hi guys


how are you

I am coming to you live from my office I

have a meeting in 10 minutes so I won’t

be coming to you live very long but I am

logging on because I just wanted to

unpack with you some things that I’ve

been feeling and experiencing and like

man I only have 10 minutes nine minutes

at this point but I am just going to say

that like I know I posted a couple weeks

ago that I feel like I’ve been like

going under I’ve been under attack

um and for those of you like girl what

does that mean some of y’all like church

of church you already know what it means

but other people are kind of like what

does that mean

um I can just tell that I have been

having to fight to hang on to the

revelation of who I am in God and fight

to hang on to the revelation of what I’m

supposed to do in the earth and if you

have been experiencing that as well then

maybe this quick short little live will

help you as well


um I have been going through this

process of like figuring out like my

word like what is my word in this season

and how do I navigate this dress and the

magnitude of my responsibilities and in

the process of doing that

um I have been reminded about

God’s faithfulness

and God’s confidence

and our ability to navigate

storms not just because we have it all

together but what can happen when we

lean into God when we lean into his

wisdom over our own when we trust his

vision and so I’m going to backtrack a

little bit and then I’m gonna speed it

up and I’m gonna get off of here so

y’all go back to your life but

um you know I think that you know we’re

coming off was powerful for many people

and humorous for some people

embarrassing for some people and

um I was vacillating between all of

these different things and I think part

of the reason why I was vacillating

between feeling all of those things like

the moment of

um you know feeling honored that God

would use the foolish things of the

world to really do something

transformational the shame of like being

made fun of and the embarrassment of

showing up in a way that I would not

have chosen and uh the reason why I had

to navigate all of those things is

because that particular Sunday was my

first Sunday preaching at The Potter’s

House Dallas without my husband there

without my parents there and they are

very you know foundational for me and

um to stand in that moment man okay so

they’re like stand in that moment not on

my own but really relying upon God and

wanting to show up in a way that I felt

you know

honored the reverence of that moment and

the reverence of the word God had given

me then I had this really awkward word

about body and feeling things in your

body and how the Holy Spirit can work

through your body and so I’m navigating

like all of these different things and I

felt insecure about the message and then

I ended up you know finally grabbing a

hold of a message and walking in

confidence with the message and then to

leave that moment feeling like a little

uncertain about like how does this I’m

gonna make that noise every time like

how does this moment affect that moment

so I just was in my head

um because that required a level of

vulnerability and insecurity that um

what made a new Demand on who I am what

God has revealed to me about that moment

and about myself is ultimately how God’s

going to use what God’s going to use you

can do all of your studying you can do

all of your thinking about how you need

to do it and how it needs to sound and

how it needs to show up and at the end

of the day God’s going to use what God’s

going to use and if God uses something

as simple and as silly sounding as I

took my wig off and for something it

tore down these Idols it liberated women

like as silly as that sound considering

I’m studying Greek and Hebrew in the

context of the scriptures and what it

means in biology psychology I’m doing

all of these things and at the end of

the day God’s like I just want the

Simplicity of your authenticity and the

pureness of your heart from the pure

heart I studied

from my authenticity I try to show up in

the moment and God gets to choose what

has the most power on it I say that to


um I had to get to that place after a

few weeks of like navigating all of

those things and I’m having to arrive to

that place as I prepare for what I’m

evolve 23 that our conference we’re

having a Globe Life Field I hope you’re

registered I want you to come but you

know I feel the magnitude of this moment

and I feel the responsibility of not

making it about me I feel the

responsibility of making it pure I feel

the responsibility about being

intentional and making sure that as many

people know about it as possible and it

feels heavy sometimes and I just got

finished with having a team meeting and

it feels heavy on my team and I was

writing down some of the reasons why it

feels heavy and the first thing that

like came to mind was like I don’t want

to mess this up like if this feels heavy

because I don’t want to mess this up

have you ever for

ever had to do something that you knew

God had put you up to do hey allowed you

to step up to the plate to get it done

and in the process of God stepping you

up to the plate to get a gun you have to

think to yourself like I don’t want to

mess this up I understand how important

this is I understand what is connected

to this moment like I am not even like

trying to say like I don’t want to mess

up this opportunity because I want

another opportunity like I am planning

this conference like I may never get a

chance to do this again and if I never

get a chance to do this again what has

to happen in this moment it has to be

pure it has to be intentional it has to

recognize the general the generational

implications of what is taking place in

this room and I just want you to know

that as you’re coming to conference that

we’re releasing speakers soon like we’re

doing all of the things to try and make

it easy for you to understand whether or

not this is something that you want to

be at but what I am doing that you

cannot see is happening in my heart it’s

happening and how I view who you are I’m

asking God for insight and wisdom about

what you’re up against I’m asking God to

make my hands pure my hands clean and my

heart pure enough to facilitate this

environment for you and your family I’m

asking God to unify my team and to

stretch my team in ways we didn’t even

know what was possible I can’t promote

that I don’t know how to put that on a

flyer but I’m telling you like we’re

doing all the logistical and practical

but what is most important is that we

are doing what is necessary to

facilitate glory and in order for that

glory to be facilitated we recognize

that we have to go through our own

healing we have to go through our own

process of asking God to show up in our

lives to convict us to change us to

transform us so that we look as close to

Jesus as humanly possible with our scars

with our shame with our past we’re

asking God to make us so close to Jesus

that the moment you step into that

facility you can tell that we prayed for

you to get here we desire that God would

meet you here and that we have done the

internal work to facilitate the

Breakthrough that you experience and so

I just wanted to let you know that it’s

not a game

um I just want you to know that it’s

heavy and it’s supposed to be heavy

because it’s building us into who we’re

supposed to be and I just want you to

know that I respect you and God too much

to waste your time to waste your money

to make this a performance when it is

supposed to be radical transformation I

respect the devil you’re up against I

respect the fact that you are calling

them back up when you come to woman

evolve 23 that it’s not a just it’s not

just about being propelled into your

destiny but you’re also calling in

backup I need some worshipers with me I

need some prayer with me I need someone

who knows how to get a word from God oh

I get chills thinking about that that

when we’re in that room that we are

going to be making a declaration that

girl I’m your backup and together if one

can chase 1 000 and two can chase ten

thousand what can 40 000 of us do I’m

your backup like and I am just becoming

your backup right now I’m doing what I

need to do spiritually to make sure that

when you count on me that you were

counting on someone who’s been in the

presence of God who has lived a life to

become more and more like Jesus because

you need backup and we got you because

oh I you know how I think sometimes not

like a rapper but things come to me but

what I’m saying is like you need backup

and we got you so the devil that’s been

taunting you is gonna have to back up so

that you can get up and um and I’m

serious about this and I want it to be

fun and I want us to have joy but I just

want you to know I take this seriously

and I can’t wait to share with you who’s

coming to speak and all of the amazing

things we’re going to do but I wanted

you to know that

um what we have not shared

on a flyer that we have been doing to

prepare is what’s happening in the

spirit and in the soul of our team to

make sure that this is a space that you

can feel free delivered safe loved Joy

inspired encouraged convicted

transformed and



I can’t wait to do it with you so I love

you I said short little situation that’s

the shortest I can be and I love you bye