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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

I pray for those here tonight that are

have lost control Lord they are not in

control there is fear that is out of

control there is anxiety and despair and

depression that is out of control and I

pray Lord that you speak to us by Your

Word anoint me I hide myself on the

cross in Jesus name I pray amen

I want to show you how one of the most

powerful men of God in all the Bible

lost control of his life for a season

and how he got back in control we’re

talking about Elijah in his battle with

Jezebel you know the story very well but

let me remind you of some of the

circumstances remember he calls there’s

a famine in the land and he calls all of

the prophets of Baal there are 450

prophets of Baal and there are 400

prophets of of the goddess asheris

and this is 850 false prophets and they

build two altars there one to bail and

asheris and one to the heavenly father

and of course you know the story Elijah

waits for them uh unsuccessfully to call

fire down on their altar their God

doesn’t answer

deaf and dumb and and just a piece of uh

nonsense and then he puts 12 barrels of

water upon his altar after building a

ditch around it praise a simple prayer

and a fire god comes down not only licks

the sacrifice in the altar but looks up

all the water

and the people fall on their face and

say God is God he is god Jehovah is God

Prophet Elijah picks up a sword and he

tells every man to get his sword and

they they bind these prophets and take

them down the mountain by the Brook

Kidron and and slay every one of them

kill 850 false prophets

uh Ahab is watching all of this from his

Royal Chariot at the bottom of the


and suddenly the prophet goes back up on

the hill and he begins to pray he said

uh I see the cloud about the size of a

man’s hand he outruns ahab’s Chariot

into the city of Jezreel remember he out

read it this is some 18 miles this will

Prophet outran the king’s horses which

probably the best horses in all the land

now that’s the Holy Ghost

I’m lucky if I can run three blocks at

my age I know he’s older than I was and

he ran 18 miles out running the Holy

Ghost team on him Hallelujah now he he’s

sitting outside evidently sitting

somewhere in the city and he’s waiting

he’s he’s wondering now maybe this is

the time he’s so excited uh surely when

Ahab rehearses this whole thing how the

fire came down there’s going to be a

fear of God in her and when she finds

out 850 of her prophets that that sat at

her table that she financed that that

she paid for and all of this false

worship season she’s introduced

introduced in Jerusalem and Judah now

she’s going to tremble because there’s

going to be a ride in the sea I think he

was waiting for a ride I think he was

waiting to see her grab her belongings

get on her royal chair and skadoodle out

of town

that that wouldn’t happen the Bible says

that she sent a messenger she sent a

messenger now I’m going to tell you

something folks here’s a Godly holy

righteous man this man is moving into

power and anointing of the Holy Ghost

this man is under the direction of the

Holy Spirit and everything he said and

did this man is without he’s not living

in sin he’s righteous Godly Pious he’s

in the will of God he is single-handedly

under the anointing of God perform one

of the greatest workings of God’s spirit

in the land and the history of Israel

and now he’s full of Faith he’s excited

God is about to send a great Revival

into the land God is going to move in a

mighty way

and folks watch out after God blesses

you watch out when you’re walking a

clean pure holy life in the hand of God

is on you and you think man it’s clear

sailing right through from here on

everything is fine


no no no no that’s when the messenger of

Satan is sent

that is when the devil sends a messenger

the two battles in this story now

they’re two battles there’s the battle

uh on the mouth that was between the

devil and God’s corporate body on Earth

you see that battle up there was was not

uh Elijah’s battle that was God’s bat

was between Jezebel who who was the

devil incarnate the devil had incarnated


and if Elijah is waiting for her to

repent and he’s got a long wait because

you see the devil can’t repent

the devil is beyond repentance he’s so

hard there’s no possibility of him

repenting there’s no ways he’s going to


and there’s there are two battles here

there’s the battle on the mountain

that’s the corporate Battle of the body

uh or the church against the spirit of

wickedness of the age

you know there is a battle in the land

that we’re all involved in the church

we’ve got Christians that are

demonstrating against abortion which is

wonderful we’ve got Christians who are

