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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

Isaiah 33

verses 7 to 10 follow me if you will


behold they’re Valiant ones shall cry


the ambassador’s peace shall weep

bitterly the highways light waste the

wafering man ceaseless he hath broken

the Covenant if despise the cities he

regardeth no man

the Earth mourneth and languishes

Lebanon is ashamed and hewned down

Sharon is like a Wilderness Basin and

caramel uh Carmel shake off their fruits

now will I Rise saith the Lord now will

I be exalted now will I lift up myself

now folks don’t don’t get alarmed by

what sounds like a very confusing text

that I’ve just read to you it’s not it’s

very very simple that’ll be open to us

now if you have a baby that cries by the

way we we I I preach loud but not as

loud as some of the babies

so you could escort them to exit seven

and uh that’ll help me


when God stops the plundering heavenly

father I thank you for the word that you

have placed in my heart we come to you

now holy spirit I need your help

without your help without your unction

your anointing I can’t penetrate

anybody’s heart I can’t get into the

mind and the Heart Lord I can’t even

preach my words will fall right in front

of me that have to be anointed by you

Holy Ghost I thank you for Clean Hands

and pure hearts by faith in the finished

work of Jesus Hallelujah Lord let us

have ears to hear what the spirit have

to say tonight God we thank for what

we’ve heard today now Lord finish your

work in our hearts for this day I pray


when God stops the plundering now this

whole chapter is God’s promise

to stop the devil from spoiling and

plundering our homes and our marriages

and our lives it’s what it’s all about

and we’ll show that to you in just a

moment now to plunder means to Rob and

steal valuable Goods forcibly it it’s as

a thief or somebody comes in and

overpowers you forcibly takes everything

that’s good and valuable away from you

that’s to be plundered

Now everywhere you look in God’s house

today everywhere you turn you see the

devil at work plundering and spoiling

homes and marriages and lives it’s not

just out in the world it’s in the house

of God it’s in the Church of Jesus


amazing things that are happening today

Satan is spoiling marriages he’s looting

good families he’s stealing their peace

he’s robbing everything that’s good and

pure from so many many Christians armies

armies of demonic principalities and

Powers have invaded the lives and the

homes of multitudes of God’s people

I have to tell you all my years of

Minister I’ve not seen so many homes and

marriages and lives and young people and

ministers who are plundered by the enemy

absolutely being overtaken and

everything good and precious and

valuable being stolen from them

it’s uh armies of these demonic Powers

have invaded marriages especially

there has never in history been so many

troubled broken marriages here in the

United States one of every two marriages

now in the divorce

50 percent

divorce rate

one out of every two marriages now

it’s absolutely incredible that in

Evangelical circles now we have the

highest rate of divorce in the country

among Christian evangelicals

not Wicked Sinners but Christians


marriages that are broken marriages that

are in turmoil it’s affected the


are our children who deserve to have had

quiet homes where both mother and father

at peace they are living in turmoil with

screaming parents they watch parents

hitting one another striking one another

let me tell you sir you hit your wife

and you were in trouble with God I am

telling you you’re in trouble with God

you lift your hands and sister I’m going

to tell you you lift your hands against

him the same thing he said well he big

strong guy he can take it

now it may sound a little funny but it’s

not funny in the sight of God

and it’s devastating when children see

it that’s the devil coming to plunder to

to destroy

I see a whole generation of young people

that are confused today literally their

lives being plundered Satan seems to be

able to tempt them at will they begin

they’ll last for a while just begin to

fall and just begin to crumble and

wither away you see it everywhere you


I think my main English now is up close

to 900 000.

