pros and cons of financial success to support friends and family, and how her development as an entrepreneur has helped her establish a new sense of self-confidence. Teri’s story and passion for teaching others has helped thousands of students to experience success and financial freedom and flexibility through trading stocks and options in the stock market. Join the 5-day Take Your First Trade Challenge! https://evolveandinvest.com

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how’s your week going I can tell you

already that mine is off to a fantastic

start I feel like I am fully embracing

this month’s focus of learning to shine

for me that is shining while I am

resting because to be honest my life has

been a bit of a whirlwind lately but if

you have been plugged in you already

know between moving to Dallas and

finding my way I needed some time to

just recalibrate and to remember that I

am fully equipped able and purpose to

walk in God’s will for my life you see

the reality is that sometimes we get

into these zones and it starts to feel

like God’s will for our life and our

will are completely two different things

even though we have been obedient thus

far to where God told us to go sometimes

it still feels like there’s a separation

we all love the scripture Jeremiah 29 11

before you formed me in the womb I knew

you this is what the Lord is saying to

the Prophet Jeremiah he says before

doing your mother’s womb I knew you he

says I set you apart in this scripture

and then when we’re actually set apart

we feel a little lonely we feel like we

aren’t able to step into what God has

called us to do because it does require

isolation and being set apart I want to

talk to a woman today who knows this

very well she understands fully how the

will of God can so rapidly change your

life that it begins to look foreign so

much has happened in the last seven

years of her life she went from being a

teacher and serving others in that way

too I guess still being a teacher but

this is a teacher with the caveat

because she learned how to trade stocks

I don’t think she could have anticipated

that in this seven year span of her

career that her course would become one

of the number one courses on teachable

or that she would bring in over 55

million dollars in Revenue teaching this

course and yet the reality is that even

though success feels like the ultimate

goal it’s not always providing the level

of confidence and assurance that one

would anticipate how do you shine in

God’s will when it feels like God’s will

is so foreign from anything that you

plan for your life Terry egioma is going

to teach us not just how she can put us

on game to help us get our coins up but

also how she came to a place where she

started to embrace that God’s will for

her life was to have wealth was to own

this season of her life where she could

walk with boldness and confidence and

have options and to release herself from

the idea that she had to live within

limits and boundaries in order to make

other people comfortable you are going

to be blown away by her testimony

inspired by what God did in her and

empowered to see what God would allow to

happen in your own life let’s get into

it I feel like figuring out who you are

is a journey and there’s who you are

there’s who you think you are and then

there’s two God calls you to me and you

were telling me before we started

recording that you recently had an

experience in Chicago that kind of Falls

in line with this so can you tell me

about that yes so I used to work in

full-time Ministry in Chicago and I was

the director of volunteers but I would

have to work with all these people that

were more wealthy to help serve under

resource kids in Chicago and so I would

go to all these churches and I would be

on stage and I’d tell them about our

program and then they would come and

serve but this time seven years later

I’m coming back and I’m the person that

I would have been talking to like I’m

the person that can give to the

organization I went for a meeting with

Goldman Sachs about the philosophy of

wealth and it was only with like high

net worth people and I was I was looking


just seven years ago like I I wouldn’t

have thought that I would be here at all

but God knew that I was going to be here

like he had already seen me in in this

bracket in this world as the future

Terry when I was crying in Ministry and

trying to just make it work and working

all all day so

the thing that I really learned is that

God sees us in our future State yeah so

he knows who we are past where we we

originally started from yeah okay so you

have to tell me what seven years is a

short amount of time to go from Terry

who was crying to Terry who was now the

very person who she would have been

speaking to in these scenarios what took

place in seven years oh my goodness

everything a world change girl

I left so I was working at um by the

hand Club was after school program I

left there to come found a school here

in Dallas it was a charter school and I

was assistant principal at elementary

school okay during that time I was

trading stocks on the side trying to

supplement my income but figured out

that you know what I want to do trading

full-time this work environment is a

little bit too toxic I just want to be

trade and living my life and traveling

all around the world so I started making

sure that I could trade enough to earn

300 a day that’s all I needed to replace

my income as assistant principal okay so

I started working at it working for

about a year working on the side trying

to see how I can do finally started

making 300 consistently and then quit my

job as assistant principal and start

traveling all around the world okay so I

was in Thailand I was in South Korea I

was in WoW Vietnam I was all over and

just trading to afford my my travels

trading to afford my own

and while I was gone people started

asking me to teach them so I was with

about there was about 20 of us that were

together and they were like Terry can we

take you to Coffee we want to learn how

to trade Terry can we can we buy you

dinner we want to learn how to trade so

I did my first class in Thailand my

second class in Vietnam and then I came

back because I had to finish Seminary I

was going to Dallas Theological Seminary

and they were like girl if you don’t

finish in seven years we’re gonna start

you all over again seven is a now that

I’m thinking about it right it’s

important for me yes

so came back to Dallas and finished up

seminary in that last week my friends

were like so we saw you on Instagram

teaching everybody else how to trade are

you going to teach us and I asked the

advice advisors at DTS dallasological

Seminary hey can I host a class my

friends want to learn how to trade about

71 people showed up and then other

people from other places so Atlanta

California started asking me well Terry

we want to learn too and I was like well

I can’t come everywhere let me put this

online I put it online this is 2018.

