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About this episode You are watching the sermon, The Healing Power Of A Joyful Heart, preached on Aug 6, 2017 by Joseph Prince. This episode was made free on YouTube because of the support of our gospel partners. Thank you for partnering with us! Chapters 0:00 In Today’s Gospel Partner Episode… 0:38 01 Introduction: Why healing is your portion today! 7:18 02 Jesus bore every stripe on His back for you 19:34 03 You have a good Shepherd 27:38 04 SURELY, Jesus has healed you! 39:09 05 Be Christ occupied, not problem-occupied 48:08 06 Close the door to stress and sickness 59:12 07 The healing power of a joyful heart 1:08:54 08 Partake of the Communion with joy! 1:17:40 09 Salvation prayer & prayer of blessing If you are dealing with a health challenge, we are believing with you for your breakthrough, and we speak the Lord’s healing over you. As you stand in faith for your complete healing, be sure to practice both faith and wisdom. Be sure to consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider regarding your health status, and do not, on your own accord, disregard any professional medical advice or stop taking your medication. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report! #gospelpartner #josephprince #healing


How many of you

would like to be

in a place not to be sick?

The root word of “sickness”

is to be worn down in strength.

The devil shoots you

with something that

grieves your heart, something

that makes you worried.

And you don’t understand why

but you were undergoing

a stressful period,

you were worn down in strength.

“A merry heart doeth good”

“like a medicine.”

Do you think God is joking?

It is a medicine that has

no side effects!

Even when things go wrong,

rejoice in Him!

Keep a merry heart!

It’s a joy in the Lord

that releases healing.

“For the joy set before Him”

“he endured the cross.”

No wonder He fell and

He got up and fell again.

He loved you, man!

Hallelujah. To God be all the glory,
Amen. Those are wonderful testimonies,

and especially when you are going through
things like this, you know, how in an instant,

the Lord touch you, you are so grateful for what
the Lord has done. It is not something that the

world always has an answer for. Sometimes you
can go back to the doctor again and again and….

Doctors are wonderful people. Alright,
number one, you cannot just be a doctor

that is cognizant of the different terms
of all the chemicals that you have to

handle and dispense of but you got to be a
people person. You gotta assuage the fears,

anxieties of your patients, you gotta
listen to them. You gotta endure them.

Amen. Be long suffering with them. So we
thank God for doctors. They are fighting

the same enemies of mankind that God hates.
Amen. And this is the real battle. Amen?

It’s not fighting people. It is fighting these
kind of enemies. So whenever you read in the

Bible, in the Old Testament, and you read about
destroying the enemies. God commands the people

to destroy the enemies because the enemies have
done this, done that; abused their children

and killed them and destroyed…and raped their
women and pillaged their villages and all that.

Those enemies even back then under the
law was, they were real enemies but today,

you need to apply them to your life and
know them as spiritual enemies. Amen. And

many of them even include sickness.
So those stories there, the names,

the names of those people, they are names
that name, in the Hebrew as sickness,

disease. So God teaches you from the
Old Testament how to destroy them. Amen.

Because 2000 years ago, Jesus hung on the cross
and by His stripes, we are healed. You know,

one of the reasons Jesus went through the
scourging before He went to the cross;

Most of the sacrificial animals, they are
first.., listen carefully, they are first

killed. And the way they kill it is very humane.
The way God ordained it, right. I read about this,

if they have, they practice animal sacrifice; They
find that vessel alright, on your neck and then,

with a very sharp knife, they just cut it,
real fast. And the enemy, and the animal is

unconscious. Straight away unconscious and then,
it bleeds, it dies. Ok. There is no shock. Whereas

if an animal dies out of shock, it releases toxins
into its blood. It releases toxin into its muscles

even. When you eat those kind of animals, it’s not
good. That’s why the Bible says you shall not eat

of anything that dies by itself. Amen. Because of
disease or because of sudden shock or whatever.

So the enemy, I say “enemy” all the time,
it is first killed and then it is put on

the altar. Our Lord Jesus, however,
He suffered first. For the animal,

there is no suffering. For Jesus, He suffered
first and then He was put on the altar, alright,

to be crucified. Now why that is so? Because
every pain, there is a verse I read last night,

or yesterday evening, it says, “Wound for wound.
Burning for burning. Stripe for stripe.” So for

everything that you have gone through, Jesus
bore it in His own body. Can I have a good amen?

Alright, and He bore our sins in His body. By
the way, I just want to say this real quick,

this is very interesting but it’s just for your
own knowledge. The Bible never says that Jesus

bear our sins in His spirit. Ok, I know that this
is controversial for some people and all that,

they will argue with that. He never
bore our sins in His spirit. In all

the scriptures that you read, “who bear our
sins in his own body on the tree.” Alright,

His soul was involved. Who made His…God
made His soul an offering for sin,

but it’s never His spirit bore the
sins. Are you listening, people? Amen.

So, He, it’s not important for people to know
exactly all these things but it does make a

difference when people say that Jesus died
spiritually. Jesus didn’t die spiritually.

I repeat, Jesus didn’t die spiritually. He
cannot die spiritually because He is very

God but He’s also very man. So being very man,
He could die, but He could not die spiritually.

Do you understand that? Ok, anyway, I won’t
go into that. There’s a big thing, debate,

last time, about people who believe
Jesus died spiritually and all that.

But what is important is this;
the animal that’s put on the,

on the sacrificial altar, they first flay
the animal. You know what is flay? Alright,

they remove the skin. They remove the fur, of
course, and then they remove the skin exposing

the inward parts and then they put it on the
altar. Ok, then becomes a burnt offering.

Now, when Jesus hung on the cross, His
back was, in front even, was one bloody

mess already. You could hardly see skin. In fact
in Psalms, the messianic psalms, Jesus actually,

literally said this, “My bones look and stare
at me.” I believe Psalms 22, “My bones look

and stare at me.” So it was the
scourging that caused his flesh

to be stripped off him. He was flayed
literally, before placed on the altar.

Ok, don’t forget also He’s very man. As man,
He felt tired. As man, He could feel pain.

Just because alright, as deity put on human
flesh, He never used His deity, alright,

to stop suffering in His own body or in His
emotions or in His mind. He never used His,

He never touched His deity ok to prevent Him
from becoming a full man. Do you understand

that? Alright, the only thing I want you to
know is this; Jesus did not die spiritually.

He told His father, where did His spirit go?
“Father into your hands I commit my spirit.”

Now, the soul went down into a place
called Sheol, the place of the departed.

When Jesus said “Finished” at the cross,
it was finished. Jesus didn’t go to hell

to finish the work of redemption. He went to
hell to proclaim the work of redemption. Amen.

So, here we have a beautiful truth in Deuteronomy
25. It tells us this, in verse 1 to 3, “If there

be a controversy between men, and they come
unto judgment, that the judges may judge them;

then they shall justify the righteous,” the judges
will, “and condemn the wicked. And it shall be,

if the wicked man be worthy to be beaten, that
the judge shall cause him to lie down, and to be

beaten before his face, according to his fault, by
a certain number. Forty stripes he may give him,

and not exceed: lest, if he should exceed,
and beat him above these with many stripes,

then thy brother should seem vile unto thee.”
Now this is a Jewish law. A lot of things are

different between the Jewish law in terms of
scourging compared to the Roman flagellum.

The Roman scourging is different from the Jewish
one. Notice the Jewish one, the man will lie down

on the ground and then they will beat him. And
when they beat him, they don’t beat him with a cat

o’ nine tails. They call it cat o’ nine tails,
the flagellum. It is a handle that you hold,

that the, I’m talking about Romans, the Roman
flagellum. The Roman flagellum is like an octopus,

you know, and with every strand, there is hook,
rusty hooks and then there’s crushed bones and

there’s metal bits and all that. And that’s
only one strand. So when one strand hits you,

it’s painful enough. But when the entire
strand grabs your back, it get embedded into

your flesh. And then when they jerk, all the
flesh is ripped off. Are you with me so far?