from all over the world and the letters

my wife is here tonight she reads

thousands and thousands of letters and

the troubled homes and the young people

who have no sense of direction they have

they say there are no Heroes there’s

nobody to look up to they don’t respect

to even the worst

among our Minister’s children children

who have lost all uh respect for their

fathers and you see devastated

Ministries that enemy coming and

plundering and spoiling and looting

taking everything precious and holy uh I

told I think last week of the letter we

received and we received many like them

from The Minister’s Wife said we we we

decided to to bring a satellite dish

into our home and my husband and I

started watching porno movies and we

started uh lusting after awful sinful

ways in our our marriage and she said my

husband became so obsessed with


he quit the ministry it just dropped out

and she we he had just walked out of

them said now he’s left me

and she said our home is in ruins the

church is in ruins my husband who was

successful is a pastor for so many years

his life is in ruins the church is

everything is in Ruins they had been

plundered and looted by the devil

absolutely wiped out

other other ministers that write to us

they’re quitting the ministry not by

dozens but by hundreds are quitting the

ministry in total despair

that’s why when there’s there’s word of

Revival someone somewhere they they get

on a plane or a bus or just drive

they’ll drive all night to get some

place where where they can they want

somebody to solve their problem just lay

hands on them or Get Zapped and suddenly

uh get back to God it doesn’t work that

way there’s a price to pay and they’re

not willing to pay it they’ve been

looted by the devil and somebody just

just going to Revival meeting is going

to not put the devil to chase it’s not

going to solve the problem it’ll last

for a few weeks of emotional high but

that doesn’t solve the problem

well Isaiah lived here in the 33rd

chapter he’s living in a similar time as

this where the devil was absolutely

plundering the people of God plundering

Israel at will King sennacherib had come

within Assyrian army a huge Army and

demanded that Hezekiah hand over

Jerusalem and he’d already plundered

many of the cities in Judah in fact the

prophet says that Lebanon Sharon Carmel

and Basin had been absolutely ruined

already he’d gone through four of the

most fertile wonderful fruit-bearing

provinces and regions of Israel and he

had plundered it he had gone through all

the cities taken everything valuable all

the cattle he had stripped all of The

Vineyards of all the grapes he had

milked every cow he he had taken

everything in Satan now he’s in

Jerusalem and they’ve had to open the


and this is an amazing moment in time

this plundering Army coming against

Israel and against

Jerusalem especially is a type of the

Devil Himself Sinatra is a type of the

devil it is Army a type of the Demonic


and coming

looting and lusting after everything

that’s precious and pure and valuable

and demanding interest now at this time

nothing has been able to stop snack room

in his army

he he has moved at will

the plunders in the 33rd chapter are

already inside the walls of Jerusalem

this had to be an awful time for King

Hezekiah and the children of Israel

because the scribes were going all

through the city uh taking inventory of

everything they plan to possess as soon

as they marched in they were going to

take everything they went into the uh

the the vaults of the city of the the

state government and they took inventory

of every gold bar every piece of silver

every piece of brass they went into the

Palaces and took inventory these scribes

and these monitors were were literally

monitoring everything now the Bible says

that they spoke a foreign language that

the children Israel didn’t understand

can you imagine what it was like how

would you like to have somebody come

into your home uh another government a

communist government for example is

coming in and they say we’re going to

take everything that you possess it now

belongs to the state it belongs to us

we’re going to ship it all to another

land and they send in monitors and

scribes and they go all through your

house listing everything that’s valuable

and though you don’t understand the

language you can hear them excitingly

jabbering because they have their eye on

this this will fit very well with my

wife this fur coat goes on my wife this

this piece now watch everything that

everything they can tell from the

excited talk that these people are

lusting after it and they’re drooling

everything is precious and holy in fact

they had scribes and monitors that were

up on the towers counting the towers

pushing aside The Watchmen

and they are excitedly talking what look

how far you can see this is ours now

we’re going to possess this is going to

become our stronghold

the city of Jerusalem on a hill they

were going to push God out and the devil

is going to come in and take over and

make every strong place they had to be

his strong house

his stronghold

what a picture and that’s what the Bible

says these things happen unto them as an

example unto us upon whom the ends of

the world have come you have the

greatest Bible truths and lessons in

these Old Testament truths I love to

read these Old Testament stories because

they’re not just stories they’re about

me they’re about you and you learn the

secrets what God is saying it’s there if

you just dig for it if you listen God

will give you a secret right now

God will give you a secret he’ll give

you a plan to stop the devil from

plundering your marriage

your children your home

it can be stopped tonight in this house



you see

the devil

is set his scribes already

he’s gone through your house whether you

know it or not

and I want you to know that he’s

monitored and he is taking inventory of

every peaceful moment you’ve had he goes

after every happy marriage he sees you

happy in the Lord I want you to know

that everybody in this house that has a

good marriage I’m not trying to scare it

but I want you to know the Bible said

the devil as the Roaring line goes about

seeking whom he may devour

that is scripture and you can’t be lazy

about it you have to be on guard you

have to know of his devices and everyone

that’s happily married everyone that is

happy with your children everyone that

has people children around your table

and you are blessed the devil has taken

inventory and his scribes have been

there and he is lusting after everything

there he’s after the Gold in your life

your faith that is more precious than

gold everything that’s presses and holy

and pure he has his eyes on it

that he may loot it from you

he’s after every Watchman on every Tower

to come in and say I’m taking over

this is going to be my strong tower

he’s after everything that’s pure and

holy and godly in this church and in

your life believe me

Satan sees

young alcoholics former alcoholics and

drug addicts sitting here in the front


when sure house they’re not here tonight

when they sit over here and in our Bible

school students that are sitting over

here many of you that are sitting in

congregation up in this balcony and

behind me

the devil saw the day you got saved

he watched as you begin to grow in the


he watches so many beautiful valuable

things were given to you a robe of


of Faith that’s more precious than gold

he saw the wonderful things God was

doing in your life

and he began to lust after it he began

to come against you with all the forces

of Hell the whole sennachian Army so to

speak and he says he’s he’s written it

all down and he’s told his demon forces

this is all ours we’re taking over

and he wants nothing more than to take

everything that God gave you take it

from you and put you back on the street

put you back where you were

be sober be Village and Vigilant because

your adversary the Devil is a roaring

lion walketh about seeking who may he

may devour

in fact in this time in the 33rd chapter

of Isaiah things became so bad it looked

like the devil had a sonakra had had

literally taken over everything was

devastated and everything was in ruined

if you turn to I say do you have Isaiah

33 open look at verse 7 even the

strongest among them begin to whimper

and weep

verse 7.