2018 I did my first cohort online cohort

about 35 people came girl I thought I

was balling because I was making the

same amount as my assistant principal so

I was like oh yes I’m this is amazing

but the next year it blew up I have okay

I made my first million in Revenue in

that same course in 2019. I’ve been the

number one seller on that platform for

the past three years wow and actually

it’s pretty public like one of the years

like I didn’t make one month less than a

million a month so it’s just grown and

grown and grown and so that’s how now I

can come back as

the person that is giving the money

instead of the person that’s asking for

it okay so they extended most of us know

well I won’t say most of us I’m gonna

say me and probably about two other

people know about trading or like the

little comments we get on Instagram

where it’s like come trade come trade

like what is trading stocks so let’s

just think about it like so I use I’ve

always been an entrepreneur I used to

have a candy store okay so I would go to

Costco buy Blow Pops for you know book

The Big Bang so I buy the Blow Pops for

like 10 cents a Blow Pop and then go

sell it at school for 50 cents okay

that’s literally what we’re doing in the

stock market too there’s a share of a

company let’s say a share of Nike

there’s a share of Nike and it’s going

for let’s just do round numbers a

hundred dollars we’ll buy it at a

hundred wait till it goes up to like 105

or I’m making up numbers but it goes up

a little bit and then we’ll sell it

literally the same concept as any other

business you’re trying to buy things

that are inexpensive and then sell

things that are expensive it’s a it’s

just a market and a negotiation between

buyers and sellers wow okay so I’m sure

there’s going to be lots of questions

about that as I gotta let that marinate

and sink in because that seems very

simple but it also feels very complex

considering that in seven years you were

able to teach this many people and I’m

sure they’re experiencing success too

but I want to rewind I want to know more

about like how you grew up how has no

how do I want to start this okay

as you have become more successful is

Success what you thought it would be

no no

when I made my first million

I had been working towards that for so

long I thought that it was going to feel

different but when it happened it was


oh is this what it is you still feel

kind of lonely because now there’s less

people who you can talk to and who get

it and understand

you’re busy yeah so the things that you

thought you would have like this freedom

and this oh man I’m gonna get to travel

and nobody’s gonna talk to me no Boo-boo

you made a business so now you’re more


um so I don’t know that it felt like I

thought because I thought that it would

be like Smooth Sailing I’d be on a beach

somewhere chilling but I think I had

more of that before I had the money

because I I was more intentional with it

yeah so now I think I’m finding my

intentionality back again so I’ve

decided recently okay

you have the wealth now let’s let’s

operate in your wealth and not feel bad

or feel any kind of guilt or feel like

oh I should be doing something else but

no God has allowed you to have this now

let’s see what it looks like to operate

in it wow okay so how different is your

experience now than the experience of

the people who you knew eight years ago

and have you been able to maintain

those same connections as your life has

changed and evolved

so some yes I think the coolest thing is

I’ve been blessed with a lot of friends

that cheer for me good and that’s been a

blessing like versus you know negativity

or anything like we recently had a

conference I had a trade and travel

conference and I hosted it here in

Dallas okay and I like do you play

spades oh baby okay good if you said no

we were gonna have to stop yeah no no no


so we had a big competition and I

invited my Spades partner now my space

partner he been my partner for about

eight good years okay and so he came and

again it was just the same like we it

felt like we were right back in the

middle of everything so that’s been nice

okay okay so the reason why I asked that

is I do think a lot of people think that

if I achieve X Y and Z then that’s going

to somehow fix the things that have

happened in my life or that’s going to

make everything better and so I think

it’s important that we talk about the

whole journey connected to becoming

better because I think so many people

and up selling themselves short and so I

was curious to understand like what type

of work have you had to do as you have

experienced success to still be cold and

content within yourself

um this week at Walmart we’re talking

about like hope to shine as I am yeah

and the thing is that like who you are

changes from day to day and Stage to

stage and so if you could go back to who

you were

man I’m gonna say

not even seven years ago but like who

you were when you were a little girl and

what your experiences were like then

armed with what you know about yourself

now what would you tell her that she

didn’t know about herself


little girl Terry has always been a hard

worker I’m half Nigerian and half

American so I think the Nigerian part of

me has always been like I’m gonna like

I’m gonna do the best I can I’m gonna go

