Service Date: 03.12.20 8PM


we’re gonna go into the Word of God and

actually you may be seated because

before we go we’ll go on the journey and

if you’re watching you were standing I

appreciate you you know last week last

week during the midweek service I began

this series called unusual miracles and

it’s interesting because this I this

this idea really came to me while I was

in prayer and it was sometime last early

last month and the Lord began speaking

to me about the month of March and to

start this series called unusual

miracles because March and March are

going to enter a time where more than

ever the world would need to know that

he is a miracle worker and so what we

touched on last week was the the part

one was unusual obedience right and I

spoke about a man named Paul it’s

interesting because in the past he had

he used to be known as Saul and he was

one who murdered believers he gave me

you know he gave their approval for the

believers to be executed and so imagine

a man like that who has been known as a

terrorist against believers and all of a

sudden God calls him and God gives him a

mandate over his life that the very

person they used to terrorize and

persecute believers is now the one that

would raise them up

you see when Paul said yes to God it was

an unusual yes because he stepping into

the various spaces that they have known

him they when they would see him he’s

the one they would run away from and now

he’s the one that would build them up in

the Word of God every time Paul will

open his mouth to declare the gospel

every single time it was him accepting

that God I am walking in faith and in

the obedience of the call on my life

that I am NOT going to care about the

opinions of man because I recognize that

God if you’ve called me then you would

be the one to carry me through you see

one of the things I love so much about

the life of Paul is that we see him

there was a moment where he was going

into a certain city and the Spirit of

the Lord resisted him and it’s a

poor you cannot go into that city and

this was in northern Asia but all of a

sudden the scripture that we’re going to

be reading is in acts 19 and is from

verse 11 what we read last week was

verse 11 to 20 and it was Paul and he’s

in he’s trying to he now he’s going to

this place in Western Asia which is in

Ephesus and when he goes that the Spirit

of the Lord gives him permission to go

that the Spirit of the Lord leads him to

Ephesus and one of the things we covered

last week is that wherever the Spirit of

God leads you you have authority in that

area that wherever there is an

assignment on your life that even the

spiritual realm recognizes the authority

you carry and so one of the interesting

things is that Paul is in that city and

he’s healing people people are being

delivered and you have this group of men

and they were known as the sons of sceva

and they try to copy what paul was doing

and they go and they’re like they’re

trying to deliver someone and they said

in the name of Jesus that Paul preaches

and the demons in them they beat that

man up they said look Jesus we know Paul

we know but who are you because they

recognize that you don’t have any

authority in this city because you have

no assignment in this city and so what

we took away with unusual obedience is

to realize and understand that wherever

God gives you an assignment you have

Authority wherever God sends you to he

has backed you up already and this week

I want to go into unusual faith and I’m

gonna read two verses I encourage you if

you have not seen last week please go

watch it’s gonna bless your life but

we’re gonna read from verse 11 to verse

12 in acts 19 and it says now God worked

unusual miracles by the hands of Paul so

that even handkerchiefs or aprons were

brought from his body to the sick and

diseases left them and the evil spirits

went out of them you see one of the

things that I love about this passage

are the people who brought those

handkerchiefs because Paul was living

his best Christian life healing people

and because he’s a limited resource he

cannot go everywhere there were these

people that brought handkerchiefs and

aprons and what’s interesting is that

while aprons in particular these were

the attires of the servant workers and

so it almost gives us a picture that the

least of the people in this city were

the people that could tap into the power

of what God was doing that the unusual

people recognized something that other

people could not recognize so they took

their work attire they took their

handkerchiefs and they go to Paul and

they put it on his skin and there was

something about their faith because it

wasn’t an accident

it was not as if they tripped and they

touched his skin and then again they

tripped and they touched the sick that

there was an intention behind it that

there was something radical in them that

understood that if this only touches his

skin because we recognize that he is the

anointed of God that if we take this to

touch our sick they would be delivered

you see the story reminded me so much of

the woman with the issue of blood the

Bible tells us about this certain woman

who was bleeding for 12 years

she kept going from Doctor to doctor and