Alright, that’s what the Roman flagellum is all
about. They found it and they found it the Romans

also is forty times. They found the Romans is 40
times. I don’t know how, where people get their

39, alright the Jewish idea but the Romans were
not observe, although they respect where they

were, when they scourged Jesus, they respected
the fact they were in Israel, ok, but they will

use their own weapon, their own flagellum, their
own instruments. They will not use the Jewish

instrument which is actually a very light, kind of
like a, what you call that a rod, a rotan, a cane.

Ok, so that’s what Jesus went through. And 40
times, right, the lashes came behind Him. Don’t

forget, one lash causes the flagellum to…, all
the stripe, it is not just one stripe, it is many

stripes; that’s one stroke. Can you understand?
And by His stripes, we are healed. Isaiah 53,

“Surely He has borne our griefs, and carried
our sorrows: yet we did esteem Him stricken,

smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was
wounded for our transgressions, He was

crushed for our iniquities: the chastisement of
our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we

are healed.” God is healing people even now.
Praise God, with His stripes we are healed.

Now this is very interesting because when
it’s transferred to the New Testament,

the apostle Peter who was, who was crying,
alright, from afar. He saw the flagellum,

he saw the beating, he wrote this, from Isaiah,
in his epistle, 1 Peter chapter 2, it says here,

“Who His own self,” referring to Jesus, “His own
self”. I love this term, “His own self”. In the

Old King James, “Himself”, “who His own self”.
Himself took our infirmities. “The Lord Himself

shall descend from heaven.” Himself, himself. “Who
gave Himself for our sins.” Amen. It was Himself,

people. It wasn’t one of His gifts. He
gave Himself. Who gave His own self,

who His own self bear our sins. Where? In His own
body, not in His spirit. In His own body on the

tree that we being dead to sin should leave unto
righteousness by whose stripes you were healed.

Now stripe there, molops, in the Greek
is in singular. Stripes should be plural,

like Isaiah, is actually plural…with, by, with
His stripes. In Isaiah is chabburah, alright,

chabburah, the plural chabburot,
alright. By His many stripes,

we are healed. But in the New Testament, it
says by His single stripe, we are healed. Why,

now Greek is a very exact knowledge. By
the time the New Testament was written,

Alexander the Great has conquered the known
world at that time and the Bible talks about

Alexander the Great in the visions of Prophet
Daniel when Daniel was in captivity in Babylon.

The prophet Daniel, a very young man, he had a
vision he saw Alexander the Great conquering.

At that time he was under the…a rule of King
Nebuchadnezzar. It was King Nebuchadnezzar,

King of Babylon that came to Israel
to take them all captive. And King

of…King Nebuchadnezzar was way
before the time of Alexander.

After Babylonian rule was the Middle
Persian rule. Not Grecian rule yet.

It was only after the Middle Persian rule
then came the Grecian rule. And a young man,

a young man from Greece, got together the
group of his father’s man from different

villages. They all came from villages.
It’s very heroic story. Very young,

alright, and he started conquering Middle Persia.

Alright, so from there, you find that
the, they spread not just their culture,

the Greek culture but also their language. So
by the time the Lord came to earth in Bethlehem,

the known world then was speaking Greek. Ok,

you understand? And the apostle Paul would use
Greek in ways that was amazing; his knowledge.

Greek is, Greek is very exact. Like
you say, “I love this apple.” You know,

you eat this apple, then you throw it away. Then
you look at your wife and you say, “I love you

baby.” Now, she’s wondering how? Like the apple
where you just throw away? But in the Greek,

there is this word, I eros the apple. I agape
you. Agape is self-sacrificial love. But,

but I like, I enjoy physically this, I
love the way it taste, amen, this apple.

So they have different words. They have storge,
philio – brotherly love, family love. Amen.

Different, different nuances, different
…even the shades of meaning, for example,

it’s very picturesque. Like you can see the
picture of, this person not just doing this

but doing this in a active way or he is doing
it in a very passive way; it’s very beautiful,

ok? It’s very boring for you all but some
knowledge is good. Amen. In fact you are

getting free Bible, free Bible school lessons. We
don’t even charge you for it. Ok? Good? Alright.

So it should not be…Greek is very exact.
So why is it, with his stripes? Sometimes

the Jewish people use the word “stripes” to
describe something violent, something great,

they use the plural. But over here,
you cannot say that. Because here it

is Greek. Greek is very exact, unless
they are using Hebraism. Ok but this

is not Hebraism. So why did he say “with
His stripe”, singular, “with His stripe”?

Now listen carefully, a Greek scholar by
the name of T.J. McCrossan, many years ago,

actually saw the problem. He said this,
“if the back of our Lord Jesus was beaten,

was scourged in such a way that there was a sliver
of skin left, there was even a sliver of skin,

alright, the writer through the
Holy Spirit cannot use the word,

singular “stripe”. But because there was not
even a layer or even a sliver of skin left,

it just completely lacerated, the back, there’s
no skin left, then you can use the word “stripe”,

singular.” Because it is one hole, big
hole. You don’t say “one big holes”.

It’s just one big laceration at the back.
Are you with me so far? See what our Lord

went through for our sufferings. You say,
Pastor Prince, 40 times, how in the world

can you get one big laceration? So for your sake,
for those of you who ask that question just now,

I’ve prepared something for you all to see
before I ask you all to come up here for

illustration. And Pastor Lawrence, the muscle
man, the muscle man is going to demonstrate.Ok!

But I ask our creative team to come up with
this and they did a great job yesterday. A

bit last minute but I want them to do this to
show you the cat o’ nine tails. Remember that

one stroke is not one line. The cat o’ nine
tails will probably give you seven or nine

strokes at one go. And this is possible.
So what we do is that we’re not going to

count all the 40 times. It’s too long, so
we’re gonna do like one to seven and then

we’ll speed up all the way to 35 and then
we’ll slow down again. Ok? And you see for

yourself is it possible for the entire body
to be covered in 40 strokes. Ok, watch this.

(Video for scourging playing…)

We’re just speeding up here. And only 20 now,
half way through. And that covers the front,

you cannot just estimate the back, it
will probably hit the front as well,

the face. 38, 39, 40. With His stripe, we
are healed. With His stripe, we are healed.

So Pontius Pilate, in the natural, Pontius Pilate
thought, “Ok I know He is innocent. I find no evil

in Him. I know they want Him dead, so what I
think I’ll do is that I will scourge Him first,

a roman scourging. And then when they see Him
completely, you know, lacerated and they will,

they will be touched and probably they will let
Him go.” He never bank that they will still shout,

“Crucify Him”. Most people are either scourged
or crucified. Jesus was scourged and crucified.

Can you understand now, why here and there, He
could not carry the cross? Can you understand? He

fell because his back; literally there
is no more support. And don’t forget,

we didn’t expose the bones for you to
see. We didn’t expose the arteries. We

didn’t expose his vertebrae. We didn’t expose
the back. The back, you know, many a times,

they say that in the scourging, I’ve read
historical accounts that say they can even

see the internal organs. With His stripe, we are
healed. And God is healing people even now. The

price is paid. It’s not because you are good,
it’s not because you’ve done something great.

It’s because He took those stripes for
you and with His stripe, you are healed.

You don’t have to look old when you are,

you know…. I was, you know, I
was in Japan not too long ago.

And again in Japan you have ladies who are 70s
and some of them 80s and they have blue hair

half way down here. They have green hair.
You know? I mean they still look good. I

know some of you say, “Yeah right, I find it
very, very unbecoming and all that.” That’s

why you’re becoming so old. Number one, you
like to complain. People who are complaining

whether they’re in their fifties or
forties, they grow old really fast.

Have you noticed that? Those who complain?
Amen? The Hebrew word for “complain” is

“remain remay”, you know? Remain Remay. Spend
a night. Literally, the word “complain”,

“murmur”, is to spend a night. Look up
the word “murmur”. To spend a night.

That means you…if you have a problem,
you are complaining about the problem;

that means you are going to spend a
night with that problem. It will linger,

it will stay like the frogs of Pharaoh, alright,
Moses asked him, “When you want God to deliver

you from all the frogs?” He says, “Tomorrow.”
Brilliant. Ok, praise God. Thank You, Jesus.

Let’s go right again back to the
word of God. It is precious. And

nothing…have you noticed here? Here
it says what? “You…for you who were

as sheep going astray.” Right after He talks
about being healed by His stripes, He says,

“For you were as sheep going astray, but you
are now returned unto the shepherd and bishop

of your souls.” I love this picture because
it is a picture of the shepherd and his flock.