for it I’m gonna try to get the best

grades but I also try to make sure that

that everyone else around me was happy

like it’s not so much that I was a

people pleaser but I I think I’ve always

been a server yeah so like all my life

I’ve tried to serve and make sure okay

are you okay how can I help you and I

was the one that liked to be behind the

scenes like if we were doing a

production even though I knew that I

could be in the front if we were doing a

production I would be the one like on

the mic behind the scenes making sure

everything was good yeah right

um but I think what that led to is even

now I’ve give and give and give and give

and forget about me

and so I would tell the the younger me

like it’s also okay to Serve Yourself

yeah and that you’re just as worth it as

everybody else

and and I’d also say like so recently I

decided I was a genius oh okay all right

well sometimes you got to let yourself

know right well and here’s the reason

why I’m a genius because my dad is a

genius okay and he like literally took

the whole I guess his Whistler or

something test and he passed it so I

haven’t taken the test but I just

assumed because he was probably me too

right like some of that from me but in

the same way like I think like God is a

genius yeah and it’s okay to also like

so this is the other other point it’s

okay also to speak highly of yourself

and not humble yourself all the time I’m

just learning that like and not in a bad

way not in a braggy way but just realize

like because my dad is a genius and my

bigger father literally is a genius I am

that and embody that and and understand

it and fully embrace it so I would tell

myself that too my younger self okay

because you have said a word with this

now because we I don’t think that we

have mastered fully the idea of like yes

I am gifted and talented but like also I

don’t want to say it because I’m afraid

that owning it why do you why don’t you

think we own it if we own it then what

what do we think will happen I think we

think that our friends will disown us I

think we also think that we’ll look like

we’re bragging yeah

um I also think we feel like we’ll

isolate ourselves because we want to be

or at least for me there’s been times

where I want to be like everybody else I

want to fit in yeah and we’re afraid of

what not fitting in feels like

but now you I mean do you feel like you

are comfortable with no longer fitting


I just got there yeah like literally

just got there I went to Bali and I was

there for a month and I was trying to

come home

um and but I’ll say all that to say like

I went to Bali and I did some just inner

work and

I’ve been afraid to show people who I

was because I thought that they would

disown me or I thought that the like on

Instagram people are just so mean when

you show them who you really are then

like well maybe they won’t relate or

maybe they’ll start being mean

um but now I’ve gotten to a point where

I just don’t care and that’s okay oh

that’s so good because I do think there


you know I like to call it the struggle

Olympics like we celebrate one another

culturally for like how Rock Bottom we

are but we don’t always express when she

made it to the other side like it’s

almost like there’s a shame or a

survivor’s guilt for not being that way

anymore so you kind of hide it and

people know you aren’t but it’s like if

you knew how far removed I was from that

maybe you wouldn’t accept me anymore but

I think owning that can be very

aspirational and it does require you to

be comfortable in it in your own skin a

lot of us have wealth now we’re growing

as a as a culture we’re growing as a

people like we can do more and if we

keep having this narrative that all

black people and this is not everybody’s

narrative but that we we’re all lower

that we can’t pay or that we then we’re

never gonna rise so your career has kind

of like taken off in these seven years

like as you have been navigating

conversations about trading what do you

think has been like one of the most

common misconceptions about what you do

that I’m gambling so the one of the big

there’s there’s about four big

misconceptions about trading okay one of

them is that well trading’s too risky

like you’re just gambling and that’s not

true we actually look at charts and we

we pick really strategic trades so we’re

not actually gambling we have we have

high probability of success for the

trades that we’re taking nice and if we

don’t find that then we don’t take the

trade so that’s one of them another one

is you have to have a lot of money to

invest or to trade to invest in general

you can start with something really low

and then some of the stocks that I love

they’re the cheapest that I’ve seen in a

long time for example same thing Amazon

Google all of them within 200 you could

get a share

all right so I was investing or wanted

to invest in Google when their IPO came

out okay that was my senior year of high

school not to date myself but that’s a

long time ago and it was 83 dollars when

it first came out eighty three dollars

there now

20 plus years later you can get the same

you can get a share of Google for almost

the same price wow so it doesn’t take a

lot of money to invest it’s just the

courage to say okay this is what I’m

gonna do I’m gonna put some of my money