she couldn’t find the cure it actually

tells us that she got worse but all of a

sudden when she heard about the Lord

Jesus the Bible tells us that she said

within herself if only I could touch the

hem of His garment I would be made well

and that was her portion you see what

moved me about that is that Jesus says

who touched me she touches his the hem

of his clothing and Jesus is moved he

says power just left me that someone

engaged the power of the Holy Spirit in

me even without my at me even being

aware of it without me being engaged

with them it wasn’t a moment where

someone came up to me and said lord

please pray for me but they understood

something about my identity that they

knew that I don’t even need to speak to

you I just need to walk in the

revelation of who you are and power can

come out of you you see this woman

commanded the power of the Holy Spirit

to come and heal her because of her

revelation you see when I’m coming that

is that when we talk about faith the

Bible tells us

that faith comes by hearing and hearing

by the Word of God now when it comes by

the Word of God that is a word that

could be understood as well in the Greek

they call it the Rhema word of God and

the Rhema word of God speaks to the Word

of God to you so when there is a word

that is spoken directly to you

administers to you many times we can

look at this as a prophetic instruction

maybe in a group setting there’s a

prophetic word that goes forth and

there’s a way administers uniquely to

you but something I’m learning about God

because Jesus we know him to be the Word

made flesh and being that he is the Word

made flesh that there is a way that

Jesus reveals himself to us that faith

can be built on you see there is a man

in the Bible named David David was

anointed to be king right after he was

anointed to be king there was a certain

man he was known as a giant named

Goliath he was of the Philistines and

the Philistines were at war with the


so Goliath comes out and his taunts in

the Israelites finally David somehow

gets wind of this and he is ready to go

at after the go after Goliath because

David recognized something he said you

know what when he was going that fadak

for the battle he said who is this

person that comes against the armies of

the Living God what I love about David

is that the Bible never tells us that

God gave David a word that David if you

fight Goliath you would win the victory

was not guaranteed so David because he

had the guarantee of a word but the

victory was guaranteed to him because he

had a revelation of his god David

understood that god we are your people

we are in covenant with you you are our

King so if they’re coming against us

they’re actually coming against you and

all you need is a representative because

you already have the victory because

this is not even a natural fight this is

a spiritual warfare but we need to stand

you need someone to stand as your

representative on the earth for your

victory to manifest because

this battle has already been sealed in

heaven but in order for it to manifest

on the earth somebody has to show up

somebody has to be in agreement with

what God is doing you see there was a

revelation that David had of God that he

did not need God to give him a specific

word that David on the day you fight

Goliath you would win he said god I know

that you are God over this people and

this city is yours this nation belongs

to you so whoever comes against us is

actually coming against you that was

David’s confidence

you see we see many times in the

scripture we see Daniel Daniel in the

Bible there was a moment where they were

telling him to bow down before the gods

of this King and Daniel refused and in

his refusal they were going to throw him

into the lion’s den and we never hear a

story about the Bible telling us that

God told Daniel Daniel if you go into

the lion’s den you will be fine

but there was a boldness and a

confidence because Daniel knew who his

God is you see there is something about

what happens when you have a knowledge

of who your God is whenever there is

panic in our lives we know that right

now we’re in a time where the world

there was great panic in the world there

was great fear in the world and we know

that there was this virus the corona

virus that is bringing so much fear and

torment on people and worry and doubt

about God what is gonna happen whenever

we start seeing that within ourselves is

a moment where we have to say God am I

seeing you right because in the midst of

everything God you were still God over

at all God where there is stress in my

life where there is panic in my life

whether it’s fear in my life is there a

place I have not put you in your

rightful position when I look at you god

what is it about you that I’m missing

what is this revelation that I’ve not

grabs on to you see the beautiful thing

I was reading a story

our pastor shared this with us there was

a certain man by the name of John G Lake

in his time

this was about over a century ago it was

God has sends him to South Africa to

minister and bring the gospel to South

Africa and he will go back and forth and

there was a there was a point where

there was this play called the bubonic

