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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

who told you you were unworthy that uh

you’re no good

you’re useless

you’re unusable to God

we all know where that comes from the

devil said it

the Devil Himself is the liar he keeps

you feeling like God is angry with you

and you’re never going to maze you up to

God’s standard

he keeps reminding you that you’re weak

you’re helpless you’re a total failure

that all comes from the pit of Hell

these are lies and they are told to all

of us we all hear them

who is it that tells choir members for

example that they’re not worthy to be

sitting here ministering

in the house of the Lord

who tells the musicians that they’re not

holy enough to hold their instruments in

the presence of the holy God and

minister to the people

who keeps telling elders and Sunday

school teachers and ushers and

volunteers and workers in the church

you’re not worthy you’ve got unclean

hands you’ve got an impure heart what

are you doing trying to handle holy


you are a disgrace you don’t have

victory in your life and so the enemy

comes constantly trying to say what you

need to do is just to sit down and wait

until you get it all figured out till

you get your life together until you’re

good enough and you’re worthy enough

then you can come to God’s house then

you can be used of God but until then

you can’t have any part of it and I

believe there are a number of you

listening to me right now you’re hearing

me as a pastor

and something has been told to you by

the Devil Himself of your great


that you’re not even to be considered a

righteous child of God

you look at your spiritual life and you

see inconsistency

you say Pastor Wilkerson I am not living

as consistently as I ought to live

there are still failures in my life I am

still battling certain things that

disgust me I’m going through great

Temptations I’m going through trials and

I have this sense that I will never

measure up I’ll never really be what God

expects me to be or what I really want

to be

and this comes from people who love the

Lord passionately they love him with all

of their heart

but there’s this this constant barrage

that comes from the enemy always

reminding always accusing always

harassing your spiritual mind and folks

I don’t know anybody that I have ever

known in my lifetime who’s been used of

God who has not gone through this I’ve

known what that is I’ve experienced it

many times in fact there there have been

there’s been very few times in my

Ministry and I started preaching when I

was a teenager there’s hardly ever been

a time I have felt worthy to stand in

the Pulpit I’ve never felt worthy of it

I’ve always heard the enemy come with

the accusations that that I I have no

right to be in the Pulpit that I have no

right to be a leader among people and

those accusations will come against


a bread for the great Puritan often said

I think sometimes I have the blackest

heart in all of Europe and he was one of

the godliest men those accusations kept

coming at him that he was unworthy he

stood every time he went out to to speak

to the people there were there was

something going on in his stomach there

was a fear there was an anxiety with

trepidation even to stand before the

people this tremendous sense of

unworthiness now in our flesh we are

unworthy we will never be worthy in our

flesh but there are some of you right

now being robbed by the devil because

you have given into these lies you have

listened to these lies

and he has told you no no folks there

have been times that we as pastors have

had to go to certain people that that

were in maybe voluntary ministry here in

the church and we’ve asked them just to

sit down and not to be active in the

church because there was something in

their life

that they were not seeing that we could

see that others could see but they were

blinded to it and rather than go into we

just said sit down for a while until God

did we let the word deal with you or

they were living in a in an open

flaunted sin and there was no repentance

and that can’t be allowed that’s

something entirely different but I’m

talking about God’s people who

passionately love the Lord

folks if if if we listened and gave in

to these lies of the devil if we gave

into the molestations of the enemy if we

gave in to all of these onslaughts that

come to our mind of our unworthiness

we’d have to shut down every minister in

the church there would be no Ministry

there would be nobody in the Pulpit

there would be no choir there would be

no Orchestra because we would be robbed

we would be lied out of the blessings of

God and the Lord would not be getting

any Praises as he ought

these thoughts that come unworthy Unholy


drop out

until you get it right but folks I’m

going to tell you something you you can

drop out of all Christian service you