Many years ago, the Lord spoke to me and the
Lord said to me that the number one picture

that He presents Himself; don’t forget, God
wrote the book. He has many secretaries but

He was the one that quote and they just write it
down. So God; of all the pictures that He uses;

of all the animals that He uses; of all
the different occupations that He has

put in this…on this earth, the one He
loves the most is that of a shepherd.

The most frequently used picture in the Bible
is the shepherd. You understand the shepherd

and the flock; you know how it operates and
all that, you can be a good leader. That is

what made David a good leader. He took care of…he
understood how to take care of a flock. He knew,

when they were wounded, how to pour in the oil. He
knew when they were hungry. He knew when they need

protection. He knew when one is astray. That’s
why the…the hook on his staff, you know the

crook on his staff is to lift up a fallen lamb
that fell between the crevices, alright, near

a cliff. He can’t go down but he will use his…his
hook on a…the crook on the staff, ok? And that is

why crooks on…on staff; they are always good for
something. You got that? You will get it, alright?

Ok, anyway, the thing is this. The picture here
is that of a shepherd. And isn’t it beautiful?

If you go back to Isaiah, Isaiah says that.
“With His stripes,” the last line of verse 5,

“we are healed. All we like sheep have
gone astray. We have turned everyone to

his own way.” All we like sheep have
gone astray. We have turned everyone

to his own way and the Lord has
laid on him the iniquity, avon,

which is the punishment of our sin. The
Lord laid on Jesus, the iniquity of us all.

Now, if you read this, it is a bit negative,
right? All; not a single one left. Moral sinner,

wicked sinner, Jew, Gentile…all we
like sheep have gone astray. But

go back to 1 Peter and it says what?
“You were…for you were…” Past tense,

“as sheep going astray. But you are now returned
unto the shepherd and bishop of your souls.”

Shepherd is the one who feeds. “’Bishop” here,
the Greek word means “to oversee”. Somebody is

watching over you. How many are glad that
you are being watched over all the time?

In other words, by the way, just let you know,
this is not an imperative in the Greek. It is

not an imperative voice. It is not saying, “You
must return to the shepherd of your soul.” No,

it is the passive voice. It’s telling you, it
is not your work. You have been brought back

to the shepherd and bishop of your souls. And I
believe there is a key to health from the Lord,

divine health, is that you must feel like you
are a sheep and the Lord is your shepherd. And

knowing more and more that He is your shepherd.
And also that He is watching over you…the way…live

life feeling like God…the Lord is watching
over you. That…that you are not vulnerable;

You are not unprotected. You are not insecure.
You have a shepherd, a good shepherd who gave

His life for you, bore the stripes upon His
back for you. He is watching over you. Amen?

When you go back to work, even on Monday,
amen? Don’t feel like, “Oh, I have left church,

you know. It was really fun yesterday. It was
really great and all that. But I feel like I

am facing this…this threatening world.” This
world that…that don’t care, alright, about you,

they care about themselves. And only…they only
care about you if you are able to give them

what they want. And…and I feel so insecure,
I feel so cold, I feel so lonely. And many,

many young people, when they step
into National Service, into the army,

alright, they feel that way. I remember
I felt that way, there is a cold world,

amen. People use all kind of profanity. So cold
but if…if you realize that the Lord is with you,

He is watching over you, He will give you favour.
Even when Joseph was in prison, he knew the Lord

was watching over him. Amen? The Lord loves
him. You will be healthy. You will be healthy.

Don’t forget, notice in Isaiah, it ties up
“By His stripes we are healed” with sheep

analogy and shepherd? Here it says, “You have
returned to the shepherd and the overseer of

your souls.” So keep that in mind. There is a
secret here and this came to me really strong a

number of years ago when the Lord said to me to
study on the shepherd. I have a whole teaching;

I have more than one DVD teaching and CD teaching
on shepherd; the shepherd psalm and the analogy

of shepherd and the flock. I teach a lot
from there. How He anoints you with oil.

So one of the…the number one memory scripture
for my little Justin is Psalms 23. I want him

to learn that because that’s the Psalm of David.
If a child can feel, alright, “He anoints…You

comfort me. You prepare a table for me. Surely
goodness and mercy…”—and all that. If a child

can meditate on that; I think for him, it is
more memorizing. But there will come a time,

what he has memorised, the Holy Spirit
can take that water and turn it into wine

when the time comes, reamen? So it is good for
your children to meditate on Psalms 23, amen?

Try not to make them memorize, “Jesus wept.” I
know it is the shortest but…but it is, you know,

that can wait. Or…or make them…I know many
of you want them to memorize, “Children,

obey your parents in the Lord, amen, for this is
right.” Or you want them to memorize the book of

Revelation; the fearful and unbelieving and
the whoremongers and all that will end up in

the lake of fire. I know. But…but this will not
motivate them, ok? Amen? Are you with me so far?

Ok, go back to Isaiah 53. I want you all to
be people that are happy people. You know,

I tell you this, when you
are flowing with the Lord,

the Lord wants you to be happy. He looks at
you and says, on the night He was betrayed,

knowing as He was betrayed…Judas just left…knowing
that as He was being betrayed, He was saying this,

“These things I have spoken unto you that My
joy might remain in you and that your joy may

be full.” Imagine, He was being betrayed even as
He spoke those words. “Hey guys, I have spoken

these things to you My joy; the joy that You
see me operating in, might remain in you.”

And by the way, the word “joy”, “’joy”
is from the…the word “chara” from the

Greek “chara” which is the noun “chara”.
“Kairo” is the verb of “chara”. Notice,

“chara” come from? Charis. Charis is grace. So we
rejoice not because we got a promotion. We don’t

rejoice because our bodies are…are all well.
We don’t rejoice, alright, because you know,

there is a promotion coming ok. We rejoice because
of grace, because of God’s grace in our lives.

Because of what we see in Him, in His grace.
Alright? “Chara” must be tied up with charis.

Amen? So the joy that comes because of God’s
grace. And the Bible doesn’t say “rejoice” only,

it says, “rejoice in the Lord”. And now
I am going to come to this right now.

If you look at Isaiah verse 4…53 verse 4,
“Surely…” How many are glad He says “surely”?

“Aken” in the Hebrew. “Aken”, “surely”. Of all
the things, you know, when it comes to “He was

wounded,” verse 5, it doesn’t say “surely”. When
it comes to verse 10, “Chastisement of our peace

upon Him”, it doesn’t say “surely”. Alright, even
when it comes to carrying our sins, it doesn’t say

“surely”. But over here, it says “surely”. When it
comes to our sins, the word “surely” is not there.

And yet where do people find the biggest
problems when they start be…when they believe

about the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus?
The substitutionary work of our Lord Jesus;

what do they have problems believing in? Even
today, your friends, your colleagues, many of

them have problems believing that Jesus took our
diseases. They have no problem believing Jesus

took our sins. But when it comes to sins, doesn’t
say “surely”. We know He did. But the Holy Spirit

didn’t put the word “surely”. When it comes to
our diseases, “Surely He has borne our diseases.”

By the way, the word down there is “diseases”. So,
God knew that this would be a controversial issue

even with His people. He knew that people like
Pastor Prince, when he preaches on this, there

will be those who say, “Well, well, that…that is a
view that you have and all that but it is not true

in the original and all that.” No…no no, don’t
argue with the original. Because the original

says “Surely”. And the original here, “griefs
and sorrows”, I want to say something here.

I think Young’s literal translation is very good
for this. “Surely He has borne our griefs,” this

is King James, “and carried our sorrows,” but the
word here “griefs” is “choli” and “choli”…I have

even asked a gentleman, a Jewish man in Israel,
I asked him, “What is ‘choli’?” Straightaway,

he says, “Disease, sickness.” Until today,
they use the word “choli” for sickness.

Ok? There is a secondary word, “grief”.
Ok, the word for “carried our sorrows”,

the number one word is…the number one use
of this word…the Hebrew word, by the way,

is “makob”. Say, “Makob”. And the number
one use of it is “pain”. Pain. Now,

secondary use…“sorrow”. But the problem
with the King James’ translators here

is that they put the secondary as the number
one. They put the etymology as the first one.