plague and it was very contagious and I

mean people to the point that even when

people died like you would not even know

who died because no one was trying to

check on anybody because of how

contagious this plague was and how was

taking the lives of so many people

but this certain man John G Lake he

talked about a revelation that he held

on to when he that he knew of God

because he said that one moment he was

reading the scriptures and he realized

that sickness and infirmity is actually

an attack of the enemy he said the

moment he realized that this does not

come from God that he set with him and

within himself to be at war against it

by the power of God and God used this

man so greatly he had a ministry partner

and they would go into the homes of

people and wherever there was there was

someone that had died they would take

the body that would bury their dead

whoever was sick at that time he would

lay hands on them and all of a sudden

they would recover and then there was a

certain doctor who was moved and was was

shocked by what was taken place and he

reaches out to him and he says what is

your secret what is it that you’re doing

that we don’t know about because there

is no way that you’re doing this and you

have not been contaminated there is no

way that you’re doing this and you have

not gotten the plague and he said it is

the Spirit of God in me he had a

revelation of the law of the Spirit he

says when the Spirit of God is in a man

it takes over everything that he is that

a virus cannot contaminate me rather we

kill the virus you see he told the

doctor to do something he said take the

foam because there was the you know the

lungs do have this foam and the in the

foam that you will see the virus so he

says take of the foam from the lungs and

put it under a microscope and when he

did he adds the doctor he said what do

you see the doctor said the viruses are


then he took the foam in his hand and he

put it under the microscope and then he

asked the doctor again what do you see

he says they’re actually dying you see

he walked in a revelation of God that

brought him to the awareness that this

is not of God and because of his not of

God that I would boldly step out and

that would boldly proclaim that my God

is a healer you see in times like this

the church rises because we have we know

a king who this is nothing to him you

see when we begin to see God write a

position as a joke is that we look at it

almost like this prophet named Elijah

there was a time where there was they

there was war against him and there were

people that were there were armies that

came against him and his servant was

panicking and he simply says to the Lord

he said God opened his eyes that he

would see that those that surround us

are actually greater than those that are

coming against us that God opened his

eyes and he began to see the armies of

God all over the mountains you see what

is it what is our revelation of God in

this season what do we know of God you

see there are many things about faith

that is so powerful because even on

Sunday our pastor preached on faith and

he talked about how faith is how you

access what God has for you the Bible

tells us that without faith it is

impossible to please God you see and

it’s not impossible to please God

because God is like wow you don’t have

faith I don’t like you really much right

now but God says if you don’t have faith

you are limiting my ability to move in

your life you see even in the time of

Jesus the Bible tells us that the one

thing that limited him was unbelief when

he went to his hometown Nazareth it said

that he could not do much miracles

because of their unbelief because where

there is unbeliev there is no agreement

with God and what the Holy Spirit put on

my heart is what are we leaving on the

table because of doubt you see there is

a very unique scripture in the Word of

God where the

I posed at this point Jesus had given

his disciples he said you know what I

have given you authority to cast out

demons to heal the sick and his

disciples they’re going now they’re

going into town and they’re seeing the

sick being healed they’re seeing the

dead been raised all kinds of things are

happening but then all of a sudden there

was this boy who was epileptic and they

were brought to the disciples but for

some reason the scripture tells us that

the disciples could not heal them they

could not heal the boy because when

Jesus comes to the scene the father of

the boy brings this boy to Jesus and he

said I brought them I brought him to

your disciples but they could not heal

him and that’s that so many things to me

because one it said that the disciples

gave up because they also concluded that

Lord why couldn’t we heal him that there

was a limitation that they had already

walked in and Jesus looks and then he

says and he later on he explains to them

that is because of your unbelief but

Jesus begins to have an interaction with

this man and he says how long has this

been happening to this boy and they’re

talking and all of a sudden Jesus has a

discernment about this spirit and he

says you deaf and dumb spirit leave and

never return but here is what the Lord

showed me if Jesus never came on the