can sit down for a week you can sit down

for a month you can sit down for a year

you can sit down for 10 years and you’re

still going to have those lies coming to

you from the enemy and just sitting down

is not the answer just sitting down the

listening itself is not the answer if

you’re going to allow the devil to rob

you of the wonderful Authority and the

power and the grace and the ability to

worship and praise God

I want to

I want to deal with some of the lies of

the enemy this morning

what I’m talking about is something we

we all have to deal with now I’ve got a

question for you this morning and I want

you to listen very closely question

was the devil able to keep you in bed

this morning

through condemnation did he try to keep

you in bed evidently he didn’t because

you’re here

but did he come and try to say you don’t

need to go to church today and

especially in the choir you don’t need

to sing in a choir because you don’t

have things figured out there’s still

some confusion you still have some

inconsistencies in your life and you are

not ready and you’re not really ready to

hear brother Dave or Pastor Carter

preach another sermon against sin

because by every time the preacher

preach about your sin here comes the

enemy that you that is you that is you

it’s you and it’ll come down at you and

you will not get convicted you’ll get

condemned because you are listening to

some lies of the enemy

now I want you to follow me very closely

the devil did not succeed in keeping you

in bed

you got up

did he was he able to stop you halfway

here and turn your car around or get you

off the subway and get in the other

direction and go home because you said

well I’m really not worthy I there’s

some things in my life why should I go

to church I’m not going to be a phony

and raise my hands and praise God in

Times Square Church there this morning

but was the devil able to keep you out

of God’s house this morning

was he evidently not you’re sitting here

now you came into God’s house this

morning another question when you got

here you some of the you you hugged a

couple of saints of God and people you

know and friends and you felt the

Friendship of the Lord and and you took

your seat either in God’s house or if

you were in a choir you got your robe

but you went and uh uh was the devil

able to uh lie to you and say well well

not you’re not to go out there now

because you’re not prepared you’re not

good enough you’re not worthy enough

there are things that God’s still

dealing with in your life uh he left you

alone didn’t he let you come and sit and

he just didn’t bother you too much

because here you are you’re sitting

right in your regular seat

and here you are sitting in your regular

seat most of you sit in the same place

all the time

find out of where you are I know where

you are

I know where my Amen Corner brother is

right over here


I know you two have to sit right in the

front seat you’re there all the time God

help anybody gets your seat

and but you know the wonderful thing

the Devil Couldn’t keep you out

you know what he did he waits

he waits because you see the devil knows

that God Delights in his people the

Bible makes that very very clear in

psalm 16 3 but to the saints that are in

the Earth and to the exit in whom is all

my delight God Delights in his children

God Delights in his children even in

their in their struggles in their

Warfare even in their failures

beloved I I’ve got I was visiting with I

won’t tell you which child I was

visiting with with some grandkids out to

I got a little grandson

that really needs some work I mean he

really needs to be worked on

I was ready to call a doctor see if he

had add or something and

I said we got to do something boy I

prayed but you know something that

little boy crawled up in my lap even

though I heard him scream and yell no no

no and do some stupid dumb things that

little kid called up in my arms and and

stole my heart

and and I loved on him I don’t give up

on him because he’s going through a

struggle there’s something there that

has to be dealt with and worked with and

and and and I Delight in my children I

Delight in my grandchildren and God

Delights in his people even in their

struggles and in their battles and the

Devil comes to you and he he waits until

you get to church he won’t stop you

because you know I I many of you came

here you were so excited I had more

people pass me today without saying


then anytime I’ve been here I mean they

ran past me there must have been two

dozen people running right by me I guess

I don’t know if they I I didn’t

recognize me or not but they were

zooming past me

anxious to get into God’s house

and and here you are you’re sitting in

the house of God

but the devil sends his his most vicious

lying demons

and I’m going to tell you there’s an


of of a whole bunch of the worst lying

demons out of the pit of Hell that are