uh let’s see

33 chapter 33 verse 7 behold their

Valiant ones shall cry without the

ambassadors of the Peace So whip weep

bitterly the original Hebrew reads even

the lionhearted of God shall cry in

their midst and those Messengers are

those who desire peace will weep


look at me please

there are some that are sitting in our

midst tonight

that at one time were so strong

you looked at your home you looked at

your marriage you looked at you looked

at your life and you were so

peaceful your stories

that’s the way it was prior to this

Israel had been blessed of God but now

the plunders had come

plundering and ruining everything in


and and the strongest among them those

those who never thought they could weep

as they did strong-hearted men who’d

never wept in their life

people who had strong Wills

they began to weep men were weeping now


it looked and all peace had been taken

there was no more peace the basil and

peace are Weeping the small lionhearted

ones are Weeping now

I wonder how many there are listening to

me right now

you never thought it would come to the

place now in your life or you look over

some rude and Devastation that the enemy

has wrecked in your wreaked in your life

and in your home and now you cry

yourself to sleep

there is no peace like you once had the

enemy has come and Disturbed Into no

peace in your home or in your life or

your marriage

the peace is gone

and and you were you were so strong at

one time

you were unmoved by things but now you

break down that you you’ve absolutely

broken down you said I don’t know how it

got like this I don’t know what happened

it’s all broken down everything’s upside

down everything’s messed up

there are people sitting Among Us here

tonight right now you didn’t know there

would come a time that you would weep

over your life as you do now and you

wake up in the morning you have that

heavy Cloud hanging over your head

you wake up and there’s no joy because

the enemy has come and plundered

he has done a job on you he’s done a job

on your home and you you say how did

things get so ruined and so messed up

what happened

there’s some of you here now that have

been divorced I’m not here to blame you

I don’t know how it happened

I’m not putting you under any guilt trip

or anything else

but I know there are many of you hearing

me tonight

and you have you are just like this the

Valiant ones the lionhearted shall cry

they’re so weak because of the ruin they

see all about them

Israelites cried out the highways lie

wasted verses eight and nine and the

Earth mourneth and languishes and what

is saying life has become so messed up

now everything’s turned upside down so

I’m mourning all day long and my work

and my coming and my going seems so

empty now there’s so many troubles in my

life I am so dull and lifeless languish

means to be dull and listless and

lifeless I’ve become lifeless I don’t

even feel like getting up in the morning

I can’t sleep at night

and this was the devastation this is

what happened when the plundering was in

full shway

and I see Isaiah is looking at this and

he’s grieving over it it seems to him as

though the enemy is going to Prevail

over Jerusalem Jerusalem is going to be

overrun Devil’s powers are going to be

in control the strongholds of God are

going to become the strongholds of the

enemy God’s strong men are becoming

wimps peace is taken from the city it’s

gone the presence of God is departed

there’s only going to be shame and

broken lives a whole generation left in

ruined and that’s the that’s the setting

of this 33rd chapter

a time just like today

something happens to this prophet

he looks at this and he’s not willing to

let it go

he’s not willing to stand by and allow

the devil to take over

the spirit of God came on him

and in the Holy indignation

he said this plundering has to stop so

he goes to his knees and to the promises

of God

he goes to his knees

you find that

in the second verse chapter 33 O Lord

and and when it’s saying oh Lord this

man is crying out to God he’s on his

knees now oh God


he’s not gathered with the princess he’s

not with the King he’s not with any