scene and the disciples tried their best

they prayed they did everything they

used to do they did everything they knew

to do when they saw the healing of God

they saw the miraculous of God and then

they encountered this situation and

they’re praying and everything they’ve

done in the past that was working is no

longer working would it be that it was

the will of God for the boy to not be

healed how do we interpret those moments

would we say well God maybe was not your

will but the reality was it wasn’t the

will of God to bring healing to the boy

but faith was required that whether was

the absence of faith God could not

manifest his promise you see many times

we rest in this space that when we don’t

see a breakthrough where we don’t see

them the power of God we say maybe it’s

not the will of God God knows best

let us rely on his wisdom but there are

things about God you see even in the

scripture it tells us that all who came

to Jesus receive their healing and I

began to be challenged even in my spirit

because how many times do we walk away

from something and then we make the

excuse or we accuse the other person and

say well maybe you just you know you

need to press anymore but what if there

is a mandate on our lives to see God in

a way that there would be nothing that

would be an obstacle to us that there

would be nothing that would be so

challenging that it would overcome us

rather we overcome it

you see Jesus comes on the scene and he

heals this boy revealing that it was

always God’s will but faith was required

you see this is a time in our nation

where we have to activate our faith

where we have to activate our faith by

knowing God who are you seeking God show

me more of who you are you see when the

disciples asked the Lord Jesus and he

sells them that this was because of your

unbelief but then he says something so

unique and he says but this type only

comes out by praying and fasting but

this was not a season where the

disciples were actually required to fast

because while Jesus was still on the

earth there was a time that they asked

him they said do your disciples fast and

he’s and basically in my translation

he’s like they don’t need to him right

here that they would fast when I’m when

I’m not with them but then Jesus tells

them that this kind comes by prayer and

by fasting and he also had the

expectation that they actually had what

it took to deliver that boy so their

Lord what do you actually mean by this

it is the outcome of what happens when

we pray and when we fast you see prayer

there are different levels to prayer

there’s a level of

we’re where you bring your petitions

before the Lord where you’d open up your

heart and you talk to God about all the

things all the issues are the matters

content that that come against your life

but there was another level of prayer

where it’s not just about what you say

but it’s about what you receive when you

open up your heart to God and you’re

saying God I want to know you lord show

me who you are

show me your will Oh God there is

something about when you begin to get

connected to the heart and the mind of

God that you understand what is actually

made available on the earth but if we

only go into prayer to pour out our

hearts and never receive his heart then

we’re limited because the moments where

we begin to receive the heart of God

then all of a sudden were into that God

actually it is your will that no God

actually you want to do this thing that

God actually this is not an issue to you

you see it’s so beautiful I remember one

time I was in prayer and in that moment

I was just saying God what what is it

that you you you what what is on your

heart today what burdens you it’s what

is what is a burden to you in my time

because since you’re out of time that if

you could come into my time and share

your burden with me what would that look

like what would that be and I remember

the Lord gave me this vision and was so

interesting he showed me this man and he

actually comes to our church he shows me

this man and he says there was someone

connected to his life that is that has

cancer and I believe at that time it was

like a stage 3 or stage 4 and he said

I’ve already gone ahead of them and I

wanted to be declared that I’ve already

gone ahead of them and I was like wow

and then I was like okay you know maybe

this person will reach out to me or

something on something like that

that same day cuz I just opened up

myself I said God you show me and when

God revealed his heart to me that no

Stephanie I’ve already healed this

person it is already in my will to bring

the healing all of a sudden that

gentleman reached out to me on Facebook

and he’s like hey Stephanie

I just need to talk to you about

something and I’m like wow being

available in that moment the Holy Spirit

could lead him and say okay there is

someone available to actually speak what

God is already done so he reaches out to

me on Facebook and he says hey you know

I’m just reaching out to different

people in our church community and I

just want us to be in prayer and he

talks to me about this particular person

who was dealing with cancer and I said

you know what we could pray for prayer