aside and actually purchase the stock

instead of just buying or using the

company right so that’s another

misconception and then one last one is

that oh it’s gonna be too hard I got to

know a lot of math and I gotta know one

like I was in elementary school I worked

you know I worked in elementary school

like if I could break it down anybody

could learn it right but it’s not that

tough really it’s more like business

savvy and a lot of us we have business

savvy yeah just to make it just right

yeah we know how to negotiate we know

how to hack we know how to get whatever

we want a little bit cheaper that’s the

same thing you’re going to do with

stocks instead of getting full price

you’re going to wait for it to come down

to a better price and then that’s when

we purchase it so it’s more business

savvy how much well I’m sure it plays a

lot finances obviously not my thing

which is why I enjoy learning to love

how much does the climate of the economy

the recession are we in a recession is

it going to get worse how much of that

is playing a role into what you do right

now all of the things in the economy

play a big part okay one of the things

with recession we know recession is

coming but because of that we can be

ready for when stocks go down in price

okay so it’s about like being prepared

versus being reactionary so this would

be the time to learn this would be the

time to start saving your money so that

when stocks come down you’re good okay

it’d be like knowing that covet was

coming ahead of time then you’re like


let me get my books ready my coins done


also because I look at stock charts we

can kind of forecast where where

companies will go and then the news

helps reach those levels quicker okay so

for example if the FED makes an

announcement yeah it’ll move the market

really quick but usually it’ll move it

into a place that we already thought it

might come okay so say for example the

overall Market is at 4 300 the S P 500

it’s at 4 300. If the Fed makes an

announcement and says okay we’re about

to raise interest rates we know it might

fall but but looking at a chart we could

say okay it’s going to fall to 4 200

like we can kind of estimate so the news

plays a part but it just moves things a

little quicker to where we thought it

may already go okay that makes sense it

does it does I have to ask you like or

such a girly question what was like your

first big Splurge when you were like

okay I have really like made it to the

other side things are turning around I’m

going to go ahead and get me a blank

houses are my pleasure okay like I’ve

been in real estate as long as I’ve been

in trading in the stock market okay I

used to actually help teachers relocate

to Dallas oh wow okay so now I bought a

big house and my mom moved into the

house so that was nice I retired my mom

that was a big thing I hired a lot of my

family that was another big Splurge

amazing so those are some of the things

how is it working with family girl

people are crazy everybody but then it’s

like also like these are the people I

trust but you this is the crazy I trust

yes exactly like that’s the part that

was nice like I never had to worry like

are they taking money yeah and then my

family they actually are really hard

workers so that was a blessing like I

didn’t have to worry about like were

they giving their best they were yeah

they were going to try their hardest

like it was not just about me like this

was we we have a business we’re trying

to make sure that people are learning we

want the people we’re teaching to be

successful so it was more about like how

are we all serving so that was good but

we have had to make some changes

recently just because I feel like when

you hire a family they they don’t know

all of the like they’re not skilled

enough to take you always to the next

level so in our case we had to actually

like hire some new people that know how

to get to that next level yeah and bring

some new Talent how do you define the

next level for you

first I gotta sleep ah that would help

that’s right I know that would really


sleep one yeah

um two

like I’m in a season right now where I

think I’m kind of quiet and waiting for

the Lord to reveal it oh because I still

feel like all of this is definitely God

the way that it happened so quickly and

money has just come and there was one

lady who actually prophesied to me and

she was like Terry if you um

she’s like God she had a dream and she

was like God told me to tell you that as

long as you keep obeying him he’ll keep

pouring resources out to you wow and

then it started happening so I I really

feel like this is a God thing and at

some point he’s going to tell me how he

wants to use his money like where he

wants me to fund what Ministries he

wants me to give to Etc yeah so I’m kind

of waiting a little bit for what God has

next but

I do think there is something about like

finding comfort

in this current stage and then showing

other people so that it becomes

normalized because I I think that there

is something about like normalizing

wealth normalizing black women with

wealth normalizing

um black women being at this higher

stage and not even just women but but

black and brown people all just being at

a higher level yeah and there’s

something that I can speak to in that

world and I’m not quite sure what