praying uh getting into politics and

trying to change the government from the

inside that’s commendable uh see these

are corporate battles of the body of

Jesus Christ against that sin out there

against the inroads of homosexuality

see these These are the great battles of

the church but they’re really not our

battles it’s God against the Devil


but you see it’s one thing to be

involved in a mountain like that in this

great battle of the corporate body

against sin and the devil but it’s

another thing when it becomes a personal


when it’s no longer fighting

homosexuality out there it’s not

demonstrating or marching about uh some

political thing or abortion but the

devil says hey you’ve done enough damage

to my kingdom you’re a praying man

you’re a Praying Woman you’ve got a holy

spirit about you and you’ve done damage

to my kingdom now I’m going to make this

a battle between me and you

a personal battle now

it’s a personal battle now these two

battles one of them is is now fading out

and the devil’s saying all right you’ve

come against me and he’s speaking

through Jezebel now I’m going to get you

I’m coming after you

I’m not coming after the whole church

I’m going to Mark you I’m going to point

you out of the whole crowd

there were seven thousand Prophets You

never about their need to bail they

didn’t get a messenger Elijah got the

messenger he got the messenger

now here’s a man is subject-like

passions just as we are he was just as

normal as you and I am

he was a man who felt things he was a

man who grieved a man who wept and

laughed and cried

but you’re going to see the story unfold

here tonight

a man of great victories effective

against the power of hell but then when

the enemy comes at him he loses control

Elijah’s personal battle is right here

at the gates of Jezreel now


wanting probably

to uh

see a ride in the city he won Jezebel he

was so

so anxious for God to cleanse the the

nation he would pay any pricey anything

happen to move her out of her position

and and clear this evil situation up and

I I think there’s something else God’s

dealing with he’s dealing with some

pride in this man

because later that Pride came out on the

mountain when he’s alone with God

remember he’s he’s he said I’m the only

one left God in all the land I’m the

only one left

there was there was a famous evangelist

television evangelist who just before he


got on television and I was appalled

when I heard it he said this is the only

Ministry God’s anointed to reach the


and he had a vision of of a hundred

Harvesters that were all his they’re all

harvesting in the Harvest build these

were all his harvesting machines

no folks that was the pride the Bible

says that goes before destruction and

perhaps there’s some pride in this man

he’s the only one left in the land

Ahab told Jezreel all that Elijah had


and about how he had slain all the

prophets with the sword then Jezebel

sent a messenger unto Elijah

Elijah’s sitting here waiting for uh the

the Revival to break out

he’s waiting for Jezreel to be either

slain or removed instead he gets a

messenger from Satan a messenger from

the Devil Himself

and here’s what he’s she said so let the

gods do to me and more also if I make

not your life as the life of one of them

by tomorrow this time in other words you

slew my prophets I’m going to cure you

sir you’ve got 24 hours to live you’re a

dead man this time tomorrow night

now this man is not in any danger



the young prophet he anointed Elisha who

followed him

didn’t Elisha see a mighty host he saw

uh this on horses he saw a host of God’s


so it’s the same Army that’s surrounding

Elijah Elijah is not any danger in first

place he says listen so let the gods do

to me she’s swearing by gods who have

just failed

she’s swearing by gods who couldn’t


so what’s he afraid of he saw he had a

he had a demonstration right before his

eyes she’s swearing by a God that he


and he’s in no danger whatsoever

folks I don’t care how the devil lies I

don’t care how he rails against you

you’re no danger

you are not in any danger he cannot

touch you outside of God’s permission

there’s no way


Elijah you’re a dead man beloved

God allowed this personal challenge for

a reason


it’s one thing to be able to stand

against the sins of the whole world

but then when the Devil Comes against

you personally watch out

when the devil brings

these accusations how different when the

devil focuses all his attention on you

and you see he brings fear through lies

he has to tell lies to produce this fear

Elijah panics

in just a few hours he goes from this

bold holy boldness assurance and

Spiritual Authority to a fearful

despairing depressed confused man who’s

on the run and he arose and ran for his


he ran for his life