but God has already gone ahead that the

healing is already guaranteed and

actually what would happen is that

doctors would say that this was a

misdiagnosis and the next day or two

days after he calls me and he says you

know what she went back for a checkup

and the doctor said we’re sorry but we

misdiagnosed you there were moments like

that that really ministered to me

because it was nothing I did was

everything God did all he was looking

for is who is searching for my heart who

is searching to know more of what I’ve

made available to you already who wants

to know the will and the plans of God

because when God begins to reveal

himself to you when he reveals that he’s

a healer when he reveals that he’s away

maker your faith is built on solid


that is where unusual things begin to

happen because you’re not just walking

based on okay God should I turn left or

should I turn right but you’re walking

from a revelation that God you are here

so whether I go left or right your

presence is gonna show up you see family

this is a time that we have to be so in

tune and so rendered and focused that is

it when we’re fasting comes in fast and

clears out the noise fast and clears out

the distractions because when you’re

fasting for it when you’re when you’re

in the time of fasting because many

times what we sometimes will do I’ve

been a victim of this I remember one

time the Lord told me to go on the fast

and in my mind I was fasting all right

I wasn’t eating certain foods but the

truth of the matter is I wasn’t spending

as much time in his presence and one day

he encountered me and he said you need

to go on the fast I said the Lord I’m

already fasting he said I don’t accept

that I mean what do you mean like I have

not been eating things that I should

want to eat and he said to me is like

what you’re doing is a diet what you’re

doing is a plan you’re actually not

seeking me because tell me the times

what how has that how has that caused a

sacrifice in the time that you spend

with me what how has it sacrifice your

intimate moments with me and so when we

are fasting it’s a time to clear out the

noise because earlier I told you to do

something and I’m like close your eyes

and just pay attention to who God is to

you and I’m sure that for some are for

many the words that came to your mind

are words that you have long forgotten

and why say you have long forgotten

because how you live is not in the

reality of what that word is of what

that word speaks and so many times we

are so distracted by life that when we

are coming into the place of a fast it

clears out the noise and it says god

this is a time to rekindle my intimacy

with you and all of it brings us to the

place where we grow in our in our

revelation of who is God to us and who

is God in this generation and what has

he made available to us to tap into you

see there was a scripture that really

speaks to me in Romans 10 2 and it says

for I bear them witness that they have a

zeal for God but not according to

knowledge you see many times we’re so

quick to want to run but your foundation

will be tested at some point in a time

like this with what is happening in our

nation’s our foundation will be tested

because we have a zeal for God but we

don’t really have a knowledge of God and

when zeal is met with ignorant the enemy

now frustration sets then now we begin

to question God where are you

but when zeal is met with knowledge

family we would be unstoppable and so we

should not be so quick to run until we

know what are we running with this is a

time that we have to press into God this

is a time that we have to press in to

his word God who are you God revealed

more openlayers of who you are to me I

want to know you more I want to seek you

more where has there been panic in my

life what is that speaking to who I

serve because if I’m serving the King of

Kings and the Lord of lords and if I

recognize that I am his child then why

am I in panic why am i in fear you see

as people there are things that we would

naturally do right because right now a

lot of things are shutting down for

example in California the governor had

mentioned that you know he spoke against

if there’s any gatherings over 250

people you know against adapt

just for the safety of people and even

biblically it encourages us that we

should submit to natural authorities

right so there are things we do it with

in wisdom it’s not things we do because

we are engaged in the narrative of fear

right even Jesus there was a time that

they asked him about paying the taxes

and he said gift to Caesar what is

Caesar’s and give to God what is God

serving the Lord does not make you a

rebel to Authority right it does not

make you a rebel to natural authority

because where you war is not even in the

natural where we war is from the

spiritual and so where there is natural

Authority we don’t rebel against it but

we were on our knees and so when we see

things happening it’s not that we are

subscribed to the fear of the narrative


even Jesus respected the governing

authorities of the land but when we

see things happening it’s a moment for

us to shift our strategy you see one of

the one of the the questions of in my

heart in prayer is that God teach me how