on assignment

especially in Times Square Church and

any other Bible preaching Church where

the gospels preached without compromise

and these demons are sent and what they

do they they come to church

yes they do they come to church they

come into God’s house

and they wait until the first chorus

and they wait until you open your mouth

and they wait until you sing Majesty or

blessed be the name of the Lord or I

have come to praise the Lord he waits

until the Praises come up but you know

they’re so afraid of the moving of the

Holy Spirit and there’s such a fear they

want to get their job done quickly so

what they do they just hover over choir

members and they hover over other people

that are in the house of God and then

they wait until maybe you put your hands

up or your heart is into it and then

come the accusations


you’re a phony

you are unworthy to be standing here

singing in front of all these people

don’t you know you serve a holy God

if only the pastor had seen you three

days ago

if only your friends had seen what you

did on the job if if someone had been

there when you lost your temper if

someone had been in your home the way

you talked to your husband

if the pastor had been listening on the

telephone you’d have been thrown out of

this choir

the devil will come and he will sit on

your shoulder that demon will whisper in

your heart you are unworthy you are

unclean you don’t you don’t have the

first idea of what this is all about

you’re bringing judgment you’re you’re

an aching in the cap you’re going to

destroy the anointing

he comes all through the house of God in

just about when you’re trying to get

free in the Lord and love him with all

of your heart then the enemy will come

and remind you of every failure

everything you said the past week

everything you did in the flesh he will

come at you and scream unworthy phony


and he’ll say sit down and shut up

because he knows you get your Delight in

praising God you get Delight in

worshiping the Lord and God gets Delight

in his children and he’s out to kill

that Delight

he’s out to kill that worship


and I’m telling you I’m putting every

demon that’s visiting here this morning

on notice you’ve got about 15 minutes

before the truth is going to drive you

back to the pits of Hell the truth is

going to drive you out of here

you can shake your fist and yell at the

Devil all you want the only thing that

he listens to is the truth the only

thing that sends demons fleeing is not

somebody singing loud it’s the truth the

truth of the word of the Living God

I I was reading the story this past week

of an acquaintance of mine true story

it was a ten Advantage he’s a tennis

evangelist in the Deep South

and he was indicted by the federal

government for tax evasion the man was

innocent in fact was later proved

innocent and exonerated but he was given

the three-year jail sentence I think was

three years

this man went to prison humiliated

he was known all through the South he

was a prophet he was a powerful preacher

and here he is now in jail close and

he’s being mocked and ridiculed his

reputation is shot

and the man you talked about feeling

unworthy and he goes through the prison

Courtyard thinking God I must have done


terrible that I don’t know about that

you had to take such drastic action that

you had to make allow me to be a

spectacle before the whole world

and he says I don’t understand and if he

he became he felt So Unworthy felt so

down he contemplated suicide

but at his lowest point the Holy Spirit

came into his cell

and reminded him of a scripture found in

Luke 9 56 for the son of man has not

come to destroy men’s lives

but to save them

and the Holy Spirit said pastor

evangelist my son I didn’t send you here

to destroy you

I brought you here to save you

and suddenly the spirit of God came on

him he began to pray for the sick I mean

even the even the leaders in the prison

were calling on him for prayer became a

model citizen that he was one of the

most admired prisoners in in the history

of Texas prisons and and an amazing

thing happened he dropped out of school

uh when he was younger and I don’t know

the reasons why but he hadn’t learned to

read he he could read his Bible portions

of the Bible but he couldn’t read so

while he’s there he learned to read and

God began to open the word in a deeper

way to him he came out of that prison a

hero and and a great Touch of God in his

life like he’d never had before and God

exonerated him but you see the devil

tried to kill him by telling him he’s

there because he’s unworthy

and folks sometimes strange unusual

things happen by the Providence of God

in our lives and we think that they’re

awful things and God uses these things

to bring glory to his name things that

we we would just like Joseph being sent

to prison and what a horrible thought it

was and yet this was God’s divine plan