I am going to show you Young’s Literal
Translation. “Surely our sicknesses He

has borne and our pains He has carried them.” Now,

if you think that Young’s is charismatic that
lived during the 80s…no. Young’s lived in

the 19th century and he wrote Young’s Literal
Translation. Amen, and he was sincere, he was

honest to put up the primary reason. Jesus bore
our “choli”; sicknesses, and carried our pains.

Now, if that is not enough, we don’t argue
from Young’s or old, or crude. Alright,

let’s look at Bible interpret Bible. Many
years ago, I read an account of when they

want to come up with a new translation of
the Bible, ok, some people sat down there,

all the translators and they want to
translate it the way the Bible says it,

“He bore our sicknesses.” But someone in
that translat…the group, the translators,

said that “We cannot do that. We better stick
to the King James because if we do that, the

charismatics will start saying, ‘There, we were
right all the time.'” Now, sometimes when people

say, an impartial view of the Bible, trust
me, it is not impartial at all. Everyone is

moved by their prejudice. Are you listening,
people? Amen? So, let Bible interpret Bible.

What…is there another place where this verse
is used? Yes, and thank God in the exact Greek.

In Matthew 8, it says here, “When evening had
come, they brought to Jesus many who were demon

possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word
and healed…” how many? Healed how many? Alright,

those in the first tier, how many? Second tier?
The different venues? Healed all. Healed all. So,

I don’t know how…where people got this idea
that Jesus left some not healed and all that.

Ok, “He healed all who came to Him.”
Alright? All who were sick. “That it

might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah
the prophet saying, ‘He Himself'” again,

the emphasis is Himself. “‘He Himself
took…'” what? Our infirmities. Now,

this is in Greek. Alright? New Testament
already. “Infirmities” in the Greek means

diseases. And bore our sicknesses. Literally in
the Greek, look it up, it is also sicknesses.

So, he is trans…he is actually quoting what?
Isaiah 53. But Isaiah is in Hebrew…choli;

makob. Here, literally, it is “sicknesses,
diseases.” So Bible interpret Bible. If

that is not enough, look at the context, it is
not spiritual healing. Some people say, “Well,

with His stripes, we are healed spiritually,
Pastor Prince.” No, no, no. You cannot argue.

You are not being true. There is no fidelity to
the original scripture in its context. The context

here is He cast out the spirits with a word and
healed all who were sick. Amen? Healed all who

were sick. “Sick” here is literally people who
are physically sick. Are you listening, people?

How many would like to know not to be sick?
How many who would like to be in a place, ok,

now, before I go on, I just want to tell you
this. Being in the fallen…being in a fallen

world, that right now even, they have a flu
going on. And…and flus will always come and go,

isn’t it? We cannot feel vulnerable. We
have got to…hey, you have got a shepherd

watching you. Alright you cannot…cannot feel
vulnerable and unprotected. You have got to

feel protected. You are sitting in
the secret place of the Most High.

One time, my daughter and I, when she was very
small, when Jessica was very small. She…I…I held

her in my arms and she would be laughing and
laughing during the rainy time. Especially when

it is raining very heavily, because she would
be watching out of the window, look out in the

street and she will see people running. Alright,
those without umbrella, they are running around,

and she would laugh and laugh. She would cackle.
She loved it so much. It was raining very heavily,

ok? So we looked out of the window, we saw people
running and all that. And she was laughing.

…but you say, “Pastor Prince, how can
you bring your child out of the…you know,

in the…in the storm?” I wasn’t in the storm. I
think I told you right? I was watching through

a window. So, even though it was raining, we
were…we are so close to the scene. Alright,

we are so close. We can just open
the window and touch the rain. But

you know something? We are not in the rain.
We are in the secret place of the Most High.

So when things happen, that is what it means;
in Christ Jesus. In…in Christ Jesus, it is a

place of warmth, it is a place of security, a
place of love. Because you are highly favoured

in the Beloved. It is a place where you go out,
and it doesn’t mean that there is no trouble,

there is no trials. They are all around us,
but it is as if you are…me and Jessica are

looking at everything and yet we are not
partaking of those things. We are seeing

them pass by. A thousand shall fall at your
side, and ten thousand at your right hand but

it shall not come near you. Why? Only with your
eyes shall you behold and see the reward. Amen?

So you are watching, and you are
just there and you are, you know,

many of you have been to other countries where,
you know, it is snow outside there but you are

in a cafe sipping your coffee. And…and you see
people out there, they are dressed like really

thick and all that. But you are secure. You are
warm. That is what it means to be in Christ Jesus.

So, while we live life, it is a amazing
analogy; we are living life with our feet

on earth but actually God says, “You are
in Christ.” That’s your position. Amen? So

live life protected. Live life in a place of
love, where you are being loved. Amen? God is

watching you. Feel secure. Never feel insecure.
Especially when bad things happen. You heard,

you know, your…your boss is thinking of
retrenching you or your…your, you know,

someone is saying something bad about
you on social media. And you feel like,

whatever it is, whatever is happening,
feel yourself secure, protected, warm.

One of the work of Jesus is this, “The reproaches
of those who reproach you fell on Me,” Jesus said.

Do you know that? That is one of the work of
Jesus. Those who are supposed to insult you,

their insult fell on Jesus. So don’t even
receive the pain of the insult. Doesn’t

mean you don’t hear insult. Doesn’t mean you
don’t see bad things, but with your eyes,

you will behold. But you don’t experience
it. Or at least, God does not want you to

experience it. So we will have trials, we will
have situations we go in, and many a times, it

is not pleasant. But those things that Jesus paid
for, like diseases, we don’t compromise on it.

“Well, Pastor Prince, what if, what if we
believe for healing and…and people still

pass on?” But you know something? We are not
going to look back and say, how…why they didn’t

receive. We are just going to say, “Hey, they
are now completely young, completely healthy,

completely strong. Best of all, they will never
know unhappiness. They will never shed another

tear. They will never face another lack. There
will never be another disappointment. They will

never take another pill.” But in heaven, I am
talking about…about literally, they are walking

on streets of gold where they hear the most
melodious and perfectly harmonious sounds. Amen?

They don’t have to hear Pastor Mark’s voices.
They literally have to hear the melody—I am

just kidding, ok? But melodic music of heaven.
How wonderful it is. That’s where they are.

“But, but, …but they are in the coffin.” They are
not in the coffin. That is a shell. And whether

you believe, whether you know it or not, you are
not going up to heaven with your body now. “But

Pastor, I am not believing for the grave. I am
believing for the rapture.” And you should! The

Bible says this is our attitude. As we look
for the blessed hope, we are looking not for

the grave, we are looking for Jesus to come for
us. But even when Jesus comes for us, the first

thing He does, He changes your body. This body
cannot make it to heaven. This is a decaying body,

amen? So He transforms your body, whether
it is in the grave, whether it is here. So,

the person you see in the coffin is just a shell.
Just a shell. The person is jumping up and down in

heaven. Thank God you preached the good news
to that loved one, can I have a good amen?

Now, having said that, I want to say that, this
side of heaven, God is unveiling more and more

truths, amen? So in the last days, His church
will walk more and more…more and more in all

the redemptive truths that the Lord accomplished
for us to walk in, to possess in. Until the last

enemy…and for the Bible to say the last enemy,
when Jesus comes again, there is the last enemy.

That means all the enemies have been put under
His feet by the time the rapture happens. So I

don’t see that…I don’t see that that the last
enemy is sickness, so sickness is conquered;

the last enemy is poverty, no, it is conquered.
Do you see that? The last enemy is disunity, no,

it is conquered. The last enemy is death. And that
one, physical death, is when Jesus comes back,

we all have a brand new body. And finally it
will come to pass, there is no more enemies,

it is all under Jesus’ feet. Can I have
a good amen, people? Good news? Amen.

Now I want to…how many of you would
like to be a in a place…you see,

when you are learning all these things right, many
people, they…they want to learn these things but

after they are…they have been diagnosed, so time
taken…they they …they confess out of desperation

or out of fear. They try to take communion
but it is out of fear. And they don’t have

a revelation. They try to do it the way they do
it from where they come from last time; they were

practicing…whatever they were practicing…and they
think that “If I do this, if I push this button,

God will do this…” and all that. And they need to
understand grace. So a lot of times, many a times,

it is too late for them. They didn’t have time
to learn that but don’t let that happen to you.