the war in this season

teach me what warring looks like in this

season I don’t want to just do what are

you what I’m what I’m used to but God

give me a new perspective sharpen my

discernment and show me how have you

called me to walk things out how have

you called me to proclaim your name

you see we’re gonna see a move of God

because in times like this this is the

best times for God to shine and it takes

the people of God that will see him

properly to call on his name in all

boldness to call on his name and said no

I hear everything that is going on but I

serve a king and he is a healer you see

one of the things that even as I was

preparing for this message one of the

things the Lord showed me it had to do

with Hannah in the Bible and I was

really confused because I understand

that the story of Hannah is also a story

of faith but it wasn’t really speaking

to her seeking God or anything like that

because he was showing me about Hannah

when she was barren and this season of

barrenness that she went through and how

that season of barrenness was broken the

moment her child served the agenda of

God you see there there’s a seat this

season that seems like wow God what is

taking place and this is gonna bring a

season that would almost look like

Baroness it would seem like a season

that would look like a drought because

many things will be dried up in this

time but then those that would rise up

and say God we are gonna serve your

agenda that God when we open our mouth

it will serve your agenda we’re gonna

see things spring up in a way that we

don’t even understand God began to show

me that the barren land would be

fruitful and I need to say this the way

he explained it to me

because you see Hannah was someone who

for many years was believing and praying

to God that God you know give me a child

I feel like I’m being looked down upon

and all these things and nothing ever

happened but one particular day she

prays to the daughter and she says you

know what if you give me a child I will

give him back to you there are many

people that have been that it’s almost

like you are the underdogs

you’ve been overlooked just like in the

in the scripture that it was the

servants that sucked into faith that did

some incredible things in that city and

so there are people and it seems like

your life looks like a barren place but

there are moments like the moments that

were in where there is a unique

assignment that the timing of God has

been waiting for you and so it’s not

that you’ve been barren but that you are

coming into position you are coming into

that timing where you are called to rise

you see what’s not that Hannah Hannah

was barren but the Bible tells us that

her womb was closed by God he was the

one who set the barrier there because he

understood that that’s the first child

that will come out of this woman’s womb

is a child that will serve the kingdom

and the agenda of God and so for many

you have felt out of place you have felt

like the life you’re living is not the

life that you see and God says I’ve been

preparing you for a certain time where

everything that you are will boldly

proclaim my name this is a time and this

is a generation that the world would say

the name of Jesus the world would

proclaim the name of Jesus and so family

unusual faith I’m learning comes when we

are committed in an unusual way to

knowing God to seek Him after him we’re

not gonna settle with the revelations

that we have been taught as a kid we’re

not gonna settle with just saying words

because there was a difference between

when we sing and we say you know god

you’re away maker then when you seek

before you

you come before God and say God show me

that you are the waymaker

reveal to me how you are the waymaker

when you spend time to press into those

words you see that they’re unique things

that God wants to reveal to you and it

would speak to your calling David God

revealed to him that God was a God of

War and when David and brace that my God

will always win the victory we see that

David’s whole life was surrounded by war

even the Lord said to him there’s a

moment where David wanted to build a

temple for the Lord and he said no your

son will build it he said because you

have been a man of war but I anointed

you to be a man of war I’m not against

you being a man of war it was not that

God was looking at him and saying that

hey man you’ve shed too much blood I

wasn’t aware of that

he said no I anointed you for this and

so because of the way I called you I

have not called you to build me a temple

but your legacy would do that but God

revealed himself to David in a way

because that was connected to David’s


David acknowledged he said look when I

defeated the lion and the bear that God

was with me he recognized that it was

the hand of God on my life they allowed

me to find my victory in him and in the

same way when Goliath came he said and

God would do that – he said Goliath

would be just another one that God will

have the victory over what are the

unique things that God is showing you

about himself what are the unique things

that you can’t seem to just you can’t

see it’s like you youyou can’t seem to

unsee about God but yet because of