other human being he’s not turning that

is less Lord You’re our only hope oh God

that’s ruined there’s Devastation on all

sides Be gracious to us we have waited

for thee be thou their arm every morning

our Salvation also in the time of


in prayer the prophet’s Faith begins to

soar the spirit of God reminds him and

he wants him to remind all of Israel

you’re not alone in this

it looks like it’s hopeless it looks

like there’s ruin in all side that you

have a God who still has a mighty strong


he is all power he is Almighty is all


you find the first reference in the

Bible to the stronghold of the Lord in

Exodus 6 5 and 7 and the first mention

of the arm of the Lord is that it’s

mighty it’s all powerful and it’s

stretched out you look at your

concordance you’ll find out his arm is

stretched out stretched out stretched

out his power and authority is offered

is what it means it’s freely offered

God says I am willing and I’m standing


to stop this plundering

to end this Devastation in your life

this world I’m I have all that you need

all the proud you know that I know that

you can’t you could be a baby in the

word of God you could be almost an

illiterate in the word of God and a

little bit you heard you know that God

has all the might and all the power in

his strong arm

in Exodus the 15th chapter don’t turn

there but Moses in his song began to say

then the Dukes of Edom who are The Dukes

of Edom

the Devils the demons that harass you

and me the Dukes of Edom

he said they shall be amazed the Mighty

Men of Moab trembling shall take hold of

them fear and dread shall fall upon them

by the greatness of your arm they shall

be as still as a stone

God says I’m going to so deal with your

enemies and harass you that they’re

going to be a silent and shut up like a

stone Hallelujah

now folks Isaiah was no Pollyanna


he was no sweet soft talking


he knew how bad the crisis was and he

wasn’t about to whitewash it

now folks I look at the devastation in

the house of God and the broken homes

and marriages and children I see all of


in a very very easy to just say I could

stand here and say

bless God he’s going to stretch forth

his arm he’s going to deliver you and

set you free

now that’s true

but there’s a problem

and Isaiah lays it out very clearly he

said behold the Lord’s hand is not

shortened it’s not a matter of God not

having the power or the willingness to

move on our behalf he said that’s not

the issue

it’s not short that it cannot save

neither is his his ah ear heavy that he

cannot hear


your iniquities

have suffering between you and your God

and your sins have hit his face from you

that he will not hear you

Isaiah said and look Israel

look Jerusalem

Hezekiah listen to me God wants to show

his power he wants to stop this invasion

his arm is ready he stretched out ready

to move but there’s a sin problem

he said

we are not in this nation ready to do

what he commands us to do we’re not

ready to do what he’s asked us to do

you’re not walking according to truth he

said you’re living a lie

your lips speak falsely your tongue

speaks error

in fact another Prophet put it strong

more strongly he said you come and cover

my always with altar with tears and your

treacherous towards your mate

he said You Weep when you cry

you cover my altar with tears

but you have treachery in your heart

you want me to stretch out my arm and

deliver you but I can’t do it because of

the treachery that’s in your heart

it’s not that I am not winning and ready

or that I lack power

I want to move on your behalf but I

can’t because of this thing in your


Isaiah’s actually saying there’s some

Mischief in you your thinking’s been


you you can pray you can tell people you

want to obey God you you say I want to

obey God but you’ve spun a web

you’ve had a scheme

and now you’ve made excuses around that

web and Alibis and you built your own


you place the blame on somebody else

you really don’t want to obey God’s word

you want out

you don’t want to be saved from your

condition you want God to save you while

you keep your present position

and God told Isaiah

he says now

I will arise

look at verse 10.

