Welcome to the unfiltered world of PT and SJR, where no topic is off-limits! Sis, they gathered with friends to dive into juicy discussions that had us giggling and taking notes. In this throwback conversation they invite us not just to observe, but to actively embody the art of being one. In a world saturated with couple-centric culture, grasping the concept of wholeness can feel like a daunting task. However, it’s time to shift our perspective and turn to timeless wisdom found in the good book – the Bible – to explore what it truly means to be one. There’s more in this episode that ___________________________________ Watch the “Date Night” series on the Woman Evolve TV App. REGISTER for WE24: womanevolveconference.com Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: Download the APP: Woman Evolve www.womanevolve.com www.womanevolve.tv download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text WEGIVE to (833) 611-9066 FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts

I think as women the idea that marriage

is not the goal goes against

everything like all of the things that

Society I mean not even just church I

mean Disney is all about finding this

happily ever after and I do think that

there is a worthy deconstruction of our

philosophies and even maybe some

people’s theology that would allow us to

focus on being all one within ourselves

as opposed to finding the one because

when you tell a woman without someone in

your life you are incomplete then women

can walk around feeling like I’m half of

a woman I’m not there yet and I believe

the most liberating thing that ever

happened to me is when I was in my

previous marriage and I had this thought

that crossed my mind and it was like I

can do better than this I can become all

one outside of this context of marriage

even though it looks like one to

everyone else I’m broken inside and so

having to really come to that uh

realization that all one didn’t

necessarily mean being with someone

changing my life you know what’s hitting

me right now and i’ never seen this

before but Revelation is Flowing all one

there’s a in in Jewish thought and in

biblical thought there’s this phrase and

it’s based on a verse and it’s called

the shma and it’s in Deuteronomy and it

literally it’s a founding fundamental

principle in judeo-christian reality and

it is the Lord God is one the Lord God

is one and so if we’re created in God’s

image wow then it is our our

foundational identity to be like our

creator who is all one yeah I’d never

seen that before I think we’re we’re on

to something oh my goodness I’m sorry

you making my head spin when he said

when you said that Pastor immediately I

thought of 1 Corinthians 6:17 whoever is

joined to the Lord is one Spirit now

that’s it and where the spirit of the

Lord is come there’s liberty liberty

from chasing trying to find somebody to

behold come on preaching preaching

you’re the pastor you’re the pastor it

just it just invigorated my spirit

because whenever cuz I went I have been

through some bad relationships and I was

broken I felt lost I feel like okay is

this is this all it is to me like is

there more to this is it just sex like

come On’s what’s more to this yeah and

when I was broken in my room I said I

need to discover who I am and when I

discover who he was then I knew who I

was you know what I mean so it just just

what you’re saying about being one with

him is that’s where your identity is

that’s where you can find wholeness and

that’s when you can really be know

maximize what you’ve been designed and

created to do here you know what I mean

so that’s some one brand this month at

woman evolv we’re talking about hope to

bloom and the center Focus really is how

do we position ourselves to really bloom

in self-confidence in different areas of

our lives and I feel like this

Revelation is exactly the way that we

can ensure constant blooming that we can

make sure from season to season to

season that we are discovering who we

are in God what that means to the world

we’re showing up in and how do we show

up as one how do we pull back when we’re

showing up in pieces like I’m not in a

place to show up as one so I got to

create boundaries right now I’m not in a

position to show up as one so I got to

readjust my assignments and

responsibilities because my ultimate

goal is to make sure that I can show up

as one no matter where I am married or

not kids or not you know what I mean

like I got to be able to show up as one

and come back to one cuz one is where

the confidence is it’s where the hope is

it’s where the glory is and if it’s

going to flow it’s going to flow through

one the number one goal in life is to be

whole now that’s going to mess with some

Christians theology CU they like no the

number one uh uh uh goal in life hear me

clearly in in life is to be H but they

say to be saved no no no no no because

if that was the number one goal the

moment you you got saved you would be

Zapped wow but you’re still here so why

are you here then want say do the Lord’s

work but you can’t do the work the more

whole you are yeah which makes you look

more like your father the better you can

reflect God and do the Lord’s work what

if the number one objective what if we

created a culture in the church and in

the world where the number one objective

the number one passion and desire above

fame fortune and whatever is ultimately

to be whole because I have learned when


whole I’m healthy yeah I’m wealthy uh I

do relationships well I mean I mean

that’s the principle of balance yeah

okay this is so good like we have not

been flowing like

this we didn’t stumbled on to something

I’m literally thinking like I’m thinking

about the moments in my life where I’m

not showing up as one and to be able to

capture a thought because it is an

assignment against my Oneness there you

go there you go get out of here there

you go come on to categorize that

properly like this thought is an attack

against my Oneness so to show up anyway

is an act of resistance because I must I

got to stay tight I got to stay one and

I already know what this thought is know

what that conversation going to do I

already know what this friendship going

to be it is an attack against my Oneness

and right now I got to say can’t can’t

you see okay we got

stop but I hear I see one all throughout

the Bible Father Son and Holy Spirit and

these three are one one the word the

blood the spirit and these things are

one the all it’s one is all through and

the two shall become

one one is all throughout the scripture

even one Lord One Faith one baptism one

God one father of all who’s above all th

on in

one this is