now folks the devil’s not trying to kill

him the devil not interested in killing

you he’s not after you’re dying he’s

after you’re living

he wants to control your life not your


as I said once before I know if you

remember me telling you can you imagine

the devil going to a Christian’s funeral

and he he says I caused an accident in

first place he can’t do that without

God’s permission and I I killed him well

he’s not going to rejoice in sending

people to heaven

oh there goes another and I just sent

him to Heaven oops

wrong Channel

no he’s not interested in sending this

man to Glory

he was the torment he wants to keep him

alive and torment him the devil not

interested in killing you he’s after you

give me King he doesn’t want to kill you

too let’s make you miserable

he wants to make you miserable in

unbelief and doubt and fear and guilt

thank you

Satan knows that worshiping Saints

who are in the word and living by faith

are in control

it’s the Holy Ghost is moving into them

of course I’m telling you the Holy Ghost

is in control but we are the instruments

by which that control is brought forth

and so what is what is he going to do

he’s going to try to come in with lies

and panic you to get you away from the

things of God

and now you find this man sitting on a

under a juniper tree asking God to kill


now now that’s something for men to say

Lord take my life when he’s running to

save his life

doesn’t make sense to me he’s wanting to

save his life and he’s sitting there

said Lord kill me I don’t want to live


Jeremiah had that same battle you don’t

go there but in Jeremiah the 20th

chapter verses 14 to 18 he’s saying the

same thing Lord uh you’ve deceived me if

you go to the 11th verse just three

verses before that he’s got this great

testimony he’s saying the Lord is with

me as a mighty terrible one for my

persecutor shall stumble they shall not

Prevail they shall be greatly ashamed

for they shall not Prosper their

Everlasting confusion shall never be

forgotten sing to the Lord Praise ye the

Lord for he has delivered the soul of

the poor from the hand of evil doers you

know a wonderful testimony God’s in

control God’s going to deliver you then

suddenly Here Comes pasture the governor

of the land of the synagogue and he

throws them in jail and accuses him of

being a false prophet

and then you hear the prophet in jail

the Prophet Jeremiah is in prison and he

said God you’ve deceived me

and if you you read chapter 20 verse 14

to 18 it’s uh

a terrible complaint of the man of God

he said Lord You’ve deceived me you have

forsaken me I want to die

what happened

confusion falls on the prophet oh Lord

thou must deceive me and I was deceived

I was fooled Thou Art stronger than I am

and you’ve prevailed against me I’m in

derision every day everyone is mocking


he’s saying Lord You’ve not kept your

word you’ve not fulfilled your word

you’ve put me through too much I feel

like I’ve been deceived

and I want to talk to you about this

there are people that don’t understand

how God can allow the devil to come and

attack them personally

is that he that this Christian who’s

living so clean and righteous before the

Lord who has nothing but a desire to

please God somebody who’s been in the

word of God somebody who’s been walking

in the spirit somebody has no other

desire but to fulfill the will of God

have abandoned their own will and

suddenly they become the focus of hell

suddenly the devil is coming at them

trying to bring Panic threatening them

sending Messengers Out of Hell itself

saying you’re dead I’m after you he he

gives evidence on all side that he’s out

to destroy you

and he wants to produce this fear

and and often God in this time will

allow a tremendous time of testing

he’s doing he’s trying to do something

in this Prophet that hasn’t been

accomplished yet in spite of all of his

past victories there’s still something

God is looking for in this man because

he has agreed to work for him to do

and and you can say well God has to be

with me he’s bless me so much in the

past but if if God is going to use you

in Greater measure if he’s going to make

you a greater testimony or if he’s going

to open wider doors for you even of his

own blessings he has to bring you to a

testing place

it for example

those who milk snakes for medical


they actually milk the snakes I’ve seen

this done down in Florida

and what they do they put him right in a

snake pit to teach them now I don’t want

to be a medical uh milker or snakes

but sometimes God lets you go into the

snake pit to teach you

how to milk out of it His blessings

we’ll get into that as we go a little


Nehemiah said when the enemy in the

messenger of the devil came to him he’s

and the devil said you better run