now when I arise saith the Lord now will

I be exalted now will I lift up myself

and Isaiah and is actually saying this

they’re going to come a time

that God’s going to rise up

he said that’s enough

and God’s going to act

and then the Bible says oh woe to the

devil woe to the power so they could

look at verse one water them the

spoilers and thou was not spoiled until

dillest treacherously and they dealt not

trenchlessly with thee when thou shall

cease to spoil thou shall be spoiled and

will thou shall make an end to deal

tragically they shall deal treacherously

with Thee God says I’m going to send my

heavenly host and now devil you’re going

to be the one that’s terrorized you will

not terrorize my people anymore you’ll

be the one that’s terrorized

in verse 3 God says I’m going to come

forth and make a noise at the noise of

the two more to the people at the noise

of the two more the people fled at the

lifting up of thyself the nations were

scattered God says I am going to Roar

against your enemies I am going to rise

up and shout like a man that just

awakened from sleep I am going to make a

Roar and when the enemy the Bible talks

about the roaring lion that the roaring

lion doesn’t know anything about Roar

this God of ours is going to Roar and

shake the heavens and the Earth every

demon in hell is going to hear it God

says enough

deliver my people

God says then he’s going to let you take

back everything the devil’s plundered

from you verse 4 and you’re spoiled or

your loot shall be gathered like the

Gathering of the caterpillar as the

running to and fro of locusts shall they

run upon them

I’ll tell you what this is exactly what

God did to sennacher’s Army you remember

the angel Lord came down this room the

middle of the night and they don’t know

why but but what 185 000 were slain by

one angel

and they go out and it takes them days

just to collect the loot everything that

they had stolen from all of Judah from

Bastion and Lebanon everything that they

collected Israel got it back plus

everything synapricable he they took it

all back


you said Brother David

that’s what I want I want God to act on

my behalf I want God to rise up for me

how many want God to rise up for you

against the devil and everything has

come to to Rob and steal everything

that’s good and holy and pure in your


all right the three things

you say what grows up here didn’t he yes

but there there are three reasons why

God Rises up

and you’re not going to do it until

well let me explain it to you all right

first of all God waits to stretch out

his arm of Deliverance only when we

forsake all confidence in the power of

our own arm

now listen closely please for they got

not the land by their own sword neither

did their own arms save them but the

right hand and thine arm O Lord and the

light of thy countons because thou didst

favor them

the Lord commands Deliverance he all God

has to do is speak the word that’s his

strong arm his very word God just has to

Blink at the Devil it’s over

God just thinks the thought in it’s over

God commands Deliverance he says do it



I don’t believe God ever wastes the word

through thee will we push down our

enemies for I will not trust in my bow

neither shall my own sword save me but


have saved us from our enemies and put

to shame them that hated us

you’re never going to have God rise up

in your defense if you are trusting in

flesh if you’re trusting in man you’re

taking your problems to somebody almost

every wife or husband that’s in trouble

rather than many many rather than

running to the Lord and trusting in them

they have they look for sympathetic ear

see they built their own case and

they’ll talk and talk and talk till

they’ll find somebody oh yeah yeah yeah

yeah I hear you I hear you because every

big tongue that go find a big ear

some psychologist you can sit down there

and just spill your guts

you know what it cost you a hundred


asking my good psychiatrist

yes yes yes yes

that’ll be 175 dollars

good for you

thus saith the Lord

cursed be the man that trusteth in man

and maketh flash his arm and his heart

departs from the Lord you don’t believe

it by the way you know what the lord’s

name is


how many have that in your Bible


you don’t pick up the telephone and turn

to the flesh

you go to the secret closet of prayer

and when somebody comes to me week after

week week after week with the same

problem and I’ve told them go to prayer

and a week later a month later a year

later they’re telling me the same story

I know exactly what the problem is there

are leaning on the flesh they’re looking

for somebody to give an answer they are

not shut in with God

they’re not hearing from him they’re not

trusting An Almighty God

will never expect out his arm God will

never work on your behalf never

until you’re looking for somebody till

you step all night trying to figure it

out you’ve got it all figured out wife

you’ve got it all figured out where the

problem is in your marriage you know

exactly what your husband’s doing that’s


and same with the husband I I know if he

would do this or she would do this I

know I know if we we just we get the

right counselor

if we just do this we do that you’ve got

it all figured out and you build this

case in your mind

and I’ll tell you what when you lean on

the flesh you will never in a million

years figure out how to get out of the

mess never

well how many staying up half the night

figuring it out

if you go to the Lord and trust him he’d

give you a good night’s sleep


it’s not a matter of saying well okay

pastor I’ll go back into the battle and

I’ll try harder I’ll I’ll try I’ll do my


I I really believe it’s too late but

there’s no hope but I’ll try no no no no

no that’s not what he’s looking for it’s

