From raw and real to royalty! Sarah Jakes Roberts and celebrity stylist J Bolin have teamed up to give the ultimate makeover to Melanie Martinez-a beautiful girl with a beautiful testimony. And they did not come to play, they came to slay! See the full transformation here and catch the full series “Make Under” on Woman Evolve TV. Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community:

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this is

my great friend

stylist Jay Bowlin he is the creative

anointed creative director that is going

to help you to open your eyes and to see

what God has known about you all along

are you ready for this she walked in and

I showed her hair and her makeup and

there’s some things that she was she was

a little insecure about and I was like

don’t you worry we’re gonna glamorph

Lodge everything yeah glamor yeah

every single thing that you feel like

you don’t like or that you feel like is

not worth it being seen and then there

are some things I’m going to push and

challenge you with I’m gonna challenge

you to show a little leg I’m gonna

challenge you to show a little risk it’s

okay showing a little rest right and so

um she was a beautiful soul and you guys

will see it so we have Sean our fabulous

makeup artist here today

Sean Michelle she has her assistant with

her as well yes Kimberly

and I have my assistant stylus Alicia

Horton over here and so we’re gonna have

an amazing time we’re gonna get you in

here we’re gonna show you cool ways of

doing your hair every day we’re going to

show you amazing ways of doing your

makeup so that it’s easy for you you

don’t have to really think about it and

then of course I’m going to show you how

to slay the day with wardrobe right

gotcha so we’re gonna have a good time

with that

um and then we’re gonna show you like

affordable easy effortless ways for you

to get out and make this happen like

these are the things that you want right

yes these are things that everybody

wants okay so we’re gonna do that today

you’re gonna get it all in this one room

got it all right so let’s get started

High School

your nails are pretty yeah oh my God

those are gorgeous yeah


yeah it’s like I’ll take it yeah

so you guys take a full package you guys

always shot Each Other Well we normally

don’t travel together

um unless we’re working with Sarah most

of the time gotcha we’re on the road but

we all work independently but of course

when we come together it’s magic right



this is a fashion profile that we

created for you so we went through your

photos and found fabulous photos of you

that beautiful smile and so uh this is

what we came up with so when it comes to

your style we’re going to add a lot of

different prints and textures and colors

they’re going to just kind of keep you

vibrant and just keep you extremely

excited about getting dressed okay so um

but we’re gonna play with some things

too we’re gonna we’re gonna challenge

you a little bit today so beyond that

since you’re in hair makeup right now

wearing makeup I’m thinking that we

should do things that are very neutral

things that she can actually try to

accomplish at home yes I mean you guys

can go above and beyond today because

you guys are who you are but I think

that if we show her some ways of putting

on a chocolate eyeliner you know in a

day how to Contour your own face how to

give a great neutral lip things like

that how to give that Natural Glow yeah

in the morning so that it’s not

frustrating and not like having to lay

out a whole makeup kit to get the day

are gorgeous yes we have beautiful high

cheekbones for lips bright eyes so we’re

really gonna bring that out and Kim is

going to start prepping you and then I’m

gonna come in and add to finish

which I love

it you just gonna brush it right over

your um perfect

and what this does is this is going to

mat out your eye and so that when you

put your eyeshadow on it’ll actually

stay all night and not


disappear got it two basic eyeshadow

brushes this is my blending brush here

24.9 so I’m just going to take something

a little bit neutral

and blend that right into your crease



I had to literally track it down last




that’s just often not really lashes are


my sister wears them like every day

really she’s so pretty though I’m like

well you’re so gorgeous too oh thank you

oh my God


thank you



you know one of the things that Melanie

mentioned during our pajama interview

was that she had some effects from

everything that happened to her one of

them being alopecia how did you work

through that during the transformation

it really touched my heart yeah

um the reason why I touched my heart is

because again Melanie and I can relate

to something

um so my family I have a family history

of dealing with alopecia and so um I

took that dear to heart and I made sure

that the hair stylists and the team were

extremely sensitive yeah and not only

just sensitive but they were

professionals like we brought in

professionals to come and do the job and

Melanie came up with every single

situation that has happened in her past

with hair and I was like girl we brought

the right people in don’t breath sit

down in this chair and we’re gonna get

you a few bundles yes and we’re gonna

make it as fabulous as possible and she

sat there and when she got out of the

chair she was mind blown wow I was like

Melanie have you ever had your hair this

long before she was like no

she just kept scraping through her hair

and that’s when you know a woman really

loves it oh yes well she’s like playing

in her hair or just pushing through her

hair so I think that she really really

really loved it so I’m excited to see

her take this hairstyle and make it

bigger than life well I can’t wait to

see what happens because I was just

upstairs like I hope he takes care of

that part of her and I hope she feels

comfortable and I hope she feels

confident so you guys check out this

transformation you don’t want to miss it

um well I have like a I have our t-shirt

so I have like a box spot right now