and some of the awful things that you

and I are going through God has uh God

has a plan for everything God knows

exactly what he’s doing there’s not a

thing happening in your life that God

doesn’t know about that doesn’t fit his

perfect plan so relax and say God it’s

all in your hands I give it all over to



just see here’s where we’ve got to begin

if we’re to resist the lies of the Satan

of Satan God is not out to destroy you

he’s not out to destroy me

I said this is where you begin to resist

the lies of the devil

he said I have not come to destroy men’s


God loved you when you were in sin he

loved you when you were alienated from


he is not out to destroy you get that in

your mind God is not out to do you any

harm God is out to do you nothing but

good as your as his son as his daughter

he is on your side

can you say it he’s on my side God is

not out to destroy me God is not out to

destroy me Hallelujah

praise the Lord

I know what I’m talking about I think I

told it once in this Pulpit years ago

when I was working with sister Catherine

Coleman and and a very busy Minister

here in New York City in Brooklyn with

Teen Challenge working with drug addict

and alcoholics and I had to travel so

much raising funds just to keep the

doors open and I was in such demand at

the time and once a month I would fly to

Pittsburgh and minister with Catherine

Coleman then once a month with her in

Los Angeles at the big Coliseum

4 000 young people four to five thousand

young people one night and I I got on a

plane in New York City and actually

I can’t I have to acknowledge it I had a

fight with my wife and it was not a good

scene I left her in tears

I would I I have to say honestly and

it’s not a cop-out I was weary I was

beat I would I hate to fly you know and

I’m I’m flying again and and uh had a

rough flight I go into Los Angeles I am

weary I am just absolutely at the end of

my rope and I I’ve had this this

disagreement with my wife

and I get up to preach in front of

nearly four to five thousand young


Captain Coleman actually was my song

leader at the time

and I was the preacher

and I got up to preach

and I open my bible and I heard the

Devil scream in my voice you’re the

biggest phony on the face of the Earth

how in the world do you stand up here

tonight and try to preach Holiness when


said those awful things to your wife and

you blew up at her and she’s left there

crying and and and and and he just

I couldn’t speak I couldn’t do anything

I’m standing there in fact he’s

screaming so loud in my my subconscious

mind you’re a phony I almost said it out


and I I looked over sister Coleman was

sitting there and and she just shaking

her head because I’m not talking I’m not

saying anything I’m just standing there


and I’m I’m in panic and I’m praying God

help me what’s going on you’re phoning

you’re unworthy

you you have no right to preach the

gospel you’re sinful you’re Wicked

you’re no good

and until you get your life straightened

up you have no right to stand in this


you have no right to say anything to

these people so I closed my Bible and

walked off the stage

and and sister Coleman said David what’s

going on I said just Coleman I’m sorry I

don’t even know if I’m worthy to preach

anymore I’m a phony

I’m just a phony

a preacher a friend he said David you

all those people out there what are you

going to do I said I’m going to hop a

plane and go home I don’t know what I’m

going to do

sister Coleman got up and she took over

the service I already don’t even know

what happened to that service but I’ll

never forget that moment as long as I

live because I gave in in my weariness I

gave in to a lie of the devil I gave in

if I would have just pressed in the Lord

would have anointed me it would have

been a great service I didn’t have to

walk off that stage I got on that plane

and the devil succeeded in making me

feel that I had no right to work with

drug addicts again I had no right to say

anything because there were things that

I still had not worked out in my life

with the Lord I was still in some

spiritual battles in my life I still had

a temper there were things in my life

that God was dealing with I was not

living in adultery I was not a

fornicator but there were things in my

life that that God was dealing with and

and and and I was I was not I was

listening to these accusations out of

the pits of hell and it almost destroyed

me God in his Mercy I went Coleman went

into my little prayer room and and I

made it right with my wife and God began

to speak to my heart and I went back on

the streets and and it back in the

streets ministering the drug addicts God

began to restore my confidence in his

faithfulness in the blood where I began

to trust the blood and begin to push

aside the lies of the devil push aside

all the accusations that come from the

pits of hell

now if you’ve been listening to these