and Nehemiah said should such a man as I

flee I will not run

now folks many of us don’t need a

message on please be steadfast don’t run

you don’t need it because you are Iran

you’re already running

too late

you’re already running

that but but you see this is what the

message is about for you that have been


those who are in panic those who are in

depression those who who say I really

know in my heart I’m doing my best to

serve God

nobody in the world will tell me that I

don’t love my Jesus

I know he’s delivered me from sin I know

my if I know my heart at all I don’t

want to go back to sin

but you still don’t understand


because of that desire how the enemy can

still come at you with temptation

trying to overwhelm you trying to get

you to run

to go back to some old sinful way

I’m speaking to the guys here and others

all through the congregation here that’s

what the devil does he wants you to run

and some of in your spirit you’re not

out there yet but in your spirit you’re

already running you take you’ve already

turned there’s a panic in you there’s a

fight in you you’re scared the devil’s

going to get me you’re you’re afraid

that you’re absolutely going to forsake

God and lose it all

right now let me tell you

how you can take control back in your

life if the devil is already commonly

succeeded and and and trying to he

succeeded in bringing depression and


guilt condemnation upon you

and I know God put this in my heart

today God really laid this on my heart

that there were going to be people in

this meeting tonight

who if your life is not out of control

the depression in you is out of control

the fear in you is out of control

here’s a a a letter I received today

from a sister

they come home

they were away they come home

and a bunch of teenagers had gotten into

the house and literally turned the house

upside down destroyed almost everything

in sight

12 13 year old daughter

had a kidney transplant

and the kidney failed the transplant


the same day a letter comes

they’re going to lose the house from

back taxes

the mortgage companies pressing in I

think they have another four or five


loss of house

the child in despair

house ruined

and at the end of the letter

the dear sister said pastor

I’m going to trust God through it all

I’m going to trust God through it all

but you see the amazing thing about that

this sister just a few weeks ago was

backstage weeping and saying brother

Dave God Pastor God is really dealing

with me I love him like I’ve never loved

him before I heard a testimony I’m going

to give him everything I may felt him in

the past but my heart is determined to

seek him with all everything in me and I

thought well now she’s that thing’s

going to change she’s man she’s had so

many problems in her home husband and

family there’s so many problems now

maybe this is going to be the answer and

I felt real good

then I got this letter today

described me what’s happened since that

testimony of righteousness and a heart

set for God and now the messenger Satan

is coming now he’s trying to get her to

run back to her old life of fear

doubting God questioning God saying

where are you I I’m trying to do the

best I can I love you I’m praying I’m

reading my Bible I’m seeking your face

why why why now

and there’s there there’s the Prophet

Elijah sitting on a ver juniper tree and

says oh my Lord my God

I have laid my life down for you

I’ve been jealous for your holiness

and now

look what you’ve done

you’ve allowed this woman to take

control again and this man is sitting

out in the desert absolutely out of


he’s running he’s lost his his

perception he’s lost his discernment

he’s full of fear he’s depressed he’s

down God you’ve forsaken me God you let

me down

all right how is this man going to get

back control and how do you get back in

control once this happens first of all

you’ve got to keep in mind that God is

with you even in your running

did you hear me God is with you even in

your running in your life is despairing

in his total confusion he’s fearful he’s

wanting to give up so God what does God

do does god chastise him does God

reprimand him

does God whip him

saying where’s your power where’s your

strength why are you running no no no no

he sends him a private Butler and Chef

an angel

to cook him a meal that’s going to last

him 40 days and 40 nights now that’s

some nil

that was a supernatural meal

and you know when God sent this Angel to

the prophet he lies under the junior I

think I know what God told him to do I

think he he said to the angel he said

now Elijah is my servant I’ve sent him

on a mission he thinks he’s failed he’s

hurting be kind and patient with him

speak softly to him

I still love him he thinks I’ve given up

on him he thinks he’s he thinks it’s all