That’s why we are learning this today. We are
learning this now. We want to make sure that

we have a foundation. Doesn’t mean the pastors
will never get sick. So please don’t look to us,

amen? We battle the same things as you, but we
are…it is an upward stumbling. Doesn’t mean we

don’t sin, right? We still sin but it is an
upward stumbling. Amen? We are learning as we

go. We are learning as we go. We are learning.
We want to learn more. We want to learn.

“Why is this thing still lingering, Lord?
Speak to me.” So the best person to go to,

of course, is the Lord. And ask the Lord.
And that is how these things come up. Because

of my own personal challenge. Amen? Are
you with me so far? So, I ask you again.

How many want to be in a place where
you can learn that if I trigger this,

sickness is going to happen. If I trigger
this, healing will happen. Alright,

would you like to know that? From the Bible?
Alright, not from Pastor Prince, from the Bible.

Ok, remember I told you just now,
go back to Isaiah 53. It says what,

“Surely He has borne our diseases and carried
our pains.” Right? Am I right? But I did tell

you the secondary use is the one the King James’
people use, they use the “griefs and the sorrows”,

right? And they are right. Because when you
study the word “choli” for “griefs” or “disease”,

the word…number one application is
“disease”, we saw in Matthew 8. You

find the…the root word there is actually the
word “choli” comes from…”choli” is a noun,

it comes from “chalah”. This is “chalah”. Ok,
“Choli”. This is how “choli” is spelt. It is

sickness and grief. But it comes from the word
“chalah”. And “chalah” is actually to be worn down

in strength. Isn’t that interesting? The root word
of sickness is to be worn down in strength. Wow.

When I saw this…and then, you know how
you are worn down in strength? You study

further – “grief”. The devil shoots you
with something that griefs your heart,

something that makes you worry, something that
makes you anxious. It wears you down. How many

of you know that there are days whereby you
are anxious for a lot of things and you find

yourself getting very tired even though you
spend not that many hours in this thing that

you are trying to handle. Or you handle
problem people and before you know it,

instead of feeding on the Lord, you are feeding
on the person’s problem and you feel tired.

I teach my…my counsellors in our church, alright,
to feed on the sin offering, not on the sin. I…I

teach them from the book of Leviticus, how to
counsel. The book of Leviticus…the priest eat the

sin offering, they don’t eat the sin. So when you
listen to people, it’s very easy…in other words,

everyone that comes to you, amen, see Jesus and
the reason why He died for this person. Because

this person’s…even though it is…it is hideous,
the sin is horrible, the sin is unspeakable,

but Jesus bore it. Straight away refer to Jesus,
or else you will shout, “You pervert!” You know,

you cannot do that as a pastor, you just
cannot do that. Amen? So, you need to look

to Jesus and you need to feed on Jesus. And
that will heal you, in the counselling. The

counselling becomes a strengthening experience.
In the Old Testament, if people don’t come with

the sin offering, the priests have nothing
to eat. Think about it. The counsellors,

they get stronger when there are people with
problems. That is how we see it in this church.

But sometimes, some people might just forget and
they get occupied with the problems. They hear the

complains that people have about the government,
about…about their wife, their husband and they

go around…after that, they go back home and they
shout at their wife. “You think I am like other

men ah?” Because he just saw what happened, you
know, to the man that allowed his wife, maybe, to

dominate him or whatever. And the wife just said
something, “Wah you think I am like a man that can

be dominated ah?” Actually, he is feeding off the
sin. I don’t know why I am teaching you all this.

Yeah, I know, I know, you are all going to be
counsellors to a world that is lost, crying,

sighing, dying. Can I have a good amen? Alright!
So the word is “worn down”. The devil doesn’t…it

is like a drip…drip; drip he doesn’t…he doesn’t
use dynamite to blow…blow up the huge piece of

rock. He just drip water…drip drip drip…to wear
you down. One of the works of the anti-Christ in

the last days, the spirit of the anti-Christ,
is to wear out the saints of the Most High.

Drip…drip…now, it’s very interesting. Are you worn
down or are you relaxing? God wants you relaxing.

By the way, the Hebrew word for “heal”, “to
heal”, is the word “rapha”. Say, “Rapha”. Raphael,

alright, is the name “God heals”. Rapha-EL,
“El” is God’s name. God heals. Raphael,

that is what it means, ok? Amen? “Rapha” is the
word “heal”. Now, if you study the word “heal”,

and you go to the etymology, the root
word…every…every…even English word

has root words. You look at the root word for
“heal”, it is the word “rapha”…”relax”. Relax.

Now, there is a fine line between
worn down because you are tired,

and relax. Are you doing things…when
Pastor Prince teaches on…on rest,

for example, and you say, “Yeah, yeah,
I am just worn down. I am just…” no,

worn down is not rest. Jesus said to those who are
worn down, “All…come to Me, all you who are weary,

‘worn down’, and I will give you rest.”
Rest is empowerment. Rest is replenishing.

Are you doing things that wear you down?
Are you spending time with people who wear

you down? Why are you spending time with
them? Why…you know, you can counsel people,

but if they keep on coming back to you all
the time, they are not wanting counsel. They

are wanting attention, ok? And you are being
worn down. Are you being worn down? No matter,

whatever it is, the manna that God gives you
is limited. You must take it…receive it from

the Lord every day. The thing is this, you got
to know what God wants you…God…you must know

God’s assignment for you for that day. And you
can tell by the peace in your heart. The moment

you feel…start feeling worn down in handling this
thing, you are not supposed to handle it. Amen?

For me, I come to a place that I am no longer
handling the admin stuff and the management stuff

because I got great people to handle that. I am
more concerned about people. I am more concerned

about the church, the spiritual direction. I
am not concerned about the…the money aspect,

the governmental aspect, the…all that.
Because that is not my business anymore,

you understand? We have got great people. And if
I do everything, I will be worn down. Can I have

a good amen? So I guard that carefully, amen? If I
am worn down, I cannot receive revelation from the

Lord and I will speak out of my worn out state.
And you don’t want to hear me when I am worn out.

Wives, you all know, you don’t want to hear
your husband when he is worn down. Amen? Worn

down people are not interesting people to listen
to. Alright, don’t…there is always a right timing,

ladies, to ask something. You know, you
want to ask him to do something for you

or whatever…timing. Let him rest if he is worn
down first. Let him replenish. Make sure his

fuel gauge is from “E” to “F”. Amen? Massage.
Make him feel good. Bring his favourite Milo,

whatever it is. Amen? Put his feet up, alright?
After he is already smiling and all that, whack.

Ok? Don’t come in so fast and then, you know,
you won’t like to hear what he has got to say

and he doesn’t mean it. He doesn’t mean it,
amen? So, isn’t it good? Does that help you?

Ok, so, go back to the word “borne our griefs”.
So the word “griefs” is there…it is there actually

but it is a secondary usage. It should not be
used here in Isaiah 53. It should be “Surely

He has borne our diseases”, ok? But the diseases
come from being worn down. We are going for the

root. Amen? Some of you don’t even know
when you started having this condition.

Doctors tell me that you can be suffering from
stress; a stress that you suffered one week ago,

two weeks ago, when you handled something
major, and you don’t even know. Now,

the stress is showing up in your
body. Now you have a…an anomaly in

your heartbeat, you know or arrhythmia,
whatever. You have a condition and you

don’t understand why but you are undergoing a
stress period. You were worn down in strength.

Now, we zero in. We are going to close
that gate, we are going to close that door,

in Jesus’ name. Amen? Amen, ok. Alright, the
next one is “carried our sorrows” is “makob”.

“Makob” again, the word should be what? Number one
meaning…”pains”. We learned that from Matthew 8,

amen? He carried our sicknesses. Pains that
is caused by physical pains…physical pains,

amen. But the secondary word, the
etymology come from the word “sorrow”.

Ok, I want to tell you something here.
All sorrow in the world is dangerous,

it will kill. But by nature of the
fact that we are in a fallen world,

there is sorrow. When our loved ones go
through something bad, we cannot…you know,

we sorrow with them, right? Am I
right? I mean, sometimes you…you know.