exactly it is but or what it looks like

but I’m excited about it do you think

that men in general or black men are

ready for a woman who is empowered by

her own wealth and identity and


they are I do too and I think that some

of them have seen their their sisters

and their mothers operate at such a

level of Excellence that it’s actually

what they expect


and I think that wow if there’s another

woman that comes along that doesn’t meet

meet what they saw at home then they’re

a little shocked by it yeah so I think

they’re ready yeah okay so how are we

going to get you this rest what are our

plans girl okay first we’re gonna go

we’re gonna go to Greece okay

um yeah definitely get in that taking

everything off of my calendar is that

hard did that yeah I think learning how

to say no you asked me earlier about

things that I’ve had to learn and

learning not to say yes to everything

was something I had to learn and I’m

still kind of going through that like oh

this speaking engagement or this comes

or oh Terry we gotta do you want to be

in this meeting no I’m good thank you

I’m exercising right now because I’m

still not good at it but that felt good

do you feel like uh I don’t know I feel

like when things started changing in my

life that I worried that like is this

just a moment or can I trust this as a

lifetime you know what I mean like is

this the moment or a lifetime how do you

feel about that for yourself have you

settled into like this is my life or are

you hanging on to it like it’s a moment

I definitely felt like it was a season

yeah I thought especially with trading

and investing I thought well maybe just

during covet like it’ll be a couple

years and then people will forget about

investing and they won’t need me anymore

and then covet came and passed and

people still wanted to learn how to

invest wow oh okay yeah I guess it’s

still coming with finances for the

online course I definitely felt like

okay we’ve reached a million No One’s

Gonna buy it anymore yeah people kept


and so so every time I put my own

Milestone on something I think that guys

come back and be like nah that wasn’t

that wasn’t you put a cap here and

there’s much more to come wow okay so

before we go I have to know what woman

in your life has been the most

influential to you as it relates to

pursuing your authenticity

okay so my mom is here so I gotta at

least say her name say that right right

thank you Mommy love you

um but you know who who it really is my

grandmother really her birthday mine is

June 19th hers was two days after me

June 21st okay she was feisty and she’s

the one who told me to quit my job she

had been praying like I was at the

school and you know how you get in that

state where you’re a little nervous to

quit yeah and for me I was in it and now

I’m kind of like well the next person

gonna have it easy because I went

through the hard stuff and yeah and she

was like no I’ve been praying I think

you could leave wow and she also cussed

a little bit tail didn’t kiss you love

that yeah she was feisty but I think she

was the one who was just like like

there’d be times where this is so random

but she would be undressing in front of

the mirror and I’d be like granny

somebody’s gonna see you well if they

see me they gonna get a good thing or

something she just had this like

fearlessness yeah that I hope to embody

what do you hope that she knows about

the impact that she’s had on who you are


I hope she knows

that she was a woman of God that I got

that that trickled into me

um just the the faith to know that God

is there and God is real like that that

big Faith yeah that I got it

um from her seeing her and then I can

still carry it she also was like a Bible

study teacher and she talked to a lot of

people I think I got that too from her

oh yeah

um but I also want her to know

that I didn’t give up

and that like she she’s always been

wanting to encourage me like Teresa you

can my name is Tara Latrice okay uh

she’s like Trish you could do anything


you can really do anything

and I I believe her wow wow okay

I don’t I don’t know you’ve given us so

much today I guess I just want to know

before we close out someone’s listening

and maybe they’re thinking to themselves

like I don’t know if I’m smart enough I

don’t know if I have as much time but I

am curious about what would be possible

if I just dared to try and take a course

or learn more about trading what would

you say to them

try and take your first trade that would

be the thing I would say one of the

things that um

that we have now is this like take your

first trade Challenge and

I would say just take a baby step do

that it’s like five days you learn about

the market and you just try to take your

first trade just take one at our

conference we had about 20 people take

their first trade they made 10 cents but

they were so excited it’s just the the

first like I just gotta get over the

hump yeah I just gotta try I gotta get

over the fear so take your first trade

then you can decide whatever else you

want but just take your first one okay

well while they’re taking their first

trade we hope you take your first nap in

a long time

thank you so much for sharing your

wisdom with us today I know it’s going

to help a lot of people thank you for

having me my pleasure


thank you