distraction you forget what are the

things that God has placed in your heart

what are the unique things that God is

trying to show you that look I have

called you to express this version of me

on the earth because there is so much to

God that not one human being can contain

all of him and so what he does is that

when he calls us that we have unique

ways to express him even when the Bible

talks about what they call the gifts of

the Holy Spirit which is just the

manifestation of the spirit and it has

unique ways to reveal who the Holy

Spirit is that someone can have an

anointing to reveal that oh wow the Holy

Spirit is a healer another person while

the Holy Spirit is knowledge the Holy

Spirit is wisdom the Holy Spirit is this

is that so there are things about God

they’re unique things about God that He

has called you to reveal about him and

that’s why he’s trying to show himself

to you but are we gonna press in because

with the disciples and the inability to

heal that young boy it’s not because

they didn’t have the capacity to but

they did not yet press into that

capacity because when Jesus looks at

them and and it’s he’s not looking at

them with oh my child I will teach you

he’s looking at them like you should why

why is this bring brought to me that you

should be able to do this there was

another unique situation where there

were many around Jesus and they were

hungry and they’d had no food and Jesus

looks at his disciples and he says you

feed them and he’s aware that there is

really not that much to feed thousands

of people I mean the the food that they

have would be equivalent to a boy’s

lunch but Jesus said you feed them he

recognized that look you’re around me

you have the ability to press into Who I

am and you would walk in the life that

you would not understand the things that

you’re doing because you’re walking in

the revelation of truth Jesus recognized

that every time that the disciples had a

limitation it was not that they were

limited in ability they were limited in

knowledge that there was something that

they had not tapped into when it came to

the identity of who was the Lord

what is your revelation of God this is

an area that I’m also challenged to grow

in the Lord began to show me he said my

daughter there are some things that you

have made an excuse for there are some

things that you just start them Lord

maybe that wasn’t your will but it

was but you need to press it you need to

press in more to Who I am we all do

because as as long as eternity is which

is eternity it’s as long as we will be

getting to know God more and more there

is no end to him so we can never reach a

level where we are fully mature in wow I

have a handle on who God is

no but more than ever let us use this

time of stillness and to say God I need

a seek you I want to know you you are a

healer you are a deliverer and you will

show up in our nation in this time just

as that if you’ve been praying you’re

like God bring healing tap into that

more study the scriptures about healing

study the scriptures about the things

that moves you when you think about but

God this is nothing to you

press into that because the more we walk

in the knowledge of God

the more we rise up in the authority

that he has given us and so in this

moment rise with me thank you lord thank

you Lord Jesus thank you Lord Jesus and

for everyone watch and I just want you

to stretch out your hand you’re

connected to this moment

Heavenly Father we thank you kada babish

a lord silence every fear

show up in our generation

may we know Heavenly Father that you are

the Living God I am that I am there is

no one like you oh Jesus show up in this

city in every city where your people are

tuning in from Lord Shula may the world

proclaim that you alone are God but I

thank you for healing that has taken

place even now oh God

I thank you Lord that you are moving

even now Oh God


‘lord everyone that is tuned in everyone


but wherever they need a healing in

their body in the name of Jesus receive

your healing right now

wherever they’ve been tormented Oh God

the torment ends right now in the name

of Jesus we thank you Lord that you

would do it by your spirit and you are

doing it now


Lord show yourself

show that you are mighty and better


thank you Jesus

Lord revealed that there is nothing that

would ever be a threat to you but as you

rise us up Lord God as you’re raising

your people as you’re raising their

voices to declare your holy name and to

declare your mighty works look we will

see many drawn to you


we will see nations drawn to you we will

see kings bow down before you we will

see those in authority and leadership

bow before you O God that it will be

known that there is none like You there

is none that can be compared to you

Lord we thank you that you would silence

every voice that does not come from your

spirit every voice of fear every voice

of frustration every voice of doubt

every voice of torment silence it right

now in Jesus name and we thank you Lord

that there are some that are tuned in

and perhaps they tuned in from a place

of fear and worry and anxiety and they

want to know you more we all do but the

place they’re in is to first know you as

Savior to say that Lord there is