it’s a matter of saying no Lord in in

myself and my strength I can’t do it

it’s hopeless In the Flesh it looks

hopeless but I believe that your God and

your God to me you promise to be a God

to me that nothing’s impossible with God

and I believe with all my heart that you

are able to do the impossible

lord I can’t do it but I’m going to

trust you I’m going to seek your face

with everything in me I’m going to turn

away from All Flesh then I’m going to

put my absolute confidence and trust in


hear ye that are far off in ye that are


acknowledge my might

it’s right there in verse 13. there’s

the secret acknowledge

my mic

deal with it go to God and say Lord I’m

not leaving here until I acknowledge

before you and the whole world that you

have all the might and power to do the


now secondly God will not rise up and

bear his mighty arm for you until he

knows you’re prepared to obey his word

until you’re ready most Christians say

they’re willing to obey the word of God

go to bed I’ll do anything he tells me I

am set you ask most people most

Christians if God speaks to me and gives

a word for you you know I’m a pastor

they say who can pray for me and God

gives me word and I say well I’ll go

prayer in two weeks you come back and

see me see this is what they did uh

clearly in in Jeremiah 42 remember when

uh Israel was overrun by the Chaldeans

and only remnants left and the princes

that are left and all the people there’s

still uh many many hundreds a part of

this Remnant and

they had a thought they’re going to run

off to Egypt and they’re going to escape

this and they’re going to have peace

down in Egypt Egypt represents the world

of course and they go to the Prophet


swearing that they would obey they say

you go to God

go to the Lord seek his direction for us

that the Lord

may show us the way we’re in we may walk

and the things that we may do and they

said to Jeremiah the Lord be a true and

faithful witness between us if we do not

even according to all things for which

the Lord thy God shall send thee to us

whether it be good or evil we will obey

the voice of the Lord Our God to whom we

send thee that it may be well with us

when we obey the voice of the Lord he

said you hear from God you bring us a

word we’ll do it whether we like it or

we don’t like it we will obey I have

heard that over and over I know brother

Dave I know I’ve got to obey the word

I’ve got a walk in truth and I’ll do

whatever God says that’s so

Jeremiah prays and he comes back with

the word

and the word is

don’t make a move that you’re going to


don’t do something foolish you stand

still now and see the salvation of the

Lord God’s ready to help you his arm is

stretched out if you’ll stand still and

believe God Don’t Make a Move don’t do

anything stand still light in your

position right where you are don’t do

anything but trust and God said I’ll

work a miracle

the word of the Lord came

but you see Egypt already had their


they’re already set in their own way and

you know what they said


we don’t think that’s what God says I

don’t know what God’s saying

and I’m not saying that to us

how many times I’ve heard wives


had left their husbands even in this


brother Dave I know what you say I know

what you preach but I know what I heard

I heard the Lord tell me

that he’s not a hard task master

and I have all kinds of scripture to

prove it

and God doesn’t expect me to live in a

Loveless marriage

God does not expect me to see this thing

through because I feel like

this man will never understand me the

rest of my life I’ve tried everything

under the sun and God doesn’t expect

them because I serve a loving God and

I’ve heard the still Small Voice that

has said it’s okay it’s okay

you see

if that has some if something of Egypt

has your heart

you can say all you want yes I I I will

obey I will obey it you will obey as

long as it agrees with your little Idol

but the moment the spirit of God comes

against it and exposes it for what it

really is deception

he said don’t make a move don’t you’re

going to regret it the rest of your life

they said no no no that’s the only way

I’m going to find peace I we want peace

folks it was we’re going down there for

peace Jeremiah said you don’t go to your

peace you’re going to die in your sins

in Egypt you’re going to die in your sin

that we’re not ready to obey God

and I’m going to tell you something God

will never ever tell you anything is

contrary to this book

why would God speak a sweet word to you

when you won’t believe the pure black

and red bird right here

God has already spoken he’s done as this

week again

God says I hate divorce that’s his

that’s his word

I’m not talking about

you dear wives that are here and your

husband turned to drugs and alcohol and

beat you and left you I’m not talking

about that I’m not talking about the man

that’s here and your wife is out on the

street somewhere a prostitute and left

Apostle said let them depart

not talking about that I’m talking about

those who don’t want to deal with sin

I’m talking about those who are

not even willing to try

because they want out

they want to go their own way

I’m not talking just about marriages I’m

talking about those things that have

captured our heart you say I want to be

delivered listen God is ready to send

the Holy Ghost with all the power and

authority that we need it is all in the

Holy Ghost it’s not in us he stands by

waiting but God will not override a

stubborn will

he will not override you say well God

would even put a will in our heart only

if you say Lord I don’t have the power

and I don’t even know if I really want

this but make me want it I want to be

pleasing to you in your sight I want

your blessing in my life put it in my

heart my will is not broken but break my

will rule me till I see it God he’s