There are just natural things in the vicissitudes
of life, there are things that make you sorrowful.

You can’t escape. But let me tell you this,
there are many websites you can go to,

personality…write down, you can just key in.
Not now ok. Personality types and diseases and

they will tell you, they will tell you that
people who are depressed are people who are

more subject…subject to diseases. Immune system
that is down. I can’t find our…I was looking

high and low because I have so many Bibles, but
I preached on the flyleaf of my Bible I have a…I

wrote down in my old Bible that I put somewhere
in my library which is gone, ok. The front page,

I quoted a doctor who said that there are women
that he has handled and all that and he noticed a

trend, those with a breast cancer or those with
some sort of a…you know, quite acute disease

and all that…they said that it’s preceded by a
tragedy in their life or and especially divorce.

Now when you think about it, even the lady might
be a victim but because of that event in her life,

it causes her body to break down. It’s a very
sensitive area but I have to speak. Will you

listen? Sorrow comes in. And sorrow of the
world works death. Even in the New Testament,

Paul by the Holy Spirit says only one sorrow is
good. For godly sorrow produces repentance leading

to salvation. Now he is writing to Christians.
So salvation here is not saved from hell. It’s

not saved from a life of without God. Salvation
here must refer to health, wholeness, healing.

So godly sorrow, in other words, if I said
something that hurt you but you learn from it,

that’s godly sorrow. Now your mind changed, you
have right believing now. You have right thinking,

therefore right believing, therefore right living.
And…and, and, hopefully right results, amen?

And so the thing is this, repentance is change of
mind. Amen. Godly sorrow works changing of your

mind that produces sozo; Soteria; that produces
wholeness, deliverance, health. Cool? It’s not

salvation…salvation as for sinners, ok, because he
is writing to Christians. But, and this salvation,

this health, not to be regretted. Once you
experience it, you won’t regret it, he is telling

you that. It produces, this kind of changing
of mind, godly sorrow, I may tell you things,

I may tell you something you don’t like when I
counsel you, I tell you something you don’t like,

whatever it is. But if you learn from it, change
your mind, amen, then you experience wholeness,

emotional wholeness, mental wholeness, and that
wholeness is something you will never regret.

But the sorrow of the world produces death. Whoa
whoa, whoa, did you hear that? Did you hear that?

Sorrow of the world produces death. Hmm. No
wonder, what comes to your mind right now? You

go to Israel, every time they have a feast day,
they have a festival, they have a celebration,

one of the first thing they go to you and say…what
do they say? Come up, come on bro, sit down there

for so long. Come. Shake hand. Amen. Ha Sameach.
Right? Ha Sameach. You know what is Ha Sameach?

That means, it’s not just congratulations; be
joyful, be of good cheer, be joyful. Like the

word in Greek, “chara” from “charis “from grace
alright. Be joyful. Sameach. And Proverbs 17:22

says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. You

think God is joking? It is a medicine that is not
chemical. There is no chemicals. It is a medicine

there has no side effects. This will cause
blurring vision and dry lips and your head to

turn around sometimes, you know. It will cause
abnormal growth of certain parts of your body.

And ah, but it’s medicine. Literally
medicine is there. A merry heart,

and the word merry is sameach, a heart that is
sameach, celebrating, rejoicing, happy heart. Now,

I just don’t like this idea of being happy for
no reason. Your reason for sameach, your reason

for joy is not scriptural. If you are waiting for
things to happen, happening that happen to happen

the way it’s supposed to happen then you are
happy, you will never be happy. Because happenings

don’t happen to happen the way you want it to
happen ok? So you will never be happy all the

time. But if it’s independent of happenings, it’s
a joy from within, the Bible says it like this;

you know, Paul wrote from his prison cell the most
joyful letter. You can ask any scholar, alright

Bible scholar who knows their New Testament and
you can ask them what is the most joyful letter

of Paul? They will tell you Philippians. The word
joy appear more than any other book that he wrote.

And yet where was he writing from? Prison. And he
wrote this, “Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say:

rejoice!” Rejoice. You know why this happen
to me? “For the furtherance of your joy.”

Hey guys, rejoice. And then he wrote again.
“Rejoice in the Lord and again I say:

rejoice!” Then he says this. I know I’m…I
know I am paraphrasing this, let me quote

to you first what he says. “For me to
write again these words to you, alright,

is not grievous for me. But for you it is safe.”
How do you rejoice? He keep on repeating so much

that he must apologize a bit. I know guys, it’s
not burdensome for me to keep on repeating this

but for you it is safe. “Rejoice in the Lord and
again…” rejoice where? In your happenings? No!

In the Lord. In the Lord. In your good Shepherd.
Even when things go wrong, rejoice in Him. Keep a

merry heart. Keep a merry heart. You don’t
have to be like Pastor Mark all the time,

you know. You don’t have to be that. Thank
God some of you are worried already. Praise

God. Amen. And just because…don’t have to
be like your colleague you know that you

see they are quite irritating and loud voice,
laughing all the time. No, no. I am not saying

that’s joy. I believe Pastor Mark has real joy
but I am not talking about that kind of thing,

I am talking about joy in the Lord that
releases healing. A merry heart doeth

good like a medicine. But watch this, a broken
spirit, whoa, a broken spirit, dries your bones.

And so many medical conditions are caused by bones
that are dried up. Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis yup.

Arthritis. All the “i-is” “is” is inflammation and
there is no more moisture. What is growing old?

Moisture gone already. Why do you put moisturizer?
Moisture has gone. Now I am going to show you

something. You all laugh. Broken spirit dries the
bones. What dries the bones? Broken spirit. You

know where your blood is manufactured? In your
marrow, in your bone. Right? So think about it,

blood needs water. Drinking water alone is not
enough. This is spiritual. It’s telling you it

dries your bones. Whatever comes in is sort of
like, you know, absorbed everything and it’s gone.

Moses when he was 120 years old, something
very interesting. You read right? What it

says in Deuteronomy 34 before he died. Moses
was a 120 years old when he died. His eyes were

not dimmed nor his natural vigor diminished.
I studied one time the word “natural vigor”.

I just want a…what is natural vigor? His eyes
was not dimmed nor his natural vigor diminished.

120 years old y’all! Hey 120, you know! 120.
His eyes not dimmed. His natural vigor not…

so I ask what is natural vigor. And I
looked up it and it’s the Hebrew word,

moisture. He’s moisture was not fled. Do
we have the Young’s Literal Translation?

Yah. Young’s Literal says nor has
his moisture fled. Oh Pastor Prince,

from now on, I will drink more water. You are not
following the Bible way. The Bible doesn’t say,

alright, “A drinking man is does good like
a medicine,” alright. Doesn’t say that. You

just have a bladder full. And bladder full is no
good when you are listening to a preacher like me.

Pastor can I go to the toilet? No, sit down. I am
not finished yet. Pastor I really need to go. No,

sit down! Then finally you all know right? See I
told you, I told you I need to go. It’s too late.

Ok anyway, that was a bad joke. I don’t know
why I have been joking this same joke for so

many years, you know, since I was preaching
many years ago. And people don’t really laugh

at this joke. It’s just something that
I like, ok. I told you I need to go.

Ok anyway, what causes the bones to dry up?
Go back again to Proverbs. “A merry heart

doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit
dries the bones.” A broken spirit. Now we need

to find out how come the spirit is broken? When
your spirit is broken, your bones are dried up.

You see, when God made man, listen, God made man
very beautiful. God made man as a whole. Now we

teach tripartite. You are a spirit, you have a
soul, you live in a body. I guess sometimes to

teach like in a classroom situation, you got to
separate the two. But actually whatever affects

your spirit, affects your body. Whatever affects
your emotions, affects your body. Whatever affects

your emotions, affects your mind, affects
your…it’s all interconnected. When David said

in the Psalms, “I am fearfully and wonderfully
made,” the word “wonderfully made” is literally

the Hebrew for embroidery. You know embroidery?
Ladies, amen? When you do embroidery, you causes,

you caused the variegated colours to blend with
each other and literally all our organs, our

blood vessels, everything; God actually designed
it to be an embroidery. It’s not supposed to be

something that we look at it and say, “Agghhh,
why are all these lines here and all that?” No,

it’s meant to be embroidery. I am fearfully
and wonderfully made. Amen? Are you listening?