lies and if the devil’s been telling you

you’re unworthy and that you just have

to sit you you can’t praise the Lord you

can’t worship God until you get

everything perfect that is a lie

and I’m going to show you folks that God

has made you and me worthy we have been

made worthy by the sacrifice of Jesus

Christ you have been made worthy to come

to this house this morning no matter

what inconsistencies there are in your

life no matter what your battles are you

ever write to raise your hands and

praise God you have every right to stand

and say I’m a child of the Living God

I’m Bound for heaven and not hell you

you have every right to resist every

single lie of the devil Colossians the

first chapter

verse beginning read verse 10. now we’re

going to chase the devil away from this

house today

we’re going to put him to Chase


I speak in the name of Jesus against

every lying spirit

that would hover in the atmosphere

I take his authority by his holy word

now we stand on this word

the devil cannot confute The Living Word

of God

listen to this if you will please with

me Colossians 1 beginning verse 10. that

ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto

all pleasing being fruitful in every

good work and increasing in the

knowledge of God

strengthen with all might according to

his glorious power and all patience and

long-suffering with joyfulness here’s

the verse

giving thanks unto the Father which has

made us meet or fit to be partakers of

the inheritance of the Saints in light

who hath delivered us from the power of

darkness and hath translated us into the

kingdom of his dear son in whom we have

Redemption through his blood even the

Forgiveness of sins

now the Greek brings it up very strongly

the rendering is this the father has

made us fit

worthy qualified in character good

enough to be partakers of the

inheritance of the Saints of light

look at me please

what Jesus did on the cross qualified

you for Eternal inheritance

eternal life and if God has qualified

you for eternal life he’s qualified you

and made you fit in character in every

other way to praise God and worship him

in the presence of the other saints of

God in this house now and at any time we

have been made fit we have been made

worthy by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ

and his eternal blood Hallelujah

you don’t qualify yourself

you don’t make yourself fit

oh folks the striving the incredible

striving that we undertake trying to fit

trying to make ourselves meet or

qualified in character

to to be an inheritor of this wonderful

life this eternal light of Jesus

that you can’t qualify yourself I’m

telling you now that if you were able to

get the victory on your own strength

over every evil thought over every

single wrong thing that you have ever

done and you were able to live say a

year or two or three and in your own

strength you have conquered everything

in your flesh

I’m going to tell you you’re still not

qualified in the sight of God because

that is your righteousness and Jesus or

the father does not accept our

righteousness because it’s all filthy

rags in his sight there’s only one

righteousness that God accepts and

that’s the righteousness of Jesus Christ

his righteousness alone and you can’t

get that by working for it you get it by

believing for it trusting in God for it

it’s yours by faith we are saved by

faith Sanctified by faith justified by

faith healed by faith kept by faith it’s

all by faith in what Jesus has done

but all how we strive

and you know the problem with striving

In the Flesh and and the the Bible has

as a word word for it that I’ll I’ll

show you in just a minute trying to

establish our own righteousness means

trying to work out our own problems and

our own strength

biting the bullet promising God you’ll

never do it again you know how long your

promises last not until it gets out of

your breath

I mean you break them and folks the the

problem is when you try to do it

yourself and you win a victory over

something you suppress you there’s no

such thing as victory there’s

suppression you suppress your sins you

suppress your habits they go down deeper

and all they do is Dig Down Deeper to

come out stronger

at a later day a later time and you say

oh I’ve got the Victory and you feel so

good about it I did it

I knew if I just put my mind to it if I

put my heart to it I could get to

Victory I I want a victory and we feel

so proud we feel so good about it we go

around judging everybody else

the most vicious judgmental people are

those who have won self-claimed

victories that are only partial

they become judgmental of everybody else

folks I know in my preaching I I had

just to tell you right now there have

been times in my past Ministry

especially when the younger man and

there was a victory needed to be one in

my life and I would win that Victory so

bless God I’m going to do this if it