over but it’s just beginning I’m doing a

work in him and he doesn’t know it he

doesn’t understand it I want you to cook

him a good meal I want you to make him

feel comfortable speak encouragement to

his heart and let him know that he’s got

to go on the strength of this Mill that

he can’t do it in his own strength and

that’s when God comes to it what he’s

trying to get you to the end of your

strength he told Elijah the angel told

Elijah you can’t do this in your

strength you’re going to have to go on

the strength of this meal the

supernatural meal folks that’s the word

of God


he sent his word to us to bring healing

he sent the angel

oh glory be to God

what I I don’t know what was in that


the Journey’s too great for him he can

make it without eating and drinking the

food that I Supply

that the applications should be

understood by all of us isn’t that easy

to understand the word and the spirit

drinking the wine of the spirit and the


you understand

what the prophet’s saying the journey is

too great for you

and that what he’s saying to you right

now what you’re going through is too

great for you you can’t bear it yourself

this journey is too great that’s the

only thing I can tell this sister

she’ll be here Sunday mornings he said

and I don’t think I if I see her

backstage I’m going to tell hey this

this is too much for you you can’t

handle this

she knows that but she’s got to be

reminded that that she’s just got to

just right now crawl in the lap of Jesus

and just rest Lord I’m going to write

out this storm live or die I am yours

I’m your servant my part is to keep my

eyes on you and just trust you what else

can you do

you can’t fight your way out


he said tell my servant this is too much

of him to Bear but I’m going to give him

the strength I’m going to feed him I’m

going to supply what’s needed to see him

through Hallelujah whatever wherever

you’re running Whatever It Is God is

still with you when you’re running he

was still with him in his running wasn’t


isn’t that wonderful

he said I’ll never leave you I’ll never

forsake you I don’t care what you’re

going through I don’t care what the

devil’s telling you he’s telling you

you’re no good you’re worthless you’re

helpless God says I’m still with you the

angel of the Lord and camps around about

you the angel of the Lord is with you

secondly taking back control requires

dealing with the Lord still small voice

and you know he’s going to say

what are you doing here

in this condition

what are you doing


what what are you doing closing up

inside and so focused on your problem

come on now

some of you’ve been so focused on your

past hurts

you’ve been focused on somebody years

ago wounded and hurt you

and you’re living on that

you’re you’re hiding in this Cave of

mental depression and mental anxiety and

all these fears and all these lies of

Hell still bombarding your mind and you

forget he said I will be to you a wall

of fire around about your brain in your

head in your body

there’s still small boy could say what

are you doing still sitting here in this

situation why are you sitting here



what do you say Elijah how long are you

going to let the devil lie to you how

long does this go on

folks I’m going to ask some of you have

been in this bondage for months and

years when does it end

you’re saying the cross has no Victory

you’re saying that that all you can do

is try to find a little bit of relief

not deliver us but a little relief

no God’s not interested in just giving

you relief he’s giving you Deliverance

saying Elijah when are you going to wake

up and end this foolishness

this hiding

now some of you here you’ve been hiding

in your problem you’ve been hiding in

your despair you’ve been wallowing in

your guilt

and that’s the question how long will

you let this go on you don’t need to run

there is nothing to fear I’m not mad at

you I need you your work is not done

just wake up now

now God needed to get to the root

and the cause

he’s after something in Elijah and you

know what it is

he God needed Elijah

to get to the root

of his spirit and here it is now listen

to me closely here’s what Elijah’s

thinking is God

you let the devil get to me

you’ve allowed the devil to harass me

you’ve allowed the devil to take away my

rest you’ve allowed the devil to put

fear in me

and I didn’t deserve such treatment

I was holy I was obedient doing

everything you told me to do and you let

Jezebel loose on me all my praying all

my faith all my preaching all my

obedience all my devotion to you God and

I end up in the biggest personal battle

in all my life God it doesn’t make sense

there’s no there’s no sense to this

because I don’t deserve this kind of

treatment from you

and that’s what God that’s the that’s