Now if one part is out, you cannot say, “Well,
it’s only that part is out.” No, the spirit of

a man, proverbs again, “The spirit of a man
will sustain his infirmities. But a broken,

a broken spirit who can bear? A wounded spirit
who can bear?” Now, the question. What is a

broken spirit and how is the spirit broken?
Because you all want to know right? It causes

your bone to dry up right? You all don’t want your
bones to dry up already right? When your bones dry

up, your bones shrink in volume. It’s breakable.
You look smaller. That’s why sometimes we don’t

realise as we look at our parents last time, you
know, my dad used to be very tall when I was a

small boy. Of course, by virtue of the fact that
the height difference. But then as I grow older,

I realise that he sort of like looked smaller and
before he passed on, ok. There is a shrinkage, ok?

But I am believing God not to receive that. Amen?
I’ll stand tall by the grace of God. Because I

respect my father, I love my father. But my DNA is
no more from my father. It is from Jesus. Because

my Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5, “Therefore,
if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation;

old things are passed away.” How many things?
“All things have become new.” That means of “all

things” means? My DNA. So, if they say your
parents have this, your parents have that, doctors

will ask you, “Your father have this, your mother
have that.” Insurance people will ask you, “Your

parents have this, your parents have that?” It’s
naturally, alright, all sons of Adam inherit the

corrupt nature and the fallen nature and disease
as a result. But you are no more under the fallen

Adam. Remember you have crossed the River Jordan.
You have crossed over, amen? All of Adam cannot

cross. You now have the last Adam’s DNA. And
you have health written in that DNA. Amen? Amen?

I love Marilyn Hickey’s sharing on the
mind where she shares that her father

has a condition of the mind…something like
that. And the devil came to her and say,

“You are going to lose your mind, you are going
to lose your mind, you are going to lose your

mind, alright. You will be like your father.” And
she turns to the devil and says, “Which father?”

Until today, 80 plus and her mind is sharp. Just
finished…she is still preaching overseas. I don’t

know whether she is back or not but she sends me
pictures and all that. It’s amazing this lady. 80

plus and she’s preaching. Get involved, people.
There will always be a reason why you cannot go

and cannot get involved in serving the Lord and
all that. Get involved. When you serve the Lord,

moisture flows y’all. Moisture flows. Sit
down there, do nothing. Go back eat, eat, eat,

eat. Watch, watch, watch, watch. Eat, eat, scold,
scold, scold your children, scold your wife. Eat,

eat, eat. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Work, work, work,
stress, stress, stress. Worn down, worn down,

worn down. No wonder grow old. Get involved.
Get lost. When you lose your life for My sake,

you will find it. You seek to save your life,
you will lose it. Get involved in ministry.

Get involved in the missions. Just get involved
with people’s lives. Don’t be a passer-by. Amen?

So how, how is the spirit broken? How is the
spirit broken? And there’s old people, “Well

Pastor Prince, I have a merry heart.” You know
in ancient Britain, when the king arrives back

into the castle, the flag…the flag is always like
half-mast when he is out; He’s not in residence

or there is no flag, ok? Not half-mast. No flag.
But when the king is in residence, the flag is up.

(Pastor Prince singing)
Joy is the flag flown high

from the castle of my heart,
From the castle of my heart

From the castle of my heart
Joy is the flag flown high

from the castle of my heart,
When the King is in residence there

Go on

…whole world know
…in the sky

That the King is in residence there

So, let it fly in the sky
Let the whole world know

“Well, Pastor Prince, that’s flag. But I tell you
don’t go by my face. I have a merry heart.” No,

you cannot say you have a merry heart and it
doesn’t notify your face. Your face is the pole,

the flag, ok. “Well, well, well, I will
not believe that. Show me Bible.” Ok.

Don’t ever challenge me with the
Bible. Alright, Proverbs 15:13,

“A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.”
Eh! Cheerful face lah. Alright, so, you know,

it takes more muscles to frown then to smile.

“I don’t want to smile, you know, because
beauty, I want to preserve my face. I want

to preserve my face. I don’t want to be…to
grow old too fast. So the moment I smile,

I will have laugh lines and all that, alright. I
won’t look good and all that.” You trust God? That

God says when you smile, you are from a merry
heart; it will be moisture to your face. Amen?

It will be moisture everywhere. Don’t worry,
you will look younger and younger, amen. Amen.

So what causes your spirit to be broken? Here
it tells you also, but by sorrow of the heart,

the spirit is broken. Just now, we
read a broken spirit, right? Now,

it tells you how the spirit is broken, sorrow,
makov, right. “Surely He has borne our diseases,

the sorrow.” Here it’s atsab, which is
another word for sorrow. The same principle.

So listen carefully people. Look at this.
The whole thing about sorrow of the world,

don’t allow sorrow to stay.
Sometimes you feel sorrowful,

yes. I received news about something
to do with the broadcast that you know,

someone who bought a station, doesn’t
believe in my teaching and all that,

alright. Didn’t want us to have that time that
we have and all that. But you know what? I felt

sorrow when I heard that. I felt sad. But God will
open new doors. It’s not worth losing my health

over…amen. I am going to stay merry. I am going
to rejoice in the Lord. Praise God. Amen. Amen.

So I am just telling you alright, like Pastor Mark
that says, “I am just being vulnerable.” So I am

just telling you all, to let you all know that
doesn’t mean you know, Pastor Prince up there,

always you know, always flowing. I have had
my…and that happen only like these past few days,

amen. Oh, I tell you another sorrow I had.
Another sorrow. This past week, my phone,

fell into the toilet bowl, alright. This has never
happened before. By the way, it’s clean, ok. I

wasn’t doing anything to the toilet bowl. I was
just at my sink, washing my hands, you know, just

getting ready for bed and all that, and my toilet
bowl is not too far away. It is a very small

toilet and then I don’t know what I did, it was
blurp blurp blurp and of all the places, doong!

And they have that blue detergent already, you
know what I am saying? So, oh man, I gotta… but

it’s clean by the way. It’s been flushed a
number of times already. But when it fell,

thank God. So I grab it, you know, so I had to
wash it because of the detergent and all that.

And then my wife came up with this brilliant idea;
she says, “You know, if you put it into a bag full

of rice for two days, it will be ok.” So I shove
it down there, put it in the bag. Two days after

that, open up, and by the way, the vision all
become blurred, you know. Obviously, the water

went in. And it’s true. After two days it
was back in action, praise God! Hallelujah.

But sorrow. Without the phone right, there is
great sorrow. Can’t use anything. Can’t hear

music, nothing, you know. Realise how peaceful
it was not to attend to every message. So we

go through challenges every day, right? Amen.
Sometimes you say, “Why, but Pastor Prince,

God’s favour can protect you from that falling
into the toilet bowl.” Yah, I am sure He can,

you know. I am sure He can. But He didn’t
right? It’s also helping me to train. If

everything is perfect around me all the
time, where is the opportunity for me to

exercise faith in Him? Amen? Praise God.
Hallelujah. Have you all learnt something?

Let me close with this. Thank You
Lord Jesus. By His stripes we are

healed. There is a very touching
verse in Psalms 90…give them Psalm,

yah129. “The plowers plowed on my back,”
Messianic Psalm. “The plowers plowed on my back;

they made their furrows long.” That tells us it
was the cat o’ nine tails. It wasn’t the Jewish

cane. It was not just hitting His back; it was
plowing His back, ok. And made the furrows long.

Now let’s go back to the verse that we
opened up with. So His stripe was very long,

all the way down, ok. No wonder it was one whole
laceration. Deuteronomy 25, start with verse 1.

We started with this right? “Notice if there be
a controversy between men that come to judgment,

the judge may judge them; and they shall
justify the righteous, condemn the wicked.”

It is the wicked that gets the beating right?
But then God made Jesus who knew no sin to be

sin for us, that we might be made the righteous,
the righteousness of God in Him. So who takes the

place of the righteous now? You and I. Who
takes the place of the wicked? Jesus at the

cross right? So who is justified by God?
You and I. Am I right? Am I right or not?