looking for that kind of heart oh God

rush in his arm will rise immediately

his arm will come


yes finally

number three

God Rises up

to reveal his mighty arm at the very

peak of the devil’s power

when it seems most hopeless in fact King

snack in his army was at the repeat of

power no one could withstand and this is

BC 700 and up to this time for for the

50 previous years no enemy could could

stand before King sennacherib in his

army as a Syrian Army they overran

everybody and everything

and you see God this principle I’m

talking about where God allows the enemy

to to appear like he has prevailed

the Lord just stands by he’s no hurry he

knows what he’s doing everything’s under


or if we could just understand that God

has everything under control the devil’s

not in control

it may look like he’s prevailing he he

he’s already taken all of the inventory

he’s already they’re already drinking

and celebrating their victory

and God says now when now at the peak of

his part you’ll find it all through the

scripture in Daniel 4 King knezer is

stricken down at the very Zenith of his

glory he’s standing and boasting in

Babylon all of the great things he’s

done in the very hour he’s freaking down

you find it also

in the story of Haman he’s just reached

the very Pinnacle of power the greatest

honor ever placed upon a man of his time

and just as he goes home and boasts of

this great power and authority this

wicked man

is hung by the neck

King Herod in Acts 12 he’s just made a

speech to those of Tyron sidon and the

people who gave a shout saying it’s the

voice of a God and not of a man and

immediately the angel of the Lord smote

him immediately

you go all through the scripture you’ll

see the pattern you’ll see the principle

that God waits till the enemy is


and until it looks you look around and

say oh the

the devil is won the victory

I am defeated is no use it’s over

but there’s a cry in your heart

you say I’m so tired of fighting I’m so

tired I’m just going to sit back and let

God take over and that’s what he’s been

waiting for


Lord if you don’t do it it’s not going

to get done

Lord it looks black it looks hopeless

I don’t know where to turn I don’t know

what to do

Lord says wonderful

that’s what I’ve been waiting for

now I will arise

you’re not trusting in the arm of the


and now you know

that I want you to obey only because I

love you and it’s the only path to

Victory and it’s the only way to release

the strong arm of the almighty God on

your behalf

you say Lord I’ll obey you

if it’s bad you’ll give me the grace to

accept it if it’s good all the better

Hallelujah God says yeah it looks like

the devil’s controlling everything looks

like the devil’s in power you look at

the nation it looks like the

abortionists are in control

you see the in your face homosexuals

gloating against the Church of Jesus

Christ and you see these Powers rise and

it looks like they’re in control

communism thought it was in control

going to take over the whole world bang

God said enough

God smashed the Iron Curtain he smashed

in the bamboo curtain and folks that

Iron Curtain the Devils tried to put

around you and fence you in and make you

a stronghold of Satan just when it looks

hopeless at the peak of the devil’s

power God said now I will arise I will

arise and stretch out my strong hand

God says you shall conceive he’s talking

the devil now you shall conceive chaff

he shall bring forth stubble your breath

this fire shall devour you in Hebrew it

says my spirit like fire is going to

consume you

I’m going to breathe on you devil I’m

going to breathe on your principalities

and Powers

and the same breath of the Holy Ghost

that inspires you is going to burn up

everything the enemy has brought against

you every weapon of the devil is going

to be consumed and everything else the

same fire

that comforts you


the powers of the enemy Same Spirit

devouring spirit is our comforting

Spirit Hallelujah will you stand please


when God

stops the plundering

God of a Congregation of people

most of whom love you dearly

a holy remnant

wanting to walk uprightly Before You O


hungering and thirsting after Jesus

hearts that are set upon you

wanting to be faithful to husbands and


wanting to raise their children in the

fear of God

those who stand here most of them who

grieve over sin in their own life and in

the world

I I stand before Congregation of people


that love you dearly

but oh God

that’s the kind of people the devil

wants to come and destroy and devour

he’s not interested in the lukewarm and

the cold-hearted

peace coming against the Saints the

elect the chosen of God

so Lord we’re not ignorant of the

devil’s devices We Don’t Fear the devil

we don’t glorify him but one thing we do

know Lord Jesus

that he comes against us to destroy and

devour he’s a Devourer

he has come in many lives right now

and there are a number of people in this

church tonight whose lives are being

plundered and spoiled

the enemies come in like a roaring lion

bringing fear

bringing destruction

trying to rob the finances Rob of peace

and joy especially of Faith trying to

take that golden faith

Lord Jesus come

With Your Precious Love

and bring healing stretch out your arm

now cause us to want to obey you cause

us to want to lay down our sins anything

any iniquity that would cause you Lord

to stand by and wait Lord arise now in

this church arise and heal stretch forth

your strong arm against the enemy of

those in this house

if the enemies come against your home

your marriage or your life

on your job or in your home or your

personal life I want you to come down

here now believing that God’s going to

as I pray we’re going to ask God to

stretch out his arm against your enemies