the spirit God’s after in US

when we’re going through tremendous

trials and you say God I don’t deserve


I may have deserved it back then when I

failed you when I was living in sin but

I don’t deserve it now

you allow the devil to tempt me you

allow the the enemy to come against me

you allow problems in my life that

overwhelm me it’s not fair

and that’s kind of thinking God is after

that has to end once and for all

see it doesn’t matter all the great

works you do up in the mountain

up on that mountain

you can see great signs and wonders and


but you’ve got to come down personally

to live by faith

it’s one thing to have faith for the

whole Nations another thing to have

faith for your own spirit

and he didn’t have faith for himself

no no he had faith for the whole nation

but he didn’t have faith to get himself

through a single battle when the enemy

came against him and some of you believe

God for the healing of all your family

you believe God can send Revival to the

nation you believe God can pull down the

powers of darkness and principles and

powers and spiritual wickedness in high

places but then when you go to your own

little battle

you go



you’re not going to get out you’re not

going to get back in trouble until you

get honest with God

see when you learn how to resist the

devil the Bible says he’s going to flee

from you

now that’s Bible

he could have resisted Jezebel and she

would have fled

but how can you

learn how to resist

until the Lord put you in a battle where

you need to resist

how do you know you have strength and

Faith against your roaring devil until

the Lord lets the wrong devil look you

in the face


you know uh

uh if if a trainer of a boxer I’ve used

this illustration before if you’re going

to be the trainer of a boxer

what do you do do you bring a a cream

puff into the

to the ring somebody’s going to go down

with the first blow

no no no no you get the best what do you

call them aspiring partner you get the

best strongest sparring partner that you

can find this trainer if he really loves

his his boxer he’ll get the strongest

one in there and to let him go in there

and go at it he’ll let his man go down a

few times to train him to harden him

against the attacks of the uh the

oppressor and that’s the only way

they’re trained and the only way God can

produce faith in us is allow us to be in

conditions where it’s needed

where it has to be exercised

how do you know you have faith how can

you call on faith how can you exercise

Faith until you’re in a situation where

it’s absolutely needed it’s a life and

death situation and God allows us to go

in there to see he test us with that

that situation in right now is a test

I Was preparing this

and I go I get a telephone call

and uh

I’m not going to get personal about it

but all of a sudden

and another call

and suddenly I’m overwhelmed by

uh some problems with my children the

the situation with their their children

uh one has add the other has uh

I don’t know what the other thing is

dyslexia discover dyslexia and add

and uh

uh over here another child calls and

some deep uh physical problems

and I’m

preparing this message

and I’m I’m going to come here and tell


about how to behave and how to get

control when the enemy comes against you

and that God’s going to put you in a

situation where faith is needed and

suddenly I’m in it

and the Lord says what are you going to


you know what I told the Lord I walked

around I was praying just about an hour

before coming to church and I said Lord

I’m laying this all on you and nothing I

can do it’s beyond my power and I’m not

going to sweat it I’m not gonna I’m not

gonna beg you I’m walking in Covenant

with you you’re my Covenant partner I

give I name this child I give this

grandchild to you I give this grandchild

to you I give this child to you I give

this child to you well I’d give the

church to you I’d give everybody

everything to you


I said Lord this is not my problem now

it’s yours it’s your problem

I’m going to trust you I’m going to

believe you

come what may it’s yours

it’s yours

you’re not going to go around say well

no I don’t deserve this Lord I’ve been

New York given my life I’ve been doing

everything walking in Holiness and

righteousness while you allow this no no

no no no no

Lord says I’m testing your faith are you

going to trust me now

you’re not going to preach Theory you’re

going to live it

so I’m not telling you fella something I

haven’t practiced learn myself

Lord be to God


thirdly in closing you’re you you get

back control when you begin to

acknowledge and understand why God

allowed you to endure this personal


he’s trying to make you devil proof



all it doesn’t mean he won’t allow devil

come again but now you will be an


you will have your punching