My first question, are you taking the place of
the righteous for you to enjoy what the the the

beating is all about. Are you taking your place
or are you taking the place; oh I am guilty, I

am this and that. If you want the benefits of the
stripe, you need to acknowledge that you are the

righteous. Because Jesus acknowledged, alright,
Himself, as like you know, identified with sin

so that He will take the stripes. You identified
with the healing; with His stripes we are healed.

Can I have a good amen? In 1 Peter 2:24, you know
what is colon in English? Colon means there are

two ideas yet it’s another way of saying, and they
are not conflicting one another alright. Let me,

let me just show you…in fact, the second,
second clause explains the first clause,

ok. Even though they are, they seem different.
Let me show you this. “Who His own self bare

our sins in His own body on the tree that
we, being dead to sins, should live unto

righteousness.” Colon. Can see colon? Alright,
some Bibles put semicolon. Your New King James

put “dash”. We will go with the King James.
Colon. “By whose stripes you were healed.”

So even though “living unto righteousness” and “by
whose stripes you were healed” are two different

ideas, but “by whose stripes you were healed”
explains living unto righteousness. Let me

tell you this, what God is saying is this by the
way, you know, “dead to sins”, is right there,

not verb but a noun. “Live unto righteousness”,
is not righteousness as a verb but a noun. Most

Christians when they read this means you must die
to sins. Make yourself die, make yourself die.

That is a verb. No, when Jesus died on the cross
we died with Him, we died to sins. Sins and sin,

ok. But Peter is using very exact words here.
Then it says we live unto righteousness.

A lot of people think, right
doing, right doing. But no,

righteousness is a gift. We are to live like
we are righteous. We are to treat ourselves

as the righteousness of God in Christ. If
that happens, you experience what? By whose

stripes you were healed. Same idea. “By whose
stripes” explain “living unto righteousness”.

Ooo. Are you with me so far? Ok, many of
you partake of the Lord’s Supper right?

Right? Alright, I give you this
last verse and Ecclesiastes 9:7,

“Go, eat your bread with joy.” Eat, how
you eat your bread? With joy. And many

a times… ok let’s finish, and drink
your wine with how? A merry heart;

For God has already accepted your works. Amen.
“Let your head lack no ointment. And let your

garments be white and your head lack no oil.
Live joyfully with the wife whom you love.”

Now the first part there we all know is
communion in the context of the New Testament,

right? And yet the communion is called what?
Eucharist. Thanksgiving. How many times have

you attended a communion service and it’s very
sombre? It is very heavy? Search your heart.

By the time you finish searching your heart, you
don’t want to take already. Amen. You are afraid,

right? It is called Eucharist, Thanksgiving.
It’s joy. It’s thanking the Lord. So eat

your bread with? And drink your
wine with? A merry heart. Amen.

I think that’s where we are missing it.
That’s why it’s not flowing in people’s

lives because they look at the communion as a
very sombre time. And it is like we rejoice,

praise the Lord. Joy is the flag flown
high, let it fly in the sky. Now it’s time

for communion. Amen. “Eat your bread with
joy, drink your wine with a merry heart.”

And then what? “Your garments is always white.”
We know that we are the righteousness of God in

Christ. Your head will lack no oil, no anointing
amen. And you live joyfully with your spouse.

Hallelujah! Amen. I’ll close with this testimony.
Hope we have a picture of it. But this is a very

short testimony. I am just going to tell
you real quick. It’s very straightforward.

In March 2017, Pastor K.E. Mathews and Pastor
Lawrence and Pastor K.E. Mathews from our church,

New Creation Church, conducted The Right Believing
seminar in Coimbatore, India. A couple I know;

this lady who is writing this, she is the
founder of Grace Revelation Church. She

is from our church alright. And her name is
Joy and she is now there in India. And she

has founded a work, a great work. This
lady is amazing. She is a true pastor,

alright, and she has this work over there.
So she is writing this. A couple I know,

Pastor Joshua Selvaraj and his wife, attended
the seminar and it was the first time Mrs

Selvaraj heard the gospel of grace and
she was very ministered by the sharing.

In May 2017, just a few months ago, their
eight-year old son, eight-year old son,

John Rufus, started having stroke-like
symptoms. His face droop on one side and

he was unable to speak, eat or smile. Eight
years old. Stroke. This is a picture of him,

ok. Alright, he felt very ashamed. Ok, enough of
that. He felt very ashamed and refused to go to

school. The couple brought him to many doctors
but no one could help him. So they approach me;

approached Joy from our church who has the work
down there, they approached me and I gave them

Pastor Prince’s book Health and Wholeness through
the Holy Communion. And showed them the Calvary

animation video, what happened at the cross
that Pastor Prince have used in his sermons.

They started partaking of the Holy Communion as
a family and John’s condition began to improve.

They took the communion 15 days. Within 15 days,
this is John’s face. To God, to God be the glory.

So eat your bread with joy, and drink your
wine with a merry heart. Amen. You need to

take medicine, take both amen. You won’t
think of neglecting your medicine right?

Don’t neglect the Lord’s Supper. Amen.
Rejoice. Amen. For the joy set before Him,

He endured the cross. He love you
man. And for the joy set before Him,

He endured the scourging. No wonder He fell and He
got up and fell again. All because He loved you.

But He saw you that’s why He got up again and He
went on all the way to the cross. He will not die

until He’s on that cross. Because there is another
payment on the cross. On that cross, He redeemed

us from the curse, amen. He was wounded for our
transgressions. Can I have a good amen, people?

Are you worn down in strength? Jesus
says, “All you who are weary and are

heavy laden. Come unto Me and I will
give you rest.” Amen? Praise the Lord.

Every head bowed and all across
this place, if that is you,

come to Jesus and He will give you rest. I want
to pray for you for this coming week for divine

protection. Let’s never take it for granted,
ok? Amen. Ok. You can bow your heads with a

merry heart. Don’t have to bow your heads
and then go to sleep with a sombre heart.

My friend, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
That on that cross, He bore your sins. And

on the third day, He rose from the dead without
them. He is now at the Father’s right hand. And

He wants to be your Shepherd. He wants to be your
Lord. He wants to be your Overseer. He wants to

care for you. He wants you to live the abundant
life that He promised in John 10:10. So friend,

if that is you and you say, “Pastor Prince I
do not know how to pray,” I will help you pray.

Say this from your heart. Say, “Heavenly Father.
Heavenly Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name.

What a good God. Your heart is to bless, to save,
and to heal. Here I am, Father, I need all three.

And I ask You right now, in the name of Jesus,
save me. I confess, Jesus Christ is my Lord,

my Saviour, my God, my Overseer, my Shepherd
and forevermore, this is what He is to me.”

“I believe, He rose from the dead, having
conquered death for me. Jesus Christ is

alive and He is watching over me, loving me
every step of the way from this day forth.

His blood has washed away all my sins.
Thank You Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Stand to your feet. And friend, if
you prayed that prayer just now,

you are now a child of God. God is in
your life, the Lord Jesus is in you. He

is watching over you. He is also in heaven at
the Father’s right hand, being your Shepherd,

Overseer. Amen. Nothing comes into your life
without the filter of His hands. Believe that.

Doesn’t mean that everything will be
hunky dory, rosy from now on right. But

God will make sure that because you are in
Christ, a thousand will fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand, it will not come
near you, if you believe Him. Amen? So there will

be sorrows that will come but let it just come
through. We pass through the valley of sorrow,

whatever. Just pass through. Be passing
through. Don’t stay there. Doesn’t mean

you won’t feel sorrow from now on.
You will still feel sorrow but don’t

stay on it for too long. Sorrow of the world
works death in your body. Sorrow of the world

works death in your mind. You start forgetting
things; you start you know, getting depressed, ok?

So lift your hands all across this place.
Praise God. Thank You, Jesus. Father,

protect everyone under the sound of my voice
throughout this week from harm, danger,

from every disease, from every infection, from
all the powers of darkness. From every danger,

tragedy, and from all the power of the evil one.
They and their loved ones. All of us, Father,

in Jesus’ name I asked. And all the people
say? Now shout, “The Lord is my Shepherd!”

God bless you. Don’t forget
that. He is your Shepherd. Amen.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

But don’t go just yet.

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