and and if you’ve lost your peace and

your joy the Lord wants to restore that

if you’re not saved or if you’re baxton

or you’re running from the Lord up in

the balcony go up the stairs on either

side and come and join us wherever you

may be folks moving close make room for

those that are coming make room for

those that are coming God bless you move

in very close


glory to Jesus Hallelujah God has a

strong in fact this is for everybody for

me included I’ve come to this conclusion

after all my years of ministry listen

it’s always a matter of sin

that holds back

God’s work in our life it’s always a

matter of a besetting since something

that we won’t let go

something that God wants not because so

much of God hates sin but it’s more than

his hatred for sin he hates it because

of what it does to us

how it robs us and how it opens us to so

many other things of Satan’s Kingdom and

Dominion but now listen to me look at me

please and listen closely it doesn’t

mean that God doesn’t give you his love

he gives you there there’s there’s a a

passive love there there’s a corporate

love that he gives God so loved the

world he loves the whole world it’s not

a matter of God loving you he loves you


it’s not that you’ve lost his love

you’ll never lose his love you can go

out and become the worst sinner he’ll

still love you it’s not a loss of his


it’s really not a loss of his care and


it’s very compassionate

and it’s not that God forsakes you

it’s just that that God is hampered he

is hindered

first of all I said without faith it’s

impossible to please him

and it stops the release

of God’s Mighty arm working in your


so it’s not a lot of matters saying oh

oh Lord please your forsake me God’s not

forsaken you

and God’s not mad at you

but you need power we’ve got to have

power we don’t have the power we don’t

have the what it needs to conquer sin

and to have victory in our lives we

don’t have it you’re not going to get it

from anybody else so how do I get it I

get it by coming to him and say Lord I

don’t have what I need but you have it

and the only way I’m going to get it is

to believe you and to trust you

I don’t even have the willpower to to to

to resist the enemy I don’t have the

willpower but God you do I come to you

and I call on you so I’m going to have

time with you I’m going to get along

with you I’m going to seek your face I’m

going to call on you

that’s what I said did he got on the

whole Lord


be our savior be our deliverer in a time

of trouble

and then God then he he says well God

deal with our sins deal with our sins

do you want God to begin to bless your

life with peace and joy in the Holy

Ghost and see God work here and God work

here and suddenly things that that were

trouble and piling up instead of piling

up God’s taking one thing off the pile

and another thing off the power and the

power is going down and you look around

there’s a little Victory here and a

little Victory here and God’s doing

something here God’s doing something

here God’s changing Hearts all around

you he’s changing your husband he’s

changing your children he’s changing

your wife he’s changing things things

are changing because the arm of the Lord

that’s been stretched out now is able to


because you have opened up your heart

and said oh God I don’t want anything in

my life that’s unlike you Lord Jesus I

come to you now I know you forgive me

but now I come to you asking pleading

with you in faith now that you give me

your power because I want to be free I

want to be able to look you in the eye

Lord and nothing hinders that Fellowship

of that relationship with you I want to

be I want an open heart with you Jesus

I don’t want anything

that’s in the line clogging the flow of

your sweetness and love and blessings in

my life

he said he’s more willing to deliver you

than you are to be delivered


now what did he say acknowledge my might

acknowledge my power let’s do that right

now pray this with me Jesus

I I can’t do this on my own

thank you

in my flesh I’m weak

and I’m powerless but I acknowledge

that you have all the power and all the

might and that you abide in me

and that your power in me

is greater than the power of the enemy

but oh Jesus

there’s something in my life

that’s been hindering the flow

I want that out

if there’s a black stone in my heart

representing a sin

take it out of my heart

and put the white stone of Purity in my


give me clean hands

and a pure heart

caused me to draw nigh to you

to seek your face to spend time with you

that I get to know your heart how much

you love me and how much you want to

deliver me

thank you Jesus that you didn’t give up

on me

you didn’t let go of me

and I know you love me

and I accept that love

forgive me Jesus and give me power now

over all the power of the enemy

rise up now

on my behalf and stretch out your arm

and be my deliverer

now raise your hands and thank him for

his faithfulness to you Lord I give you


I give you praise


I give you thanks and I give you praise

you alone have power and might and Glory

we acknowledge your might

we acknowledge your power

we acknowledge your might and we

acknowledge your power Hallelujah

as Pastor Carter said now be of good

cheer be a good year

we’ve heard a word from the Lord God

delivers his people you say brother Dave

I don’t feel delivered

well your feelings always lie

they lie all the time

I want to tell you something sometimes

when I have felt the best I knew that I

was at my worst

and sometimes when I felt my worst I was

at my best with God

Unity to your feelings are upside down

all the time so don’t trust your

feelings you trust the word he said

acknowledge and trust my might and my




we’re going to sing a song now called

wonderful wonderful Jesus is to me this

is the conclusion of the message