and the Holy Ghost is going to get hold

of that arm and you tell me if your arm

is going to be all powerful and the holy

ghost thrusted at the enemy because you

have been in training you have learned

to stand in the floods and everything

come against you you say well this the

devil he tried that a year ago or a

month ago and the Lord brought me out I

trusted him he brought me out I’m going

to trust him now he’s going to bring me

out and you’ll stand


secondly he’s been preparing you for

greater expanded usefulness in his

kingdom look what he says to Elijah go

Elijah return anoint Hazel anoint jehugh

anoint Elisha

Elijah was being prepared to be a chosen

vessel for special work

and Those whom God chooses for special

work he takes them through special


Hallelujah so he departed from there

he’s now in control he departed from

that cave and that’s my closing word to

you it’s time for you to depart out of

that that that doldrums and depression

it’s time to you get up and say in Jesus

name devil you don’t hold me down

anymore you do not lie to me anymore I

will not be held by this


your whole Freedom depends right now on

a step of faith

you can get out of it tonight you can

get out of it in the next few moments by

simply giving up laying down all of your

Despair and you’re depressed say Lord I

turn it over to you I’m not going to

fight this anymore

glory be to God no more striving in the


you know what one of the great victories

that that God has

brought me into

that’s not the Bible school this week

and and preached to them along this line

this the importance of giving up on the


you see I got delivered totally free

from my flesh when I didn’t expect

anything out of it

and when I was no longer surprised by

how evil it is

I’m never surprised at my flesh anymore

I’m never surprised when the enemy comes

into my flesh and tries to put some kind

of an evil thought I’m not surprised

that I’m capable of losing my temper

once in a while because flesh is always

going to be I’m not surprised by

anything in my flesh anymore and that’s

where you get the victory you’re not

surprised because you’re not walking in

the flesh anymore you’re walking in the

spirit of God


and you turn the Flesh and say flesh you

don’t control me anymore I’m going to

walk in the spirit I’m going to walk in

faith Hallelujah

glory be to God

it’s only through the spirit we crucify

the lust and the Deeds of the flesh

crucified only by faith in the finished

work of Jesus glory be to God

you can be in control

of your life through the power of the

Holy Spirit

you can be in control right now if you

will simply resist

and renounce Every Lie of the devil

tonight in this service

the devil’s trying to tell you you’re

going to lose it all you say no

because my God says and is Worthy is

going to keep me from falling present Me

faultless Before the Throne of Glory

the Devil comes in

and and says you’re you’re you’re

depressed and you’ll always be depressed

the rest of your life

go get medication and live the rest of

your life on medication

now folks I’m not asking you to to lay

down your medication right now don’t

don’t do something that God doesn’t tell

you to do

and and and there are many people that

have uh uh deficiencies

that in the in in the brain and so forth

and that’s a whole nother world that I’m

telling you now if the enemy has come

into your spirit

trying to get you to hide in a cave

and try to keep you in guilt and fear

and depression that you’ll never amount

to anything

no God’s tested you for a reason because

he’s going to bring you out

you’re going to be stronger this time

than you’ve ever been

this time

you’ll be able to stand

and not fall

because he brought you through these

hard places

and all you did was trust him

you went into his word you got the faith

to stand

and you say Lord I’m not going to doubt

you I’m not going to question you

I’m going to rest in your love

I I read this today in in a statement

some man a little something a little

book that he written about crawling into

the lap of Jesus

when you’re in trouble

just climb up into his lap

let him put his arms around you and just

stay there till the storm is over just

stay there trusting him

can you picture it

crawl in his lap

and stay in his arms

get close to Jesus hug him and let him

hug you

that’s the safest place I know

in your spirit in your heart draw nigh

to me and I’ll draw nigh to you

Hallelujah will you stand please


Heavenly Father

I know you put this word in my heart

there are some here Lord

who have allowed fear

to go out of control

depression guilt

my Lord and my God come by your Holy

Spirit tonight and deliver

Lord you want your people to be joyful

in you you want your people to live in