kills me and it almost killed me that I

I I I would get to Victory and boy I I

look boy a whole month now I am free

those Covetous thoughts are gone

it for for me it had to do with with


boy I got the victory

and you know I found myself standing in

the Pulpit screaming against preachers

who drove big Mercedes benzes

and I was


I was judgmental

and then six weeks later

I’m in a car auction

and I’m walking around lusting after

everything I see

and then then the discouragement said

sin and you say oh God I begged you to

deliver me and you didn’t deliver me I

begged you to set me free and you didn’t

take this thing out of me

and and then we blame God


folks when are we going to come to the

place when we quit striving in the flesh

and we under we come to a complete

understanding that the only

righteousness that is accepted by the

father is the righteousness of Jesus

folks listen there’s only one man left

only one man stands before God and

that’s the man Christ Jesus and when you

stand there you stand in him not in

yourself not in anything you’ve done you

Jesus has to look at you right through

Christ his righteousness his victory

it’s not you nobody there’ll be millions

of us Before the Throne of God and we’re

not going to be talking about any of our

victories there’s only one Victory and

that’s the victory of the Cross and

everything comes right in through the

victory of the Cross and that’s the only

thing that is accepted by the father we

are accepted before the father through

Jesus and his righteousness and none


oh Hallelujah

so what what you do you get up on your

feet and you don’t listen to The Devil’s

lies you can stand and praise him and

say in the name of Jesus I have no

righteousness of my own

but I do have the righteousness of Jesus

Christ by faith Hallelujah in whom we

have Redemption through his blood even

the Forgiveness of sins

and it also says all things were created

by Him and for him

Redemption simply means I’m set free I

have been set free I’ve been redeemed by

his Precious Blood so you and I have the

right to stand right up against every

accusation and say devil you’ve accused

me for the last time I’m not buying that

my Bible says I’m redeemed because I

believe in what Jesus did I confess my

sins to him I am redeemed I am bought I

am his

well what about that sin you indulged in

just the other day the Devil Comes says

you’re guilty you say no devil I’ve

already asked forgiveness for that I’ve

asked for Mercy I ask God to put a

hatred in me and keep me from it

It’s all under the blood I’m redeemed

oh yeah but you’re still tempted the

devil says but the Bible says devil that

my Lord made a way of Escape that I’ll

be able to bear it

and he’s going to give me Deliverance

because he’s promised it to me

but the Devil comes and says but God

still has something against you

there are some things that you still

have unsettled in your life laughs

now let me show you how you answer the

devil when he comes like that if you

will please you say devil even when I

was alienated in My Mind by awful evil

works when I was in the very pits of

lust when I was in the drugs of hell

even when I was one of his worst enemies

my Bible says he loved me he sought me

out he reconciled me to himself even

when I was

of enemy and I was in the kingdom of

darkness so having made peace with me

and having translated me out of the

kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of

Light and I’ve been reconciled by his

blood I’ve made peace with him how much

more does he love me now than I’m

reconciled he loves me Hallelujah you’ve

got to be convinced of his love


Jesus says now you are reconciled you

have peace with God

now he will present me holy unblameable

unreprovable in his sight

let me tell you one thing that robs most

of us of the joy and peace with God

trying to establish our own

righteousness Romans 10 3 for they being

ignorant of God’s righteousness they’re

going about trying to establish or

secure their own righteousness having

not submitted unto the righteousnesses

of God righteousness of God hallelujah

now before I close

I want to I want to expose this three

lies of the enemy so that you can begin

to Rejoice I want to close this service

out with a time of praise and rejoicing

in the Lord and I want you to rise above

every lie every fear

so that you can be set free folks there

are some of you if you don’t get free

soon you’re going to be I’m you’re going

into a pit that the devil has you locked

in you’ve got to get out Jesus came to

say he’s delivered us from our prisons

and some of you are in a prison of

bondage That You Feel So Unworthy you’re

not really praising God you’re not

really worshiping the Lord in fullness

and God wants to set you free now I’m

not talking about a bunch of people

running around this church like wild


you know you Indians forgive me I’m I’m

not sure I’m