something happening in my heart right

now I can explain it but I want to

submit to it and wherever they are

around the world they’re saying that

Lord I want to make you my Savior I want

to submit to you and you alone and if

that is you the eyes of the Lord are

upon you wherever you are just lift up

your hand

and say God I want to know you I want to

know us Savior I want to know you as

Lord I want to know you Jesus I want to

know you as my king

I want to know you as my healer I want

to know you as my strong tower I

wouldn’t know you as the foundation of

my life I wanna know you as everything

the breath in my lungs the one who keeps

me the one who upholds me the wisdom of

my thoughts I want to know you Oh God

and Lord we just say have your way in

this moment have your way o mighty God

we thank you that you’re moving Oh God

that distance does not stop your spirit

that there is nothing that can limit the

Spirit of God to do what you have

assigned Oh God to manifest your will we

are standing here in agreement that Lord

have your way in the nations Oh God we

decree and declare

that as this virus is on the lips of so

many Lord your name would be spoken even

greater in the name of Jesus who you all

would be so loud in this generation and

in the nation so God the world was seek

and bow before you we would know that we

serve a living God Lord speak to our

hearts what is it that you have called

us to do that requires the understanding

of an expression of you in a unique way


may we see you right god

and from that place from that place of

knowing where you have already secured

for us knowing who we are in you but we

would walk out in boldness we would say

what you would have us to say and we

would do what you will have us to do and

we would decree a thing from the place

of the knowledge of God seal will be

matched with knowledge we were not run

canada Bechet without the knowledge of

who you are to be tripped up by the lies

of the enemy but lord we will learn the

power of stillness before you to say god


encounter me afresh

and count to me a fresh hole god what

are you doing in this time what are you

doing in this season show me who you are

in another capacity open the eyes of my

heart Lord I want to see you I want to

see you high and lifted up above

anything that I’ve ever put above you I

want to see you high and lifted up Oh


open my eyes open my heart open my

understanding to know you more to walk

with you to represent you


thank you Lord Jesus


and for everyone who opened up their

hearts to the Lord for the first time I

want you to repeat with me Lord Jesus

come into my heart I make you my Lord

and Savior I belong to you lead me guide


I acknowledge Oh God that you died on

the cross for my sins and when you were

raised up with all power in your hand I

was raised up to new life was raised up

to Lord God shame and guilt have no

power over me I am made alive in you

I’m walking with you Lord in Jesus

mighty name thank you lord

can we just praise God in this house

thank you Lord Jesus

thank you Lord Jesus family this is a

time that we give are we excited to give

in the house of God amen

family given is very simple there are

two ways that we give the tithe and the

offering the tithe is simply 10% of

everything that we have is 10% of our

income and it’s not what we we give to

God is really what we are returning to

the Lord Lord this belongs to you

because I acknowledge that everything in

my life I have it because of your grace

towards me I have it because of your

love towards may I have it because you

opened the doors for me and so I’m only

returning a seed that I may continue to

flourish the tithe is where we come in

partnership with God that God my money

this is I don’t even want my money to be

my money because when there’s a crisis

it’s my crisis I want it to be God’s

thing you have given me the opportunity

to have 90 percent and I’m grateful for


but I’m in partnership with you you see

the tithe is also how we build what God

is building and whenever you are

invested in building where God is

building God will build you

the tithe also expands our heart because

it says that Lord I trust you that maybe

yes I have a bill and the wrong mindset

will look at the tithe and say I’m

negative ten percent but the right

mindset will say God if I’m in

partnership with you that’s a win for me

that’s a win for me it expands our heart

to say God I trust you with my needs I

trust you to be my provider and the

offering is when we mark the spot that

God you spoke to me I heard you and I

want to show into that word I wouldn’t

have an expectation for the words that

you spoke and so even as you give God is

a very intentional God and so every time

we give we should have an intention even

– what’s our given have an expectation

of God what was it that you heard that

you want to show into and in that manner

we give and so if you have your tithe

and your offering the instructions

should be on the screen just lift it up

as we give unto the Lord

Heavenly Father we thank you we thank

you O God as we lift up our tithes and

our offerings we’re lifting up our

hearts before you have your way in Jesus

mighty name amen

family that’s worse