peace and rest in the Holy Ghost

you don’t want us to live in turmoil you

want to bring a quiet calm and peace to

our heart a living faith that says come

what may live or die I am the Lord’s

and not worry not fret not try to figure

things out but just say Lord all I have

to do is love you

serve you you’ll take care of my family

you’ll take care of my problems you’ll

give me the wisdom know what to do

you’ll guide my steps you’ll Lead Me

if you’re here tonight and the message

was for you

and you have to acknowledge first of all

if you’re not right with God I want you

to come here and get right with God if

you’ve been running from God I want you

to come down here and you’re running

stop your running right now if you’re

here tonight and there’s been something

out of control the enemy come with fear

depression whatever it may be that’s out

of control I want you to come down here

and say God I want this to end tonight I

want freedom God’s been speaking to you

the message for me you say come and let

the Holy Spirit finish the work that

he’s begun by his word amen

remember what I said

don’t expect anything good from your


Paul said I I I have no confidence in my


don’t ex don’t don’t get frightened by

when you’re seeking God all your heart

sometimes your flesh Rises up

you’ll say the wrong thing you’ll think

the wrong thing and then the Devil comes

and say well what kind of Christian are


you rise up and say my flesh is flesh

and I will not live in the flesh it will

not dominate me

I renounce it in Jesus name renounce

those thoughts when they come

Holy Ghost will help you bring them into

captivity The Obedience of the Lord

Jesus Hallelujah he’s a faithful God

he’s a faithful Savior

and he loves you with all his being

Hallelujah you’ve got to understand

God’s not mad at you

why would God be mad at you when you’re

coming to him you desire him you want

him I couldn’t do that as human being

how could God almighty God he said I

will know you come to me I’ll no wise

cast I’ll not put you down

I’m faithful

God’s faithful Hallelujah

God wants you to come out of your cave


God says you can’t you can’t do the work

I want you to do you can’t be my witness

until you come out of that cave

stop hiding

I know for a fact some of you are going

to walk out of that cave tonight by


your life is going to change tonight

you’re going to be able to look back and

mark this on your calendar that’s the


God ended my spirit of fear that’s the

night my depression began to change into


that’s the night I gave up on my flesh

trying to do it my own strength and my

own power

that’s the night

Friday night

March what


ten to nine

I laid down my flesh and I said God I’m

trusting you from now on I’m gonna trust

the Holy Ghost In Me

raise your hands

call on him right now just tell him why

you came up here just tell them you’re

going to trust him ask him right now to

take away your fear lay down your doubts

come on lay down your unbelief father in

Jesus name we take authority over that

unbelief that depression that fear Lord

we’re going to step out of the cave

Lord end this Depression end this fear

end this guilt end this condemnation

because we confess our sins to you we

believe in you Lord to deliver

you’re our savior you’re our deliverer

right now bring Deliverance bring

Salvation Lord peace and rest in the

Holy Ghost Hallelujah I want you to pray

this prayer with me loud and clear Jesus

I can’t do it myself

in my flesh

I am totally weak

I’m totally helpless

but I can do all things through the

power of God

and the spirit of Christ in me

I yield to you Holy Spirit

I confess my weakness

and my sins

and I lay them on you

take my guilt

take my fears and my depression and my


take it Lord I lay it upon you

I trust you Jesus Hallelujah I trust you

Hallelujah I Trust You Lord take me out

of my cave Deliver Me Lord for my


Hallelujah deliver me from bondage

deliver me from bondage father all fear

let it be gone let it be gone

for I’ve not giving you the spirit of

fear but of love and Power in a sound

mind Hallelujah

perfect love casteth at all fear we love

you Lord we know you you love doves

now I want you right now to just drink

in his love

and and let it sink in your heart

say it to yourself God loves me I know

he loves me

he’s not giving up on me he loves me

he’s going to see me through

look at me every one of you say it God

loves me

God has not given up on me

he is not going to give up on me even

when I’m running

he runs with me he doesn’t let me go

and he’ll stop my running

he’ll bring me out of the cave

and he will use me

he hasn’t worked for me he’s just begun

with me

I receive his love

Lord I receive your love


thank you Jesus for your great love


this is the conclusion of the message