right here and then I had it in the back

so like a really big front so you’ll

notice there’s like a spot that’s big

like I destroyed her hair then the rest

of my hair because I had to get a bunch

of shots to like get it back so normally

because of this I’ve been wearing it

like here and then over yeah

just so it’s covered

or bath this is how I normally wear it

my mom was like trying to help me take

it out it was so hard and then she’s

like you need to go to the

error I’m done yes

because my face like I was having

trouble breathing and stuff oh so you

had allergic reactions yeah yeah okay

I’m like you just went because you

wanted a weave to come out I’m done with


okay okay that makes sense

that’s hilarious

I always try to leave for lunch a little

early because I notice if I like go get

lunch at like 12. it’s like an extra

half an hour we definitely died

at the same time right


I just hit the foundation

one lip color that’s it


so guys the day is here and now it’s

time to get raw and real with Melanie

now it’s time to see Melanie’s


are you ready

come on in



oh my goodness you’re so beautiful yeah

thank you how do you feel beautiful


Jay tell me what did what happened here

listen so we went through about four or

five different outfits that we couldn’t

choose we couldn’t choose which outfit

we like the best so this actually what

happened is she was sitting down hair

makeup and she saw this on the rack she

was like what is that on the rack and

she thought it was a coat initially I

was like it’s not a cold it’s like it’s

a wrap jumpsuit and so spiritually for


when you were getting your hair done I

went I picked it up and I said this is

the look this is the one she’s supposed

to have and I went and got it off the

right and it fit her to Perfection like

literally like it was like customizing

tailored for her and she put it on I

said this is something that you can wear

all the time yeah you can wear it Beyond

this point you can layer it you can put

denim jackets on top of it you can put

white fresh button Downs up under it

there’s so many cool things that you can

do with this so I want you to be able to

take home something that you can

definitely use and once you put it on

she looked herself in the mirror she was



shocked so take that shock factor with

you every single morning when you wake

up thank you okay so I know you and your

husband have dinner plans and we wanted

woman evolve to be a part of that so

here’s a gift certificate to Ruth Chris

for 250 dollars and you guys can go and

have an amazing dinner try everything

you want and do it in style babe yeah I

love it

I’m so proud of you



like where’s Kimberly

I really appreciate it it’s been such an

amazing time just not only getting to

know you but your whole team and your

daughter oh my God you should be friends


so like genuine on the inside and it’s

so amazing to see like all the people

that like you’ve allowed to work with

you are just so genuine too like they

don’t even have to try like they’re just

amazing you’re amazing like he made it

so comfortable Kimberly so comfortable

hair stylist I was like oh what are you

doing to my hair but it came out so


I’m just so grateful I’m really grateful

like I’m just being on Words you deserve

it this is our way of showing you guys

love and so we’re glad that you receive

it and feel overwhelmed by it because

that’s how he looks at you every single

day thank you so much and it doesn’t end

here right right so all those outfits

that we went through earlier and that

we’re trying to deliberate and see which

ones we like the best so woman involve

is giving you a 400 wardrobe allowance

so that you can actually choose the

pieces that you want to take home with


I think you’re welcome

one thing about you is that you walked

in a room and you shared smile and great

conversation with everybody so you

demanded that everybody gave you that

same level of confidence that same level

of respect the same level of happiness

is what you brought to the table for all

of us today so

we thank you as well

yeah yeah I’m so happy I missed Rick for

this yeah

bye enjoy your dinner with your husband

that’s the last time I’ve ever seen you

no I don’t know we should like make this

a thing

yeah thank you for being my person

that’s amazing you can go back to work

and think of like what happened because

it’s my pleasure I love you

I don’t know what I was expecting with

Melanie’s transformation but the first

thing I thought when she walked into the

room is that’s a woman like I think that

she had such this you know like youthful

joyful presence but she’s gone through

so much and I’m like girl you have the

weight of a woman that’s what’s going to

build your ministry that’s what’s going

to help you with your marriage you are a

woman and when she walked into the room

I was like Mrs Melody okay that’s

exactly what it was when I coached her

into this I said you need to think about

luxury every time you get dressed every

time you get ready to get your day

started every time you go shopping think

about luxury don’t just buy it don’t

just think of it as just another outfit

I’m just throwing on but think about

luxury yeah you deserve it and she

looked luxurious and she was just like I

was like are you about to close the deal

after this are we have we interrupted

your business deal because please let us

move out the way well you know the

beautiful thing is is that her heart you

can see her heart even through the

clothes yeah you can still see her heart

I understand that she did you know I’m

the sprinkle in the the magic dust of

fashion okay but she really came to get

this moment and sit and have that moment

with you yeah when she said that I

thought wow because I mean I feel like

we had a great time connecting but I

think for a woman to feel like at the

end of the day I love the way I look I

love how beautiful I feel but most

importantly I love how I feel on the

inside she’s like listen girl I came to

get a breakthrough and a breakthrough

she received yes