I’m talking about those old uh cowboy


all right listen to this please

Satan keeps bringing up your sins

to get your eyes off the savior

he wants you so focused on the disease

that you forget you’ve got a physician

who has the answer

now I want I want to tell you something

now the devil can molest you but he

can’t damn you

he can throw all kinds of accusations

but he cannot damn your soul he can lie

and lie but he cannot touch your soul he

can’t damn you you’ve been delivered

but he’s wanting to focus you on your

sins the one way to tell the people are

not out of Egypt yet is they’re still

focused on Pharaoh my Bible says that he

threw the Rider and the horses in the

sea that is the enemy and all of the

powers of Darkness he he threw them in

the sea and he drowned them get your

eyes off Pharaoh get your ass off those

dead horses

you’re on your way to Promised Land

God help us not to focus on our sins

we can preach against us since we deal

with them and get them out of the way

but we focus on the savior

some of you are are so focused on your

sin that you can’t even believe God is

your deliverer anymore you have a great

physician who is on your side and he’s

not out to destroy you he’s out to

deliver you


Satan can molest you and taunt you and

accuse you but listen to me the law

can’t condemn you because Jesus

fulfilled the law

Divine Justice can’t condemn me because

Christ satisfied all the justice of God

no sin can condemn you because they’re

all under the blood your conscience

can’t condemn you because Christ is

greater than your conscience and he’s

forgiven you so there’s nothing left for

your conscience to condemn you about

number two

you say but brother Dave I was overcome

by a lust I was overpowered against my

will I fell there was a sin that that I

hate and I was overpowered just came on

me and I did it again I fail and I have

a question for you did you cry out did

you resist because in the scripture in

Deuteronomy 22 don’t turn there but it

says very clearly in the law that if a

damsa was caught in the field by a man

and she was molested in in plain

language if she was raped

if she cried out she was innocent

she was innocent but if she didn’t cry

out and she didn’t resist she was to be


and that’s why you hear us from this

pulpit time and time again we talk about

when the enemy comes in like a flood and

you love the Lord with all your heart

and suddenly something just commit the

enemy comes in and there’s no other word

for it but it’s a spiritual rape he

comes against you and he overpowers you

and you hate it and you cry out we’ve

told you time and time again brother

Carter preaches it just as strong as I

do when you come to this place cry out

to the Lord let your cry become a prayer

and if you cry out the Lord says this

damsel is innocent do you cry what did

you do all right cry out Lord forgive me

I’m sorry I don’t want this I hate it

the Lord is there Hallelujah to forgive

it’s under the blood go on worshiping go

on praising God

Hallelujah don’t let the devil rob you

don’t let him condemn you

how many are understanding that


you’re still crying out oh God

I don’t want this oh God you’re my

deliverer God I hate this

keep on crying

and finally

we’ve got to repent

listen closely we’ve got to repent for

our discouragement over our sins

because when we get discouraged of our

sins it’s proof of two things our

ignorance of the mercy and grace of God

and unbelief

and that is sin

if you are living in such discouragement

over your sin you’ve got to repent of

that you are not believing that Jesus

blood you are not trusting the

Forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ

you’re not understanding his mercy and

Grace it’s ignorance folks if we really

understood what Jesus did if we

understood his great Mercy if you

understood how much he loved us folks

there’s a tendency when we feel God to

pull away from his love and not trust it

anymore but if we only knew one day we

will on when we stand before he will

understand the fullness of his grace and

his Mercy

but he died because of his grace and

mercy and love he loves us even when we

fail and when you understand his love

when you understand his grace and mercy

then you say oh God forgive me

because I’ve been so discouraged because

of my sin

and that’s a sin that’s unbelief you you

don’t believe in forgiveness

you say well I I I sin and confess and I

sin and I confess

but always there that cry in your heart

Jesus I love you

Jesus I want nothing to stop the

Fountain of worship and praise that

comes out of my heart


no in ourselves not one I’m not worthy

to stand here to preach you’re not

worthy to sit there and sing nobody here

is worthy not in our own human strength

and power but he said I have made you

meet I have made you worthy and you can

stand now in Jesus name and say I am

worthy by the blood of the Lamb will you

stand please